March 7, 2014

Big Brother Canada Introduces “First Ever” Secret HGs & Room Twist


Big Brother Canada is underway this week after Wednesday night’s premiere of the sophomore season. Last night BBCAN host Arisa Cox officially introduced the secret cast that would become the first big twist of the season.

Big Brother Canada secret HGs & secret room

Secret HGs hiding in their secret room. Secretly. – Source: Big Brother Canada

Arisa proudly announced that this was a totally new twist for any Big Brother anywhere. Here’s how the twist works. There were fourteen original HGs sent inside the house last week. Meanwhile a separate secret “war room” was set up on the sound stage where three additional HGs would reside for the next week.

Those secret HGs entered the room last night and have been observing Feeds from inside the house. The regular cast does not know about the secret HGs or that they’re being watched by them. Over the next week viewers will vote on which of the three secret HGs will get to go inside the regular house and join the game.

They’ve got Nate Sandari, a 23 year old sheet metal worker, Allison White, a 25 year old registered nurse working in psychiatry, and Scott “Contessa” Bosse, a 36 year old hospital worker slash drag queen. Viewers will be voting on those three options. So far Allison seems to be a serious BB fan which means I’m rooting for her to make the cut, but considering Canada’s love for Gary last season there may be a wave of support for Scott.

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The three secret HGs had no idea what was going on last night when they were brought on stage and informed of their twist status. They probably thought they were preparing to head inside and start playing the game! So while it sounds like fun to be part of the twist it does not sound like fun for what they have to do.

Those HGs are trapped in one small room with three beds and a bunch of screens to watch the current HGs. There’s no escape or privacy for Nate, Allison, or Scott. I’d go nuts! But at least we can watch that happen with the 5th camera trained on them for the Feedsters to enjoy.

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If you haven’t started watching Big Brother Canada then be sure to start right now! It’s very easy to watch the show from the US including episodes and the Feeds. Get all our tips & instructions on how to watch Big Brother Canada. The join us on our BBCAN specific BB site right here. Woohoo! More Big Brother is always fun!

February 27, 2014

Judd & McCrae Road Trip To Orlando – Drama Ensues [PHOTOS]


Game Over, McCrae

Big Brother 15 was full of drama and surprisingly it still seems to follow some HGs even outside of the house. Earlier this week Big Brother HGs Judd Daugherty and McCrae Olson caught up for a little road trip down to Orlando for some drama-free fun in the sun. Not so fast, you two!

After being spotted by some Big Brother fans at Universal Studios in Orlando Judd confirmed via Twitter that he was there with McCrae. Well if you’re traveling to Orlando you best plan on giving Amanda a call to come along.

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No worries though, after some Twitter banter and Judd explaining it wasn’t an intended snub the trio smoothed it over and all was right in the Big Brother world again.

Luckily, drama aside, the guys seemed to have had a pretty good time there. Both posed for photos with fans and even joined a new alliance of superheroes. Just as well Amanda wasn’t there though as she might have immediately suspected Jean Gray Rogue as being out to get her and upset at Storm for talking to McCrae in the lounge.

Check out the pictures Judd shared from their trip and then we can all be upset that we weren’t hanging out somewhere much warmer like that.

Image source: Twitter

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February 26, 2014

Big Brother Canada 2014 Season 2 Cast of HGs Announced


We’re still months away from the Big Brother 16 HGs coming together, but today you’re in luck because the Big Brother Canada 2014 cast is here and ready to head inside their brand new home.

Big Brother Canada cast

Big Brother Canada cast – Source: Slice

Okay, well they’re mostly here. Big Brother Canada is teasing viewers with a mystery 15th guest that’s generating a lot of speculation but little concrete info. What we do know so far is the name, bios, pics, and favorite ice cream flavors of the first 14 HGs.

The Big Brother Canada cast is young with the average age at 26 and the youngest at 20 with Rachelle Diamond, a student. The oldest jumps up to 43 with Paul Jackson, a motivational speaker, and he’s there by more than a decade of separation. Let’s see if his silver tongue can overcome the age gap to keep him in the game and the kids away from ending up in a van down by the river.

Here’s a quick glimpse of the new Big Brother Canada cast. See the full list of bios & pics here at our BBCAN site. The new season premieres on Slice March 5, 2014 at 9PM and yes, we’re expecting to be able to watch from the US again this year. More details on that as they become available.

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See the full list & pics of Big Brother Canada 2 Houseguests here.

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February 25, 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 House Pictures Released [PHOTOS]


Big Brother Canada 2 starts on March 5th and so just as we’ve come to expect with any Big Brother preseason news wave we’ve got the house pictures being released by Slice, the home of BBCAN2.

Big Brother Canada 2

We had a blast covering Big Brother Canada on our other site last year and are looking forward to doing it again this season. Yes, it requires some streaming and workarounds since Feeds are geo-restricted, but where there’s a will there’s a way, folks. We’ll share details soon on how you too can watch Big Brother Canada from the US.

Since production up there had to change locations they built an entirely new house for the 2014 season and hopefully beyond barring any other venue changes. With new construction comes new opportunities and the chance to build upon, literally!, what they learned last season.

The new house looks amazing and offers a lot of cool features we’d love to see on Big Brother 16 if they had the chance to do some extensive remodeling, though I’d expect the house’s physical layout to be fixed again.

click images to see full-size

The new backyard is smaller, but made up for that by moving the pool out of the way. The bathroom looks great but again only has one toilet (what gives with this sadistic designers?). I’m not such a fan of the kitchen with its circular, Star Trek inspired layout, but we’ll see how it works once it’s in action next week.

The one, giant bedroom would drive me nuts. BBUS uses the room divisions for sneaky chatter and plotting which they’d lose here. Plus just imagine getting one snoring HG in the mix. Uggggh!

Check out the sampler of pictures here and then jump over to our Big Brother Canada website for the full set of pics and join us there all season starting next week for lots more BBCAN2 coverage!

February 24, 2014

Big Brother’s Brenchel Takes On The Amazing Race… Again [PHOTOS]


Big Brother Brenchel

CBS loves them some Brenchel. The former Big Brother HGs were back on CBS for a new season of The Amazing Race starting with last night’s premiere.

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas took off in a new race around the world as part of the TAR All-Stars season which will probably have to do for fans hoping to see a Big Brother 16 All-Stars. Luckily for their fans it looks like we’ll be seeing even more from the powerhouse duo this season as they not only survived the first sudden elimination, but actually came in second during last night’s premiere episode.

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So how far do Brenchel make it on The Amazing Race All-Stars? We’ll keep an eye out for more spoilers, but we’ve seen them in leaked pics awhile back showing more adventures for the pair. Maybe they’ll win the season and retire from reality TV with all their winnings to live happily ever after? Or would you rather seem even more of them?

February 11, 2014

Will Big Brother 16 Be An All-Stars Season?


Will Big Brother 16 be an All-Stars season? We’re hearing that question and discussion a lot from readers this year just like we do every off-season, so let’s discuss.

Big Brother All-Stars

This rumor exists every year whether or not there’s any reason for it to be out there. It starts up in late September and fizzles with the announcement of the new Big Brother cast. There’s never a source but hardly anyone passing it along seems to mind. So is that what’s going on again?

Way back in October we saw the first signs of Big Brother 16 applications opening up. Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass said then that Kassting Inc would be announcing casting call events in the Spring of 2014.

Recently she’s renewed that commitment with promises of mid-March audition events announcements and even released a “Top Tips for applying to Big Brother.” If there was going to be an All-Stars season for BB16 then this would be an awful lot of smoke screening just to keep us surprised. Now Robyn is saying they’re ready to start casting!

So could this year be another All-Stars? Sure, it’s possible, but no, I don’t think it will be. From what I’ve heard in the past things remain uncertain for a long ways in to the preseason as production considers all their options. They’ll review ideas and potential cast options, twists, themes, etc. in search of the very best path to take which means nothing is likely decided at this point.

With that in mind, I do not believe BB16 has already been set in stone as the second All-Stars as the rumor suggests it to be. Now we just have to hope for an awesome bunch of applicants to keep up our chances of an all-new cast!

If you’re thinking of applying then DO IT! This could be your season. If this guy could win Big Brother and a half-million dollars then you could too! Best of luck!

Now if Big Brother 16 did turn out to be an All-Stars then who should be a HG? Here are a few great options, considering only HGs since the original All-Stars season.

click images to see full-size

Here’s another reason I doubt we’ll see another Big Brother All-Stars season anytime soon: nearly half of these great players have already returned to the game since their first appearance! Production emptied the well over the past few seasons with all the retreads and I don’t think anyone really wants re-retreads, do they?

Now share your list of who should be the cast of Big Brother All-Stars 2!

Update: Robyn Kass is reminding folks not to believe everything they read from the rumor mill, again supporting our “no BB16 All-Stars” stance.

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