The Best And Worst Of Big Brother 17 Week 4

Week 4 in the Big Brother 17 house was all Audrey, all the time. From her antics, to her eviction, you can bet she’ll be coming up a lot in this week’s Ewws and Ahhs.

Audrey Middleton in disguise on Big Brother

To be honest, I’m going to miss that crazy drama she brought us on the Live Feeds and on the episodes. Here’s to hoping someone will fill the void. Anyway, let’s get down to what I thought were the best and worst moments of Big Brother 17 Week 4!

(Note: some of these things you might only have seen if you’re a Live Feeds subscriber)

Eww: Shelli wins HOH again. I don’t know why she insists on winning HOH if she’s always so stressed and confused about what to do. For someone who didn’t want to be the one to get Audrey out of the house, she sure put herself in enough situations to be the one to do just that.

Ahh: Jason is safe. Jason went from target to safe after Vanessa used the Power of Veto on him. I think it’s good for those HGs who give good DRs like Jason to stick around as long as possible.


Eww: Vanessa’s offer to Jackie. Vanessa thought it was a good idea to approach Jackie and say, hey if I use the veto on Jason, will you be indebted to me? Jackie of course said no and Vanessa of course thought Jacki was crazy for not taking her up on that deal. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard this season. Why would that deal appeal to Jackie at all? Vanessa is crazy.

Ahh: Johnny Mac’s DRs. I know we’re not supposed to like DR screamers, but John is the exception. Every time he speaks I laugh and I’m very grateful for that.

Eww: Audrey giving up. I was very disappointed that Audrey didn’t fight for a chance to stay in the game. I thought as soon as she’d get nominated she’d give us a season’s worth of drama in one week. But she didn’t. She literally disappeared from the game. That was such a let down.

Audrey Middleton performs for the Live Feeds cameras - Source: CBS All Access

Ahh: Audrey’s antics. Even though she did lay down and die, she gave us a couple last-horrah moments. Like her one-woman show in the have-not room and her own BB Takeover where she revealed she was Liz’s twin. Those were odd, but highly entertaining moments and I’m pretty sad we won’t have those moments any more.

Eww: Where’s the BB Takeover? Big Brother seemingly dropped the BB Takeover and didn’t even explain to us that it was going away? I mean it wasn’t a bad twist like say the BATTLE OF THE BLOCK. Why couldn’t they drop that horrible twist and stick with the takeovers?

Ahh: Audrey’s family. I was happy they included Audrey’s family segment. It was nice to see how much her family loves her and that she’s going home to a very supportive group of people. She’s going to need that.

Eww: Austin and Liz’s fauxmance. Austin is creeping a lot of fans out with his obsessions with Liz. He can’t keep his hands off her and she doesn’t seem to be enjoying it. Even Julia thinks the whole thing is a bad idea. And now it’s even effecting Austin’s game, who was once in a pretty decent spot game-wise.


Ahh: Britney Haynes visits. Any chance we get to see Britney back on Big Brother, I’m going to be happy. Her wit and snark is unmatched and I’m glad the Big Brother gods realize she’s good TV and that she needs to visit more often.

I think that’s enough for this week. What you were best and worst moments from Big Brother 17 Week 4?


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  1. Ewww to production for giving in to Audrey’s temper tantrum and allowing her to eat real food, sleep on the floor, lights out during the day, camp out in the DR (holding up everything), skipping PoV meeting, taking a hot shower, and anything else that I forgot.

    • I’m really surprised by how much they let her get away with. Other HGs were saying they would do whatever they wanted once they knew they were leaving. Not the best precedent to set.

      • Im so glad this chapter is over–for the sake of the other hgs. The stress and worry about perceptions and consequences in the real world created by the social engineering project were really unfair to the other hgs. Now they can take a deep breath and just play the damn game.

    • She may have “insisted” it was filled with employees to ensure she was applauded…since she had a script, etc, to anticipate the questions. Just glad that is over now. It wasn’t fun anymore (dealing with her). My opinion.

      • Audrey should have never been on the show. I think they were so determined to have a transgender HG this year, that it is a possibility they overlooked some of Audrey’s issues. Some were “convenient” issues, but there seems to be real ones, too. I’m happy no one has to deal with that any longer. It had ceased to be entertaining.

    • Your question is why I came on here this morning! I watched for clues etc to see if I could figure it out last night. The only thing I could zero in on was the reception from the audience when Audrey came through the door. Seemed a little too cheery to me. That’s just me though.

      • Yeah, but it wasn’t a full blown applause. I was confused by it. Maybe I’ll watch again and see if I can spot anything one way or the other.

    • I noticed in previous weeks the camera would scan the Live audience and you would see a few past BB players and what not.. Not last night!!!

  2. Agree that Shelli should drop the “I’m so stressed! I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to get blood on my hands!” act now. She’s a veteran HoH and besides that, Clay is happy to do the thinking for her and if he didn’t, Vanessa would gladly pitch in – In fact, she probably will try regardless. :) If you don’t want the responsibility, don’t win. Everyone knows that – even if it took the recruits til now to figure it out. Now it just rings hollow and comes off as disingenuous.

    • I think she’s probably just emotional to the extreme… Let’s watch and see if my theory is true and she becomes volatile and aggressive when the heat is on her later on…

      • I’ll take the opposite position, Matt. Remember Shelli’s family wouldnt sign a release. Especially as Southerners they are all desperately afraid of being made out to be racists or otherwise bigots. Now Shelli has booted the only black and the Trans. I can understand her fear of reprisals. Her display was geared to shield herself from the feared backlash. I think she will have zero problem going after, say, Austin.

    • I get tired of the “blood on my hands” expression no matter who says it. It’s a game and we all know how it’s played.

      • Loved hearing it from James Week 1 when he said he wasn’t afraid to get blood on his hands; that’s what he was there for. Not sure what’s happened to him since. :)

    • Yass I need my entertainment! And as of now these two are my favorites! But of course JMac is #1 then Jason follows as #2 ^_^

  3. Hope an “Ahh” for next week is Jackie’s reign as HoH! Big moves, girl! Maybe she can ask Vanessa if she keeps Becky safe, if she will be indebted to her? Naw, don’t waste time on her like that. Vanessa would be plotting Jackie’s demise if she did. You’re going to have to beat Vanessa at her own game, if you want to take her down. Won’t be easy, my friend.

    • I wish Jackie would play her. I’d love to see Van’s face if Jackie got to pick her noms first and she pulled a fast one on V. Van would be livid to think that someone out-smarted her.

      • Vanessa doesn’t seem to really wanna lose BoB to let Jackie B/D Austin. I think she needs the control. But if she did, why not nominate Clay & Shelli? Shelli wins comps and they’d work great together. She suggested Clay with Becky and lied to Clay about it, citing that she wanted Austin but Austin didn’t want to/suggested Clay. She plants her seeds….
        And then Vanessa looking to the camera after catching Austin in a lie after telling him never to lie to her – and saying to the camera, “He shouldn’t have done that.” Woooo, creepy!!! In a Vincent Price way. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Love it!
        If I was Jackie, I’d tell Vanessa since she’s been HoH before, I want to name my nominees first. Insist on it.

  4. Nothing to add to that. I seriously LOVED the whole commentary, Branden.
    Well, one thing, doesn’t JMac look adorable in that pic you posted?!?!

  5. Yeah Matt I was wondering the same thing! Where did the takeovers go?? It seemed like when Gronks huge Bashful Party left it took the takeovers with it! But I really like the takeovers and was hoping to see bigger and better ones however this looks unlikely now *RIP BB Takeovers you’ll be missed! :'(

  6. I like your assessments! John slays me for real with his Bobcat Goldthwait voice and mannerisms. And I also liked the story of Audrey’s family. They seem like wonderful people.

  7. Great recap!
    My “Eww” for the week goes to the egos belonging to Shelli and Clay. Shelli, in particular, has to be one of the most disingenuous, acting school-failure BB has ever come across. I’m not buying her tears (phony and as she is) and her smug smirks give her true character away. Clay’s not much better with his seemingly low-key bullying tactics.

    Would love to see someone, ANYONE, go after Shelli and Clay, alliance be damned; I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the point of BB is to eliminate the biggest threats in the house to better your position in getting to the $500,000? If people don’t start wising up, Shelli or Clay’s going to walk away with the grand prize.

    My last “Eww” goes to CBS and Big Brother for the lack of diversity in the cast this season. I know their target demographic are the Millennials… However, at least in OUR home, our 25 year-old is busy living his life with work, and friends in his down time — NOT watching Big Brother.
    It’s myself (Gen-X) and hubby (Baby Boomer) who are watching. I bet many other households can say the same. Hope next year casting will keep that in mind,
    This whole season is increasingly becoming very one note.
    My apologies for the soliloquy – ha! Didn’t mean to be so long-winded…
    Peace and love. God bless.

  8. Such good points. I did really hate Jmacs yelling at first but he’s so funny I got over it. Brittany was the highlight of the episode. Her comment at the end about Jackie just now showing up was super funny.

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