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Big Brother 15 – CBS Says 100 Days In 13 Weeks (VIDEO)

| May 31, 2013 at 10:46 AM EDT

Big Brother 15 - 100 Days of Summer

This season of Big Brother 15 looks to truly be bigger than ever. We’ve been hearing it all month since host Julie Chen revealed the 2013 season would need “more houseguests than ever.” Now we’re finding out that not only will the season start earlier with a June 26, 2013 premiere, but it’s also set to run longer.

In their latest promo, watch the video below, CBS throws out a new tagline for the Big Brother 15 season with “100 Days of Summer.” Now we’ve heard in the past that the marketing department is sometimes disconnected from the actual production team when it comes to making promises and this might be a similar situation.

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Big Brother After Dark Leaves Showtime For TVGN

| May 29, 2013 at 5:04 PM EDT

Big Brother After Dark

Yet another change for Big Brother 15 today with the announcement from CBS that “Big Brother: After Dark” would be leaving Showtime and moving to TVGN.

What is TVGN? It’s the channel formerly known as “TV Guide Network” that was rebranded for the fifth time since it started up in 1981 (Wikipedia). CBS bought up half control of the channel along with Lionsgate so they’re probably looking to boost viewership there. I guess Showtime and SHO2 don’t need the help.

What does this mean for the 2013 season of Big Brother After Dark? TVGN isn’t a premium channel, so you won’t have to sign-up for Showtime again. The downside is this probably won’t be uncensored content anymore. They’ll either have to actively censor the content or actively restrict the HGs. I’m guessing it’s the former.

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Big Brother 15 Cast Application Reviews Complete

| May 28, 2013 at 12:34 PM EDT

Kassting Inc

The Big Brother 15 cast is one step closer to coming together with the news from Kassting Inc’s Robyn Kass, the casting director for CBS’ Big Brother series.

Kass announced via Twitter that if you submitted an application or visited an open-call event then yes, your profile was reviewed by her team for a chance at going inside the house for the 2013 season!

The new season is just four weeks away from it’s start date of June 26, 2013. Over the next few weeks as we prepare for the season premiere the wheels will be turning over there at Kassting Inc and CBS has they assemble what we’ve been told will be an all-new HG cast for Big Brother 15!

Finalists should be hearing from the casting group soon if they haven’t already so don’t fret if you’re still waiting on that phone call. And if you do get the call then don’t share it on Twitter or anywhere else for that matter! According to the rules, if you disclose your finalists status as a potential HG then you can and likely will be dumped off the list.

Robyn Kass just posted this morning “Still lots of decisions to be made….” on her Twitter account so they’re still working things through on who makes the cut.

Best of luck to all Big Brother 15 applicants! We can’t wait to watch you on the brand new Live Feeds this summer.

Image source: @Kassting


CBS Readying Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Details

| May 27, 2013 at 9:46 AM EDT

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds on CBS

Update: CBS has released details for the new Live Feeds! Read the full report here.

Big Brother 15 will start in just over a month on June 26, 2013 and fans are ready to find out more about this season’s Live Feeds program and what to expect.

Big Brother Live Feeds
Receive notifications on the Big Brother Live Feeds:

In early April we learned that CBS had parted ways with RealNetworks after thirteen years and would instead be offering the Feeds directly through their own sign-ups. This offered up a lot of questions both around our team and among our readers. Will the cost change? Can Canadians still view the Feeds? Will there be an Early Bird rate? Are they going to blackout the Feeds more often?

Some of these questions were addressed in our original article explaining the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds situation, but more questions were left unanswered.

Luckily we had been put in contact with CBS’ Interactive team, the folks who would be managing the 2013 Feed experience, so I reached out again to them on Friday in hopes of more details.

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Top 5 Things We Want To See On Big Brother 15

| May 23, 2013 at 11:38 AM EDT

Big Brother 15 on CBS

The CBS premiere of Big Brother 15 arrives in just five more weeks (June 26th) so let’s get ready by discussing what we here at BBN want to see as part of the 2013 season.

#5 – More Competitions On Live Feeds

We love watching the endurance comps on the Big Brother Live Feeds so getting more of that would be even better. Each season the luxury comps, Veto comps, Have-Nots, etc. are blocked from the Feeds and that’s a shame.

We know they don’t always run smoothly and blocking the live viewers lets production take all the time they need to get it right. But keep in mind that we see a full week of comps in one hour of live TV on Double Eviction nights, more on those in a moment, so we know they can pull it off. Expand the Big Brother 15 Feeds. Show us more comps!

#4 – More Double Eviction Nights

These are the best nights of the season. Everything goes in to chaos mode and we really get a big dose of “expect the unexpected” when the HGs have to scramble through an eviction, HoH comp, nominations, a Veto comp and ceremony, and another eviction all inside sixty minutes of live television. So much fun. So very awesome.

Part of what makes those Big Brother episodes so awesome is that they are rare, so let’s not overdo it, but maybe one or even two extra double eviction shows would be fantastic to have this season.

#3 – Twists That Don’t Flip The Entire Season

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Exclusive: CBS Seeking All New Cast For Big Brother 15

| May 8, 2013 at 11:30 AM EDT

Big Brother 15 CBS

We have exciting news for Big Brother fans. According to a very reliable source, and I wouldn’t share this news if I didn’t trust the source 110%, CBS is currently seeking an all-new Big Brother 15 cast.

Yes, that would mean no returning houseguests for the 2013 Big Brother season. Instead we should be blessed with a brand new set of faces to enjoy for this summer’s “bigger than ever” season when BB15 premieres in June.

When asked for a response to this claim Robyn Kass, the Big Brother casting director, told us “way too early to comment on this. We still have time to figure things out.”

This syncs with the caveat from our source, that CBS is in control of the final decision and has the option to change direction at will. Should CBS not like where the Big Brother 15 cast is going with all-new faces then it’s possible for them to make a switch to vets.

After several seasons of returning HGs being mixed in we’re ready for some brand new faces and considering the incredibly refreshing experience of a “no-retreads here” approach for Big Brother Canada we think the path has been cleared. New players mean new attitudes and fresh takes on the game, something the series really needs to keep viewers engaged and yet another move that should make this a great season.

Are you happy to hear that CBS is bringing in an all new group for Big Brother 15? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below and vote in the poll.


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