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Team America Mission: Frankie Rejects Donny’s “Save Me” Plea & Suggests “Broadway!”

| August 24, 2014 at 1:45 PM EST

Yesterday on the Big Brother 16 Feed it looked like there might be an opening for Donny Thompson. Team America received a new open-ended mission that would allow them to choose their own goal, even possibly saving one of their own missions.

Donny Thompson fights for survival on Big Brother

Donny Thompson fights for survival on Big Brother – Source: CBS

After bringing the details to Derrick and Frankie Donny was sure to suggest to each of them that they could make this very easy and simply vote to keep him. Each of them would pocket a cool five thousand dollars for working to keep Team America together, argues Donny.

Frankie & Derrick got together and immediately rejected the idea of simply throwing the Veto comp to Donny as Donny had proposed. Later on, post Veto comp, Team America had another meeting and things continued to look bad for Donny.

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Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 9 HoH & Nominations

| August 24, 2014 at 11:00 AM EST

Big Brother 16 is back tonight on CBS and picks up the storyline where we left off on Thursday with the return of Nicole who just barely eeked out a win to return after facing off in the Juror Comp. Now that she’s back, can she do some damage to the majority alliance or will they get her again?

Big Brother 16 on CBS

Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

With Nicole back in the house she’s a line of support for Donny who was this week’s target heading in to things, but there are several opportunities for safety. Tonight we’ll see how the HoH goes and then Veto results will be part of the Wednesday episode.

The latest Head of Household competition was held late Thursday night and from what we heard the final two players were very, very close. As one HG described it, less than a second apart decided the fate of this entire week. Frustrating when you let that sink in.

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Can’t wait to find out who who wins HoH & who goes on the block? I have those Big Brother spoilers right now if you want to get ahead of tonight’s show.

Note, this is our first week without a Battle of the Block event on Sunday’s show which means there is little new content other than seeing the nomination ceremony itself. Sort of a bummer. I know many viewers didn’t like the BotB, but at least it made Sunday shows worth watching. Though I guess we get the HoH comp this week. I wonder if they’ll delay things next week to make that Sunday’s episode enticing as well.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 9 Saturday Highlights

| August 24, 2014 at 9:30 AM EST
Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Usually the drama on Saturdays for Big Brother come from the Power of Veto competition, but this week it was all about Victoria being found crumpled up on the toilet stall floor. Feeds cut and Victoria was gone for hours before returning to the game.

Later Team America got its new mission: choose your own adventure. Donny said they should save him. Frankie said, no, let’s put on a play. I’m not kidding. So it was all going to rest on Donny’s chances at winning the Power of Veto.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, August 23, 2014:

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results

| August 23, 2014 at 9:22 PM EST
Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

Big Brother spoilers from the Veto competition – Source: CBS

The Big Brother 16 Power of Veto competition is over and we have the results! Donny Thompson is the main target this week and the PoV was his shot at safety, but could he overcome a house against him?

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Competition Results:

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Team America Can Set Its Own Mission – Donny Suggests: Save Me!

| August 23, 2014 at 6:00 PM EST

There was no new Team America mission vote this week on Big Brother and now we know why. Production has set things up in a way to save this week’s biggest target: Donny Thompson.

Donny Thompson delivers Team America news

Donny Thompson delivers Team America news – Source: CBS

Flashback to 12:31 PM BBT to find Donny and Derrick in the Storage room. Donny has been given the details of their next opportunity and is passing it along to Derrick while Frankie sleeps away.

Donny tells Derrick that this week America has voted to allow Team America to set its own mission. Okay, hold up. We know America did not vote for this. So did A) production embellish this element, B) Donny embellish, or C) Donny just assumed it was a voted-on event since the rest were.

Note: I am not questioning if this is a legitimate mission, but rather wondering just how it was described by DR to Donny. I do not think Donny would be allowed to lie about a mission.

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Big Brother 16: Victoria Rafaeli Medical Emergency – Found On Bathroom Floor & Live Feeds Cut – Update

| August 23, 2014 at 2:45 PM EST

Big Brother Houseguest Victoria Rafaeli had been experiencing tooth pain since Friday when she was discovered on the bathroom floor by fellow HG Nicole Franzel.

Victoria Rafaeli in pain on Big Brother 16

Victoria Rafaeli in pain on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

On Friday Victoria made several trips to the Diary Room asking Big Brother for assistance with concerns that she was having problems with her wisdom teeth. This morning the issue escalated when Nicole Franzel found Victoria laying on the floor of the toilet stall.

Earlier Derrick commented to Christine that Victoria was in such bad shape from her tooth pain that he did not think she’d be able to compete in the Veto.

Flashback to 11:12AM BBT Cams 1/2 to find Victoria walking to the bathroom where Nicole is preparing for the day. Two minutes later Nicole becomes aware of a problem and goes to the stall door. She asks if Victoria is okay. “No,” responds Victoria. Nicole asks if she needs something but when no response comes she goes and opens the door to find Victoria laying on the floor.

Nicole asks Victoria if she’s okay and notes how sweaty Victoria is. Nicole immediately shouts out to Derrick that they need to get help. Derrick runs towards the bathroom at 11:15AM BBT and the Feeds cuts. Currently it is 30 minutes later and the Feeds have not returned. (Updates below.)

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I will continue to monitor the situation and report any updates. I do not know what would happen if someone had to leave the game permanently, but HGs have in the past left the house temporarily for medical attention and re-entered the House. Let’s keep Victoria in our thoughts right now and hope she’s able to come back soon and feel better.

Update: Feeds returned at 11:58AM BBT. Victoria is not present. HGs are sitting around the kitchen table. Still waiting for details.

Update 2: Victoria is back! At 1:56PM BBT Victoria came back in to the house through the DR door. She explained to Christine that she received an IV for the pain and the dehydration. Victoria says she has more medicine coming for her.

If her name is drawn for the Power of Veto competition today then they’ll figure that out later. Reminder: Jocasta was too ill to play in Veto earlier in the season so 5 instead of 6 HGs competed. It sounds like the comp will not be delayed. Players have still not been picked.

Confirmed: If Victoria is drawn for the PoV then she will not participate & there will be only 5 players.


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