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Team America Gets A Sillier Set Of Missions On Big Brother 16

| August 15, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

After weeks of Team America missions seemingly tailored to ruin Zach Rance’s game to put cash in the alliance’s pockets things are taking a turn for the silly with TA’s latest mission vote now open.

Team America's next mission

Team America’s next mission – Source: CBS

Maybe it was the series of failed attempts by Derrick, Donny, and Frankie, but this week’s vote for Team America offers up some much less damaging games to be played in the house.

Mission A: Create a distraction by hiding a favorite piece of clothing from each Houseguest then organize a neighborhood watch program to keep it from happening again.

Mission B: Weaken another player’s game by keeping them awake for 24 hours straight.

The first option is way easier and just requires them to snag five items from around the house without anyone noticing. From there they get people to say they’ll watch for the thievery and *bam!* that’s $5K for each of them.

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Big Brother 16 – Week 8 Nomination Anticipation: Taste The Rainbow

| August 15, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

The Big Brother 16 power alliances retained control of the game again last night when both HoH seats went to a Detonator. Now they’ll have to make some tough decisions that will force them to nominate their own players to make their next move.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

With Derrick Levasseur and Frankie Grande holding on to power in last night’s “Dead of Household” competition the target was quickly set on Donny Thompson. The group agreed that Victoria Rafaeli would stand as the renom backup plan should Donny save himself with the Veto, but I think we all know Derrick will fight that before it happens.

In their first discussion the guys agreed that Victoria would not go up on the block and they would instead use three of their own from The Detonators + Caleb to control the situation. One player would be paired with Donny to throw the competition while the other two would fight to win and leave Donny in the danger zone. Zach Rance was the initial volunteer to go up with Donny, but that didn’t last long.

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Diary Room: Judd Daugherty Wraps Up Week 7 Of Big Brother 16

| August 15, 2014 at 8:00 AM EDT
Judd Daugherty on Big Brother

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother – Source: CBS

I’m back again to give you my random thoughts on what has been happening in the BB house and what we have watched on the show. I have to admit that after the episode ended Sunday with kind of a cliffhanger with Frankie saying its time that he tells the house who his sister is I was a little annoyed.

I was thinking that Wednesday’s episode was going to be the Frankie Extravaganza! Thankfully I was wrong for the most part and they talked about it for a small portion of the show and I was excited that when I watched the diary room sessions most of the houseguests were a little annoyed by it but it was scary that it shook Nicole up a bit thinking that America would hate her for wanting him gone. I hope that by hearing the cheers when she was evicted it will eliminate any anxiety the houseguests have of nominating Frankie.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 8 Thursday Night Highlights

| August 15, 2014 at 7:10 AM EDT


Another week down in the Big Brother 16 house and another week with the same group in power. But the night wasn’t as boring as one might think. That’s because the big alliance has to put up at least three of their own for their plan this week to work. So watching that all play out was pretty entertaining. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 14, 2014:

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 7 Eviction & HoH Live Recap

| August 14, 2014 at 8:00 PM EDT

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the spoiler results for this week’s eviction and Head of Household competition will be revealed as one HG will be sent home and another two will take the top power.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

At the start of this week’s live eviction show, which will have to work hard to keep up with last week’s fantastic show, we’ll find Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel getting ready to face the vote. “But first,” before the HGs vote we’ll see some content from the HGs’ trip to an NFL event.

Big Brother Live Feeds free trial

Join us tonight here for a live recap and discussion of the latest Big Brother show plus you can find us on Facebook and Twitter for even more updates as the game plays out in real-time on the Feeds.

CBS is finally getting to see the dual HoH twist work out to an HoH going from the top spot to the block. It only took seven weeks but here’s Nicole, the dethroned HoH, not only on the block but about to head out the door.

Christine, Caleb, and Frankie head outside the house for the NFL trip to the Cowboys training camp. Well, I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Julie doesn’t mention how NFL on CBS Thursday nights will impact another show also slated for Thursday nights…

Julie talks to the Houseguests and sets Victoria up for them to yet again plug Frankie having a famous sister. Julie asks Victoria what was the biggest surprise of the week for her. Instead of mentioning a Grande, Victoria says the stressful events were the biggest event. HAH! Well done, Victoria.

Big Brother 16 Week 7 Votes:

  • Caleb votes to evict: Nicole
  • Zach votes to evict: Nicole
  • Cody votes to evict: Nicole
  • Victoria votes to evict: Nicole
  • That’s it. She’s evicted.
  • Frankie votes to evict: Nicole
  • Derrick votes to evict: Nicole

By a vote of 6-0, Nicole Franzel has been evicted from Big Brother.

This week’s HoH comp is centered around zombie outbreak clues the HGs heard after they received scary visitors in the night.

Big Brother 16 Week 8 Head of Household Comp – “Dead of Household”:

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Big Brother 16 Eviction Predictions: Week 7

| August 14, 2014 at 3:30 PM EDT

Eviction predictions time for Big Brother 16 this week as Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel face the votes in this week’s live eviction show as one of them stays and the other heads to the Jury house to join Hayden and Jocasta.

Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 16 - Source: CBS

Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

There will be six votes up for grab so there’s a possibility of a tie-breaker, but the house is unlikely to face that scenario tonight.

Nicole put up a good fight as she told the Feedsters she knew it was a slim chance but she wouldn’t give up. After a smart conversation with Zach they made a push but met resistance from Derrick and Cody who shut the mission down.

Who do you think will be voted off Big Brother 16 this week? Cast your vote now & read our predictions below.

More predictions are in from these Big Brother sites.

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