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Big Brother 11: Week 7 HoH Competition Endurance Results

| August 20, 2009 at 9:10 PM EDT

Tonight’s Big Brother 11 Head of Household competition truly turned out to be an endurance battle as the HGs are racing to see who can “recycle” the most soda cans by dropping them into narrow tubes from their elevated platform. The first houseguest to reach 24 cans wins, but if no one reaches that threshold after an hour whoever has the most will be crowned the winner.

You can watch the HoH competition play out right now on the the Live Feeds. Don’t have the Big Brother Feeds yet? No problem, you can sign-up here now with the Free Trial to join the rest of us and watch it all live and uncensored!

Update @ 6:30PM BBT: The live feeds are back and the HGs are already inside having dinner! Well nuts. Let’s see who is revealed as the winner.

Kevin said, “F you, Jeff” kiddingly though, so maybe Jeff got it. Jeff is talking quickly and excitedly with how he was playing so I’m thinking…

Confirmed: Jeff is the new HoH. Michele just asked what snacks he requested, so I’m taking that as confirmation. Kevin lost by 1 can!

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Big Brother 11: Week 6 Live PoV, Eviction, and HoH Results

| August 20, 2009 at 7:54 PM EDT

Tonight on Big Brother 11 the results of the season’s sixth eviction (well, seventh if you count Chima’s expulsion) will be revealed along with the results of the sixth PoV and HoH competitions.

It’s going to be a wild ride that might end up with an endurance comp that you can watch on the live feeds after tonight’s East Coast showtime. Sign-up now!

I’ll be updating this post here with the PoV, eviction, and HoH comp results. Meanwhile, join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s eviction episode!

Power of Veto Competition – ‘Before or After’:

  • Lydia, Michele, Jeff, Jordan, Kevin, and Natalie are all playing.
  • Round 1: All are safe.
  • Round 2: Lydia, Natalie, and Jeff are eliminated.
  • Round 3: All 3 are safe
  • Round 4: Kevin is eliminated
  • Round 5: Both are safe
  • Round 6: Both are safe
  • Round 7: Both are safe
  • Round 8: Both are safe
  • Tie-breaker goes to: Jordan!

Power of Veto Ceremony:

  • Jordan decided to not use the Veto power

Live Eviction voting:

  • Russell: Votes to evict Lydia
  • Michele: Votes to evict Lydia
  • Jeff: Votes to evict Lydia
  • It’s official, Lydia has been evicted
  • Kevin: Votes to evict Natalie

By a vote of 3 to 1, Lydia has been evicted from Big Brother 11.

HoH Competition – ‘Can Do’ Endurance Comp:
The HGs have 1 hour to to drop 24 soda cans down into tubes about 4 feet below their elevated platform. At the end of one hour, if no one has 24 cans in the small tubes (read: really hard to drop them in) then whoever has the most cans wins.

The HoH comp is over and Jeff has emerged victorious!

You can watch the rest of tonight’s HoH competition live right now! Check out the feeds with the Free Trial and see the rest of Big Brother 11 play out!

How will tonight’s results impact your Big Brother 11 predictions in the Amazon gift card giveaway? You can keep entering with new guesses each week.

Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on and we’ll see get to see what’s been going on since this afternoon. You can get the 24/7 uncensored feeds with the Free Trial so why are you waiting?!.

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Big Brother 11: Week 6 Live PoV & Eviction Episode Tonight

| August 20, 2009 at 11:00 AM EDT

Rumor Update: Buzz is building that tonight could be an endurance competition. If it is then be sure you’re signed up and ready so you can watch it all on the live feeds and discuss it in the Big Brother Chat Room with us! We’ll be here until it’s finished.

Speculative Update: Looks like it will be an endurance comp as the HGs are gearing up in athletic clothes. This is interesting because we usually get 2 endurance comps a season with one already done and the second usually being at the Final 3. That means Big Brother is dumping its usual cycle to suddenly introduce a third HoH endurance competition. As such, I would pose this question: During the previous endurance competition, who were the 4 best players (longest lasting) and who were the 3 worst players (shortest lasting)? Oh my, well look at that…

If BB holds an endurance comp tonight one could easily argue production is tilting the comp to Team Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russell. What do you think?

Tonight on Big Brother 11 we’ll have both the live Power of Veto competition and ceremony followed by our sixth eviction in the BB11 season. After last week’s fiasco featuring the fury of Chima I’m glad to see a return to the usual routine of the live eviction. But there won’t be anything routine about tonight’s show as I mentioned with both the eviction and the PoV events all taking place within one fast hour.

Normally I’d offer up a poll for who you’d vote to evict this week, but without the PoV results the nominations are still wide open and anything can happen. So instead this poll offers up everyone but Jeff, because come on, would Jordan actually nominate him? No way. Vote in the poll below then tell us why.

Will Jeff and Jordan betray Russell and backdoor him as they’ve secretly discussed? Can Natalie’s new deal with Jeff keep her safe? Will Captain Unitard live to fight another day? The only thing I know is that I can’t wait for tonight!

Meanwhile, get your Big Brother 11 live feeds ready so you can watch the house react uncensored to who is evicted and who becomes the new Head of Household. If you don’t have the live feeds yet you can still get the Free Trial discount. That along with your monthly $10 in free mp3s with your subscription and you’re getting a really good deal. Try it for free. Keep it for fun!

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Big Brother 11: Week 6 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

| August 20, 2009 at 9:30 AM EDT

Twas the day before the live eviction and all was not calm in the Big Brother 11 house. As the remaining HGs looked down the barrel of the Thursday’s PoV and eviction there were more questions opened than answered. Not knowing who would be up on the block put everyone on edge as anyone could go home.

Through the day the new, unreliable alliance was reaffirmed with Jeff, Jordan, and Natalie, while the more stable and open agreement between Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Russell was finally resolved. How long will that hold? Hopefully long enough to get through the week.

Try the live feeds for free and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed!

Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 19, 2009:

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Big Brother 11: Week 6 Power of Veto To Be Held Live Thursday Night

| August 19, 2009 at 3:52 PM EDT

Update: Team Jeff/Jordan/Michele/Russell just hugged it out and all agreed to stop screwing around. Their Final 4 agreement is back in full force after Jeff pulled the team back together. Watch it right now on the live feeds as they plot the eviction!

Power of Veto

This week in Big Brother 11 the Power of Veto competition and ceremony is going to be a massive deciding factor in how the rest of this season plays out. Late last night and into early this morning Jeff and Jordan decided this may be their best opportunity to evict Russell and keep the girls, but that will all come down to who holds the golden medallion when the music stops playing.

CBS announced today that both the PoV competition and ceremony will be held live on Thursday’s eviction show. This was of course going to be a double eviction before that whole Chima-tastraphe exploded in the house over weekend, knocking the diva out of the game, and ruining her teammates chances of winning the half-million dollars. So instead Big Brother will feature a ton of excitement with a live Power of Veto competition, live PoV ceremony, live eviction, and then lastly the live HoH competition. Craziness.

Meanwhile, as we wait, Jeff and Jordan continue to waiver on how to handle this week’s event. They’ve already decided if Kevin wins the PoV and saves one of the girls they’ll be forced to nominate either Michele or Russell with Russell being their current choice. Natalie’s new secret deal with Jeff and Jordan may keep her safe another week no matter what happens, but could shock Michele and Russell if they find out about this late night agreement.

Even without Princess Chima in the house the Big Brother live feeds are awesome right now as the game play has been cranked all the way up with tensions on high and paranoia flowing like wine. Don’t miss any of the action with the uncensored live feeds and if you still want to see the rest of what happened with Chima’s eviction you can use the feeds’ Flashback feature to rewind the tapes to Friday night at 10PM and see it all for yourself with the risk-free trial run.

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Big Brother 11: How Chima’s Eviction Ruined Her Alliance’s Chance Of Winning

| August 19, 2009 at 10:15 AM EDT

Last night on Big Brother 11 we finally got to see the rest of what happened with Chima’s eviction from the game. Production’s portrayal of Chima was far more realistic this time when compared to the victim approach they used during her “terrorist” fight with Russell. Despite finally revealing the bigger picture of Chima’s attitude problem in the game I doubt most viewers without the live feeds will realize just how bad things were with her.

While most could easily argue Chima’s decision to ruin her chances at Big Brother’s half-million dollar prize was short-sighted at best there was a bigger impact set into motion. When Chima failed to keep herself in the game she not only destroyed her chances of winning but also those of her teammates who stood up for her while she in turn completely let them down. I’ll tell you how.

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