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Big Brother 15 Cast: We Go Inside To Meet The HGs

| June 11, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

Big Brother 15 - HGs Interviews

Big Brother 15 is just around the corner and that means it’s nearly time to meet the new season’s HGs. Thanks to CBS, I’ll get to do that just a little sooner than most so I can bring your our exclusive insight and revealing details on this summer’s group of houseguests. Once again this season I’ll be heading to the Big Brother studio lot where I’ll have the chance to sit down, interview the BB15 cast, and share them with you.

Here’s how you can get involved in a couple of different ways. First up we want to hear your ideas for what questions we should ask the new cast. Last year we got a lot of great suggestions and several made the cut to become part of our interviews. Now you’ve got the chance to have your questions posed to the HGs and answered for all the other Big Brother 15 fans to hear. Keep the questions clean and serious to be considered. We’ll collect the very best ones to take with me to Los Angeles.

Next up we need your help to cover the cost of the trip. No, we’re not asking for donations, but when you sign up for the Live Feeds subscription through our links and banners we receive a referral commission with no extra cost to you. That commission helps to fund the site and efforts like these interviews.

Will you support us this season by signing up for your Big Brother 15 Live Feeds with us? Click the link below to get started and help make these interviews possible.

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Thank you to everyone. Even if you don’t sign up for Feeds your readership keeps this site and the Big Brother community here going. We appreciate your help.


Big Brother 15 Episodes Available Online And On CBS App For 2013 Season

| June 10, 2013 at 9:17 AM EST

Big Brother 15 with Julie Chen

Big Brother 15 fans will have another way to keep up on their favorite summer reality series this season. CBS has announced full episodes of BB15 will be available online from their website and as part of the official “CBS Interactive” iOS app.

CBS explains, “iPhone and iPad users can catch up on full episodes of BIG BROTHER on the CBS App, where they will also be able follow and join the social media conversation around the show, view photos and get details on the cast.”

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Explained – FAQ

| June 8, 2013 at 10:00 AM EST

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds on CBS

This year on Big Brother 15, for the first time in thirteen seasons, the Big Brother Live Feeds will not be on SuperPass through Real. Instead CBS will be hosting the Feeds directly along with the sign-up process.

The shift from what we’re all used to has caused a lot of concerns and raising questions. We’re hoping to answer those unknowns here and help get the word out over this season’s new home for Big Brother 15 Feeds.

Do I need SuperPass to watch Big Brother 15 Live Feeds?

No. Not only do you not need SuperPass, you won’t be able to use SuperPass to access Big Brother Feeds at all. Unless you wanted Real’s other services on SuperPass there’s no need to keep that subscription active.

You will need to sign-up through the new system offered from CBS to access the BB Feeds this summer. There is no other option.

Is there an Early Bird price this season? When does it end?

Yes, there is an Early Bird sale this season. You can get the BB15 Live Feeds at a discount if you sign-up for the season pass before the end of June 25th. The price is $23.99 for the entire season which means if you sign-up now you’ll have access to Big Brother content for 4 months making it cost $6/month. Ridiculously cheap this year.

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Exclusive: ‘Big Brother After Dark’ On Move To TVGN: “No Difference” Says TVGN Senior VP

| June 7, 2013 at 8:33 AM EST


Update: Clearly we were told incorrect information by TVGN. BBAD on TVGN is most definitely still censored (BBAD on Slice is not). We are following up with TVGN to ask why it is being censored and why we were explicitly told it would not be when it most definitely is.

Since the announcement that Big Brother 15‘s “After Dark” series will be moving from Showtime’s SHO2 to the TVGN channel, CBS’s new venture, some fans have loudly championed a return to the old over fears of what this change would mean to their beloved “Big Brother After Dark” episodes. Would the series still be uncensored? What about all the commercials? What’s all this about “curated live feeds”?

Looking to answer many of these unknowns I turned to TVGN’s Leslie Furuta, the Senior Vice President of Communications and Media Relations. Ms. Furuta provided detailed answers to every question we asked and the information she gave us should make a lot of “After Dark” fans very happy.

Will “Big Brother After Dark” be censored on TVGN?:

The biggest question we heard from many fans was whether or not “After Dark” would lose its uncensored privileges when moving from a premium channel to basic cable. “Fans aren’t going to miss out on any context or hot moments happening on “After Dark,” said Leslie Furuta. She went on to explain that while TVGN must adhere to basic cable standards things are already very relaxed during the late night hours. So there you have it. No, “After Dark” will not be censored on TVGN. But wait. There’s more!

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Big Brother 15 – CBS Says ‘Big Brother Across All Screens’ With New Multiplatform Approach

| June 6, 2013 at 7:59 AM EST

Big Brother season premiere

Big Brother 15 will arrive even sooner, says CBS as they announce a slew of ways, new and old, for fans to enjoy the 2013 summer season when the premiere kicks off one hour earlier on June 26th. CBS offered up an early preview of their online, mobile, social media, and on-air multiplatform approach to the new season.

Big Brother 15 Expands Online & Mobile Offerings

Driven by last year’s “558 percent increase in social conversation over the previous season” CBS is looking to expand its online experience along with noteworthy changes to its broadcast and mobile approaches. Having launched the Big Brother Live Feeds preseason sale earlier this week, CBS has also revealed users can watch full episodes of the series via the official iOS app. Both iOS and Android mobile devices can access the mobile Live Feeds separately without the app.

Also online will be weekly live chats with fan favorite Jeff Schroeder. Each Friday he’ll be taking questions direct from viewers to interview evicted HouseGuests and “series experts.” Hmm, I wonder who they’ll get to fill that role? Past seasons’ HGs?

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Early Bird Sale Is Live

| June 4, 2013 at 3:15 PM EST

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds sale

The Big Brother 15 Early Bird sale is on for the all-new Live Feeds! CBS has lifted its ban on the details so we’re ready to share the information and links so you can get this limited time preseason price and watch the entire season for $23.99 a 20% cut off the monthly price. This is a huge price drop from what we’ve seen in the past!

This year the Feeds will be provided directly by CBS and will no longer require a subscription to Real’s SuperPass. We’re still discovering what all this change will mean for our beloved Feeds, but so far it looks like all good news.

The Live Feeds have three pricing options: 1) $23.99 for the entire season with the Early Bird. 2) $26.99 for entire season starting June 26th. 3) $9.99 a month.

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird Discount

Once Big Brother 15 starts the sale ends so you’ll need to sign-up by the end of June 25, 2013 to secure the Early Bird sale price and save 20% off the cost. Signing up now will guarantee you access to the “24/7 Live” Big Brother Live Feeds for the full season. If you wait, you can get them later but you’ll pay more for the same thing.

Did you know that when you sign-up for your Feeds through fansites like this one that you directly help support them? We couldn’t do this site each season without you. Your sign-ups through our links and banners make this community possible. Thank you.

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