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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations

| August 17, 2012 at 10:08 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 nominations

This week’s nominations have arrived on Big Brother 14 and this could finally shake things up in the house. After a not-so-surprising endurance competition we were lucky to find out this week’s HoH was entertaining the idea of betraying his own alliance.

Now that the nomination ceremony results are in we know who is on the block and what to expect this week. Read on to find out who is on the chopping block and all the big time drama that broke out in the house following the ceremony. Good times!

Big Brother 14 Week 6 Nominations:

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Big Brother 14: Wil Heuser Eviction Interview

| August 17, 2012 at 5:29 PM EDT

Wil Heuser and Julie Chen on Big Brother 14

This week’s eviction surely pleased last week’s evictee as Janelle’s former player, Wil Heuser, followed her out the door just one week later. Today I had the chance to speak with Wil and ask him about voting out his coach, that ill-fated talk with Frank and Boogie, his biggest move in the game, and where his fans can find him next.

Big Brother Network (BBN): What advantage did you see in evicting your coach & protector, Janelle? Do you regret that move?

Wil Heuser: There wasn’t really an advantage to doing that. I feel I was given the opportunity to get myself off the block and she was consequently the person that went up. When it came down to votes, if Ashley and I had voted to keep her in she still would have gone home. We were trying to avoid getting a target on our backs. It would have been great to keep Janelle. I know she would have never put me up on the block and I’d still be in the game this week. You’ve got to do what you think is right at the time.

[Janelle] was not well liked by any of the houseguests. I’m not sure how she was portrayed in editing, but she was definitely if not the most, one of the most disliked persons in the house.

BBN: Why weren’t you willing to tell Frank & Boogie what they wanted to hear in that Friday discussion that led to you being a target and eventually evicted?

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Big Brother 14: Week 5 Player Rankings

| August 17, 2012 at 2:00 PM EDT


Frank and Boogie are out of power and Shane is back in as we roll into Big Brother 14 Week 5. Last week, some alliances were formed but a HoH reign was wasted on a floater. So picking the best players from Week 4 week is going to be a tough one. Let’s try it anyway.

Best Players of the Week

1. Ian. I was beginning to think I’d never be able to put Ian in this category, despite my pre-season opinion of him. But after weeks of sitting in Boogie’s shadow, Ian has really stepped up his game. He sought out an alliance with Britney, Dan, Danielle and Shane. They might have named it something stupid, but the Quack Pack is currently holding the majority in the house. And Ian ┬áhas been using his social game to find out information and has even started suggesting making some bold moves, like putting Boogie out of the game. Way to go, Ian.

2. Boogie. He gets this spot only because he controlled Frank this week. Had Frank not sent Wil out the door and instead worked on Dan as he wanted, then he would’ve been here. Actually, he would’ve been in the #1 spot. But since Boogie controlled Frank he’s ahead of the game. Boogie’s target (Wil) might have made no sense, but he did make the move for Frank, basically.

Worst Players of the Week

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Big Brother 14: Week 6 Nomination Anticipation

| August 17, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 - Boogie and Frank

There’s a new sheriff in the Big Brother 14 house and later today that HoH will have to start naming names and placing HGs on the block. After last night’s endurance competition ended we got our first insight to what we could expect from tonight’s Nomination Ceremony. Read on to find out who is headed for the hot seats.

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Big Brother 14 Episode 16 Recap: Another Goodbye

| August 17, 2012 at 9:00 AM EDT

Big Brother 14 host Julie Chen

Thursday night’s live eviction episode of Big Brother 14 went just as everyone expect as Wil was evicted by a vote of 6 to 2 meaning Chef Joe has at least another week to scream at us during his Diary Room sessions.

The episode picked up just after the veto ceremony where Frank decided to not use the veto and leave Joe and Wil on the block. Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane are very relieved but also realize the fact that they were so scared of being blindsided means there are cracks in the Silent Six foundation. As if there weren’t cracks from the start. Everyone knows you can’t trust Boogie.

Dan thanks Frank for not blindsiding him, but Frank tells him it did cross his mind. This reminds Dan that he can’t trust Frank, but Dan never says anything about not trusting Boogie. That’s because my conspiracy theory remains that Dan and Boogie made an agreement before the game started and just haven’t mentioned in the house.

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Big Brother 14: Week 6 HoH Endurance Competition Results

| August 16, 2012 at 10:01 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 - Episode 16 HoH competition

Here we go! It’s time for a new Big Brother 14 Endurance HoH Competition! We just saw tonight’s eviction so it’s time to crown a new HoH.

The endurance competition is called “Swamped” and it’s set up like many past endurance competitions. HGs will have to race from end to end of a track and be the first to fill up their water bowl. The winner becomes the next HoH.

There are also temptations along the way. HGs who fill a smaller bucket for $10K or Safety (from eviction) will win that instead of competing for the HoH title.

So here’s the deal: if you want to watch this competition live as it happens then you have to have your Big Brother Feeds up and running. If you don’t have the feeds then this is exactly when you need to sign-up with the free trial and see how they work. You’ll be able to watch everything live and uncut as it happens!

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Big Brother 14 Week 6 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

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