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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 1 Nominations

| June 27, 2014 at 1:30 AM EDT

The Live Feeds have arrived and with it comes the first set of possible Big Brother spoilers, but tread carefully as we’re still getting our bearings and things could be fluid.

Big Brother 16 nominations

Big Brother 16 spoilers reveal nominations

When the Feeds started the HGs ran around the house and eventually calmed down in the kitchen. Lucky for us the Memory Wall sits in the kitchen and soon we could see two keys missing. Read on for the spoilers to find out who appears to be nominated.

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Big Brother 16 Premiere Part 2 Recap: The Second Batch of Contestants Move Into The House

| June 26, 2014 at 10:54 PM EDT

Big Brother 16 premiere

The Big Brother 16 two-night premiere continued Thursday night as the second set of eight houseguests entered the house and a second Head of Household was crowned. It was a lot different this time compared to night one because there wasn’t a lot of getting to know each other or alliance forming. It was more about the two groups merging and what lies ahead for the players.

At the start of the episode, Julie introduced us to the new eight and here’s what I gathered about them from that segment:

  • Victoria. She an Orthodox jew who does not dress it (meaning she dresses like a stripper). She finds it easy to manipulate guys. Loves shoes.
  • Caleb. He’s a metrosexual country boy. He compared himself to Robin Thicke. He’s a douche. But a douche who likes to smell good.
  • Brittany. She seemed sweeter than she did in her pre-season interviews. And she’s ready to flirt.
  • Christine. She’s a Big Brother fanatic and she loves being naked. Great.
  • Derrick. Undercover police officer who looks like an undercover police officer.
  • Zach. He golfs and chills. “I’m lying every single time I open my mouth.” He hates everyone.
  • Jocasta. She loves bow ties and Jesus. BUT she has been with a lot of people (sexually I think she means). But Jesus saved her.
  • Hayden. “Goofy funny kid” who got straight A’s in school.

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Big Brother Live Recap: Season 16 Premiere Episode 2

| June 26, 2014 at 8:55 PM EDT

Tonight on Big Brother 16 we learn the fate of eight additional Houseguests as they join last night’s first group and enter the house to compete for a half-million dollars. Along with the results of the next HoH comp we’ll also learn the first member of this season’s Team America twist.

Big Brother 16 Episode 2

Big Brother 16 Episode 2 – 8 More HGs Move In – Source: CBS

Picking up where the Big Brother premiere left off last night the remaining eight Houseguests will repeat a similar process. We’ll be introduced to their BB16 personas as they receive their keys and are whisked off to Los Angeles and climb the steps to the Big Brother house.

Ahh the introductions. Victoria is that same Victoria I met last week. I don’t think I could deal with the princess act for very long. Here comes Caleb showing off his hunting skills. Christine shows off her quirky side and husband. Speaking of husbands, Brittany is just out of a ten year marriage and looking forward to getting in that house.

But wait, there’s more. We’ve also got Derrick the cop. I like his potential for smart game play. Hayden promises to surprise HGs with his smarts hidden under his beach bum look. Zach is another one with fun potential but he’ll need to watch himself and not go overboard. And then there’s Jocasta. She’ll be a big personality in the house for sure, but should be lots of fun too.

Now back at the house, Julie reveals to the HGs another eight have already gone in and there’s even an HoH already. Don’t worry, HGs, because another one will be crowned tonight.

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Big Brother 16 Twists Update As We Prepare For Premiere Part 2

| June 26, 2014 at 4:00 PM EDT

Last night on the Big Brother 16 premiere part one the first set of Houseguests entered the game, and while they faced twists right away we still have a lot to learn about how they will work this summer. Here’s what we know so far and what we can expect to happen next.

Twist After Twisted Twist on Big Brother 16

Twist After Twisted Twist on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The first 8 HGs moved in ahead of the latter half which gave them the chance to privately align, pick beds, and even hold the first HoH comp all before the “Others” arrived. I think it’s a big advantage for the first group, but we’ll see.

So what happened with all of this season’s twists? Well not much and Julie Chen didn’t exactly tell us much of anything we didn’t already know. That was disappointing, but it just means we’ll learn a LOT on tonight’s show and even more when the Feeds launch after that.

That first HoH competition went to Frankie Grande who becomes part of one of this season’s twists: two HoHs. Tonight we’ll find out who joins him in that twist following the results of the second HoH endurance competition. You can see the preview sneak peek for that comp here.

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CBS Extends Final Hours On Big Brother Live Feeds Early Bird Sale

| June 26, 2014 at 2:30 PM EDT

Heads up! CBS is keeping the door open on the Live Feeds Early Bird sale for just a few more short hours. If you were planning to get the Feeds again this Big Brother season or finally ready to try them out then this is your last chance for the discount.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds now on sale, but discount ending soon – Source: CBS

In past years the Early Bird sale ended on the day of the first episode, but this year CBS is letting the sale run a little longer today ahead of the second Big Brother 16 episode. We do not have an exact time on when the sale ends other than “this afternoon” which could mean any moment now.

When the sale ends you can still get your Season Pass, but the cost goes up about 15% over the Early Bird discount. Not the end of the world, but might as well pay less if you were already interested in trying them out. Click here now & sign-up for your Feeds.

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird sale

There is no promo code for the Big Brother Live Feeds. There is a box to enter one, but the sale price is automatic and does not have a promo code to activate it. Just continue on without putting anything in that space.

The Big Brother Live Feeds launch tonight at the conclusion of the season premiere part 2’s west coast broadcast. That means at 10PM PT / 1AM ET, the same time as “After Dark,” but without all the bleeping of course. Hooray for uncensored Feeds!

This will be your final reminder on the Early Bird sale and be prepared for the discount to end without a moment’s notice. Someone somewhere will flip a switch sometime soon and that’ll be that.

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Big Brother 16 Backyard Revealed [PHOTOS]

| June 26, 2014 at 2:15 PM EDT

The Big Brother backyard. It’s their one space to escape the confines of the Big Brother house. Well, only to be confronted by the confines of high walls and fake grass. But, hey, there’s sunlight and with weather like that it’s where I’d be all day too.

Big Brother 16 backyard hammock

CBS has released our first look at the Big Brother 16 backyard without all the competition construction and glitter that we saw last night and will again in tonight’s episode.

It doesn’t seem like too much has changed this year, but maybe that’s standard, I can’t recall. There is all new furniture in the corner and Ian’s hammock is back and ready to creak away to the Feedsters’ dismay. And of course we’ve got the pool table there waiting for some late night games.

According to Big Brother producers, there are way more cameras in the backyard this season meaning we’ll get even better coverage of the really important stuff, bikinis and bare chests poolside lounging and alliances formed and broken by the hammock.

Check out the pictures below and get ready to start watching the HGs when the Live Feeds launch tonight after the season premiere concludes out west.

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