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BB17 Nolan Twins Appear On CBS’s “The Great Indoors” [VIDEO]

| December 7, 2016 at 11:00 AM EDT

The Nolan twins of Big Brother 17 were back on CBS television this past week as Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan made an appearance on Joel McHale’s “The Great Indoors.” We’ve got pics from the scene and the full video segment as well in case you missed it.

Julia & Liz Nolan - Source: Instagram

It was a brief scene but a great match for the spirited ladies and a fun chance for Big Brother fans to see them again on TV. Check out their clip below to see how it turned out.

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Morgan Willett – Big Brother Over The Top Winner Interview

| December 2, 2016 at 4:00 PM EDT

Morgan Willett became the first winner of Big Brother Over The Top this week when America’s Vote results were revealed ands she narrowly defeated Jason. She now joins Nicole as only the second woman to beat a man in a Big Brother US finale and she did it after a season of strong alliance performances and outlasting her allies.

Morgan Willett - BBOTT winner

With a nice victory prize of $250,000 in her pocket Morgan is heading back in to the world but before she could do that I had the chance to speak with her today about that win, how she made it happen, surviving over her sister, and more. Read on to see what Morgan had to say.

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Jason Roy – Big Brother Over The Top Runner-Up Interview

| December 2, 2016 at 3:15 PM EDT

Jason Roy returned to the Big Brother house with a determined mindset to not only outdo his BB17 performance but to make it to the end and win it all. In the end Jason fell just short of that last piece by a few thousand votes as the victory slipped through his hands to Morgan.

Jason Roy on BBOTT finale

Now on the outside of the house and the season I had the chance to talk with him about surviving his Vet threat, the Fake F5 deal, and even all that drama with Shelby that seemed to outlast almost everything else about the game. Read on for what Jason had to say.

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Kryssie Ridolfi – Big Brother Over The Top Eviction Interview

| December 2, 2016 at 2:30 PM EDT

Kryssie Ridolfi became the final evicted Houseguest of Big Brother Over The Top this week when she left the house during finale night and joined the rest of the season’s past Houseguests. She did it all with a smile then and it didn’t sound like that smile had faded today when I got to talk with her about the season.

Kryssie Ridolfi on BBOTT finale

Kryssie wasn’t a season dominator but she did make it all the way to the very end and there’s an achievement in that alone. Now with the game wrapped up I wanted to talk with her about that infamous Wall of Shame, overcoming her desire to drop out, and just what she really thought about the finale results between Jason and Morgan.

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‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Winner Revealed – Finale Results

| December 1, 2016 at 8:50 PM EDT

We’re kicking off tonight’s finale of Big Brother Over The Top at 8PM ET as we await Julie Chen’s announcement for the season winner and runner-up among Jason, Kryssie, and Morgan. Will your favorite take home the crown?

Julie Chen with BBOTT F3

BBOTT delivered a whole new way to watch Big Brother with practically a behind the scenes approach to the season with more exposure to the game than fans have ever seen before. Now it comes to a close with a live show featuring all of the season’s cast and our Big Brother host, Julie.

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Big Brother OTT: Final 3 Make Their ‘Live Pleas’ [VIDEO]

| December 1, 2016 at 1:15 PM EDT

You still have a few more hours to get your votes in for the winner of Big Brother Over The Top, but if you haven’t quite decided which way to vote then maybe you need to watch the Final Pleas from the Final 3 Houseguests.

Final 3 Live Pleas on BBOTT

CBS has released their videos for your chance to listen to a few minutes from each as they make their case for your votes so be sure to check out how each of them summarized their season of gameplay and gave the reasons why they should be the one to take home the prize money.

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