Big Brother Twists: Where Did Big Brother Takeover Go?

Do you remember the Big Brother Takeover introduced at the start of Big Brother 17? Where did it go and what did CBS do with that whole game changing “surprise guest each week” twist?

Big Brother 17 Takeover
Big Brother 17 Takeover – Source: CBS

In only its fourth week, Big Brother seems to have abandoned the Takeover twist after a slow death and removal from the game’s cycle following a strong start and actual impact on the season.

Remember that preseason CBS released a press announcement stating “This summer’s “BB Takeover” twist will feature a surprise guest each week who will appear on the show to announce a new twist into the game… each and every week.” Each week, huh? So what’s happened to that promise?

On premiere night Julie Chen introduced the “BB Takeover” to Houseguests as an opportunity to “unleash new twists in to the game throughout the summer.” Houseguests and viewers were left wondering just what that might mean.

During the season premiere’s second night we saw as Amazing Race’s host Phil Keoghan arrived as the first Takeover guest host and added two more players, Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra, along with introducing the “Fast Forward” twist that send Vanessa Rousso and Da’Vonne Rogers safely in to the second Week. That’s actually impactful stuff there, even if I don’t care for the stunt casting.

Week Two we saw the return of Kathy Griffin as the new BB Takeover twist host. Griffin delivered the “Last Laugh” special power that gave one Houseguest the ability to nullify three votes from the mix and close the gap on what it’d take to stay in the game. This was pretty huge even if it didn’t change that week’s outcome.

Then in the third week we had Rob Gronkowski show up for a week of winners and parties. He abolished the Have-Nots that week, wouldn’t that have been handy for Audrey this week?, but when it came to actual twists there were none to be found.

HGs had to get together on demand and do things like crowd in the shower stall or walk a conga line. Not exactly game impacting in the least. We did see Meg win a cruise trip by drinking out of a cup in the most pitiful competition I’ve ever seen on Big Brother. Maybe it wasn’t even a comp, I couldn’t tell.

Things got real quiet in Week Four when not only was there no special guest but there wasn’t a twist either. Nothing. The Houseguests have been waiting and wondering and so have the viewers. At this point I do not expect anything to show up, no not even to save Audrey from her meltdown.

The list of former Big Brother Houseguests willing to show up and drop some fun on the BB17 cast could more than fill a season of guests, but even if they didn’t have that then you’d think CBS could pull in one of their other series’ stars. Maybe someone on a current summer series looking for a little boost? I don’t get it. There are so many options.

We’ll have to keep watching the next few days to see if something shows up for Week 5 of Big Brother. Right now this twist is on life support, but if nothing shows up for the next round then I’d say the Takeover is officially done. It’s just too bad it didn’t take the Battle of the Block with it.


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  1. We had BB Takeover this week, you didn’t notice, it was Audrey. That was enough for me. Next week we return to our regularly scheduled special guest.

  2. I was wondering about the Takeover… Maybe it was hard for them to pay for a guest each week? Similar to your predictions, I think you are right on the ball. What will BB do now? I hope the are trying to think of something instead of leaving the season as it is.

    BB is a little crazy right now, huh? O_o

      • Perhaps the would be celebrity guests watched the feeds and, having observed Audrey’s antics and odd behavior, sprinted to the hills. Haha

    • They don’t pay celebs. And if they do, it’s very little. But they have tons of CBS personalities they can use to cross-promote like they did week 1.

  3. Production should never have direct input on who is effected in what way by a twist. If they kept all the twists either competition based (similar to diamond power of veto) or random (Pandora’s box announced to viewers BEFORE the HoH is actually crowned for the upcoming week) then I’d be more on board with it. The “takeover” is just a way for the producers to have free reign over when they want to interfere and how. I said this Week 1. Twists that are “meddled” with by production to for their own benefit really hurts the integrity of the game.

  4. Here’s a Free idea: “The Audition” – They tell the HGs that each conversation they have must be exceedingly dramatic. Their performances will be tallied and judged and the winner will get both $5k and a role on a CBS show.

    A great number of them are desperate to find celebrity through BB so it would be hysterical to see them actually show what they THINK are acting skills.

    Meg’s the only actress in the bunch (I think) so it’d be great to see how she and the rest of them do.

    (Austin would be painful I think.)

  5. Only thing I can think of is that a celebrity/past player had to pull out at the last second, so they didn’t have the person to “takeover” the game. But you’d think they would have backups.

  6. I keep waiting for this Audrey ish to be part of a silent takeover this week that secretly keeps her in the game or gives her some power. Like, see how many havenot rules you can break without other HG’S calling you on it….or spend five hours in diary room and delay veto meeting….lol

  7. The takeover this week was the 90’s theme. Not really a takeover and lame in my opinion, but I agree BB seems to have already forgotten this big new twist.

  8. I dont mind at all that these twists have evaporated. I think it is too easy and too tempting for the producers to use these twists to manipulate the game. Remember how ppl responded when Day was the 7th to pick up the phone call? It looked like a clear case of manipulation. It didnt save her, but it might have. The game is better off without these manipulations, real or perceived.

    • I also long for the ”pure game” to come back, but there’s far too many stimulus junkies that want big brother to be the most twisted season ever with bigger personalities, bigger drama, bigger fakies, and bigger prizes… So long as we have that demographic calling the shots, we’ll have part-time actors, models, minor-celebs and a representative from one (or two) ethnic minorities, plus the requisite 2 LGBT people… I miss the show that had everyday people (some of them good-looking, mostly not), with mixed cultures, with mixed income classes, and yes, some people who weren’t trying to audition on camera 24/7…

  9. Think
    BB will ever go back to the original format, if even for one season?
    The original had 1 HOH winner, two noms, and no Veto. With that format,
    you really had to work the houseguests because there were no twists and
    Veto’s to save yourself. There was also no backdoor plans.

      • Well, they could make the veto super difficult and a certain score requirement that needs to be obtained. Then someone might win the veto but if everyone sucked at it no one would win. No automatic winner just because you happen to be the last person standing or whatever.

    • the original actually had public voting, but honestly veto is a nice part i like of the game. it gives something for wednesday’s episode. also the chance of saving some1 brings drama.

      • I also like POV; however two HOHs / BOTB need to go. It failed last season,as it had the opposite result of what seemingly was its purpose – to pit the HOHs against one another.

    • No. Shows don’t go backwards. Especially reality shows. The reason they make these changes to begin with is bc people were losing interest in the format, and the ratings were going down.

      Maybe you’ve grown out of the show. The show has changed, and it will continue to change, bc it needs to evolve to stay on the air. A show doesn’t make it to 17 seasons by accident. Shows have to adapt, and make changes, bc otherwise people will lose interest, and the show end up cancelled.

      My best advice would be to stop watching the show, and rewatch old seasons. Because they will not change the new format just to appease you.

      • I’ve watched since Season 2 and understand the need to adapt and change. I just think the direction BB has been going the past 2-3 seasons is diluting the skill for the game. There are too many fluffy twists and flashy pointless things that distract away from the people playing the actual game.

      • Then maybe the show isn’t for you anymore. You have been taking this show for granted, bc it comes back every year. But CBS can decide right now, if it wanted to, next season will be the last season of Big Brother.

        17 years is a long time to be on network prime time television. This doesn’t happen by accident. Very few show make it to this point.

        Big Brother is a senior citizen in the world of TV. And the people at CBS know that. And most of the OG fans don’t watch it anymore. It’s mostly new fans.

        And if they hadn’t made the changes, and still were doing the things they were doing back 2001, the show wouldn’t have lasted.

      • I’m still watching. I’ve been watching since season1 and will continue to watch as long as it stays on the air! And everyone I know that watches it has also watched from season one. So no not most of us. Lol

      • Yup… I think Yo might have leaped before looking on this one. I was surprised when I found out how many of us ”long-timers” tend to dominate this (and other) forums. And yeah the show has indeed changed, but just because it DOES change doesn’t mean we have to enjoy it or accept it…

      • A valid point my young friend! And you’re right, if it did get to the point where I got less enjoyment out of it than I should, then heck yeah, I’d simply turn the channel… Truth be told, sometimes I do because the show doesn’t capture my interest as it once did. There are times where I really enjoy it still, but there has been a growing trend within me to dislike it a bit more each season – so as you mentioned, the time is coming when I’ll simply stop watching I suppose…

      • as far back as the Evel Dick season the game was not “pure.” The America’s player twist (forcing Eric to go against his own best interests) and the audience love of dick’s antics got him to the end. His behavior was a lot worse than that of Audrey’s (remember how he treated Jen and Kale?) doing everything short of hitting another player. Were it a regular season he’d have gone the way of Audrey early on only instead of a sleepfest it would have been a wreck the house fest.

    • I’d love to see it, but sadly yeah, that boat has sailed… Too many stimulus junkies who make the fan base of the show nowadays. Like it or not, it’s The Real World format that has taken over from the previous Big Brother format…

    • BB 2000 (the original) did not have an HOH, just two nominations, and America decided. The format was changed, adding the HOH and POV (Golden Power of Veto), because the producers didn’t want America to hold the power. Later, Battle of the Block was added to make the Sunday episode livelier. I like all the twists and turns; oftentimes, the true target is clueless about his/her fate till Wednesday when the POV contest is held. I’m praying the twins are targeted next; Liz has gotta go!

  10. They could have pulled in former HGs, too. Either a recent winner or a fan favorite or a former showmance. I would have loved to see Donny do it, but would have settle for Jeff and/or Jordan, too.

      • Why not have 5 HOH’s and the rest are just nominated all the time? And add goats into the house.

      • lol… And pets! YES pets that can…..TALK! And the pet that talks the most gets to be a coach on next season’s most twisted summer ever!!! AND get this, how about we bring back Rachel & Brendon’s pets who get to coach the coach?!! I love it! :)

      • no HOH and no nominations. the battle of the block is everyone who then pull their teammates names out of a hat and the losers become the nominees. the veto is everyone too. and whoever finishes last is the replacement automatically. who they replace is based on standings in the veto comp. everyone would be a floater and by the end those good in comps would be the only ones left so they could make the comps progressively harder as the season goes.
        This concept would also be good for a one week takeover by someone like chicken george, evel dick or anyone who was voted out first like that girl with the pink hair from a few years ago!!!!..

    • While I hated that twist when they did it previously, it would probably work out this season as everybody would vote for John who I am also rooting for. This cast seems to be a mix of unlikables, clueless, floaters, and John.

  11. Ugh. I’m going to be really annoyed if they abandon it.

    I don’t bet on the show, I don’t know anyone on the show, I have nothing invested in the show. I don’t care if producers screw with the timeline or anything like that. Twists are to keep us viewers interested and I’m starting to lose interest. They need to step it up.

  12. Game impacting penalties for losing BotB means no one would want to throw HoH because they wouldn’t want to be nominated for BotB. No one would want to throw BotB because they wouldn’t want to face the losers penalty.

    “Yeah but isn’t being on the block penalty enough?” Apparently not, if people are willing to throw competitions in the hope that they aren’t the real target. If you’re on the block, you’re a target you fruit loop dinguses!

      • And by “penalties,” we’re meaning something seriously unpleasant, right? NOT this lame-o “Whackstreet Boys” nonsense? UGH!

  13. I thought this week’s takeover was the 90’s takeover? It’s been fun at the moment. And we just had Rob Gronkowski last week.

    • The “BB Takeover” twist was explained as a person comes and “takes over” the game, indroducing a twist that changes up THE GAME that week. Not only was there no takeover this week, the takeover last week hardly affected the game. You could stretch it and say it did with no have nots, but you get the point.

  14. I believe it’s an understandable PC issue for who and what Audrey is/stands for for advertisers and the shows image. It may actually be a week they don’t want the huge ratings just to prevent a nightmare PR issue. Purely speculation.

  15. Another reason why I’m becoming more fond of Jason…
    Meg was talking about Kim K being pregnant and Jason said he didn’t care about that ho. He makes me laugh everyday.

  16. Fine by me if it’s gone. Didn’t like it from the moment Julie announced it. They’ve strayed too far from their successful original format. Leaves the game to exposed to manipulation from outside parties. Not to mention most of these “twists” are totally uninspired.

    • I wasn’t crazy about it either but it’s still better than the twin twist or bringing back battle of the block.
      I miss the days of people sitting around the table pulling keys one by one. So much more dramatic… *sigh*

  17. I decided to try and watch Big Brother this season. I am a Survivor fan and needed a “reality show fix”. OMG! This is a show about low life sneaks, connivers; backstabbers, liars, and manipulators. The kind of people you ” PRAY” you never, ever come across in real life! And these people want to “show” you on TV! These are the scum you clean out of your toilet; yet they need the attention SO much- I wouldn’t save a one of them from a burning building.

    • A bit dramatic, but yes as a long time fan of both reality shows, I agree that Survivor has done a better job of staying true to their roots, whereas BigBrother has simply become ”Real World”… If you went back to season one of Survivor you’d see the same disease has poisoned that show also, but in a slower more gradual way.

      • I’ll try tonight… :) I’m finally HOME during the show, but will still be working so let’s see if I can multi-task…

      • I’ve only been watching Survivor a few years so I haven’t seen episode one, I didn’t realize I was being “Dramatic”… I was just so stunned at how shallow Big Brother was…they have nothing to do but scheme, lie, and cheat. At least Survivor you are not only in a contest of minds, but physically as well. Big Brother just is NOT (drama) my cup of tea…more power to you all….

  18. I wonder if maybe they did have something planned that would shake up nominations or voting but then decided against it once Audrey started to self destruct. Is it really worth it to try and save her because she is going to act like this every time she gets nominated.

  19. I didn’t really care much for this take over twist but come on Big Brother, stick to your own words :P

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