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Exclusive Interview with Big Brother Casting Producer: What It Takes For BB12

| April 12, 2010 at 8:24 PM EDT

Big Brother 12 castingEvery preseason of Big Brother is peppered with the same question, “what does it take to be cast?” Luckily for those asking, this past weekend amidst the height of Big Brother 12 casting, I had the chance to sit down with Kassting Inc.’s Senior Casting Producer, Tedd, to find out the “do’s and don’ts” of getting on the best reality show ever, Big Brother.

Tedd has been part of the Big Brother casting process since season 2 so it was pretty much like talking with BB royalty when you consider he’s had a decisive role for the past decade in my favorite summer past time. If anyone knows how to get a spot on the couch in front of Julie Chen then it’s him. So get ready because you’re about to read the guidance I took away from a top authority when it comes to being cast and getting your key to the house.

What advice would you give to Big Brother applicants?
Be yourself. This was the most frequent piece of advice given out at the audition. Relax, stay comfortable, and just be yourself. Don’t overthink it. One person at the audition was frantically asking every question under the sun. “Can I talk about this?” “Am I allowed to… ?” “What about if… ?” Deep breath, buddy, it’s going to be okay. I know it’s nerve racking. heck, I was nervous when I first got there and I wasn’t even trying out, but you’re in good hands with this casting crew so don’t worry. They’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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Big Brother 12 Casting Dates Announced & Application Tips

| March 10, 2010 at 10:26 PM EDT

Big Brother 12 is in motion! The first BB12 auditions and casting dates have just been announced so I hope you’ve got your application ready. I’ll continue to update this post with the last casting events so keep checking back here (& @BB12cast) for the latest audition and casting news for Big Brother 12.

Important: You MUST bring to casting events: 1) a completed application, 2) a photocopy of two forms of valid ID, 3) two recent photos.

If you haven’t finished your application and video submission then be sure to check out the video below the break with tips from Robyn Kass, the casting director for Big Brother. She’s got some great advice so be sure to watch it if you’re serious about making the cut this season.

Update: Deadline for mail-in apps and tapes has been extended to April 23, 2010!

Update 2: That’s it! Casting events are over and the deadline has passed. Sit back and wait for the announcement from Kassting Inc.!

Update 3: It’s all over! The finalists have been notified. Congrats if you got the call!

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Big Brother 12 Application – Apply To Be On Big Brother 12

| November 30, 2009 at 8:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 12 might not be until the summer of 2010 but if you’re outgoing enough to want to be on the next season then don’t wait! Apply now for Big Brother 12 to enter the BB12 house when its doors open again in July 2010.

Check the Big Brother 12 eligibility requirements first. Then fill out the Big Brother 12 application.

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Full (updated) application instructions for Big Brother 12 below the break:

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Big Brother 11 Winner Jordan & Fan-Fave Jeff On Amazing Race 16

| November 30, 2009 at 3:01 PM EDT

Update 2: Jeff & Jordan were eliminated this week on The Amazing Race during the leg through France!

Update: Jeff & Jordan on The Amazing Race has been officially confirmed with CBS’ release of the player bios. Check out the Big Brother duo’s video online.

Get ready for more Jeff and Jordan, Big Brother fans! While CBS is trying to keep it under wraps the news has leaked that Big Brother winner Jordan Lloyd and BB11’s fan favorite Jeff Schroeder have teamed up once again for The Amazing Race 16!

Fans spotted the winning duo at LAX over the weekend and were told by Jeff that he and Jordan “are in a race” as that’s all he was allowed to say. No confirmations on where the Race teams were headed but one witness spotted them at a gate destined for Chicago and then possibly on to Chile from there.

The lesson here: win lots of money on Big Brother and then tour the circuit of CBS reality shows for more money. It sure sounds like a smarter move than another BB winner had. Let’s see if Jeff and Jordan can get lightning to strike twice! Do you think they can win this game too? Share your thoughts below.

Check out RealityTVWorld’s article for more details along with the photographic proof of Jeff and Jordan in matching T’s and backpacking gear.

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Big Brother Winner Adam Jasinski Busted On Drug Dealing

| October 20, 2009 at 10:28 AM EDT

Update 2: Adam is asking to be released from rehab ahead of his July 19th trial. He wants to get out so he can do charity work. Seriously. Maybe he’ll finally be setting up that hair salon he promised years ago for “the retards.”

If Julie Chen asked most Big Brother winners how they planned to spend their half-million dollar prize money I doubt many would admit any ideas of funding a large-scale drug ring. BB9 winner Adam Jasinski has broken the mold.

Jasinski was charged on October 19th with possession of oxycodone pills with the intent to distribute and could be going away for a long, long time:

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CBS Says Big Brother 12 In Summer 2010

| September 17, 2009 at 8:00 PM EDT

It’s official, Big Brother fans! CBS has renewed its commitment to the best reality series with Big Brother 12 scheduled to air in the summer of 2010!

CBS is already making plans for Big Brother 12. The network announced today it has ordered another edition of the hit reality series for broadcast in the summer 2010.

The three-times-a-week series has once again turned into a summer sensation, growing its audience both on-air and online for the CBS Television Network and CBS Interactive platforms.

After incredible ratings pushed Big Brother above and beyond previous years it should come as no surprise that CBS wants to see Big Brother 12 next summer. Now if they could just move it up to this winter! Apply now for Big Brother 12!

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Source: CBS press release


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