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Last Chance: CBS All Access Promo Code Expires Today

| December 1, 2014 at 8:00 AM EST

Today is your last chance to get the free month of All Access and watch Big Brother, Survivor, and a stack of other shows from CBS. The promo code we’ve been given to share will expire later tonight.

Big Brother on All Access

Big Brother on All Access – Source: CBS

You’ve probably seen the details, but All Access is going to be the new home for watching Live Feeds for Big Brother 17 and they’ve dropped the price down to $5.99/month and added a lot more content.

There may not be any Feeds yet, but there is already a lot to watch with every episode of Big Brother US available right now in the archive library and CBS sent us over a promo code for All Access so our readers could try it out for a month for free to see what it’ll be like for BB17.

Click through on the link or banner below then apply promo code THANKS when you’re at checkout to get the free month trial instead of the default week trial. Code expires 12/1 @ 11:59PM PT!

All Access 1-Month Free Trial – Last Day to Sign-Up!

I signed up last month and have been watching the premiere episodes of the past Big Brother seasons starting all the way back at the very beginning. Being a fan of Survivor I also had to return to the first season of that as well which was really cool to see again. They’ve got a ton of classic shows like Star Trek, MacGyver, Twilight Zone, and a lot more so you’re not limited to what’s on CBS now.

It’s good to see we’re going to be getting more and paying less this summer with our Big Brother Feeds subscription. That’s nice for a change! This deal & code expires tonight, so get it now.


Big Brother Houseguests Celebrate Thanksgiving 2014

| November 28, 2014 at 12:15 PM EST

Big Brother Houseguests have shared a lot of meals together over the past fifteen summers, but I bet everyone of them would trade one of those for a trip back home for family and friends.

Big Brother Thanksgiving, McCrae style - Source: @mccraechum

Big Brother Thanksgiving, McCrae style – Source: @mccraechum

This Thanksgiving we saw a lot of photos passed around on Twitter and Instagram by the former Houseguests as they spent time with family and occasionally each other too. Plenty of cute family and group photos including one good looking turkey by McCrae looking to challenge Rockwell’s hold on American traditionalism.

Check out the pics below and we’ll keep an eye out for any late additions to the Thanksgiving celebrations.

click images to see full-size views

Image source: Twitter & Instagram


CBS Offering ‘Black Friday’ Deal With Return Of 1-Month Free All Access Promo Code

| November 26, 2014 at 12:30 PM EST

If you missed CBS’s 1-Month Free Trial of their new All Access, an online video service featuring complete archives of current and past series, including Big Brother, then now is your second chance.

CBS All Access 1-Month Free Promo Code

All Access 1-Month Free Trial Promo – Source: CBS

Last month CBS launched their All Access subscription service, which is going to also be the new home of Live Feeds for Big Brother 17 next summer, and had been giving away a month’s subscription to early subscribers. That offer ended the other week, but now it’s back for a few more days.

Starting right now and ending on Monday, Dec. 1st at 11:59PM PT you can get a second chance at a free month of watching every past season of Big Brother, Survivor, and lots of other CBS shows.

CBS All Access. Try 1 month free!

I’ve been enjoying going back through the archives and watching Big Brother season premieres to see just how much things have changed. There are over 500 episodes of Big Brother waiting for you.

All Access 1-Month Free Trial – Sign-up Now to Watch Big Brother!

Click the link above or any of the All Access banners on our site then use Promo Code THANKS to score yourself an entire month instead of the regular one-week offer they had going earlier.

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‘All Access’ Flashback: Big Brother 2 Season Premiere Recap

| November 25, 2014 at 11:30 AM EST

This week in my All Access Flashback series we’ve moved on to Big Brother 2 season premiere which is really the start of Big Brother US as we now know it. Watch this episode and all of Big Brother 2 now.

Big Brother 2 on CBS with All Access

Big Brother 2 on CBS with All Access – Source: CBS

Launching way back in July 2001 Big Brother 2 ditched the viewer voting of Season 1 (read our series premiere recap here) and brought us the Head of Household and cutthroat attitude that change BBUS from a summer camp to a battle for a half-million dollars. Oh yeah, and it gave us Chill Town with Dr. Will and Boogie.

Despite all the drastic format changes for Season 2 producers wasted little time getting us right into meeting the new Houseguests and thrusting them in to the competition. A quick narration intro by returning host Julie Chen let us know things would be a lot different this time around.

Just as we see now, each Houseguest filmed a “here’s your key!” segment before shouting “I’ve got 10 minutes to pack.” Yeah, I still don’t believe that line any better thirteen years later.

Next thing we know all twelve HGs are gathered in front of the house and sent inside in three groups of four. Nicole was the first to enter while Will was the last. This was the first time we saw a scramble for beds along with the introduction of a third shared bedroom and a Head of Household reward room. Some of the HGs find big, soft beds while others’ only options were cots and a sleeping bag. That floor spot went to Kent, but don’t feel bad for him. Kent won a Buick that night.

click images to see full-size views

Houseguests gathered in the living room and started to introduce themselves. The average age was thirty-three with the youngest, Justin, at 26 and the oldest, Kent, at 46. The getting-to-know-you phase didn’t last long before Julie Chen interrupted their fun to start the battle.

Everyone headed to the backyard for their first food competition and a surprise luxury comp as well. HGs had to grab bags of groceries and then fit all twelve people plus the food supplies in a brand new Buick that was sitting out in the backyard. If they could fit everyone in there for sixty seconds then the food was theirs to keep for the week.

All Access Free Trial – Sign-up Now to Watch Big Brother!

The food situation was much different that year as Houseguests on the losing end of food fights were given peanut butter and jelly. “Slop” wasn’t a thing just yet, sorry modern HGs.

Jumping back to the competition, Julie announced that once they had secured their food for the week there was one more thing to do with that car. The last HG to leave would win the car, but there were no bathroom breaks and no sleeping.

Nicole shook the comp up when she announced that whoever won the car should be voted out. Most everyone bailed at that suggestion and soon it was just Kent, Sheryl, and Autumn. Kent explained his wife needed a new car while Autumn, a single mother, didn’t even have one to replace. Sheryl bowed out and soon it was just Kent and Autumn. Then after just 96 minutes Autumn ran out of the car to the house upset that she had lost, but as Kent pointed out, if she had really wanted the car she could have stayed.

The next morning Houseguests were gathered again in the living room for the first Head of Household competition. Julie explained the winner would get his or her own bedroom, a small room right off the living room, with a private bed. The real kicker that season: maid service. Oh yes, the HoH’s room was cleaned up for them. Nice. There was also the reward of candy and snacks plus a fridge for drinks. Then just as we still have now the HoH enjoyed a special robe though the fuzzy slippers have dropped off the provided list.

Big Brother’s debut of Head of Household was not decided by a physical or particularly challenging competition. Instead the HGs voted in a A/B style face-off designed to label and upset the participants. The winner would then select two other HGs to be nominated for eviction.

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Jeff & Jordan Take A ‘Pre-Honeymoon’ Vacation In Cancun [PICS]

| November 24, 2014 at 11:15 AM EST

Big Brother Houseguests Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd flew off to Mexico last week for an early birthday present for the Season 11 winner and shared pics upon their return.

Jeff & Jordan kick back on a Cancun beach

Jeff & Jordan kick back on a Cancun beach – Source: Instagram

Okay, so it wasn’t really a pre-honeymoon trip for the recently engaged couple, but considering the road they took to get to the engaged status earlier this summer we’ll just teasingly call it that.

The couple headed out of LA and went down to Cancun for an enviable weekend in the sun. Looks like Jordan was busy making friends, both the upright kind and the four-legged ones.

Speaking of that engagement, we haven’t heard of any wedding dates but I’m sure CBS will manage to work that in to a Big Brother episode of its own.

Check out photos shared by Jordan from her trip to Cancun and vicariously enjoy their time in Mexico while still drinking whatever water you want!

click images to see full-size

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‘All Access’ Flashback: Big Brother 1 Series Premiere Recap

| November 19, 2014 at 8:00 AM EST

Big Brother is back, on All Access that is. Thanks to our new found ability to go back and watch any season, any episode of Big Brother U.S. using CBS’s new “All Access” service I’ve decided to do just that with a weekly flashback recap series of the season premiere from every season. First up is the original Big Brother series premiere from 2000.

Big Brother Season 1

Big Brother Season 1 – Source: CBS

It’s incredible to go back and watch the first season again for many reasons. I still remember being immediately drawn in to the series that summer, but wow how strange and different it seems compared to what we now watch each season.

The bulk of the series premiere is filled with co-hosts, yes there were two hosts at the start, Julie Chen and Ian O’Malley. I could recall there being another host, but I couldn’t remember much about that role. That might be because his role didn’t even last through the entire season.

Ian might not have lasted the whole summer that year, but he did get a lot of time on the debut episode. He’s actually our initial tour guide as compared to what we see with Julie Chen for the always hotly anticipated Big Brother house reveals.

Trading off between Julie and Ian we learn the original season of Big Brother had just 28 cameras and 60 microphones. It only took another fifteen seasons to go high-def! They’re even sure to repeatedly point out the toilet and shower cams. Speaking of the shower, BB1 only had two hours worth of hot water each day and it was a consecutive time block. Once the first Houseguest fired up the hot water the timer started. You didn’t want to oversleep that summer.

Sleeping arrangements weren’t that much different with two main bedrooms which gave the HGs the option to divide up by sexes, though Big Brother was sure to point out that they wouldn’t be forcing any sleeping rules and it was up to the Houseguests to decide on all that. Without a Head of Household or Have-Nots there weren’t any other bedrooms in the house. Just two small closed off areas for rest. They were all twin sized beds and no shortages either.

Try CBS All Access. 1 week free!

Next Ian points out there are no clocks and no watches allowed in the house. How I miss that set up. Why in the world do HGs need to know what time it is like they do now? Just this season the HGs sat around waiting for events knowing it was always around the same time each week. Blah.

As for time, I do remember Curtis (I believe it was) having a Saboteur-style task of changing the House clock each day to screw with their heads so I guess that no-clocks rule was eventually relaxed. Didn’t he win the big television they rolled out each week for successfully completing that mission?

There was little actual time with the Big Brother Season 1 Houseguests in this episode other than their general intro videos as we get to know their edited caricatures. Instead we got to learn more about the series, or at least what we’d see that first summer as a lot was changed in the second go-round.

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