Big Brother 17: Final Four Eviction Prediction

There is just one vote to cast tonight on Big Brother 17 when the Final Four Houseguests gather in the living room and await the word from host Julie Chen. So what will it be? We’ve got our prediction ready to go.

John McGuire prepares for the next eviction
John McGuire prepares for the next eviction – Source: CBS All Access

During Tuesday’s special eviction show we saw Steve win HoH and secure himself a spot in the F3. He has best case and worst case scenarios for who he’d want to join him, but this might not be his night to celebrate.

Vanessa won the Power of Veto. How did she beat the season’s walking library of knowledge? Oh Steve threw the competition to her. Let that sink in.

Yes, once again Vanessa said “jump” and the Houseguests cried, “please don’t hurt me!” Now Vanessa will cast the one and only vote against either John or Liz. Can you see where this is going?

Vanessa finally has an Austwin all to herself. She’s not letting that one get away and she’s sure not letting John and Steve stay together in a F3. By voting out John tonight Vanessa will find herself yet again in the middle of the pack and likely believes either player will take her over the other.

Flashback to 10:08PM BBT 9/15 to hear Steve and Vanessa have a lengthy talk about the decision ahead of her. Steve says he expects John and Liz have come to her with F2 deals to entice her decision to keep one over the other. Vanessa says they haven’t talked to her as much as he might expect while adding that she hasn’t made up her mind.

Vanessa asks Steve what he thinks, but he knows better than to answer that. See Steve wants John to stay as he explained in his tear filled camtalk last night. Steve believes John would take him and he’d take John to F2, but that opportunity is gone.

Vanessa explains her view that John will be harder for her and Steve to beat in the first two rounds of the HoH competition, which starts tonight at 8/7c by the way. She toys with the idea that maybe they could convince John to throw the final HoH comps to them and then he’d be an easy defeat in F2 as compared to Liz who starts with 2 votes in her column. I think she’s just trying to look balanced.

When asked if he thinks she should take Liz, Steve tells Vanessa he doesn’t know, but says it’d make sure they took each other. Both are afraid of Liz’s advantage of dedicated votes from Julia and Austin.

Since John doesn’t have that advantage but is still Vanessa’s apparent preference to go then she must be more concerned about John and Steve banding together in F3. Well, she should be, but Steve should also jump on that saying they can’t risk bringing Liz within reach of F2 in case something goes wrong with their plan to get there together. Won’t matter. Vanessa won’t keep John.

Tonight during the live eviction show I fully expect Vanessa to cast her one vote against John McGuire and send him to the Jury. Again. From there Liz, Steve, and Vanessa will set out in to the backyard for the first round of the final HoH competition which should be a huge endurance battle.

Think Vanessa has other plans? Would she keep John over Liz or is voting out John her strategy? Share your thoughts below and vote in our poll:



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  1. She basically talked Liz’s sister into self-evicting and evicted the love of Liz’s life and still believes that Liz will take her to the final 2. Not only that, she’s probably right.

    • Yes because Liz will be convinced of what Austin said: that Vanessa has no chance of winning the jury votes. Derrick L from last season made a comment on twitter that Austin’s comment probably just won Vanessa the game, and I agree.

      • I was thinking the same thing. He couldn’t have said a better statement to get her to the F2, and once she shows all that she’s responsible for… well, guess I can hope for BB18’s HG’S to put up more of a fight.

  2. Can they just vote out Stevie-boy instead? What a stupid, stupid move but yet, not surprising… Whow, I am stopping right now…

  3. If Vanessa doesn’t win this whole thing at this point, it is pure bad luck. She’s more likely to get hit by. Bus in the comic room than go lose this season.

  4. I just would think about Liz’s ability in Part 1 of the competition. Vanessa seems to be thinking that she has the advantage over most of them at that stage and she basically told John the other day that he would have it over anyone but maybe Steve. Vanessa’s plans all seem based on that she and Steve will win parts 1 and 2 and I fear they are forgetting Liz actually legitimately won all of her HOHs and a BOB on her own.

    • I think what Vanessa has forgotten is that the majority of her “wins” in competitions were thrown to her. She might have an inflated idea of what her abilities are against real competition from the others. I am hoping she will be surprised.

      • Not saying it is what happened, but its very easy for anyone after losing to say “I lost on purpose”
        I’m probably not alone when I say I’ve told someone ” I lost on purpose.”

      • John tried to win the Egg competition if what he said in DR was true, She won the endurance comp against John fair and square, and I can’t think of any other comp wins that were thrown to her. You just sound salty af.

  5. I’m sorry but her pouting and her crying does not make her a winner who makes her a loser its like if she wants a lollipop she has to cry to get it so no she didn’t strateg this she cried a way through this and CBS already fixed it for her so this was not a real game get your facts straight!!!!

      • I don’t anymore I just get replies on my app you need to get with the program and look what’s really going on so no reply no more

      • Well yeah, you get replies because you are posting in an active forum. You admittedly don’t watch the show anymore so at this point you are just trolling. Take it somewhere else.

      • Look if you don’t like my opinion don’t answer and yeah you can take this somewhere else and shove it for all I care

      • But you’re not giving an opinion on the article or actually contributing to the forum. You are merely spouting off the same conspiracy theory you have been pushing on every article posted for at least the last week. We get it, you think it’s fixed. Anything else to contribute?

      • Yep I called Allison and told her who I wanted in final 3. She’s taking care of it for me. Lol

      • Well, I didn’t call Allison this time. I called Miss Chen directly to arrange a booing audience for the winner. She’s taking care of it for me too. lol

    • Where was the “fix”?
      Was the fix placing a gamer with a bunch of non thinking people? To me it was same ” fix” as last season.
      Place a cop with 15 civilians in any type of game and generally the cop has higher odds. I picked Derick last season on night one based solely on him being a police officer. I picked Vanessa this year at week one, based on her gaming background.

      I’m unaware of what fact’s you refer to, but please if you have some, share them with us.

      • The poker face rumor is true ok get your facts straight and listen I guess you guys are not paying attention

      • No, it’s not true. If it was true it wouldn’t be a rumor, it’d have supporting evidence besides “my friend knows a who a guy who went to college with my cousin and they have a friend who works at CBS.”

      • I have a cousin who knew a dog owner who once chased a CBS employee down the street.

        Thanks Matt for your work and insite into the game.
        I’m new this year on forum, but been a show viewer since day one and this site has passed some time for me when I needed it passed. Again, thank you.

      • Rumor it is.
        Rumor yesterday was John won HOH, how’d that turn out? And that wasn’t even a rumor that most here felt had no credibility.

      • There is a written statement from Vanessa Rousso you need to go look up a little bit more online what’s going on with big brother if I knew somebody from CBS I would have the game in my pocket and the game Derek played has nothing to do what Vanessa did she is conniving she’s a sick bitch that’s my opinion whether you like it or not!!!!!

      • So is it a fix or is it she’s conniving, sick and you just don’t like her?
        I’d look up said “statement” but I had asked you what the proof was. It is yours to prove, not me to prove false.

      • Actually, my sister’s friend is dating the guy who forged that written statement and posted it on the internet. It’s all part of a social media experiment he’s doing for a college class. There’s a whole explanation of the prank on his website, you need to look it up and learn what’s going on with internet rumors.

      • I agree. I picked Vanessa to win on day one just because she was a professional poker player and it didn’t take me too long to realize that Steve was her “real” F2. I think 90% of her crying was just acting.

      • 90% sounds iffy. I’d say maybe 70-80%. Being away from family, friends, internet, etc in a house that gets more and more boring can drive anyone to the point of insanity. A good chunk of her crying was probably genuine

    • the game isn’t fixed you ‘re just mad because Vanessa is a good player. No matter what she did to get there, she is there and it worked.

    • Have you ever heard of punctuation? Your rants are very difficult to follow being they are comprised of one long run-on sentence.

      • I never opened my mouth. I used my brain to type a response about your obvious ineptitude. (I know that’s a big word for you, go look it up, honey! ;-)

      • When did this turn into a fight board? Last night I was hoping for JMac to win when this windbag Brat-E just kept attacking me till I stopped reading her posts to get rid of her. Van had 2 alliances John & Steve and Aust & Liz and now she’s going down the middle? Expect the unexpected no matter who, what, where?
        I guess hoping for JMac to win at this point might be to late:( TEAM JOHNNEY MAC ANYWAY!

      • Personally, Vanessa makes me so angry (and I can see other people feel the same) that it brings out the worst in us. Between those strong feelings she elicits and general tension I think a lot of us are starting to get a little pissy.

        I’m still totally team JMac too. At this point I kind of want Vanessa to win though for a couple reasons. One is that Austin is totally being a sore loser and I want to see him be wrong about her not having the votes. The other reason is because these HGs were so stupid to keep her and they deserve to see her win it all.
        On a personal level, I really hate her. And on a game level, I feel she played dirty and I don’t like her tactics. But they had chances to get rid of her and kept her around anyway. She deserves the win.

    • The season was a wash when James was evicted, but held onto hope for Meg, then JMac. Now, oh well, at least we saw JudArsetin have a meltdown. He was seriously about to cry, probably did on the way to the jury house.

      Never know, Vanessa may just vote to evict Liz.

    • Wait don’t give up maybe she will get evicted 3rd which will make it even more fun to watch. Imagine the money is right there and in a split second you’re walking out the door. That’s my dream ending.

  6. Vanessa is a glorified con artist…and I love it. I know people can’t stand her, and I understand why. It’s just awesome to see how she has gotten as far as she has. Why on Earth does she not deserve to win this game?

    • For real people this isn’t a popularity contest it’s Big Brother! Sure go ahead and hate on Vanessa and root against her but at the end of the day you gotta respect the game play. Even if you’re not a fan of her tactics you have to respect that she has ruled the house with manipulation and comp wins the whole season and has built a solid case for being the winner.

      • “But Neil, she has cried, bullied, lied and manipulated her way to the end… She has shown absolutely no loyalty and only cares about herself!”

      • I knew all the Vanessa haters were going to chime in so I thought I would just save them the trouble.

      • Absolutely! Neil, you are right on! I’m tired of all the Moral Orels on their high horses over a game whose premise is conning other people. Vanessa is EXCELLENT at this game. I could do with less tears, but again, it’s all part of the con.

      • She might be all that and a bag of chips, but like the Chicago White Sox of years ago, she’s Winnin’ Ugly.

      • I can’t stand her personality but strictly from a game point I agree. Everyone was her bitch but Jmac

    • I agree completely. can’t stand her but damn she pushed the other house guest around. and Steve is scared of her he’d probably let her vote him off this week.

    • She has played a great game but I just don’t like the way she’s played it. I hope she goes out third. JMO

    • Big Brother is not a charity. Being poor doesn’t make you more deserving to win a con game – but being a good con artist does! Go Vanessa!

      • same with Derrick last year. being an undercover cop is nothing more than being a con artist. he showed how well he could manipulate players last year and won as he deserved to do. So if Van makes the final 2 she should win.

      • Blah blah I stand behind my statement. It’s no fun seeing rich people get richer. It’s so much easier to cheer for someone whose life would be changed by a sum of money like that, and not just pocket change for a casino night out.

  7. As much as I hated her I’m rooting for Liz all the way, I hope she takes Steve and wins it all, Vanessa is pure evil and she doesn’t deserve any money after 100 days of bullying people. Why isn’t CBS reminding her that bullying is against the rules???

      • The entire premise of Big Brother is immoral. Lol @ all this sanctimonious crap that evicted houseguests and so many viewers are spouting!

    • Agree – can’t believe I would vote for Liz, but that is how it turned out. My heart wants John to win, but Liz played better.

    • Vanessa is not pure evil. I also don’t think she is a bully. She is confrontational, yes..but not a bully. She had most of these HG eating out of the palm of her hand for most of the season..that’s BB!!

      • I agree! From what I’ve read about her as a person, I actually think she seems pretty decent in real life. People keep forgetting that this is a GAME – a rather ugly game that is based on dishonesty and backstabbing. I also think she is getting crap because she is a she, and finally we have a strong female poised to win this game. I’ve seen so many guys play this game dirty and mean and they get lauded as these epic BB players. But we get a woman playing hard like that and everyone rips her apart. It’s total BS!

  8. I don’t understand why John isn’t campaigning? Why doesn’t he just tell Vanessa what she wants to hear like that he’ll throw the HOH to her and she can take him to the end and win first place? It isn’t that hard, as much as I adore him it’s hard to feel bad when he isn’t even trying. I feel like him promising to throw it is all she needs to hear.

    • So far, he hasn’t been able to get Vanessa to himself. Either Steve or Liz is with Vanessa at all times.

    • I just don’t think she’d ever believe that he’d take her to F2 over Steve. She has a much better chance at getting picked by Liz.

    • Maybe he will. It’s best to get in someone’s ear as late as possible so they don’t have as much time to think about it and spin it. At least that’s what I would do and I’m pretty sneaky.

    • I don’t get why everyone likes John so much he’s an idiot goofy has the worst life I ever heard very annoying he doesn’t play the game he couldn’t win an HOH if he had to to me he’s just annoying.and he’s a dentist he don’t need the money James does

  9. Johnny Mac is a weaker competitor and a good Final 2 buddy. He has not done enough and probably will lose in a Final 2. Liz if she makes Last 3 would be better off taking Steve over Vanessa because she can argue that she played a better game aside from being 2 votes ahead from the get go.
    Vanessa should evict Liz because she is a good competitor and probably can win in a best of 3 HOH over Steve and Johnny Mac. Of course, she can still get evicted and come out short but, keeping Liz could end up her being sent to the jury house as well. Pick your poison Vanessa as you will have to drink it in any case. It is in Liz, Steve and Johnny Mac’s interest to evict Vanessa if the win the best of 3 HOHs. If not, they just handed her that $500,000 check! Vanessa “cannot” win if she is in the jury house!

  10. Could Steve have been so afraid of Vanessa he thinks her friendship outside the house will be more beneficial to him than $500,000 would have been to his family? Reality check, Steve: Vanessa won’t give you one more thought once she has that check in her hand except to laugh in your face at the after party about how gullible and emotionally immature you were to buy into her garbage all season. Ohhhhhh, Steve … go away already.

  11. Like her or not, Vanessa is the only one that deserves to win. These people are so dumb! Who would throw a comp at the end?!?!?!? Steve you idiot!

    • Definitely not the most clever cast we’ve seen on BB. I don’t want to take away from Vanessa’s gameplay, but I do think that the rest of the cast being not the sharpest knives in the drawer has given her even more of an edge in this game.

    • Van should have been thrown out of this game a long time ago when production found out she was trying to buy her way to the finish line! clearly against BB rules! And one by one the HG’s made it to the jury by her bullying, fake tears, poker face and idle promises! Sickening! She played a dirty game with a really dumb cast. She does not deserve to win! Steve Wake the hell up! or are you banking on money she offered you after this game ends -you spineless wimp? Fuggetaboutit!

      • 1, she stipped when they told her to
        2, Only Physicall intimidation is against the rules
        3. Big brother is played with lying what show did you think you were watching?

      • Excuse me but that is not physical intimidation I am talking about… she offered HG’s money out of her own pocket. That clearly changes thier moves and gameplay. She came out of the DR room and had to report to cameras that she “got spanked”… Clearly there are strict rules against bribery!! this woman has made herself millions and obviously was using this to bribe her way to the F2. I don’t call that lying! What part of what I said don’t you understand????

      • Wasn’t it a breach of contract to offer money to cast? Apparently not, so if you just get a slap on the hand and go on to win, I’d say it was worth the gamble! Kinda sets a precedent for future houseguests! Poor Steve, his check is in the mail.

  12. With all of the thrown competitions – Vanessa might have an unrealistic idea of who would be tough in competitions. I hope whoever is still standing surprises her and sends her out!

  13. Let’s say Van wins final HOH, has there or when was last houseguest to win out as she did with HOH f5, veto f4 and HOH f3?
    To me that is one of greatest feats of game IF she can win final HOH.

  14. I would love to see some of those who posts comment in the BB house and they would let the viewers know they comment on certain blogs.

    Any bloggers ever tried out? Would CBS recruit bloggers?

  15. What is wrong with Steve???? And why is he crying over JMac going home? He sent him home by throwing the Veto Comp. I now hope Liz wins the final HOH, takes Steve and she wins. Never thought I would say that.

  16. If Vanessa tells the jury on Wednesday her whole game and that most of the crying was an act then she will truly be in the top 5 all time. I am praying that she owns up to her game cause we don’t need liz or steve winning LOL

      • The crying game isn’t new. I doubt anyone believes any of the tears are real. It’s not a new ground breaking strategy so I don’t know that would be a reason to respect anyone…big deal.

    • She can turn tears on as easily as as I can turn on a faucet. But there’s no way her personality disorder, whatever it is, is fake. Inside her brain is the equivalent of shaking a bottle of soda and taking the lid off – neurons firing constantly and in every conceivable direction – except the soda bottle finally stops fizzing and she never does. As much as I dislike the way she acts, I would rather see her win than Steve or Liz – neither of whom has game play that measures up to the Crazy Beagle Lady.

      • I think that she is different outside the house. She is probably not this crazy in real life. You have to remember that they are living under constent paranoia 24 seven for 100 days your most likely gonna go crazy.

    • I don’t think Vanessa will have to admit anything about her game play or crying….it was obvious that the first three in the Jury House already had her figured out. And I’m sure all the jury members have all been discussing the remaining HGs.

  17. It just shows the show is rig like the early reports was saying???? Because if anybody really think Steve would have really let her win and knowing John would get voted off?? I don’t think so. There had been a lot of fun plays in this game this year. And if these guys love this show they know how it works. But I can’t believe they r that dum? Come on!!!!! I don’t belive it. It’s fix’s and Vannssa going too win it all. I’m sorry. And I will have too think very hard too see if I’m even going too watch this show next year. I knew it was fix before they even started reporting it it was!! Just by the way they was voteing and acting!! Come on!!! Everytime they was going too vote her out the change there minds at last minte!! Everytime!!!! I watch the rest of the show this year. But if she wins I’m done with it. If Steve doesn’t take Liz! R if Liz doesn’t take Steve! Because they both know they want win agains her. So if they do. I will get back on here and take back everything I havd said and say I’m sorry!!! But if it goes like I think it’s going too. I want be doing it. I bet u everything Vannssa wins the next HOH??? And that way she is in the f2. Want too bet???? That’s the only way they can try too say it’s not fix’s saying she won it on her on? Want too bet???? Just watch and see!!! Because Steve r Liz want take her too F2. If it’s played right??? Liz want take her because she voted Austin and got her sister to get out the house. U can she don’t know Vannssa help get her sister out. Come on!!!! Let’s see what happens!!

    • The show is NOT rigged why would cbs rig the game for the 1 person everyone wants to see out?! They let the “fan favs” leave 1 by 1 in the early game and your saying they wanted it to happen? go back to disney

      • But they had a twist for the 1st 6 weeks that they could of done anything with. Why did they let fan favs Davon Audrey and Jason leave? Why didn’t they come up with a twist to save them? They would have kept the favs in if it was rigged.

      • I wasn’t a big fan of those three, so their leaving didn’t matter to me but I see where your coming from though.

      • One thing. Audrey and a Davon and Jason didn’t bring anything for them in money. Vannssa and thet new show on CBS brings money and ratings. They wouldn’t get anything with the other three. And with Austin and the twins and Vannssa and Steve and Johm brings a better show then the rest. They mess up getting James out. That was one they mess up go. But it comes down too whats better for the show. I think it would have been cool having James, John and Steve up agains Austin and the Twins?? I think that would have been better. But none of them is getting s show on CBS ether!! Just saying

      • Because they have a new show coming out with Vannssa in it. And what better way too get poeple too watch the show then go around a say. The winner of Big Brother is on the show to get poeple too watch!! And don’t think CBS wouldn’t do that!! If u think they wouldn’t Ur crazy!! Because they have people like U that don’t want too belive they would do something like that!! It happens all the time. And if ur a big fan of Big Brother and watch the show for years. Then U can see and tell sonething isn’t right this year. Because if Vannssa was in last show. She would have been gone and they dame sure wouldn’t have let her walk over them like this. I’m sorry!!! It’s going too happen just like I said!! And the thing about it my wife has watch this show for years. And she is the biggest Big Brother fan there is on he show. Even she said weeks ago something wasn’t righg about the show this year herself. And she never agrees with me on anything like this show. Just saying. She is a big fan f Vannssa. But she says something up. So if doesn’t matter what I say f others. Even if we can show u and others. U people want belive it. And the show knows that and that’s what they r counting on!!!

      • Even if she is going to host a new show they might have cast her for this season/this reason but that doesn’t mean they fixed it for her to win.

      • Good for Vanessa if they saw something in her to give her a job/show beyond BB (that she could bring them ratings = money). If she lose and still has the show, is the game still rigged? Humph!

      • As much as everyone hates her, she is what people talk about, she’s good tv, she’s evil and an awful human being but she makes people talk about her, yes it’s rigged for her to win. People have said that for months, just watch and see.

      • Oh yes because someone is a predicted winner and they win means its rigged. Yep that’s how these shows work. Care to show any evidence leading to this belief because at this point you are just a bitter internet idi-ot

      • See!! Ur making our point!!! It’s been all over Big Brother page. It’s on CBS website. They have talk about it for months. And U still see what’s up. These shows will do anything they can too get poeple too watch. They had the twins suprise for the first 6 weeks too get poeple too watch too see if they would make it in the show!!! It got me watching just too see what happen. Just answering ur early ? before!!

      • Yes im the naive person yet you guys (4 people) have said that there is a new show with Vanessa as host and that’s why they are rigging it for her yes not 1 person has shown me a link to someplace that is a reliably source stating that the show exists. CBS should sew all 4 of you for slander (saying false statements as truths to ruin someones rep),

      • I don’t know why people are so desperate for the show to be rigged. She is a good player…how do you rig people to be manipulated. When she was on the block with Shelli did they put something in the water to make people flip the vote? Did they tell people we need Van to win the money so do what we say? Really? You can rig a comp but you can’t rig people. I wanted her out as soon as possible but I don’t think just because she’s moving forward means the show is rigged. It almost sounds like some people are pulling an Austin with the sour grapes routine.

      • Exactly someone who gets it! You can’t “rig” a person you can only “rig” a comp. Up vote for you

      • SanityCheck seems to think I’m on the CBS payroll and MurphyMurph3 might not be my real name. At least I think that’s what he is saying. Too funny. I have to stop now before any more crazies come out.

      • This comment was clearly rigged by CBS to try to pull the wool over our eyes. I’m not falling for your lies MurphyMurph3, IF THATS EVEN YOUR REAL NAME! ;)

      • What are you talking about? Are you saying I am part of the CBS rigging? Do you think MurphyMurph3 is the name on my birth certificate?

      • I was kidding. I guess I needed a “sarcasm font” for that answer. Hoped the winky face and ridiculous real name joke might give it it away. ;)

      • lol…there are so many people that are convinced that it was rigged and I was jumping around commenting so fast that I missed the sarcasm…good one…lol x 100…you got me! Time for me to pack it in before I embarrass myself any further.

      • Haha, no worries, I was about to type a lengthy response to someone else below on the same topic (I sort of hate conspiracy theories, so often just a lazy way of refusing to believe that other people just don’t agree with your opinion), but you have inspired me to close the window and move on to better things. Thanks, enjoy the show tonight!

      • It’s reality television, scenes are scripted and producers have favorites. Are you one of those people who thinks The Real World is actually real? You’re a fool if you think big brother isn’t altered by CBS. Their contract literally says “CBS can alter, modify or change circumstances at their discretion.”

      • so let me get this straght you think that someone who is poor and needs money is going to act for a show that only pays them 16k for 3 mounths? Okay dream on.

      • No I’m not gullible and I think lots of things are rigged but I still can’t figure out how to rig people’s brains to get them all to flip their vote. I pretty much already explained that but you obviously had no answer to my questions so you decided to side step and suggest that I’m a fool. Nice one.

      • There are different laws for competition reality shows than for reality shows such as the Real World.

  18. Oh goodness, is Austin going to have a meltdown when he finds out he is not AFP, even worse, no chance at an appearance on the Bold and Beautiful, his (ex)girlfriend loathes him, and America didn’t care for their showmance. Oh, he is going to be a mess.

      • Caleb was convinced of a lot of things; he was going to win the girl, he was going to get a record deal (through his connections with the Grandes), a modeling contract, invited to other shows, etc.. Austin is worse than Caleb. Caleb didn’t throw a hissy fit when he was evicted.

      • Amusingly, they were both blindsided and they both were eliminated around the same time (Caleb F4, Austin F5)….Caleb at least had a sense of humor about a lot of it, too. Caleb is by FAR more likable than Austin, despite his delusions.

      • I thought I remembered Frankie’s face as the one falling like his dog died when they announced AFP winner.

    • I sincerely hope that the soap opera offers JMac a guest spot, and totally ignores Austin. That would be sweet.

  19. Okay people, why are you on here blasting each other? Its a reality TV show…get a grip, is so far fetched and so hard to believe that it is scripted for entertainment purposes? I’m not saying it because of any rumor, I’m saying it because I live in the real world where everything is not what it seems. When you grow up you will realize that. Enjoy BB because you like the show. If you don’t like it don’t watch.

  20. This pains my heart. Also an advantage for Steve is that if Liz is evicted and it’s a van Steve final 2, Austin is most likely gonna convince the other two twins to not vote Vanessa there for Steve has 3 votes.

  21. Steve, congratulations! You’re going down in BB History as making the stupidest move since Marcellas didn’t use the veto on himself. In the past few weeks you’ve made about 4 more but this one is the icing on the cake.

    • He didn’t throw anything–that silly rant was likely prompted by the DR to generate chatter. Another example of playing the feeds like he played the house most of the summer. Last performance tho–he’s all in from here on out

  22. Steve threw the Veto comp? What in the hell is wrong with that man? Now he’s crying over JMac going home? Something is seriously wrong in Teddy Bear Land.

  23. Hamsterwatch pointed out the F4 have 20 comp wins between them (HoHs & PoVs), not including BoB. With BoB it increases to 23 wins.
    That’s quite impressive, in a away, they are the best 4 of these seasons and they deserve to be where they are now.

  24. I voted that Liz will be evicted only because that’s what I’m praying for. But in all reality I have a sick feeling John will be going. You’re an idiot Steve!

      • If there isn’t a twist and JMac goes I can’t watch anymore of Vanessa talking and talking and talking.

      • Bring back the rewind button!
        Why don’t we just let them replay this whole season? I STILL think they’d lose. At this point – yeah! Aughhh!

      • Or even bring back Pandora’s Box!
        Too late for all of that though and I hope production is happy they’re finally going to get a female winner barf!
        Steve knows he just lost so maybe Liz can find some hidden twin strength to make it a female F2 with Lizzie winning the jury votes.
        Best case scenario I’m afraid at this point.

      • That’s what he was saying last night on the feeds. The feeds weren’t up before they played veto but I can just hear Vanessa saying your safe Steve so throw the veto to me and we’ll both be safe. But last night he was talking to himself saying why did I throw the veto.

      • Recorded BBAD but haven’t watched it yet. Thanks for the update…I was getting frustrated because yesterday a few people were putting Steve down for putting JMac on the block which as you know made no difference. I thought it was more of that. Too much intel crammed into my brain. Thanks for the clarification. Steve needs a spanking.

    • WHY is it Steve’s fault that JMac may be going?? Did he throw the veto????? You obviously know something more than I do.

      • From what he was saying on the feeds last night he was crying and saying why did I throw the veto. So I think he threw it to Vanessa. Hope they show it tonight which I’m sure they will.

    • I am hoping for that too! It’s a long shot but it could happen. Even though Vanessa really doesn’t want the last pair going to F3 with her she really needs to see that Liz is just as capable of winning the last comps as Johnny Mac is. AND not to mention Liz already has 2 votes for a fact. She has to evict Liz to even have a chance of getting all 3 Austwins votes because it’s unlikely they’ll vote for Steve or Johnny Mac over her.

      • I agree Valerie, Liz is not out of this yet and I never thought I’d be rooting for Liz either but now…

      • Don’t say that!! Lol! I can’t root for her. I’m Johnny Mac and Steve all the way, even though Steve just made the biggest mistake of the game. But I still love the kid. Liz was at least playing the game, I’ll give her that but I still can’t root for her lol

      • Listen, if JMac somehow miraculously survives tonight’s eviction I couldn’t care less about Liz. But if it’s a Liz, Vanessa finale I gotta root for Liz now.

  25. I do not like Vanessa at all, but I really have to applaud her game play. She has pretty much controlled every decision in the house either by doing it herself or manipulating others to do it for her.

  26. I think regardless of who is in the F2 with Vanessa, Vanessa will win. The jury will vote for her based on her gameplay and not her character. Even if Liz is evicted today (which I doubt) and the Austwins vote against Vanessa, there are still enough remaining jury members to vote for Vanessa to win.

  27. With Cody taking Derrick to final two last year and subsequently losing the $450k, it’s more acceptable because he didn’t know any better and wasn’t already a BB fan. With Steve throwing a comp this late in the game and handing it to Vanessa is, well, beyond stupid. That’s practically gifting her the win at this point. Why he would even nominate John next Vanessa is also stupid. I mean, seriously, no one has a shot at winning at this point if they’re next to Vanessa in the final 2. Am finding it a little disturbing with Steve and Vanessa (Steve’s surrogate mother). Talk about Stockholm syndrome with him—he knows better but he won’t do anything about it, especially for a fan.

    • I agree. Last year’s cast were just plain stupid when it came to Derrick and the game. However this year at least the players caught on to Vanessa. They didn’t do anything about it but at least were more aware, so Steve’s move here is really dumb. It’s the end of the game so why is he still afraid of Vanessa? I hope his mother gives it to him when he gets home.

      • I think it is worse to be more aware and do nothing at all than not to know (unaware).

        I hope he gets a time-out, grounding, no allowance, and all his special things including his trombone taken away from him equivalent to the time he spent in the BB house.

  28. Steve is somebody who is as dumb as he looks. All season, these houseguests have flexed their faux muscles to the cameras telling us they will make “big moves” when nobody does. Wow, way to go stewpid, you got rid of Jackie and John, both real non-factors in favor of somebody who scares you.

    I wish I had a product to sell cuz I could get rich off of these morons!

    • Oh, didn’t realize that Steve had lost his chances at money already? How did he get rid of John? He was the only HOH who had the guts to break up the Austwins, a far bigger threat as a threesome than any other pairing. Actually I don’t think he looks dumb at all, he’s rather nice looking. You sound like a guy (assumption), let’s see how nice looking you are.

  29. Vanessa won the game because its fixed that way, Steve was probably told to throw it to her, this season is the worst season ever, you know any other season I didn’t believe it was rigged but I truly do believe it this time around, to promote Vanessas new poker show.

    • And they put something in the water to get everyone to vote out Shelli instead of Vanessa, right? Vanessa was on her way out the door and the entire house flipped. How did they rig that…because that was the biggest game changer of all. There was no reason to vote Shelli out…Clay was gone and not even in jury.

      • I boycotted last year after Donny was voted out BUT it only lasted a few minutes when the next episode came on. I may have to do the same tonight….

      • I think all these people who say they boycott are watching in secret with the lights out and the shades drawn.

      • I never thought Donny had a chance last year even though I wanted him to stay but since I’m 99% sure that Vanessa just won the game I have no reason to hear her nonstop talking anymore and there’s no need to torture myself any further this year :D

      • It’s the confused look on her face, I cannot stand, I look away and sometimes I look back too soon and get upset…. “Why does she have that dumb look on her face!?!?!”

      • If some people are able to enjoy Vanessa this year that’s great but I’m not one of them. Oh well, time to start rooting for Liz I guess lol.

      • I am rooting for James’ daughter for AFP. If John is voted out tonight (still holding on to hope), I don’t care who wins. Not a fan of Vanessa or Liz and Steve has a lot to learn and losing will be a bought/costly lesson.

      • Did you just read the Steve article?
        What a nightmare – even though I feel sorry for Steve for being duped by that bully. She was all care and concern for him last night on BBAD, I didn’t buy it for a minute.

      • From what I read Steve realized he had just lost the game by not winning the POV and I have to agree with him that he won’t be able to beat Vanessa, especially if they bring back one of the great BB winners like Dan or Will to rig the jury to get the desired win.
        If they don’t then there’s still hope for a bitter jury giving Steve the win.

      • There were plenty of reasons to vote Shelli out from James’ perspective. Obvious reasons. So obvious, in fact, that I won’t type it out.

      • From James perspective…so early in the game…so it was James alone who got Shelli out? Oh, I see it all so clearly now.

      • James had Meg and Jackie’s ears. Those three were enough to flip the vote. I’m not sure what is so outlandish about that.

      • Everyone who voted to keep Vanessa had equal opportunity to vote the other way. You can’t hold one person responsible for the foolishness of others.

      • I’m not saying it was the right move for them to make. I’m just saying it was the move they made. No conspiracies. No putting sodium pentathol into their veins. It was the move they felt was best given the information they had at the time.
        There’s also no guarantee that the outcome wouldn’t have been somewhat similar with Shelli staying in the game.

      • I was commenting on the comment made about James being to blame for Vanessa’s being here and I was just saying he was only one vote. Too much going on here I think. I was almost ready to go…lol.

      • No excuse for James not knowing that there was a big alliance in the house picking off all his buddies.
        Once again, he lost all chance of superior numbers in the house by blithely throwing away ally Becky’s game to further his own. He should have realized he needed superior numbers to win the game but he NEVER did apparently.

      • I think James and Meg believed they were aligned with the Austwins up to the moment he walked out the door. Watching the season will be a revelation for them.

      • I agree, I’m sure the jury house has since clued him in on the whole story. I’m counting on James to be a bitter juror too. :D

      • James is the reason Vanessa will win.
        Austwins were gonna keep Vanessa anyway and with James’ flip, they sealed the deal.
        In case you haven’t noticed, Meg hasn’t made a single decision herself this game, of course she was going to do what James told her and Jackie was hardly going to vote against her alliance.

      • James easily talked Meg and Jackie into doing what was best for his game and not their game.
        At least he was the last surviving Goblin so hooray for James for decimating his alliance.

      • Well, he didn’t survive Meg for long though.
        The main reason why I want JMac out now is so he can get America’s Favorite. Otherwise James gets it and I can’t stand the thought of him being rewarded for playing a terrible game.

      • You get me :D
        Since James does really need the money I will be able to tolerate his inevitable and confusing win as AFP even though he was the greatest Vanessa enabler.

      • LOL! Are you angry? LOL! Vanessa is getting in your head. See, that’s how it works, she gets in your head (or have others do it) and eventual you believe… LOL! Just joking.

      • no im not angry you people have not shown a single link and also why watch if its rigged as you say it is. If I had a show that was produced by me and stupid people like you were spewing nonsense then I would sue you out of house and home for slander witch cbs could technically do.

      • It also takes away the fun of the show and the strategizing we do as viewers by throwing in a rigged notion just because they don’t like who is winning.

      • But some of these people are so thick headed that it’s hard not to get angry…I am showing great restraint by avoiding CAPS DAMIT IT!

    • I agree 100%, they put an evil aggressive lying witch like her in the house with a bunch of spineless idiots. She isn’t good, they’re just really really bad. Entirely convinced CBS is rewarding them to let Vanessa continue. Worst season ever and that’s saying a lot bc BB15 was awfulllllllll.

      • Oh btw Amanda was best friends with the producers and she didn’t win even though they were rigging that season to.

        what a joke

      • Did you watch that season? That was the worst one EVER, this is a close second! For like ten weeks whatever Amanda wanted she got! No she didn’t win but maybe that’s because she was a bitch and people were sick of dealing with her? I’m not saying CBS controls the winner entirely but they definitely play a hand. Amanda wasn’t manipulating enough and those house guests weren’t as spineless so she left.

      • but Evil Dick won and you would think that CBS would want someone who is bringing negative attention to the show out. Hmm shocker right!

      • The fact you’re even comparing Evel Dick to Vanessa proves you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • oh Im saying that he was a real “bully” but Cbs did nothing and you are saying that they got amanda out for acting the same way.

      • I never said CBS sent Amanda out? I just said I don’t think they can actually force people to send someone out but the “power of suggestion” for TV ratings is high. Amanda was a royal bitch so the other girls wanted her out for their sanity.

      • He should have been kicked out he burned a house guest with a smoke when she tried to fight back he burned her a couple more times I do believe .So once again you got that right

      • crystal you got that right I just watched a clip of Amanda and Gina maries fight THAT WAS BAD .Gina tore her a new one

      • That season made me never want to watch again, I quit after Judd left, Amanda was worse than Rachel.

      • Amanda and Austin would make a cute couple. lol. McCray quickly distance himself from her when the game was over, poor guy regretted it.

        I see Liz quickly regretting Austin.

      • I just YouTubed Gina Marie and Amanda fight, it was great! My favorite BB moment of all time though is the fight between Ragan and Rachel, it’s priceless

      • I have never understood why people would watch a show they thought was rigged for TPTB to hand pick the winner.

      • James, how is it that Vanessa was “hand picked” when there are many, many other applicants wanting to get on the show??? Suspicious, yes!

      • There are a lot of things in LIFE people don’t agree with……….my choices are MY CHOICES. Live your own life!!! I know, with PROOF, that the old “Newly Wed” and “The Dating Game” shows were often rigged for purely entertainment value. IF Vanessa wasn’t their “chosen one” to get this far, she should have been kicked off weeks ago for violating the contract.

    • Yep it’s fixed. Every year I have a nice long lunch with Allison and we figure out who we want to win the game.

    • Personally, I’ve had the feeling the entire season was “fixed”…no one knows what is said to each HG in the DR. And, then I heard that Vanessa was “hand picked” in Vegas!! Quite “convenient” that there are tons of people wanting to get on the show and their “hand picked” HG is (might be) the winner of it all.

      • Clay was “hand picked” at a professional sporting event. Becky was “hand picked” off of a dating site. Meg was “personally recommended” by her best friend who’s been on Survivor twice. Lots of “hand picked” people this year.

    • Yes It’s fixed..I’m the camera man (the source) that gave the info to Celeb Dirty Laundry. ……to be continued.

      • Heard Jmac was getting his own show called “The FlossKings” and that James was up for one called “The Hillbilly Asian on Vacation”. Is that true, Cyril?

      • I would watch “The Hillbilly Asian on Vacation” You have to make a pitch to Allison..I’ll arrange it.

    • Where’s the press release announcing this new show? Do a quick google search and see what you come up with. It was a rumor started by an online gossip site that’s like the Nat’l Inquirer. There’s no reality to it. It’s not happening. The show doesn’t exist.

  30. If Vanessa doesn’t win this, I am gonna be mad…the manipulation and shaming she has done is worth it’s weight in gold….she played Derek’s game, but played it as a stressed out PMS suffering woman…honestly, if she did convince Little Stevie to throw it to her, that is a move to go down in the BB books….like her, hate her, she played them all….except Johnny Mac…who is wondering what the hell Steve did….and that is why she is going to send him to jury tonight….she knows he can’t be manipulated….and rest assured, if JMAC goes to jury he is going to tell them Vanessa controlled Steve…he will appreciate her game play…he will sway the jury except for those Austwins….

    • Becky and JMac were the only two people who saw Vanessa as the threat and the manipulator that she is. For some reason, JMac forgot about it though once he returned.
      And I don’t think we can talk about “Austwins” as a unit anymore, bc Julia will most likely give zero fucks about Austin being eliminated. In fact, I think she’ll be happy it wasn’t Liz. I do think Julia will vote in Vanessa’s favour (unless of course Van’s in the F2 with Liz)

      • On point about Julia…I believe you are right…she is no longer part of the “unit”!

      • Johnny hasn’t been HOH (for various reasons) so he isn’t directly responsible for Vanessa’s being here. He’s had to hedge his bets and unfortunately he didn’t win this last most important veto. I’m not counting him out just yet.

        The only reason that Julia will be sad to see Austin go is because she has to look at him in the jury house. The twins won’t need to leech off him now…no money, no fame, no Bold and the Beautiful.

      • Murph, I like that you’re optimistic about John’s chances (somewhat, at least). You make a lot of good posts so it’s nice that there’s at least somebody who I know is watching level-headedly and unbiasedly who thinks there’s a chance. I’m really really hoping you’re right, but my hopes sadly are still not high.

      • Thanks…I’m actually very impulsive but try very hard to breathe before I post. I really do think he has a chance but there is also a chance that I might win the lottery without buying a ticket. You never know though when someone’s going to slip one in a birthday card and you hit the big one! Hopefully that card arrives for Johnny tomorrow!

      • Haha yeah, you really do never know. I know how likely it is that I watch John leave the game tonight, but honestly you’re the only one I’ve seen have any hope of him staying. So I’ve appreciated that. I’ve always believed in one person being able to make a difference lol…on some level anyway.

    • I strongly think there should be a monetary reward for the HGs who actually WIN comps………that way there would be less throwing comps. It would encourage each HG to work for their wins, not get them by crying or other manipulation.

      • Unfortunately that could be a detriment in the game, though. If someone wins a bunch of money that would make him or her a target. I’d like to see penalty nominations for asking someone to throw a comp, offering to throw one, or admitting that you threw it. Boom, penalty nom. If you’re not on the block now, it carries over to the next time you are.

      • Jake, that would work too……..just something to get rid of throwing comps would make the show interesting again.

      • Remember James decided Shelli was more dangerous than Vanessa and needed to go first?
        Even though he ruined Becky’s game by doing so and therefore lost any chance of having superior numbers against the SS alliance is the short version of events.

      • Right .I remember. I think I said he was so unaware of who the enemies are….missed opportunity..big time.

      • The missed opportunity was voting Shelli out instead of Vanessa and James only had one vote last time I checked. It was Vanessa who saved herself…James had one vote so how does that make him responsible? James did good by putting Clay and Shelli on the block and Becky did good by putting Shelli and Vanessa on the block but the houseguests kept Vanessa…it’s on them all.

      • Your right She saved herself, but the campaigning wasn’t about evicting Van. It’s to keep her. There was no effort on getting her out…so there was an opportunity.

      • I thought James put up Clay and Shelli and Becky put up Vanessa and Shelli and Vanessa convinced everyone to go against Becky and vote Shelli out instead. So how explain to me how James is to blame for everyone deciding to keep Vanessa? Don’t bother actually.

      • Since James obviously couldn’t count he decided to let Vanessa stay. His game was over with that decision as he watched his friends get picked off one by one by Vanessa.
        Hey, he even believed that Vanessa wanted to team up with him and Meg too.
        He got conned by Vanessa and that cost him and his alliance the game period.
        One of the worst moves of the season but don’t bother responding.

      • Sure,blame it on James. He couldn’t help the HG were stupid. Honestly his game would’ve been safer with Clay/Shelly gone. But he couldn’t help that no one had the guys to pull the trigger on Vanessa…multiple times. And I mean multiple. She just went right back behind the scenes and bullied them into false hope

      • Call it female intuition but I knew James had just lost the game then and there and would never be able to get rid of Vanessa since he lost any chance of having superior numbers by going against Becky’s wishes which caused her to be evicted. Another number lost for James alliance and a good comp player to boot. It was all over then and there for the Goblins.
        But you’re right, James and the Goblins never had a chance against Vanessa the same way Steve and JMac probably don’t have a chance against her.
        I can’t help but blame James for all the pain and suffering I’ve had to experience watching Vanessa this year lol, but I’ll get over it. I liked James until that happened.

      • I’m a female,and sometimes we’re not accurate. Sometimes we get emotional…and I think that’s what happened with you. Because I can’t agree. That house wouldn’t have voted Vanessa out if she threatened them all…wait,she kinda did. (Smh)

      • I’ve edited my post since common sense better indicates my reaction to James’s game losing move to keep Vanessa. If only James and Meg could count they would’ve realized there was an alliance in the house voting them off one by one. They even said Vanessa would be easy to get out later for crying out loud. The most frustrating thing I’ve ever seen on a reality show.

  31. She should get to vote Steve out for him being stupid enough to throw the veto to see who gets into the final three.

    I thought that getting Julia to pick Austin was a great move by Vanessa but this is even better than that.

  32. This is far from shocking: Vanessa dominated this season. She could’ve got any of this groups F4 to do the same thing. So those downing Steve for being weak,can’t pump up John or Liz. This is the lamest F4 in a while,but hey,atleast some of you are so entertained my Jmac. (Smh)

    • Steve being HoH was most likely the reason he agreed. Still stupid, but at least he can’t be evicted. I don’t think he agrees to throw it if he’s in danger of eviction. I’m more annoyed that Steve won the HoH accidentally and then proceeded to let his buddy John’s game go up in flames by agreeing to this with Vanessa. Cody and Derrick would never have done that to each other last season.

      • They were never buddies. Both were floaters. But Steve towards the end started aligning himself with sides. He’s always clearly followed Vanessa.

  33. I think the worst part of all is that Steve won this HoH accidentally. He was saying to the others right after it was over “I forgot a zero” and he meant to say 6,000, not 600. If he says 6,000 he loses to John’s 3,600. I’ve always hated this tie-break format. Who was actually closer, Big Brother? 600 was about 2,200 away from the answer of 2,865 and John’s 3,600 was under 800 away, 735 in fact. That’s not even close when judging who was closer to the answer, so who cares who’s over? John was closer and Steve answered incorrectly. That makes me sick. John should have been HoH and he’d be heading to the Final 3 instead of Jury.

      • Your opinion. I strongly disagree. They all have a shot at that point of the final HoH. John has fared pretty well in endurance competitions, as he was 2nd in the last one where they held onto ropes and got spun around, and he was 3rd on the rock wall one where James won after making his bogus deal with Shelli. I then think John had a good chance in round 2 if he had to play in it, as it’s timed and puzzle-based usually. The 3rd round is questions based on what juror’s said, and the last one, aka the last HoH, John lost in a tie-breaker to Steve who answered something he didn’t mean to answer.

        So I have no idea how you think John automatically would never have made it to F2. He just would’ve had to win the final HoH and take himself.

      • If Jmac won he probably would’ve put up Liz n Vanessa. No guarantee. Whomever was left over would’ve went with anyone but Jmac to the end. No one wants to take Jmac because he’s a floater,that never had to make power plays. They all agree with that atleast. And JMAC couldn’t win HoH 2x in a row…so yeah

      • Who’s to say he couldn’t win it twice in a row? He gets to play in the final HoH even if he won the F4 HoH (I’m thinking you know that, but just re-stating) and it’s not out of the question to rack up wins late in the game, especially with less competition. Last season Cody won F5 HoH, final Veto and the final HoH, if I’m not mistaken, and that’s pretty rapid-fire success. I agree others probably don’t take John if they’re the final HoH, but I still say he could’ve won and secured F2 for himself.

    • Steve forgets the zero and then throws the Veto to further screw him. Will he use that to convince Vanessa that he isn’t that close to JMac? No, that’s even too stupid an idea to throw out there.

      JMac took the zero thing well but if he knows about the veto throw thing…he should pitch to Vanessa that he has had it with Steve’s disloyalty and that they should team up against him. It could work.

      • Problem is I sadly don’t see John learning about Steve throwing the Veto. Time is so short at this point. It also doesn’t help that from what I’ve read, John seems to be against campaigning. Frustrating…

      • Yep, JMac would have to know about the veto throw to have that work. And time being short, it would be best if JMac does a huge campaign to Vanessa at the last minute so she doesn’t have time to skittle it, and she hasn’t had that full week to plot either.

      • I’m hoping as well but honestly my hopes aren’t high. I’ll be happy if Vanessa actually evicts Liz instead, but I don’t expect her to. I’m just extremely frustrated with Steve, first winning the HoH on an ‘oops’ and then handing the game to Vanessa.

        He’s crying right now saying he can’t beat her in F2, and yet why is it that I can see Steve taking her to F2 if he wins the final HoH? That would be such a joke, considering he seems to so clearly believe he can’t beat her, and yet I can see it happening.

      • Geez, can’t the DR give these poor guys a break or something?
        Steve can always decide to take Liz to the finale but Van has talked him out of that with her Liz already has 2 jury votes stratagem.

      • 2 out of 9, so while it is a factor, I really hope they don’t use that as some kind of be-all-end-all reason to not take Liz. Steve just said he can’t beat Vanessa. If that wasn’t all a weird, unnecessary act, then he should take his chances with Liz if he wins the final HoH.

        The jury should see it as a feather in his cap if he’s the one to take out Vanessa.

      • Not to be overly negative but if Steve does come up with that brilliant idea he better not tell the DR what he’s thinking or they’ll change his mind I’m sure.

      • That’s why you get the twins & showmances out SS!!!! Aughhh!!!! Ok, I’m ok now.

        I’m mad at Steve. But if I am Steve, and can take out Vanessa, I do it. I tickle myself with said feather.

        I roll with Liz. She’s got a couple of votes, sure. If Shelli & Van want to vote for their SS cohort, that adds up. But Steve can make a compelling fanboy argument. He might get a vote from Vanessa, IDK. No one wins against Vanessa unless it’s a bitter jury; usually isn’t, I wouldn’t count on it.
        Probably 2nd either way but at least snatch victory out of the jaws of another!

        I give up predicting what they’ll do.
        I can see Steve apologizing profusely to Vanessa so he has a shot at winning.
        I can see him apologizing profusely to Liz because he & Vanessa have been a secret alliance since Week Whatever, win, lose or draw, and he would not be here without her.
        Not sure I can watch. I may have to read it here.

    • Totally agree with how stupid the Price Is Right rules are — should be closest either side, over or under. Steve could have just put 0 and still won.

      • Yeah exactly, which is also what bugs me about it. Granted they can’t see each other’s answers, so putting 0 is a huge risk, but it should be about who was more accurate, regardless of over/under. Then to top it all of Steve reveals he had it in mind to add another zero and write 6,000 instead of 600 meaning he would have lost. I wish he kept that info to himself because it only frustrated me more. He won an extremely important competition via a freaking accident.

    • Agreed. I rewound to listen to the rules and was appalled at the rules! Why wouldn’t you give it to the person closest-numerically to the right answer? Someone above in this thread in a real early entry had a great statement about this regarding how would you grade a spelling bee in a decisive contest? (She also made other thoughtful arguments against this ridiculous type of contest.)

  34. The indecisive Vanessa could not decide which of her alliances to go with during her HOH. So what’s a girl to do? She stabs both of them in the back instead of just one side! What brilliant gameplay, I’m in awe of Nessie.

  35. Everything is lining up for Liz to win it all…she was my pregame pick even before we new about the twin thing…the only for sure vote for Vanessa would be Shelly

    • I don’t even think Shelli is a for-sure vote for Vanessa. Shelli and Liz went to the same sorority and seemed to somewhat bond over that. If I was betting then yeah, I’d say Shelli votes for Vanessa, but I don’t think it’s a guarantee.

      As much as I don’t want to see Vanessa win, I can’t exactly say I want Liz to win either. If John is gone after tonight, which he’s expected to be, then (despite how stupid he’s been at times) I want Steve to win. I think Steve has a real shot at winning juror votes, but he probably has to win the final HoH himself to get there.

      He most likely isn’t winning Round 1 so he’s already against it. He better take R2 and R3.

      • When they showed jury house Shelly stated she would vote for Vanessa, i thought it would have been Liz becuase of the sorority thing, but sometimes during there questions they change peoples mind, but Shelly would make three for sure votes for Liz…i dont think Steve can win

      • Sadly there are still jurors hung up on wanting a woman to win. Liz has said that and I would think Julia feels it. Becky is even about female empowerment, although I think she has a chance to actually think about who played the better game as well. If Steve and Vanessa are F2 I can sadly see Liz voting for Vanessa regardless of gameplay.

        I hope they all find out she’s already got about 4 million in the bank. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that should be a factor in choosing who wins, and I think it should be about who played the best game, but I’m pretty sure that’ll bug other people who played this season if they find out.

      • They should vote for best player…every year people say they hate somebody and wouldnt vote for them but in the end they do, the houseguests dont tend to hold grudges like the y say they will…its the viewers who hold grudges, example being when Shelly got Jeff backdoored and Jordan was crying for ever…when she got out of the house she got hate mail and twitter and email

      • I agree for sure fans take it worse than fellow players. I just don’t want to see any garbage votes, like when Jen voted for Ian over Dan for a reason she admitted later was dumb. Even if they vote for Vanessa, as long as it’s because they think she played the best game, then fine. Don’t vote for her because you want a woman to win. I feel like reminding them that even if a woman wins the “score” (since they seem to care) is still 11-6 for men, as it’s 11-5 right now.

      • in bb14 dan should have won. He lost because everyone on the jury except for ashley held grudges against him for voting them out. Same with bb3, the jury saw a lot of danielle’s dr sessions and thats why she lost.

      • I agree, Dan should’ve won Season 14. Ian played well, but Dan played better. His already winning also cost him votes, which to me is head-shaking. If he deserves it again he should win it again.

  36. I hate that Steve made either a $500K or a $50K mistake (hopefully the former). He could really use the money for his operation.

  37. I’m honestly so mad right now. I love Johnny Mac and it looks like he might be the next one out. But that’s not why I’m mad. He’s not even campaigning! The one great thing about Johnny Mac is whenever he’s nominated, he fights hard to make sure he’s not walking out that door. But not this time.

    • Believe me I’m frustrated by that too. I can see his angle, but as a fan of his I don’t like it right now. It feels like he thinks there’s no shot at convincing anybody but I don’t know if that’s true so I’d like to see him try.

      Unless he plans to do it last minute, to be the last voice in people’s heads, but honestly I don’t think he plans to do it at at all, and time is really short now.

    • I think he will, but not until the very end. Thing is, he has to get her away from Liz and Steve, and they are not leaving her side.

  38. Looks like the ‘V’ is sitting in the cat-bird-seat, thinking whom she will devour. Odds are high that John is bye-bye. But can John convince V to keep him?

    Of course V will go into a mournful mode “I have no choice John’ which is really a rally for his jury vote. With the smell of 1/2 million in the air, V is counting jury votes, but will be saying she doesn’t have them and will be say she will be satisfied with 2nd place lie

    • It was honestly pathetic watching Vanessa immediately go into remorse mode when she evicted Austin. She kept talking about wanting to make a big move, a blindside, to write herself into Big Brother history…and that’s how she played it out? I get she’s thinking about Austin’s jury vote, but way to completely kill the effect of the blindside you wanted so badly.

      Then she’s out-crying Liz after Austin’s gone…

      Played the stupid victim card all season, and I hope jurors remember that. She didn’t own up to anything she did.

      • Hopefully. I’ve got a bad feeling though that Steve and Liz wanted to keep her around because they feel she’s so disliked with the jury that she’ll lose that vote. Not paying attention to how many positives she can say are on her resume to outweigh bitterness.

  39. I find it funny that Vanessa thinks Johnny Mac will be harder to beat in the final HOH. Who’s won more comps? Liz. Who hasn’t won a single HOH this entire summer? Johnny Mac. I hope Johnny Mac realizes this and tells Vanessa that he’s not only easier to beat in the final HOH, but he’s easier to beat in final 2.

    • Definitely ammo worth using, but Johnny doesn’t even seem interested in trying anything right now. Frustrating for sure. Also needs to remind her that Liz already has 2 guaranteed votes to win if she’s in F2. I don’t personally think that’s amazingly compelling, but should try everything he can.

  40. Austin better hope that Liz does not win the $$$ because it’s going to be the fastest break up in reality tv history…a couple days maybe, for good measure.

  41. Regardless of whether you like or dislike her, you cannot dispute that she has been one of the most dominant players we’ve seen…I personally dislike her strategy/tactics, but look, it’s gotten her to the promised land.

    • Sorry, Vanessa wasn’t evicted a long time ago because she had an alliance that won every HoH but 3 so far this season. Just think about that. Only James and Becky won HoHs besides the 6th sense alliance. That’s how Vanessa was able to survive. Even when Becky won she got lucky because James flipped out over a stolen shirt.

      If the house was more even, Vanessa would have been gone weeks ago. She manipulated Steve Austin and the twins but that’s about it.

      • I would say that was a strong point of hers. She got a solid alliance and was able to win many comps. She played her hand well. It was an easy hand to play, but still. I strongly believe she is not one of the greats, not even close, but she is a good player. She got lucky at points, very lucky at others, kind of fell into a can’t lose position with her alliance’s strength and the general weakness of the cast, but she still played well, not great, but certainly good enough to win.

  42. I used to think BB15 was the worst and then BB12 but the difference with them was that eventually the wicked mean cruel players got their karma and left (Amanda and Rachel). They were cast to be the villains and cause controversy and they did that but they finally left. BB17 will officially be the worst season ever bc the villain not only didn’t leave when it was her time but won. Good job CBS, I doubt I’m the only person to not watch next season. Vanessa makes the show unenjoyable to watch.

      • Yeah he was an ass but he wasn’t to the level of disgust as Vanessa. She’s a terrible human being, I can’t imagine her girlfriend staying with her after the show. She didn’t learn to lie and and deceit people over night. If she does stay it’s for the money.

      • Evel Dick was evil, but he was a joy to watch. He was also a great player he made moves he had to and was not afraid of making them. He knew the game extremely well and used it to his advantage. He did have an advantage similar to Liz where he had someone in the house to work with, even though him and Danielle don’t get along and never will. But, basically Dick was a great player and fun to watch. Vanessa is a good player, but horrible to watch.

    • I think BB15 is what ruined the show. Since that year it looks like CBS has changed its casting model and has attempted to find people who were not like the racists and bullies we saw Season 15. Now they are casting people who are weak minded, too honest to lie even in a game and frankly. to young to be effective players.

      Another season like this one and I think a lot of fans will give up on the show.

      • I agree season 15 is what changed how they cast. They have had problems before and public backlash, but season 15 was a real negative for them. Now they are too scared to cast interesting people as it might turn out they say or do something bad. They now go with the safest people they can find. You would never see an evel Dick now. Dan Gheesling said he was cast because he was so against a woman as president. The list goes on and on. None of them would be cast today. Any interesting player you can think of is exactly who they do not want because they are too big of a risk. In past years when people were not worried about being politically correct they could cast them, but no chance today. In my opinion cast the riskiest house guests and if they make a fool of themselves like BB15 then the house guest looks like an idiot. But, don’t ruin the show by having a bunch of very safe options that are too afraid of how the world views them to do anything.

      • Hey Bill: you’ve given me an opening that I was almost not going to comment re: BB15. I will NEVER EVER watch this season again! It was disgusting; Andy, Spencer and later in the season Jb (?) (the guy with the beaver shirt) talked about women’s v-jays like they were a sewage dump – esp. Elissa. then there was the used Macranda condoms in the kitchen trash can, the racist statements by Aaryn, GM, And Spencer (last 3 lost their jobs afterwards). By far the most immoral and disgusting season EVER! HG comments were so horrendous that ALL national news channels covered the story! Then, that night, CBS threw up a HUGE disclaimer statement before broadcasting each episode, and then Julie Chen repeated the same disclaimer before going into the BB episode and for each episode thereafter! To me nothing was more disgusting and vial than BB15. When I “met” the BB16 cast, I thought: What a relief! Yeah, I know they gave us Jocasta the minister and Christine the “I wish I could have an affair with Cody” HG, but God almighty it was better than listening to vial talk about a woman’s v-jay! Can’t we have ‘safe’ options like a Derrick or a Boston Rob (Survivor)? It doesn’t have to be vile or grotesque … Although this year is a new low with bullying (of sorts) and mentally unstable personnel.

      • I am not sure if you thought I disagreed with you. I 100% agree with you. BB15 was a terrible terrible season with some terrible people. I did not mean that they should cast vile or grotesque people they should always be avoided. I meant casting people who are not afraid to say or do something. For the last 2 seasons it seems as though they are casting as you said weak minded people. If they are weak minded they are safe as production can control them a bit. However, safe weak minded people are not interesting to watch. People who are willing to do something that America may not love are better for the show. However, after BB15 the house guests have become extremely worried about how they are portrayed and BB is very worried about it. Basically I am trying to say I agree with you that after BB15 the casting model has changed. The only thing I disagreed with was that young players are to young to be effective. I don’t think any age would have an advantage over any other in effectiveness.

      • However, I disagree on your too young to be effective. They need to diversify the cast members because it makes it more interesting, but the young players can be good. Ian was still in college and was certainly an effective player as were many other young players.

  43. Never thought I’d be saying this, but if the final three are Liz, Vanessa and Steve I’m team Liz now. My loathing of Vanessa runs deep, obviously. I can’t forgive Steve for throwing that veto. He’s proven time and time again what a spineless coward he is. My expectations for him being Van’s lapdog were already high, but he has far exceeded my expectations. While I feel that Vanessa played the best game and deserves the win, I really hope that Liz wins this final HOH and takes Steve to F2. Nothing would be sweeter at this point to me than seeing Van get stabbed in the back.

    • If Steve threw that Veto it’s all over between me and Steve, I’m now on the Liz bandwagon surprisingly.

      • Apparently he’s been crying his eyes out and cam talking, apologizing to his mother for losing the game. (I got my info from the blog updates here). Sounds like he threw it.

      • Yeah, from what I hear it’s going to take divine intervention to save JMac, or maybe Allison Grodner…

      • I don’t even want to turn on CBS 2 hours and 20 minutes from now, but it’s like driving past the scene of an don’t want to look but can’t help yourself.

      • It’s going to be painful to watch that’s for sure but I’m going to have to mute Vanessa because I can’t listen to any more of her BS and watch stupid Steve throw the VETO. If JMac also threw the VETO I’m done with BB forever lol.

      • I’m over Steve completely. I’m Team Liz now.
        However, I’m mad at Steve so I hope it’s Liz/Vanessa in F2.
        NEVER thought I’d say that but here I am. Mad at Steve.

      • Steve just ruined JMac’s game going by what the live feeders are saying and that’s almost unforgivable, but since he’s so young I’ll overlook his stupidity since he never had a chance against the spawn of hell Vanessa.

      • Yes he did & Jmac save he’s butt (with diaper on) and evicted Austin . I don’t care but he’s 24 yrs old crying like that is still very juvenile especially when asking for ur mommy holding a Teddy bear. I don’t think he’ll ever wear big boy pants

      • How heartbreaking has this season been?!! Eviction after eviction and stupid moves after more stupid moves….I always try to hold on to a best case scenario that someone I like is going to end up in the final two… but every last shred of hope is gone for me now.

    • I think Steve’s only redemption is if he held the final HOH, he evicts Van … That’s it … No more thinking about juror votes and this and that, just Do it! You know, she will say something mean / snide to him before leaving and once again he’ll be upended.

      • I still don’t think he’d have the balls to evict Vanessa. Maybe you’re right that he could redeem himself that way, but all respect is still lost for him in my eyes. Liz for HOH. lol.

      • Yeah, I reluctantly agree that he doesn’t have the balls … I say reluctantly because I feel like Steve … I’m a beaten dog. Wah, wah, wah.. This season and the last tools standing are such a disappointment from a viewer/fan point of view.

      • I was never a huge Steve fan but I know what you mean. It’s kind of like dating someone. At first, you really like them, but then they keep doing really stupid things. For your own sake, you have to realize that maybe they’re not who you thought they were and move on :D

      • I don’t think she’d do that. As crazy as she’s been at times I think if it came down to that moment and she knew she was defeated she might grin, give him a hug and say, “I can’t believe you actually did it but you DID! Well played.” I think she’s addicted to competition and winning but once the game’s done, it’s done. (Hopefully I’m not proven wrong about that.)

      • Wow, you give her a lot of credit. You must think the best in people. :) Which is a great thing, don’t get me wrong. but just think about the venom she has spewed to people for even making “fake deals” that could put her in jeopardy.. I don’t see her being such a graceful loser.

      • You’ll never find a bigger cynic. Trust me. Maybe she won’t be a graceful loser (IF she loses, that is.) Who knows? I’m probably just hoping for the “movie moment.”

      • Okay … I would really, really love it if she did that. I could ALMOST see her saying that but I just can’t get that Munch Scream out of my head; I.e., that’s what she really is on the inside – mentally / psychologically unhinged … Or when she’s evicted, she says ‘the End’ and she goes with grace.

  44. Steve is an idiot. Vanessa asked him what she should do, and instead of subtly hinting at keeping John, he tells her “I don’t know.” Wow.

    • More effective than that even, I think he should have made the case for keeping Liz. That would send Van into a tizzy and her paranoia would skyrocket. lol.

      • If she got stumped on a question, you could stand up and throw a few Skittles at her. Sorry- now I’m getting Petty.

      • It’s brutal seeing the way she’s dominated this game, and the bonehead moves of the other houseguests, and easy for me to sit here and think..I COULD HAVE DONE BETTER!! I think a lot of people feel that way.

      • Yeah, that’s the beauty of 20/20 hindsight vision. I think a lot of the jurors are going to have ‘ah-ha’ moments regarding Van’s game; some may say: okay, I was taken down fairly because I’m an idiot and others may say, I’m pissed because I was deceived by her. And there are probably other endless scenarios. You are right that it’s easier for us on the outside looking in, but as viewers, we had an expectation that these folks were going to give us a good ‘observable’ season. Meh, not so much!

      • Its not 20/20 hindsight. I bet there is not one fan of this show who would have thrown the F4 POV comp like Steve did. That was one of the dumbest moves in BB history – and Steve the superfan will be remembered for it. I bet he is going to feel like an idiot for a long time not just because he lost the game but because he basically made such a huge mistake in the game he loves so much.

      • We all know at that point in the game there is no reason you can possibly come up with to throw a comp. Steve should have as well.

      • Steve knew he should not have thrown that competition. He knew it and he did it anyway. That’s why he was crying to mommy asking her to forgive him. For whatever reason, he thought not having the wrath of Vanessa for eight more hours was better than giving his family half a million dollars. SMH.

  45. The fact that she talked steve into throwing the veto once again proves my point that she is the best big brother player.. the best I have seen in years!! She had a hand in EVERY evicted house guest!! I hope she wins! I like Johnny but he has done nothing and kinda made a mockery on the game how he has done nothing ( example saying reasons why he should of been voted out over Becky )

      • nah because that would mean Julia, Austin, Becky and Shelli/Clay and every other person she manipulated into doing what she wanted.. She is just one of the best manipulators.. Steve crying knowing it was a bad move solidifies it even more that she’s one of the best

      • fair point on Steve not being one of the worst, but I stand by my point on her being a good player, but not one of the best.

  46. Is there anything the show can do to stop this horrible trend of throwing comps? What if BB added a rule that the person in the F2 with the most comp wins gets an extra vote?

    • Or make each comp worth like $500 or $1000 to the winner….from day 1. Less people at the beginning/middle of the game trying to ride that “weak” strategy.

      • The only problem is that sometimes when people win money in comps, that’s used an excuse to vote them out.

      • Agreed. But what if every HOH and veto comp had a cash prize associated with it? I think people would really play harder, and it would be interesting to see the change in dynamic. There’s like, 12 HOH and 12 vetos, at least, right? That’s plenty of opportunity to spread the prizes around. And if someone’s won a few thousand dollars on comp wins, they naturally would (and should) be a target anyway for being good at the game, right?

      • Thanks Matt! *blushes for being noticed* I love your blog by the way!! Have you ever collaborated with Rob Cesternino on a podcast?

      • Aww thanks! I am flattered to be noticed by you Matthew! :) I love your blog, and I heard Rob Cesternino reference you a time or two on RHAP. Have you ever collaborated with him?

      • Great idea but I think you’d have to make the Veto prize money worth it. Say $5k. And you only get the $5k if you actually use the veto. That would possibly threaten some HoHs who wanted to make sure Vetos weren’t used while also provoking players to use it for the cash earned. It might spice things up a bit across the board.

      • It is tough because I agree the money needs to be worth it, but CBS doesn’t want to just give away money. At the end of the day it is a business.

      • You’re absolutely right about it being a business but at the end of the day for a low cost show like Big Brother that’s dirt cheap to produce (compared to a show like The Big Bang theory) $70k (the absolute most that would be spent over a 14 week season IF every Veto award was actually played) is a very small amount of money to spend if it increases viewer numbers which affects ad sales revenues.

      • I think it being so low cost is probably what would prevent this. If it grows viewers than it is certainly worth the money. The thing is will it. I would be interested in seeing how it goes for a season and for $70k it is probably worth it to CBS to try it.

      • The credit for the idea belongs to LadyPantz. (I was just riffing off of her original idea.)

      • I suggested something earlier like just make it a rule: NO THROWING cOMPS. And NO saying who the noms are Or who is the target. Let the house go crazy and figure it out. It would make great viewing fun for us and would throw the house into a tailspin of “what if’s”.

      • PS-Yeah, if you want to personally throw it, or it hurts, or whatever, okay. BUT you don’t do this as part of a verbal strategy with anyone

      • I think that is probably the best way. It encourages the players to win comps, but doesn’t force them to. The strategy of throwing comps like Will is still allowed, but those on the fence would be more likely to compete.

  47. After seeing the talk Van had with Steve, do you think she’ll do it? Evict Liz over JMac? She told Steve on live feeds this afternoon that she loves unpredictability, not knowing what will happen. She also told Steve not to talk too loud as Liz was on the other side of the wall. But she’s of the mind to evict Liz over JMac now! Not logical, no, but she doesn’t think Liz provides her the challenge she’s wanting. I don’t want to believe it, thinking it’s another of her mind games with Steve, but you just don’t know with Van. I’m hoping she goes through with keeping that F3 deal she made with JMac at the same time she told him she was going to evict Austin instead of Steve! :-)

      • I can read when someone’s BSing, especially Van…she tends to stutter when she’s trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes and talks really fast. I called it yesterday when many thought she was BSing JMac but lookie what happened. She was being quite serious then about evicting Austin once JMac won Veto and splitting up the showmance once and for all. She also shook on an F3 deal with JMac. I was sure she would evict Austin then, but not keeping her promise for an F3 with JMac too. After talking to Steve this afternoon, telling him to not say a word to JMac, that she wants it to be a surprise for him, without stuttering, I’m almost of the belief she’ll evict Liz after all!

      • My hopes are officially up. I know you’re a feed watcher so you have a lot more insight into the game than I do. From my frame of reference though, I have trouble believing she’s not going to evict Jmac when he was her target last week. Please convince me otherwise though and I will happily listen. :)

      • Well yeah because then the control was out of Van’s hands. She cried in the HOH bedroom about her plan going awry. But she has all the control now.

      • Exactly, she has all the control now, once more and can do as she pleases with it, more so after watching how Austin behaved when he was blindsided by her. I wanna see how Liz, who feels overly confident that she’s staying now too, behaves!

      • Did you change your name ? LadyPantz, that’s funny. I think Hot in Cleveland was the best sitcom on TV during the 5 or 6 years. I was so disappointed when I read they were cancelling it.

      • Yes- Lady Pantz is my alter ego. She came out when Vanessa won the veto. lol. My boyfriend has been calling me that since we met 3 years ago. It was already my disqus name and I didn’t used to post very often on disqus but since I’ve been more active recently I decided to make my display name my more memorable name. :) Is there a connection to Hot in Cleveland? I didn’t even know. I’ve never seen it. But fill me in. :)

      • Oh gee, where did you come up with the name ?
        In Hot in Cleveland, Wendie Malick play a out-of-work former soap actress who got a job as a spokeperson for a Japanese company that market a product called Lady Pants (or Pantz). So the running joke is everybody say she’s promoting diapers and she correct them saying they are padded pants (or something to that effect). Then all the Japanese that she cross path with called her Lady Pants and want to have a picture taken with her.

      • lmao. That’s ridiculous. :) it’s just my boyfriend’s pet name for me. And it’s the only nickname I’ve truly embraced.

      • It is funny. But at least now you know. You won’t be surprise if somebody make that comment again. Did you watch the Youtube video ?

      • I’m going to stick to what I observed and pray she doesn’t change her mind at the last second like she did in the past. But seeing is believing and I will be honored to say “I told you so!” Like I was last night! LOL

      • Last night didn’t surprise me–evicting Steve wouldn’t have made her path to winning much more difficult than necessary. Now she’s pretty much a sho

  48. This season has been really disappointing I’m hoping jmac can pull off a miracle but probably not. I don’t think the game is “rigged” but what do they expect when people with formal training in reading others are part of the mix? Next season watch for a psychologist in the house. Next year they need all new comps, real twists, and more older people!

    • She will never keep John over Liz,just not going to happen,a bigger risk for her not making the final two,who might actually might win once there takes a backseat in order just to get there,one can worry about the jury vote after getting there.

  49. If it was possible for someone to vote themselves out of the game Vanessa would get someone to do it.

  50. They just need to get a good mix of people next year and the season will work itself
    out. It is really easy. 2 in there early 20s 2 in their late 20s then 2
    in their 30s 40s 50s 60s and 70s. 20s are split because there is so
    much difference between a 22 year old and a 28 year old and it gets you
    to 14 total. 7 guys 7 girls obviously. A mix in locations some urban
    some rural some in between. A mix in area of the country northeast,
    south east, etc. More than a token black, asian, or hispanic person.
    Maybe 7 white 2 black 2 asian 2 hispanic and 1 arabic person. Have one
    of the white people be an immigrant. Have some diversity in religion
    catholic, protestant, buddist, jewish, muslim, atheist, etc. Then
    finally have a mixture of incomes some very poor some very wealthy and
    some in the middle. CBS can easily fill those cast requirements. Stir
    up all the ingredients, put it in an oven at 425 for 30 mins and bam you
    have a very diverse very interesting cast that any person in america
    can relate to. More veiwers, higher ratings, more money in CBS’s
    pocket. I will send CBS an invoice for my services.

    • Bill: when I got to “put it in the oven” … I just lost it … Too funny. But on some plain, you’re totally right. I get what you’re saying!

  51. Does anyone know the pay scale for the HG? I want to know what my poor James will get now that JMac will go to jury and win the $25,000.

    • Each player get $1000 a week. So Jace made $2000. All the jury member will be there the full 14 weeks, so they get $14000. And that’s on top of any other price money.

  52. I hate having to choose between watching BB tonigh and a presidential debate. My priorities are a bit off… BB always comes first. What was I thinking? ; P

  53. I’m now a grown woman who is recording a PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE so that I can watch a reality game show. This is my own, personal bottom but BB is going to be AMAZING tonight.

    • Too damn funny … But I bet your recording BB so you can watch the debate … I understand honey, it’s okay, we’re all here for you. Lol ;! Take some deaderol; I just did with aGin & Tonic backer!

      • LOLOL thank you for the optimism but I watch BB. I really didn’t know what Vanessa would do but I’m pretty sure about Trump’s behavior.

      • LOLOL thank you for the optimism but I watch BB. I really didn’t know what Vanessa would do but I’m pretty sure about Trump’s behavior.

  54. I am just now getting to check out bbad and Van is making me sick.Her and Steve r having a conversation and it is confusing me b/c I thought Steve was playing hands down with jmac so why r they talking about him going? I am sorry but I can not tolerate the thought of Cry baby winning this and she telling Steve that she would play again if asked but no way could I watch another season of her .I no there r fans of hers out there and I am not saying her craziness doesn’t deserve to win but come on she is wacko!!!

  55. Just now watching bbad ,Why the hell is Steve sharing so much info with Van.Hey Steve just hand her the game why don’t u!

  56. Lol. 1. I’ve never seen Grey’s though I know what you mean (lol).
    2. Actually I was referring to the “dream” episode in the TV show “Dallas”. You can Google it but basically, Duffy (Bobby Ewing) was killed off the show and was wildly popular, the “hero”. Later when he returned they reset the show and had his widow, Pam (Victoria Principal), wake up and find him alive in the shower and they chalked up his death, etc, as a dream she had. That’s how they brought him back. It was all a “dream”. Which is what I wanted to have happened this morning when I heard Vanessa won veto! Lol
    3. My type: don’t think I have one but I def am not attracted to bad boys. I like good boys. Ha! Dont know if that’s McDreamy or not. :)

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