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Big Brother 12: Top 12 Events of the Season – Part 2

| September 13, 2010 at 9:29 AM EST

Today I’m continuing my countdown through Big Brother 12′s Top 12 events of the season. If you missed the first half of the countdown then go back for #12 – 7 before moving on. Otherwise, let’s continue our stroll down memory lane.

Don’t forget that you can still go back and watch all of these BB events using the Live Feeds Flashback feature. Just punch in the day and time and watch away!

#6 – Saboteur claims there are lifelong friends in the game
Though the Saboteur’s efforts to sabotage were mostly ignored there was one act that shook the house. During the first week of the season the HGs were warned by a Saboteur video message that two HGs had entered the game with a lifelong friendship between them. This claim was never substantiated by production for viewers and never really went away for the HGs as paranoid speculation persisted throughout the season. Whether the credit for this idea belongs to Annie or BB production it was the only Saboteur event with a lasting impact.

Best part: Not a day goes by on this site that a reader doesn’t propose another possibility of which HGs were the lifelong friends. It was a lie. Plain and simple.

#5 – Brenchel consummates their showmance
While sex in the Big Brother house had once been a rarity it has become a more commonplace event amidst recent seasons. So the inevitability of Brendon and Rachel crawling under the covers of the HoH bedroom comes as no surprise. After Have-Not status thwarted any plans during her first HoH rule the couple came together, along with all 4 cams on the live feeds. Whether or not they were the first couple to have sex this season is open to debate as Kristen later staked her claim to that achievement during a conversation with Kathy. One thing is for sure, nothing came between her and her man that night.

Best part: Brendon’s first words afterward: “I’m sorry.” Yeah, so are the rest of us.

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Big Brother 12 Clip-Show Episode After-Thoughts

| September 12, 2010 at 8:15 PM EST

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 end of the season recap episode!

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds (free trial) to see the Brigade in their final days ahead of Wednesday’s finale.

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show. Did CBS dig up the best clips to recap this season? That’s a lot of material to try and cram down in to just 60 minutes!

Did you know we also have Survivor and American Idol sites? Just because the Big Brother season is ending doesn’t mean reality TV is over for the year. Check out Survivor Fandom and American Idol Net where we keep the fun alive!


Big Brother 12 Clip-Show Episode Tonight

| September 12, 2010 at 9:28 AM EST

Our second to last Big Brother 12 episode is upon us with the delivery of tonight’s annual clip-show. Past seasons have asked the remaining two HGs to walk us down memory lane while others have purely been a series of segments that didn’t make it off the cutting room floor the first time around.

From the CBS video below it sounds more like we’ll get to see the start of The Brigade plus some extra scenes they hadn’t shown before on TV. I’m guessing that those of us with the live feeds have already seen all these moments, but at least it’s something to watch while we wait for Wednesday’s BB12 live finale show.


Big Brother 12: Who Takes Whom To Final 2

| September 11, 2010 at 11:28 AM EST

Big Brother 12 has come to the end and with it so does the Brigade. Once a force of four, the all-male alliance narrowed to three after the eviction of “The Brains”, Matt. Now Lane, Hayden, and Enzo are all that remains from the season’s entire cast and that pool of three is about to get even smaller with one final eviction.

On Wednesday we saw Hayden take the first round of the final HoH competition when Lane fell from his perch after over two and a half hours. These two competitors acted like there was a half-million dollars on the line, unlike Enzo who dropped after just 19 minutes so he could cook himself a pizza and assorted snacks. You can buy a lot of frozen pizzas with $500K, Enzo.

Thursday presented the second round and last chance for Lane and Enzo to move on to Round 3 in the last HoH battle of the season. Both men surprised me by not only completing in under 2 minutes but also correctly identified all 5 face-morphs. Unfortunately for Enzo, he took a full 30 seconds longer to complete the same task and Lane moved on to face off with Hayden on Wednesday’s live show.

Either Lane or Hayden will move on to face the jury, but the big question is, who do they take with them to that interrogation? Right now both Lane and Hayden have promised each other that regardless of who wins Round 3 they will take the other one to the end. Hayden has “discussed” this privately with the cameras and I believe he’ll hold up the deal. Lane is paranoid enough about Enzo getting close to Hayden in these final days that I’m expecting him to also keep these terms.

Putting aside all other aspects of the game, all 3 members of the Brigade entered this final 3-part battle on a level playing field. Agreeing that the Final 2 should consist of those who proved themselves during these competitions is a very fair way of eliminating the third wheel, but is it the wisest decision for both the men?

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Big Brother 12: Top 12 Events of the Season – Part 1

| September 10, 2010 at 12:00 PM EST

It’s been a long road since premiere night when Julie Chen opened the front door and ushered us in-to a new season of Big Brother. After much deliberation and discussion, here are our Top 12 events from this season (*pfft* Top 10? We’re doing a Top 12 because it’s Big Brother 12!). Taking a page from production’s book, I’ll be stretching this one out and breaking the post in to two parts so you’ll have to check back in on Monday for the second half. Muahahah!

#12 – Brenchel calls a House Meeting
It was only Week 2 in the house when we got our first dose of mass drama. After offering himself up for eviction Matt invoked the wrath of Brenchel when they discovered he had used the opportunity to vilify them. The first House Meeting of BB12 was called because Rachel wanted this season to be played in the open and without deception. Uhh, I thought you were familiar with Big Brother, Rachel.

Best part: Matt diffuses the situation, HGs completely disregard the events, and Monet still gets evicted.

#11 – Enzo eats and eats and eats as a Have-Not
Despite being banished to Have-Not-dom and only allowed to eat slop, broccoli, and bean dip Enzo proceeds to eat anything he can get his hands on. Enzo managed to eat pizza, handfuls of snacks hidden in his penguin costume, dodge cameras between the fridge doors to eat, and even ate nuts off the ground. You’d almost forget he got to take an approved break as a Have-Not to enjoy a Hawaiian feast mid-week thanks to Britney’s Pandora’s Box misfortunes.

Best part: Is there a best part? After punishing BB11 HGs for a sip of Gatorade and a single grape with an extra 24 hours of Have-Not, the BB12 production crew couldn’t grow a backbone long enough to punish Enzo in the least.

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Big Brother 12: Britney Haynes Interview

| September 10, 2010 at 10:37 AM EST

Hey there Big Brother fans!  Check out my interview with Britney Haynes and see what she says was her biggest move in the game!

Ashli Rae:   Do you regret putting Matt on the block when you were HoH?

Britney Haynes:  No – I think it was the smartest move that I made in the game.

AR:  Of the three guys left in the house, who do you consider the biggest floater?

BH:  Absolutely the biggest floater is Enzo. His game is 100% social. It worked for him, but I do not see him as a competitor.

AR:  As far as your game, do you think you put too much trust into Lane?

BH:  Not necessarily. I made it to the final four and had the chance twice to advance myself further. I didn’t need anyone else to go farther; I just didn’t perform in competitions as well as I should have.

AR:  Will it be a problem with your fiancé Nick if you kept in touch with Lane?

BH:  I don’t know because I haven’t talked to Nick yet, but I doubt it. Nick is really nice and likes everybody.

AR:  What could you have done differently to not be sitting in the jury house?

BH:  Competed harder! I needed to win the last HOH or POV. I believe if I had done that, I would have had a really great shot at winning the entire game.

AR:  You knew from Ragan there was a three person alliance, why would you trust any of them to take you to the final two?

BH:  I didn’t trust any of them to take me to the final two. I knew I had to rely on myself.

AR:  Who do you hope joins you in the jury?

BH:  I hope Enzo joins me in the jury because I think he played the weakest game.

AR:  What do you think the reactions going to be when you walk in the jury house?

BH:  I am not looking forward to the reaction at all. I think it will be dramatic and over-the-top.

Do you think Brit still hasn’t got a clue about her own game play or did she walk out of the house doing everything she could do?


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