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‘All Access’ Flashback: Big Brother 5 Season Premiere Recap

| December 17, 2014 at 9:30 AM EDT

This week in our Big Brother All Access Flashback series we’ve arrived at Big Brother 5 from 2004. Whew, an entire decade ago. Let’s see what Big Brother was like then and how that season started out.

Big Brother 5 logo

Big Brother 5 on All Access – Source: CBS

BB5 continued the Twist themes with Project “Do Not Assume” (DNA) which actually gave the viewers something to enjoy on one side and something for the HGs on the other, but more on that later. The season started out early/mid July and wrapped up in late/mid September and gave us 14 Houseguests, but only 13 joined us on premiere night.

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That first night we were introduced to Adria, Drew, Diane, Holly, Jase, Nakomis (Jennifer), Karen, Lori, Marvin, Cowboy (Michael), Mike, Scott, and Will. They met in front of the house like they always do and were sent in in groups to find a bed in the same layout of three bedrooms. Last season’s burlap beds were replaced with hard slabs this time with the bonus of a thin pad to sleep on. Lovely.

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Big Brother 16 Winner Derrick Levasseur Takes Caribbean Cruise Vacation – Updated [PHOTOS]

| December 15, 2014 at 11:30 AM EDT

It isn’t easy being the winner of Big Brother what with all the counting of stacks and stacks of cash. Those stacks are even bigger when you’re the highest earning winner in a single season evah! Luckily, Derrick Levasseur got to take some time off over the past few days to go on a Caribbean cruise vacation with his family for what looks like an awesome and well deserved trip.

Derrick Levasseur shares vacation photos with his fans

Derrick Levasseur shares vacation photos with his fans – Source: Instagram

Last week Derrick began sharing photos on his Instagram account as he arrived in Fort Lauderdale to embark on a sun-filled vacation down to Mexico along with his wife, Jana, and daughter, Tenley. Settling in on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas the family took off in to the sunset.

Derrick teased fans with photos from the ship and their stops along the way including Mr Sancho’s in Cozumel and having to “struggle” through the challenges of watching football in December from aboard the cruise ship. Yep, definitely feeling envious of that fun!

Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of his cruise Derrick had convinced the captain to let him take over and everyone else agreed to jump over the sides so he could be the last to leave.

Check out the photos Derrick shared and we’ll keep an eye out for any more fun pics he posts on Twitter & Instagram. Who else thinks they could use a vacation like this?? Maybe you should apply to be on Big Brother 17 and take your own trip after you win!

Update: Derrick shared a few new pics as his trip wrapped up including a few reunion shots with his close ally from Big Brother 16, Victoria Rafaeli.

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Source: Instagram

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‘All Access’ Flashback: Big Brother 4 Season Premiere Recap

| December 11, 2014 at 10:30 AM EDT

Welcome to the twisty, twist twists, as one former Big Brother Houseguest is wont to do. Big Brother 4 arrived in 2003 and brought with it the first big season of twists that’s now busily filling every Big Brother summer. Let’s take a look back through that season’s premiere.

Big Brother 4 logo

Big Brother 4 on All Access – Source: CBS

As part of my All Access Flashback series I’m continuing on to Season 4 of Big Brother this week with its twist “The X Factor.” Thirteen HGs entered the BB House that summer and ten of them were there opposite a former loved one while the other three dodged that bullet.

This season we got to know Alison & Justin (ex), Amanda (ex) & Scott, Dana (no ex HG), David & Michelle (ex), Erika & Robert (ex), Jack (no ex HG), Jee (ex) & Jun, and Nathan (no ex HG). There was originally another HG who was allegedly tossed out just before the game started after making outside contact.

So about that twist, only eight of that season’s HGs were part of the opening night move-in event where they gathered outside the front door. These original eight included Alison, Dana, David, Erika, Jake, Jun, and Nathan.

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They were sent in groups of 3-3-2 and each group had to send a HG to a different bedroom to help mix things up. During move-in Jun tried to share a bed with Nathan, who declined the offer, but later in her DR session we saw Jun suggest she had changed her mind. Heh.

It doesn’t take long for the new Big Brother Houseguests to notice there are more glasses than current players settling in to their new home, but the truth isn’t revealed for awhile longer.

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‘Chats 4 Charity’ With Big Brother 16 HGs For Reality Rally 2015

| December 9, 2014 at 8:00 AM EDT

The Big Brother 16 Houseguests are giving their support to ‘Chats 4 Charity’ to help raise funds for Reality Rally, benefiting the charity, Michelle’s Place, while offering fans a fun opportunity.

Big Brother 16 HGs supporting Reality Rally

Big Brother 16 HGs supporting Reality Rally – Source: CBS & Reality Rally

It’s always great to see Big Brother casts coming together for a good cause and this is a great one. Reality Rally is a unique event the pairs fans with Reality TV stars for an adventurous weekend. The 2014 Rally event is set for April 10th & 11th in Temecula, California and tickets are already on sale.

Here’s what the BB16 Houseguests are doing to help raise funds. Thirteen of the season’s HGs are on board to give their time for your donations. Donate $100 and you will get a 20-min private webchat. Give $50 and you can get a personalized photo of your fav autographed just for you. Nice!

So who all is on to help with this? You’ve got Derrick, Cody, Victoria, Caleb, Frankie, Christine, Donny, Zach, Jocasta, Amber, Brittany, Devin, and Joey. Yep, you can get a webchat with any of those Big Brother 16 cast members if you donate, BUT there are only six chats available for each Houseguest and it’s first come, first serve. If there’s one you really want, best not to wait.

To donate and get your Skype chat or autographed photo, e-mail, which I assume is being handled by Big Brother Canada’s Liza Stinton, seen in the video below.

Which Big Brother Houseguest would you most want to chat with for your donation?

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‘All Access’ Flashback: Big Brother 3 Season Premiere Recap

| December 3, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

Continuing in our Flashback series we’ve arrived at Big Brother 3 from 2002 where we’ll find Julie Chen as the host once again as twelve strangers head inside for a chance at the half-million dollar prize.

Big Brother 3 logo

Big Brother 3 on All Access – Source: CBS

Following the lead of its predecessor, Big Brother 3’s premiere has a very similar feel to what we saw the summer before (or last week if you’ve been following along). Julie gives us a brief intro before we meet the HGs in their hometowns as they receive a key and head out to the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 3 introduced us to the following Houseguests: Amy Crews, Chiara Jude, Danielle Reyes, Eric Ouellette, Gerry Lancaster, Jason Guy, Josh Feinberg, Lisa Donahue, Lori Olson, Marcellas Reynolds, Roddy Mancuso, and Tonya Paoni. Three of those names would appear again for Big Brother All-Stars, but only two made the cut to enter the house. We’ll get there in another month.

The HGs gathered in front of the house and were sent inside in sets of four. Beds were at a premium this season with one room offering privacy thanks to a door while the other two main bedrooms were out in the open. One of those two rooms had real beds while the worst option had two cots and a bamboo bench. Ouch. Poor Jason got stuck with that one.

Soon Houseguests are grabbing drinks and toasting their arrival which brings out the personalities and quick-brew dislikes. Josh is the loudmouth leader and immediately clashes with Marcellas who later makes his permanent mark on Big Brother when he lets friendship get in the way of reason.

Off to the backyard the HGs go for their first challenge and just like last season it’s an easy pickup of groceries for their first week. Again Slop isn’t a thing this summer since PB&J line the pantry as a food punishment. HGs have to fill shopping bags with all the groceries they can hold and then dash up in to nests in trees. Any food they get up in the tree is theirs to keep for the week.

Once the food comp ended the HGs immediately began their first real challenge of the summer and just like season two, the last HGs standing (or sitting in this case) would be the winners. HGs had climbed up in co-ed pairs to the nests and as long as they didn’t step out of the nest or drop anything they’d remain in the running. Last pair in their nest would earn $3K a week between them for each week that both were in the house. Heh.

After a few hours Big Brother changed the rules to be more restrictive and took away the HGs option to stand or hang out of the nest. This was problematic for Josh who let his foot slip out and ended his and Lisa’s chance at the prize money.

Once half of the HGs were eliminated sides started to take shape. A little. The “down” HGs started discussing the idea of targeting the “up” HGs and this included Josh campaigning to get Marcellas out first because of his “negativity.” That didn’t happen as you’ll soon see.

Eventually Jason and Lori win the competition after Danielle forced Marcellas to get down out of the tree, she didn’t want that target on her back, and Roddy semi-stood up while shifting in his nest. That meant Jason and Lori would earn $3K between them for each week that both HGs stayed in the game… they earned $3K. Total.

The next morning HGs are up and adjusting to their new home. It’s amazing how tiny the bathroom seems with the one shower stall, one sink, and an itty-bitty mirror for all of them to share. Much different from what we see now.

Once everyone is up and ready they settle in for the first Head of Household competition. In a copy & paste with a slight tweak format the “comp” is BB2’s all over again as the HGs face the “wheel of first impressions.” This time one player draws cards that ask “who is most likely to…” then he or she names a HG and does this a second time. The wheel is then spun and the name it lands on is the executioner. The spin-selected HG has to decide to eliminate one of those two players. It’s a nice, harsh twist on last year’s approach.

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Zach Rance & Cody Calafiore Discuss Big Brother 16 Plus Meet & Greet With Fans [PICS & VIDEO]

| December 2, 2014 at 11:45 AM EDT

Over the holiday weekend Big Brother 16 Houseguests Zach Rance & Cody Calafiore held a Meet & Greet event with fans and chat about their Big Brother season.

Cody Calafiore & Zach Rance at Meet & Greet

Cody Calafiore & Zach Rance at Meet & Greet – Source: Twitter

Thanks to Big Brother Group we were able to watch 20+ minutes of the event and see the start of how things went. The turnout for fans was impressive and appeared to have quick a mix of attendees, but at first the roaring cheers seem to be dominated by the teenage girl crowd. Thankfully the squealing settles down letting Cody and Zach answer questions about their Big Brother summer.

Neither former HG has seen the full season of Big Brother 16, but Zach says he’s gotten through four episodes so far. The two planned to watch an episode together later that night.

Zach gets asked about his rants during Big Brother. He says he had the most fun with Devin, but the only immediately after in the backyard with Paola may have been better, he says. As for that big one with Amber, he regrets it and really felt bad about having done that.

I’m glad the moderator asked about Team America which Zach says “really pisses him off.” Both guys agree that it was a huge advantage for Big Brother to arrange an alliance for them and then even give them lots of money on top of that. Cody says he was confident Zach was the Saboteur during one of TA’s missions and Zach says it still gets him worked out to see Derrick having taken his Gator shirt.

As for things they would change, the guys were asked about why they kept Frankie when he was winning so much. Cody points out that a lot of his wins were keeping them safe, which is an excellent point and reason to keep someone you felt was on your side of things. Of course that didn’t work out so great for Zach.

There were a lot more discussions including some romantic topics about who was the best cuddler for both, the answer you can find in the videos below by Big Brother Group. Speaking of romance, both Zach and Cody say they are completely single, so there you go for any hopefuls out there.

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