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Big Brother Back On ‘Bold & Beautiful’ – Pics

| October 25, 2013 at 2:56 PM EDT

Big Brother Houseguests on 'The Bold & The Beautiful'

Big Brother Houseguests were back for another day of their “The Bold & The Beautiful” takeover on CBS. After yesterday’s appearances and scenes by Elissa Slater and Howard Overby we got even more Big Brother fun when Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas, and Jeff Schroeder appeared on the episode.

Howard reprises his role as the DJ at the Bikini Bar while Brendon, the bartender, cheers on waitress Rachel who takes a turn at singing. That Rachel, she’s a brave lady! Jeff was once again a silent appearance as he hangs out in the crowd with Survivor’s Malcolm Freberg, but doesn’t have any lines.

As for Elissa she was no where to be seen, but CBS says she’ll be back on the show next week for two more episodes along with Rachel Reilly on Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll keep you covered on more pictures and details from those events too.

Check out pictures of Howard, Rachel, Brendon, & Jeff from their scenes:

click images to see full-size views


Big Brother 15’s Elissa Slater & Howard Overby On ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ – Picture Gallery

| October 24, 2013 at 2:52 PM EDT

Big Brother appears on The Bold and the Beautiful

Big Brother former Houseguests Elissa Slater and Howard Overby made their big debuts this afternoon on CBS’s soap “The Bold & The Beautiful.” Both were small parts, but great opportunities for both of BB15’s HGs.

Elissa played a hostess, appropriately named “Elissa” who chats with one of the series’s regulars, Hope. There were even a few Big Brother references tossed out in their conversation for secret enjoyment by Big Brother fans. When asked where she had been Elissa said she had been away on “jury duty.” Hope said it was good to have their “MVP” back. We even get a line from Rachel that they’ll need to get “The Exterminators” to deal with an ant problem. That’s pretty much a two-for considering Big Brother’s frequent ant invasions each summer.

Howard was on the show as, you guessed it, “Howard,” a local karaoke DJ. A few of the cast regulars had brought some international visitors who were big karaoke fans so we get a few shots of Howard helping out some flailing singers. Howard even got a few lines talking to Hope and Wyatt and he does a great job. Sorry, Brendon, but Howard outdid you there in your scenes.

What did you think of Elissa and Howard on “The Bold & The Beautiful” today? They’ll be back tomorrow (Friday, October 25th) for more and then you can catch more of Elissa in a follow-up appearance with her sister Rachel next Wednesday and Thursday.

Check out pictures of Elissa and Howard from their scenes:

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Big Brother HGs On ‘Bold & Beautiful’ Pics & Preview

| October 21, 2013 at 10:35 AM EDT

Big Brother is on The Bold & The Beautiful

This week Big Brother former HGs will be taking over “The Bold & The Beautiful” when they guest star on the series. Big Brother 15’s Elissa Slater and Howard Overby will appear on episodes this Thursday and Friday along with other former Big Brother HGs Jeff Schroeder, Brendon Villegas, and Rachel Reilly.

The BB houseguests will appear in scenes set at the “Bikini Bar” in this week’s shows on the 24th and 25th. Howard will be playing a DJ who appears to be pretty excited about karaoke. Elissa is featured as the bar’s hostess. Brendon is there as a bartender and Rachel might be a waitress based on her outfit matching Brendon’s.

click images to see full-size

Interestingly, Brendon is introduced as being from The Amazing Race instead of Big Brother where he spent two summers. Along with the Big Brother houseguests we’ll see another CBS reality star from Survivor, Malcolm Freberg.

Fans who can’t get enough of Rachel and Elissa can see even more of them next week when both appear on October 30th and 31st for scenes at the Forrester Boutique.

Watch the preview clip below to see Big Brother HGs in their “The Bold and The Beautiful” appearances. Will you be watching them on B&B?

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BB15 Guys Get Big Brother Tattoos – Pics

| October 17, 2013 at 9:55 AM EDT

Big Brother's BB15 Guys get tattoos

Big Brother might be over for the season, but some of this year’s houseguests are ready to keep the fun alive for a lot longer. McCrae, Jeremy, and Judd decided to go together and get BB15 themed tattoos to commemorate their experience with a little ink.

McCrae and Judd each decided to go with the Power of Veto symbol while Jeremy opt’d for a more subtle “XV” across his big toes. Go figure the guy already covered in the most tattoos goes for the more modest option!

McCrae’s Veto tattoo is over his right shoulder and is an outline of the symbol. Judd had his done under his right arm on his side and went for a filled-in version of the Veto.

click images to see full-size

Update: New pictures added thanks to McCrae’s Instagram account. There’s a close-up of Jeremy’s “XV” tattoo on his toes, Amanda watching as the guys get tattooed, and a new shot of the guys posing with the tattoo artist.

click images to see full-size

Luckily former Big Brother 15 HG Amanda was along for the adventure and took lots of great pics and video of the event. Check out the picture gallery here and then see even more of them over at Big Brother Access.

What do you think of their Big Brother tattoo choices? Which one is the best? Vote in our poll below and then share your thoughts!


Big Brother 16 Application Now Available Online

| October 15, 2013 at 1:55 PM EDT

Big Brother 16 application

CBS has released the Big Brother 16 application for online submissions to the 2014 summer season of their reality TV series. Having previously confirmed their commitment to Big Brother with a renewal announcement last month the next step for BB16 became pulling together a new cast of Houseguests. Kassting Inc. is ready for that challenge.

Many frustrated viewers called for a change of casting control following this past season’s HGs’ disappointing behavior, but after many years of success CBS wasn’t ready to call it quits on Robyn Kass and Kassting Inc. just yet. In a message to a Big Brother 16 hopeful Kass said via Twitter they would be releasing casting event details in the spring, but wouldn’t be working on the new season’s search process until 2014.

For those hopefuls who don’t want to wait that long or potentially travel a long distance to an open casting call event, CBS has reopened the online applications for immediate submissions. CBS notes, “These are reviewed as we receive them and considered for the season that we are casting at the time.”

Per the usual requirements, applicants must be 21 years of age at the time of submission and a US citizen. BB16 hopefuls considering both submitting an online application and attending a spring casting event should keep in mind that this would be completely unnecessary and redundant. Pick one option or the other based on what you would find most comfortable. Check out Big Brother’s own Matt Hoffman’s detailed guide, “How a Regular Dude Can Get Cast on Big Brother” for more info on becoming part of the next season’s cast. His plan is completely free and very thorough.

No deadline has been announced yet, but CBS indicates callbacks will be held during April and June 2014. Be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email updates to get the latest Big Brother 16 casting information sent directly to you.


CBS Says Big Brother 16 In Summer 2014

| October 10, 2013 at 2:57 PM EDT

Julie Chen - Big BrotherCBS will premiere Big Brother 16 next year starting in the summer of 2014. Despite controversy the long-running reality TV series delivered on its promise of drama for viewers and strong ratings for the network.

As is typical of Big Brother renewals, the announcement was not made official until near the end of the previous season. According to insiders, the news was revealed internally during the series’ 500th episode milestone celebration.

An uptick in past Houseguests’ strong public support of the show on Twitter became apparent late in the season and was rumored to have been part of a campaign to put a positive spin on a sour season. Whether CBS had any actual concerns or doubts about the series returning have been put to rest now with the series’ renewal for BB16.

While no specific date has been confirmed for the Big Brother 16 premiere, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another attempt of the extended season like we had this year with a June launch. The extra two weeks were definitely noticed as things seemed to drag on, but with the right cast and action on the Feeds it’d be a great opportunity.

Casting has opened its online application process with in-person casting events expected again in the spring. Most seasons have seen those events run from April to May. We’ll keep an eye out for dates and locations to be announced in early 2014.

While we wait for the new season next summer we can enjoy the return of Big Brother Canada starting early next year. BBCAN’s first season was excellent, so let’s hope for a repeat success from our friends to the north.

Be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and our Email updates to get all the latest Big Brother spoilers and news sent directly to you. We can’t wait for Big Brother 16!


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