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Will Second Group Be Second Class Houseguests On Big Brother 16?

| June 26, 2014 at 11:00 AM EDT

The speculation of teams pitted against each other for Big Brother 16 has become increasingly more plausible since we learned the HGs would be divided in to groups for move-in. Will those Groups soon become Teams? Production might be working to hard to make that happen.

Big Brother 16 Group 2 moves in

Big Brother 16 Group 2 moves in and celebrates in low grade – Source: CBS

Update: It was fun while it lasted, but nope! Group 2 does in fact receive champagne flutes. They just don’t use them. Go figure on that part. Anyway, we can see the fancy glasses on the table of this picture from another preview clip.

Last night we saw the first batch of eight Big Brother HGs move in and just as I suggested, and many of us had to see coming, they quickly bonded and formed an alliance. Now whether that lasts is yet to be seen, but by moving them in as an isolated group and giving them to the chance align against “The Others” the opportunity for teams is more organic.

You know how else you can divide people in to two groups pitted against each other? Class warfare! I think that just might be what Big Brother is set to do with this second group of Houseguests.

In the latest episode preview for tonight’s premiere part two we see Group 2 celebrating their arrival with champagne and juice, but wait, what’s that? Mason jars? Yes, in the picture above you can see Brittany and her surrounding fellow HGs hoisting mason jars together in a “cheers!” celebration.

Yesterday we watched Group 1 celebrate with champagne flutes as is tradition to the start of the season, but when the next batch of players arrive they’ll be demoted to “lesser” stemware. This is obviously an intended snub by production and will no doubt get some of these players miffed.

Maybe the attempt at “organically forcing” teams will end at the move-in events and the HGs will be left to their own devices to form alliances, but what if it’s more than that? What if there will be a Have-Not Team that swaps around through the season or heck, what if Group 2 is doomed to be Have-Nots until the twist is put to rest? What if it doesn’t stop at mason jars and Group 2 is degraded on multiple fronts as second class Houseguests in the game? So many possibilities!

As for the Have-Not room we’re still waiting to see it unveiled. So far we have the Wind, Earth, and Fire rooms with the Wind room being the last to be released by CBS. Photos had briefly floated around for an Ice room with hard beds and boy would that not be fun.

click images to see full-size views

If one of these current rooms is changed to be a HN set up then it’ll likely be the Wind room as that was the room used last season in the layout. Oddly though, during the Media Day coverage one participant claimed the Fire room was the active HN room with the alarm bells ringing at random times to awake HGs and torture them as HN rooms are designed to do. Hmm.

What do you think of Big Brother creating a tiered system of Houseguests this season? Would they go that far to drive a plot twist? Or would that be taking it too far? Share your thoughts!


Tonight On Big Brother 16: Season Premiere Part 2

| June 26, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

More Big Brother coming your way tonight on CBS when the Season 16 premiere part two arrives and reveals what happens when the second half of the Houseguest arrive to find a twist paradise.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Tonight’s Big Brother 16 will air at 9PM ET/PT and I’ll be covering it all live as it happens just as we’ll be doing all season. You can join us here throughout the show at 9PM ET and discuss it live with other fans as we see the second group arrive and compete for their own Head of Household.

We’ll soon get to see Jocasta, Victoria, Christine, Brittany, Derrick, Caleb, Hayden, and Zach grab their bags and rush inside. But it shouldn’t take long for them to figure out something is up when they arrive to find eight other players already settled in to their home.

Want to see what these next eight HGs will face when they go to battle it out for their own Head of Household? I’ve got your preview look with pictures of tonight’s endurance comp here.

Along with all of tonight’s move-in and competition action we’ll also learn more about the Team America twist. The first member of the 3-person secret action team will be revealed and it’s going to be Frankie. His sister commands 35 million social media followers and it’s no doubt that’ll be enough to put him over the top. The other two will join him in the coming weeks.

Then tonight after the second premiere episode is finished out west the Live Feeds will launch and we’ll be watching online as the new HGs run around inside the Big Brother 16 house.

You still have a few hours left before CBS ends the Early Bird discount sale price. CBS won’t say what time it ends other than “afternoon” so I’d take that as a hint to hurry up and get your Season Pass or you’ll have to pay more for it this evening when you can start watching.

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird sale

Ready to meet the rest of the new BB16 cast? You’re just a few more hours away, but you can view my interviews with them now and then join us on Facebook and Twitter for even more updates!

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Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 6-25-2014

| June 26, 2014 at 8:00 AM EDT

Last night on Big Brother 16 the first set of Houseguests for the 2014 summer season moved in to their new home, but it won’t be all fun and games. Okay, well it will be for us, but for them the Big Brother competitions start now.

Big Brother 16 logo redesign

Big Brother spoilers revealed – Source: CBS

I am live blogging the full season premiere episode here on the site tonight too, but this post will hold your quick highlights on who won any challenges and what sort of twists and spoilers are revealed for Big Brother 16.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for all the latest Big Brother news!

On Wednesday night we got a huge set of spoilers from CBS in a reveal of the first HoH competition. Not only did we see what the HGs would face to become debut Head of Household, but also what happened when it came time to move in!

Now we get to watch it all unfold in way more than that short video clip they shared.

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Big Brother 16 Premiere Part 1 Recap: Alliances Form Among The First Eight

| June 25, 2014 at 9:37 PM EDT


“Go Grande or go home.”¬†Big Brother 16 houseguest Frankie Grande said that and it truly felt like the theme of the episode. Not just because Frankie is pop star Ariana Grande’s sister, but because he earned the air time he got and finished the night by becoming the first Head of Household.

I can tell you that I’m not going to be a fan of Frankie’s name-dropping or all the Ariana references, but all that aside, Frankie does make a pretty great houseguest. And his little bromance with Cody was one of the highlights of the night. How long will that last? Who knows. But for now, it’ll be fun to watch.

So there’s my overview of the episode. Let’s back up and get to this chronologically.

Julie starts the episode inside the house, hints at all the twists and then heads out to the studio stage to show us the key deliveries of the first eight houseguests (the other eight move in Thursday). I’m always a fan of the key deliveries so I always try to figure out who these¬†people really are before they enter the house and become totally different people. Here’s what I gathered from this group:

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Big Brother Live Recap: Season 16 Premiere Episode

| June 25, 2014 at 7:55 PM EDT

Here. We. Go! It’s the Big Brother season 16 premiere event with part one of the two-night special kick-off. We’ll soon be watching our favorite HouseGuests scurry around their new home for the summer and if you don’t have any favorites yet just give it a night.

Big Brother 16 Premiere Sneak Peek

Big Brother 16 Premiere Recap – Source: CBS

Tonight’s premiere will start with introductions of all the new Big Brother 16 cast (read their bios & watch interviews here) as they get their “Key Surprise” moments with family and friends before being whisked away to Los Angeles. Once they’re all gathered up the HGs will head inside and fight for beds and, soon enough, power.

But wait, oh no, I meant “but first,” there’s a twist! Not everyone is going inside the house tonight. Instead the new cast will be split apart with eight players entering now and another eight moving in during Thursday’s part two of the season premiere.

So who goes in tonight and who gets left behind? Let’s find out as I live blog the Big Brother 16 season premiere. Stick with me here on this page and share your thoughts in the Comments section below. I’ll keep updating this article with everything as it happens.

And we’re off! First up we get Julie Chen status us up, but remember, this is not a live show. We get our first round of introductions with Paola (DJ), Donny (groundskeeper), Cody (shirtless athlete). Now Frankie (YouTube personality) and Amber (model). Final three of this half are Nicole, Devin, and Joey.

Now they’re all getting packed up and ready to head to the Big Brother house. Seems like most everyone is heading there looking for romance rather than a half-million dollars.

Julie has these eight players out at FOTH and is telling them it will be the most twisted season ever. She doesn’t explain why it’s just eight of them there. I’d bet they’re all thinking “Vets.”

First four in: Joey (< -- cursed!), Cody, Donny, and Amber. Second four: Devin, Paola, Frankie, and Nicole. Group one realizes there has to be another eight, but that doesn't stop them from grabbing the champagne and going around for introductions. Cody is crushing on Paola oh and guess what. Paola has a crush on Cody already too. Well that could be our first showmance. Click Here to Continue Reading »


Final Chance: Big Brother Live Feeds Early Bird Sale Ending

| June 25, 2014 at 6:00 PM EDT

Here is your final chance to score the Early Bird discount pricing on your Big Brother Live Feeds’ Season Pass. Once CBS closes this sale you’ll have to pay more for the very same thing (something that drives me nuts to have to do, but maybe that’s just me).

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Early Bird

Big Brother Live Feeds Early Bird expiring – Source: CBS

Each summer CBS offers a pre-order sale on the Big Brother Feeds. That sale is known as the “Early Bird” and it’s a discounted price you get for registering for your Feeds subscription before the season begins. You’ll get a lower price of $23.99 and know you’re covered for the full summer of Big Brother. There are no re-charges or extra costs once you have signed up for your Season Pass.

So what are the Big Brother Feeds? These are live streamed video footage from inside the Big Brother house. You know all those cameras all over the house you see on the shows? Having a Live Feeds subscription gains you access to those cameras with an uncensored video feed. Unlike “After Dark” there is no bleeping and things can get to be NSFW (use your headphones at work!). CBS runs this service as an extension of the primetime episodes, though note it is a paid subscription.

All Big Brother season you can login on the website and flip between four selected (control room’s choosing) camera views and the “quadcam” which shows all at once. Don’t like what one group is doing? Change over to another room and watch there instead. Nothing interesting at the moment? Check the Archives. Oh yeah, the whole thing is stored and ready to be re-watched.

If you were out and missed a big house fight or especially sneaky alliance betrayal whisper fest, then no worries. The Feeds are archived for the entire season. You can dial back the clock to any day, hour, minute and pick the camera to watch it all over again as much as you want. Yeah, that just might be the best feature of the Big Brother Feeds.

Still curious to learn more? Check out my “What are Big Brother Live Feeds?” FAQ. Ready to snag your uncensored access to the Big Brother 16 house? Sign-up now and be ready because the Feeds start when Thursday’s broadcast ends on the west coast at 10PM PT (1AM ET).

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird sale

Full disclosure: Yes, I receive referral commissions for Feed sign-ups that come through our site (as does every Big Brother fan site). That’s a major part of how I support this site and am able to bring in writers to add to our community discussion. Signing up through my links and banners has a direct effect of support to our work here on Big Brother Network.

Whether or not you get Feeds or even get them from me you are just as important of a reader and part of our community here. So thank you for being a reader and an extra thank you to all of you who sign-up through our site. I couldn’t do this every summer without your help.


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