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Big Brother HGs Celebrate 2014 New Year’s Eve

| January 2, 2014 at 8:42 AM EDT

Jeff & Jordan celebrate New Year's Eve

The Big Brother HGs were out in force on New Year’s Eve this year celebrating with family, friends, and even other Big Brother Houseguests. Heck, we even found some crossover partying with BBUS’s Judd & Danielle M. partying with BBCAN HGs in Canada! Jeff and Jordan were of course together while Andy was celebrating the last chance for chest grabbing in 2013. Um, okay. Anyway, it looks like they were all having fund and managing to do it without relying on a booze delivery by the DR!

It looks like everyone was having a great time counting down the clock to the launch of 2014 which is set to bring us Big Brother 16! Check out all the pictures they showed below and see what some of your favorite HGs were up to in their celebrations.

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Update: We’ve added more pictures from New Year’s Eve for the Big Brother HGs including GinaMarie’s “before” photo when her “after” involved some medical attention!

We’ve already heard from many recent BB HGs on their New Year’s resolutions, but if your resolutions include trying something new and exciting then you should apply for BB16! We want to see some fun folks so don’t miss your chance. Check out the BB16 application here for more details and get ready for the 2014 season this summer.


Big Brother HGs Share Their New Year’s Resolutions

| December 31, 2013 at 9:00 AM EDT

Andy wins Big Brother

It’s New Year’s Eve and tomorrow is the day everyone starts resolving to stop smoking, lose weight and to cut back on winning reality TV shows in 2014.

Wait, what? Oh, that’s just Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren’s cheeky resolution for the new year. Andy and a bunch of other Big Brother houseguests shared their No. 1 New Year’s Resolutions with us and now we’re sharing them with you! Enjoy!

Jun Song, Big Brother 4 winner: “To finally learn to ride a bicycle in 2014!”

McCrae Olsen, Big Brother 15: “My New Years resolution is to spread the word of how New Years resolutions are bullshit.”

Ronnie Talbott, Big Brother 11: “My number 1 New Years resolution is to keep off all the weight I’ve lost!!”

Andy Herren, Big Brother 15 winner: “My New Year’s resolution is to cut back on winning reality TV shows. I did too much of that in 2013.”

Amanda Zuckerman, Big Brother 15: “It’s to be more careful with my words, understanding with my heart, and thoughtful with my mind.”

Sheila Kennedy, Big Brother 9: “Well, if we lived in a perfect world to cure for Cancer. My #2 New Years Resolution: I would like to see my book being published “No Ones Pet.”

Joe Arvin, Big Brother 14: “Fewer alliances in 2014.”

Judd Daughtry, Big Brother 15: “To workout more.”

Ian Terry, Big Brother 14 winner: “My #1 New Year’s Resolution: Date more models.”

Wil Heuser, Big Brother 14: “It’s to not have any resolutions. Too resolute for me.”

Jenn Arroyo, Big Brother 14: “Play more piano and keep lovin’ big butts.”

Lydia Tavera, Big Brother 11: “Not to date assholes this year and try to keep a hair color for more than 3 months.”

What are your resolutions for the new year? Do you have an Big Brother resolutions? Watch the Live Feeds MORE? Read Big Brother Network more? Yes!


Big Brother HGs Celebrate Christmas 2013 – Updated [Photos]

| December 26, 2013 at 8:00 AM EDT

Jeremy McGuire celebrates Christmas

The Big Brother HGs were busy this Christmas sharing pictures and fun on Twitter and Instagram. We collected up a handful of photos in the gallery below for you to see what some of them were up to for the holiday.

We found Jeff Schroeder hanging out with his family. Helen was enjoying a dinner party and time with her kids. Aaryn got in the spirit by dressing up as a giraffe. No clue on that one. Another mystery is why Jeremy is wearing those wreath glasses!

Jessie caught up with her family as did Judd in a string of photos he shared featuring him with family and friends. Elissa even posted her family Christmas card.

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We will keep looking for more pictures and post what we find. Hopefully all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Now it’s time to get ready for New Year’s coming up very soon. Which Big Brother HG, from any season, would you most want to party with for the big countdown to 2014? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Update: More Christmas pictures added from past Big Brother HGs.

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Source: Twitter & Instagram


Interview: Elissa Slater On Life After Big Brother 15 & Elissercise

| December 23, 2013 at 8:00 AM EDT

Elissa Slater interview - Elissercise

Elissa Slater took home the MVP prize on Big Brother 15 as the fans’ favorite HG this past season so we figured you might be interested in reading what she’s been up to since she left the Big Brother house. Lucky for us, Elissa was excited to chat with us and share details on what’s going on in her life and her Elissercise program.

Read on to find out what’s got Elissa excited, what projects she’s working on now, and if you could ever hope to see her back in the Big Brother game!

Big Brother Network: What was the first piece of freedom you enjoyed when you finally got out of Big Brother and the Jury House?

Elissa Slater: The first piece of freedom I enjoyed was cuddling with my husband and talking to my son! I was so excited to use my phone and talk to my family, I could not stand it! I also read any and everything that was put in front of my face, not being able stimulate your mind by reading while in the Big Brother house really makes you feel totally uninformed with reality.

BBN: What’s been your favorite memory of BB15 that you took away with you?

Elissa: My favorite memory of Big Brother 15 is definitely the competitions!! I had ABSOLUTELY no idea how difficult the comps were so experiencing them first hand is very magical. The first HOH competition, I was like “OHHH MYY I am really on Big Brother.” I was in awe!

BBN: What surprised you the most to learn when you got out of the game?

Elissa: How much support I got! I was overwhelmed with the amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet through the BB experience.

BBN: Which HGs have you stayed in contact with since the season ended?

Elissa: Helen, Candice, and I are seriously BEST FRIENDS, Jessie as well! We all love and support each other! Judd and I are pretty close as well!

BBN: What have you been up to over the past few months?

Elissa: The past few months I have been working on my website I have been playing catch up with my clients that I make custom fitness and nutrition plans for!

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I opened my online Elissercise store “We’re Obsessed”! I am currently selling all sterling silver quality pieces of jewelry. I am adding an upcoming Valentines line so stay tuned! Each of my pieces have been created for my personality! I also created my own facial brush called the Elissercise XO brush! The brush is REALLY amazing, and I recommend everyone to use one! I have created a few shirts with my slogans from Big Brother! I have one long sleeve that says “I’m Obsessed”, “No One Comes Between Me and My Man”, “MMMMMM….Bitter” also tanks that say “I’m Obsessed” and “No One Comes Between Me and My Man”! There is also a men’s shirt.

I am still in the process of creating yoga clothes to sell! The yoga clothes are much tricker to design because I want to use the best fabrics that my customers can wear over and over and still look great! So everyone keep checking back for all the updates! Most importantly I give back 10% of all my proceeds to charity! I also have a page in my store where all the profits from items I sell go 100% to charity!

Right now I am raising funds for Reality Rally, which is an amazing charity function where all the donations raised go to Michelle’s Place to help Breast Cancer Research!

Follow me on Twitter @elissareillys & Instagram @elissercise for my project updates!

BBN: Where can your fans look to find you next?

Elissa: Look for my yoga apparel line as well as hopefully a yoga DVD I can distribute! I have other exciting projects in the works I can’t wait to share with everyone!

BBN: If CBS called and asked you back for an All-Stars season, would you do Big Brother again?

Elissa: Totally depends on the concept! My sister would definitely have to be part of it!

BBN: Thanks, Elissa. Good luck with all your projects and maybe we’ll see you again in the house!

So there you have it. Elissa is hard at work on her Elissercise program, building up her online store, and hanging out with her BB15 friends like we’ve seen in photos she’s released. I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear that Elissa would come back but only as a package deal with her sister Rachel. Now that could get crazy!

Be sure to visit Elissa’s website and follow her online to see what she does next!


Interview: Amanda Zuckerman Discusses Her New Online Fashion Store – The Royal Mafia

| December 19, 2013 at 10:05 AM EDT

Amanda Zuckerman - The Royal Mafia

Amanda Zuckerman made headlines as an outspoken HG on Big Brother 15 and now that she’s out of the Big Brother house she’s set her sights on fashion. Just this month Amanda launched a brand new fashion blog and online store, We caught up with her for a chance to hear about what inspired the site, how it’s been for her getting it started, and where she’s taking the site next.

Big Brother Network: You’ve just launched a new online fashion blog and store, Tell us all about it. What sort of things can readers find there?

Amanda Zuckerman: I’ve always been very unique with my taste in fashion. I like what I like, and I own what I wear. I got a lot of positive feedback on my unique style, especially with the accessories that I wear, and I wanted to share my passion for fashion, which is why I launched the site. My blog is focused on my personal experience growing in the fashion world, the good, bad, and the ugly. We are editing a new vlog right now with a video I took while helping out at the Fashions Fight Charity event which supports research on Parkinson’s disease.

BBN: Where did you get the idea to start the site?

Amanda: I’ve always wanted to be involved in fashion. My father owned a dress line called “Amanda Joy” and I grew up around it. With my fathers knowledge, the support of my family and friends, and especially the fans, I’ve decided now is the perfect time to launch a site that expresses my style.

BBN: What has been the best part of launching TRM?

Amanda: The best part of launching TRM is seeing my fans and customers in the products I’ve hand selected and love myself. There’s nothing on the site I don’t own/use/wear myself, and it’s amazing sharing that with everyone. It’s awesome doing something that you love.

BBN: What is your plan for the site?

Amanda: We are in the beginning process, so there’s a lot of learning. Right now I work with a couple of local manufacturers getting their product out there. Eventually I would like to have hundreds of products that I love, so I can share it with everyone. I am also in the early stages of developing my very own Organic Vegan makeup line. There aren’t many out there, I think it’s important to look beautiful in a way that is natural, and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals on your skin. There is absolutely NO product testing on animals. I’m looking at the makeup brushes as we speak.

BBN: Has McCrae been helping you? Maybe finding the best bandanas out there?

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Big Brother 15 Mom Squad Reunites – Helen & Elissa Meet Up With Candice [Photos]

| December 16, 2013 at 10:28 AM EDT

Big Brother's Elissa, Candice, & Helen

These Big Brother 15 HGs can’t get enough of each other even months after the season has ended! This weekend we found out three former allies were getting back together for some fun in Chicago and maybe even a little talk of a new alliance.

Elissa Slater, Helen Kim Fitzpatrick, and Candice Stewart caught up in the Windy City to take in a Beyonce concert, a few drinks, a little shopping, go kart racing, and even some time out on the ice. It wasn’t just the ladies either as they shared pictures of significant others and some very happy children enjoying all the activities.

The ladies even ran in to Keith (BB13) and threw together a little “Charlie’s Angels” pose with him referencing back to his plan of a team of female allies designed to do his dirty work. I’m guessing that idea worked out better this time around!

Check out their pictures below and see all the fun they were up to this weekend!

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Update: Helen, Elissa, & Candice posted more pictures from their Chicago trip including some ice skating fun. Check out the new pics!

Source: Twitter 1, 2 & Instagram


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