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Team America Gets Its Second Mission On Big Brother 16

| July 18, 2014 at 11:00 AM EDT
Team America's next mission

Team America’s next mission – Source: CBS

Team America is back at it again this week with their second mission and a strong position to make it happen. Read on to find out which target viewers selected: a floater or a threat.

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Diary Room: Judd Daugherty Wraps Up Week 3 On Big Brother 16

| July 18, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

It sure has been another crazy week in the Big Brother house! I feel like I watch it different this year than I did before. I get nervous, excited, anxious, annoyed with the players like I always have but this season I feel like I have more compassion for them.

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother – Source: CBS

I especially felt bad for Jocasta when she was sick but when Donny guaranteed her safety with the veto I felt like I seen another side of Jocasta. Sure Jocasta cried and all that which seems to be the theme of the house this season but she also showed me as a viewer how deeply she really wants to be there in the game and that earned her some respect in my book. Speaking of the tender hearted let’s move on to Caleb….

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Big Brother 16 – Week 4 Nomination Anticipation

| July 18, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

Following last night’s Big Brother episode where we saw Devin Shepherd walk out the front door two more HGs were crowned as this week’s Heads of Household. But who would they put up on the block? No mysteries this week and as the pair were quite vocal in the targets.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Overnight we heard a lot of discussions and shifting in plans as the nominees were worked through the gears and spit out on the other side with pairings and HoH ownership. Find out who is going on the block and should prepare for the upcoming Battle of the Block competition on Friday.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 4 Thursday Night Highlights

| July 18, 2014 at 7:45 AM EDT


It’s a new week in the Big Brother 16 house, so let the game talk begin. It didn’t take long after the HOH results were revealed for us to find out who the planned nomination pairs are for the week. There’s still some disagreement on who will nominate whom, but the pairs seem to be solidified. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother feeds last night.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 17, 2014:

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 7-17-2014

| July 18, 2014 at 7:00 AM EDT

The Big Brother 16 live show left viewers in a cliffhanger asking “Who won HoH?!” after watching the latest evictee walk out that door. Well I have got the spoilers for you here.

Big Brother 16 - Episode 11 HoH competition

Big Brother 16 – Episode 11 HoH competition – Source: CBS

When the Live Feeds returned after the HOH competition, Deviled Eggs, was all finished (grrrr), we saw lots of Houseguests celebrating, but only two could be the happiest and it didn’t take long to pick them out of the crowd.

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 3 Eviction & HoH Live Recap

| July 17, 2014 at 8:30 PM EDT

Things don’t look good for the “Honesty & Integrity” gameplan on Big Brother 16 this week as Devin Shepherd and Caleb Reynolds prepare to find out which of them will be evicted and which will have a shot at the two HoH seats about to be filled.

Caleb Reynolds & Devin Shepherd prepare for eviction

Caleb Reynolds & Devin Shepherd prepare for eviction – Source: CBS

Having entered the game with the promise of a crusader of truth and righteous strategy the house has against Devin’s questionable game moves of betrayal and paranoia. Tonight we’ll find out if it was enough to send him packing or if “Beast Mode Cowboy” will get the blindside of his Big Brother life.

On top of another live eviction the HGs are preparing today for a new Head of Household competition. Is it time for a new endurance battle? If it is then we’ll be ready to start watching the competition play out only on the Live Feeds. Get the Free Trial now and check it out!

Join us tonight here for a live recap and discussion of the latest Big Brother show plus you can find us on Facebook and Twitter for even more updates as the game plays out in real-time on the Feeds.

The show kicks off with some flashbacks to Devin considering whether he should try to campaign. Production had to tell him to get out there and talk to people. Then we’ve got Caleb’s obsession with Amber and how it’s clouding his game. HGs thinking it might be time to get him going on out the door.

Jeff Schroeder is hosting the hometown visit segments this season and his first stop is Donny Thompson’s family and friends. It’s a hilarious segment whether you’re a Jeff fan or not. Donny has some fantastic support back home even though his parents aren’t interested in watching Big Brother.

Big Brother 16 Week 3 Votes:

  • Jocasta votes to evict: Devin
  • Donny votes to evict: Devin
  • Nicole votes to evict: Devin
  • Hayden votes to evict: Devin
  • Zach votes to evict: Devin
  • Cody votes to evict: Devin
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Victoria votes to evict: Devin
  • Frankie votes to evict: Devin
  • Amber votes to evict: Devin
  • Christine votes to evict: Devin
  • Brittany votes to evict: Devin

By a vote of 11-0, Devin Shepherd has been evicted from Big Brother 16.

Big Brother 16 Week 4 Head of Household Comp – Deviled Eggs:

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