Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Who Won Final HoH Endurance Comp?

Round One of the Final HoH of Big Brother 17 is now complete. We watched the results play out as the last three Houseguests were all eligible to play as we work towards the F2 reveal at next Wednesday’s season finale.

Julie Chen hosts HoH competition
Julie Chen hosts HoH competition – Source: CBS

Vanessa and Steve secured their spot in this round but the third seat went to the surviving nominee between John and Liz. Unfortunately for the Johnny Mac fans, he was evicted again on Wednesday night.

Now we’ve got the final endurance competition to settle who wants it the most for a chance at the third round. The losers here moved on to the second round later this week while the Round 1 winner relaxes so the pressure is on to hang in and get this win.

Big Brother 17 Final HoH – Round 1 Competition:

  • 8:00 PM BBT – Feeds go to Jeff Loops while HGs prep for the comp. This could take a bit.
  • 8:41 PM BBT – Feeds back! HGs hanging on rope swings, dipped in goo, then slammed on the walls.
  • 8:45 PM BBT – Everyone hanging in there just fine and having fun.
  • 8:50 PM BBT – HGs hit with a blast of cotton candy powder. Yum.
  • 8:55 PM BBT – Everyone still there. Vanessa complains she’s too old for this.
  • 9:00 PM BBT – Steve & Liz having fun, but Vanessa again mentions her being older.
  • 9:05 PM BBT – Steve says this is going to be an all-nighter.
  • 9:07 PM BBT – Lots of chatter from Steve. No one stressing it yet.
  • 9:10 PM BBT – Steve apologizes for so much talk. HGs continue to get slammed.
  • 9:15 PM BBT – Wall slams are coming more frequently, but all still hanging on.
  • 9:20 PM BBT – Vanessa continues to mention her head is getting hit during wall slams.
  • 9:23 PM BBT – Steve hits the wall & is knocked off the seat & down to the apple. Uh oh.
  • 9:25 PM BBT – Steve recovers his sitting position while they dip in to the goo.
  • 9:30 PM BBT – Confetti blasted at the 3 HGs. Liz worries if her hair still looks good.
  • 9:35 PM BBT – It’s a quiet one. All 3 remain in the comp. Lots of wall slams.
  • 9:40 PM BBT – These wall slams are hard hits! They keep rolling on.
  • 9:43 PM BBT – Vanessa asking Steve how long this comp went in past seasons.
  • 9:45 PM BBT – Vanessa says she bruises easily & will be covered in them.
  • 9:48 PM BBT – Steve asks Vanessa how she’s doing. She says she’s okay.
  • 9:53 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Steve she has a method for the hits now. Teeth chatter.
  • 10:00 PM BBT – Over 1h20m and all 3 remain. They’re doing a good job.
  • 10:05 PM BBT – Liz looks pretty uncomfortable and says it’s hurting her lady bits.
  • 10:10 PM BBT – After Liz says the goo dips her her “vajayjay” they keep dipping. Heh.
  • 10:15 PM BBT – They are all still there! Nicely done, HGs. Liz does seem to be hurting.
  • 10:20 PM BBT – Very little talk from them now. Even Steve has quieted down.
  • 10:25 PM BBT – This HGs are tough. Lots of goo dips & Liz isn’t happy with it.
  • 10:30 PM BBT – Vanessa is starting to loose it. She’s laughing & shouting at the wall.
  • 10:35 PM BBT – HGs getting dipped over & over. No one budging. Comp continues


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  1. I read somewhere Austin wins first round of final HOH… Can someone confirm?

    Oh wait, never mind… I was just told by production not to believe anything I read and only half of what I hear.
    As for first round, whoever loses, at least they get a second chance!

      • Vanessa is used to sitting for hours playing poker so any sitting comps she always wins…steve can’t sit still and liz is too whinny to win anything

    • She hasn’t fared well in the endurance comps so far this season. The only one to win an endurance comp out of the 3 was Nessa

      • But just from that you can’t tell how she’ll do. She wasn’t up there very long for that comp. This will test everyone. Let’s see who has the endurance.

      • Steve’s a puss lizis dumb Vanessa is getting paid….the Foxx was in from the start that’s why nobody ever mentioned vannrssa playing both sides astwins Steve j mac

      • Have you heard what has come out of her mouth this season about everyone in the house. There are a few other things I could say about where her mouth has been but I’ll refrain for now

      • What has Liz done except talk nasty about the other people in the house, be a floater and take care of Austin.

      • Thank you! Exactly why she doesn’t deserve to win. I’d rather have that bitch Vanessa win over her. Oh wait, Vanessa doesn’t deserve it either…
        (or at least she doesn’t need the money)

      • YES!!! Glad to have someone in my corner! But seriously, I’ve been saying this all season! She bullied her way here & deserves nothing! GO LIZ & STEVE!!!

      • I want Liz & Steve in the final 2, and Steve for the win… Vanessa has bullied everyone in the game, & has had EVERYONE else do her dirty work… not cool!!

      • I wouldn’t mind if Vanessa won if she would just own her game. If she would admit in the DR what she was really doing not “Oh poor me. I am playing a honest game. I have not lied to anyone.” We all know that is crap. I don’t like Vanessa but I would respect her game if she would just own up to it to the public.

      • That’s one perspective to argue from… but to win this game you most likely need to get at least some blood on ur hands to gain respect from the jury. Most jurors view the twins as a twist as opposed to legit players

    • Sorry, I don’t root for multi-millionaires who drive Lamborghinis (oh, and who also happens to be a jerk) to win on BB. And before you accuse me of being against the rich, I’m a hardened Republican who voted for Bush twice, McCain and Romney. The thing is, I wouldn’t vote for any of those millionaires to win on BB either! It is ridiculous that CB put and “undercover” millionaire on the show.

      • No worries there bud, we got the message and I would agree with you. I’m not hurting for money either, I just don’t care for that advantage that she had going into the house and she certainly played that card to her favor. production actually stepped in, it did get that bad.

      • Unlike you and jimbo I have to still work at age 75. Other than that I agree with both of you. They should not let anyone play this game when they have money like she does. It is just not fair.

      • True, even though Vanessa lost money lately, she still doesn’t need it as much as Steve or Liz. I am a big Democrat but don’t hate all the rich either. It’s the attitude of some, which Vanessa seems to have.

      • Geez, I need spell correct! Rewrite: It is ridiculous that CBS put an “undercover” millionaire on the show.

      • She is NOT a millionaire, she has won millions playing poker, but she had to pay back backers and it sounds like jealousy to me. Watch her on Youtube, she plays hard for her winnings. Her talent is she is a great analyst of odds and knows math very well. Watch her on PokerAfter Dark

      • How do you know she didn’t funnel millions of dollars into her ex-husband’s cancer treatment? How do you know that maybe she had some bad investments and lost everything? How do you know she doesn’t have a relative bleeding her bank account with his drug addiction? You don’t know what someone’s personal financial situation is, and you can’t trust those sites.

      • I agree no one knows what is really going on with a persons finances unless you are personally involved with her and who knows if these other people don’t have wealthy parents or a big inheritance in their bank account, etc. Point is that it doesn’t matter what they have, had or are going to have, this is a GAME and the winner should be who played the best game! Vanessa had played the best game hands down! She deserves to win!!! It is not her fault no one else has been trying to win throughout the whole game!

      • She does not desere the win- she’s a bully who broke the rules with bribery- and this season looks rigged. She should have been escorted Out a long time ago for offering a car to Julia and money to other HG’s to get to where she is. Wonder what else is still on her poker faced table of bribes???

      • Exactly- she would not have broke BB rules and bribed HG’s with cars and cash from her own money if she needed money. Period! She is well off!

      • Vanessa is not a millionaire, the money she wins in poker does not all go to her, she has backers she has to pay back. Do some research before you make statements

      • R u her girlfriend? If so u have terrible taste in humans. If not and ur going off of YouTube then u now know she is a slimy liar.

      • whether Van is a millionaire or not – she has proven herself to be unwatchable on BB this season – imo i can’t even listen to her voice with out feeling sick .. i stopped watching as soon as the show became Van-centric.

      • that is a correct assessment of my situation. i no longer watch the feeds or the tv show- i catch up here- that way i never have to listen to Vanessa speak again.

      • Well if you had been watching you would see that everyone Vanessa has wanted out has been booted and everyone up to final 6 were there because Vanessa had wanted them there and saved them at one point or another. Since final 6 she has slowly who she want least and has had a hand in almost every single eviction throughout this game. I mean not everyone is going to be loved or even liked by everyone but as a gamer she has been playing a good game and been really trying to carefully decide each move, which have all been good moves so far! I applaud her!!!

      • Ok fine, but other than controlling nearly every eviction and winning 8 comps, what has she really done to earn this??

        (I’m kidding, btw, I’ve learned that sarcasm doesn’t always convey well here)

      • Haha exactly! And the getting poor Julia to pick Austin for that Vito comp! I mean that was so amazing that she listened to Vanessa on that

      • i appreciate your point of view – i found her to be reprehensible and unwatchable – not unlike EvilDick. i will not make take time out of my life to listen or watch people like them on TV or Movies. – that being said i am still interested in the game play and recognize she has taken all their brain hostage or glamoured the HG’s in to giving up their free will to her….of all that are left – she deserves to win, as did Evil

      • Vanessa is so fake I don’t think she has ever stopped lying though the whole game…how can the whole house be that stupid? And he fake crying OMG

      • From what I read from your post, you are a CPA and Vanessa is a client?
        I only ask cause I have some tax questions I’d like answered.

        If you aren’t her accountant, than is it safe to assume you truly don’t know what her financial worth really is?
        She may have won money playing poker, but as anyone who ever bet anything knows, you don’t always win.
        I’m not sure if Vanessa has money or not.
        She may had played a high stakes game a day before entering BB and left the real world with nothing but her clothes on her body.
        I’m not her accountant so I don’t know, are you?

      • On the site Get Net Worth, here’s what it says about Vanessa: Vanessa Rousso Net Worth is $4 Million. Vanessa Rousso was born in New York and has an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars. Vanessa Rousso is a professional poker player and one of the top five female poker players in the world in terms of earnings.

      • They are gathering that info from what has she won in tourneys, but what it don’t tell you is what she cleared after she paid her backers. She will be a millionaire after some endorsements from being on show, but I doubt very much she has a million in liquid assets

      • Not about defending her, its as simple as some people don’t like accusing or saying things of other’s that they a) don’t know, b) have no facts of and c) personal matters outside the bb house should NOT be discussed:
        especially those who are as outside of things as all of us here are. Sorry if when I say all of us and someone here is family or friend of a house guest, I don’t speak for them.

      • That makes sense. I will have to agree with you on your statement then. I am 75 and have lived a long time. Your are right. I have learn that no one really knows what is going on in a person’s life unless they are living it. Sometimes even your own family doesn’t really know what is going on in every member of the family’s life.
        Thank you for explaining that.

      • Barb,
        I myself found myself in middle of a mess last year. Wrongfully accused of something by someone out of hatred toward me.
        I’m a sore subject after the ordeal I went through when it comes to accusing for wrong reasons or simply accusing without facts.
        People make things up about others for their own gain and before long others believe what they hear, and it doesn’t take long for the accused to be presumed guilty.
        The stuff on Vanessa is a far cry from what I was accused of, but none of us know what she has, did, or really is.
        She may have dumped her savings into charity the day she entered BB and has a zero in her financial account.
        Without knowing, we can only speculate. I myself like to error on side of caution just so I don’t accuse without proof.
        I’m glad you are open to hear other sides of a debate and even more so, age has no bearing when it comes to being civil.
        Enjoy your BB and we wait to do it all over a year from now lol

      • Oh Puh-lease facts are facts-stop speculating- what a you talking about here? Sheesh!! Anyone whith any sort of brain that has won up to and including the amount in a net worth of 4 million must be smart enough to have a financial advisor. She can live off her interest for God Sakes. Does Van look stupid to you??

      • That is the reason I agree with you. I have had something like that happen to me when I was in my 30’s. You’re right. Age has no bearing when it comes to being civil. That is what our parents are suppose to teach us. The reason I mentioned age is because as you get older you see and experience things that you knew nothing about. If you are lucky you learn more about not thinking you know everything about other people. Gossip does nothing but show hatred on someone else. I have never understood that. Thank goodness!

      • In Jimbo’s defense, there is more towards the end of her being rich than being poor/average. She blatantly told Austin 25K isn’t much money, offered Julia 10K out of her own pocket, has a net worth of 4 million, and is one of the top 5 female poker players in the world. Whether or not she has a penny in her pocket, it is within good reason to assume that Vanessa has access to more money than the typical BB player.

      • No he doesn’t sound like he actually knows her, he sounds like a reasonable person.

        As opposed to the haters, who just sound bitter.

        And to the “republican”, it doesn’t surprise me that you don’t like Vanessa. Most republicans don’t like intelligent people. And many have problems with homosexuals.

        It’s not at all suprising to me that you don’t like Vanessa.

      • haha being homosexual don’t exempt you from being a slim ball, and by the way your statement makes you a “hater” also, nice try though!

      • haha being homosexual don’t exempt you from being a slim ball
        How thin does one have to be to qualify as a slim ball?

      • I am a Republican and I have no problem with homosexuals I even support gay marriage but I am sure she still has millions all the talk about her having to pay backers howuch do yall think it cost to enter a poker tournament. I have watched poker for years and it don’t take million s in backers and as for her ex she divorced him while he had cancer so maybe he did get some of the money that way but CBS SHOULD have never cast a millionaire or anyone just hired to host a show knowing she will make bank doing that. Let the lower and middle class have a chance. But as they say the rich just get richer and the poor poorer. I also think she has played a good game but is very annoying to watch and hypocritical. The speech she gave to JM about turning his back on his day 2 alliance when that is what she did. Only hope final 2 is Liz and Steve.

      • Hi Ashley!

        What are you still doing in the Republican party? You sound like a Democrat!


        Truthfully I don’t care if a player is wealthy or impoverished.

        I don’t know about Vanessa’s personal life, frankly I don’t care. I will say if she did indeed divorce her husband while he had cancer, they may have done it to protect their assets.

        And as far as how she played the game, in this game it really doesn’t matter how you play, it’s all comes down to winning. And she is winning.

        Take care.

      • Goes to show how uninformed you are on GOP individuality and our views. Well said Ashley- which BTW ..this is not the forum to be discussed here. You obviously show no class in your assumptions. This is about BB. Politics has NO place here! How Van played the game does matter! Yes indeed! Through her bullying and bribery! Clearly not what I call someone I want to see win!

      • I read on a site, some even posted it here yesterday that John won veto, does that make it true?

        Networth of a gambler is a very touchy situation as well as very difficult to track and get clear numbers.
        Sorry, I’m sure your quote is what it says, but in a days time I could have your name listed on same site and have your wealth be different than what it truly is.
        I don’t know what she went into bb House with and I don’t think anyone else here does either.

      • Actually, if you Google it, the same net worth comes up on a handful of different sites. So wherever they get their information, it appears to be coming from the same source.

      • They’re probably getting their information from each other. Those sites are typically never accurate. It was off by several billion with Trump. And there are many more high profile examples of those sites not having any accuracy.

      • guess your just blowing smoke up our ass’s, seeing as you have no real input other than random words put together

      • Can I blame you for the Iraq war and financial crisis caused by the people that you voted for? Really, lady, I wouldn’t be so proud to admit those choices. You lose credibility in the common sense department. And, unless YOU are a white multimillionaire who is also a man, you don’t even vote your own interests. Really, Mrs.

      • Okay, guys, let’s get off the political stuff. They don’t matter to the game, so they hold no weight here.

      • And as a Republican, I’d think that you’d not endorse public programs; this is a GAME and Vanessa is playing it well. She should win for her game play. This isn’t ‘who needs it more’; it’sBB! Grow up.

      • I heard production asked Vanessa to be on the show to help promote their new show starring Vanessa, wonder if that’s true?

      • If Vanessa wins after she tried to bribe Liz and Austin by giving them some money to let her win, that’s when CBS called her to the diary room and told her to stop. She knew the rules and she should have had to leave at that moment! However if I’m one of the ones left after she attempted this CBS would be getting sued for not taking her out. I hope the players realize this!

      • Exactly!! Well spoken!! Once I heard she had won millions playing poker, couldn’t wait for her to get out… now, sadly, it looks like she is going to win the whole thing! She has manipulated everyone in that house. I can’t stand her!

    • Guys it’s about who played the best game, not who needs the money the most. This isn’t charity.

      • Thank you. D’vonne was the only one with a kid. Jason lives in a basement. I’m sure that they need the money but they both ran their mouths too much and left because of it. Poor gameplay.

      • I agree. Tarzan who looked like a bum on Survivor turns out that he was a cosmetic surgeon and multi-millionaire himself. The infamous, Russell Hantz while, not fithly rich was reputed to be doing quite well with his oil investments and making a lot of monies with it. Who really cares?

  2. Out of the three remaining I think Liz should win it just because I can’t stand Vanessa and the dork who followed all of her commands. I am hoping Steve wins because Liz is definitely staying with Vanessa.

    • Confused here….. You think Liz should win but you’re hoping Steve wins?? Huh?? Make up your mind jello?

      • I think they mean they want Liz to win but if she wins part 3 she would take Vanessa so if Steve wins he’d take Liz and evict Vanessa. Did I explain that okay? Lol

      • I think so. Thanks! Were you the one with the martini? Who was that? Where’s that recipe? My back hurts so much right now I need one!!

      • I wanted Vanessa to fall. Steve and Liz compete for HOH with him winning. He would take Liz to the finals instead of Vanessa and she will win the game. If Liz wins HOH she would take Vanessa and lose the $500,000.
        Steve lost so I see that Liz is an idiot and Vanessa will win HOH win the money.

    • I don’t like Vanessa either, but it doesn’t change how well she played. Very few in the house this year can claim doing as much as she has, she should win it based on gameplay, not someone else based on how nice or non-annoying they are.

  3. Austin has to be one of the most bitter and unsportsman-like HG’s ever. Why would anyone in the jury house listen to him – he’s far from an unbiased juror. If things had gone differently, and Vanessa had kept him and then someone else sent him to the JH, and if Liz were already there, he wouldn’t be talking about Vanessa like that. He’s a despicable loser who’s gross in so many different ways. So glad he didn’t make it past F5, and it will be even better when he finds out how low he was in the popularity polls. Life will be perfect if Liz doesn’t win and it comes down to Vanessa and Steve.

    • Ya, Austin is super gross that’s for sure…… And I doubt very much that the other house guests (jury) will put up with that sheitttt!
      They all got bamboozled by the big V and they aren’t bitter! At least they’re graceful losers in front of the cameras. Something Austin has yet to learn. But seriously…. Look at him! Can you take him or judas seriously anyway?

    • Everything she did was smart, but did it in such an annoying way. I only hope that she is gone before the other two.

  4. Just reading the tweets about the comp. Liz surprised that feeds are on. She was surprised that they were on when she and Austing were ‘sleeping’ in the HoH room. What game does she think she’s on?

  5. Yes…. Now that JMac is gone I literally have no respect for the remaining goofs!! I thought I liked Steve but he’s a boy in a young mans body. Liz is a slut…. Seriously who even goes after someone knowing they were in a relationship? And Vanessa?? Well…..there’s not enuff time to say what I think about that despicable person!! Goodnight!!

  6. So I guess they’re not disqualified for falling off the disc in the water???

    And now I can see why. They’re all falling off in the goo.

  7. Steve chatty, says he’s good. Liz talks very little but says “Wheeeee!!” And “Yeah baby!” Long night

      • I really do want to, but the Rockstars have let us down way too many times this season. When Steve was crying last night I was just like “OK, whatever, Vanessa deserves to win now…”

      • Same here. I wish they’d both drop out. Give her the money and lets get this over with. Looking forward to Survivor and Amazing Race.

      • Who are you rooting for on Survivor? I think I’m team Jeremy, but we’ll see once the season starts who looks good.

  8. So this is my first season watching live feeds and I’m unclear on how this comp is broadcast. Are all 3 parts shown on the feeds, or just the first two and we have to wait til Sunday to find out who wins HOH?

    • My first year also… the final part will be live next Wednesday on finale night. The first part is obviously, tonight. The second part is somewhere between now and then, probably not shown on the feeds?

      • Thanks for everyone answering me! I just hate waiting-uh! :) So to clarify, the jury doesn’t know who the final two are until its time to vote?

      • Right. They’ll bring the jury out on stage and then they bring out the final person that was evicted.

  9. Why do they let Steve get away with so much bs?? Whatever happened to BB telling HG to PLEASE STOP SINGINGUH.

  10. Reading tweets now but I think ppl who have the live feeds would know best… who’s in the best condition right now?

    • Van looks cool as a cucumber, Steve looks tired but determined and I really can’t get a good look at Liz. There’s a cotton candy thing in the cameras way

    • Do you have pop tv? It’s on there too. I can’t get my feeds to unfreeze for some reason. So that’s what I’m watching.

  11. How did he people casting this season ever let so many “unstable” characters get picked? Vanessa is definitely manipulative and obsessed, to the point of being a calculating predator. Steve has some major hangups – I don’t believe for a minute that he’s faking – perhaps something on the autism spectrum, but as another commenter said, more of a boy than a man. JMac, while being very likable (hope he wins AFP), is without a doubt a little strange, although not giving the impression of being somewhat insane like the other two. Austin was in it to try and give his faltering career a jump start, and failed miserably. Then all the weak players – Meg et al. Hope we have some strong and “normal” HG’s next year. I’m all for personality differences, but this year went above and beyond, while still not providing us with really good players. Just because they make it to the end doesn’t make them strong. There have been too many ridiculous decisions, thrown comps, cringe-worthy bedroom scenes, and “pulling out our hair” moments.

      • (Audrey’s sobbing voice) “I wake up in the havenot room and ask myself, is this real? is this real?“

        Gosh, someone should make that into an album and have country, rap and rock and roll versions of it

      • I’ll have to go back and refresh my memory – I really don’t remember much about her. Of course, I’m not as young as I used to be and can’t usually remember what I had for dinner last night.

    • I suppose that’s one way to look at it… but after what we had last year I was grateful for whatever we can get this year…

      • You might have a point there – it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other, although I did have favorites last year which I haven’t managed to do all this season. Brief spurts with James and JMac, but those came to nothing. Plus, Frankie took that season to a whole new level of disgusting, even more than having to watch Liz and the Sasquatch.

    • But yeah, the cast this year was awful, yet many of us kept watching because it WAS so awful and we were waiting for a glimmer of hope. So it still turned out to be a win for CBS.

    • I think this year will lead to an All-Star year for sure next year in the hopes of revitalizing things. And that’s a bummer. A poster named Bill posted a really interesting idea a few days ago to have two players from their early 20s, two from their late 20s then two in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s. That would be 14 HGs and I think it’d be really cool. He also said to make one player in each age group from different genders. I think it’s a fantastic idea across the board. I know it’s a stereotype and there are millions of people out there who disprove it every day, but people that young are generally pretty easy to manipulate. Vanessa’s the oldest player this year, right? I think that says a lot. Not just one token person in their 40s next year, Producers. Give us a bunch of older HGs so we can see how different ages interact.

      • I hear you but there are more than one or two seniors who can still kick ass. You’re right, it would make a big difference if they were feeble but I’d be willing to bet CBS could hire someone to go out and find energetic older folk.

      • They didn’t do it because there was no motivation to. Now that they know it’s a problem they would. Why just concentrate on the negative?

      • I think a mixed age group would be great, but I think it’s diving into survivor territory. Not as much of a survivor watcher as I am bb but I’ve not seen many of the “older” players last too long. I know bb world is a far jump from survivor, but I just can’t see them getting seniors to play.
        Would be interesting. I’m good with show as it stands, its why I watch and why I’m here. Could things be changed and help the show, probably so, but that goes with anything.

      • Survivor asks people to go without food and survive in desolate locations without much water. Big Brother provides both. Big Brother is also supposed to be a “Great Social Experiment” so your argument doesn’t carry much weight I don’t think. They’re two very different shows which is why they’re on the same Network. You can’t see them getting Seniors to play because (I assume) you’re not a Senior. Neither am I but I know a crapload of them who’d put me and the same amount of people in their 20s to shame. If it’s a “Great Social Experiment” it should involve more people than one decade of age.

      • I think that more mental fatigue goes into BB than it does Survivor.
        Not that they wouldn’t find players, but I think more seniors would be likely to go on Survivor before going on BB. I know it sounds corny, but many seniors may think BB is to much “drama” for them, where as survivor would test their physical ability.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’d watch 16 seniors go at it in the bb house if network would give it to us.

      • You’re speculating how Seniors think without being a Senior. (As am I. I get that.) But ultimately we’re talking about potentially only 2 of the ten. A Senior Citizen is 65. The original idea said two people from their 60s. Two from their 70s. So if the producers chose two people who were between 60-64 for the 60s pair that means only 2 of the 14 chosen would be actual Senior Citizens. I think you’re being a bit ageist. There are a lot of people 60+ who’d jump at a chance like this and who’d excel, I think.

      • And yes without a doubt, for it to really be a social experiment they need a wider age demographic. But this “experiment” is nearing 20 years and we’ve not had many changes to the base of it.

      • The show’s in its 15th year in the U.S. (17 seasons but 15 years.) You’re right that it’s followed pretty much the same track but shows don’t survive without change. I think BB will definitely need to at least explore the idea of having at least one season with more older people than “one token 40s” in order to see it evolve. Maybe I’m dead wrong. Maybe it’s the worst idea in the world. But I think it’d be fun to see happen even if it was just one season. I won’t beat the dead horse. Thanks for the exchange of thoughts.

      • I would go on BB but would never do survivor. And it’s not the lack of food it’s the bugs. And I need a hot shower. Lol

    • “Hey u fruit loop dinguses… just as a surprise, we will be shooting out froot loops from now on…”
      Seriously, tho, RHAP discussed it tonight that Zach is probably no longer in the CBS’s good graces

    • Zach was funny, I miss contestants like that. this cast just felt generic and weak, no one actually stood out or made any bold moves. crying and acting like a child around other children, doesn’t count as good playing.

  12. What?!..They’re doing this now? lol..Alright!..I thought I was watching “Carrie”…Who’s rooting for Steve?

  13. I expect production to start pelting things at them soon. Doesn’t look like anyone’s going anywhere.

  14. Glad to see everyone still hanging on strong! this is much more entertaining than when the comp was over in 13 minutes lol

  15. Why is everyone so certain Liz will take Vanessa to the end? At this point its about who she can beat in F2 and she has to realize she cannot beat Vanessa. I don’t think Liz will win the final HoH but if she does I think she will take Steve thinking she has a better chance of winning against him. If she takes Vanessa then she is as dumb as her sister was when she picked Austin in the elimination veto comp.

    • All of those are good points. Liz can’t and really shouldn’t beat either Van or Steve but she DEFINATELY can’t beat Van. I really don’t want Liz to make F2 but Van loses three votes by default if she doesn’t keep Liz. Austwins ruined the season.

      • As far as I’m concerned, Liz should win against Steve. She managed to make it to F6 with her TWIN sister AND her showmance.
        Nobody even considered her a target until then despite her winning a couple of comps (and of course, a twin and a showmance^^).
        Heck, if Austin hadn’t won PoV, the twins would have probably stayed in the game together even longer.
        For that alone she deserves to win over Steve

    • Sorry.
      I can’t see Lipz taking Steve over vanessa. She doesn’t like Steve, and is in need of Vanessa for support. I also don’t think she can look at game hard enough to make a decision based on what is good for her game.
      I said before, Van wasn’t worried about losing twins and Asstins vote cause she probably feels she has the rest or at least enough to win, but I said then as well, I’m not sure she doesn’t have twins votes. Liz likes her more than Steve, and would rather have Van win than sit with Steve in finals.

      • That is a very good point. I doubt Liz can think strategically for long enough to keep Steve around.

  16. If this comp goes on much longer, I may have to give up, go to bed, and wait for tomorrow to learn the results. I’ll probably wait until the 3 hour mark.

    • I know. I’ve been up too long waiting for this thing to end. Are you an Aquarious? I’m trying to remember which astrological symbol that is.

      • That’s actually the symbol from the planet Saturn, but that was a really good guess because I am actually an Aquarius, lol.

    • I’m on the West Coast, so I’ll give it until about 1:00 PDT. Surely it will be over by then?

      • I’d hope so, but we could always have a redo of what happened with Jeff and Russell during BB11, lol.

      • Let’s hope not. I’m going to have a nice cup of tea and hope that helps keep me awake. Have to be up early tomorrow to take my huge German Shepherd in to get his nails cut. He’s going to love that….

      • Yikes, good luck. I have a Rhodesian ridge-back myself – and he doesn’t get his nails cut unless he is unconscious LOL

      • I think the groomer may be the one who ends up unconscious! I think they’re going to pull out one of the big boy muzzles. When we adopted him, a year and a half ago, he was skeletal – under 60 lbs., had terrible mange, mites, a million fleas, a bacterial skin infection, no fur on his entire lower back, and nails well over two inches long. He’s 100lbs. now and a sweetheart, but it wasn’t a good start to the grooming process. By the way, I love Rhodesian ridge-backs – magnificent animals.

      • it’s good to see a fellow adopter! We picked up my boy from the humane society, no one wanted him because he was huge and came super sick – but he’s had a good home with us for almost 15 years now :)

  17. Liz had an unfair advantage in this game: emotional support. She had family in there and Austin gassing her head up. That support makes so much difference in stressful situations. Also, she’, LITERALLY, been in there for less time; the first half of the game, she spent half of her time NOT in the house when Julia would switch places with her. Of course she’d go far in the game with those, undeniable advantages.

    • Who knows what it was like in sequester for her though. I’d go completely stir crazy alone in a hotel room, without even so much as a book.

    • Nope. Just nope.
      Everybody in the house could have started a showmance, most of them made friends in the game. Having Austin is not an unfair advantage.
      Having Julia in the game might be an advantage because she has emotional support, but it drew such a huge target on her back and it’s the other HGs fault for not evicting her before Julia came in, so it’s not unfair. Julia had to earn her way in.
      And as somebody else already pointed out, she was in sequester when Julia was in the BB house. Being completely alone for days is worse than being in a house with 10+ other people.

  18. Yikes, I think they speed up the tracks. That’s brutal, but on the bright side, it’ll help the comp end quicker.

      • lol, I think they’re trying to knock her off or something. They’ve been slamming them into the wall repeatedly.

    • I don’t have the feeds, so I’m just going by what I read here, but I can’t wait to see this. It sounds like it really is an endurance competition. Anxious for news of who wins this round.

  19. Vanessa tells them the hot shower, Advil & warm clothes are waiting for them inside.
    Liz: “Bed.”
    Steve to Vanessa: “Are you really playing that right now?”

  20. I nor any of you would would leave that btch alone for a second after austin. I’d follow her everutwere. Then do it in shifts. But 2 people wo uld have to be there so no conspiracy occurs. She’s lame with her promises. Week 2 she proved she lies to.all on her life rt. Have all these hg’s this year been dipped in the labotomy tamk. She’s so obvious

  21. BBAD Just strted on the West Coast. Yippee – they’re showing the competition and it says “LIVE’ but I wonder if it really is or a tape of earlier in the competition. Steve just figured out how they’re controlling the game, Is that what’s happening on the live feeds?

    • If they’re sitting on the seats, then it’s pre-recorded. They just moved to sit on the actual apples.

      • OK, at least I know – they’re sitting on the seats. It looks like it would be easy to hang on for a long time, unless one of them eventually falls asleep. Thanks…

      • It actually looks kind of like fun – except for being dipped in the cold goo.They should give them a really hard jerk up and down every once in a while. Guess I’ll settle back, have a nice cup of tea and enjoy it. Good night everyone, it’s been a lot of laughs tonight.

  22. Now they stopped talking…Quiet again .Back to reality. They all look miserable and in pain (Liz)….that’s how I like it.

  23. We’re under a tsunami warning on the CA Central Coast due to the horrible earthquake in Chile, but I don’t imagine it will add up to much since we’re so far north. Hope everyone near the epicenter is OK and that there’s not too much loss of life.

    • Yes we are, I hope everyone is OK as well. goddess knows how many people were devastated by that, I just hope everyone can be safe and with their families.

  24. I can’t believe Steve fell. He was looking good. Vanessa was really having a hard time. Thought she would fall first.

  25. So there will be 3 comps in total? Who wins 2 out of 3 will become HoH and decide who to take to F2?

      • The second to last one is typically a physical puzzle-type game, sort of like the comic book characters competition from earlier in the season. It’s usually a blend of mental and physical tests. The final one is almost always totally mental.

        This next one is a toss-up, I think. Steve will have the mental side but Liz will have the physical. If Steve pulls it off, the final one will probably also be a toss-up between Steve and Vanessa.

  26. Steve still did a great job! over 3 hours? That’s INSANE! My jiggly arms wouldn’t be able to hold on for 10 minutes.

  27. What caused him to fall, though? To me it just looked like he…just fell…he sounded surprised by it himself…

  28. Liz tells Vanessa she doesn’t want to go through this pain again. Vanessa tells her that Liz doesn’t understand and that she can go another 10 hours. She’s too old and it will take her too long to heal. She can’t let go. Liz whines “I KNOWWWUH”

    EDIT: Yup, Van’s trying to get Liz to drop.

  29. Hahaha Vanessa is having a hard time and she’s telling Liz you need to drop because I can go another 10 hrs. Sure Vanessa your face tells it all.

  30. Liz is peeing on the ball if she has to lol… don’t really want Liz to win but perseverance and resistance to Vanessa’s brainwash is always sth to admire lol

      • I think she deserves the win…Vanessa has played the game. If all of these other sheeps have chosen to follow her lead the entire time..that’s not her fault. Manipulating, lying, backstabbing, breaking alliances..that is what this game is all about and she has done it very well. The only thing I wanted from her was that she went into the DR and “owned” her game.

      • I think she played the best game but that’s not saying much with a bunch of recruits. Its how she played that I don’t like. Not a fan of bullying.

    • Right??!! They are no joke. And Vanessa is steamrolling her way to the end. She is owning this game!

  31. That was a long one. These 3 really showed alot of gusto! Im impressed! Goodnight, my fellow BB nerds! You guys are always fun.

  32. I want Liz to win, but she continues to show what a moron she is! These idiots still trust Vanessa after all the crap she has pulled? Hello Duh.

    • Makes you wonder why so many are saying this is a fixed season. because it certainly feels that way.

    • There are only two left who can and both of them are a win behind.
      Odds favoring her, but I’ve heard no fat chick singing so…..ain’t over.

    • Forget about how she looks. I don’t. Are if she looks like a Muppet (Lil bit) it’s how weak her game manips are. Except the julia mind fk was cool and good. Shes had others but 1,2,3
      I. Earn trust through lies and manipulation
      2. Use game strategy.
      3. Bully with loud interface and high energy, then bawl.
      I mention the 3 techniques because after week 6 everyone had heard, seen and knew them. But no one in that house had nuts.
      Game strategy isn’t brilliant it’s in several good booms. Credit, she used all these skills with perfect timing in tune with those moments is tough. But again each con each decision each new whisper or aliance, in that house over a boring long 24 hour day only takes Se poking around to see what’s going down. Come on man. Pay attemtion.

      • Vanessa overplayed this game since about the halfway mark. She has only gotten away with it because the “other side” of the house was so weak. Do you realize the others won only 2 HOHs after the 1st week? And Vanessa was on the block for a back door one of them except stupidity intervened to save her. Vanessa takes credit for it but James and Meg flipped while Vanessa was still crying and sulking in her bed. Vanessa was in bed when Julia stole the shirt from James which outraged James and sealed Shelli’s fate.

        Vanessa also benefited from an extraordinary number of bad players in the house. I think Becky, JMac, Austin, Vanessa and maybe Da and Jackie had a clue. The rest were non-players or just bad players. People like Jeff, Audrey, Meg and Julia could be some of the worst players in BB history.

        I don;t think the game is rigged unless the plan all along was to fill the house with impressionable idiots and then add Vanessa.

      • I wrote about the Showrunner putting a pro success experienced millionaire vs waitresses, skaters and kids working in malls.

      • The shirt, what? James pissed at Julia ? Y did Julia steal a shirt and that isn’t reason to b that level angry.

  33. Troopers, anyone know how to email a juror. They mentioned you can but it needs to be pre a proved by cbs. No game talk etc.

    • You should go out for the finale, he would love to see you there. I hope you watch next year, I have enjoyed our convos. Give him a hug for me.

  34. Oh wow from all the negative feedback from the forums, I was hoping for something different to change this season, but nothing ever did. how did you all deal with that? I canceled my feeds back in July and now I’m really glad I did. lol its almost like a repeat of everyone doing what Vanessa wants, if this season wasn’t rigged, I would actually be surprised. nobody can be that stupid or clueless, somehow Big Brother gathered many this season.

  35. I really hope Liz wins against Steve, so Steve won’t get to decide who take to F2. I really want Steve out :D

  36. This show if fixed and I will not watch it anymore if that snake Vanesse win and they are all fools for listen to her. Wake up after the show she will be getting another show. fix fix fix.

  37. haha! I love it! Is there not anything Vanessa can’t do! Too funny, love it! Of course so many people saying it is fixed, so be it! But that is simply not the case, vanessa is winning and she deserves it!!
    I don’t understand when people don’t get their own way or when their favorite HGs doesn’t win or goes home, why people say the game is fixed! That would have to be one solid contract for all those people in the game to never breathe a word of it! As IF!

    • Dono if its fixed but they do cast the hg’s and are experts by know, right? Then why put 1 super high stakes professional poker player. Forget the professional, high pressure and millions but. Experience VS a bunch of unprofessional kids with no testies. That’s a shitty scope to base a competition game show on….isn’t it? Forget the fix, just riddle me that, up there.

      • It’s all about getting the best configuration of housemates that would hopefully work well as that season’s cast. Sometimes, whatever it is that they have from their occupation that they think would help them in going far does not turn out to be the case, whether it is a skill they gained from their profession or from a life-long experience.

        In Vanessa’s game, she is one of those few people who do talk big game before going to the show and end up doing what she set out to do.

        At one point, we all have wrote her off as an early out because we saw her on that first night of the feeds breaking down for no apparent reason. Little did we know, that was the start of her season-long strategy that led her to where she is today. The house bought it and carried her to where she is now.

        Now, it’s hard to find a good cast if the cast itself don’t deliver. Casting did its best, now it’s gonna be a luck of the draw if they struck gold with what they have found. It is a social experiment after all so it’s a given we’ll get people from different walks of life, even those who lie, cheat and steal for a living.

      • Thanks. I try to see both sides of the argument since casting has long been an issue for everyone, especially that I also happen to watch multiple BBs, I always do have a frustration whenever I come across seasons of different version failing to deliver as I would have anticipated.

      • ok, but then that doesn’t really fit in regards to Vanessa because if she is so used to high pressure and millions of dollars on the line then why is she so emotional? Why does she appear at times to be a crazy lunatic if she is so experienced with pressure like this?
        I do completely get what you’re saying however, clearly you’re saying Vanessa in a completely different light than I am lol… She does not at all appear at ease and it doesn’t looked to me like she isn’t feeling any pressure. You know what I mean?
        and, “these kids” are not kids! And a lot of them are highly intelligent and very educated! it’s not like it’s Vanessa vs a bunch of toddlers.
        if people like Da’Vonne, Jason, Becky, Shellie & even Jayce went further in the game, it is very obvious the game would have gone differently! its just how the cards fell (no pun intended lol) I do not believe people like Shellie or Da’Vonne would have allowed Vanessa to go as far as she has. And Steve plus John, super fan and a highly intelligent doctor (dentist) allowed Vanessa to stay in the game! Why? They know the game, they are not stupid but Vanessa has just been playing such a good game for the most part is that she has everyone a wrapped around her finger and it’s not because they are scared of her! That’s ridiculous! And I’m not saying you said that but I have read it several times. If they were so scared of her then why did they not take the opportunity during the double eviction to get rid of her immediately? Or why did they not say she was safe (when she was on the block with Shellie) but then evict her?
        anyway, as usual I’m not only going on and on and on and on and on lol but I am also going off topic. I respect your opinion :-) and I do not completely disagree with you in regards to something but, these people are not children they have just made wrong decisions

      • Your right several are not db, in fact highly.intelligent as you say. Also the cards do fall a certain way. However, she acts that way because she has mental issues. Speculation! But she gets aderol 2x a day and has severe add. Also people with issues as such get worse in some cases over time. Last bb is designed specifically to break you down. They lock u up in a hotel for a week to make u nutz then in a house for 3 months these behaviors enhance pre existing conditions. She may have been loosing in poker (read) and getting worse. But she clearly has mental issues. I see it in her eyes, instant break downs, severe attacks ets. I agree with most your sayong. Nice work

      • and hey, you might be exactly right! I did not know they were locked away alone for several weeks prior to entering the BB house! I had no idea! And I did often wonder what happens between the time they are chosen to the time they enter the house. because if I was picked, I would have a lot of things to do to get prepared such as finances, shopping of course and hair and makeup lol do you know the full process?
        and maybe you are right about her mental breakdown! Maybe she really is. She has gone through a lot over the past few years with her ex husband who she remained friends with after the divorce,getting cancer and dying quite quickly Plus her relationship with another woman is out of character to the best of my knowledge she was not a lesbian or bisexual. And I’m not putting that at all! She seems very happy and in love but she does seem insecure about her relationship because when she does get letters from Mel she is very very happy! And she is always saying after reading the letters “she still loves me!” so I can’t say I totally disagree with you and your insight makes a lot of sense. She could be cracking under pressure due to all the stress she was having prior to entering the house and now all the pressure of being in the house, paranoid all the time (like numerous previous hgs how said. The game makes you super paranoid because there’s always people huddled in corners talking or you walk into a room and it gets quiet) it’s a game that definitely messes with your head, I know I could not do it lol I would just be agreeing with everybody because believe it or not I actually despise confrontation lol
        so let’s say Vanessa did have some emotional / mental issues prior to the house, what difference does it make? Meaning, how does she have a leg up on people when she is emotionally drained and going a little cuckoo lol she’s still playing very good, she’s brilliant! So regardless of her so called crazy eyes lol…. And obviously the way she is acting a lot of times in the house, she still deserves to win! Just because she is having breakdowns and has ADHD and needs to take medication does not mean she should or should not win. She clearly is pushing past her mental state and dealing with it while she plays an amazing game! You know what I’m saying? Lol
        I clearly do not have all the answers however I can only tell people what I know! and, like I have said numerous times, she never appeared to be this way outside of the game. so I’m defending the Vanessa I know, not the big brother Vanessa that may or may not be losing her mind lol

      • Sht, good again, I do know the process to go into the house and it is rough. The individual is told they have so many days till d-day. In fact certain individuals can’t do it. They take your phone away and stick you in a hotel where you stare at the walls for a week. 7 days. get is bb previous seasons to watch. If your an active person who loves outdoors lexercise etc. You go nuts. You are takn down to do photos and interviews certain times but no one can see you etc. No email nothing. Once your nice and primed mentally they stick you in the house with strangers EGH!!! Then weekly your locked inside while they build sets in the backyard for comps. So again .locked in. Having used pills, alcohol in the past I know, that is your entertaining escaping saving grace. Vanessa gets aderol every day. That’s a fun drug. I’ve taken it 6x in my life. And was always super talkative, super interested and super fast and sharp. It’s great until the anxiety that follows. I think it’s a major advantage for her to have the drug. Notice her bugged out blank stares durring pot ball. Pills wearing off………zzzzzz so I just dislike her so u mad I won’t see eye to eye on her but I like the discussion.

    • Agree for the most part and how about current and former employees of this show,not ONE has stepped forward publicly to say so,people have a right not to like the results but yelling rigged to the high heavens really is unfair and unproven.

      • well said! & I fully agree! Plus, all of the hgs would have to be “closet actors” to pull all of that off! And they would have to sign “ironclad” contracts agreeing to keep their mouth shut for the rest of their lives! AS IF! like no one ever would never slip! And just like you said, previous employees never secretly spilling the beans! Impossible! It’s just not true, bottom line! But, because people / viewers do not get their way all the time they call it fraud and fake! Well then don’t watch it! Simple! Turn the channel, stop recording it, don’t come on here and talk about it! if people truly believe it is completely rigged & fake then why do they all continue watching it? Ok maybe they all don’t but every single day of every single hour on here someone is always saying it is rigged!
        I will agree that maybe some situations are manipulated because really, reality TV is not at all what it used to be! not at all! Keeping Up with the Kardashians lol ok maybe the first season was kind of real but, we all know it’s highly scripted! they are acting! just like that show the hills, Kristin Cavallari came out and admitted she didn’t even date most of the guys she was with! She admitted she was acting! but I show like Big Brother, these people are not actors, nor are they on season after season after season. They are all new every season for the most part! reality TV like I said is not what it used to be, if you watch the first season of Big Brother and watch this season of Big Brother obviously you can see a huge difference however, just like Survivor and other shows like this, they have been on for years and years and years and the people who come on to the shows each season clearly are fans and / or watched every season beforehand so they know exactly what they need to do in order to get far. Make alliances right away, lie, manipulate, lie more and so on and on and on! Is that is why reality TV is not the same anymore because these people know what to do now and they walk into the game ready to play hard!
        and it is unfortunate, I do miss the way shows like this used to be but, of course over the years they are going to change because people watch the previous shows! Survivor, Big Brother and other game reality TV shows try to switch things up and make it not predictable and not repetitive like every other season but aside from different personalities and faces, it’s all the same! anyway blah blah blah lol :-)

    • CBS board room
      Showrunner: ok what we got people? Ideas, need great ones, this will be best season yet.
      Casting Director: “I nailed it last night in a dream. We put an experienced expert at game strategy, who’s confident and used to luck and risks, vs a skater-stoner, waitress, bunch of normal job people and post grads. It’ll be epic.”
      Board room members look on thier faces, mimic Liz’s expression when Liz made the 3 ungodly demand deal offer. One busts out laughing. (He’s asked to leave) one offers to leave, 3 are asleep and CEO says “fk it, golf anyone” “good work Richard, see you at the gala tonight.” Out.

      • LOL…. that’s funny! Except for one thing, okay maybe a few :-) vanessa is a poker player yes high-stakes! But clearly you can see from this game is that it doesn’t matter, the pressure does get to her! Also, the “stoner skater” was booted immediately, not Vanessa doing! there are a lot of highly intelligent people on Big Brother this season! people fail to forget Jmac is a dentist! do you honestly think when he is with clients he does his silly laugh and says “I think you might have a cavity open up your mouth and I’m going to stick this big needle in there somewhere and hope it works?!” Lol I’m not going to go through every single person but, just because Vanessa plays poker for a living does not mean she has no emotions, it does not mean she has a leg up on anybody! Okay maybe a few lol but, these people have had several chances to evict her and they haven’t! She’s just playing a really good game! It’s really just as simple as that, just like Dan. and he was a nobody as far as I know.
        the thing is, this season could have went completely different, there really was no way of knowing because Jace, Day, Clay…..etc could have stayed, and Vanessa could have been voted out week two or three or four and so on! It’s a reality show, no one knows what way it’s going to go! I just do not understand why CBS and Big Brother would ruin their reputation by completely faking a reality show so Vanessa who is not some big superstar could win. it honestly makes no sense to me whatsoever! 0! I do agree I think some situations are manipulative, and production maybe pressures certain hgs to do this or do that but that’s reality TV shows these days! They do have some sort of a script per se. reality TV is nothing like it used to be, we both clearly know that however, I don’t understand their reasoning for having Vanessa in the game (maybe they heard she loves the show and so they decided to put her in it!) who knows! But I don’t believe they get all these people either by casting or finding them themselves, put them in the house and tell them exactly what to do. These people are not actors! It just does not add up!
        not to mention, these hgs would have to sign an ironclad contract for the rest of their lives to never breathe a word about what they were told to do and what not to do. I just I think it’s way too far fetched and impossible to achieve! but I did enjoy breathing your comment lol and I have appreciated our friendly debates! All season! :-)

    • Are we any difference than Vanessa when things don’t go her way? When her target wins veto and she runs up to her HoH room and pouts and cries is she not reacting even more negatively than some fans who say the game is fixed?

      If you wish to criticize fans for their behavior, then at least be fair and judge Vanessa the same way.

      • fair enough! in all honesty, I’m really not criticizing people for saying it’s fixed and I don’t completely disagree either. I just honestly do not think it’s fixed so Van wins. She is extremely intelligent and has played the game since day one, she has earned her right to be where she is! plus, she could have been evicted numerous times but was not, that is not her fault!
        She is just really good at making people do what she wants and isn’t that the whole point of the game!? and I honestly don’t think “production” is giving her the answers and what not. Jmac was just as close as Vanessa in the Veto comp & Vanessa knows numbers, she is constantly studying the numbers in the game.
        I have said numerous times that I have not always agreed with what Vanessa has said and done, but that said she is human! And does have feelings and emotions just like everybody else. as we can all see she is a very emotional person! her tears are real! I’m sorry if people think I am criticizing when I disagree the game is fixed for her to win, I just don’t believe it! Why? Why her? She certainly does not need the money!

  38. Don’t think the show is fixed or rigged in anyone’s favor,people say that every year especially when their favorite player doesn’t win a comp. or is evicted,this is such easy lob to make but with no real actual proof. As for myself have no real favorite this summer(like last year) but Vanessa based on active game play from day one deserves to win,far as her tactics..come on guys every house guest knows what to expect before going in,so Austin’s sour grapes or carping by anyone who is contestant really does fall mostly on deaf ears..this is “Big Brother”,not “I Claudius”,this is the gig the contestants signed up for and we who watch know what to expect going in,just that simple..don’t have to like the results or be in love with any of them but the show has a simple premise that all 17 years have revolved around,same will be true about the upcoming 18th is silly but yet funny,not a drama but has it’s moments we all can relate to but most of all BB is additive and entertaining,my only second year but don’t regret a minute of watching and certainly will be back next year unless for some reason the grim reaper decides to come calling.

    • Prob true, good post but as a soon to be 18 yr fan u might b scratching ur head about my casting post as well. It’s like NASA from what I hear rigorous questions, backroumd, everything.

  39. And don’t feel too sorry for JMac,he will soon get 25,000 plus his 14,000 for making it all the way to the jury house,so he is not leaving empty handed and as dentist trust me he is not poor anyway,the only question remaining will this come as a surprise to him?..James will be second in the vote and Steve 3rd.

    • Since he came back in the house he had an opertunity to be told how he got the loudest ovation. His first exit was bad ass. The rocky fire up arm and crowd explosion. Best moment of season. 2nd time 2 Arms same explosion. He’s a cool kid. Never talked sht, lied or did anyone dirty. He should start a website and sell knee high’s with his logos on it. Talk to CBS to get the….wait he has the startup.

  40. A final poat about Austin,his comments about not being there to protect Liz are mind boggling,for the most part hid behind the twins and Vanessa all season and protect who?..Liz protected herself this summer and did not need the protection of a player who showed no backbone and way too much skin.

    • You 2 are blinded by the media’s hate for Austin. His game was his IQ which no one got to see. He was the entire reason that he got Julia into the house. First by getting Liz off as a pawn week 5. He told those 2 idiots everything to do every day off feeds. They went to him for every thoight, move, decission, strategy. His IQ second highest bb ever recorded. Fact. Vanessa got rid of him because why? He’s rude and has hair. No people because she knew day 2 this guy was her ticket. That’s rt Vanessas ticket. She knew how smart he was and he could get her. Vice versa in discussions. He also kept a showmance safe till week final 6 and TWINS that’s un real. Also a three headed monster called Austwinsn America loathed. And the only reason he was target eventually was because of the aliance. He had a great social ge and no hg disliked him after Jason. He also wen 34 noms without being even nominated. Even Derek said he broke his standing on that. I can’t bearr to read these type of statements based on no facts. Think harder look deeper people he was aa major threat.

      • Don’t hate Austin or any of them but he really was hiding behind the girls this summer,acts tough but can’t deliver on his Judas persona that he created for himself,only exists in his mind vs. reality and the reality being if he had played a more bold game he might still be there.

    • I will agree with Hep in the sence of backbone being downfall and that of all hg this season also 2 much skin. Let’s not forget though he is the only single hg who called Vanessa out on Sundays show about lying and made her admit it. No one else ever came close. V knew this after all she forgets nothing.

      • Anoit.being a liar? To her face. On feeds with jes and meg, yes but I don’t recall. What’d u see?

      • He wouldn’t have said a word if he weren’t so pissed off about all his plans going down the drain – resurrected career, “worldwide fame”, a part on his favorite soap, and half a million dollars to spend on his floozy.

      • Lol. Leave the guy alone. Listen to his interview on cbs released yesterday. So what about saying you love thier soap, want to resurrect a career alter a bad injury and whatever else u wrote. Totally not that terrible, really. Floozy etc. All your opinions l, I know you are entitled to so that’s cool. I’m just sayin there’s worse out there by a million miles. You think he’s cocky you haven’t seen anything yet, watch sportscenter. Lol.

    • Liz won a few comps but in a season where everyone is throwing them I have no idea what that means. In any case Liz never had a plan of her own. She asked Austin what to do when she was HoH and he basically controlled her HoH. Liz is almost as dumb as her sister and had no idea about how to play the game. How many times did we see Liz and her sister go to Vanessa and Austin for advice on what to do?

      IMO, the twins were a big reason for the failure of this season.

  41. Cue the “show is rigged” people to complain about Vanessa winning the first HOH..

    I hope Vanessa wins the whole thing, she has totally outplayed everyone and the Vanessa haters will go to their “well everyone else is stupid” excuse which they wouldn’t do if anyone but Vanessa played the same way and has got everyone to do what they wanted them to do.

    • “Well everyone else is stupid” is a lame attempt to marginalize Vanessa’s dominance. Personally I think Vanessa would have had Derrick in tears crying for his mommy too. The woman is terrifying, but I say that with love.

      • I highly doubt that. Derrick had a lot of experience as an undercover cop so I think he would have been able to easily manipulate her.

      • For about 15 minutes it would be fun to see Vanessa on a show with at least one strong player to contend with. But then I’d be over it because I’m sure the crying would be nonstop and real at that point.

      • Hopefully BB will have an all stars season soon and she will be on . Then we shall all see her crumble!

      • Derrick would have turned everyone against her and had her evicted early on. It would have been mostly a non-event.

      • No way! Derrick would never have fallen for her manipulation and she would have been gone. That being said, as much as it pains me, Vanessa deserves this win. She’s incredibly smart and her law school days helped her win arguments and double talk everyone. I can see her as a successful lawyer, because her rapid speak would confuse a jury.

      • She would never pass the bar – those exams are very subtly designed to weed out those who are less than mentally stable. I have a brilliant friend who took the CA State Bar exam three times and failed – highly intelligent person who knew the facts inside and out, but she has an extremely devious, and sometimes unethical, side to her nature, and I believe that came out in her interpretation of case law.

      • We have plenty of evidence that this house is full of stupid people while your supposition is pure speculation.
        Out of this list, who knew what he/she was doing in this game?

        Julia, Liz, Meg, James, Audrey, Jason, Jeff, Jace, Steve, Clay? I would even argue Austin was more about Liz than the game for most of the season.

        People are confusing Vanessa playing the game against a bunch of people not playing at all as Vanessa playing well. But her game play has not been special. She has overplayed the game the last 6 weeks and if not for the cowardice of some of the HGs, she would have been long gone.

        Can you name another HG from any season of BB that would have picked Austin in the bowling comp as Julia did at Vanessa’s suggestion? The names you might come up with would be Victoria maybe?

        Please explain why any smart HG would trust Vanessa like Austin and the twins did even though the entire house told them about her lies and deceit?

        Not every HG has been completely stupid, but I can only think of a small few who were not.

      • She has overplayed, I’ll give you that. I think her go to move to get rid of those ants in the kitchen would be sledge hammer

      • I am not sure about that. Derrick was in control but, if I recall, never seemed to belittle or bully. Vanessa runs her mouth a mile a minute and seem to be manic. Derrick’s conversations were calm and organized. Derrick was in law enforcement (detective?) trained to manipulate conversations to get a suspect to slip up. I think Derrick would have handled Vanessa.

    • Vanessa is not doing anything special when she offers these deals. She is doing what many other BB players have done throughout the 17 seasons. The difference this year is she is the only one offering deals or trying to manipulate and a handful of HGs have fallen for it repeatedly because they do not know how to play the game. When Julia picked Austin in the bowling comp as Vanessa suggested, she might have been the only person in the world that did not understand why picking Austin was a bad idea. When Steve threw the POV comp at F4, we all asked. who does that? and now Liz throws the Part 1 of final HoH comp to Vanessa because Vanessa told her she has 10 more hours in her. 10 hours, really? Liz!!

      These are not remarkable moves by Vanessa. They are ordinary in most BB seasons. What is remarkable is that anyone would fall for them.

      The best we can say about Vanessa is that she is the best player in this house. But the best player ever? or top 5? I don’t think so. She has played a messy and often erratic game. She had the good fortune of being surrounded by morons.

    • If Vanessa wins, it would be funny if she used all the $$ to enter a poker tourney and then lost it all to someone with less poker experience. I’ve seen it happen before in the professional poker world.

  42. I’m out. No need to watch since I really have no desire to see Vanessa crowned. If I read that she lost, I’ll watch tape of the final two shows just to watch it happen. Worst winner since the morally horrific Evil Dick. Dick went to the Trump school of bully skills. In this one, a manipulative self-righteous millionaire wins. yippee

  43. Aww man so a weak season, with a weak cast, can only mean a weak winner this year. I just won’t be around to watch it, but hey its been fun guys. more fun than watching the show at least. lol I’ll see ya’ll next year perhaps. glad I skipped this season early, now I’ll just skip the finale. take care everyone, you were fun to talk game with! blessings and enjoy the final show for me! xoxo =)

    • Vanessa is not going to be a weak winner. The idiots that were cast are the weak ones.
      She manipulated everyone right in front of their faces and from the beginning. At the beginning of the season she should have said, hey guys I am Vanessa and I will manipulate each and everyone of you to do as I say. She would still have won the game.

    • As I’ve mentioned more than once, they need a wide variety of ages so they need to cast some HGs in their 40’s and 50’s. Those people would not have put up with Vanessa’s BS. Also, NO RECRUITS, only fans that apply should be on the show.

      • As I understand it you don’t go directly from waitressing to the cast, you are recruited to apply and go through the same elimination process as those who apply on their own initiative

      • But the fact remains that with regular applicants you usually have someone who is a huge fan, and with recruits they may not know anything about the game (Clay) and just look upon it as a bit of a lark. Diehard fans know not to trust people (usually), although this season went against that. No matter what the reason, this year’s HGs were the lamest bunch ever. Their fear of Vanessa, and frequent willingness to go along with her, horrified and astonished me at times. Another thing that hurt the game is that, due to the generally young ages of the HG’s, they all settled into a frat-boy buddy type of mentality. Playing silly games together, and talking about how many friends they made this year. To hell, with all this outward friendliness, let’s have someone who realizes it isn’t a team game and who has the sense to take everything he/she is told with a gigantic grain of salt. Liars win this game – look at Derrick last year, and HG’s should have their guard up constantly so they’re not played as massively as the ones in BB17 were.

      • Yes, however those recruits who make it on the show still don’t know how to play and they are very boring. So they don’t even deserve to be on the show. There are soooooo many fans who WANT to be on the show but some idiot like Clay gets asked to apply and gets put on the show because he is “good looking”. Oh please, the fans don’t watch the show because of how the HGs look. If we cared about that, we could just watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

  44. This season is just terrible to watch. The house guests at this point should have to sign both checks and hand them over to Vanessa… I can’t stand her but the fact is they are all just too stupid. They’ve let her walk them through the entire season and done everything she asked. I really hope the producers get it together next season.

  45. Everyone will vote for Vanessa, but I am hoping Austin manipulates everyone into voting for Liz. Steve deserves to go home. He is incapable of making his own decisions and sitting still. That is why he lost the game, unless Vanessa keeps him, since he did everything she asked of him.

      • Steve was moving from side to side. Touching every part of his body and the rope with one hand, as well as swinging his legs which caused him the game. ADHD is very common.

  46. hopefully next season isnt as rigged as this one, well atleast not so blatantly obvious. at this point, no one wants to watch vanessa win….so just give her the checks now. if next season has bad casting again, then goodbye my favorite summer show.

      There now, it took!

      I have de-programmed!

  47. I cannot stand Vanessa, but if people are letting themselves be
    manipulated by her this late in the game, they don’t deserve to win. Vanessa would have been out a long time ago in another season, but in this season she is surrounded by people with no clue and even less cajones. It will be a Pyrrhic victory, but she’s going to win this. Sad.

    • I agree. I do think most people realized how manipulating she is but still refused to get her out. Don’t understand their fear of her.

  48. Looks like she did it again. Vanessa convinced Liz to take a dive. lol
    Write Vanessa that check already. I would be laughing my head off if Vanessa wins the best of 3 HOHs and takes Steve instead! Dumb knockle heads. Who deliberately loses, must win HOHs for the Finals?

    • Nothing surprises me with these houseguests. The most sorry sack of sheep I have ever seen. They literally can not function without someone else telling them what to do.

  49. Liz is a fool. You don’t make deals in F3. If she wins F3 HOH she would have a better chance at jury against Mommy’s boy than the snake. Snake on the other hand will take Liz to F2 to avoid 3 votes against her in jury. Stevie will just cry and try his best.

  50. Why should the end of the game be any different than the rest of the game? This game has been dominated by the stupidity of certain HGs, two of whom are still in the house. It would not surprise me if one of them threw the 3rd HoH comp to Vanessa!

    This season would have been fine had the twins, Meg and Steve not been in the house. In fact, just take out Austin and the twins and this game could have been much much better.

  51. I’m still rooting for Vanessa. She has played the best game. I hope she gets the votes from the jury to win!

  52. I’ve been a Vanessa fan for 10 years from poker but that fake crying is so over the top. Just make it stop

  53. I’m tired of these ‘bromances’, showmances, crushes, alliances and face-sucking. Next season, they should bring on 8 lesbians and 8 gays. And, ‘showmances’ should be disallowed, and so should alliances. Everyone on his/her own, and the camera monitors should stop any possibility of showmances or alliances. Violate the rules, and you’re out and go get a room outside the BB House. It would be survivor, with everyone sizing each other up. Hate or like each other equally.

    Yeah, fat chance. But, it would be interesting.

    • Showmancing is part of Big Brother’s DNA since 1999. It’s not gonna go away.

      And it’s a social experiment. You can’t stop people from forging relationships, especially if they’re isolated from the rest of the world and living with a dozen other people under one roof.

      • True that showmances have been around a long time, but, it would be interesting how they would perform if they didn’t have the options or opportunities to get ‘romantically’ involved. My idea would be a more interesting experiment. That people develop relationships when cut off from the rest of the world, is a known quantity; so, let’s see how they act when their options are removed.

      • While sex is not allowed in some BB versions, everything else is. UNless you put all of them in an asylum where they can only talk to each other durng lunch hour like how A did it in this recent summer season of Pretty Little Liars.

    • Not sure you’ve thought this through I would buy your show on Pay per view You give me 8 lesbians and I’m there

      • 8 lesbians would be fighting over access to each of the others, and my idea is to prevent showmannces. But, if they were to be all lesbians, we would need 16 of them to fill the 3 months of programming. Guess that would be more satisfying for you.

      • Don’t be weird Remember how years ago DeNiro couldn’t make a bad movie because he was in it? You put 8 Lesbians in a TV show same thing

      • Perhaps you’re right about it being a bad show with 8 lesbians. But, I’m talking about 16 lesbians. That would be very entertaining and a big ratings winner. ;)

        But, perhaps you’re right, and we need to have 16 straight guys instead.

  54. I don’t even care who wins now. The only thing I would like to see is for Vanessa to lose. Go Steve and Liz.

  55. I’ve generally hated this year. I never in my worst dreams thought that a psychopathically manipulating bully, a disturbed momma’s boy, and a supposedly educated (but nevertheless fantastically ignorant) floozy would be in the F3. Can’t really stand the thought of any of them winning. Although I don’t think he was really a good player, at least JMac will probably get AFP – I’m sure he’ll be able to use the cash. He most likely owes a ton of money for student loans – it takes a long time until a dentist recoups his investment, and if JMac works for some kind of dental group, he’s not raking in the big bucks that an established dentist in private practice often does. I hope the producers and casting staff of BB have learned what not to do for BB18, or the show will be taking a long, slow glide into oblivion.

    • Also he’s working in Idaho I think. I didn’t know that was even still a state. The career take there is most Likely 1-5th CA,NY or SF.

    • I’m thinking when he gets home he’ll have a lot of women lining up to be patients in the hopes of getting dates.

  56. If Liz wins, I’m gonna throw a fit. Who throws the final HOH to someone who manipulates everyone she talks to? That was so dumb.

  57. For all peoole talking about the show been “rigged” and complaining about how obviously has been handed the season to Vanesa be careful or u are going to get “blocked”

  58. Ha ha, convince them not to show up!!! I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten someone to agree to go to F2 with her and tell the Jury to vote for Van.

  59. I want Steve to win, I think he has played a good game. He kept his head down and let the bigger threats blow themselves up and he’s won comps when he needed to. Vanessa, oh Vanessa. I really want to root for her but I can’t the tears are hollow and tiresome and very unnecessary. She has bullied her way into almost every HOH, even if she wasn’t HOH, Becky was the only person to not play her game and I loved the confusion on her face when that happened. I think she tried to model her game a little bit from Derrick last year, but the difference is he just kinda steered people the way he wanted them go and he did it in nice way, Vanessa interogates every one to the point where they just give in to shut her up! I really hope she doesn’t win but the HG have been under this weird spell with her, although I was glad Austin is speaking out against her. I forgot Liz… enough said. GO STEVE!

  60. Production should be fired!
    Production should be fired!
    Production should be fired!
    Production should be fired!
    Production should be fired!

    CBS, can you hear us??????????

    • just curious, if you think production is manipulating the game for Vanessa to win why do you think they are doing that? Because as far as I’ve seen, Vanessa is not a well-liked person from a lot of viewers therefore keeping her around would only harm their ratings, not increase them!? I just don’t see why CBS would go this far and risk their reputation and Big Brother is reputation just so Vanessa could win. do you honestly think they care!? With all due respect :)
      I have enjoyed our friendly debate this season. ♡♡

      • Thank you Tinalee for your kind words.

        I believe production got it wrong this year. I think that they went to far allowing Vanessa on the show this year and I liken it to releasing a snake in the house with non trained snake handlers. And we know what happens when you try to pick up a snake without proper training.

        Now, far be it for me to say, no one twisted anyone’s arm to keep her in the house, but even courts will not execute (in some cases, not all) a mentally challenged person. If ant thing, these house guests were full of empathy for Vanessa because they know her elevator does not go to the top floor. I don’t care how much money she has, especially if it gained through intimidation or whatever.

        Production convinced CBS that it would have people watching all season. I wonder what the ratings were from week to week.

        Furthermore, I believe that this season has tarnished the image of CBS, not help it. I, for one, do not relish the manipulation for ratings anyone.

        I, therefore, will no longer watch this show because there are too many other legitimate shows on National TV.

        I know I like British TV for a reason.

      • okay, first of all I do not completely disagree with you in regards to the casting this season. it has been a very predictable season and pretty boring.
        I do believe Vanessa bought a gun to a knife fight however in her defense, this is the first season I have ever watched a big brother with complete lack of gameplay by many. As far as Vanessa knows, the rest of the hgs are “equally”playing the game just as hard as she is. She doesn’t know the rest of the house guests (for the most part) have been acting like we’re at summer camp and just happy to make it to jury to continue their vacation. so Vanessa is coming across as way too paranoid and playing too hard but she’s just playing the game like other people have done in the past!
        I do not think it’s fair to assume she has mental health issues or to even make fun of them. a lot of people who are extremely extremely extremely intelligent like Vanessa do not have a lot of (I don’t know) character?! I know what I’m trying to say but I can’t get the right word lol…. She’s just focused on the end results and does not have any interest in chilling out and letting her guard down.
        these people are just not playing as hard as her, they do not have the same emotions as she does therefore she sometimes does come across as a little crazy however, she really is a very very kind and thoughtful person! she does not ever try and hurt people, she is very down to earth and I have never once witnessed her acting erratically or off her rocker. I honestly do believe she should have never agreed to go on the show because of the type of person she is! Not because of her mental instability, because she is not at all mentally unstable! her elevator does go to the top floor lol… I can fully understand some people thinking she has lost her marbles, & I do understand that she has not always said and done smartthings however, she is human! This game has really not been good for her in many ways. but, again she is not mentally unstable. honestly, she just overly intelligent and can not shut off and chill in this game….. Outside of this house, in real life she is very down to earth and she is emotional in a good way so when she is crying it’s real tears whether people want to believe that or not, it’s true! she truly does feel bad, for example when she evicted Austin, and she was talking to Liz and crying and trying to help Liz understand why she evicted Austin, that was all true emotions! She honestly felt bad.
        the main problem is, like I said she’s got a gun to a knife fight but in her defense, this is the first season ever that so many houseguests have been so, I don’t know… Chill? Lol just enjoying a free vacation? So she is coming across as extremely aggressive and playing way too hard but she doesn’t know what we know which is she is really the only one truly playing the game hard, some people have not played the game at all! The lack of game play this season is outrageous! So of course she looks like a lunatic, she’s assuming the other house guests are playing as equally as hard as she is. Make sense? Her mental stability is perfectly fine in real life! I have seen the changes and Vanessa and it’s hard to watch at times because she is a truly good good person!

      • You know what Tinalee, I am afraid for you. As much as you know her, and are friends with her, you are sounding (I really can’t say looking) like the house guests here. And honestly, I am not trying in any way to be insulting. Although they see her ways, they outright ignore them. I almost fee she’s a magician with hypnotic abilities because how in this world can every single person in that house fall under her spell. Agaim, I am NOT trying to insult you.

        I was equally mortified when Vanessa pulled the Bible into the mess. I am a believer and the Bible is the infallible Word of God , is the Holy Word and should have NEVER been brought into the hiude. Her actions are contrary to the very Word. This is why Christians are called hypocrites.

      • It’s all good Banitap, no offense taken :-) this is all in good fun and I know you are not trying to insult me.
        I’m sorry that I’m scaring you lol…. I promise you I am a very sane person. I have been married for over 10 years to a very loving husband, and we have 3 smart & beautiful daughters. I am just a regular housewife on here simply for entertainment purposes only. I have to admit, I have not read or seen many feeds so I am just mainly basing my opinion on my personal knowledge of Vanessa, the episodes on TV, the things written on Big Brother network and comments made by others on here therefore, I am NOT a hundred percent up to speed on all of Vanessa actions and words. In fact, I did not know she swore on the Bible! & I am with you on that, that is crossing the line. Dan G also does that & I did not agree with it. I am NOT a very religious person however I am a Catholic and I do have some values in regards to Christianity. Okay that sentence didn’t make much sense but you know what I mean lol I think the problem is, because of shows like Big Brother and survivor and whatnot, reality TV show games people swearing on the Bible, their family, their moms and what not just does not mean as much as it used to. it is easily thrown around therefore I may not like it but I don’t let it bother me too much at the same time because hey, you never know their fingers could be crossed lol just kidding! But, I just don’t take it as serious as I used to. Make sense? And I completely respect anyone who has a problem with it and I understand it but like I said, I can look past it even though I do not agree with it.
        it is very strange what Vanessa is able to do in this game! it’s very odd how she does seem to have this control over everyone! But, isn’t that a good thing? I don’t know, maybe I’m missing some pieces of the puzzle but I just don’t understand why what she is doing is so horrible opposed to what previous hgs (& winners of BB) have done. She has never said anything racist like many other people have in the past, she has never been sexist like many people have in the past and she really does care about people’s feelings, that I can promise you!
        I guess I just see it a lot different then other people like yourself because I can look past the game because I know what she is like in her day-to-day life but I can promise you she is nothing like this! In fact, I have said several times I am surprised at how “out there she is!”
        she actually is quite a quiet person and even appears to be shy at times so I was very surprised when I heard she was going on BB. however, for the first few weeks she was very quiet and I did not think she was going to go far because she did not seem to be making friends because she was not outgoing and kind of kept to herself. Once she started “playing harder,” (it then made sense to me!) & I figured it out. What she was doing was she was “reading” everyone, watching their actions and what not and thinking of strategic moves (or at least the next move to make.) Within her firsts few days she’s been made her move which was aligning with Austin who she knew would be (or at least thought would be lol) a physical beast and Vanessa would be a mental beast, then she just started making her moves from there and it became the Vanessa show, not her fault! She could have been voted out weeks and weeks and weeks ago, Jason, Da’Vonne, Jayce and all of them could be there right now. Its just how the game played out and Vanessa got lucky because for some reason she’s able to control everything up until this point. anyway, I’m getting off track lol… I’m really not crazy I swear haha and I’m not offended at all. all different people watch this show therefore there are going to be so many different opinions! People are going to be happy, people are going to be unhappy! it’s just the way it is. There have been many seasons of Big Brother, survivor and other shows like that, that I have been really disappointed on who won the game! It is what it is. & like I first was saying, maybe I’m missing a big part of the puzzle but from what I see, yes she is by far not perfect but she’s getting what she needs to get done, done! and is not hurting people along the way, they all know it’s a game! And she really had no final 2 so she has nothing to be sorry for. Austin was never going to take her to the finals if Liz was there and vice versa and that’s a fact!
        and lastly, (I will keep this short lol) I do not disagree with you that “children” are watching BB but, as a mother of three children I have watched enough Big Brother (all including BB Canada where I am from) to know that this is not a show/ game “children” should be watching! I would not allow my daughter to watch it. and I don’t think the hgs are thinking about who is watching, they are just regular people on a reality TV show and they are not going to keep in mind there might be a younger audience. Make sense? I think it’s the parents fault if they are allowing them to watch the show/ game.

      • LOL… I know, I’m terrible lol I really do need to learn how to express my thoughts and feelings in shorter paragraphs lol :-)

        P.S. I have written two novels and one biography! (I have yet to do anything more with them aside from writing them.)
        I guess it’s in my blood :-) My dad passed away when I was 10 years old but for most of his life he was a writer & for the last few years of his life (before he got sick,) he was the “sports editor” for a large paper out here. So I guess I get it from him :) ♡♡
        thanks for understanding and reading my comments and replies without insulting me. I know it’s annoying, I annoy myself lol

      • Really, awesome. Who’s bio?

        What are your novel titles?

        It is nice meeting new people here. Although some can be truly annoying.

        Well as I told someone earlier, I feel as if I am waiting to give child birth. The anticipation is killing me.

        But I realize that the sets have to change for each phase of the final comps.

        Can’t wait. Seems as if this has been such a long summer.

      • a bio on me :-) I’ve had a pretty interesting life! As for my books, they do not have names however they are love stories. 1 is more of a screenplay but I have been working on making it more into a novel. all three are not fully complete. I honestly have been working on two of them the bio and one of the stories since 2010. but I always go back to it, & I love it! There’s never anything major I want to change!

      • haha! I wish! I was actually quite surprised how expensive it is to get a book edited, published and what not! It’s not cheap at all! Lol

      • Not afraid of you, but a concerned. Wolverine seek whom they can devour. I’m sure being in Canada you have witnessed animals and their method of attack. It’s quiet and swift.

      • LMFAO ♡
        Banitap (keep meaning to ask you what your name means?)
        yes, quite a few times when I have come out of my igloo early in the morning (right before sunrise) I have seen polar bears attacking seals! it’s very scary because I am worried the polar bears are going to get my husky dogs (I don’t have a vehicle,) they pull my sled so I can go into town once or twice a month :-) I have asked my parents a few times to build another igloo farther away from the seals so the polar bears do not come around as much but my parents like our land and our neighbors Plus they like being so close to the water! really good fishing! I see killer whales all the time, they are gorgeous!
        what state do you live in?
        I was once attacked by a Mountain Lion but I was very lucky because our chief Eskimo leader was nearby so he was able to scare it off! that was a couple of years ago, I have a very large scar from my shoulder down to my elbow! of course I was bundled up so it could have been much worse!
        I also once was chased, well I guess stalked by a cougar while on my sled, thankfully my dogs scared him off! Very scary! there are so many animal attacks in my village but, far less then a lot of other areas in Canada! I only know two people that have died from being attacked by polar bears! And my best friends dog was killed by a killer whale when he broke through the ice and fell in :-( it was so sad!
        That’s why I don’t see a lot of the feeds, I don’t get good Wi-Fi in my igloo! The summer months are a lot easier, I guess because it’s a little bit warmer so the wires are not frozen!
        Living in Canada (in my area of Canada) anyways is a lot scarier then Vanessa lol

      • Hahaha, consider me one of your huskies! !!!

        Middle name, Banita with last name initial.

        I am retired and moved to Appalachian Mountains in southwest Virginia

      • Lol….. I have been to the states a lot, mainly Vegas so of course there is Americans from all over your country and I cannot believe how some people actually think we live in igloos lol….. I am wearing tights and a tank top right now! it’s quite warm still and, some winters we don’t even get any snow at all! But, of course up north there is always snow but the only igloo I have ever seen was one we’ve built as children :-)
        and the only wildlife I see around here are raccoons however, we moved to a small mountain just above the city and there is a lake about 10 minutes from my house, lots of construction going on and there has been a cougar sighting a few times in my next door neighbor’s yard, and their kids pool lol and, there are quite a few bear sightings but that’s because of all the construction, they’re looking for food :-( but I do have a raccoon that likes to come by and is not afraid of us at all and if our garage door is open in the evenings we have caught him in our garbage and our cat and dog food bags! I’m bad though, I encourage him! I have thrown out old bread and stuff like that since I first saw him so he comes by every few nights. I feel bad for him lol in my defense I love animals! & I know I shouldn’t be doing it lol but raccoons always travel in pairs or at the very least with a partner but he is all alone :-( and he was little when he first started poking his nose around here. Lol ok totally off topic! Too funny! You are more than welcome to look me up on Facebook, I don’t mind making new friends :-) I’m a little younger than you though, nowhere near retirement! However, we own our own business so it feels like retirement haha

        Christina de Sa Chilliwack BC or try Vancouver BC is the first one doesn’t work. I’m not sure what my profile picture is, I’ll get back to you on that one lol

      • My response appears to have been deleted, nor do I remember what I wrote. I sent shortly after I received your last post

  61. If Steve or Liz really want to win they would take Vanessa to the final two because no one in jury can stand her. Who would vote for Vanessa over Steve or Liz? Liz has her sister Julia to vote for her and Austin and other people. And who doesn’t like Steve?

    • The jury cannot stand her? Says who? I would only hope the jury can set their feelings aside because Vanessa had a hand in evicting everyone of them and give her the win based on her gameplay! I disagree with you with the jury dislikes her, yes of course they’re not happy because they are sitting in jury because of her but, this is a game!

  62. I can’t stand Vanessa. She is such a puppet master (but unlike Derrick from last season) He wasn’t a douche about it whereas Vanessa “I don’t need the money “Russo is a straight up bully

    • Bully? these people are all adults! She is not being a bully lol…. That Word is thrown around way too loosely!

      • she a Bully. if you read the feeds..she pretty much bullied Liz to drop ..what a POS.. she’s bullied everyone to do her dirty work for her…

      • Sorry but Vanessa held no gun to anyone’s head in the BB house to make them to do anything,the other contestants can’t blame her for what they did to themselves,just no logic in saying otherwise.

      • Just curious, I’m not discounting what you are saying but how did she bully Liz to drop? I don’t get it! (I really don’t know, I haven’t read so I am actually asking you, not disagreeing with you!) But Liz is a grown adult and can do whatever she wants. it just makes no sense to me why someone would allow another person to believe them at their age! I guess I will have to wait for your response to know or understand exactly why you think she is a bully. I just guess I am closed minded and cannot for the life of me imagine an adult letting themselves be bullied and potentially losing $500,000 because of it. so would you actually say it was bullying? Or maybe just intimidation? which is part of the game. I’m not saying it’s right, but intimidation by saying something like “I will not take you to F2 if you do not drop!” Or something like that, then what does that say about Liz?! She could have stayed up and won her way to the final two. instead, yet again she let Vanessa control the situation when she did not need to! Liz should be fighting her way to the end, not just giving up! to me, it’s just another reason why Vanessa should win. When are these “adults” in this game going to take any accountability for their own actions and stop blaming Vanessa for everything they do, they are adults! They have minds of their own. Make sense? I don’t know, I guess I just have to know exactly what was said to understand why you would say she is a bully. And again, I’m not disagreeing with you because I do not know what was said.

      • I tried to go back and edit a few errors I made but I can’t find it now lol….instead of believe I meant to say bully and there was something else in there I messed up on lol sorry, I hate that haha

  63. Listen, i thought bb was rigged to but i that this poker player was just to dam smart for these house of jokers. For real though if this chick can make them throw comps and be avoided of eviction then she is the best bb player.she can make Jesus come down off the cross. As much as i don’t like her she really played these idiots.

  64. they do not know V as much as they think, this comp was perfect for liz, everytime V says she can hang for ever it is a bluff, the last comp will be one up for liz, SHe can do and win comps when it feartures just one thing,
    WCS for steve and Liz ,

    V is in final two. it no longer matters , if dizzy lizzy falls for Vs crap about final two or does foolish follower steve, they need to wake up , I hope who ever goes up against V better be spot on, exspecially if it is true that V takes drugs to help her focus, this game is all about confusion, and head spins, But if you take drugs to help you with that then you have an advantage ,
    We need to give credit to all of them , hanging in there so long,
    As it stands, V will win, It does not matter the final HOH will determine it all.
    This year is the year of dumb ass moves. on everyones part but V,
    Steve and liz better hook up. but if the past has any part of the future . liz will not. Steve has come to grips and will not take V, lets hope liz can to do the same,
    V is slick, the first comp was a one for liz, but liz was fooled, the second one is more for steve, and V hopes that steve does win, since the last comp would be more for dizzy lizzy.
    Lets see if steve or liz can pull it off and make the biggest move and getting Vs butt out,

    • I didn’t give up hope yet but im mad at Steve for getting jmac out.especially when he voted to keep him. Im just looking at all scenario, Vanessa is a beast.she don’t need the money so we say but this girl is truly a player.

  65. I hate Vanessa and her annoying crying. But at this point I want to see her make it to final two just because Liz is a complete dumbass. Hopefully the Jury votes for Steve but Vanessa will win.

  66. Vanessa will not win, as clearly evident in the Jury house. Basically everyone was livid at her, except for one. And little wonder.

    She is a great poker player – but in the end everyone knows that they got played and don’t like it.

    Vanessa, you are done. (note that I am wrong most of the time… ;) )

  67. Vanessa bullied her way to the top.those idiots know everything she said and done but stils do what she says . If they are that stupid then they need to lose. #whoever.

  68. Love Vanessa or love to hate her she is the best gamer. She is the smartest player BB has had. She deserves the win.

  69. I hate Vanessa. But, seriously, Liz must be stupid. Her best bet is with Steve in the final two. These people need to do everything in their power to stop the horrible C U N T Vanessa. They’re practically pissing away $500k. Then again, it could be scripted.

  70. Yes, I am a fan of Vanessa however, I have said several times I have not always agreed with what she has said and done sometimes however I do not understand help people can say Vanessa bullied Liz to drop! did she talk her into it? Yes absolutely! Did she pressure her? Yes absolutely!! But come on, this is not the first big brother, it season 17! Liz did not have to drop, and Vanessa certainly did not bully her! this is a game for $500,000! Liz is playing for herself! Liz is an adult and can make up her own mind! Sure Vanessa “pressured” her (& PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong) but isn’t that part of the game? isn’t that what these hgs are supposed to do!? Or are they just supposed to sit up there 4 hours and hours and hours and not speak a word and not make deals and / or convince people to drop out of the comps?!
    I know so many people dislike Vanessa, I know people have not liked a lot of what she is done however, how is Vanessa a “bully?” she talked Liz into dropping out! That’s brilliant, is it not?! Have we not seeing this numerous times on pretty much every other single Big Brother season?
    I get it! Some of you just do not like Vanessa, & some of you hate Vanessa therefore it doesn’t matter what she does it’s going to be wrong in your eyes, it’s going to be bad, it’s going to be over exaggerated! I get it! But, when do you stop blaming Vanessa and start blaming these ADULT hgs that have a mind of their own, ADULTS who can make their own choices & play HARD and fight to the end for $500,000? The HGs are handing her the $500,000! EVEN THOUGH weeks and weeks ago these adults playing the game have said to each other they see through her “act” & are tired of her running the game, they continue to let her run the game! They could have evicted her SOOOOO many times but they don’t!!! Vanessa does not have fairy dust she sprinkles on the hgs to make them do what she wants them to do! These people are ADULTS!!!! When do people start blaming Vanessa & realize she just really is good! Brilliant! & shake your head at the remaining players for playing for Vanessa and not themselves?! These people do not have to do what she says! Liz should have held on! She should have never giving up! She does not deserve to win because she is not fighting hard! She is just once again following Vanessa lead!! I just don’t understand how people can not see that, how does Liz deserve to win $500,000 when she dropped out of one of the MOST important competitions because Vanessa “pressured” her too!?!? Liz is NOT a child, she is a grown adult and she can do whatever she wants! she is just listening to Vanessa as usual and therefore Vanessa once again makes a great move!! It just does not make any sense to me regardless of how you feel about Vanessa, that you can not (at the very least, aside from some questionable things vanessa has done) appreciate she has played a remarkable Game!
    oh wait, I forgot! this game is fixed because it’s not going your way! But if Vanessa was voted out a month ago then I guess the game would not be fixed?! in my humble opinion :-) no disrespect to any of you!

  71. Question…. while being dipped in the goo… appears that at least one contestant is standing, then readjusting themselves on the “apple”. Is standing off the apple allowed in the pool of goo?

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