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Andy Herren Flashes Big Brother Victory Tattoo, Joins The BB15 Ink’d Ranks

| January 30, 2014 at 12:07 PM EST

Andy Herren with Robyn Kass

What’s a guy to do when he wins a half-million dollar prize and the title of Big Brother winner? Get a tattoo to commemorate his success, of course.

Following suit after we saw Judd, McCrae, & Jeremy get their own permanent reminders of the season, BB15 winner Andy Herren added his own tattoo to the mix last month.

Andy went with a Big Brother key outline on his forearm though we think if he was really going to go for it he should have done all seven keys up and down his arm (no, not really). It’s a nice tattoo and certainly an accomplishment he’ll always remember, but where does it stack up in the mix of Big Brother tattoos?

As a refresher, McCrae got a Power of Veto outline, Judd got a solid PoV, and Jeremy ink’d “XV” across his big toes (see the pics below). So how does Andy’s key outline rank among his fellow HouseGuests? Check out the pictures below and then vote in our poll below on who has the best Big Brother ink.

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Andy gets a Key tattoo for his win:

Flashback gallery to Judd, McCrae, & Jeremy’s tattoos:

Source: Twitter

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Big Brother 16: When Does Casting Start? Casting Director Shares Details – Update

| January 29, 2014 at 9:30 AM EST

Julie Chen Big Brother

This summer isn’t far away so fans and HG hopefuls are already asking when does the Big Brother 16 casting start. While we don’t have an exact date just yet we can take a look back over the past several seasons to get an idea of when things could kick off.

Seasons 11-14 held their first open casting call event at the very end of March or the very beginning of April. Last year we saw the first audition event moved up by a few weeks to mid-March, likely to coincide with the early season premiere.

Meanwhile, in-person auditions aren’t the only option (BB HG Matt Hoffman even advises against them) and those have their own timeline. Starting in Season 14 applicants were able to submit online that year starting a month ahead of casting events. Then in 2013 the casting process or reviewing applications began on Feb 18th.

So when will everything kick off for BB16? Online applications are already being accepted, but likely aren’t yet being reviewed. I’d expect a similar late February kickoff of the Big Brother casting with open-call events starting mid to late March. With no word from CBS on the new 2014 season premiere date we may be able to get an idea from the starting of those audition dates.

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Robyn Kass, casting director for Big Brother 16, revealed on Twitter that we can expect official information on those dates to arrive early March. Once that happens we’ll share the updated details and get everyone ready with what they need to know for their chance to be on Big Brother this summer!

Do you plan on auditioning for BB16? Let us know if you’re hoping to go to an open-call event or applying online. Best of luck to everyone!

Update: Robyn Kass is now saying mid-March instead of beginning of March for the release of casting dates.


Big Brother HGs Reunite For Reality Rally Poker Fundraiser [PHOTOS]

| January 27, 2014 at 8:00 AM EST

Judd, Nick, Gene, & Alec - Reality Rally

Big Brother HouseGuests from seasons past gathered in California this weekend to support the Reality Rally “Fun for Funds” poker event. There the HGs lent their names and time to benefit “Michelle’s Place,” a breast cancer resource center.

BBUS HGs attending included Judd Daugherty, Nick Uhas, Kaitlin Barnaby, Dominic Briones, and Daniele Donato. Joining them in the fun was Big Brother Canada’s Alec Beall and Glass House’s Gene Bryant.

From the pictures released and the Tweets shared it sounds like the former HouseGuests were definitely having a good time at the event and are ready to do it again. Well, it does look like Daniele might have been having more time with Alec than she needed, “shocker,” but it’s all in good fun.

Lots more Big Brother contestants will be getting together again for the Reality Rally event in April and they’re out their fundraising now so keep an eye out for more info.

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Interview: Judd Daugherty Talks Supporting Reality Rally Fundraiser Poker Event

| January 24, 2014 at 8:38 AM EST

Judd as HoH

We caught up with Big Brother’s Judd Daugherty to discuss his support of the Reality Rally fundraiser “Poker Fun For Funds” event. That event is held tonight, Friday, January 24th in Murietta, CA and it’s not too late to get involved. Early registration begins at 6:30PM with the poker tournament kicking off at 7PM. More details here from Reality Rally’s website with address and ticket prices.

Here’s what Judd had to say about tonight’s fundraiser event:

Big Brother Network: How did you get involved in the Reality Rally ‘Poker Fun For Funds’ event?

Judd Daugherty: I got involved because my friend Gene from TheGlassHouse decided to host a poker tournament to raise funds for the charity and invited me. It is for a great charity and I wanted to get involved.

BBN: You’re co-hosting the event with Gene Bryant & Alec Beall, but will you be playing and how good of a poker player are you?

Judd: Yes I’ll be playing as well! You have to be in it to win it! I mean I’m pretty new to poker but I did okay in a tournament I did a few months ago. I can definitely hold my own.

BBN: Have you recruited any other BB HGs to join you at the poker game?

Judd: We are all a team as we as we started spreading the word about the event Nick Uhaus, Kaitlin Barnaby, as well as some other surprise personalities wanted to be a part of this awesome event!

BBN: When Reality Rally’s big event in April comes around, will you be attending that as well?

Judd: I will DEFINITELY be attending the event in April. I can’t wait to be a part of this event after hearing such great stories about the atmosphere & event from other reality stars who have gone in the past.

BBN: Beyond your fundraiser events, what’s up next for you?

Judd: I am looking for a career change! No I’m not going to try to be an actor! But I’m looking to get into something new and exciting! I’m always going to make time for charities though in whatever I do.

BBN: Thanks, Judd! Best of luck at the tournament.

This looks like a great event for everyone to attend and support. You’ll get a chance to meet Judd, Kaitlin, and Nick from BB15 plus Alec from BBCAN along with Gene from Glass House. We’ll keep an eye out for even more pics like these released last night by Kaitlin on her Instagram account.

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Big Brother’s Jessie Kowalski Heads To Disney World [PHOTOS]

| January 23, 2014 at 11:00 AM EST

Jessie Kowalski at Walt Disney World

Perhaps anticipating a need to escape all the crazy Big Brother drama on Twitter, BB15 HG Jessie Kowalski headed south for the happiest place on Earth. No wait, that’s Disneyland. Okay, so she went for the “Most Magical Place on Earth” and it looks like she had one heck of a time there on her trip.

No sightings of other fellow Big Brother HouseGuests on this trip, so yeah no Juddsie fun, but with several of the HGs embroiled in Twitter flamewars or heading west to support an awesome fundraiser we guess she made this journey on her own.

Well, not entirely on her own. Jessie toured Epcot with a beer as she advised there’s no better way to start your visit than with a beer from Ireland’s pavilion. Sure enough, there she is getting her beer, then heading over to Canada, and finally we even see an appearance at Mission Space. That’s one long-lasting and well-traveled beverage!

So yeah, this is a fluff post, but who doesn’t like Disney World, right? Check out the pictures below of Jessie’s fun. It makes me ready for another trip to Orlando!

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Big Brother 15 HG Judd Daugherty Co-Hosts Poker Tournament Fundraiser

| January 21, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST

Reality Rally Poker Fundraiser

We already knew Big Brother’s Judd Daugherty had a generous heart lending his time and name to fundraisers with great causes and now he’s up to it again. Later this week Judd will co-host the Reality Rally “Poker Fun For Funds” event in Murrieta, California on Friday, January 24th.

Fans and supporters of Reality Rally’s cause can join Judd along with Big Brother Canada’s Alec Beall and Glass House’s “Hollywood” Gene Bryant for a poker tournament with just a $25 buy-in and a $10 re-buy. Reality Rally has an info page set up with more info on how to get signed up right now.

click images to see full-size

It looks like even more Big Brother 15 HGs have joined in to support with Nick Uhas and Kaitlyn Barnaby according to an updated poster I saw on Twitter but of course I can’t find it again at the moment. Wait, yep, here it is. They’ll be there too.

Make sure you jump on over to Reality Rally’s website and get signed up if you’ll be in that area on Friday and are ready to support a good cause! Kudos to everyone getting involved and helping out at the event.

Update: Judd says today is the last day to pre-register so jump on it!


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