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Big Brother 12 Just Days Away – Live Feed Discount Still Available

| July 2, 2010 at 7:00 AM EDT

Are you ready for the return of Big Brother? Let’s check. Schedule cleared until mid-September? Done. Enough frozen dinners to cover a season of Sun/Wed/Thu shows? Mmm hmm. Caffeine pills to help get through the all-nighter endurance competitions? Got ‘em. Conspiracy theories about the game being rigged? Locked and loaded. Big Brother Uncensored Live Feed? What? You don’t have yours yet?!

The Big Brother 12 Live Feed is your one and only way to see into the Big Brother House unfiltered, untampered, and uncensored. Every season there are two Big Brother games running: what CBS shows you three nights a week and then what’s really going on in the house 24/7 on the live feeds. Big Brother is unique in that there is no other reality show that lets you watch it happen as it happens. There’s no post-production polishing of the houseguests with face-saving recuts, just raw human elements and that’s what this game is really all about.

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Big Brother 12 House Tour – Pics & More

| July 1, 2010 at 7:00 AM EDT

You’ve met the Big Brother 12 Houseguests now meet their home for the next two and a half months: the Big Brother House!

So far the new BB House looks very classy and polished. I’m digging the cabana room that was once the spa room (gee, I guess those ridiculous rumors of a coffin in that room were wrong). Very relaxing with that giant bed in there! If I had to pick a bedroom I’d be going for the Sunset Room too. What about you?

Check out a few of the BB12 House pics below. Big Brother Access has more over here if you’re interested. Don’t miss Julie Chen’s guided tour video as well. You can tell she’s really gotten comfortable with this place after so many seasons!

click images to enlarge

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Big Brother 12 Cast: House Guests Revealed – Details & Pics – Video Added

| June 30, 2010 at 8:20 AM EDT

The wait is over. Here are your Big Brother 12 cast details! I’ll post more pictures and videos as they become available this morning, but for now here are the details, pics, & vid for this seasons HGs. Watch them 24/7 live & uncensored!

Big Brother 12 Houseguests:

  • Rachel Reilly, 26 – VIP Cocktail Waitress – Las Vegas, NV
  • Kristen Bitting, 24 – Boutique Manager – Philadelphia, PA
  • Britney Haynes, 22 – Hotel Sales Manager – Huntington, AR
  • Monet Stunson, 24 – Model – Glen Carbon, IL
  • Brendon Villegas, 30 – High School Swim Coach – Riverside, CA
  • Andrew Gordon, 39 – Podiatrist – Miami, FL
  • Enzo Palumbo, 32 – Insurance Adjuster – Bayonne, NJ
  • Kathy Hillis, 40 – Deputy Sheriff – Texarkana, AR
  • Annie Whittington, 27 – Bartender – Tampa, FL
  • Matt Hoffman, 32 – Web Designer – Elgin, IL
  • Lane Elenburg, 24 – Oil Rig Salesman – Decatur, TX
  • Ragan Fox, 34 – College Professor – Los Angeles, CA
  • Hayden Moss, 24 – College Student, Athlete – Tempe, AZ
  • Paolo Aviles, 30 – Real Estate Agent – unk

Update: Allegedly the 14th HG, Paolo Aviles, backed out during sequester and we’re down to 13 for the season.

One of these 13 Houseguests will be the season’s Saboteur:

click images to enlarge

I’ll continue to update this post throughout the day as the HG pics and bio info is released! What do you think of the new cast so far?? As a former swim coach myself, I’m rooting for Brendon. Who is your early pick? Join us on Facebook!

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I’ve uploaded a copy of CBS’ The Early Show Big Brother segment this morning. I’ll replace it with something better once it’s available.

You can watch even more of the Houseguests over at with another nice little video featuring all the new season’s hamsters!

CBS has also released a walk through video of the BB12 house!


Big Brother 12 Twist Revealed: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

| June 28, 2010 at 9:56 PM EDT

Only 8 days left to get the preseason discount on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Hurry!

The first Big Brother 12 spoiler has been announced and there’s no uncertainty when the word comes directly from BB12 host, Julie Chen:

“For the first time in Big Brother history, one player is not playing to win. This summer a saboteur will reek [sic] havoc in the house.”

So this season one of the Houseguests will not be playing for money. Instead he/she will be playing to sabotage the game. Think of it as America’s Player but one step further removed with no chance to win the half-million dollar prize.

What do you think of the new twist for this season? It sounds like it could be a lot of fun, but will it damage the normal rhythm of the game too much?

Lots of questions: will he/she take direction from us, from production, or will he/she be on his/her own? Oh the drama! Are you ready for Big Brother 12?

Thinking back, this reminds me of the mischief Curtis did in Big Brother 1 when he was instructed to do things like shift the clock a little each night to mess with everyone’s head. His prize? The Sony tube television they wheeled in each week. Hopefully this season’s mole will be better rewarded!

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Update: Want to see the inside of the Big Brother 12 house? Sure you do. Check out the first BB12 house pic at the bottom of this post!

Update 2: TVGuide leak confirms 14 Houseguests this season!

Update 3: CBS will reveal the identity of the new HGs on Wednesday AM. I’ll be live posting all that info as it airs on The Early Show so check back here in the morning.


Big Brother 12 Goes Mobile – Download the Apps

| June 28, 2010 at 7:00 AM EDT

Update: Get the latest Big Brother mobile apps here.

No matter where you are this summer now you’ll be able to stay connected to Big Brother 13. We’re thrilled to offer up new mobile apps from AimX Labs with the latest BB12 spoilers and updates delivered right to your mobile device. Whether you’ve got a Blackberry, iPhone, Android, or Palm Pre/Pixi you’re covered!

Below are the prices and direct links to get your Big Brother mobile apps. You’ll have to click the Android and Blackberry links directly from your phone.

Please note that you can NOT access the live feeds via these apps. To do so will require registering for the Big Brother Feeds and a web browser supporting Flash.

AimX Labs provides tech support for all their apps and can be contacted here.

If you don’t have one of those phones or apps aren’t your thing, then no worries because we’ll also have the latest Big Brother news right here at Big Brother Network with our slick new mobile version of the site. Point your mobile browser at right now to see it in action. Pretty nice, huh?

Of course no matter what phone you’re rocking you won’t want to be without the Big Brother Live Feeds. Be sure to register for the uncensored feeds with free trial before the price goes back when Big Brother premieres on July 8th!


Big Brother 12 Live Feeds – Early Bird Discount – One Free Month Details

| June 23, 2010 at 7:01 AM EDT

The discount code will be auto-applied when you click any live feeds link on this site.

The Big Brother 12 Live Feeds early bird discount has arrived and its huge! Sign up now for the feeds to get 33% off the normal price and it’ll be like getting an entire month free along with $30 in free mp3s. This sale price will run out when the Big Brother season starts on July 8th so it’s a very limited time offer.

Here’s how it works: the 24/7 Live & Uncensored Big Brother Feed is usually $15 per month, but Real is offering up a limited time, quarterly discount so you can get 3 months for $29.99 instead of the $45 it’d normally cost to watch all season since Big Brother lasts until mid-September. With this deal you can be covered for 3 months, but only pay for 2 months to get your live feeds and see everything in the BB house uncensored 24/7. Miss the feeds and you’ll miss Big Brother!

If you’ve never watched the Big Brother live feeds before then you’re truly missing out. It’s like another entire show within Big Brother. What you see on CBS is rarely the whole story when it comes to the season’s biggest fights and most intimate moments. Look at it this way: two tickets to a 2-hour 3D movie for $28 or nearly two thousand hours of Big Brother fun for $29.99. Your choice.

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RealNetworks will only offer this deal until July 7th so I went ahead and signed up. I recommend you do the same and be ready when Big Brother 12 starts!

Update: Huge news! The website that refers the most Big Brother fans to sign up and take advantage of the preseason sale price on the live feeds will get to host a webchat with Big Brother’s Janelle and Chelsia! That’s awesome. Come on everyone, this is the only time of the season I’ll beg you to sign-up for the live feeds through us. Let’s work together to win this and then we can all share in it together!!

*The mp3 downloads are only for US customers.


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