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Welcome Back, Friends – Time For Big Brother 15

| June 24, 2013 at 9:55 AM EDT

Welcome back, friends! It is nearly time for Big Brother as we’re just two days away from BB15’s premiere and we are thrilled for you to join us here at BBN for another incredible summer. With everything getting cranked back up for the new season I wanted to give you a rundown of what we’ve got in store for you here on the site.

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Starting this Wednesday our in-season Big Brother 15 coverage kicks in to high-speed. We’ll be providing daily updates, breaking spoilers, and Live Feed updates so you never miss a thing going on in the house. We give up our summer so you don’t have to!

Last week we released our preseason interviews for the all-new cast – read our behind-the-scenes interview – so you’ll want to be sure get to know them so you’re ready for things to kick off Wednesday night at 8/7c. I’d recommend starting with our compilation video featuring all 16 HGs, behind the scenes footage, & some sweet tunes.

In addition to the return of the always excellent Branden, who will be contributing daily Live Feed highlights and episode recaps this summer, my wife and I are thrilled to introduce a new member of the team. Our first child! A beautiful, healthy, and very happy baby boy who will soon turn five months old. Here is the only picture that received motherly approval for release so you’ll just have to trust the “really, really cute” part.

New team member

Here’s a quick look at all the coverage we have planned for BB15:

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Big Brother 15 PSA – BB15 Season Premiere Arrives This Wednesday

| June 23, 2013 at 10:21 AM EDT

Big Brother season premiere

Get ready, America! Not only does the Big Brother season premiere arrive weeks earlier than normal this year, which you hopefully know by now, but CBS has also decided to air its BB15 debut episode earlier that first night than originally scheduled.

Beginning this Wednesday, June 26th, just a few days from now, Big Brother 15 will start its summer season at 8/7c on CBS with an all new “Big Brother MVP” twist. Episodes will air Sundays at 8/7c, Tuesdays at 9/8c, and Wednesdays at 8/7c all season. CBS had originally planned to shuffle BB15’s Wednesday night time slot from 9PM to 8PM midseason, but has since decided to stick with the 8/7c timeslot for the duration.

Update: CBS has moved Tuesdays at 9/8c over to Thursdays at 9/8c. New schedule is Sun 8/7c, Wed 8/7c, & Thurs 9/8c.

16 all-new houseguests will step through the front door to take part in what could be a 100-day adventure where one of them will walk away with a half-million dollar prize.

Once again this season we’ll have access to in-house cameras and microphones thanks to the Big Brother Live Feeds, a subscription service brought to us directly by CBS as a way for fans to watch an unedited and live version of the game every day of the season. The Big Brother experience just isn’t complete without your Live Feeds.

Fans interested in watching the Live Feeds should move quickly to secure the preseason discounted pricing of 20% off the regular cost which expires this Tuesday.

Friends don’t let friends miss the premiere of Big Brother! Catch the 15th new season this Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS! Join us here after the show to share your thoughts about the new season and hear what other fans like you have to say.

Meet the Big Brother 15 Houseguests – “It’s Time”:


‘Big Brother 15’ PSA: “After Dark” Is No Longer On Showtime

| June 22, 2013 at 1:43 PM EDT
Big Brother After Dark on TVGN

Big Brother After Dark – Source: TVGN

Update: Clearly we were told incorrect information by TVGN. BBAD on TVGN is most definitely censored (BBAD on Slice is not). We are following up with TVGN to ask why it is being censored and why we were explicitly told it would not be when it most definitely is.

Just as the Big Brother 15 Feeds found a new home this season, “Big Brother After Dark” is moving to a new channel for the 2013 summer series.

Instead of airing on SHO2 again this year, BBAD will appear on TVGN, a free cable channel, that reaches 80+ million homes but to check if it’s available from your provider go to and enter your zip code in the red “Channel Finder” box to confirm. If it’s not available from your provider, like AT&T’s U-Verse, then be sure to them know you want them to pick up that channel. If enough people ask, then maybe they’ll react.

Along with a new home for “After Dark,” the episodes will be shorter this season. Instead of three hours you’ll get two hours of Live Feeds entertainment starting each night at 12PM ET/PT and running until 2AM ET/PT. East coast broadcasts will be live while West coast shows are pre-recorded from the East’s episodes. Our Canadian friends can catch BBAD on Slice nightly from 4AM to 6AM ET. (Thanks, Brandon!)

“Big Brother After Dark” will not be censored. I repeat, “After Dark” will be uncensored. We confirmed this with TVGN’s Leslie Furuta, the Senior Vice President of Communications and Media Relations. She told us “there is literally no difference between ‘Big Brother: After Dark’ on TVGN and past season of the show previously on SHO2.” So don’t freak out with expectations or speculations that discussions will be bleeped or bottoms blurred. That will not happen. BBAD will be on cable and airing after midnight so it will have the same limitations as SHO2 had in the past seasons.

If you can’t get TVGN with your provider, you want more than just two hours a night, or you don’t trust “it’s uncensored, we promise” then we highly recommend signing up for the Live Feeds. They’re like BBAD on steroids. You can watch around the clock instead of just two hours of set time a night. Pick between different camera views instead of what they want to put on your screen. Rewind the Feeds using “Big Brother Archives” like a DVR and catch events you missed. Plus, at $23.99 for the full summer it’s cheaper this year than three months of Showtime. Read our Live Feeds FAQ for more details.

Sign-up now to receive the preseason discount on the Live Feeds and watch Big Brother 15 all summer! It’s the only way to experience the real game in its full glory.


Final Days Of Early Bird BB15 Live Feeds Sale

| June 21, 2013 at 11:38 AM EDT

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds sale

The final days of the BB15 preseason are upon us and while that means the show will soon begin it also means the price to watch uncensored, online access from in-house cameras is about to go up. Check out our Big Brother Live Feeds FAQ for more info.

Ending on June 25th, the day before the premiere, the Live FeedsEarly Bird preseason discount price nets you a 20% savings off the regular season cost. Starting next Wednesday the price goes up for the exact same season-long access.

Yes! I want to sign-up now & save on my Live Feeds!

If you sign-up now you’ll get full coverage from start to finish of Big Brother 15 with a one-time payment of $23.99. There is no more recurring billing and no need to call to cancel in September now that CBS is handling the Feeds subscriptions directly. Yes, that means SuperPass is no longer providing access to the Live Feeds this year.

You’ll also get mobile access at no extra cost so you can watch where ever you go. Your iPhone, iPads, Android tablets & phones, and more will work and requires no app. Just point your mobile browser to the Feeds’ site and go. We won’t tell your boss!

Starting on BB15 premiere day, Wednesday, June 26th, you’ll be able to sign up for the full season for $27 or get month-to-month access for $10/month. That’s a lot cheaper than recent years with SuperPass, but it’s still more than you’d have to pay if you went ahead and signed up right now for the Early Bird pricing. Plus, you’ll directly support this site and our efforts by using our links and banners to sign-up so thank you for your help!

Click here to get your BB Live Feeds Early Bird discount

As part of the BB Live Feeds you’ll get 24/7 access to content directly from CBS along with in-house, uncensored camera views, members-only chat rooms, video highlights, archives in a “Flashback” feature, and weekly chats and interviews with Big Brother 11 & 13’s Jeff Schroeder. This is the only way to watch an unbiased and un-spun version of what’s really going on in the game. A must-have for true fans and curious viewers.

Will you be watching online with us? See the real Big Brother only on the Live Feeds!

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Matt Hoffman On The Big Brother 15 Houseguests: Dudes, Definitely’s, And A Ginger Conspiracy

| June 21, 2013 at 9:00 AM EDT

Matt Hoffman Big Brother 12

Hello, Big Brother fans! This is Big Brother Season 12’s Matt Hoffman with my pre-season assessment of the brand new Season 15 houseguests. All I know of these misfits is from Big Brother Network’s and Jeff Schroeder’s cast-release interview videos, so (as per usual) I probably am not 100% clear on what I’m talking about. Despite that, it’s always a thrill to be able to pass judgments on strangers, so thank you to Big Brother Network for the opportunity!

Spencer Clawson - Big Brother 15

Spencer ClawsonWatch his interview & Read his bio

In between picking bug larvae and food remnants out of his face-pubes, Spencer is a railroad conductor. Spencer is one of two gingers wearing red shirts during their interview, which is really distracting for the viewer. I smell a pasty-skinned ginger conspiracy. But Spencer does seem to be a true fan, so I’ll give him some points there.

Nick Uhas - Big Brother 15 HG

Nick UhasWatch his interview & Read his bio

Nick may be my least favorite contestant this season, based on my limited knowledge. His personality and demeanor are inherently grating. He calls himself a “professional stunt roller blader,” which probably just means that he’s been featured on YouTube racking his junk on a rail during a failed attempt to grind down a staircase.

My biggest gripe is that Nick seems rehearsed and eccentric when he talks. He also dresses rather nicely and says that he is “mega excited to see the cute little fly honeys” in the house. I’m thinking that Nick may be gay. Or that he will be sometime before Week 6.

Jessie Kowalski - Big Brother 15 HG

Jessie KowalskiWatch her interview & Read her bio

Much of this interview was watching Jeff and Jessie stare and giggle as their struggling brains fought for a coherent thought. Thus, we don’t learn very much about Jessie other than that she “used to be in sales” and is “currently unemployed.” Since that seems to be a solid benchmark for most Big Brother contestants, she may fare well this season.

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Big Brother 15 Cast – Houseguest Bios, Pics, & Interviews

| June 20, 2013 at 3:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 15 - HG Memory Wall

The Big Brother 15 cast is here in all its glory and we’re thrilled to be able to share with you our one-on-one interviews videos along with bios and photos.

This season there are 16 all-new houseguests, which we exclusively revealed back in May, and that includes one “familiar face” as host Julie Chen hinted during our tour of the new Big Brother house. See if you can pick out who will be familiar to BB fans.

Sign-up right now before the Early Bird Live Feed sale ends!

We’re incredibly excited about this season especially with all new players for the game. It’s something we’ve been waiting seasons to have again and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Meet The Big Brother 15 Houseguests – Compilation Video:

click map to see full-size image

Big Brother 15 Houseguest Map

Here are all the details you’ll need on your new favorite HGs for Big Brother 15! Dig in to each Houseguest for more details and excerpts from our interviews with them.

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Big Brother 15 Cast – Houseguest Bios:

Aaryn Gries - Big Brother 15Aaryn Gries
Age: 22
Hometown: San Angelo, Texas
Living: San Marcos, Texas
Occupation: College Student
Marital Status: Single
Read bio & watch interview

Amanda Zuckerman - Big Brother 15Amanda Zuckerman
Age: 28
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Lives: Boynton Beach, Florida
Occupation: Real Estate Agent
Marital Status: Single
Read bio & watch interview

Andy Herren - Big Brother 15Andy Herren
Age: 26
Hometown: Aurora, Illinois
Lives: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Professor
Marital Status: Single
Read bio & watch interview

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