Big Brother 11: Final 2 Poll

Update: There is speculation that production is tinkering with the normal schedule and we may not get another eviction until Finale night. I’ll post details as they become official.

Update 2: CBS just announced that the winner of last night’s comp will be revealed as the new HoH on Thursday. Umm, what about the other 2 rounds? Have they completely scraped the plans to do the usual 3-round HoH competition? I’ll keep you posted. Oh, and Evel Dick, Janelle, Boogie, and Danielle (BB3) will be on Thursday!

Update 3: CBS’ new press release says all 3 HGs will ‘face off for the $500,000 grand prize’ on finale night. So no eviction this Thursday or Sunday…

Now that Big Brother 11 is down to its Final 3 HGs the only thing left is to complete the Final HoH competition (Round 1 is already over) and then evict one more HouseGuest on Thursday to determine the Final 2 of the season.

You won’t have to wait that long because now is your chance to vote for which remaining 2 HGs you want to move on to the Final 2. Place your vote below:

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  1. Hope this isn’t a repeat posting. I seem to be caught
    between last night’s and this morning’s openings.

    F2 Jordan and Kevin

    However I still prefer Evil Dick’s statement from his blog.
    Paraphrasing ……….



  2. Natalie needs to go before the final two, no one can stand to look at her anymore. COME ON JORDAN!! I hope Kevin would pick Jordan as well if he wins….

  3. How sick is it to hear Nat tell Michelle in her good bye post that she is a liar and a bad player I mean OMG! I she really that stupid….

  4. Hey Kat, yes she is.She doesnt have a clue that jessie spilled the beans on her age!!If she makes it to the final 2 she wount win.Shes the biggest lier of all.I felt bad for Michell,shes a good person and didnt deserve to have a person like Nat in her life.Kevin is a little snake,no better then nat,just easier to like.Has anyone checked the ratings of CBS latley…Go Jordon!!!!!!!

  5. Please for the Love of God!!! Jordan and Kevin for the Final 2…And I hope that Jordan takes it just for the Soul Purpose that Kevin was paired with Nata-LIE the whole time and did not cuttttt ittttt offffff sooner….
    Why are they changing so much this year in the BigBrother House. Is it from Chima leaving. Or did they realize in the first week that this years cast was just not the best of the years past.

  6. Kat

    Natalie is jealous of Michele.
    Even though Michele is gone, Natalie can’t
    stop her backstabbing hateful yammerings
    about Michele which highlights Natalie’s
    jealousy, pettiness and ignorance.

    I LOVED Natalie’s comment about being afraid of
    losing Jessie’s vote because of her engagement. Huh?
    ROFLMAO. She is wacko!

  7. There is really no doubt in my mind that Kevin will be in final 2. What he needs to decide is who he will win against. If Jordan is in finals with Kevin she would likely get Jeff, Michelle, America for sure and maybe Natalie if Kevin evicts her and she is mad. I don’t know who Natalie would get because Russ already said he wouldn’t vote for her and I doubt anyone else will when they find out about her lies; so if you are pulling for Kevin to win it all, it might be better for him to take Nat to final 2 instead of Jordan, IMO.

  8. Well since my people aren’t in the final 3 (lol) I hope Jordan and Natalie go to final 2. Only because I want to see Nat’s face crack when NOBODY votes for her! (lol, and they all rip into her) hahaha.

  9. Well I must say…. i wasn’t expecting ANY of the 3 to last as long as they did. And the first one i was expecting to go was mucus queen. But i gotta hand it to all 3, they all did really well! I still don’t want mucus queen in the F2….she doesn’t even deserve the 50k.

  10. @ Ashley…..

    Russell will vote for Natalie over Jordan especially after the way J treated him / her message….

    @ Former Jeff / Michelle / now Jordan Fans *** L-O-L *** Afte seeing Joran come in last in the last 4 comps….. Extremly bad in the lat two physical endurance POV’s, do you think she will win today? Even Natalie did better in the Space POV then Jeff / Jordan!!!

    Go Natalie today / NBK Final 2!j!

  11. Hope its Jordan and Kevin for final 2. Would love to see Nats face when Kevin picks Jordan over her..priceless!
    She will know she just lost any chance of any prize money at all! We could give her the prize for most hated hg…a roomful of dragonflies!!!

  12. Leo – I doubt that Jordan will be in the final 2 with Nat. I think it will be Kevin and one of them and I don’t think Russ will vote for Nat over Kevin. I think Kevin needs to take Nat to final 2 to win.


    Vote often ……………. just like Natalie would if she could vote for herself.

  14. #14 Cat

    I agree but Kevin doesn’t seem to have what it takes (stones)
    to distance himself from the Queen of Vile Behavior and Odor.

  15. I think Jordan is going to shock America when she becomes F2 with Kevin i doubt that Nat will make it that long, Jordan just has to try her best and dont give up. I’m voting Jeff for the 25k!! He did play the game good untill he let K/N get into his head! ((CRAZY)) Well i’m just waiting for finale night to see who wins the big $500,000.00 =)

  16. Michelle will definately vote for Kevin over Nat. She did NOT like Nat and what she said last night was an appeal for his vote. I don’t know about Jeff but when he finds out about her being 24, he might not vote for her either.

  17. I have voted several times for Michelle to get the $25,000. She definately deserves it more than anyone else.

  18. Leo,

    Don’t count me as a fan of any of the Final Three.
    I agree with Evil Dick.
    There should be a TRIPLE EVICTION.


  19. Do you think its a coincidence that Natalie only holds ~6% of the F2 census vote? She is definitely up there, holding the second place crown as being the worst BB household guest in the history of the show! Her sense of arrogance is way out of left field, as she hasn’t done a single thing that illustrates “strategy” or “wit”. Kevin deserves to be on the F2, along with Jordan. Jordan has been the only positive one in the house, the only non-vindictive one, the only genuinely kind one, and she is by far the most deserving. Kevin, although I respect the guy, he doesn’t deserve the 500k. Jordan needs it! Jordan would do good things with it.

  20. twitter people think Nat should be disqualified because her hand was not holding the key…wonder what CBS thinks and why they have not stepped in to explain….picture of her on twitter just holding the rope and hand touching the key, not holding it…She should be out…rules are rules.

  21. @sue: I’m not a fan of Natalie, but it’s a thin argument to say she should be disqualified because she was touching the key and not gripping it firmly. That gets difficult to quantify. How many pounds of pressure would the HGs have to apply for it to count?

    Even if you disqualify Natalie Kevin still won as he outlasted her.

    I’d recommend focusing on the upcoming pair of competitions still up in the air. Miracles could occur and Jordan wins both of them.

  22. OPENER

    Keep in mind that it was Jordan’s pettiness and dislike
    of Russell early on which proved to be Jeff’s downfall.
    He listened to her and he NEVER should have done so.

    Also, like all of the HGs, she was was unkind to others, including
    Michele, but she did it behind their backs. *Minus her
    confrontation with Russell at the end of his stay.
    It was only after Jeff left and told her to stay close to
    Michele that she changed her behavior towards Michele.

    I’m only saying that she is NO ANGEL.

  23. @Midwest Fan..I am doing exactly that as often as I can. I think Michele deserves to win that $25K.

    All of you that are voting for Jeff because he is eye candy, remember this…he is the reason that Kevin and Natalie made it this far. I blame Jeff for being dumb enough to believe them and for allowing Jordan to fill his ear with stupidity. Now that I have said my piece on that I think Jordan hung in there pretty good last night and I don’t think she would have fell off if she wouldn’t have gotten caught off guard when the log started moving again. Also could someone who gets the live feeds let me know if there was a time right before Jordan fell that Natalie took both hands off that key. I thought I read last night that Natalie had taken both her hands off that key and if she did then she lost before Jordan and Production should have seen that. Why are they allowing these things to happen?

  24. @ Matt….. O you really have faith in Jordan winnin a physical mental challenge after her last 2 perfomances in the physical / mental POV’s?

    @ Opener… What show are you watching? Jordan was going to backstab Michelle and take Natalie to the Final 3 because J/J knew Micchelle was aa better player!!!

  25. I believe if Jordan goes to the F2 she would win it. The jury house are not to happy with Nat. and Kevin is playing dirty. Go Jordan

  26. *** NBK was able to outplay / outlast / outwit Team Jeff – Hat a perfect way to end BB and tansition into the bet reality TV how of all time – Survivor!!! ***

  27. Leo,

    I prefer Jordan over Kevin to win.

    He may crack me up at times with his whimsical moments
    but I liked him much more early on in the show than I do now.


  29. @ Jordan Fans… He has no chance of winning BB11 (it doesn’t matter because she won’t get to the Final 2) Here is why?

    * Lydia will never choose her over Kevin – like Nat more than Jordan (even with the age lie)

    * Kevin will vote for Nat if Jordan evicts him

    * Nat for Kev if J evicts her

    * Russell for her behavior toward him andd when Jeff tells him J played a role in him being BD’ed

    * Jesse beause he knows Nat – Kev played better games (he would’ve voted for Jeff for this reason)

    That is four votes for N/K

  30. @ Matt…… I think Kevin might backstab Natalie because he thinks he could beat Jordan easier wit JH votes (I hope not) What do you think about this?

  31. I have to agree w ED – no one deserves the money! For all of the Jordan fans saying she’s nice, positive & not vindictive – way to re-write things! She was nasty to Russ & Mich. If it weren’t for her hatred of Russ, and b*tching to Jeff, maybe Natalie wouldn’t be there!

  32. I think it,ll be kev in jordan in the f2,If kevin wins hoh then nat will probley be out well at lease i hope she is,It was hard to see michele go,and the only one in that house that deserve to win anything is kevin,

  33. F2 – Jordan and Kevin

    JORDAN will get votes from:
    Russell -( He may accept Michele’s info. about the Kevin/Natalie Duo
    & follow her lead.)
    Natalie (?) Who knows?

    Jessie (?)
    Natalie (?)

    TOSS UP – We need more information about what is being
    said in the JH.

  34. Jordan and Kevin both are viewed as floaters.
    Kevin on Natalies coattails and Jordan on Jeffs. Which one deserves the money?

  35. Wow I hope its Jordan & Kevin in F2 I HATE Natalie she talks about everybody being a lier look at her! I don’t kno how her boyfriend wanted to marry her she’s a bad person [PERIOD] Jordan should win yeah she’s kinda slow but she stayed true this whole game. Jordan will definitely leave this game with a good name. I don’t know about everybody else. Jordan & Jeff *Love Them* xD

  36. WOOOW!

    How in the world can all of u want Jordan in the final 2? WHAT THE HECK HAS SHE DONE??!?!?!

    She hasnt done one thing on her own besides when a POV for this game.

    She didnt earn her stay in the house, and Jeff was busting his but for her. She has done nothing. She doesnt deserve 1 dollar let alone final 2

    Natalie and Kevin have worked there bottoms off the last 3 weeks. Natalie has worked a bit longer

    How can u guys not honor their work? 60 something percent goes to Jordan??

    If u dont like Kevin or Natalie cool, but good lord, cant anyone see they have played the best game.

    I mean wasnt it Jordan u couldnt stack 1 box right in Veto?

    Wasnt it Jordan that fell first last night?

    Wasnt it Jordan u didnt earn HOH, and got it from Jeff?

    Wasnt it Jordan that wanted to quit just because Jeff left?

    So how does she keep getting loved, and favorited by u guys when she gives up, sucks at everything, and doesnt try to play the game??

    I hope Natalie wins so all of u guys can see pass that innocent, bogus azz southern charm and look at how the game was played by the houseguests.

    Jordan’s resume doesnt deserve anything.

    Kevin deserves to win.

    Natalie deserves to win

    Jordan deserves to go home.

    Who go out the best player in the game? K/N

    Who got out strong players i.e. Jeff, Russell? K/N (votes)

    U survived when Jeff took the floor from out of Jessie’s alliance? Natalie

    Those are all facts ppl. wake up

  37. If I were friends/relatives with Nat I would be so embarrassed. She is just a horrible horrible person, not just a horrible player a horrible person….

  38. @ Midwest… Wake up….wake up…. russell / Jesse were going to vote for jeff even though he is why they were both evicted

    ***** News Flash *****

    Jesse / Russell will vote for whoever has played the best game, which most certainly is not Jordan!!!

  39. nat cheated again! the rules were one or two hands on “key” at all times. the cameras zoomed in on nat when she had one hand off and the other above the key holding onto the rope NOT the key. she should have been disqualified!! kev watched the mechanics and turned stood sideways. jordan’s odds were not good, but with two cheaters and bb letting them she NEVER stood a chance!

  40. GO Kevin GO Jorden stay in the game Jorden you can do!! Well i hope so but if not still got Kevin ya!

  41. @ Joy… get a life…. kevin had one hand at times, and Julie clearly stated that all HG’s must have one hand on the key at all times…. You jeff / Michelle not Jordan fans are a joke… First Kevin cheated which was disproved with last nights show, now natalie cheated… I guess if jordan loses today, you will all say Natalie cheated again huh? get a life!!!

  42. Natalie continues to threaten Kevin about taking her to
    the F2. She’s promised to “poison” the Jury HGs against him if
    he reneges on their deal. Meanwhile, Kevin is “supposedly”
    trying to decide his best option. I say “supposedly” because he is
    afraid of Natalie. Can he think at all?

    Is Kevin smart enough to realize Nat the Rat will NEVER see
    the other HGs?

    She will be in a hotel room and kept apart from them.

  43. Besides Chima i think Nat is the most unliked BB player thus far. I cant wait untill EVERYBODY learns of her “AGE” lie..

  44. Leo congrates on passing your finals or was it examses i cant remember which one you said but any ways way to go Leo!!! :)

  45. i’m not a fan of any “one” person. i am a fan of the show. i liked russ, jeff, casey, at times ronnie & chima. never liked nat. liked kev until nat got a hold of him. it doesn’t matter who, for me its how. if the outcome wouldn’t have changed anything who cares? but it would have because of both final twos with jordan. if nat had fallen, she wouldn’t have proven her loyalty to kev and he might take jordan. also, kev & jor said if nat fell, jor could prove her loyalty to kev by falling and doing question part for their final two. it could have been the deciding factor as to who to who to the f2.

  46. @ Midwest… What is best for kevin is to take Natalie…..

    Jordan will get

    America’s Vote

  47. what a yr. is as been for bb. some good, some bad , and some dumb mistakes. but all in all it was a good yr. did they show jeff walking the jury house yet i hope russell luaghs in his and then knocks the holy crap out of him now that would be a big finale of big brother. let good previle

  48. @ June… Thanks….. What do you think of the idea of Kevin keeping Jordan as a better move than keeping Natalie..

    Reffer to post #60 ok?

  49. Usually I am not a mean person lol but I do hope that Ms. Natalie sees the poll that, 6% of her want her in the top 2 hahaha who voted for her? her dad and “fiance”
    maybe its some of the home depot customers she says always tried to hit on her . Hahahah delusional lil girl she is.

  50. It is Official BB fans….. BB has their own set of rules for Nat and Kevin. First off, they allowed Kev to win POV even though he stated that he had an advantage over the two girls, BB hears all in that house so in less they were involved in the tech difficulties, they should have held a different POV or Kev should have gotten it taken away from him, that is completely unfair. Now Nat has her hand off the key and on the rope and she is not disqualified. BB you are losing a lot of viewers and you may not have enough to conitinue on for the next season. Why, do you keep letting those two disgusting rats get away with so much. And why was Nat allowed to lie about her age?

  51. Leo taking Nat with Kevin will let Kevin win cause most of the peole hate Nat but like Kevin cause he played the game better then Jorden she was just a floater.

  52. @ Kathy… All the calenders in the world would not have help Jordumb get one right… the dates didn’t help them because if so Michelle would have known laura wasn’t the 5th HG evicted… What was she thinking with that dumb (Jordan like) answer?

  53. It is not in Kevins best interest to take Jordan to the F2. As I said before Kevin is not stupid he knows that Jordon has 3 votes locked up(Jeff, Michele & America) so it would be better to take Nat.

    If Kevin backstabb Nat he will loose the game. Kevin unlike Jeff knows how to play the mental part of the game.

    Go Kevin you are by far the best BB player this season.

  54. Kevin’s only chance to win it all is to take Nat to final 2. I hope he realizes this because I think he deserves to win over the other 2 but I do agree with ED and that is none of them deserve it but you have to pick one so I choose Kevin.

  55. I will watch the last two episodes for two reasons:
    1) to see footage of Jeff…
    2) to see Natalie’s face when she is booed off the stage as she makes her exit from the BBH.

  56. Hate to say it but Kevins best chances of winning will be to take Nat…seems like shes not looking so good in the jury’s eyes’
    Can you IMAGINE having Nat as a juror? She would probably tell Julie that due to her honesty and integrity she cannot vote for Kevin or Jordan and therefore deserves the money herself :) . Even Jule would call her a bit*h!

  57. @Ashley you know what they say about great minds

    @Leo no more tunes, come one dont let people scare you

  58. Leo – I don’t think it was you. lol. It was the process of elimination. I don’t have anyone else to pull for and you know I don’t like Jordan but I don’t like Nat either but she has played a better game then Jordan.

  59. @ Blackgirl… I got you later after I get home from work and working out…. Guess what? My Survivor site is set up… Ashley has seen it…

    @ Cat…… You are finally coming around… I likey likey very much!!!

  60. @Leo
    Hold your horses big fella!
    Didnt say Nat deserved to win…just said Kevin cant win unless he takes her.
    Will never be a Nat fan…just a Nat swatter! :)

  61. @ cat… I don’t want nat to win.. I want kevin and am glad to see you realize he needs to take nat to the final 2 to win!!!

  62. Does Nata-LIE not realize that she was one of the biggest liars and backstabbers in this game? I pray that she doesn’t win this game!!

  63. @Leo
    Kevin is the lesser of two evils!
    Not my choice to win overall but all thats left besides Nat. Of course Jordan could pull off an upset…still hoping :)

  64. I am for Jordan all the way Natilie has not done anything and Kevin is stupid to stick with her she is a lier and came into the game lying about her age. Good luck to Jordan.

  65. As I said in another blog, I believe Nat is a narcissist. She has all the classic symptoms and believes all the lies she invents and therefore does think of herself as an honest person full of integrity.

  66. @ Amanda… You go girl…
    @ Ashley… It is all good

    @ Carolyn… What show are you watching?

    *** Natalie

    Her LML kept her in the game

    her alliance with Kevin / jesse kept her safe

    She won her HOH (unlike Jordan)

    She is playing the game way better than Jordan IE she had a hand in Jeff / Russell / Michelle being evicted!!!

    *** Jordan

    Was given her HOH by Jeff

    Alligned with jeff

    has done nothing in the game…. get your facts right because you have Nat confused with Jordan

  67. Cat, I agree. The only one left to win out of the 3 is Kevin. He is the only one out of the three left that deserves to win. Natalie and Jordon have done ZERO in playing the game. Jordon is nice but, has done nothing. Nat is evil and has done nothing but, lie. Kevin has won competitions and has taken the risk of putting people on the block, being disliked and all those things. Surely, the jury house will recognize that! The other two just rode on everyone’s coat tails and really played NO game at all.

  68. @ Pam…. I agree about kevin being the best player… Who deserves to win more… Jordan or Natalie?

  69. Ashely that is to funny!! I was going to write in my other comment that Nat is a classic narcissist but, didn’t know how to spell it so, I didn’t LOL She is definitely that. People develop friendships in BB and along with that come emotions. She doesn’t seem to have any emotions. Nothing. Even when her boyfriend came there. She doesn’t even seem to feel guilt. Even though the others have to lie or go back on their word as part of playing the game, they do express guilt. Everyone except Nat.

  70. I know it wont happen but i really would like to see Jordan pull an upset and win the final HOH! Not because i think she has played a great game…just because it would throw a scare into Kevin and Nat! One last butt kissing session by Nat and Kevin!
    I dont think Jordan would win with the jury against either one…just a little lesson in humility for them both is all im asking. :)

  71. Allison G. is determined to drag this awful season of Big Brother out in an effort to regain the high ratings it had when Jeff was in the house. Now there are “rumours” that the final 2 won’t actually be known until finale night? Come on! Again, this is a deliberate ploy to keep viewers watching to find out if Natalie gets her comeuppence and gets evicted by Kevin at the last moment. Personally, I stopped watching this season’s Big Brother when Natalie won HOH. I have only kept current through these blogs.

  72. Another site is reporting that they were at the Live Show’s audience last night and that they were building a large Skee Ball contraption for Thursday’s live show competition. This would be the one where Natalie and Jordan play together.

  73. Leo,

    NEVER underestimate the power of a chest bump!
    Also, Russell may have loved Jordan’s Nasty Message
    to him.
    He probably likes a woman sticking up for herself and her man.
    I, also, think Michele will play a pivotal role in helping Russell
    decide how to vote.

    I don’t think most of the Jury HGs want any of these three
    to win. It is up for grabs.

  74. I meant to add that I think Jordan did great last night holding out for 3 1/2 hours. For those of you still bashing Jordan and her performances, I highly doubt YOU could have held on for that long.

  75. Well Leo, if it came down to Natalie and Jordon, my decision wouldn’t be on game play because both of them rode of on the coat tails of others. So, I would say Jordon should win. Guess that would be based on what they did do when they were riding the coat tails. Jordon did take the risk of putting people on the block early in the game, knowing some people wouldn’t like her for it. All part of BB game. There’s really nothing to compare and game play between the two. Guess I would have to compare the styles or approach they used when riding the coat tails. Guess I would have to go by character. Natalie has NOT displayed a person of good character and Jordon has. So, I would hope Jordon would win. However, I hope it doesn’t come down to those 2 because the winner should be someone who played the game well which competitions is a BIG part of the BB game. Nat and Jordon to me, have not played ot justify them winning that amount of money. That would leave Kevin because he’s the only one left who didn’t ride on coat tails and played the game. Isn’t that what BB is all about?

  76. I just want say this is the worst season of BB ever! Me and my family look forward to the summer to watch BB and this summer we have all stopped watching it! Let’s hope for a better BB12!!!

  77. @ Midwest fan… jeff & Russell will talk and all the beans will be spilled as Russell finds out the roles both Michelle / Jordan / kevin / natalie played in jeff backdooring him… It will be worse for jordan than N/K because he had a Final 4 deal with Jordan and not K/N!!! plus he knows Jordan was more influential to Jeff than N/K!!!

  78. Everyone just imagine being in a house for 3 months. You can’t leave. You are on tv all the time. I hate Natalie, love Kevin, no hope for Jordon. It seems like she doesn’t get anything. (understand anything about anything) I hope Kevin wins and they all had guts just for being on the show!

  79. @ Pam…

    Natalie for the following reasons:

    *** Natalie

    Her LML kept her in the game

    her alliance with Kevin / jesse kept her safe

    She won her HOH (unlike Jordan)

    She is playing the game way better than Jordan IE she had a hand in Jeff / Russell / Michelle being evicted!!!

    *** Jordan

    Was given her HOH by Jeff

    Alligned with jeff

    has done nothing in the game…. get your facts right because you have Nat confused with Jordan

  80. Everyone – please scroll to top of page and read Matt’s update 2. What do yall think of that?

  81. Here’s the thing though Matt, we don’t know what would’ve happened had Natalie been disqualified, noone can say for sure. And Julie said they had to have one hand holding the key, Natalie absolutely wasn’t holding that key whatsoever.

  82. WOW! Cant believe they wont play the other two parts! This scraps Nats plan to win final HOH (thank god). Hope Evil Dick leaves her shaking in her boots! :)

  83. Well Leo, I guess Nat’s lying kept her in the game and Jordon’s honesty and good character kept her in the game. Nat had her hand in evicting people and so did Jordon because, Jordon was in a position where she accually had to put someone on the block earlier in the game regardless of how she won the HOH. Everyone at one had to vote on evicting people so, everyone had their hand in evicting people so, that doesn’t make Nat special or playing the game better. She did the same thing as Jordon only with a different approach. The good versus evil. Jordon being the good and Nat being the evil. I think those are the facts. lol

  84. @ Jeff / Michelle now Jordan Fans… Natalie will be playing in part 2 today…. Stop crying because your pick isn’t doing well…

    @ Cat…. Wuz up with the wishful thinking?

  85. @ Pam… is that the same good character that treated Michelle like crap when Kevin won HOH and her and Jeff ignored her?

    How about when Kevin won the POV and she ignored Michelle again?

  86. @Leo
    Like Ashley told us…scroll to the top of the page and read Matts update 2…very interesting!

  87. @Ahrean: The purpose of the “hand on key req” is to keep the players in an uncomfortable, arms raised above the head position. Shifting her finger an inch in either direction isn’t going to impact that challenge.

    When Diane beat out Jase due to a technicality in the endurance because his heel was a quarter inch back over the line it was ridiculous. I disliked Jase just as much as I dislike Natalie, but to try and disqualify her over a petty technicality isn’t the way you want to beat out someone in an endurance.

    I would also imagine the HGs were being prep’d out there while we went to commercial. Production would have run down all the rules right then because Natalie said things like “they said you had to be facing the pool”, etc. and Julie definitely didn’t say that. So maybe Julie misspoke and the actual rules were to not let go of the rope/key. We don’t know.

  88. @ Cat… here is why that theory won’t work… that would mean all three of them participate on Thursday….

    Julie cleary says the second part of the 3 part HOH will air on Thursday as well as the results from part one… It even stated that on BBAD

    the 3rd part will air on Sunday as well as the final eviction

    Tuesday will show the last JH member join the other, and then grill the Final 2… Waaalaaa we have the final vote and the after math of the winner and everyone else coming clean!!!

  89. @ Cat / Ashley… I am willing to guarantee my theory is the case… Matt will also say it was his theroy to get people thinking about what will happen next!!!

  90. @Matt
    Did CBS just announce that last nights winner will be announced as the new HOH?
    Is this true or just speculation as Leo implies?

  91. Thanks to all of you for your update/comments. As I said b4, tape BB/BBAD, but erase w/o watching based on comments from websites. I don’t like any of the final 3, however as long as Gnat doesnt win, I guess I hv to be satisfied. Don’t want Jordan since she is a phony. Guess that only leaves Kevin. Voting for Michelle for America’s favorite. I feel that American GOT GOT from CBS. Very disappointed with CBS/AG.

  92. P.S. can someone tell me if CBS ratings go up even if we dont WATCH the shows but just tapes them. If so, I am removing these shows from my DVR since I do not want to support this station/shows any longer. Thanks for your input.

  93. Wouldn’t it be unfair if they only announced the new HOH news to the houseguests now? Natalie might have played the comp. out.

  94. @ LEO, thanks for asking. My day is not so good since my fav Michelle is no longer in this game. Happy to learn that you’re from Hawaii, when did you leave. Remember Aloha Airlines, well I used to work for them b4 they closed their doors. How are u doing? Love ur comments, you’re very witty. AKAMAI….

  95. @ Jackie M…. I left in 2006… I lived in Aiea…. I use Hawaiian Airlines…. Are you going to post your thoughts on my Survivor Blog? Email me ok?

    @ Matt #126… You are right, but I think people are just speculationg because they want to see nat get screwed… it won’t happen!!!


  97. @Leo: The arrangement of events is very strange, but that’s what CBS revealed in the press release that was just sent over.

  98. @ Matt #133…. I wouldn’t mind Kevin being the HOH… However it wouldn’t be fare to hime to win part #1 and then still have to play both J/N in the final HOH when neither won…

  99. Well something is wrong if they don’t play the other 2 rounds. In my opinion that is cheating Jordan and Natalie. They should have let them know beforehand that there would only be 1 comp.

  100. Try this for a twist – next season of Big Brother, let America choose between the final 2 House Guest & vote on the winner!! Maybe everyone would behave much better!! I was a Jeff fan – he deserved to win over everyone in that house!!

  101. @ Ashley… That would be just as bad to allow n/J to play against kevin when they didn’t earn it and Kevin has to win 2 comps…. That isn’t fare to Kevin to have to win twice while N/J only have to win1 time is it?

  102. @ Rachael… get a clue… That will never happen because the other HG’s will always have a say so… hense the importance of the JH members!!!

  103. I just read the press release on Jokers website and it does state that Thursday the winner of the log jam will be announced as new HOH. I don’t see how that is fair AT ALL. Will they have a pov to see who is safe and then the third person will be evicted? I am so confused with all these changes.


  105. Leo – I don’t know what is going on. And no, I don’t think any of this is fair. Whomever wins this round should have to win 2 comps.

  106. Also appearing on Thursdays show is Janelle, Danielle Reyes, Boogie, and maybe someone else, I can’t remember.

  107. @Ashley, thanks for the info re: Tivo/DVR. I will erase BB/BBAD from my DVR. Will however ck the websites so that I can watch once GNAT gets hers.
    @Leo, will email u, might be fun joining ur blog.

  108. P.S. Ashley/Leo, pls give me directions how I can vote for America’s Fav player on line.

  109. @ Ashley… I agree because Natalie would have hung longer… Jordan fell because she lost her concentration… maybe BB wants to see if Kevin will backstab natalie or keep his word….

    @ Matt can you verify this info please?

  110. @Jackie M – got to and there will be a link to BB and click on it and you will see how to vote.


  112. I don’t think Jordan will get Michelle’s vote. She even said he made the right move on her exit. I think although she threatened Michelle is too analytical to vote for Jordan since she didn’t play the game. I think Jordan will get Nat and Jeff and that’s it. At the end of the day I think even America would vote Kevin if he grew a pair and bounced Nat.

  113. This is from ED’s blog

    ThisWednesday, September 09, 2009

    Final 3.. The worst final 3 ever? Big CBS Announcement!
    Current mood: annoyed
    Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities
    Big Announcement….

    The final three is so ***** horrible this year that they are going to have a triple eviction and tell them all to kill themselves, that they suck, America hates them (except Jordan, but she won’t understand anyhow) and that they are replacing them with myself, JP, MB & DR. That way at least someone might watch the final episodes and give a ***** what happens.

    But CBS will have something to say today….
    Listen for it and watch thurs”

  114. Help me BB Fans? Who do I vote for as “America’s Favorite?” I want either Michelle and Jordon to get the $25K, but if Jordo is in F2, and I vote for Jordo, then Michele gets nothing. Also, IMO, EF Jeff for the way he treated Jordo at the end (he might as well just slapped her in the face versus that messed up fake kiss). He was my fav for a long time, but his head swelled, he GOT GOT, lost, and was a bad loser. Lastly, I can only HOPE that Jordo knew better than to stay up there longer (remember, she’s a waitress and on her feet alot), to refresh herself for Round Two, and to AGAIN throw off N/K to think she is worthless at competitions (I’ve been there too, my mind goes blank on memory tests, but I think Jordo threw it last night to refresh). Thanks for your answers on whether to vote for M or J as America’s FAV. Did anyone else feel weirded out/what has my life come to for watching BBAD last night, glued to my television, watching a log rolling around for almost two hours? LOL.

  115. Leo – it is on the press release on the jokers website. Also, Matt has put it in the update at the top.

  116. @ Ashley… I mean the part that says Kevin is the HOH…. i would be happy to have Kevin be the HOH, but it wouldn’t be fare to natalie… Jordan fell on her own… natalie dropped because she thought there would be a 2nd comp….

  117. Sounds like bigbro is tring to give you what you want. by scrapping the last 2 hoh comps. They know jordan can not win twice. So why not cancel the last 2 comps. So it looks like natalie vs. Jordan in skee ball LOL for the final spot. They want natalie gone bad. so bad they had to think of a game a baby monkey can win at. They better watch out tho natalie might climb that thing and drop her ball in the 50pt hole. Like weve all done at chuckie cheese. GO NATALIE

  118. To eliminate the other two competitions is totally and completely unfair. Natalie would have never dropped had she known that. I am really beginning to think that BB is FIXED. If you say you are going to have three rounds, then you should follow through. What a bunch of CRAP!!!!! What is BB doing – fixing who they want to win!!!

  119. @ Johnny… Guess what? Your scenario makes no sense because the winner of N/J would have to beat Kevin which would mean jordan needs to win twice… they won’t make Kevin win twice and leave J/N needing to win one time….

  120. Leo – this is what I read on Jokers

    Michele Was Evicted Last Night from the BIG BROTHER House After Kevin Used The Power of Veto and then Casted the Sole Vote

    Former Houseguests Janelle, Evel Dick, Danielle Reyes and Mike Boogie Join Julie In Studio on Thursday’s LIVE Show at 8:00 PM

    After being nominated for eviction by Head-of-Household Natalie, Michele was evicted last night from the BIG BROTHER House by Kevin’s sole vote.

    On Sunday, Natalie nominated Kevin and Michele for eviction. Last night, Kevin won the Power-of-Veto and chose to remove himself from the block. After Kevin used the Power-of-Veto, Jordan, the only eligible nominee, was put on the block against Michele.

    During last night’s live broadcast, Michele, the 27-year-old neuroscientist from Pasadena, Calif. learned her fate and left the BIG BROTHER House. She will be the fifth Houseguest to be sequestered in the jury house. After her eviction, she was interviewed by Julie Chen about her experience.

    After last night’s BIG BROTHER eviction, the Houseguests competed in part one of the final Head-of-Household competition called “Log Jam.” The Houseguests each stood on a log while holding onto their keys, which were suspended above their heads. As the log began to spin beneath them, the players all fought to stay a top as they were barraged by weather from all seasons including wind, rain and even snow. The houseguest who could withstand the elements the longest without falling off will be revealed on Thursday and named the new HOH.

    Also on Thursday, former Houseguests Mike Boogie (Big Brother 2; Winner, Big Brother All-Stars), Danielle Reyes (Big Brother 3; Big Brother All-Stars), Janelle (Big Brother 6, Big Brother All-Stars) and Evel Dick (Winner, Big Brother 8) will join Julie live on stage to discuss this season of BIG BROTHER on Thursday, Sept. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/delayed PT).

    Source: CBS Press Express

  121. @ Ashley…

    It says Part one… part 2 will be played Thursday, but I can recall Jokers saying the three characters where Jesse / Russell / Lydia which was false, so i am not going to treat this as gospel ok?

    After last night’s BIG BROTHER eviction, the Houseguests competed in part one of the final Head-of-Household competition called “Log Jam.” The Houseguests each stood on a log while holding onto their keys, which were suspended above their heads. As the log began to spin beneath them, the players all fought to stay a top as they were barraged by weather from all seasons including wind, rain and even snow. The houseguest who could withstand the elements the longest without falling off will be revealed on Thursday and named the new HOH.

  122. @ Ashkey… Mike Boogie didn;t win BB2… Dri Will did… mike Boogie won BB7… This post has already been discredited…. need I say more?

  123. Just read the poll votes and all I can say is that I hope that Nat. gets to see them!

    However, you all know that she will tell who will ever listen to her, that is because she aligned herself with Jessie and America hated Jessie – YEP she’s dilusional!

    I did read on another site this morning and posted it on an earlier previous blog on this site, but worthwhile posting again:


    Producers interview:
    One thing Grodner won’t comment on:

    Insider reports that producers have decided to shake up the structure of the final days of the game.

    According to a person with knowledge of the situation, next Tuesday’s finale will begin with all three current members of the house still in the game. The final two won’t be determined until Tuesday’s live show, just moments before the jury decides the ultimate winner of the show.

    That would mean the final evictee won’t have much sway over the jury. And that all three houseguests will be staying with each other longer than they expected.

    It also means Tuesday’s finale promises to be must-see for fans, since it’ll be the only way to find out who wins the final HOH– and if Jordan will stay alive.

    Part two of the final HOH competition will be seen on Thursday’s show. Sunday’s episode is expected to be a best of and “moments you didn’t see” hour.

    Grodner’s only response when asked about the finale shakeup: “Tune in Thursday,” she said


    Yet another ploy by CBS BB to keep us hooked for their ratings!! :P

  124. Why in the heck do you people think Jordan should win over anyone at this point. She has done abso..freakin..lutly nothing, but whine! And what kind of acceptance of a proposal was that from Natalie? I think she has her BF fooled…she’s not into him. Kevin deserves to win this COMPETITION, not pity party(Jordan).

  125. Leo – it says the source is CBS press release ok? Read the last sentence as it says the winner of the log jam will be named Thursday as new HOH.

  126. Good morning, BB fans!! :D Julie Chen said that Thursday we will see Part 2 of the Final HOH, which is the Physical Comp. (This is not how all other season have gone, so I’m confused by this.) I’ll keep my eyes & ears on the feeds to see what I can pick up from the HG’s.

    **UPDATE:’s description for Thursday’s episode is this:
    The final Head of Household competition is held between the three remaining houseguests. The winner evicts one person, reducing the number to two finalist.

    *** Maybe Kevin will be the HOH because all three of them competed in the log jam and the conclusion airs on Thursday? ***

  127. @Ashley #165

    Leo is correct and I tried to post what AG had claimed to have said during an interview but I am awaiting moderation #post 163 when it gets cleared!

  128. I’m out for a while. Whatever is going on, Thursday should be interesting. Have a great afternoon everyone.

    Leo – I didn’t say it was the gospel did I? I’m just showing what I found. No one knows what is going on.

  129. @ Ashley… they put that on there for the so called release of info about the three characters associated with pandora’s Box, the redo of the last Veto…

    Source: CBS untlimate release…..
    See i made one up… it isn’t hard….

  130. @ Ashley.. Read #162… This source has been discredited because any real CBS source would have known this ok?

  131. Where is such said press release from CBS? You site jokers, but that isn’t a reliable source. I find no news articles and no info on official BB site. It has been tradition to have 3 round HOH at this stage and it was already announced by Julie on the show the rules and 3 rounds. CBS would have many complaints changing now. I don’t believe any of it … always several internet wackos spreading rumors like wildfire.

  132. Leo – I understand what you are saying. I am only showing what I found on Jokers and going by what Matt has said in his update. I have no idea what is going on as does anyone else. We will have to wait until Thursday unless Matt can get us the inside scoop.

  133. @ Jim… See #162 showing that is can’t be a CBS source because they wouldn’t get this wrong…..

  134. Did anyone else catch “the slip-up” about BB producers messing with their heads? At the end of the log roll, before N dropped off, N told K, ….”and you swear you won’t let them get in your head…” (meaning production). I too am feeling that BB is fixed and they coach and direct them in the Diary Room on strategy, how to play the game etc. Lastly, I too agree that N showed the lowest level of disrespect to her man and “no real joy” when her boyfriend proposed. Most, when in love, would be in tears, smiling, hugging and not wanting to stop hugging. N hugged her “fiancé” like she just got knocked out of a poker tournament.

  135. @ Ashley… matt doesn;t site Jokers as his source because Jokers is as reliable as me saying Jesse is being brought back to play is part 4 of the HOH (which is clearly a lie)

  136. We need to remember this is a game, and I personally can’t stand Natalie, BUT, she did play the game a lot better than Jordan who did absolutely nothing the entire time she was in the house.

    As much as I hate to say it, I am now hoping for Natalie and Kevin, as I feel she deserves to be there more than Jordan. I have at least seen Natalie manipulate the game, which I have not seen Jordon even attempt to do.

    We just need to remember what we are judging these people on…lies, deceipt, cheating, and whatever else you want to call it. Natalie will have my vote over Jordan for sure, but as it stands now…GO KEVIN!!

  137. Leo – I didn’t say Matt sited Jokers as his source. Matt said he got a press release. Quit trying to argue with me because you know as much as I do about what is going to happen and that is nothing. I didn’t say Jokers was the absolute truth. I was showing others what it said. You can stop trying to shove it down my throat. Thanks!

  138. @Jim #173

    When my post #163 is released for moderation (so you can’t see it yet), you will note that I copied it from another site and it is clear that this was an interview with AG (well in my mind anyway) and for me, I believe it will be another attempt to get a captive audience because there appears to be is this general outrage and uproar about BB this year and they (CBS BB) have commitments to fill for their sponsors so need the ratings.

    I personally think it will be yet another letdown a total scam and bogus lead up just to hook us again, hey but I can’t speak for the rest of America, I am only speaking for me!

    Read my post when it is released and remember I just copied it and pasted on this site for discussion and debate!

  139. Re: Adored. Glad to know there are others that think JOrdan is a dingbat and has done nothing to even be in the final 3. Both Kevin and Natalie have played a good game, and I think Natalie deserves to win. It’s hard to understand why she is so hated on this site. Again, this last minute decision to skip the final 2 competitions, is completely unfair to both Natalie and Jordan has well. Natalie would have never let go of the key to let Kevin win. He better keep his word to her, but I think he’s gonna get the number 2 position no matter what he does.

  140. @ Ashley… I am not arguing… i am just giving feedback on why that site is not credible… You know you are my girl… We are all good ok? Smile for me before i come over there and put you on timeout!!! ;) :) :D :P

  141. @ Jim.. good observation… I think this is a ploy to keep Jordan fans interested and their hopes up….

  142. @Leo

    Will do it now. I’m assuming the info. that I just try to post but went into moderation – right?

    Or some other info????

  143. Leo – after diana emails that to you then you email it to me. I would like to read it. Yes, we are good. I usually enjoy the bantering and debating but I’m not in the best mood today.

    I wish cbs would quit doing this crap and making us speculate only to get let down. I can’t wait to see what ED and company have to say Thursday.

    Anyway, I’m out.

  144. First off, I want to say that I think it’s cool that we can voice our opinions on this site, even if we all don’t agree on which person we want to win… With that said, I think it’s a joke that Natalies big play in the game was to pretend that she’s only 18. GMAB. That’s her big play in the game??? If she wins, whatever, I couldn’t care less. If it’s between Kevin and her, then I’d rather Kevin win, not that he’s done much either. As for Jordan, she seems like a nice gal, but she hasn’t done much in the house to show that she’s a true, and worthy BB player. Honestly, there are several other people in the Jury house who I’d rather still have in the house: Jesse, Russell, and Jeff (now Michelle). I couldn’t help but feel bad for Michelle, but gave her props for putting those “devil” horns on her head. I thought Kevin was foolish to vote her out, when him and Michelle could’ve teamed up together, to be the final 2. He said to her that he “couldn’t trust that she’d keep her word and take him”, and I can’t believe he’d consider that Michelle would take Natalie. If he takes Natalie to the end, there’s a good chance she’ll win. At least with Michelle there’d have been an even chance, and they could have said “may the best player win”. The only reason Natalie probably wanted Michelle out of the house, is because she was jealous and scared of her. Haven’t we all heard that when bullies bully, it’s because they are lacking in certain areas themselves???

  145. In my opinion I really think Jordan did better than we all thought she would. She held onto her key for awhile. I honestly think that Kevin would still be on that log now if he had to be! LOL I think Natalie was ready to drop, and was just bluffing. I think that we all need to wait and see whats going to happen (with regards to the 3part HOH competition) remember what happened with Pandoras Box? A big box of nothing!

  146. @ Ashley… CBS is doing it for the same reason it decided to pull the Pandora’s Box crap both times… To keep people guessing, hoping and interested….

    @ Ashley… You better show me some love before you leave…. Don’t leave mad!!!

  147. Is anyone else really happy that this season the finale is 2 hours! I have been saying that it should be at least 2 hours for the finale forever now. Especially this season, if Jordan is not in the final two, then i dont even want to see who wins, let’s just get all the fun houseguests and talk to them!

  148. @ Leo # 184…Hey Leo! I totally agree with your statement! i thin that we could also say the same thing for the whole Pandora’s Box fiasco! LOL

  149. @ Dawn… jeff wanted jesse out because he was Jealous that jesse would have walked to the final 2 because he had so many allies and jeff was scared of Russell and therefore he took both people out… natalie took out Michelle because she knew Michelle wouldn’t take her to the final 2 and as retribution for she-rat screwing Chima….

  150. @ m 131…..yes m america will give jordan there vote if she goes up against natalie and the reason is america doesnt like nasty disgusting vile people like natali. if jordan makes it to the final 2 i think she would deserve it becuz she was a sheep amongst wolves and she was able to make it to the end. if u can think about it natali did the same thing that jordan did. she had the protection of jesse and rode his coat tails. she was on the athletes team that had one more member than the other teams. then jeff decided to keep her becuz she couldnt win anything just like nat and kev are doing with jordan now. i understand nat won hoh but it was when there was 3 people competing and look at that last question that jordan and michele didnt hear. did they truely think ronni would wear that stupid costume? i doubt it. and then michele had wrote down 80 and then changed it so it was total luck that nat won. all that happend was that lie and kevin was the one who made that happen. he went to jeff and sold it. so nat really hasnt done anythimg worth winning. and if nat wins and takes jordan then jordan will win becuz jeff, michele, kevin, and america will vote for jordan becuz kevin said he will NOT vote for the person who kicks him out. and maybe lydia would vote for jordan. if nat takes kevin she will win cuz jesse, russell, jeff and jordan will vote nat to win. and if kevin took jordan i think russell, natali, jesse, and lydia would vote for kevin.

  151. @ memy… CBS did that to keep Jeff fans hoping with the 1st PB and the key, they did that to keep Michelle fans hoping there would be another POV with the ads for live Veto comp (because people thought Kevin cheated), now they are trying to keep the Jordan fans hopeful with this crap!!!

  152. Pandora’s Box was a joke!!! They need to come up with better twists next time. It also started way too late in the game.

  153. @Liza #191

    I have already given up on BB this season. I think being duped twice by CBS BB with the so called PB and JH Punch only to be let down with a big fat nothing, is enough.

    Two hours of listening to b.s. spewing out of Nats. mouth is something that I don’t care to listen to. She believes she has played with intergrity (does she even know what that words mean).

    I am quite content to just site here and catch up on what happens on this site without having to listen to all that frog sh*t!

    Enjoy it though!

  154. @ Liza… keep up ok? Just because you like Jardan doesn’t mean you should act like her… Read through the posts to catch yourself up ok?

  155. oh believe me I can’t stand natalie, she’s easily the most annoying person ever to play big brother, her sense of entitlement and superiority is sooo amazing to me. And what’s up with those shifty eyes?! that’s why i am saying, it’s good, because we will get to see the other houseguests, rather than her.
    P.S. HOW Awekward was that engagemnt… so stiff and not at all affectionate.. just weird

  156. @Leo #199

    onlinebig brother:

    Big Brother 11 Spoilers – A 1 in 3 chance of a half a million dollars.. pretty good odds!! Who do you think will win BB11?

    Comment made by Joy, but you will have to search through all the old comments to find it!

  157. Leo, didn’t I say mention that I wish Jesse or Russell were back in the house??? The only reason that Natalie stayed in the house besides them, is because Russell and Jesse were stronger and better players. I think those two men deserved to be at the end more than she does. She only hid behind their coat tails, especially Jesse’s.

  158. @Cat

    How are you today? Leo and I are now friends on Facebook, if you are a member, love to have you as a friend on there especially when Survivor Samoa starts!

    Let me know OK!!

  159. I wonder what Evil Dick will have to say on Thursday night
    since he has already stated he thinks these 3 Finalists are
    horrible, worst ones ever and BB should have a Triple Eviction.

  160. @Leo

    Since you have an ‘in’ with Matt, how about asking him to release my post #163, so you don’t have to email it to people and everyone on this forum can read if they care to.

  161. BB All-Stars, that’s what I’d like to hear next season! Bring on the best from past seasons again. Wish we wouldn’t have to wait for sooooo long!

  162. @Diana
    Im glad your here to set us all straight!
    You always have great posts! I was on Facebook but kind of got out of the habit…too much goin on! Maybe i will have to check it out again now that i know you and Leo are there. Ill let you know. You can email me at

  163. Midwest fan… I think it’d be hilarious if they had a triple eviction. Get all three out! GO EVIL DICK, GO!!!

  164. @ Dawn…. I like your thinking

    @ Cat… done…

    @ Diana… I forgot what I was going to say… L~O~L!!!

  165. @Midwest Fan

    I personally liked ED (regardless of his verbal abuse).

    I think his stragety was brilliant and he admitted that he was willing to take the heat, so the other HG’s wouldn’t target his daughter and his main reason for going on the show was to reconcile with his daughter.

    What happened was, that America ended up seeing through all his bravado and he because almost a celebrity due to his absurd ranting and raving.

    At least he got time to reconcile with Danielle (because she was forced to live with him) and he got a bonus $500k and she got $50k. So no matter what else happens in their lives, no one can take away that time they had together in the BB house!

  166. #198 Diana

    I agree.

    This has turned out to be the WRONG year
    for BB to have a 2 hour finale.
    One hour would be too long.

  167. @ Diana… I don’t think that is credible… I believe it is Joy’s opinions which means nothing as far as I am concerned… It is as credible as the nonsense ok Jokers… When I cited an AG interview, I posted her actual staments word for word and where to see the actual interview

  168. Would like to chat more but I have to be going for now. Glad to hear from other BB fans, even when we don’t agree.

  169. @Cat

    I don’t know about setting anyone straight, because I can’t set myself straight ~ lol ~ ;)

    I just offer my opinions and we have all clicked together as a group and mostly see things in a similar fashion and to boot, we have lots of laughs and fun, especially when sservie and x-rev throws his one liners in!

  170. Ok guys Im still hoping that Nat gets her comeuppence…whether she wins or not!
    Hope its at the hands of Evel Dick!
    Gotta go. Making chicken and mashed potatos with green beans and yeast rolls…have to keep the hubby happy so he doesnt complain about my BB time! :)


    My fingers are crossed for Michele to win it but
    it will likely be Jeff or Jordan.

  172. I was wondering if BB would have a final 3 instead of final 2 because of Chima leaving, leaving an odd vote. Taking a page from Survivor, which failed, but Chima leaving made a gap… thinking out loud.

  173. @ Leo….I totally agree with # 195, but unlike other Jeff fans, Im still going to watch! I wont tune out because he “got got” (LMAO) A true BB fan does that! (keep watching) I have to keep watching Kevin as I liked Kevin from the beginning, hopefully he will pull this off!

  174. @ # 226 gooz…keep watching, it may happen! LOL one of them will throw the other under the bus! I kind of want to see the fireworks too! LOL
    @ Diana # 217…good post! I loved ED!!!!!
    I also liked Janelle when whe sould get upset…comical!

  175. @ Diana… I was reffering to the AG interview interview about it not changing the game but just as an added responsibilty for the HOH?

    @ Gooz… hello

    @ Memy… You have finally see that i may know what i am talking about…

  176. @ gooz # 230 something that one desreves, a punishment or retribution (eye for an eye)
    Example: Jeff backdooring Russell, and the next week he is backdoored by Nat/Kevin
    when you get got! LOL

  177. @Diana
    Leo sent me the info you had…very interesting! I think that BB does intend to shake up the final HOH a little. These little tidbits of info keep leaking out and put them all together and they add up to a change in procedure. Im sure Leo will disagree with me…so before he does…im just saying where theres this much smoke, theres got to be a little fire going on. Maybe not a big change…but something different!

  178. What is up with everybody not liking Natalie?
    I would like to see Kevin & Natalie in final 2.
    I would’nt give Jordan a dollar with her brain dead ass…
    All she has done is hange on to Jeff for dear life to get were she is..
    She can’t even tell time, she room’s with her mother….
    I see people dont like to see strong women on TV & really win. I quess you really can make it if your stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  179. FYI “IMO” means “In My Opinion”

    I’m wondering about the jury house – if Jeff tells Russell that it was Nat/Kev who talked him into getting Russell out, it could change the sway of the votes, yes? I’m hoping Jordan ends up walking away with a 1/2 mil, and Natalie gets a twistie tie.

  180. @ Cat… it is working… Giving hope for something intersting happening.. Sound familiar? Remember PB part one then PB part 2?

  181. @Cat #241

    I would expect Leo to disagree because he likes to debate every issue with me, but that is OK too, because he wins some and I win some, so eventually it comes out even.

    I think AG did make a statement, however she is playing a cat (excuse the pun) and mouse game to keep up the ratings.

    Personally, I think it will be another bogus rumor leaking out to captivate their audience to ensure their ratings don’t drop.

  182. @ Trazey… Russell would be more mad at Jordan for her role in persuading Jeff to believe N/K and get rid of Russell and add her behavior (chest bump) and her good bye message… Russell will hold her more accountable because he had a deal with her for Final 4, not K/N!!!

  183. @ Diana…. these gimmicks by CBS / BB are working… Giving hope for something intersting happening.. Sound familiar? Remember PB part one then PB part 2?

  184. @ Stephanie…alot of us dont like Natalie’s game play (since we dont know her we cant say we dont like “her”) for various reasons….we have named them all countlessly. We all realize that Jordan isnt the sharpest tack in the box,(it was funny when she couldnt tell time)but your comment about her living at home with her Mother makes no sense….It has nothing to do with her playing BB. Doesnt Natalie still live with her Father? Natalie is not 18, she’s 24 & Jordan is younger than her….Just my opinion

  185. @Trazey #246

    Now that would be sweet!

    Although I would rather see that the JH decides that none of them are deserving and turns around to Michele and says ~ you deserve it, so here is your check for $500k (just a pipe dream) :P

  186. everybody is saying that there are no more comps to do, and if that was true gnat would have stayed on the log to beat kev. are you kidding me, they have a deal, she didn’t need to stay on once jordo fell off. after jordo went in the house, all you could hear was gnat asking kev are you sticking to our agreement, you promised , remember we are the final 2. besides that gnat was shaking so bad cause she was cold, that if jordo hadn’t lost her footing gnat would have faked a fall b/c she wanted down. but boy as soon as jordo was gone gnat and kev were talking about how much longer they had to stay there so jordo would’nt know they are playng her for a fool. as kev worded it the other day in the hoh room with gnat on what they were going to do to mess with jord’s head, his word right on BBAD boy we’re going to rape her and they both snickered. since when should the word rape at any time be followed by a snicker. there both cruel heartless bastards both of them. maybe they will get lucky in life and be raped thereselves, let’s see if they snicker then.

  187. I agree about the 2 hour finally. I fast forwarded most of yesterdays. This season bites the big one…. Maybe CBS will really make BB12 something to watch. They know they have a lot to make up….

  188. @Leo #252

    Totally agree, that’s why I’m not buying into it. I think it is bogus and b.s. Like I said, they have to keep their sponsors happy and they need ratings for that, so what better way to hook (trick) the audience into watching another let down.

    They don’t care, they still get their pay check and we all feel duped – CBS BB ~ America GOT GOT!

  189. If I am not mistaken (unless everything has changed again) isnt this a 3 part competition for HOH? ALso, did anyone else hear Kevin (on BBAD) tell Jordan that he would tell her when she was making a dumb move and then Natalie walks in the kitchen? Did I dream that? Do you think Kevin will keep Jordan? He said in DR that he wants to do whats best for him in the game, and that if it means getting rid of Nat, then so be it.

  190. @ Diana # 259 Amen sister! we all GOT GOT by BB….lets stop talking about production before we get called out! LOL

  191. Moderation or Censerership? OK, I know this won’t get posted but you will read this. The rules state one thing but what I have read are a different story. Seems it all depends on who is saying it, etc. If the rules were applied across the board the same, no problem. We all know that is not the case. You pick and chose. You don’t put on what is the truth and moderation is not done fairly. So, I sent several copies of my logs to the FCLU. Their reply is surprise me. So if you think you will all have these blogs next time, I don’t think so. CBS will be hearing shortly from the FCLU or CCLU. Have a nice day.

  192. I believe Kevin should and will be the winner. He has really stepped up his game…HOWEVER…I am rather disappointed in his change of character. He used to be so hysterical and kind-hearted. Power has definitely gone to his head. Jeff saved him and then he goes on and on about what a dick Jeff is (only after Michele won POV). Then he goes on about Michele. Last night I was disgusted….on BBAD he was bashing Jordan with Natalie as Jordan was running their showers, getting them towels and putting in a pizza. He is getting full of himself just as Natalie is of herself.

  193. @ Leo #258…I remember that. They were all sitting outside (Jeff, Michelle, Jordan & Lydia or Natalie…I think) Jordan made the comment, and Michelle stormed off.

  194. @ memy… It is common knowledge that BB has HG’s go over various scenarios and then play out the DR sessions that are entertaining… Remember Seaon #9 BB made it seem like Ryan would keep Sheila over Adam? What happened, Ryan kept Adam instead….

    Kevin will keep Natalie over Jordan… I guarantee it or i will call you and other Jordan fans my hero!!!

  195. @memy #262

    I think that Kevin is truly uncertain who to take with him.

    I think that he is scared of Nat. and although he knows she is a liar, he just might believe that Jordan will get more votes than Nat. will if he is sitting besides one of them.

    It is very clear that he says one thing in the DR and something totally different when he is around Nat. and Jordan.

    He has mentioned on a couple of occasions that BB prod. crew are messing with his head in the DR and are trying to persuade him who to vote out, however, he has still stuck with Nat. when making his decisions because he is scared of her.

    However, now that there are only 3 left, he may throw Nat. under the bus (if he has enough courage) and hopes for the best by pleading his case in a non offensive manner.

    I think that he is skilled when expressing his views at why he chose to evict a certain HG. He is sly and convincing and comes across as very sincere – is that his strategy, if so, it is brilliant, because it is working. Whereas Nat. has used bulling tactics as her strategy which other HG just may take personally!

  196. @ Leo # 267….Yeah, I remember that from season 9. Production does prompt them sometimes. I liked Jeff & Kevin (from the beginning) as far as BB11 goes! Jordan is ok & nice, but….ummmm a real dim bulb when it comes to BB LOL

  197. @dingo #264

    Blogs have been designed to express opinions and a lot of what has been said on this blog has been repeated on the CBS message board, so I am sure that CBS is well aware of what has been said about them, the BB crew and every HG in the BB11 house!

    So please can you clarify with specific details why you thing that this blog site being shut down. I’ll be very in your response!

  198. @ Diana…. here is why Kevin won’t evict Natalie over Jordan…

    Jordan will have


    *** The winner of BB 11 would be Jordan ***

    Kevin knows this and he knows the against Natalie he will get

    and he will just need one more vote…..

    *** BB 11 winner is Kevin ***

  199. Its kind of funny, Kevin is like the girl and Nat is like the man and Nat has basically been telling Kev what to do the whole time, insane. He needs to be a man and stand up to her and show is boyfriend how strong he really is. Is they do away with the rest of the HOH Comp, that will make for a very boring week.

  200. @ Diana… In #273…. i state that the liklely hood of kevin getting 1 out the remaining 4 votes is pretty high because 1 of the four people will either think he played a better game or will vote for him over nat for a personal reason (age lie / they don’t like her) that is why I said

    **** the winner of BB11 would be Kevin ****

    ok Diana!!!!

  201. @ Diana / memy…. the scenario with kevin / Jordan

    It doesn’t matter who Lydia / Jesse / Russell vote for because Jordan would have 4 sure votes…



  203. @ M… She is a loveable cute white girl who has Blode hair and was with mr All American as an ally!!!

  204. leo, my comment wasn’t to say that jordo is or was innocent. i was just saying that kev and gnat had a deal for f2 , and that the word RAPE is such an awful way to describe gameplay. but even if there are no more comps which people are saying it doesn’t matter. kev and gnat will take each other to the end come hell or high water. so what if there are no more comps it is no big deal and BB does what they want to do whether we think its fair or otherwise. the deal is done and i’m sure gnat wouldn’t care, because then she won’t have to fail at it and then give some lame excuse as to why she didn’t win. life goes on. everyone better take a chill pill.

  205. @ m # 283…..what the heck? ummmmm I for one liked Jeff (not so much Jordan, shes nice, but not right for BB)not because he was hot or anything like that, but Jeff & Kevin would crack me up on BBAD (and up until Jeff got got, he was playing BB game ok) As for people only liking J/J because they hope that they would be a couple after? WOW, I for one could care less! LOL I dont even know them.

  206. Nat. is already preparing everyone to hide her letdown if she doesn’t take the $500k. She has already stated that she will be happy with the $50k, that is why I think she is bullying Kevin, because she wants a guaranteed $50k if she cannot swing the $500k!

  207. @ Everyone… This season is full of ironies

    Russell backstabbed Jesse by picking Jeff for the POV

    Jeff backstabbed Russell by backdooring him and saving Kevin

    Kevin screwed Jeff by targeting him…..

    Jeff / Russell screwed other and karma came back to haunt them… Will it come back to get Kevin? Wel will see!!!

  208. @m #283

    I personally don’t think that they will be a romantic couple at all after BB. I do think though that they will have a relationship based on good friends.

    I think they will keep in contact via phone, email etc. and they do like each other on a personal level, not so much on a romantic level. Both have said that outside in the real world, they would have been attracted to each other in a romantic sense.

    The BB house brought them together and living in close quarters allowed them to explore each other’s personalities and a friendship and bond was formed, nothing more, nothing less!

  209. @ Darlene R…… Jordan fell because she is clumsy… natalie fell because she agreed to let Kevin have part 1 of the 3 part HOH as long as he keeps her and evicts Jordan… See the difference?

  210. Michelle, Russell & Jeff were the best players in da game. Especially Michelle, she took so much crap yet she won many competition. She didnt float on others 2 secure her stay in the house. Jeff was stupid 4 believing gnat/kevin lies. y didn’t he think gnat/Kevin still wouldnt b angry 4 evicting their frnds/ally Jessie& Lydia

  211. Again, I don’t want any of the Final Three to win but …………. no matter.

    I will be happy for Kevin’s Win if he is against Natalie
    and she doesn’t get a single vote.

    The look on her face will be worth it.

  212. @ Diana… BB isn;t about finding romance… People can watch the bacholar and other lovey dovey shows for that crap…..

  213. @Leo #294

    Duh, you think I don’t know that, but Leo, let’s be honest, some real frienships are developed in a show like this because of their confined living quarters.

    I never said that there would be any romance between them. I was just trying to give @m #283 another perspective on hers/his idea that Jordan and Jeff were romantically linked! :P

  214. @Leo

    No further comment from dingo, which surprises me, because I thought he would come back with some facts (cough, cough)!

  215. GO JORDAN SHE MUST WIN THE HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!!! SCREW NATALIE AND KEVIN!!!! MISS YA JEFF!!! thanks to the people who made this website i love it!

  216. @ Joana B… Don’t be mad your little jeffey poo didn’t make it… Jordumb won’t get to the final 2 either… nedd a hanky?

  217. @Leo

    OK the plot thickens:

    Update from Jokers:

    Nat on BY with K telling him that the DR said she was dumb for throwing the comp.


    Another hint for us to think there is something more!

  218. @Leo #301

    It’s official, you need to take a ‘chill pill’, I need some time out to take a nap. You are being a little testy and aggro.

    Where’s the nice Leo, bring him back – NOW!!!

  219. @Leo…When is karma gonna kick Nasty in the a@@? I don’t think Jordo has America’s vote against Kevin, but I do think she’ll get it against Kevin. I’m also not sold on Michele voting for Jordo over Kevin. She knows that Kev evicted her because she was the bigger threat, and like Jesse and Russell, she understands that logic. She may like her on a personal level, but I think her vote will be based on game play.

    @Diana 289 – I agree…J/J’s chances of a romance out of the BB house is very unlikely. Jeff has too many options, and she frustrates him waayy too much.

  220. @ Diana… I am sick of people whining because Jeff is gone and now they want the least deserving person to win because jeff was outsmarted by better players – K/N

    @ Diana…. I don’t give any thought to what is on Jokers…..

  221. @leo CBS stated that part 3 of the HOH will be played on finale night. That no eviction tomorrow. Sunday’s show for scenes not shown before. Tuesday’s show will be final HOH comp, live eviction, questions and winner announced.

  222. Step right up!

    BB12 ……………. Who is ready for a grueling “vacation?”
    We need someone from this blog to sign up and jump into the
    BB12 House.
    Think of the fan base you will have in place?


  223. @Leo – OK, this seasons BB has officially affected my brain… in #304 I meant to say…Jordo has America’s vote against Kevin, but I do think she’ll get it against Nasty Nat.

  224. @Leo #305

    OK, that’s it for me for now. Leo you are coming across as an angry person, and for the record, even if you don’t agree with Joanna B. she has a right to her opinion, as I do mine and you do yours!

    I will come back later and hopefully by then you have cooled down!

    Peace :)

  225. you guys are getting all this info from cbs.. but i go on cbs and nothing new is reported. are you getting this info from somewhere else?

  226. fedUp / Diana / other Survivor fans

    Check it out ok?

    ***** Thanks again Matt *****

  227. @ Joanna B…. I was only throwing stones at you like your boy Jeff would say ok? No hard feelings… I think you made valid points as well!!!

  228. @ Jack… what is Marcus up too?

    @ Midwest / FedUp / Diana / Joanna B / jack / Marcus… Check out the site…..

  229. I got my info thru real_superpass on Facebook and twitter. They posted a site (I think joker). I unfortunately can’t go back and forth to cut and paste on my Blackberry. Sorry.

  230. from the press release….
    BIG BROTHER concludes its 11th edition with a special two-hour LIVE finale and reunion show, hosted by Julie Chen, next Tuesday, Sept. 15 (9:00-11:00 PM ET/delayed PT) as the Final Three (Jordan, Kevin and Natalie) face off for the $500,000 grand prize.

  231. chima told russ the ‘truth’ about the GR lie! Best case scenerio is he outed jesse and natalie in the JH and that’ll lessen Nat’s chance at the grand prize if all things go as planned. Jesse can confirm now that it won’t matter to him anyhow. However, I am liking the idea that there will be a face-off and no one if sure of anything until the finale! So glad that BigSistah11 is over and we can look forward to season 12. Agai, Allison, if you’re listening…..let’s shoot for some integrity both from production and hg’s and a sense of fair play for season 12!

  232. 93% for Jordan + 68% for Kevin + 6% for Natalie?? That is 167% — looks like your poll is as inaccurate as Natalie! But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who is in last place! Please let Jordan or Kevin win!!

  233. @ Jennifer #321… You are right…

    @ Midwest fan

    type in http

    I am entering it now…

  234. BB MUST change rules to the next season.

    I think the biggest problem is that the players who wins the HOH gets completly unprotected when its over. Good players become the easiest target.

    To me, the HOH winneres should have 2 weeks of immunity. It would be the easiest chance to do to impove the game.

  235. @ Midwest… I don’t know whay…

    Matt do you have any idea why it isn’t coming up on google/

    @ Everone

    enter http ok?

  236. nat deserves 2nd, not first…with this group at least…she will really regret dropping before kevin…

  237. #324
    If the HOH has immunity and the previous HOH has immunity (in your scenario)…and the POV holder has immunity and if they choose to use the POV on someone, then they have immunity……..Who the hell is gonna get evicted???

    She deserved to win over anyone. Reward the person who should have one AND kept on America’s good side.





  240. @ jennifer… thanks

    @ Midwest fan… matt set it up, but i am responsible for maintaining it because Matt will be busy with other things

  241. @ Everyone… I see my comment under #324… Wierd huh?

    324. Leo

    September 9th, 2009 at 5:31 pm
    @ Jennifer #321… You are right…

    @ Midwest fan

    type in http

    I am entering it now…

  242. On my page that comment is 323 here is 324

    Bruno bam

    September 9th, 2009 at 5:31 pm
    BB MUST change rules to the next season.

    I think the biggest problem is that the players who wins the HOH gets completly unprotected when its over. Good players become the easiest target.

    To me, the HOH winneres should have 2 weeks of immunity. It would be the easiest chance to do to impove the game.

  243. the reason why kevin nat and jordan are in the final 3 is becuz these so called big tough guys want to get rid of the good competitors early so they dont have to go toe to toe with them. they try to take the easy way out and then when there the only one left they get burnd. i would love it if one year the had 12 house guests who were are all tough physicaly. all tough mentaly. all tough emotionaly. and all knew how to play big brother like the back of there hands so we could have a great final no matter what. i mean really, look at jordan. shes a sweathart but she is horrible at big brother lydia was horrible at big brother jeff was tough physicaly but did not know how to play big brother. chima was not all there mentaly and emotionaly. she had no clue how to play BB. and jesse was so in love with himself he forgot that america comes into play and if he wasnt an arrogant peanut head and he wasnt such a loser maybe he could have won the cdt. and u know thats the real him. i mean did u see those pink tights with stars on them that he was wearing? i think he liked natali becuz she was more of a man then he is. any way. i want 1 season with NO gullible, weak players who want to leave the show becuz a joke like jesse gets evicted (lydia and chima) i want hot, smart, athletic girls with fake boobs who will walk around naked from midnite to 3 am during BBAD.

  244. I hope the F2 will be Kevin and Jordan. Nat needs to see how much people can’t stand her. I hope the audiance Boo’s her when she comes out on stage. I hope before the final vote the HG’s will hear about the lie that Nat and Kevin told to Jeff about Russell and the lie of her being 18. That girl is horrible. Kevin and Natalie were the biggest liers in the house. Kevin was nothing more than Natalie’s puppet. How did Kevin not see that. I think for that alone if Jordan is in the F2 she should win. Jordan to me is just a very honest player. She may not be a strong player physically but she does have morals where Natalie has none. Natalie deserves NOTHING.

  245. @Leo – The Survivor site is really nice…Looking forward a new season! BB is driving me crazy :)
    BTW I emailed my info.

    @Matt – I’d first like to thank you doing such a great job on this site…It has been an awesome vehicle to read/express opinions, debate, and vent with others…Great job with your role in bringing Leo’s blog to fruition!!

  246. Connie, I think Kevin does know that Natalie is a liar, but everyone needs an ally in the BB house and I think he is taking it for what it is…….you can clearly tell he doesnt trust her 100% if at all.

  247. @ FedUp… I sent Matt your info ok?

    @ Everyone.. I have to go workout… I will be back later for more debating and trying to figure out what is true / false ok? have a good evening all!!!

  248. What? Now all three will compete on the finale?
    Well, what a perfect way to get Bimbo in the finals. If I were Natalie or Kevin, I would think of suing BB for misrepresentation. If Nat had known that there was only going to be one competition, she would have never dropped.
    And, since Kevin did win the competition, now that means nothing and all three will go against each other? This is really STUPID,although I am sure that STUPID iS smiling from ear to ear. UNFAIR TO ALL!!! Big Brother you are now the laughing stock of all Television Realty Shows. What a rotten season.

  249. @Leo

    Looks really great, posted my first comment, can hardly wait for it to begin.

    Thanks Matt, the site is awesome!

  250. @Redhead – I totally agree with you. That is so unfair to Kev and Nat that all 3 go to finale and no one is voted off. That is a bunch of bs and I wouldn’t blame them if they sued.

  251. @Redhead #350

    What do you expect this whole season of BB has been like a brown paper bags, so you can poke holes in it.

    All BB want is ratings!

  252. @Ashley #355

    You can be sure that CBS’ contract is so tight, there will be no loop hole which would allow the HG’s to sue them. They will have some type of clause in the contract, stating they have the right to change the game and the rules at their discretion.

    This has been a particularly bad season for all fans. It doesn’t matter who you have been cheering on, everyone feels as though they were short changed this year and rightly so!

  253. @ Ashley… Who says 3 people will be in the final 3? From what I am seeing… There will only be 2 HG’s to choose from!!!

  254. Leo,

    Will your Favorite Survivor be human or shark?
    I’m guessing, Shark.

    How hard will it be for the contestants when
    coconuts, cocoa and bananas are plentiful?
    Dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Sounds like a Spa.

    : )

  255. @ Michelle Fans… Michelle admitted to backstabbing alot of people during the game in her interview with Ross Matthews

  256. Please PLEASE!!!..GOD help Jordan win the whole dang thing! I am SO happy that everyone hates Natalie, what a disgusting know-it-all who needs desperately to fall off of her pedestal and see how the whole of USA can not stand her.I will LOVE Jessie if he does not vote for her. He will change my mind that he’s a worthless muscle head. SO sad to see Michele go. But lets see Jordon walk with the CASH. Come on universe, please, let us see this sweetheart take it all…not Ratalie. UGH! Final two: Jordan and Natalie and let’s see her face crash when all her “friends” vote for Jordan..fingers crossed…if that happens…best Big Brother in History!

  257. Does that mean Kevin’s win means nothing? I’m confused what will be happening if all three can compete on the Finale. Does that mean round 2 and 3 happen then?

  258. @ Redhead – Just yesterday, I stated that BB has been too predictable season after season and that the F3 (even F4) was a great time to update/chsnge/switch things up. Why?…Because the HGs need to play harder for 500K. I came to this conclusion, because at this point in the game NO ONE who wants to win a half million should be throwing the game. Everyone, not just the HGs, should be tired of the SOS…I know I am. Like BB says, “Expect the Unexpected.” Nasty Nat and Kevin don’t have grounds for a lawsuit…We, the viewers, should be suing BB/CBS/AG and whoever else is responsible for making the public tolerate NataLIE the Nsasty GNat for this long!!

  259. @Ashley #357

    Yes, I did and I posted #163 something that I found this morning and copied and posted it here for comments.

    It now sounds like there could be credit to the person that posted it on the other site and I think a couple of other people have said that CBS has issued as statment backing up with Matt posted at the top of this page.

  260. Ashley… i have a post moderating but i will email you info ok? I sent the most current CBS press release ok?…. There will possbliy be 3 people competing live Thursday for the HOH with 1 HG being evicted…..

    @ Matt…. why won’t my post from CBS go through?

  261. @fedup #367

    Love it!!

    Maybe that is why it was reported on Jokers today that Nat. told Kevin that the BB prod. crew told her she was crazy for throwing the comp. to Kevin, because they know is going to happen!

  262. I had a feeling this was going to happen in order to avoid a tie. As much as I hate Kevin and Natalie, it is a little unfair that there wasn’t a warning, but that is what Natalie gets for throwing a compition that could lead to a half a million dollars.

  263. @ Diana….. I think a 3 way tie is a despreate attempt on BB to do what Survivor has done the last couple of seasons….. I hope they will have 2 people in the finale…. Even so, I think Kevin will get more votes than J/N…..

  264. Well I don’t think they should have 3 people in the finale. It doesn’t make sense and that is not the way it is played.

  265. I wonder when the F3 will be told about the changes?

    Am I correct that this saves Jordan?
    What was last night’s comp all about then? Why do it at all?
    And after 4 hours of being in the wet and cold, BB
    didn’t even give them Pizza.

    Expect a bit of drama ……………..
    more like a Chima Explosion.
    Things could get ugly but what can any of them do?
    Jordan will be thrilled but Kevin and Natalie will rightly
    be ticked off.

  266. @ Matt…. Do you think Kevin will be able to win over N/J? Do you think America will still get a vote? Isn;t it interesting that Julie discussed part 1 of the 3 part HOH comps yesterday and now BB / CBS is changing the rules?

  267. I think kevin and nat are the biggest douche bags of BB history and if either of them win it will be sickening .. i loved jordan and jeff hope.. jordan is not cut out for this game she is way to nice.. i think bb has let nat and kevin get away with way to much cheating and stabbing people.. really sad BB has let this gone on

  268. @Ashley #372

    My thinking is that Kevin wins the 1st comp. tonight someone wins the 2nd comp. and the loser of the second versus Kevin for the 3rd comp. which will be Tuesday, so it could be a 3-way tie and then the jury will select which one of the 3 will be evicted (Jury Punch) and then they too will also decide who wins the $500k, that is why I thought there could be some merit in that statement!

    I am only speculating like I normally do and often I have been wrong, but sometimes I have nailed it.

    Unless I am missing something, I still think there could be some merit in it!

  269. Diana – I don’t know what is going to happen but Matt also said Kevin would be named HOH Thursday and he gets the actual press releases from cbs so I’m very confused and they have not played a second comp today which has left Kev wondering as well according to the live feeds.

  270. I think Kevin is a fool for trusting Natalie. See how long it took her to drop, I think she was hoping that Kevin would slip before she had a chance to throw the comp.

  271. All of these changes seem to point to CBS finding out just
    how much Natalie is disliked.
    It doesn’t make any sense to make changes so late in the
    game and may well be a desperate attempt which will
    backfire and make matters worse for them.

    So much unevenness to BB11 Production ……………………….

  272. @Dean, I was thinking the same thing. Natalie wanted that competition for herself, it was obvious. For some reason I dont think Kevin will back stab her though. I think Nat/Kevin will be in Final 2…sad to say.

  273. I agree, I think it is a desperate attempt to get Jordan to the end. There should only be 2 going to the finals and have America break a tie if there is one.

  274. @Ashley #390

    I think that is the whole idea, CBS does want to confuse us, so the incite enough interest to bait us to see what happens next. Just like they did with PB1 and PB2, and we keep buying it!!

  275. * Kevin

    Jesse (best game vote)
    Russell (best game vote)

    * Jordan


    * Natalie

    No votes….

    *** Let’s not forget that Jesse / Russell were going to vote for Jeff 9even though he is why they left0 to vote for the best player ***

  276. Diana – I hope they play all 3 comps but I still don’t understand why all 3 get to go to finale. I don’t like Nat at all but if it is a ploy by cbs to keep her from winning then I don’t think it’s right.

  277. Jennifer, I think Kevin is afraid of going against Natalie, but I think it is going to workout for him because the jury is starting to turn against Natalie because of her stupid lying about her age.

  278. @Ashley #399

    I have to be honest with you right now. Last night and this morning I was on a rant, stating that I am done for this year because of all this b.s.

    Now of course, like the rest of the people who claim they won’t be watching, I will! I will tape the rest of the shows, which will enable me to fast forward anything to do with Nat. and that way when something of interest, like the past BB HG’s and JH members come on, I will watch those parts because I love BB. I just cannot bear to continue to watch Nat. because of her vile behavior!

  279. @Diana #374 – Nasty and Kev are so paranoid about production influencing decisions, that they really haven’t considered a change in the game…Kev is probably right about BB allowin’ them to re-cooperate after yesterday’s comp. He just doesn’t realize that he more to do than he thought.

    @Dean #375 – Of course, I don’t know what is really goin’ on, but according to the CBS site, America is voting on Sunday also. I don’t see a 3-way tie, bc there wouldn’t be any use in any further comps.

  280. Whoever burns Natalie will be the favorite. Engaged..”hell yeah” kiss and she is a cold cold fish that girl.His life will be hell, she sure runs that limp wrist boyfriend, he cries and she just acts like she really wants to say no. I think most of them won’t vote for Natalie not just because of her “age lie” but because she is so awful as a human being. Disqualify her for not grabbing the key! YES!!She thinks she can talk her way out of anything. I thought I hated Chima, but this is a tie, they both need to be shoved into the spotlight afterwards and see how much everyone can not STAND them. I hope for the rest of their lives they have to hear how wrong they were in assuming everyone would GET them. They got got alright. Two spoiled rotten QueenBabies who need to show girls like this that society has no use for their selfish and conceited ways, their parents should take heed and realize they have created monsters, ABSOLUTE MONSTERS .Frankenchima and Natazilla, TAKE ‘EM DOWN!!!!

  281. @Ashley #399

    Who knows maybe CBS has had enough of her antics like they did with Chima. Maybe they don’t want to see her win.

    I seriously doubt whether they will interfere with the outcome of the jury votes.

    I think throughout this whole game they have tried to persuade different HG’s on whom to vote for. I know that both J/J and K/N have stated that in some of their comments to each other.

    So that part of it doesn’t surprise me.

    There have been many claims about cheating and being rigged etc. but seriously CBS has all the footage and they know exactly what they are doing. They want SHOCK value to end this season with a BANG!

    I just hope it is not another FLOP like the PB and the Jury Punch, which left us feeling all very disappointed!!

  282. Can someone give me the post number that gives accurate info about the changes that are supposed to take place…Im lost again!

  283. That whole propsal thing was crap. I thought the same thing, what a cold hearted b**ch. Then that lie she told afterwards was a joke. I am glad Kevin had the guts to call her on it.

  284. OK…So I got very frustrated last night when I felt people were posting under multiple screen names and wrote the site off. But I have calmed down and realize that stuff is gonna happen and I’m gonna give it one more try. If ya’ll will ahve me…that is :)

  285. I love that they did this…THANK YOU for the great spoilers, cuz my brother and I can’t stand it…waiting. Natalie threw it? HAHAHAH! Come on KEVIN, you may just win for that move!!!! We want Jordan because you never see a sweetheart like her on these shows, and her family really needs the money, come on…Need and want are two different things, but Kevin…use your head and everyone will love you and gladly give you the money. Crush Natalie like a big stink bug, our whole class what to see her suffer.

  286. im sorry for everyone rooting for jordan, she has no chance against Kevin or Natalie unless it’s a luck based comp… so give up already and root for the lesser of the two evils!!

  287. @Jude…Kevin and Jordan still think that Nat has the JH wrapped around her finger..They dont know she has been exposed, if he did..he would either boot her or take her w/ him b/c he would win hands down. :) Either way he is ok.

  288. I mean *funniest word *ever,,,did you ever hear it before Kevin? Did he make that up? TOO FUNNY GUYS.

  289. Have an explanation…but it went straight to moderation…on my screen it should have been #412.

  290. I liked how Julie indirectly called Natalie out about her lying, I am sick of hearing her repeatedly saying she has been keeping her word.

  291. @sservie

    Good to see you on this site girl!

    I wanted to ask you whether you have Facebook and if so, whether you can add me as your friend. I have Cat’s email address and Leo and I are already friends on Facebook. I just want x-rev to join us as well, because this has been an awesome summer for me to hook up with guys, you’re (as Tina Turner would say) SIMPLY THE BEST! :P

  292. I don’t believe Natalie is “engaged”. The engagement scene” was totally unconvincing. It is not hard to find an actor to pose in a picture in the HHR and play the scene with Natalie, the emotionless “actress”. It was all too staged and too robotic. This may come to haunt her in the end as well as the age-lie.

  293. I am not sure if I want Jordan to win, I keep hearing how she needs the money, but she can’t be too poor if you can spend 5 grand on implants.

  294. I don’t get “The Final3 will battle it out head to head for the $500K”. That sounds like whomever wins the comp would get the $500K. And we know that’s not the case.

  295. Like I said earlier, I don’t think there will be a 3-way tie. I copied the following quote from another site. The following is from

    “According to a person with knowledge of the situation, next Tuesday’s finale will begin with all three current members of the house still in the game. The final two won’t be determined until Tuesday’s live show, just moments before the jury decides the ultimate winner of the show. Part two of the final HOH competition will be seen on Thursday’s show. Sunday’s episode is expected to be a best of and “moments you didn’t see” hour.
    Grodner’s only response when asked about the finale shakeup: “Tune in Thursday,” she said. “

  296. @sservie

    OK, time to go cook some dinner. Will be back later tonight and hopefully the gang will be all together!

  297. Dee-Dee #334 is hilarious…TY for making our whole room of people fall on the ground laughing!
    @Diana #416….A BUG OFF>>>that is the FUNNIEST idea ever!!! DO IT DO IT DO IT Big Brother!!!

  298. @ Dean


    (Referring to your statement about Jordan needing the money because her fam’s so poor but found $5,000 to pay for breast implants)

  299. Natalie and Kevin are still bashing Michele.

    I wonder if ED, Janelle, Danielle and Boogie are going to be
    the ones to tell the F3 about the “Changes?”

    Or are they going to be there as BB referees or the BB Peace Patrol?

  300. Lilly, it is not Jordan’s job to pay for her family. The boob issue has been beaten to death on here. Get over it.

  301. @Ohjay

    IDK…I sure couldn’t pick up on it when I saw what the comp was…doesn’t make sense.

  302. re: Jude – Being stupid like Jordan does not give you a free ride to the final three, nor does her “dumbness” make her more deserving of any money. If she really wants to succeed in life, I would recommend that she goes back to school, get a diploma and get a good job. (Although that may just be too difficult for her) Anyway, sympathy is not a reason to win BB. The only people who deserve sympathy this year are the BB viewers!!! I only hope that her acting so “dumb” was just an act. It is scary to think that she is really that way. Just an opinion.As far as BB 12 next year – who really cares at this point. I would have loved to see these characters as the final four – Jessie, Russell, Jeff and Ronnie. That would have been a riot!!!

  303. @sservie

    The accusation re Kev cheating would not have been apparent during the actual competition…He “allegedly” got a peak at the questions ahead of time. Apparently there were tech problems, they had K/J/M turned towards something that enabled him to see them. No one would have known had he not said anything to Nasty.

  304. There’s not going to be a three-way tie. They’re not going to allow three people to compete for the $500 K like they sometimes do on Survivor.

    All they’re saying is that you’re going to have to wait until Finale Night to see the final competition to see who is in the Final Two.

    At least this is the way I am reading it, and with the lackluster way things are going this season, there isn’t going to be some major twist at the end of this one either.

    This could’ve truly been one of the most exciting seasons of BB ever if somehow Russell and/or Jessie and/or Michele and/or Jeff had made it to the end (the more, the better, IMHO). I thought the CDT was one of the most exciting moments in BB history, but everything kinda just fell flat after that, despite CBS’s lies for “expecting the unexpected,” “twists,” etc.

  305. just putting this out there….they said that they were told to face the pool and kevin never faced the pool he look at geers the whole time…..does that sound fair…not that it would change anything but I do beleive that they the DR picks who they want in the finale…

  306. Probably not going to see any changes in the schedule. Why would they change a winning format? Obviously they think things are fine the way they are or they wouldnt have put out a press release saying BB12 is a go!
    Wish i could change the outcome this year but like everybody else has to do, i will accept it and move on.

  307. Did you hear Julie made it a point to mention how there was one member of each clique left (before Michele was evicted)?

    I speculated that they had planned it that way, but not too many people supported my theory.

  308. It’s probably their subliminal way of telling people, “See, you can succeed despite which clique you were from.” I guess it would’ve looked really bad if they had four athletes left at the end…

    The only thing I liked about the cliques is that it kept Jeff say for a few weeks.

  309. I actually sent Jeff a Facebook friend request, but my guess is that when he gets out of sequester and actually has time to use FB again, he’ll decline me and the 1,000 other loonies that thought to look him up. ;)

  310. @Martie #456

    I did and in fact I made a similar comment on how I thought it was set up that one member out of each clique were the F4.

    After all, if you had Jeff & Russell in the original F4 with Jordan and Michele, the balance of scales would have been tilted to the Athletes. Yes, I believe it was planned and I also believe that Jeff had to go because he was too strong of an Athlete, so CBS BB chose Nat. who was all talk and no action and given the other F3 (excepting perhaps Michele), there was no competition for the endurance comp. for the final HOH.

    So yes, I do support your theory!

  311. Jordan don’t deserve to be in the final 2, because she has not done anything. The only way she got this far is because of Jeff. People talking about Natalie being and snake and liar. Michele was the biggest liar this season. She was always saying that she can’t remember anything, even her husband thought that we would believe that. If she having that much of a problem remembering things then she need to run test on herself. Kevin and Natalie deserve to be in the final 2. Jordan please, she could not even get a question right in the veto comp. I also think that its unfair that Chima picture is not there for the fan favorite.

  312. @sservie

    Agree. Without the cliques we would have had 13 (maybe only 12) people playing for theirselves and prob a whole different game and diff outcome.

  313. @M #463

    Uhh! You honestly believe that Chima deserves a vote – give me a break!

    She was expelled and like any school. If you are expelled you don’t get any privileges and you become an outcast.

    Why would CBS want to give her a chance of receiving a $25k prize when she was expelled and she was told that she cannot have anything to do with CBS because she BREACHED her contract and actually CBS has the right to sue her, although I don’t think they will. That in itself is a gift to her that she is not worthy of!

  314. Hey Guys,

    Can anyone tell me what all the hoop-la was about with regard to the commercial regarding “jury HG packing a punch?” Did that come into play and I totally missed it?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before…but I can seem to find an answer. :)


  315. I am telling you all the only true and honest thing you will ever read on a BB blog. Diana, sservie, cat,midwest fan, and leo are all coo coo.

    Do they have real lives?

    Hehe, just my way of telling u all “hi”

  316. The only thing Chima deserves is a full scholarship to Charm School. Maybe there they will vote her as fan favorite (doubt it). Probably most likely to self destruct!

  317. so what does this mean? they’re ALL going to compete for the $$$ so then the jury isn’t going to pick who wins the money!?!?!? what’s up with that!?!?!?!?

  318. @M #463 – Are you kidding me? Chima doesn’t have any fans…You’d be the only one voting for her. You could always draw a frowny face on your personal screen and check the box…LOL!

  319. so what does that mean?!?!? everyone is going to compete for the $$$???? what about the jury? they’re not going to decide!!?!?!? what’s up with that??????

  320. @472 Cat
    Naw, I am not coo coo, I am a floater fan. GO JORDAN!!

    just a reminder, if u r a moderator on your new blog, which i am sure will be great, you need to remember what moderation means. Don’t scare off ppl by being a bully. Moderation in all things is a good thing to live by.

  321. oh woops i posted that twice!! lol my bad!! but no really!?!? someone explain this for me pleeeease!! lol

  322. Midwest Fan, I will be sending in my app for the show. I doubt I’d ever get picked, but my app will go in for BB12

  323. @venievel #473

    I don’t think there will be a 3-way tie. I copied the following quote from another site. The following is from
    “According to a person with knowledge of the situation, next Tuesday’s finale will begin with all three current members of the house still in the game. The final two won’t be determined until Tuesday’s live show, just moments before the jury decides the ultimate winner of the show. Part two of the final HOH competition will be seen on Thursday’s show. Sunday’s episode is expected to be a best of and “moments you didn’t see” hour.
    Grodner’s only response when asked about the finale shakeup: “Tune in Thursday,” she said. “

  324. @x-rev

    I have a great post for you to read:

    @dingo #264

    So be careful that when you moderate the Survivor site you aren’t too hard on censorship because you will be reported by dingo ~ lol ;)

  325. @Diana :)
    hey girl, Dingo’s Hamsterwatch is one of my favorite sites to read…always funny. She does have a thing about censorship though.

  326. when does survivor start .

    P,s, doesn’t matter how you got to the finals just matters your in the finals. good luck to the contestants my player is out . nice game michelle. you fought hard against everyone . too bad people couldn’t see you were a good person in the house. they all talked shite about you and you didn’t deserve it. hope you don’t take it to heart just a game good luck in life you got my vote for $25K.

  327. @481 Diana
    Great qoute, Dingo is offically on my list of BB blog hero’s!!! Of course you are on the list too Diana.

  328. @fedup #482

    I asked him/her to back it up with specific details, but POOF he/she went up in a puff of smoke!

  329. @Cat #484

    So dingo is a she. You know where I come from the kill the dingo because they hunt in packs and they kill their prey, just like the coyote here!

    Seriously though, I don’t have a problem with her trying to ensure that we keep within the guidelines. However, I do believe there are enough people on this site, that will jump on anyone who personally attacks another blogger or becomes too vulgar with their posts. I don’t have an issue with that whatsoever, it’s just that I wanted specifics and she couldn’t or wouldn’t give them.

    Do you remember the Lindy Chamberlain story starring Meryl Streep. That was a true story!


    I had better be on the blog hero’s list!

  330. @ plummber said it best LMAO… when he called them “ABSOLUTE MONSTERS .Frankenchima and Natazilla TAKE ‘EM DOWN!!!!” Only we need to add Dracukevin to the team of misfits!

  331. @fedup #480
    thank you!!! although i’m still confused as to what or why it’s happenning like this…is this a BB first? and aren’t there only going to be 6 jurors? what if it’s a tie in the jury house!?!?!? then what happens?!?!? either this is really crazy or i’m still really confused!!! lol

  332. @sservie @cat @x-rev

    I take it that you have been to Leo’s Survivor Samoa site?

    What did you think of it. I loved it, loved the color scheme and the layout. Matt did an terrific job on it and it will be great for us to continue with our nonsense on that site, so we don’t get withdrawal symptoms!

  333. I for one don’t believe this means all three will go to the jury. CBS had done alot of “teasers” that have ended up being nothing more then a ploy to get more ppl thinking there will be a BIG twist… and all of us faithful followers have grown accustomed to being disappointed. My guess… there will be one very quick competition… maybe whoever gets closest to the correct number of blah blah blah, Wins and immediatly picks who goes to the jury with him/her.
    Orrrr… I really am coo coo !?! :P

  334. @sservie #415

    Glad you are back, it’s not the same without you here and just for the record, I have had a couple of hissy fits on these forums, but when I calm down, I come back and I try to be rational again, suffice to say, it doesn’t last long when I get on the Nat. hate train!

  335. @venievel – You’re very welcome…Couldn’t tell you why it’s going down this way, and yes, as far as I know it’s a first for BB. There are 6 jurors and America’s vote for a total of 7 votes in the event of a tie, which is unlikely. Yes, this IS really crazy and now I’m just as confused…LOL! :)

  336. @494 Diana,
    No I haven’t seen the site. I don’t have Leo’s email, and haven’t been able to get the infor… probably missed it while napping ;)

  337. @502 Diana
    Dang, exactly what the dudes in the white jackets keep saying before tying me up for the night… go figure :(

  338. Im having a hissy fit right now…got kicked offline!!!
    @Diana…apparently there are 2! But they are nothing like each other thank god!

    Leo’s Survivor Blog site is awesome!

  339. @x-rev

    Leo has posted his email on here a gagillion times, so I’m sure he’d be more than happy to give it to you if you ask.

  340. @Martie #503

    We are most certainly on the same wave length. That is 2 days running now. It’s like we have mental telepathy or ESP or some strange weird thing happening!

    Go figure!

  341. @Cat #507

    Deep breaths, play soothing music and let me hear the AHH’s or better still the chants!!

  342. Thanks… got it bookmarked

    I am going to check out the contestants and pick a floater to root for. Me loves floaters.

  343. @x-rev #506

    Go take your meds. so you can sleep without your straight jacket on tonight. Tell them that you will be a good boy and you won’t give them any trouble – there you go, good boy!!

  344. Soooo not BB, but can someone tell me why dogs LOVE to eat cat poop????? EEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!!

    My dogs are grossing me out!!

  345. There is a reason that Jordan is well liked even though she has a lot to learn and is naive for a 22 yr old. It is a game and there is money at stake, however people like Jordan despite the boob job and thinking she is dumb. People are so jaded and view having a huge heart and the moxie to step up and say “I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for Jeff” is more than most of those players would do, especially Natalie, for sure.And her kindness towards Jeff when there was nothing at stake in the first couple of weeks was not a strategy per say , but he took her and protected her because of it and they are friends for life now, no matter what. That is how it is better than strategy, it was natural and shows her real worth. I feel the same way about Michele, Jeff and Kevin, they would step up and be real and give credit where credit is due. Being a nice person does pay in life and has more to do with money or fame or a dumb game. To regard her only based on what you feel is most important, ” she is too dumb, too nice…get a real job..?” makes her LESS deserving? People defend liars and total jerks because “who cares he was a mean’s a game, so what if they are cruel have no scruples whatsoever, I love that because it is just a game, attitude”, yeah, and being a genuinely nice person with integrity, less educated but sharing a room with her mom for two years. Working a hard but honest job and standing strong with her Mom and brother, keeping her family together, at such a young age it could be so easy to rebel and think only of yourself… is a bad, stupid person who does not deserve to win? Especially, some say, if she had money for a boob job? That can not be how people really feel, Give her credit where it is due, she was the first one to say Jeff deserved to be there more, she did not campaign and she cried to him over it and told him he was stupid if he did not talk to HG’s and try to change things, and to please do it. Think about who and what you defend, she does deserve to be there and I will always defend a truly decent person.

  346. Dearest sservie, I would resolve that little problem by shooting the cats. Will make the dogs happy too. Which reminds me… did BB put kitty litter in the house for nat??? If not, how do they control the odor?

  347. @sservie #513

    I read somewhere that there is something in the cat poop that dogs love.

    I have to turn my covered kitty litter box around so my dog can’t get to it.

    I think it has sort of chemical or nutrient in it, but I’m not sure, I do know they love it though.

    @x-rev #514

    Yeah, the scary part is that we both posted our comments at the exact same time also!!

  348. If update 3 is how it rolls does that mean that it is a F3 and let America and Jury decide on Finale next Tues??????????
    Update 3 =
    “CBS’ new press release says all 3 HGs will ‘face off for the $500,000 grand prize’ on finale night. So no eviction this Thursday or Sunday…”

  349. LOL @sservie
    My hubby says dogs are just crap eaters.
    If you feed a cat meat products, a dog will eat the crap.
    Yes i know everything crap related!

  350. @516 Cat
    that was a belly buster, tears in my eyes girl. btw, i am against shooting you, i meant the real cats hehe

  351. #517 x-rev

    I got the cats by default…

    Love my dogs but the cats aren’t my cup of tea.

    Natalie needs a litter box whether they gave her one is a mystery!

  352. Well i think that Nasty is a pathalogical lair and she tells so many lies that she makes herself believe them… She tell lies so easily that you have to know that she is like this in the real world… Well I just have to watch even though I am really tired of the show, just to see her face… if Kevin does take Jordan over her…I’m really sorry Michelle is gone I miss her already…

  353. @Panel #516

    You know I agree with you and I posted a comment earlier today stating that for all the people who have continued to call her names (dumb, fat, useless etc.) I would have liked to see them tough it out for over 4 hours with the rain, snow, lightning wind, logs spinning etc. freezing cold with your hand not allowed to come off the key.

    Don’t we all teach our children, that winning doesn’t matter, because at least you tried and although you didn’t succeed you should be proud of your efforts. Isn’t that what we try to instill in our children every time they feel defeated.

  354. @Diana #526
    Agree with you..Jordan does have some game.
    Why do people find it hard to give her credit?
    Cant say as i would have lasted so long.

  355. I’m
    livid about the final 3.I personally think these remaining house guest don’t deserve to win anything.They brought nothing to the table..My advice to CBS is to cancel the rest of the reject looser game,save their money and start a fresh new big brother in January.These Jack offs don’t deserve a dime. Good luck!uh!Terrible year!Extremely disappointed!!

  356. My husband told me during last night’s show that he thought Jordan was fat….I said well, then that must make me a mammoth!

  357. @libby #525

    You know on another forum on this site there were 2 girls that went to school with Nat. and they claim that she was exactly the same way at school.

    They even said that if she reads these blogs, she would know who they were.

    They didn’t like her one little bit and why does it not surprise me that she was a liar and a manipulator at such a young age!!

    Yep, she has always been that way!!

  358. guys get a life.Kevin will be sent packing on Thursday as NASTY has a F2 alliance with Jordon. You guys are going to be very sad at this year’s outcome. I don’t care who win get it just get it over already and look foward to BB12, Stop the I hope this will happen it won’t.

  359. @526 or 527 (my numbers are all messed up because of moderation) Diana

    I agree… I have a son who is nationaly ranked #5 in ncaa track and field event, and I am so dang proud… its the competitor in HIM that makes him work to be #1. So even if he never accomplishes his goal, I will always be proud. Jordan and Michelle need to be proud of how far they got, no matter how many ridicule them. I say that for all the competitors except one… let you all guess… but SHEDEVIL has nothing to be proud of.

  360. @Cat

    I was going to tell you to chant like the buddhist monks but I didn’t to bring religion into this forum, but I think you know what I mean with the UMMMMMMMMMM’s!!!

  361. @sservie #528

    Couldn’t agree more, it backfired big time and now they are scrambling and in fact they are digging themselves deeper into the mires of sh*t!!

  362. why do they always show natrat….I can’t stand to listen to her…yes she can remember everything…but Jesus she drives me crazy…I pitty her boyfriend he needs to run and run fair….

  363. @Diana #535
    I chant like that when hubby messes up!
    When he heres me sounding like a running motor he knows its time to apologize (sometimes i do it just to fake him out) :)

  364. @panel: Wow, that is the best comment on behalf of Jordan that I have read on these boards. It’s so easy for everyone to rip Jordan apart (myself included), few have been brave enough to try to defend her, so I applaud you for doing so.

    She should hire you to speak for her behalf to the jury if she makes it to the Final Two.

  365. @Diana: Same comments, Same Time, Same Wavelength. I like to believe we’re probably both geniuses. :P

  366. @sservie #531

    There is no doubt that Jordan has gained some weight, but she is young and will lose it quickly when she is back in the real world, working and being active. The problem has been that when you become bored (as she has throughout this game), she has continually ate and Jeff with all his BBQ’s and all that sleeping didn’t help either.

    I think she was something like 120lbs 5’6″ when she went into the BB house (don’t quote me on that weight, but around there somewhere) and when she weighed herself when Russell was still in the house she went up to 137lbs. but I think she has put on a tad more since then.

    Besides TV automatically puts on 10lbs. to your weight (I like that theory and I’m sticking to it)!

  367. why don’t they tell her to shut up about Chima…I can’t wait until she reads all that everybody says about her…I hope they do have a warrant for her…And she acts like she has done so much she has only won one hoh and that is it….

  368. @fedup:
    but how would america get to vote if the final 2 won’t be determined until the finale on tues night??? we won’t get a chance to vote…that’s what confuses me!?!?!? lol

  369. @Cat
    as a proud male and former husband of women who made those same sounds at me… I ask a simple question… don’t all women make that sound all the time? Only explaination as to why all men are scared of all women. ;)

  370. @Martie #541

    But I’ll take genius as well, in fact I think I like that better – yes we are offically geniuses!!

  371. Wow, I love (and I’m saying this in my most sarcastic tone) to read people on these boards talk about how fat Jordan is…

    She weighed herself the other day and admitted she had gained weight since she has been in the house. She said her current weight is … wait for it… OMG… (gasp) 140 POUNDS!!!

    For those of you who think that is fat, please proceed to list your heights and weights for everyone to read.

    I would love to get back to 140 lbs. Of course, I JUST had twins (a year ago tomorrow :P), and it’s still all baby weight, for sure… ;)

  372. OMG Diana, AGAIN?!?!??! You and me and Jordan’s weight. I guess I should just get off of here and let you do our thinking for us. (#543 & #550). I promise I didn’t read yours first.

  373. @Cat #539

    Now, I’m thinking we are cyber twins. I do that all the time to my hubby. I know when I am in trouble and I sulk and pretend not to talk to him and he can’t stand that and he usually folds (ewwww now I sound like Nat. slap me biznatch)!

  374. @x-rev
    If you think women make that sound all the time…maybe thats why your a FORMER husband. :)

    Someone get me back to BB!

  375. @Martie
    My mama told me I was not fat, just healthy looking big boned boy. She loved me, so she lied… but I agree, Jordan looks fantastic to me.

  376. @550 Martie

    That is my point…I don’t think she is fat. My husband does…So if she is fat, I must be REALLY fat @ 5’6 1/2″ at 130lbs!!!!

  377. @ Cat
    Sorry, couldn’t hear your response over that frightening motor like sound you were making. :D

  378. Okay instead of reading through these comments, can someone please explain this to me?

    How are they all going to face off for $500,000? Did I read that wrong.. orrr?

  379. To all those people who think 140lbs. is fat when you are 5’6″ in height then you are the ones that are either annorexic or believe that every young girl should be annorexic slim.

    Would you prefer to see a woman with her bone protuding, or to have sensual curves?

    Me, as a woman would rather have my curves, thank you very much, now it is time that I left the building!!

  380. Society has us thinking we all should be a size 0. Maybe thats why us women are so hostile…we’re hungry! :) jk I would never make Project Runway unless it was to wash their clothes.

  381. @Danielle #599

    No one really knows AG said that you have to watch Thursday night. It is all very secretive to boost the ratings.

    They are going to mix things up this year, so we just have to wait to see!

  382. @ Cat….. Not all dog are bad…. Roooof Rooooof…. ***L-O-L***

    Cat / Sservie… Will you put my email / Survivor site info on here please? I keep getting moderation…. Thanks!!!

  383. try escaping another moderation.. but anderson cooper just messed up on his show and said ownersh*t instead of ownership and almost busted out laughing at his mistake

  384. @cat @sservie @x-rev @Leo @Martie

    My husband has sent me an invitation to join him this evening to watch TV with him. He says that he has forgotten what I look like, so I am signing off tonight and will catch you guys again tomorrow.

    Thanks for all the laughs, had a great time as usual!

    Good night to you all!

  385. @Diana
    Have fun, ttyl… thanks for another great convo… u will be missed

    For the love of dogs.. ur 29… what is up with the teeny bopper greetings? :P

  386. @sservie: You’re perfect. No way is that fat!

    Ever notice how men will strut around with a big ole gut and then point out if a woman has a little fat pad (5 or 10 lbs.). IRRITATING! >:(

  387. I don’t like to get things started but Jacob ,for weeks you have been making nothing but stupid statements. You never give a reason. You sound like a little third grader on the playground. One of my favorite was earlier and I quote “Jeff is a sissy”! Well your a stupid little fu#%@r that doesn’t have the sense to say anything at all intelligent. Stay in elementery school!

  388. I need to appreciate my husband more.
    He always tells me im perfect…i know he lies but at least he tries. :)

  389. @ Cat…. Thanks……. People check out – it will leave your Survivor faans feening for more…..

  390. @sservie and Cat
    Are we somehow getting back to the discussion of “love overcomes bo?” I for one hope not, because that reminds me of nat, and then the dudes in white jackets have to surround me. :P

  391. @Jennifer #530

    Why do these so called “jackoffs” not deserve a dime? What did they do or not do to not be rewarded for their time and gameplay?

    All I can say is I’m sure CBS will not be taking your advise and dumping this whole season and starting fresh in Jan. My advise to you – if you don’t like this season is to just quit watching. I might get annoyed or upset but I have to say I do not let any tv show get me “livid”. If just a simple tv show that is on for a couple months a year can make you livid I can imagine what YOUR reality life must be like.

    My advise to you would be to calm down and remember that this is just tv and your not the one paying them so don’t worry about it.

  392. cbs talking about announcing kevin as hoh thursday for winning last night.taking all 3 to finalle before evicting. i hope they do and kevin might take jordon and natalie cant threaten him with i’ll turn jury house against you.lmao

  393. Maybe we need to set up a website called Leofacts dot com

    See how many miles he really has on him, how many crashes, and is he really a lemon!

  394. Ok…after viewing only half of these posts (cant be in here ALL night LOL) I have to laugh at these ‘wonderful’ thoughts about Nat-a-LIE’s game play(if that’s what you are calling it these days).

    Reasons depicting Jordan or Nat-a-LIE to win:
    Jor: Followed Jeff’s shadow
    Nat: Followed Jessie’s shadow
    Jor: Beat out ALL other HG’s before Jeff gave her the win for HOH
    Nat: FINALLY wins something in the end (although her HOH was about as useless as Chimas)
    Jor: Steered away from most of the trouble
    Nat: Stirred the drama pot quite often
    Jor: Won POV
    Nat: Still no POV wins(greedy azz w/pandorahs box & leaving Kev to fend for himself)
    Jor: Helped in cleaning the house
    Nat: Wont even clean herself, let alone do housework!
    Jor: Took showers on a regular basis
    Nat: Wouldnt even shower when on her monthly (GROSS!)
    Jor: Stood her ground for her convictions
    Nat: Has no convictions (she even know what that means?)
    Jor: Never stole, cheated, or attempted to destroy property OR cause medical injury to ANY house guest)
    Nat: Helped in conspiring to give Michelle red dye AND put bleech in her contacts!(What kind of person even thinks stuff like that?) AND cheating by making a calendar WHICH WAS AGAINST THE RULES! Helped in the planning of steeling Russells necklace and hats, as well.

    Personal thoughts on some of this…you betcha! Am I allowed…you betcha! Do I like the nat rat?..NOPE! Who do I want to win…JORDAN! WHY?? Out of these three shadow followers….Jordan is in this game more for personal reasons…to help her mom. What will Kev and Nat use the 500 g’s for?? Nothing that is more ethical and ever lasting that will help others.
    Nat wants to stay in this game for the sole reason of vengance for Chima…A person who got HERSELF kicked out of the house. And to stay for Jessie, since he was cheated by America once again (so she says…boo hoo!).

    Americas Choice should go to Jeff, Jordan OR Casey. Those three came into this house and left this house as the same person. Casey was cheated more than anyone…but that is another personal opinion.

    Agree to Disagree!

  395. If or when Natalie wins (ugh – I’m looking for garlic and The Cross), BB might have to start some kind of protection program to keep her out of harm’s way.

  396. @Nick
    If you ever seen the movie Ghost, then you know all about those lil demons that float around nat most the time. They are waiting to take her away, but she seems to have them scared.
    Oh wait, thats just kev, my bad.

  397. Leo-not yet. Been away from my computer. Had to watch So You Think You Can Dance and Glee. Both were great.I,ll head there now. I did check out the 20 on another site today. Marissa, Kelly and Natalie are super hot! Wouldn’t mind being stuck on an island w/ them!

  398. @Becky: I don’t really want to get my hopes up only to see Jordan leave next. I don’t know how much more disappointment I can endure this season.

    If it is K/N in the final two, I wonder what the jury deliberation is going to sound like. Probably Lydia’s annoying, grating voice TELLING everyone to vote for Kevin or else she’ll make their lives hell, and then just acquiescing to whichever way Jessie votes.

  399. final 2 Nat/Kev. Even if you don’t like them, they have done a lot to be there now. Just think where they were 4 weeks ago, and they have turned this game. You may not like them but you can’t call them floaters anymore because they turned this game around by using mental games on the other HGs. It is what it is, you may not like it but you cannot call them floaters anymore

  400. @ Marty, please don’t make me get out my dictionary! I hate studying lol

    BTW. i do agree with what you are saying.

  401. @Becky
    I think Casey left waaaay too soon. I think we missed a lot of good humor and fun times because he was evicted early.
    Although i really like Jordan and hope she can pull off a stunning upset for HOH…my vote goes to Michele for fav hg. We all have our favs and have our own reason for doing so. Michele just happens to be mine.

  402. That is SOOOOOO FUNNY that Jordo has won this POLL !!!! Jordo gets 93% of Americans that want her to win – Gnat gets 6% !!!!!
    This is a moral victory and I will take it !!!!

  403. Good Heavens, turn off my computer for one day and I lose track of what happens. Someone please fill me in. Thanks

  404. @x-rev: I don’t know where these words come from… I just pull them out of thin air as I type.

    I think it must be all of the historical romance novels I used to read. They use very proper English amidst (there’s another one) all of the steamy parts. ;)

  405. “You will acquiesce to me amidst the cornflowers, Catherine…” he states firmly as his hand makes its way to her bodice. :)

  406. First of all I don’t like Natalie..
    she has no business calling Jordan stupid saying that she and Kevin can win against her because of her being stupid. If I were Jordan’s parents I would create a complaint against the producers and the network for allowing a comment such as this to defame and ridicule a person. Jordan is a beautiful person inside and out.

  407. @ Everyone…. According to Maatt the final jury member will be evicted on Tuesday night…

    @ Matt…. Am I right?

  408. OMG Martie…I LOVE it!!
    Ive read a few of those types before…never any graphic sex…they just allude to it. :)

  409. Look what I found…Update: There is speculation that production is tinkering with the normal schedule and we may not get another eviction until Finale night. I’ll post details as they become official.

    Update 2: CBS just announced that the winner of last night’s comp will be revealed as the new HoH on Thursday. Umm, what about the other 2 rounds? Have they completely scraped the plans to do the usual 3-round HoH competition? I’ll keep you posted. Oh, and Evel Dick, Janelle, Boogie, and Danielle (BB3) will be on Thursday!

    Update 3: CBS’ new press release says all 3 HGs will ‘face off for the $500,000 grand prize’ on finale night. So no eviction this Thursday or Sunday…

  410. I hope Natalie heads swells up that she thinks she can win and she will make a mistake again she Kevin (coat Tail) Kevin wake up boy andtell Natalie what you sain in DR well it is about time.

  411. @ Martie…. I don’t know what you said, but I like the sound of it…..

    @ Cat / everyone…. BBAD will probably be boring, so I am going to sleep early… Have a good night & sweet dreams all (About NBK – K/N Final 2)

  412. @ Martie..
    Bodice??? Is that the same things as the “floaters” jordan had installed before she got on BB? :P ;) :D

  413. @REDHEAD #450



  415. Natalie has some nerve calling anyone stupid. Did anyone read her HOH blog? Oh my gosh, I think ASU should retract her diploma if she, in fact, went there and graduated.

    Her spelling was atrocious (using “weather” instead of “whether”), and her punctuation and grammar were hideous, too.

    You know what Ronnie said to Michele about how much he disliked her (which I’m still not sure why – ’cause she was smarter than him? Anyway, I digress…), that’s how I feel about Natalie.

  416. I was trying to type good nite to Leo, but accidently put in nat, instead of night and my computer shut down. I guess you can’t put good and SHEDEVIL beside each other.

  417. There are not enough words in the english language to describe how much i detest Natalie!
    I suspect shes the same outside the house as she is in. Im surprised she has made it this far in life with the attitude on her. Some one sooner or later will give her an attitude adjustment.

  418. @x-rev:

    * Main Entry: bod·ice
    * Pronunciation: \ˈbä-dəs\
    * Function: noun
    * Etymology: alteration of bodies, plural of 1body
    * Date: 1566

    1 : the upper part of a woman’s dress
    2 archaic : corset, stays

    In other words: the part of the dress that houses the “floaters.” :)

  419. @Becky—-AGREEEEE Totally cannot stand Nata-LIE what a poor excuse for a human being she is…couldnt have put it better myself! Hats off to you!Go Jordo!

  420. When Natalie looks at the camera to address “America,” I’d like to reach through the television and … (input action sequence here)!

  421. I bet Leo is lurking; just waiting for Martie to mention “bodice” again….he’ll be up all night now that we’ve put bad thoughts in his head! :)

  422. Natalie’s HoH Blog
    Yesterday at 12:51pm
    September 8, 2009

    Hey everybody, it’s Natalie. Well first off I want to take a second to thank all my fans out there for watching and supporting me this season. Without you fans this would not be possible. Being on Big Brother 11 has truly been a dream come true and a experience I will never forget. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I want to thank Big Brother for allowing me to be a part of this experience.

    I also want to thank my dad and my fiance because I know they are supporting me a cheering for me. YES, I did say fiance! I was able to experience a first ever on Big Brother and I got to spend time with a loved one inside the Big Brother house and my boyfriend proposed to me. Although it came by surprise it was a great surprise and I am super excited to start planning my life with him the second I get out. So sorry ladies, but Jason is now off the market :-) For all of you wondering about my nomination speech and wardrobe, well it was all planned.

    I along with Kevin decided to come up with a speech so dramatic that would throw off the other house-guests, specifically Michelle. We knew in order to actually fool Michelle and get into her head that the speech would have to be over the top and in fact I would even have to dress over the top. Kevin was not the target to go home this week and not only did he know that, but he had a say in everything that happened. Michelle has been mine and Kevin’s target for some time. Michelle is the type that you have to get into her mind so you can mess with her and throw her off her game. The point of my speech was exactly that, to get into her mind and make her think that she was not the target in order to hopefully not have her try as hard in the Power of Veto competition. I am so thankful the plan worked for Kevin and myself and I am looking forward to her eviction this week. Many people may not realize, but Michelle has played the game really dirty, beyond dirty. I don’t respect how Michelle has played this game and that is why I want her out. Yes this is a game and you must lie, cheat, and manipulate, but there is a certain point where you draw the line and Michelle went pass that line.

    So this week Kevin gets the only vote to evict and I hope he continues his loyalty to me and votes to evict Michelle as I honored his wish last week to vote to evict Jeff. Many off you might wonder why I didn’t take Jeff and Michelle up on there deal last week and it was for a couple reasons: first off I wanted to stay loyal to Kevin and honor his wish as HOH as he has been loyal to me in this game, second I had to get revenge toward him because he used the mystery power on me and I almost went home, and lastly because I couldn’t believe them to actually stick to the deal they were offering me. The deal was too good to be true and we all know based on pass seasons if it sounds too good to be true than it is.

    As far as Jordan, I genuinely like her and I think she is a sweet girl. Jordan may not be the best competitor or the smartest in the house, but she is a sweet person. I like Jordan and am glad I got to actually know her in these past weeks. This is a game though and in this game I will stick to the end with Kevin because he has been one of my allies since day one. Weather I can beat him or not in the end, I want to stay loyal and my loyalties lye with him. Kevin is a great guy and he will be a friend of mine forever. Allot of my time with Kevin I have spent trying to restore some faith in him. He does not believe in Jesus and I am no super religious person myself, however I do believe in the good Lord and feel the time I have with him I can at least try.

    I believe that God has helped Kevin and I tremendously in this game and we could not have gotten this far without him. Lastly I’d like to explain to everyone what my strategy in this game has been. My strategy of telling everyone that I am only 18 is to make everyone believe that I am young, dumb, and nieve so they don’t have to worry about me. By everyone thinking I am young they feel I am not smart and they can convince me on what to do so it would be smart keeping me here. It seems to have worked because everyone believes that I am 18, dumb, immature, and gullible. Which for the record I am 24 years old, I have a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, I am very intelligent, and I am surly not gullible. However, I have been playing the role of a immature 18 year old.

    So any-who my strategy seems to have been paying off and I hope it continues to pay off all the way to the end. For all you fans out there, know that every move I make in this game is for a strategic reason and in hopes to get me further in this game. Well as my time as HOH is coming to a end, thank you again to ALL. To my future hubby Jason, I have 8 more days in this house and I am super excited to see you and start planning our future together. I love you so much and I am counting the hours until I get to see you. Tell my dad that I miss him and cant wait to see him as well. Love you honey, MUAH!

  423. 2 dot #606


  424. @ Martie
    Ohhh, so she had a lifejacket on… yeah I would have taken that off her too. It was obvious she didn’t need one… she has built in floaters… give it to a needy child.

  425. @ Martie…. Thanks….Please check out the Survivor site…

    @ Cat….. Protect me fom the bed bugs ok?

    X-Rev…. shhhhh…. I don’t wannt people thinking I am too good…. ***L-O-L***

  426. I think she threw in the part about Kevin not believing in Jesus, so America would not vote for him.

    What do you all think?

  427. UGGGH! I read her blog once…cant do it again!! Too painful…makes my ears bleed and my eyes water!!!!!

  428. The poll is Jordumb in an early statement you say all 3 will compete for 500,000 the next statement is who do you want to see in the final 2 idiot

  429. Re: Natalie’s HOH Blog – 1st paragraph

    “Without you fans this would not be possible.”

    First of all, besides Jessie, Jason, Jorge (Natalie’s Dad), and Leo, what fans?

    Secondly, why wouldn’t it be possible? Did her fans get her into the BB house? Are they keeping her there somehow?

    Perhaps it’s the show’s producers that are her fans, which is why it’s possible she’s still in that house…

  430. @ Cat….. I see you want to clown me tonight…… Go to bed without dessert…

    @ Martie…. Thank forr posting Nat’s blog

  431. @ Cat
    Just like in the BB house, there have been the haves and have nots… I believe that the have nots deserve some compassion so they can float through to the next competition. So my compassion is real, and not selfish at all. yada yada yada… ;) I vote to see the floaters revealed so all can bare witness!!!

    Can I hear and AMEN!!!

  432. Well I think a lot you calling people STUPID is just like Natalie because you are doing the same thing just by writing. I wonder how many people can do the competition staying on log for four hours. Jordan only fell because she did not realize the log was moving after a complete stop. I think Jordan did a good job. She has tried all the completions. Natalie told Kevin that she getting down because she knew she was exhausted and she would fall if she did not give up. Another lie like always. Lets make a deal I owe one then you owe me LOL. I rub your back and then what I rub yours. Natalie get back to Kevin coat tail or you will loose

  433. @ Martie…. Be nice…. Also thanks for posting Nat’ blog

    @ Cat….. Go to bed young lady….. :( I told you about misbehaving…. :(

  434. @x-rev
    The floaters are front and center receiving all the attention they can stand from selfless people like you. Sorry, you should be commended for your dedication and attention to detail. Without men like you, floaters would go unnoticed :)

  435. @ Cat…… I may be Nat’s only fan, but you are one of my biggest fans right?

    @ Martie….. Thank for poting Nat’s blog ok?

  436. I now know that my life has a true purpose. It just took Cat and Jordan to bring it to light.

    I was drifting aimlessly in the sea of life,and someone threw me some floaters, and suddenly I am rescued. :)

  437. @x-rev: LOL – You’ve got people saying “Amen” to things they have no idea what they’re saying “Amen” to. ROTFL :P

    p.s. Some floaters require serious push-ups, like Natalie, and I am not talking exercise…

  438. They just got out of BY lockdown and the new comp game is going to be rolling volleyballs up a ramp into holes on the top. This could be a game for Jordan to win. I hope, I hope Ihope!

  439. #629 Martie

    Oh, I can hardly wait for Natalie to come back to the
    real world and find out just how much SHE is disliked
    and hated by many, if not most, BB Fans.

    If she makes it to the F2, I sincerely hope she doesn’t
    get a single vote.

    “Hell-yeah! This is for Michele!”

  440. have ya’ll been wtaching the live feeds –they have a practice thing that looks like it could ba pinball machine in the real comp

  441. @ Cat / Martie /Sservie / X-Rev…. Don’t bbe too harsh on me while I sleep ok? Have a good night & sweet dream everyone!!! (about NBK – K/N Final 2)

  442. @Jeannette: I didn’t call anyone “stupid.” I simply stated she had a lot of nerve to call anyone stupid, especially after the grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes she made in her HOH blog.

    I then posted said HOH blog for documentation purposes, so you and your fellow Natalie (Children of the Corn) followers could see that I didn’t make the statement simply because I dislike her intensely.

  443. Well,Nat sure gives a good speech. Maybe she should run for Office. Omg She actually believes all that . Give America a break. Trying to get our vote too. LMAO. nice try Nat A LIE.

  444. @x-rev
    Glad i could help with your floater problem. I knew Jordan would point you in the right direction….she has a lot of assets! :)
    From the Church of Glorious Floaters!!!

  445. anyway–natalie is already complaining that the reason they did this instead of a mental comp is because production deosn’t want to them win–do i hear what a bitchhhhhhhhhh

  446. @grammalilx11: The web site I follow says that so far Jordan has been excelling at it during their practice.

    More than likely, Natalie will notice this and try to hog all of the practice time like she did with the golf set-up. Lot of good that did her, though! ;)

  447. This poll saying that people want Jordan to be in the final 2 shows just how stupid americans really are…

  448. Yes, I must agree Nat had alot (or as she says allot) of grammatical errors in her blog…but hey, I’m no English teacher.

  449. @Midwest Fan: On the slim hopes Jordan wins this HOH, I hope she yells to the camera, “Hell yeah, this is for Jeff! I did it by being sweet as pie to everyone except the one chest bump on Russell!”

  450. @ Midwest Fan
    WB to the convo… and now that we have our 20 minutes alone.. i will get on my knees and ask the big question. Just say hell yeah, and I will give u a twisty to put on ur finger. I will give u some lame story about family tradition, but what it actully means, is… girl if you screw this up, I will twist this off your finger faster then you can say …”huh?”

  451. This poll saying that people want Jordan to be in the final 2 shows just how smart americans really are…

  452. @ Martie….. I am a Nat Fan, but I don’t think she haas loaters because she hasn’t been thru puberty……. shhhhhhh…… this N/K fan didn’t say that ok?

  453. hey cat–yep i’am here and i am so hopeing jordan can pull this thing out–bad thing is i think she planning on taking natalie.

  454. @Martie…You just made my day! I hope she does really great at this comp and knocks Natalie out of the box. By the way what website is it that you are reading?

  455. If i hadnt seen my bf for 2 months and he bring me a frickin twisty tie, id tie it around his you-know-what and boot his butt to the door!

  456. @ Cat
    I hear the choir humming behind me.

    @ sservie
    Do you really think I am joking? Hell NO!!! Power to all women like sservie!!! And the “Church of the Glorious Floaters” choir breaks out singing “Amazing Floaters… how sweet the sight!

  457. @Cat #680

    My husband proposed to me w/o a ring, but then again..I’m not a stinky, dirty pig..oh, guess that is different.

  458. 8:25PM BBT: Natalie continues practicing in the backyard. She tried throwing it like a basketball at the holes, but that doesn’t really work out. She let’s Jordan have a turn at it, as she heads inside. She tells Kevin she wants to play pool later tonight.

    Natalie tries to get in the SR, but is denied. She rejoins the outside crew, as Jordan is excelling at this game.

    Kevin wants to try, takes a few shots and let’s Natalie try some more.

  459. ok, I admit that when I am not drawn to the headlights, I enjoy partaking in bud light, and thus the endless proposals.

  460. Jordan has to win. If Jordan wins it is for all us blondes who suffer from blonde moments…Smirk. I love her diary room. Maybe they are telling the truth…butttttt maybe they’re not!!! It would serve Jeff right if Jordan won. Bet he wishes he kissed her now and said she could go to Hawiee. BUTTTTT noooo he had to ruin all are plans by not trusting Russel. They get that HOH power and they all just go crazy!

  461. @ Martie…. Everyone…. They are talking now…. Part 2 will be played live tommorow….. It ill be timed…. It is a skeetball type comp….

  462. Leo Congrats on the new site. It’s time for BBAD so I have to go. It will propably be really boring tonight, but so far I have watched over 200 hrs. this season I and don’t want to miss out now(and ruin my perfect record).

  463. @x-rev: You could really save a lot of $$$ on all of those divorces if you’d quit proposing to every person claiming to be female on a blog. ;)

  464. Nat and Kevin are playing pool now. They have been trash talking Jeff in front of Jordan. Kevin is regretting this now. Kev says Nat has Jeffs vote. Nat is still playing Kevin saying she doesn’t have the votes.

  465. @x-rev
    Its a good thing you dont work in a Surf Shop!
    With all those floaters around you would never get any work done! :)

  466. @sservie
    I would pop the big question with you, but after reading cat’s use of the twisty ring, I fear for both you and my family jewlery store, if she were to get jealous.

  467. 8:30PM BBT: Natalie and Jordan continue taking turns.

    Natalie, scared and paranoid, repeats, “This game can’t be the deciding factor of who wins $500,000.” Kevin tells her that this is just phase two of the HoH, but she doesn’t think it’s right. [I don’t think that’s all to it either. My prediction is that there will be questions and they’ll have to roll the ball into a hole that corresponds with the right answer , maybe true/false. -Morty]

    8:45PM BBT: Natalie lures Kevin away to play pool, she says she’s bored with the practice game. So Jordan practices alone. Natalie tells him that this practice game is bullshit and he wants to know why. She says ‘you know why they’re doing this’ and Kevin asks why and FotH.

    Feeds come back and Natalie says she’ll practice all night. She think there’ll be more to the game and Kevin says if not, then it’s a total crap shoot. Natalie thinks that’s bad since this is final three and Kevin says BB wants it to be interesting, causing FotH.

  468. The 3 left is the ones who werent eliminated so their strategy worked. It doesnt matter how they got to the end they did. No I do not like Natalie or Jordan ,but the fact is they are the finals so they outplayed the others.

  469. @ everyone….. I am getting nervous too…..

    ohhhhhh boooobbbbbyyyy – I meaan baby…. Nat is about to practice after the pool game…. I wish Kevin was playin tommoow instead…. K/N just said Michelle yelled “hang in there, you can do it Jordan”…… During the beginning of the comp yesterday!!!

    Nnnnaaaatttaaallliiieee….. Oh man….. I can’t wait…. Natalie…. please….. please….

    Natalie is practicing now….. Kevin / Nat ae going to practice aall night….

    Gooooo NBK – K/N Final (haking in my boots & sweatinf profuely because I am not confident in Nat in this game)

  470. @x-rev #704
    I would be there to make sure you treated my girl right…and to take custody of the family jewels if you didnt!!!! :)

  471. Natalie is scared & paranoid and calling the next competition “b-s” (but using the whole word) and is mad she dropped for Kevin in the 1st comp.

  472. I would rather not talk about the “pretenders” online for they have broken my faith before. I am now forced to ask all floaters to be proven real or enhanced without the need to inject estrogen into the system. nuff said

  473. I hope everyday of Nats life she regrets that decision…(that was mean..but i am in a mean mood…just ask x-rev)

  474. @Martie

    But we all saw it…Kev said to her…”No wait……..nnnnnnnnnnnnnnshe jumped” SOOOOOO maybe he was gonna say no deal….smile. he can alwas fall back on that when he an Jordan go to the end.

  475. Well I lost the family jewelry store while I was married, but a simple declaration from a judge, and I got them back. The decree simply said. “Divorced”

    And then I stood there like a deer stuck in the headlights… and I smiled.

  476. @misty: I must’ve missed him saying that, but I’ll admit that I now watch BBAD on Fast Forward.

    When Jeff was still in the house, I used to watch it in Super Slow Motion with some “Bum Chicka Bow Bow” music playing in the background. ;P

  477. @ Budman…. Thanks bro…

    @ Martie / Sservie / Cat……. No one is on my team…. :( I can’t taake the waiting… I wish Ktownn was playing…….

    I hope Natalie practices all night…

    I hop