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Big Brother 12: Week 5 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

| August 9, 2010 at 8:50 AM EST

After watching the nomination episode last night for Big Brother 12 , we learned what Matt really received when he opened Pandora’s Box, the Diamond Power of Veto.  He is in the best position for the next two weeks.  He is the HoH for this week and now has the power to take someone off the block and choose their replacement during one of the next two eviction episodes.  I’d be shocked if he used it this go around so more than likely he’ll save someone next week, possibly himself, and try to get Brendon out.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 8, 2010:

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Big Brother 12: Week 5 Nominations Episode After-Thoughts

| August 8, 2010 at 8:15 PM EST

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 nominations episode!

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds to see the noms scramble to save their butts. Big Brother is a fast moving game where things change on a dime and you never know what will happen. Grab the BB Feeds and you’ll get the full view of the real Big Brother game, not just what CBS shows you! If you’re new to the live feeds then check out the Free Trial now.

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show. Did Matt make the right noms? Who do you think is in the most danger of being evicted from Big Brother 12 this week?

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Big Brother 12: Week 5 Nominations Episode Tonight

| August 8, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

Big Brother 12 returns tonight for its week 5 nominations episode of the season where we’ll have confirmed for us who won the endurance comp and the nominations for eviction on Thursday.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen to deliver the news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH nomination spoilers. It gets better though because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place leaving things even more up in the air. We’ve got the PoV spoilers for you too if you really want to get ahead.

A lot can happen in the Big Brother house in just a short period so stay up on the latest events with our Big Brother Mobile apps and Facebook updates.

If you’ve missed the latest events then you can use the live feedsFlashback” feature which works like a DVR for your feeds. Pick a day and time, then the feeds will time warp you back so you can watch the hottest events of the summer all season long. This is definitely one feature I’m getting a lot of use out of again this summer. Sign-up now to watch it all live and uncensored for fifty cents a day.


Big Brother 12: Week 5 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

| August 8, 2010 at 8:57 AM EST

Once Matt’s nominations had settled in it was time to battle it out over the Veto in the Big Brother 12 House. Even that wasn’t enough to settle things because fights broke out in the house after the comp and the night didn’t go quietly.

Read on to find out what happened and be sure to stay close because the PoV Ceremony is set to take place Monday.

Try the live feeds for free and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed!

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 7, 2010:

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Big Brother 12: Week 5 PoV Competition – Spoilers

| August 7, 2010 at 6:29 PM EST

Power of VetoBig Brother 12 is heating up as we enter the fifth week of backstabbing and fighting as stress levels run high amongst the HGs. After finding out who Matt nominated last night it was time for the Veto competition which gave the nominees their last chance at safety to stay in the game.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

The Week 5 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 12:

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The Return of the Big Brother 12 Saboteur and Pandora’s Box

| August 7, 2010 at 12:42 PM EST

Late last night the Big Brother 12 Saboteur returned to the house. No, it wasn’t Annie, the original Saboteur. Instead it was Ragan who was selected by America’s Vote to revive the fallen Twist and inject some pranks in to the house. You can watch the entire Saboteur II reveal on the Live Feeds Flashback starting at 9:03PM BBT on all cams as the HGs are stunned by the twist’s return.

With the HGs gathered round the screen flickered to life and once again we had the garbled voice and silhouette hiding his identity. The Saboteur thanked Matt for opening Pandora’s Box on Friday then threatened them that his mission was to destroy them all and coast to the half-million dollar prize. Before fading away the Saboteur told them to “watch your back, before I stab you in it!”

Matt was the first to react by laughing and asking, “they’re trying this again?” Britney and Rachel agreed this was a whole new Saboteur and not the return of Annie (they’re right). Enzo proposed that the new Saboteur must have had the option to do it. Hayden proclaims it would be a stupid decision to accept and try to stab everyone in the back. Don’t worry, Hayden, he didn’t mean it literally!

For the next 2 weeks Ragan will try to cover his tracks and trick the other HGs. If he makes it clear to the other side of this challenge he’ll pocket a cool $20K for his efforts. Not too shabby! Unlike Annie, Ragan will still be eligible to win the prize and won’t be removed from the game like Annie would have if she had at Week 5.

What do you think? Should Ragan have rejected the Sabo offer?

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