America’s Have-Nots Vote: BBOTT Week 2 Results Revealed

America’s Vote was open again for Big Brother Over The Top with the first Have-Nots decision of the season and spots to fill for a week of life on Slop and some very strange looking beds in the newly redesigned Have-Not room. Now the vote is over and America’s decision is in.

America's Have-Nots Vote on BBOTT

Each week this season of Big Brother we’ll be voting for many different things including Have-Nots starting on Fridays at 2PM PT and that decision will send three of the Houseguests straight to the BBOTT’s haunted house themed room and even a message to the entire house on where viewers are ranking some of the HGs that week. Ready to find out who will take on the punishment first?

Voting was open at with the results announced Saturday afternoon. Thankfully the voting worked both days this time so you could get in 20 votes both Friday and Saturday if you moved quickly.

America’s Vote – Have-Nots Week 2:

  • Monte
  • Morgan
  • Scott

One upside for these three HGs is that it can’t happen two weeks in a row so while this week may be rough they’ll at least have one week of reprieve in between should they return to America’s target list for Have-Nots life once again.

Houseguests weren’t sure if they’d be punished based on drop out order of the HoH competition like we saw last season, but they know for sure now as Big Brother hasn’t kept these votes a secret from them.

So what will life be like for the Have-Nots? Along with their meal of pasty oats the HGs will be sleeping in this uncomfortable looking room, but at least those beds aren’t so cramped like last season.

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  1. When are the noms? I saw Kryssie won. She must have a lot of fans or BB is up to something again.

    • I think America is strategizing. She’s the least fav, but at the same time the vote is still against the other side/Monte’s side, not necessarily against all the girls, but Monte is polarizing, and a lot of fans don’t like him. Alex is popular btw.

      • You’re so right!..I recognized all the gamers. There’s quite a few of them…mostly the girls.

      • Yeah. Quite frankly, the only reason I voted for Jason to return is to ensure that we wouldn’t end up with Jozea. But I didn’t root for Jason in BB17, and I’m not rooting for him now.

        My favorite is Alex, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that she’s so much like me. And she is everything I (and I think many other fans) have wanted in a female HG for a long, long time.

      • Shane and Danielle need to go also. It’s like their joined at the hip. Kind of reminds me of last season with Paulie and Zz

      • Shane can go. I am not a big fan of Danielle, but she is on Jason’s side and is a vote for him.

      • Yeah. Quite frankly, the only reason I voted for Jason to return is to ensure that we wouldn’t end up with Jozea. But I didn’t root for Jason in BB17, and I’m not rooting for him now.

        My favorite is Alex, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that she’s so much like me (it’s kinda scary at times, actually). And she is everything I (and I think many other fans) have wanted in a female HG for a long, long time.

      • People need to realize it’s not Monte’s side. They want him gone too but need him for a couple of weeks so they have the numbers. People need to look at it like the girls side. America is going to hurt Alex’s plans for HOH if they keep voting against what she wants.

    • She’s friends with Jason. And Jason is America’s sweetheart. So they want to protect Jason.

  2. I feel bad for the amount of pressure Alex are in to, but I’m so impressed of how strong and smart of a player she is. I’ve been listening to her talked with HG’s for the past days, and I’ve never seen a player/girl so in tuned with the game, in terms of strategy and HG’s dynamic….I hope she goes far.

    • Yeah Cyril, totally agree. She’s the best female player BB has had in a very long time.

      • You see Dan..there’s a lot of doubt if fans would vote intelligently because of too much power the viewers were given, but she’s well liked because of her game play..She’s aware of the fans involvement with the game, and she’s communicating well with the fans…..explain that to Monte! lol It’s a different game this time.

      • Yeah Cyril, I agree the game is different with mainly BB diehards and feeders watching/voting with most casuals sitting this season out. That certainly helps the voting be more on gameplay, etc. But I still worry about too much viewer influence. Even if the voting helps my favs, it impacts the overall direction & outcome of the game.

        Some viewer impact is ok, voting is built into BB now days. I’ve accepted that. But we’re voting to put HGs OTB, we’re voting on one vote to evict, voting for Have-Nots, and granting huge advantages via the Care Packages. Personally, it’s just too much.

        This cast is really good, so good, the best in years. Leave them be…let them play ???

      • Agreed.

        Do you know if the nom voting and VTE voting is scheduled to stop at some point in the season. Seems like I read something about that. This would help a bunch in my book.

      • But if America keeps voting for the other side there will be no protecting her. She’ll lose numbers and eventually be put up and voted out. That’s why America needs to vote smart until there’s less people in the house.

    • I hope she goes far too. But unfortunately with Jasons fans all voting on his teams side the deck is kind of stacked against her. Unfortunately with the Americas vote it’s like Jason and his group have a ace up their sleeve.

      • Yeah Alex is going to have a tough time getting Jason out. She may want to begin working with him instead of against him. Seems like she was thinking about this last night. Once Monte is gone this will be a lot easier.

      • I can’t argue with that. Jason has loyal followers. I checked some Polls online, and yes the fans will rally to save him. I don’t blame the players for targeting him.

      • I like Alex, but also Jason and I’m waiting to see how the house will be aligned in a couple of weeks. I doubt these alliances will stay the same for too long. Alex just needs one person to stick with her and it could be Whitney or her sister. Jason has people after him so he will need to make friends on the other side as well.
        Right now, I just want Monte gone.

    • I’m digging her a lot! She wants Monte gone, but not telling anyone because Morgan wants him to stay. Bet she’ll get others to get rid of him next week! :-)

  3. Ugh, can’t stand Justin. And it’s no longer just the fact that he’s this season’s total rookie. He disrespected Morgan last night, and he’s acting so cocky right now it’s sickening.

    Justin and Danielle are definitely getting my votes for Have Nots.

    • Hoping you had a chance to rewatch that Justin bathroom footage Saturn. He really didn’t do what he’s accused of at all.

      • Monte, Morgan, and Shelby made a huge deal of Justin removing his clothes to get into the shower. Justin didn’t do anything inappropriate and kept his junk covered until he was in the shower. He’s been doing this since day one, there just happened to be a few people in the bathroom this time.

        It’s been blown out of proportion mainly by Monte, who’s back was turned to Justin, and Shelby, who wasn’t even in the bathroom then.

      • Monte will do and say anything to get Justin out. He is intimidated by him and doesn’t like that there is another male in the house that can get a lot of the girls attention and be good at comps. I think Justin lost HOH because he was too cold.

      • I know!..Why is he so fixated with Justin? …Justin always looks cool..I like his ensemble. hehe

      • I don’t like his personality. I’m fine with him putting Jason up since it was a good move from his part, but he rubs me the wrong way. His more like the Jozea of this season to me.

      • Oops, sorry, worded it wrong.

        I meant, well, Justin is this season’s rookie and, well, complete noob. He reminds me so much of Paul and Victor… except the Sitting Ducks picked up on the rules of the game much quicker than Justin. But his early on, so sure of himself, arrogant attitude is coming off very Revolution Alliance from BB18 Week 1.

        Although Monte is at time a tamer version of Paulie, I’ll give you that.

      • He lost because he’s too cocky. He was dancing around thinking he’s so cool and acting like an idiot. I hope he goes sooner rather then later.

      • And don’t forget, he had to go pee right before the start of the comp too and never got the chance! hahaha

      • I just watched it and he did get very naked before entering the shower. Danielle, Monte and Morgan were there and the only one who saw him was Danielle. She was laughing and I think Justin did it for her since he likes her. Not a big deal, but he didn’t have to do that so soon in this game.

      • I’ve never been comfortable with the nudity. I flip the cams off as quick as I can. What can I say? I’m conservative that way.

      • What’s the timestamp? Because I rewatched practically the whole night and the only time I saw Justin, Monte, and Morgan in the bathroom together on Cams 1/2, BB flipped the footage away from them, and when it finally refocused on them, Monte was all ready raging and Morgan was trying to calm him down.

      • I just watched it on the BBOTT twitter pages they put on the side. I clicked it and scrolled down. He did take it all off.

      • He did it for Danielle to see what she is missing by choosing Shane. lol
        I don’t know how you say it, but I’m a guys gal all my life so that’s not offensive to me just a little too early in the game.

      • Thanks, Dan.

        But that still doesn’t change my opinion. Disgusting behavior. Some things just shouldn’t be done in public, and that’s one of them.

      • I watched and he took all his clothes off in front of Morgan then went in the shower. He could of took his clothes off in the shower. I think he’s disgusting. Do you listen to his degrading stories about women? Can’t stand him. And he thinks he’s so cool. Makes me sick.

      • We will all have opinions on what level of nudity is acceptable, but I just want to point out that Justin has entered the shower exactly the same way all season, no matter if he’s in the bathroom alone or not (this has been pointed out on twitter with photos and video).

        He did not do this to make Morgan, Danielle or Monte uncomfortable.

      • Which is ok LG.

        Just wondering though, have you found all levels of nudity on BB disgusting? Take for example last season when Victor streaked though the house with a hat over his junk. Was that equal to this?

  4. If people like Alex they need to put their Monte hate on the shelf for one week. I plan to Nominate Krissie for the 3rd nom this week. This will confuse the other side and ensure the showmance is split up this week. I realize people want to nominate Monte but if that happens you’d have Monte, Shane, and Danielle on the block. Shelby, Morgan, Whitney, and Scott would support Alex, but the other side of Jason, Justin, Neely, and Krissie would vote Monte creating a 4-4 tie and then America would send Monte home. Yes it’d be fun, but if you like Alex that’d ruin her game because now It’s Morgan, Whitney, and Shelby vs the house for HOH and Alex would have 2 huge enemies from the showmance. We NEED to support Alex this week guys.

    • Exactly. That’s what I’ve been saying. People need to be patient because they will get Monte out. There using him for a number.

  5. Monte, Morgan, and Shelby got my Have-Not votes this week. Sorry Shelby, I was a big fan at the beginning, but I’m liking you less and less at this point.

      • Scott’s desire to be in multiple alliances is beginning to backfire on him. The HGs are onto his game. He’s a bit slimy, but I like that he’s playing the game 100%.

      • I like that he is trying to play the game, but he is being too obvious about it and will get caught. Alex is on to him.

      • Yep. And that was really one of his closest allies too. They make a good working pair, IMO.

      • I like Justin, but he is a little bit too forward when he just met these people. Everyone in the house with the exception of Monte likes him.

    • I got Monte, Shelby and Whitney..Ha! would they factor that?…well I’m betting on one horse, and that’s Monte. All in on that one player. lol.

    • I could be out for a while, not watching the feeds, but this recap keeps you updated. I really like the way they set up the OTT programing.

  6. Did they have to show the Shane/Danielle stuff from the backyard last night? Ugh. Didn’t appreciate it the first time, and I didn’t appreciate it now.

  7. Justin’s DR….what can I say. He knows how to work with the camera. He communicated well with the fans…and I think he aced it.

    • Yup. The Bromance shall be scarified for the Showmance. Maybe he’s hoping for some of the action that went on last season. Yuck.

    • I had a feeling he’s not a fan of Monte, but I wasn’t sure. Now it’s clear. He’s literary begging America to nominate Monte. Ha! He also prefers to work with the other side.

  8. Oh, Shane. Shane, Shane, Shane…

    Morgan is playing so far under the radar, she has all these guys fooled.

  9. And there it is. Shane just admitted that his group call those girls “the plastics.” Ergo, it’s NOT AN OFFICIAL ALLIANCE NAME!

      • No, it’s not. It doesn’t make any sense. I wouldn’t call Alex or Whitney “plastic.” Besides, I hear girls referred to as “the Plastics,” my mind jumps to that Lindsay Lohan movie.

  10. Monte: Poor guy.. It’s the worst DR performance. I thought he could gain some fans tonight….nope, he was terrible!..nervous too.

  11. Don’t understand why Morgan got so many votes and that disgusting Justin is at the bottom.

      • Me too. I also voted for Monte. Let those two that hate each other be stuck in the same room.

      • I think it is because she is with Monte and most people don’t like him or anyone aligned with him.
        I like Morgan cause she’s Alex’s sister and so far they seem cool together.

      • She doesn’t like Monte though. They are using him for a number. None of those girls like him. Even Morgan said she needs to stay away from him. People that vote need to see that.

      • Yeah, and Morgan is playing a pretty solid game so far. She’s not being taken in by these guys.

        In fact, a lot of these girls seem to be very game savvy. This could be the first season where we get an official all-girls alliance that goes far.

  12. These DR episodes are awesome…you get to know more of the players game…I really like it.

    • I think it is. Saving someone that’s on your side is better than getting a slop pass.

      • I understand..She also got it because she can protect some players that fans are rooting for right now. She’s the perfect recipient of that package…at least that’s what the voters think.

      • Yep. She can save someone that people like on that side but still get nominated herself.

  13. Kryssie has a Robocop Tattoo in one arm and some death skeleton on the other. I don’t see why that’s inappropriate and she has to wear sweaters.

      • was he crying? He believed in his delusional head hat America would love him because they liked Steve and Ian.

  14. I’m not sure about Danielle’s DR..her sucking up to fans is a little obvious…idk I’m not buying it

  15. Monte actually knows that America will be voting and Jason could win this game. So Jason is not really aware of the reason why Monte doesn’t want him there.

  16. Shelby and Jason showmance will be fun to watch. She will try to get with him, while he’ll do acrobatics trying to get away from her. It will remind me of pepe le pew and that cat.

    • Wow Real time reactions from fans with Morg’s DR is not good..ha!..they wanna put her on slop..crazy!..have you watched the chats when they’re talking?

      • What’s real time reaction? where are you watching that?
        I would agree with that she is siding with Monte unlike her sister.

      • While they’re talking in DR, I would observe the chat rms on the side and read what they’re saying..Basically fans reaction. They’re funny.

      • lol. I’ve never seen that. I just read some of it and they don’t like Monte’s girls.

      • lol Right. You can kinda gauge if the fans are buying what they’re saying. The chat exploded, on a high speed with Morg. All I can see is Liar…liar..slop. It was crazy.

      • Yep. Crazy. Everyone in the chat would do horribly at this show because they can’t read people.

      • You mean voters..They read Monte pretty good..Twitter and other sites want to crucify Monte and some. lol

      • Yeah, right, sorry. That’s what I meant.

        Meanwhile, it’s not so much “reading” Monte, though, because he telegraphs it very loudly. You’d have to be an idiot not to see he’s Paulie Light. But with Morgan, it’s what she’s NOT saying that’s important. Like the fact that she’s just using Monte to get herself further in the game.

      • Unfortunately, the Poll indicates that anybody associated with Monte is bad news. In DR Alex communicated well to the fans why she’s keeping Monte on her side. It was clear she’s not a fan of Monte. Morgans DR didn’t do that, and she could end up on slop, the least…

      • What? She’s been saying non-stop whenever she’s in the DR that she’s only using Monte. And even when she didn’t, it’s clear by how she talks about him that yeah, she’s working with him, but it’s only to advance her own game. And how did I get that? By reading between the lines. It’s not a new concept.

      • I’ve seen her in the house, I’ve listened to her DR…I knew she’s gonna be on slop..and she is..Not surprised at all..Voters didn’t buy it. lol

    • That’s hardly fair to her. She’s very clearly using him to advance her own game. She’ll cut him when she has to.

      • Because of the bathroom incident? I think Morgan is not traumatized by it and it was Monte who made the big deal.

  17. America needs to lay off Monte. He’s our villain right now and the show needs him a little longer for entertainment.

  18. I have a question. What makes Jason so popular that America wants to keep him in the game ?

  19. Wow. Justin is so totally losing it. He’s now as obsessive with Monte as Monte is with him.

  20. 2 of my picks. I picked Monte and Scott, but whitney instead of Morgan.
    Now Morgan knows America doesn’t like her and she could move away from Monte.

  21. Not happy with Morgan getting the have not. Why are people after her? Just because of Monty which is stupid because she’s just keeping him close for now for a number. She’s no way interested in him. She has a boyfriend. Now the mean night crew is really going to get nasty. They’re going to think all of America loves them. Which if that’s true then that’s pretty sad. I’ll stick to Alex and the girls who play and talk game rather then a group of mean no game play gossipers.

  22. I just heard Morgan say to Scott that America probably made her a have-nots because they want to hear her squeal when she take a cold shower. LOL I like her attitude.

    • That’s because unfortunately Jason has a big fan base and that’s why unfortunately as long as America votes his side will be safe, or as safe as they can be. What I think is funny is that everybody complains the other seasons how production interferes with the game to help their favorites but yet Americas vote is doing the same thing.

      • At least next week, Monte and Morgan can’t be have-nots. So the other side will get their share.

      • I’m still on Jason’s side, but feeling a little sorry for Monte. He’s ignorant, but probably not the bigot people think he is. Some misunderstandings.

    • Yeah. Past HGs would’ve killed for those beds. Like those who had to suffer through the ice room, the insane asylum, and those darn bumper cars.

  23. I’m sooo happy those three are HNs. I voted for exactly those three to become HNs…glad I haven’t lost my touch after all as last season, nothing went my way! LOLOL

  24. I tried to vote twice for the care package..once at 10:00 p.m. and again after midnight, but it wouldn’t accept anymore votes from me at all. Trust me, I tried several times on Friday to vote 10 more times before the cut off time, and it refused me every time. So at least I got 10 votes in for the care package! :-) I did get my HNs in two times though! :-)

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