Tonight On Big Brother 17: Power of Veto & Final Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother the house unifies against a common threat among them and things start to fall apart from there leaving us with what might be a Big Brother first: nomination in absentia.

Big Brother 17 nomination chairs await Houseguests
Big Brother 17 nomination chairs await Houseguests – Source: CBS

After her game was exposed Audrey fell on Shelli and Vanessa’s bad side which opened up a plan to eliminate their former ally, but a few things would need to fall in to place first.

We’ll soon be watching as the Power of Veto competition, a similar repeat to the bomb explosion last year but this time with potions, plays out in Shelli’s bid to end Audrey’s game. You can be sure the house is ready to side with her in this decision if she can pull it off.

When it comes to the PoV Ceremony it’ll be interesting to see how Big Brother handles events from Monday on the Feeds. As one Houseguest put it, Audrey ends up holding production hostage for hours on end and trapping the twin swap in limbo. Yes, things are getting messy in there.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out who won the Power of Veto this weekend and what happened at the PoV meeting on Monday.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the next Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Live Feeds.


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  1. We have said it before that BB needs to do a better job of casting. Thousands apply and we get TAR – Survivor (loved Hayden on survivor) and now dating sites. What gives?

    • Well it’s not really all that surprising right? I mean all these ”students” and ”media directors” (and other such titles) are usually false fronts for their actual occupations as models, actors, and such…

      • They are still in the house, but they have a twitter and facebook setup already with friend taking care of them until they get out.

    • It’s been 15 years since BB first premiered (and 16 years for the wjhole franchise) and it’s hard to find people who are what they said in their bios.

      Audrey is not the first nor the last we’ll see of a housemate who basically checked out.

      It could have been worse: youtube(dot)com/watch?v=xzfpJn_I9QE

  2. Why is Mr Miyagi becoming a “ratto?”(my Japanese for rat)..I don’t understand that move. Why is that good for his game?

  3. They were very much aware of what was pending in front of them about Audrey.

  4. I’m interested to see if Austin’s talk about possibly saving Audrey adds up to a surprise element. CBS has shown us in Seasons past that they’ll ignore negative story-lines if it means supporting a character that’s good for TV. (Completely ignoring Amanda’s terrible racist comments while making Aryan’s (joke intended) similar comments a focus.)

    If Audrey’s as polarizing as she is this season I could definitely see Production trying to keep her around. But after this? I’m not sure it’s possible for them to whitewash her 100%.

    I suspect they’re going to show her doing nothing all this time and focus on the HG’s reactions to it. I also doubt they’ll show the 8 hour DR sessions because to do so would require showing what goes on “behind the curtain.”

    • They showed a lot of Amanda’s BS during her final few weeks in the house like the argument she had with Jesse in the middle of a competition, and went completely cray on Elissa after having just won a Veto herself.

  5. This side shows they have, works in BB Australia, I don’t know, our version kinda look stupid.

  6. From a game standpoint. Vanessa is smart a little messy but a good player. She has to be taken out. So as Shelli, she’s so calculating..sorry S fans…she’s dangerous.

    • I don’t even pay attention to her anymore. She became boring to me now. ..unless she burns the house before eviction. lol

      • “Oh it’s coming… LOTS of drama! …And dragons! Yes, lots and lots of dragons… and don’t forget the big battles, they’re coming too… and betrayal… and yes yes they are all coming, just be patient.” (George RR Martin). ;)

      • I was talking about Audrey in the DR for 8 hours and all the shenanigans in the Have-not room. I know all about it because I read it all here. But I wish they would have shown us a bit more than 10 seconds worth of it.

      • Sorry Capt guess my Game Of Thrones reference was a bit too vague…Yes I know you’re talking about Audrey and the anticipation we all had in seeing the edited version of what happened. (It’s like GoT where EVERYONE is waiting to see these so called BIG BATTLES that GRR Martin keeps promising but never delivering on)…

      • That’s ok. Don’t be sorry. Now that I got the context, it’s actually funny.

      • I know who GRR Martin is because I read one of his book in the 80s, Sandkings. If I remember well they made a “The Outer Limits” episode with that story. I had no idea he was behind GoT.

      • You didn’t see? I was surprised because I know that people aren’t feeling that way now… But the looks around the room was a curious blend of concerned and scared…

  7. I can’t tell if Audrey is lying on purpose or if she’s told so many she doesn’t know what’s the truth anymore.

  8. Form twitter they says, Audrey says she is not doing press day . i.e. the day after her eviction she not talking to anybody covering BB, like Matt exit interview.

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