Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 17 – Week 4

We are at the 1/3 point of the game and its been an insane week inside the Big Brother house. The backdoor plan that has stalled the last 2 weeks looks like it is finally going to happen this week as all signs point to Audrey walking out the door this week.

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13
Adam Poch on Big Brother 13 – Source: CBS

More on her later – but first… Lets see who gets to chow down on bacon, and who would rather eat slop than the Tofu I will give them.

Shelli Poole – 5 strips of Bacon – Shelli won her 2nd HoH this season and this time did what she wanted to do. Her last HoH she made some enemies by getting out Da’Vonne and that still may come back to haunt her later. But this week by doing everyone’s dirty work and putting Audrey on the block she has pretty much guaranteed her safety for next week (maybe). She came off as convincing in the house meeting even though she was lying through her teeth. As a fan – that’s what we want to see!

Vanessa Rousso – 4 strips of Bacon – last week she was the Tofurkey of the Week – and this week I am giving her the 2nd highest rating? While she has done some damage to her credibility inside her alliance – she did win the Veto & use it to get Shelli to put Audrey up. Perhaps she learned that she could have saved the house a week of agony if she put her emotions aside last week. The “other side” of the house are still looking at possibly breaking up Shelli & Clay / Austin & Twins – so she is not on their radar. Plus she has that side alliance with Steve that could be very dangerous as the numbers inside the house go down.

Steve Moses – 3 strips of Bacon – even though he did a HORRIBLE job throwing the HoH this week – he was never in jeopardy of going home. People still either over or under estimate him – but he is doing a great job collecting information from observing everyone. His quirkiness is still there – but he seems to have it under control and using it to his advantage. I would love to see him accidentally win an HoH to see if he has a meltdown or if the cool, calm, collected Stefan steps up.

Jackie Ibarra – 2 strips of Bacon – last week I gave Jackie some bacon because I wanted her to have some energy and start playing the game. Well, it looks like it worked as she is starting to come out of her shell and is actually talking game to people. She has the potential to be a strong competitor and with Jeff gone, she will have to rely on herself only to get further. Look out – I think she will come alive in the next few weeks and she will be the one who tries to take out the bigger players on the other side of the house.

James Huling – 2 strips of Bacon – James kept his cool after being nominated, and during the Battle of the Block never freaked out despite being so far behind. He proved that you never give up in any competition as him & Jackie came back to win and keep themselves safe this week.

Liz Nolan / Julia – 1 strip of Bacon – at this point in the game, everyone knows about the twin twist in the house, yet she still denies it. They have such a huge target on themselves – but have surrounded themselves with people willing to keep them safe. If they can make it through this week – the rest of the Houseguests will be kicking themselves later when they now have to get 2 people out instead of one.


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  1. I will believe that Audrey is leaving, when I actually see it! I am not doubting that the HGs will want her gone, but there may be some twist that keeps her there, and I would not be surprised. Still aggravated over the ridiculousness of Gronk’s take over. I assumed that the HGs would be running on empty in some game that really needed them to focus. What a waste that take over was!

    • I just noticed Gronk has an autobiography coming out, of course. He was on celeb family feud this week too. All kinds of PR for him this week

    • Part of me suspects Audrey’s melt down was scripted and she’ll get saved in a twist. I hope not but I won’t be surprised.

  2. Spot on again. I also said last week that Austin was the new Caleb. I would not be surprised if the BB take over this week is a reset and Audrey stays. I sure though that the crews working may threaten to quit if she stays.

    • Haha, at least Beast Mode was entertaining at some points. Austin is just creepy and annoying.

  3. Steve told the camera when he was alone that he did not throw the HoH. He was admonishing himself for being so stupid for getting the first question wrong.

      • Yeah, that was before the comp. After the comp he was kicking himself for not knowing the first question and for not winning it.

    • Thats how I remember it too. I thought he said if he was going to throw it he’d make it look more convincing than that and at least get the first question right.

  4. Only complaints are Clay and Steve.

    Steve is having his name thrown out a lot this week as a possible target and he seems completely unaware. Also some suspect hinky vote was his. Vanessa’s alliance with him seems completely fake and john also ratted out his alliance.

    Clay actually is playing a great game. He still has the trust of the otherside of the house. He has no blood on his hands. No1 is talking about nominating him. Also who knew shelli would be the meatshield comp winner in this showmance?

    • Clay hasn’t made anyone mad other than Da. No blood on his hands so he is only guilty by association (James mentioned before that he was running Shelli’s HoH and that Austin was running Liz’s.) But he seems to be perceived as a nice enough guy to everyone, I think. And yes, I’m surprised Shelli is the “meatshield” in that duo. Lol.

    • Agree. Definitely think Clay is one of the better players thus far, and in one of the better positions right now. Don’t see him being Shellis lap dog, as he tends to still do things his own way (i.e. telling John to throw BotB this week even though that wasn’t Shellis plan).

  5. Tori Spelling? I think there’s one or two other people who got their start in the 90’s that actually have some acting talent..!! The ONLY reason she’s even known is because nepotism.

  6. Say: “I nominate…Julia. No! Wait – I mean, I nominate Liz..Liz. I nominate Liz. Yeah. Hard to tell those two apart.” Lol.

  7. I get why John has had to go along with being a pawn. Unless he can cry on cue like Liz, to get them to choose someone else. But the best way to prevent that is for John to be the HoH. See if he approaches Clay and Shelli to go up as pawns to return the favor (nicely) and remind them that he trusted them and they have to trust him now. Bwa-ha-ha-ha. Better yet (for Jmac’s game) would be Jason/James to win HoH (make a deal for him to be their eyes/ears and not go up this week front or backdoor). Then Jmac has a week to not sweat it and makes no enemies by nominating anyone.

  8. Agree about Jackie. Her denial of the twins makes me squint. I don’t see her winning the game at this point, but I do see her winning an HoH and throwing some real threats on the block, making a big move.

  9. As Brenda Harbin pointed out–they could do a reset this week.. I personally wouldn’t be surprised as CBS/BB has disappointed this year with nothing truly “new” and using old comps throughout. For me, personally being in the TV industry for 30+ years I am well aware of how production can “push” things in to their favor, even if it is a game, the exec.producers can decide at any time, to make this week a double evict or to make it a reset. If you see someone like Audrey sticking around I would think it is because production sees nothing but numbers (ratings). The fact that they have allowed her to eat pizza when she is a have-not as well as no supposed penalty for sleeping on the floor, it should be an interesting Thursday show.. or not!

    • She is not as popular as she was when the show first started. Johnny Mac is the most popular player so far this year – and the stunt casting has wore off – so bid farewell for good to Audrey!

      • Agree Adam Johnny Mac is my favorite and yes the stunt casting has definitely run it’s course…bye bye Audrey not fun knowing ya

    • I don’t see how keeping Audrey is good for ratings when she’s spent three days refusing to leave the HN room. They want people who give them enough footage to make 3 shows a week.

  10. Would it not be a hoot if, when Julia enters the game and either she and / or Liz wins HOH, andhave a fake spat over jealousy around Austin .., then they backdoor him?? Ha!!!!

    • ummm, yeah-no! Wrong show.. this isn’t the Jersey Shore.. it would never happen. These HG are not that intelligent. They got rid of the one intelligent person (DA) so the rest is up to us intelligent feeders I am afraid.

      • Day was fun but her game play was suspect, why tell everyone about the twin twist and also she could not hold anything in…when she was angry she told everyone how pissed she was instead of quietly plotting her revenge

  11. Maybe to unveil the twins, they can be doing a Superhero/Supervillain themed comp and release the twin into the mix: Liz is Catwoman & Julia is Selina Kyle (Catwoman’s alter ego). Or Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, if that’s more your cup o’tea.

    • I am really lost on the twin twist this season, lol. Is there anyone that doesn’t at least know of the possibility of the twins now? They have been discovered and called out by several of the hg’s. What is the purpose now? It is kind of against the concept of deception of having a twin in the game if everyone knows. Why when Day told the DR that she had uncovered the twist would both of them be allowed to enter the game now? What’s the point of having a twin? lol
      CBS is really blowing the twist thing this season…lame twin twist, lame BB Takeovers that have no effect on the game (other than advertising revenue for CBS and their affiliates/media partners), and the BotB that only CBS seems to care for??? CBS needs to shake up the production crew, they have gone stale!!!

  12. I am not yet ready to throw Audrey in with Willie Hantz & Chima quite yet. If she has some illness going on then its not the same thing as what Willie and Chima did. If she is faking, acting out and blatantly ignoring the rules then yeah, she’s the same. But at this point we don’t know what happened for sure. I do agree she needs help outside the BB house. I think the rankings are pretty on point. It makes me a bit sad for Becky that she is so clueless. I am not all that convinced that Jackie will really start playing. She did well in that BOTB comp but if she can’t even see there are in fact twins playing I have little hope for her.

    • She was fine all day Sunday when she was trying to talk her way out of being a renom – and then when that didnt work – she all of a sudden had a meltdown. That is the same exact thing that happened to Chima & Willie – the game went against them and instead of holding their heads up and remembering “it’s just a game” & they should feel honored to play – they break down and cry how unfair it is. That’s why I include her with those 2 – she should accept her fate – and move on with her life. Not going to the Veto Meeting is messed up.

      • I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and hoping all the behavior could be attributed to a medical reason. But as time goes on it does look more and more like she is just having a tantrum which yes, is exactly like Chima and Willie.

  13. Pretty spot on Adam, but no tofu this week? Did you hit submit before you were finished? Lol

    No tofu for Austin? No tofu for AUDREY?!? oh my… Houseguests didn’t want to evict her, you don’t want to give her tofu… I mean she would eat whatever she wanted anyway I’m just sayin

  14. Worst season ever this show is going down the tubes even with bacon , this is one season that bacon doesn’t taste good with any thing.

  15. I have to say that I really enjoy reading your weekly take on the BB Hgs even though I was not a fan of your game play. Well done.

      • I’m not disrespecting you’re distaste for her so please be MATURE and respect my opinion…

  16. Vanessa is not under the radar. James, Jason, Meg, Jackie, Becky have all mentioned putting her and Austin up. and Clay and Shelli are not anyone’s target. Their names never even get brought up when everyone talks about who they want to nominate if they win HOH.

      • Nope I’m a fan of Audrey and if you cannot respect my opinion just as I respect yours then you should just get over yourself…

  17. OMG! I totally have been saying the same thing as far as the Austin/Liz/Julia thing. He’s completely channelling Caleb with those twins.

    • Uh, how?
      He’s way too aggressive.
      He hides behind Shelli.
      He’s too arrogant.

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