INSIDE DISH Interviews Evicted BB11 HG: Michele

Update: CBS just announced that ‘Big Brother 12‘ will be back in Summer 2010!

Ross Mathews and “Inside Dish” are back! This week Ross has newly evicted Big Brother 11 HG Michele in the hot seat. Check out Ross’ interview with Michele.

Read more about Michele with Andrea’s interview at Small Screen Scoop.

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  1. Whoop bb 12 confirmed!! Trying to look past my HATE of Natalie, I really don’t believe she deserves to win. Kevin has played harder and with better strategy.

  2. @Christina: Haha, yeah, I think maybe CBS was trying to remind us there was still hope beyond this summer for Big Brother.

  3. I like Michele! The reason she is targeted is because she is way too nice (which is sad). The truth is she played her @ss off, and she should be the one going to F2 with Jordan–coming in second–by her side. Kevin and Gnat didn’t do a G-D thing this season and now want to act like their luck was “strategy”…I’m laughing to myself…

  4. I so love Michele. She is awesome and I love Ross for the things he said to her in his interview. He made her feel so much better. I hope she gets to play in the all star BB game.

  5. So, let’s all vote for Michelle as America’s Favorite HG. Please give me the complete instructions on how to vote on line. Let’s show scumbag Nat and Kevin, that we LOVE Michelle. Hopefully neither one of them win the big bucks. Hard call however, as long as Gnat doesn’t win any money, its a toss up between Kevin and Jordan. Don’t respect either one of them. Jordan is a phony, she is mean and deceitful, doesn’t deserve to be in finals.

  6. I feel bad about the way Michelle was treated this season, the crap she had to deal with went way beyond game strategy.

  7. What is going on with the finale, I heard there might be a three way vote. IF not, how are they going to resolve a tie?

  8. if they do BB12 they better do it right. i wrote this in the last forum but it was the last one so im writing it again. no more gullible people like jordan, i love her shes a sweetheart but not next year. no more crazy nut jobs like chima. no more people who have no idea how to play this game. (jordan, jeff, lydia, russell, chima,) i was a j/j fan but they never understood the game. i want 1 season of 12 new HGs that are all physically tough, all mentaly tough, all emotionaly tough. i want 12 HGs that truely know how to play BB and know what this game is about. i want 12 players that watch this game religiously and know it inside and out and know how to win. no more players who want to leave becuz some loser got evicted. no more weak gullible players who ride coat tails and have no clue what to do. im not saying do this every year i just want 1 year where its an even playing field. i want girls that are hot, smart, athletic, and dont fall for some one like jesse and do everything he says. i want 6 girls with awsome bodies fake boobs and who will walk around naked from midnite to 3 am during BBAD. i want to see wild party girls who want to have fun during BBAD. I dont want anymore hermaphrodites like natalie. and for the girls give them 6 athletic guys they can watch. see girls im looking out for you too. i dont want to watch 3 hours of HGs playing texas holdem. if i want to watch that ill turn on espn. please BB do the right thing. just 1 season give us an even playing field. who agrees with me.

  9. Can the next BB please be an All Stars show and bring back Evil Dick? He was nasty but at least he was consistent and made the show interesting. I dont know where CBS got this boring, neurotic group from. Oh yeah and I’d like to see Janelle come back and try and win again too.

  10. I think Michele will end up being voted favorite hg. She played a decent game and i cant see any of the others being liked as much as she is. Maybe Jeff but i think he burnt a lot of bridges when he evicted Russ. Jeff may be eye candy but hes not always so sweet!

  11. Give us REAL people.. Remember Chicken George?? REAL people who play a REAL game. I am so sick of Gnatalie I could SCREAM! OMG! Right now, Jordan is the lesser of 3 evils.

  12. This is the first season I ever watch BB. I would NEVER watch it again so who cares about BB 12 I would have stopped watching but now I am curious, which liar are they going to give 1/2 million too. To me, it was about who could lie the most. And some of the worst human beings… Sheman and Knat.

  13. I REALLY don’t want Natalie to win, she is so annoying and cocky. She needs to be brought down to reality. I would love for Jordan to win, she has always been so much fun to watch on the show, so pleasant, and funny. I wanted Jeff to win, he was the one, I felt deserved to win the most. He played the game well, but he made the mistake of trusting Kevin when oddly enough Russell was the one he should have trusted that time. Alls I can say is Natalie’s attack on Michelle was stupid, as dumb as Ronnie’s…Michelle has done nothing to deserve those cutting remarks. Natalie is a moron and I hope they get her out ASAP.

  14. According to

    These are their poll results:

    Michele = 60%
    Jordan = 16%
    Lydia = 8%
    Jeff = 8%
    Kevin = 4%
    Laura = 4%

    If all other sites with polls are leaning toward Michele, then hopefully with will take the $25k, because she deserves it.

    Personally, I think that it will be a close vote between Michele and Jeff. Hopefully Michele gets it!

  15. I meant to say:

    If all other sites with polls are leaning toward Michele, then hopeuflly SHE will take the $25k!


  17. I am with everyone….I cannot frickin stand NataLIE’S anymore….I don’t think much of Kevin either. It is true we all have our fav’s, but I think most if not all of America is disgusted with Nat….
    I think between dthe tree left, that Jordan needs/deserves it more than anyone. She won’t be the first/last floater to make it to the end, but at least she did it with a little more integrity than Kevin and NataLIE….they both deserve to watch Jordan take it all!!

  18. I voted for Michele. I think after all the abuse she’s went through from some of the nastier HouseGuests (mainly Natalie and Jeff) I think she deserves to have something for her.

    I mean Jeff already has a Hawaiian vacation and has gotten the Coup d’Etat. He doesn’t need anymore gifts.

  19. @..leo….hey leo i usualy agree with you but on the other forum u said kevin would beat natalie . well i have to disagree. you said kevin would have lydia michele and americas vote. that part i do agree with u. but jeff jordan jesse and russell will vote for natali so natali wins. basicaly kevin is playing for 2nd place. and im not sure if kev votes nat out that she would vote for jordan. she still may vote keving to win. and america may vote kevin over jordan so he might be better off taking jordan. thats my opinion.

  20. I feel sorry for Michele because she had to attempt to dumb herself down to a house full of buffoons who could not string a sentence together. I like how she was called “strange” for simply being above their stupidity. Art imitating life imitating art. Brilliant.

  21. Michelle sucks. I can’t figure out why you guys like Michelle. She is an ass kisser. She played up to anybody with the power and then backstabbed them. She is no better than any of the others. She gets no pity vote from me. And boy am I glad shes gone!!!

  22. Michele is great. Like her a lot. And then there’s the other extreme. The witch Natalie. She didn’t even really play the game. All her
    nastiness should do her in, but the BB powers-that-be seem to want her to win. She is the epitome of turn-off-television.

  23. I think she is awkwardly normal…..(if that makes any sense)!
    She is good people dam near as normal as it get’s.
    Sucks that phony Nat is still there!
    You held your own michelle and you are an angel not a devil.

  24. Out of all the house guest I liked Michele and Russ the most. When people are so insecure about themselves they will single out a victim to demonize trying to make themselves look better in others eyes. That is what they did to Michele. She was every thing they were not and they hated her for it. Sweet Michele have a great life and know a lot of us cried for you. You really should have won.

  25. I cannot believe all the Jeff/Jordan bashers. I think this man and woman became very good friends. I loved watching them interact – their mannerisms and their “sayings” cracked me up. I really don’t want Natalie to win, especially last night after saying she thougt Jordan was lying about her family’s financial situation. Sure, it is a game and everyone wants to win the $500,000; however, every now and then you come across a contestant who truly NEEDS the money. In a perfect world, Jeff wins $25,000 – Kevin $50,000 – and Jordan $500,000.00!!!

  26. I am so happyyyyyyyyy that Jordan finally beat nasty, smelly old Natalie!!!! Did anyone notice the look on Natalie’s face ??? Also how she keep talking on how she done the competition??? Who in the H#@ cares !!!! Not me or anyone else. She is such a big crybaby. She just wanted everyone to feel sorry for her…NO LUCK ON MY PART !!!! She needs to be taken down a peg or two…and last night done it .It’s about time for her to feel beaten. I can’t wait to see how she will be next Tuesday night…I am so glad to see there will be a season 12…can’t wait…I live for this show !!!! @ THANKS MATT for all your insight on BB I will look forward to you again next season..

  27. Seriously, Michele can’t moan about her personality….the reason she pt ppl off is just her inability to get along and constantly making judgement calls….even her brainiacs she cldn’t for an alliance with any when every other group did….a la Nat&Jesse, Lydia&Kev, Beauties generally got along, but the brains were screwed by who? U guessed it Michelle…off with her, ugh!

  28. I cried for Michele. She was the best if you ask me. I was a J/J fan until they turned on Michele for no reason. They were mean…

  29. I seriously hope that natalie doesn’t win or for that matter end up w/50,000, either. she
    doesn’t deserve it at all. she lied and lied and pulled kevin’s strings and he did all of her dirty work. if jordan doesn’t win then i
    want kevin. actually i wanted jef and michelle
    to go to the final 2 or russell too. it’s too
    bad that all ofa sudden jeff and jordan sided
    with kevin and nat, when they did not like them. jeff started this fallout when he fell for natalie’s lie and did not inestigate it more. he is not very bright either. i liked
    michelle and there is no way she was the devil.
    it takes one to know one.

  30. If we can SEE and PROVE nasty cheated, then WHY CANT BB???Are they thinking of putting ALL THEIR EGGS in kevin or jordan to take each other??Id rather see ‘nasty’ called out on tuesdays show…am i showing my HOPE side and that its alive…somehow,,somewhere…[Westside Story]song,,lol. See ya ‘Survivor blogs….

  31. This was the very worst selection of houseguests in the 10 years of programing. CBS might consider choosing people with some integrity or have future houseguests given a serious emotional and mental examination. CBS should be embarrased by their choice of this years houseguests. Jeff was my favorite to win this year. Jordan is the least toxic person remaining. I hope she wins. Of all people remaining I hope to God that Natalie does not win a dime.

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