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Fallout From Devin’s House Meeting Causes More Drama

| July 3, 2014 at 4:00 PM EDT

Seemingly in a bid to snatch the spotlight of bad game moves from Joey, Big Brother 16 Houseguest Devin Shepherd has started his own streak of erratic game moves and strategy that could end up earning him Joey’s same fate.

Devin Shepherd is confused on Big Brother 16

Devin Shepherd acts confused on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

After leading an emotional House Meeting on Wednesday night (details here), packed with what I suspect to be crocodile tears, the rest of the house was left wondering what they had just witnessed. Devin “cried” about his misdeeds in the game and took complete blame for targeting and nominating Donny over his own misconceptions. Only Caleb and Amber missed the Meeting while they worked through their own issues.

Earlier today Caleb finally got a chance to talk with Devin about what was said and it didn’t go over so well for Devin. Especially for someone already very high on most HGs’ eviction lists.

Flashback to 10:40AM BBT Cams 3/4 to find Caleb and Devin sitting down in the HoH room. Caleb is upset because Devin told everyone that Donny’s nomination was his doing, not Caleb’s. The problem here is that Caleb told everyone he picked the first guy and first girl to fall in their comp. Devin’s speech undercuts that messaging and Caleb felt that made him look like a liar.

Frankie soon joins and piles on saying that if it makes Caleb look like a liar on his picks, then Frankie’s “first to fall” rationale would also become suspect. Frankie doesn’t hold back in telling Devin that yes, it made it look like Devin was throwing Caleb under the bus. Devin takes great offense, but Frankie stands firm.

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Big Brother 16 Eviction Predictions: Week 1

| July 3, 2014 at 2:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 16 on CBS

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing from BB16 as HGs vote for either Joey Van Pelt or Paola Shea.

Joey has played an entertaining game, but almost every move she’s made in the house has been poorly directed and executed. Her ham-handed attempt at pulling together a massive girls alliance all at once instead of piecemealing it. Her subsequent looping announcements about her failed alliance. The head-on campaign attack at Devin. Lastly the Alex persona in one final effort to save herself. It’s all gone poorly. Heck, she even tried to out Team America to Hayden, but hopefully he’s forgotten about what she said and won’t repeat after she’s gone tonight.

While crying in the Storage room Joey announced that Big Brother shouldn’t cast players who haven’t ever heard of the show. Well, I’d mostly have to agree. They’re fun for cannon fodder, but good grief some of them make a real disaster of it. I think that’s just what happened here.

The rest of the predictions are in from these Big Brother sites and everyone agrees that Joey will be sent home. No, wait, Todd at thinks it’ll be Alex. So yeah.

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How Will Dual HoHs Be Crowned On Big Brother 16?

| July 3, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

In a brand new twist for Big Brother, the Season 16 Head of Household role has been doubled up with two HGs winning the coveted position each week before a final battle to decide the true power. But how will those two HoHs be decided each week?

Big Brother 16 twist brings Two HoHs

Big Brother 16 twist brings Two HoHs – Source: CBS

Last week’s premiere episodes delivered two separate Head of Household competitions which made it a simple, but rather interesting and different experience for us and the Houseguests. Now we’re approaching the second week of comps and everyone, inside and outside the house, are questioning how it’ll happen this time.

While it’s possible there could be two separate HoH comps one after another, ie. Round 1 with 14 HGs and Round 2 with 13 HGs, that seems too timely and expensive for set up and tear down unless the comps were basic Q&As (A or B).

Alternate options to our double crown arrangement on Big Brother 16 could include an extension of the typical “last man standing” comp where it’s simply “last two HGs standing” in an endurance comp. Sure, it’s possible, but I wouldn’t expect another hang-on endurance comp just yet. Maybe later on this season though.

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Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 1 Live Eviction & HoH

| July 3, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

Big Brother 16 is here with its first live show of the season and that means it’s Eviction Day! Either Joey Van Pelt or Paola Shea will be sent packing and join host Julie Chen outside the Big Brother house tonight when the first votes of the season are cast.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

During tonight’s one-hour live episode, starting at 9PM ET/PT on CBS, we’ll first get caught up on the latest events which are sure to include some of Joey’s crazy antics with the arrival of “Tough Guy Alex” and his failed attempt at turning the tide.

Once the eviction vote is complete the HGs will hurry out to the backyard where a new HG will be crowned HoH, but wait, don’t forget so will another one of them. We should be back to our double HoH situation by the night’s end even if it doesn’t finish before the show is over.

We’ll be watching and live recapping tonight’s Big Brother 16 show here on the site. When it’s all over get ready to jump on your Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now) so we can watch the house react to who is in power. Devin better be on top of his game tonight or he could be in real danger after what he did last night. Otherwise the house appears posed to unite and strike at him.

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Devin Calls House Meeting On Big Brother 16 Live Feeds

| July 3, 2014 at 9:15 AM EDT

With the Big Brother 16 week winding down and the first eviction target confirmed, things looked set for a calm night… House Meeting! Oh yes, our first big pile-on of the season and no, it wasn’t Joey Van Pelt leading the drama this time. The honor goes to Devin Shepherd who wanted to get something off his chest.

Devin confesses while Zach sleeps

Devin confesses while Zach sleeps – Source: CBS

To set the scene Flashback on your Feeds to Tuesday (July 2) at 11:00PM BBT Cams 3/4 and you’ll find Devin confessing to Donny that he is the sole reason Caleb nominated him this week. He admits to not trusting him and wanting to get him on the block.

Devin has come to Donny with this information now because what’s really important now for him is “being a good role model” for his daughter. What? Devin has a daughter?? Why did he wait so long to tell anyone about this? Anyway, Devin says it’s important that she know the difference between game and reality, a separation Devin may still be working on himself. Devin continues to apologize profusely and beg for forgiveness which Donny extends immediately and calls it water under the bridge. Donny says he’s glad to know it wasn’t Caleb’s idea after all.

Now you’re ready for the House Meeting. Flashback on your Live Feeds to Tuesday (July 2) at 11:19PM BBT Cams 3/4 to start the action.

Devin kicks things off by assuring HGs this isn’t game play, it’s all real talk. He immediately starts tearing up while suggesting they don’t have to respect him after this talk is done. Check.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 1 Wednesday Night Highlights

| July 3, 2014 at 7:30 AM EDT


After a pretty slow week in the Big Brother 16 house, things really got turned up a few notches Wednesday night. Wednesdays are often a good night for Live Feeds as it’s eviction night eve, but Joey and Paola had very little to do with the drama that went down. That honor goes to Devin and our first real House Meeting of the Big Brother season. Hooray!

Read on to find out about what else happened on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Wednesday night.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 2, 2014:

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