Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 5: Thursday Night Highlights

It was the first night on the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds without Audrey, so how did the drama hold up without her? Not too bad, actually.

Vanessa and Jackie check out their HOH rooms
Vanessa and Jackie check out their HOH rooms – Source: CBS All Access

Vanessa and Jackie had to figure out what they’re going to do as Heads of Household and things aren’t looking too great for Austin, especially after Vanessa caught him in a lie.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 23, 2015:

7:05 PM BBT – Feeds return and HGs are discussing the excitement. Meg thought this was going to be her comp to win.

7:10 PM BBT – Becky confirms that Have-Nots end that night at midnight. It was a short run. (Really short for one of them.)

7:20 PM BBT – Steve camtalking and feels good that Jackie would put up Austin and Liz instead of him.

7:30 PM BBT – Becky says Audrey was turning off the lights on her when she was trying to sort her laundry. She promised to turn it off when she was done, but Audrey turned it off three times on her. She was annoyed.

7:35 PM BBT – HGs scrambling to figure out the hinky vote. Austin sits quietly and listens. He told Liz and Julia, so it might not spread.

8:00 PM BBT – Becky is cleaning up the HN room and all the trash Audrey left behind her chair and floor sleeping spot including half eaten food. Delightful.

8:05 PM BBT – Meg and Jason discuss wanting Jackie to stay the HoH so they can get Austin out thinking Vanessa wouldn’t do it.

8:40 PM BBT – Jason says he’s convinced that Steve is throwing all these HOH competitions. Shelli agrees.

8:50 PM BBT – Vanessa and Jackie discussing nominations. Jackie says Liz would be an easy choice for her since she nominated her last week. She says she would put Steve up next to Liz. They agree not to backdoor each other after Battle of the Block dethrones one of them. Jackie tells Vanessa that she’d like to remain HOH and Vanessa says that’s cool with her.

9:00 PM BBT – Jackie says instead of targeting the twins they could get rid of Austin and that would leave the twins alone in the game.

9:15 PM BBT – Jackie and Vanessa have come up with a preliminary plan. Vanessa would nominate Becky and Clay and Jackie could nominate Liz and Steve, hoping Liz and Steve lose BOB. So then the veto could be used on Steve and Austin would be backdoored next to Liz.

10:16 PM BBT – It’s HOH reveal time. HGs check out Jackie and Vanessa’s photos. HGs stick around to hear them read their HOH letters.

10:48 PM BBT – Jason and Austin are discussing Steve. Jason says he would not want to be in jury with Steve. They talk about the possibility of Steve going this week.

10:50 PM BBT – Vanessa is telling Austin and Julia that Jackie thinks she’s OK with getting dethroned this week but she’s 100 percent not OK with it. She tells them that she will update them at the end of the night on everything. Also, Austin lies to her about what he told Jason about the twins and Vanessa knows it. She tells him to never lie to her and he says he won’t.

10:56 PM BBT – Austin leaves the room and Vanessa looks at the camera and says he just lied to me. She asks “why did he have to lie to me?”

11:10 PM BBT – Becky is giving Jackie HOH advice.

11:15 PM BBT – Jason and Meg discussing what might happen this week and how safe or at risk they are.

11:16 PM BBT – Clay and Shelli go up to talk to Vanessa. She tells them that she’s stressed out. Vanessa tells them that Jackie wants to work with them so they shouldn’t worry. But she tells them about Austin lying to her about what he told Jason about the twins. She tells them that she can’t trust him so she can’t work with him. But she’s worried that he has so much information on them. She tells Clay and Shelli that Jackie wants to put up Austin and Liz. They discuss a way to move forward that might not include Austin.

11:21 PM BBT – Jackie comes up to the HOH room and joins the conversation. Jackie tells them that Austin is the person she’d like to go home. But she’d rather have him as a backdoor option, but if that’s not possible then Liz going is as good a target.

11:23 PM BBT – Austin comes up to talk to Jackie so she leaves the room to talk to him. Shelli tells Vanessa and Clay that Jackie winning HOH was good because now they can all get her in their circle. They talk about working with Jason and Meg and James in case they have to let go of Austin and the twins.

12:20 AM BBT – HGs agree that John has earned a week of rest from the Block.

12:40 AM BBT – Vanessa explains to Julia how Austin revealed the twins to Jason. Julia isn’t surprised and suspected she was expendable once they were both in the game.

12:55 AM BBT – Vanessa told Becky the plan to target Austin. Becky agrees to go up as a pawn to work with Clay to win the BotB so Vanessa can be unseated and Jackie remain as HoH.

1:10 AM BBT – Vanessa explains to James, Jason, and Meg who she and Jackie want to target Austin this week.

1:30 AM BBT – Jason tells Jackie about Julia. Jackie had been a hold out on believing it.

1:35 AM BBT – James agrees to go up as a nom alongside Liz so he can throw the comp and keep her on the Block.

1:40 AM BBT – HGs form a F8 group. Vanessa, Jackie, Clay, Shelli, Meg, Jason, James, and Becky. Ridiculous.

2:10 AM BBT – Austin volunteers to go up as a nom for Vanessa to throw BotB since he’s expecting Jackie to nom Liz.

2:20 AM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli, Clay, Becky, and Jackie that Austin said he didn’t want to go up and that she should nom Clay instead. Austin had actually volunteered.

4:25 AM BBT – Julia explained to Vanessa that it was Austin who voted to keep Audrey in a bid to frame Steve. In exchange, Vanessa tells Julia about the plan to go after Austin.

Well Austin could be done here if he doesn’t pull off a Veto win on Saturday, but if he’s not on the Block his chances are limited, though not impossible to get a spot in the comp. If Julia remains on the Block and he gets to play for Veto then you’ll see him fight like crazy though to win it so he can be the hero.

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    • That would be pretty boring real fast like last season. The problem with these house guests is they do not have any cojones to put up their own alliances. How I miss the Danielle Donato alliance vs Rachel Reilly alliance. Everyone is too scared to make even another alliance? The twins need atleast, a chance to play the game. Austin can go because he has shown himself to be a creep. He was stroking Liz as she was sleeping. Atleast, Caleb was just obssessed and did not put a hand on Amber.

  1. Stupid move at this time to form an 8 member alliance…gets more complicated as time moves on now. Glad to see Van and Jackie working together, though. I’m okay wanting Austin out over Clay at this time since he is way too creepy with wanting one twin over the other, especially when neither really want anything to do with him.

    • It’s like the weather in Texas. If you don’t like it, wait 5 minutes and it will change. LOL

      • Texas weather sounds a whole lot like the Ohio Valley weather. If you like it right now, just wait about 5 minutes or so LOL.

    • Not really, Vanessa has said before she will make one week deal’s and alliance’s to further her game. Smart move if you ask me, she is playing the game and not floating. I have been rooting for James to win this but I may now include Vanessa into that arena too.

      • True on the one-week deals…I can only hope she’ll pull it all off. I’m preferring Jackie’s strategy this week only, though! Seems it could work out to get Clay evicted if he doesn’t win Veto and no one takes him off the block in order to backdoor Austin, even though I want Austin to go first, followed by Clay! :-)

      • But if James throw the comp then Clay will come off the block. Now as long as Austin doesn’t play in the VETO and they use it to save James, then Austin will be going out the door. I don’t like the way Vanessa is playing the game but you have to like her strategy.

      • Yeh, well I said that before I knew the nominations too!!! LOLOL Yes, I don’t like how Van’s playing the game now…but having a strong alliance backing you and not wanting to get blood on her hands seems to be working best for her so far!

  2. I thought that the one “Judas” vote was pretty stupid. Everyone knew who was going so the fact that there was a single vote that contradicted the house was all but meaningless. Austin is wayyy too full of himself.

    • I don’t have a problem with the rogue vote, the stupid part was ever telling ANYONE it was you.

  3. OK with Austin going this week, even though there are bigger targets to go after, Mostly I want to see his face post veto on Monday, and especially if Liz then finds out how he’s being throwing her twin under the bus. Like that Julia told Vanessa he was the vote for Audrey, though it’s not gonna help Steve stay if Austin wins the veto, unfortunately. The 8 person alliance is not going to hold for very long…they will all begin to talk about taking each other out very quickly once Austin is gone.

    • Liz will find out as soon as they switch again. Van told Julia that Austin is targeting her.

  4. So if Vanessa wants to help Jackie remain HoH, why not put up Shelli with Clay? If I was them, that’s what I’d ask. Heck, she lied about why Clay needs to go up. Neither have been on the block and she wins comps. Admire some of Vans game but never trust her. Never trust her. But if she remains HoH this week, she may be Clay/Shellis target next week.

    • I’m not sure I’d say he’s overrated. It seems to me he barely rates at all. I never see him and constantly forget he is there. Of course, the problem with that is he doesn’t stand out as a threat and could coast to the end.

    • I’d like to see Becky or Jackie go. Until now Jackie had just sat around. Becky hasn’t done anything! Love them sitting in the HN room talking game…LOL

  5. If there is one thing I wish I could watch on the feeds it’s Becky giving hoh advice to Jackie. Please tell me someone has a video. It’s tough catching up since I’m in canada

    • THe last hour of AD on Spice Channel was interesting to watch this morning, as Becky giving advice to Jackie .. Thought I was dreaming .. Ha !!!

      Basically, all she said was to not really tell Vanessa much, just nod, agree and say “I don’t know …”

  6. At this point in the game … with the whole twin twist thing being overplayed, now that everyone knows about it … whether they stay or go, does it really matter? Seriously ??

    Though, if, by chance that Liz gets nominated and evicted this week .. Imagine how much of a tirade Austin would be going into the HOH comp and/or moving forward? Especially, if it was revealed that he was the cause of all this by exposing this secret to Jason this past week ? Ha !!!

    It would be fun to watch him react in revenge on the House .. similar to Beast Mode Cowboy last year, when he caused the demise of his Love .. Ha !!! :)

    • I would have no problem with the twins going. I mean, really. Is anyone excited for the big reveal? This twist backfired so badly that it will be almost sad to see them bring both twins into the game to no one’s surprise. I would also have no problem with Austin going. Aren’t we ready for a double eviction and they can all go?

      • I was a bit disappointed that they did not show the Twins giving Audrey her good DR with the “Big Reveal “…

        Hard to figure out Shelli with her crocodile eyes/dry tears whenever she mentioned Audrey, however ??

      • I don’t buy it either. Shelli’s crying over Audrey just seems so empty and insincere.

      • Shelli really cared about Audrey from day one. Why do you think she kept her safe for so long?

      • It was real. Audrey said she would like to stay friends with Shelli after BB is over.

      • Boo Hoo Shelli! It’s all an act, so she can remain little Sally Sunshine in the public eye. If you remember D’vonne was part of that original pact, and she was Shelli’s first target.

      • There was other stuff that was edited out that would have been fun to see on the live show. Audrey had no clue about the twins actually being true until after all the DR goodbye speeches were done and production then told her about it…no time to put her little skit into the live show.

      • Guess they did away with the BB takeover…and the majority of the house just got lucky on the one takeover that didn’t help save Day after all.

      • “No one else misses her.” —so I’m supposed to just hop on the bandwagon and forget about thinking for myself?!? Just because no one else is a fan doesn’t mean I can’t be. I DON’T REALLY CARE WHAT SOME INTERNET USER THINKS OF ME btw. I respect your right to an opinion but if you cannot respect mine then I must say, it shows just how mature you truly are. Why even comment if you have nothing nice to say?!? Just ignore me like the rest of the Audrey haters…

      • You are exactly right. Everyone is entitled to their opinions here. I get slammed all the time because I like Shelli and Clay. I just consider the source. :-)

      • People can absolutely disagree on who they like and dislike, but I have a huge problem with childish name calling in these forums. And if you look back at this guy’s other posts, he frequently calls people a moron. Ironically, he then complained about people in a Survivor forum being rude. I guess he can dish it out, but ….. Anyway, you should both go on loving who love. Who knows, they may end up taking the whole game. Well, Audrey obviously won’t anymore, but Shelli or Clay still could. My money would be on Shelli. I actually think I would like her quite a bit without Clay. She’s a much more strategic player than he is.

      • A moron? Really? You don’t think that is a little over the top? Frankly, you should perhaps express your opinion elsewhere. I’m not an Audrey fan either, but it is sinking pretty low to call someone a moron and to tell them to express that opinion elsewhere. Perhaps you are just a troll, in which case, I hope you get blocked. But you are probably just a child with a hell of a lot of misdirected hormonal anger.

  7. I want see a perfect storm here. Clay comes down in Bob Austin wins pov saves twins. Just puts everyone’s main targets safe. Steve ends up being the lamb here. Bad but it happens. That keeps season fun.

  8. Ya know… for somebody who whines and cries about others lying, Vanessa sure lies a lot.

    • I am hoping someone catches on just like they did with Audrey, Jeff and Austin. Also I read somewhere that they will start entering Jury next week. I find that hard to believe considering you still have up to 13 player’s left in the game if you count Julia.

  9. I get a little frustrated that I only see Van/Shelli/Clay actively scheming in the house, while the other HG’s wait and see what they have decided on….oh wait, they finally got invited to their alliance. lol Matt is right, It’s ridiculous!

    • That’s why I like them. They’re the only ones playing the game. Although Vanessa’s high almighty attitude is starting to get to me. I want Austin gone this week but her friggin excuses “you lie to me and you’re gone” makes me sick. All she does is lie. I kind of hope she goes after Austin.

      • Vanessa’s grown on me. She tells it like it is even tho’ she’s lieing her face off (isn’t that what BB expects ~ lieing and deceit?) Shelli and Clay should find a playpen and stay in it ~ both are phony, both are playing eachother.

  10. Last I saw last night, they were discussing using JMac as a pawn again. So happy they decided against it. Hopefully, they will stick with that decision.

  11. Vanessa is all over the place.. Who is she really loyal to? The side convo’s with Steve throw me.. She is incredibly smart about it tho!! Hmmm

  12. Wow Clay is going up on the block! You see I would have been happy if he wasn’t so likeable to the house guests and wasn’t just a pawn but the way Clay is sitting in this game it looks like Shelli is carrying him to finals instead of he carrying her! If they dont get rid of him soon he’ll be skating his way to the prize!

  13. Just now catching up. Sorry Branden but last night’s feeds should have had added “aka – The Vanessa, Shellie and Clay show”. That’s who was on the BBAD mostly. I think Vanessa will be the next crash and burn.

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