Big Brother 17 Eviction Predictions: Who Is Going Home Tonight? – Update: Fight Breaks Out

Will it be Clay Honeycutt or Shelli Poole who is evicted when the Big Brother 17 Houseguests enter the Diary Room and cast their votes before sending one of them home.

Clay Honeycutt & Shelli Poole nominated on Big Brother 17
Clay Honeycutt & Shelli Poole nominated on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

After gaining an extra Houseguest this week there’s again no chance of a tie-breaker so that means James Huling’s role is over and will be sitting back to watch how it all turns out. It’s almost time to see if he gets his wish or if the house goes against him.

First we saw Jackie and Meg lock down there votes against Shelli while Vanessa was set on keeping her. What about the Austwins? After starting on Vanessa’s side of the vote plan they actually started to shift around before agreeing overnight to vote out Clay.

Then we’ve got middle ground players like John, Becky, and Steve who could decide the whole thing if they wanted to get more control in the game. Becky is definitely voting against Shelli and I think John might be doing that too. Steve? I thought he’d never go against Vanessa’s wishes but in a late night rant he expressed anger at Clay for lying to him and then lied to Shelli. Steve could be the big swing!

If Vanessa can pull off keeping Shelli then this will be awesome for her game. I do think Vanessa can work with either Clay or Shelli, but obviously Shelli is a stronger player and a more reliable ally for Vanessa. They’ll be a powerhouse together.

Of course that’s an excellent reason for everyone else to fear keeping Shelli. Clay could be a strong player, but so far he’s been outclassed by Shelli. He’d have the advantage of running the middle of the house a lot better and I think he’d be less of a target if he stayed. More options for him and for the other HGs with Clay around over Shelli.

So what’s going to happen? It’s still being debated! It’s crazy. Crazy awesome. Austin said he’d tell James around 3PM BBT which is just a few hours before the show, but it might not come down to the Austwins if Steve shocks the house with a hinky vote that keeps Clay.

I’m going to base my prediction on Steve going with a surprise move that will better position him by moving him up the totem pole with Vanessa even if that means he secretly went against her wishes. It’d be a huge move if he does so we’ll see. And yes, I’ll admit it’s a long shot.

I can not wait to see what happens at tonight’s live eviction show. Join us for it!

Update: Feeds returned ahead of tonight’s show and everyone is scrambling. LOTS of game talk and the pressure is building to evict Clay. James, Meg, and Jackie learning from Austin how the votes are mounting to keep Shelli.

Austin promises the plan remains to immediately evict the remaining half of Chelli. Jackie points out that Vanessa is fighting to keep Shelli this week but will suddenly be willing to put her up in the next immediate round? (Exactly.)

We shall see what happens.

Update 2: WOW! Clay is probably definitely going now. Flashback to 2:19PM BBT as Vanessa questioned James in an attempt to pin things on him, but James isn’t having any of it and immediately went to test her claims. HUGE FIGHT ensues. HUGE!

Clay got up in James face & words exchanged. Vanessa shows up and starts calling out Clay but Clay says she’s lying. It’s wild. It’s crazy. You have to watch. It lasted over 30 minutes of complete chaos.

Clay is going home 100% now. Scratch all debates.

Big Brother 17 Week 6 Eviction Predictions – Clay Honeycutt or Shelli Poole?:

Shelli Poole on Big Brother
Big Brother Junkies Clay Honeycutt on Big Brother
Shelli Poole on Big Brother
Big Brother Access Clay Honeycutt on Big Brother
Zap2It Clay Honeycutt on Big Brother

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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    • He’ll vote Shelli out since she’s the one that suggested they put him up instead of Jason last week. He will then join forces with Vanessa and just not tell her he went against her wishes.

  1. dang. I’ve been coming here a few years and I’ve never seen a split decision like that. Should be interesting tonight

  2. Van could be in for a shock if the votes turn out to be 8-1 in Clay’s favor. Not entirely possible but a guy can wish, right? haha

  3. How many seasons has it been that we are just a few hours from evictions we dont know who is going? I am kinda loving it.

  4. Not sure you can always take camera rants from Steve at face value. Remember before Audrey blew up her game he told us he was going to get Meg nominated and then did nothing. I know he voted against Vanessa on the Jeff vote, but doing it here would almost certainly be outed, unless he could somehow pass the blame onto Austin. My heart would love to see this happen, but my head says Steve sticks with the plan and votes out Clay.

  5. If they don’t vote Shelli out they are fools, she is 100x times the player than Clay is and when you get the chance to take out a very solid player you take it and don’t pass it up.

    • Yes I agree that so far Shelli is a better competitor than Clay. But I am kinda rooting for Clay to finally come out of his Shell when he finally kicks the i out and shines like a star he’s supposed to be. Make ur momma proud, damit :)

    • You’re right. But Vanessa has a pool of weak minded people at her disposal and moving them around like chess pieces to fit her plan isn’t difficult.

    • The only one who benefits from keeping Shelli in the long run is Vanessa. Vanessa has her alliance playing the game the way Derrick had people playing last year. They are playing for her instead of themselves.

      I have said this a million times but without Shelli, Vanessa has not chance of taking out Austin and the twins. Vanessa needs Shelli to take control of the house for a long enough period to get at least Austin out and possibly both twins, otherwise she runs the risk of have Austin and one twin in the jury to vote for the other twin.

      I think Austin and the twins actually realize this but Vanessa gets back in their ears and convinces them otherwise so they flip back and forth. If James, or someone would get to them and ask them one questions, are you three stronger of weaker in the long run by keeper Shelli? I think they will reconsider their votes.

    • Yes and that’s exactly why you voter her out. If you want to win 500K you vote out the better players. How the game works.

  6. Didn’t John promised Clay he would vote to keep Shelli? He even reiterated this to Becky. When did he change his mind?

    • Becky and him had a chat. She tried to convince him but at the moment it’s still unsure really. But hopefully Vampire Dentist would vote to keep Clay, otherwise he cried for nothing!

  7. I can’t remember the last time the Big Brother blog sites were so divided on eviction predictions. I personally think Shelli will stay b/c Austin & the twins won’t have the guts to defy Vanessa. But the indecision makes for some exciting TV tonight!

  8. Just curious, usually it’s written BBT beside the time. It stands for Big Brother Time? So does the time inside the BB house differ to actual time?

  9. Julia is smart. She will vote Shelli out and blame it on Austin and then regain control of Liz. We don’t need to worry about Steve and his ramblings.

    • As a game watcher, this would be fun to watch.

      Putting myself in Julia’s shoes as a gameplayer, it would be a horrible move. They (the Austwins) MUST vote together. Sure, it puts a target on them, but they are becoming the elephant in the room anyway. It will be hard to take them out if they are unified. Don’t help the house by creating your own fissures.

  10. Now i didn’t get feeds this year and haven’t been following like i usually do, so correct me if I’m wrong… but it seems to me like Julia is playing a totally different style of game than Liz.. I noticed this during their switching too. Anyone care to comment on this bc I’ve really only been watching on CBS so far this year. What is she like on the feeds?

  11. I get to see it tonight and it’s going to be interesting all the way up to the eviction and the subsequent HoH – Oh my! Oh my!

      • No, no – Sorry about that. Maybe next year.
        I’m relocating to Scottsdale later this year and it’s a car ride from L.A. I’d like to go see a live show. Not sure how easy that will be but I’ll check it out next year for sure! ;)

      • Oh, OK. I would have been happy for you if it had been true, but I wouldn’t have been able to talk to you for the rest of the season. :)

      • Lol – Oh, no, no. Sorry about that! I got excited.
        I missed last night (traveling) but tonight I will be able to watch it. Of all weeks, this is a crazy week and one that I do not want to miss. Reading everyone’s posts from last night, I missed alot. Tonight I’ll be in on it with everyone else. :)

      • bbadboy have you heard the part about Meg and clay hugging and rubbing all over one another in the bathroom and clay telling Meg not to tell anyone about it?

      • It had the ‘sympathetic background music” ending it with a scratch sound from the record,(sound of a player being stopped abruptly) while JMac is narrating the scene….it was hilarious. Sound editors are having a ball. Same as the train sound. lol

      • It wasn’t short either. I thought they were gonna kiss. lol Watch JMac’s facial expression when he’s facing this big mirror and this rendezvous was happening in his presence …I’m like wtf?!

      • It was def cringe worthy but I think Clay was referring to not telling anyone that he requested her to vote him out. Probably cause at that point he wasn’t too sure what he was going to do.

  12. I desperately want to see Mean-Girl-Shelli gone…however, it would make for a more intersting game. But I’d HATE to see that snake-in-the-grass Vanessa team up (even more so) with Shelli.

  13. If Shelli stays and Jame’s team wins HOH……put up Vanessa and Liz on the block as punishment, and get rid of Vanessa. Teach them another lesson, since they didn’t learn from the last one( don’t blindside me or you’re gonna pay!!) All bets are off since they broke a deal once again. Proof that they can’t be trusted. Vanessa’s team seems to believe if they leave Shelli in the house, Jame’s team will come after Shelli……PROVE THEM WRONG!! Jackie or Meg. Let Vanessa’s side lives with regret once again.

    • I want Meg to win HOH. I’d like to see what she would do. Jackie will work as well. As long as she didn’t let anyone else run her like she did last time. I think she learned her lesson though.

      • If Jackie had won last time, she was going to put up Austin. We’ll never know if V could have talked her out of it but I’m not so sure she could have.

      • True. but she should have known back then that they were all working together. She was kind of clueless. She seems more in the game now.

      • Yep. She woke up and asserted herself. I’m glad. I was hoping for that. Wish it had been sooner but I’ll take it! :) Clay couldn’t throw the comp. #badloser

      • I’m starting to like her. I haven’t flip flopped this much in years as to what side I want to be in power. Usually i have a clear favorite and least favorite. Last few weeks i was all about Vanessa and austin. Now I’m all about James/meg/jackie.
        Of course i love JMac but he’s not doing much game wise.

      • Yep. I pick before the first night with my local friends, who I think will win; Each of us does. But as the season progresses, sometimes we end up either not liking who we pick or liking them but knowing we picked wrong. lol. I picked V (mostly because of her poker status) but that 1st week, I facepalmed when she had her meltdown. I thought: Uh oh. I picked wrong! But like you – I’m wanting to see “the other side” (all lower case) JJM (hesitate to add “B” but I’m hopeful) do some damage. James’ 1st HoH was impressive. At that point, I started pulling for him.
        I love Jmac, too. But now we have to see him make some moves. If Clay stays, Stockholm Syndrome or not, I think Jmac would gravitate toward Clay.

      • Nope…too full of himself. He’d be mumbling the whole time, “I got this, I got this!”

      • Meg’s chance of an HoH win is slim. She’s not a proven competitor at anything physical or mental or memory-based or anything really. Jackie has the better chance, but she’ll have to beat out the 3 floaters and 5/6ths of 6th Sense. Tall order for the Jackster.

      • I have a feeling tonight’s HOH will be about luck. idk. Did they have a chance to practice for anything?

    • I think they have to put up Shelli and Vanessa if they win HoH. Otherwise, Shelli can win veto and take Vanessa down and they cannot waste another HoH without getting a big target out.

      If Either Shelli or Vanessa win POV then put up Liz as a replacement to ensure Austin and Julia vote out the person they want gone.

      The big question is can Jackie or Meg win HoH when they have won nothing so far?

      btw, I think Becky will go after Shelli and Vanessa too. One of those 3 needs to win. Its certainly time someone did.

      • Don’t know which comp is tonight but here’s hoping one of the good guys wins it! Jackie did win HoH before but because Clay couldn’t throw the BoB, Jackie was dethroned, which is what “opened the door” for the Jason eviction. #thanksclay

    • I would put up a twin and whoever didn’t go home tonight, leak out that Vanessa would be backdoored, one could simply sit back and watch their alliance fragment and fall apart before the veto ceremony even began. lol but I’m hoping Steve or John wins HOH this evening, since they will have to self destruct their floater status. otherwise Jackie or Meg snagging it, would be the ideal result.

      • Yep. Week 1 when Shelli/Da/Aud made that alliance, I agreed with Da that they had to watch her getting too close to Clay.
        Same for Meg. Like James said, Meg needs to win something. But they can’t let Clay “turn her”. Lol.

      • That is a power couple I can tolerate, since Vanessa doesn’t have a grip on Meg like she does Clay and Clay will be solely focused on James, at least til he realizes that Austin and the twins AND Vanessa don’t need him, like they need Shelli.

      • She already told her group it would be difficult for her to put up Clay if she won HOH. Hmmm….oh Meg….

  14. I cannot believe the house guests are even struggling with this vote. Shelli is the better competitor. Period. She is the biggest threat to all of them besides Vanessa,Who for whatever reaso, isn’t sitting next to her right now. I love the suspense but I wonder where a few of their heads are at. I can only dream that they all think about their individual games and get rid of Shelli.

    • I agree and I think everyone else does too. James slipped up by not using the veto to save Clay then putting Vanessa next to Shelli. He probably could have made a deal with Clelli too. He saves them in return for safety, but he does not tell them he is putting up Vanessa. Then when Vanessa goes on the block she would assume Clelli gave her up to save themselves, which is what they should have done. That would have neutered Vanessa for a week since she would have to campaign to save herself rather than scheme and plot like she does constantly.

      But that time is over so they have to win another HoH and not waste it this time.

      • I think Jackie does. But it might be too late. James was infatuated with the idea of breaking up a power couple. too bad he may leave the strongest power couple (Vaness and Shelli) in the house after Clay goes home.

      • Yes, it is. But you hit the nail on the head. A “safe Vanessa” is a dangerous Vanessa. Keep her busy saving herself so she can’t torpedo your noms.

      • Why would James believe that they would honor a deal to keep him safe? Seems like the three of them have been down that road before.

  15. So right now the house is leaning towards Shelli, but Austin and the twins have it in their head that if Shelli stays she will continue to be a target, and they are right in that. but Vanessa and Shelli will run the house til someone not in their alliance wins the next HOH, Clay goes home tonight and it would feel almost like a waste, he isn’t strong and I look forward to seeing him struggle without her around, also he could potentially join Meg and see that Vanessa is the true threat in the house.

    • With Shelli in the house, V will choose her over the Austwins; they’re expendable to her, as shown. Think about it, guys. Make V need YOU, not Shelli.

      • Finally someone who gets that part, because right now Shelli will rebuild the foundations of the sixth sense and Clay doesn’t have the mindset to fill that role. Shelli going home, is the best strategy for the house and for the rest of us as well, so things don’t go back to the same too scared to get ‘blood on their hands’ mode. lol at least James killed it this past week, please don’t go back to last week house. please?

      • Austin is the one who needs to wake up. Vanessa is demanding loyalty from him because she saved him from a back door. The truth is Vanessa threatened him then saved him from her own threat! And for what? Because he gave a hinky vote to Audrey who went out with a 9-1 vote?

        If not for a bad job of throwing the BOB, Austin would be gone right now with Vanessa’s approval.

  16. Mistake number one was leaving Clay on the block and not putting up Van. Mistake number two would be: If they vote Clay out now. If this happens tonight then NONE of them deserve to win. It would be idiotic to leave Shelli in that house one more minute.

  17. Really hope Clay goes home and Shelli wins HOH! That should shake things up! Put up James and Jackie. If one wins POV,put up Meg!

    • Really hope Shelli goes home and Meg wins HOH! That should shake things up! Put up Clay and? if one wins POV, put up Van!

    • You are brave and definitely in the minority here.

      If Shelli wins HOH, that also means Austwins kept the alliance. So, this could be a boring week of steamrolling J/J/M. But if it was going to happen, I think the best game move for Shelli would be to put up Meg & Jackie with James as backdoor. James is too good at comps to have him in POV automatically. Target is Jackie/James – Meg is really just a pawn

  18. These people need to vote Shelli out ! If they don’t,they may never get a chance like this again.

  19. Sounds like this comp may not be up Megs’ ally. Seems I remember her saying she doesn’t like the running kind and the HGs just mentioned that could be what it is. Already not liking the sound of this.

  20. Clay is going home because Steve would not go against Vanessa and quite frankly even if he does, Jmac is going to vote clay out because clay asked him to

    • Man, I hope you’re wrong. but with this bunch, you don’t even know til votes are revealed. you know I love it and I also dislike it, because so many have made stupid moves this season, that a weak player like Vanessa looks like a mastermind compared to them.

    • Ugh. I am a fan of JMac, but he sticks to his decision to evicte Clay, he must realize Shelli v would put him up or vote to evicte him with not even a second thought.

      • Yes! Why would JMac vote to evict someone who will protect him? It makes no sense but this is another season where common sense does not prevail in the house. Vanessa makes sure of that!

  21. I want Shelli to go just so I can see more Clay/Meg action. That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen all season and I have to see more of it!!

    • Well, they were just talking and Meg mentioned again how she connected with him and doesn’t want him to give up.

      • Shellie had been called into the DR. That’s how Meg knew she was safe, and I thought she was so cute. Turns out just give her three glasses of wine, and cameras or no cameras, and JMac or no JMac, I couldn’t believe my eyes! No comment.

      • Ouch lol harsh and pretty much true, but its still a nice slap in the face to Shelli, so I can’t complain too much. she will see it anyway. but it is a shame, Meg becoming the token BB skank this season, she has a good heart. she should probably to lay off the liquid courage.

    • I agree. Meg was a little drunkie slurring her words while pawing Clay. It was great. Reminded me of college parties. Haha

  22. cant wait until Shelli leaves the house and finds out how disliked she is. she thinks she is Americas sweetheart..rofl

    • Why is she disliked? She just played hard. If they all floated, wouldn’t be much of a show.

      • she’s disliked because of her sense of entitlement . she is also a phony, have you watched her DR sessions? look at the polls, she is one of the least favorite players this year. she may have played hard but if she was a really good player she never would have been involved in a showmance.

      • She’s narcissistic, entitled, plastic, thinks everyone in the house is there to help her win, self absorbed, bullied people during her hoh’s and then tries to play the victim. I’ve said it before, if this girl was on top of a mountain with everyone in the house, she’d push them all over a cliff so she’s be the prettiest one on the mountain.

  23. From jokers updates…Clay is asking JMAC what James was talking about? JMAC: I didn’t listen to much of it. JMAC: James didn’t tell me to do anything. CLAY: James has been bullying people and they are not appreciating it.
    Question for CLay where to do you get bullying from, “James didn’t tell me to do anything.”

    • The bullying comment seems like something Shelli planted in Clay’s head. And JMac seems as though he is going to honor Clay’s wish by sending him home. Why make waves? I want Shelli out so maybe JMac will change his vote.

      • It started with Vanessa lying about James bullying people to vote his way in the meeting they had in the HOH, minus Shay, JMac, and Steve.

      • If James knew about the bullying, why not call house meeting and ask them one by one in front of all: Did I bully you? No? Ok, thanks. How about you? And so on til V’s lie is exposed for the house to see AGAIN.

      • They just had a little confrontation about that and Vanessa deflected onto a more urgent subject. It was getting heated. Vanessa up to her old tricks starting drama to suit her agenda.

      • I shouldn’t be surprised but I am, how no one realizes that EVERYTIME there is a confrontation such as this, Vanessa is involved, by either getting someone else to agree to starting an argument or doing so herself. Just amazing.

  24. PLEASE let the HOH winner tonight be Jackie!! The whole house would be scrambling and she would go after that snake Vanessa.

      • How can you be so sure? They have Meg, Jackie, and Becky on their side. Those odds aren’t terrible.

      • I’m hoping this was the move that would bring the other side of the house together they HAVE to realize it’s Now or Never. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

      • Hey Prince, Cheryl here. Sad and true, if anybody but Jackie wins the James gang is over. If Becky wins tonite and from what I’m reading on the tweets Becky is ahead right now, they’re done because Becky is a rat. She was telling everything to Clay and Shelli, and I hate that James and Jackie did not and do not see right threw Becky.

    • Yuck, anyone but Jackie. I can’t stand her!
      Yes, I know she has finally started to “play the game”, but the woman makes my skin crawl.

      • If you can’t stand her then you clearly don’t want the game to get interesting, and you also support The Snake Vanessa

      • That snake will be the one winning if you not noticed only snakes can win BB u have to play the game no matter what

      • may be Yes but at that time one more snake will be born from no where and the comments will be the same but names will change

  25. It’s really bothering me that vanessa keeps telling everyone James is bullying people into voting a certain way when it’s not true and she keeps telling the Austwins to vote out clay. Really hope shelli leaves tonight.

  26. Most likely we are probably going to see the votes to save Clay turn against him as most of the suggested votes for Clay aren’t nearly as solid as the ones for Shelli.

  27. There’s a whole lot of confrontation going on today between Vanessa, Clay and James. I’m on pins and needles waiting to see who wins tonight’s HoH. This is going to be a huge one.

  28. That confrontation was so pathetic!!! Vanessa really!!! I thought you couldn’t come off any worse than you were……You sure put me in my place!!

  29. As a fan i want clay to stay because i have a crush on him <3 he is the only Eye Candy for girls this season and as a super fan to game i want Shelli to stay because it will be intrusting to see how she will react and stay in the game without Clay.Shelli dream is BB while Clay don't give damn shitt so bye bye Clay your mom missing u

  30. Shelli actually cross examining JMac and Steve to find out what Clay was telling them to determine if Clay is lying to her! CLAY!!!! Run, do not walk, from this woman. She is a horrible person!

    • So she’s already trying to justify why she and Clay will not work out long-term before she or he leaves tonight!

  31. JMac revealing to Steve that he want to take Vanessa out if he wins HOH. Steve is listening and I am sure he is going right back to Vanessa.

    Clay told Shelli and JMac after getting James out they should go after Vanessa! Clay does not trust Vanessa anymore.

  32. Vanessa is pure B.S. making up this Clay ‘said this lie’, to assure that James votes him out as well. Using verbal judo to make Clay look like the bad guy. James should tell Van, let’s punish Clay and keep him here and give him what he doesn’t want. Clay can tell production that he quits, there be the DE.

    • It’s kind of brilliant. Now even Meg is agreeing that they need to vote out Clay. I don’t think it’s going to help Vanessa as much as she thinks, but mission accomplished (for the most part).

      • I hope one of them comes to his/her senses and realizes they still need to vote out Shelli and hold Austin to their deal. They are being played – AGAIN. Meg is so gullible she cannot play this game.

      • It’s really funny watching Meg and James get played repeatedly. I like them as people, but as gamesters they’re hard to watch.

      • James is the only one in there that has had the guts to make a big game move, stick with it, win both hoh and Pov in the same week, and not come up with phony excuses for nominating people like Clay, Shelli and Vanessa have. I am impressed with James this week. As for Meg she has been proven to be very loyal which is not something that can be said of Vanessa and the now non existent sixth sense alliance. The only reason James and Meg are vulnerable this week is because the other house has assembled an alliance with nothing but bullies.

      • Vanessa, Clay and John tried to play him but James called them out. He knows he’s at the bottom of the totem poll in the house and he now realizes most of what’s going on and he called Vanessa and Clay out on their BS. He’s no punk but Clay sure is. If he goes tonight it will be him that feel for Shellis lies and trap hook, line and sinker.

      • True about Clay, but James just played right into Vans hands by getting upset and confronting Clay, exactly what Van wanted him to do. That is disappointing considering James knows what a snake she is, but she knew just what was necessary to get him to jump.

      • How does Meg being loyal make her superior to Vanessa? The game isn’t about who is the most loyal. It’s about who gets to the final 2 and wins the most votes.

      • After seeing the feeds today I can guarantee that no one will want to take Vanessa to the end. Her lies and her disloyalty have come back against her. John says he wants her, Becky is with John, Clay told Shelli not to trust her and Shelli will not want to come up against Vanessa in the final two. Nobody wants to see Meg gone before some of the others because they think of her as non threatening. She’s played a better social (if not physical game) than Vanessa has.

        And thanks for the BB lesson but I know it’s about who gets to the final two and wins the most votes. And Bb isn’t survivor, maybe on survivor Vanessa’s game would be better appreciated but Bb is more of a social/emotional game and people will remember how Vanessa made them feel.

      • The reason that no one is targeting Meg is not a compliment. They’re not targeting her because she sucks at the game and they can always get rid of her later. If she gets to the end, there’s almost no one she can beat because she’s not even playing the game. It’s a 3 month party and gab session as far as she’s concerned.

      • I say that’s a pretty good spot to be in. If she is able to get to the final two because no one cares about her then at least she gets second place and depending who she goes up against she might even win! Besides how do you know she won’t win any hoh or vetos in the future. Lol even Clay won one veto.

      • Please, he wasn’t even recruited. His best skill is nursing raccoons with his mommy on his ranch!

        And What’s with all of this gobbeldy gook he talks about mid sentence?

      • Are we really having a debate whether someone who played Division 1 football is or is not an athlete? Is that really an argument you want to engage in?

      • Since when do HGs give someone on the block what they want. Clay is being selfish by asking others to jeopardize their own game because he has puppy dog eyes for Shelli.

        What about their shot at 1/2 million, just because he is a QUITTER, why should they roll-over, they have love ones at home who are probably pulling their hair out over this nonsense.

        Clay will be an easy target next week or he can walk-out I don’t care he was one of my favorite, now I have no respect for this so-call Texan

      • I think he wants to stay but doesn’t want to upset his alliance when Shelli is voted out.

      • Not sure, I lean toward he does believe Shelli is a better player and they may have partner-up to split the money.

        That’s a risk for him to trust her not to take his split and go back to the guy she was living with before the show

      • Totally. When even James and Meg have figured it out (they’re kinda amazingly stupid with these sorts of things), you know Vanessa’s time is close to being up.

    • James can’t vote only 9 people are voting and didn’t John admit to Steve he really said that and Clay was covering up for him? Vanessa isn’t brilliant she’s a bully and a pot stirrer whose lies are starting to come back at her. And Clay doesn’t need help looking like the bad guy because he is a bad guy!

      • Right, but James has influence with Meg and Jackie, but this whole thing could backfire, Austin, no longer feels sorry for Clay to give him what he wants. We’ll have to see, this is flip flopping all over the place

  33. I cannot imagine how Vanessa can be so wildly out of control and the house would still keep her. She is so absolutely nuts, they should stop the game and have a professional and examine her to see if she is okay or on the verge of a breakdown.

  34. It’s funny thinking of the production people frantically editing all this last minute drama for the show tonight.

  35. Poor, poor Megasauras! Walking around the BB house with her dinosaur posture and gait playing with emotion and not able to figure out what is really going on around her. C’mon Megasauras! We love you! Get the in the game!

    • She isn’t eligible for Puma status…nor is she eligible for Cougar status until she’s 40…so I just have her in the category of Minx! LOLOL

  36. Vanessa is such a low person, I can’t believe she is actually making the game so personal, some people will do anything for money. I honestly cannot stand her, all she did was make a larger target on her. even John is looking at her like, ‘and I thought I was insane’. I hope her methods catch up and bite her, because its looking like that right now. even Clelli are wondering what is up with this chick.

    • Wonder if she’s desperate because her house/mansion hasn’t sold for over a year and she fears foreclosure???

    • Well she has stated this week that she wanted to stage a fight and by George she got one.

    • Right now everyone but Austin, the twins and Shelli want her out of the house and even Clay told Shelli she can;t play with Vanessa because she is too emotional – the word he was looking for is unstable. Vanessa’s yarn spinning is getting worse. She had a conversation with Shelli earlier that had to have even Shelli think Vanessa is just nuts.

      • I am starting to become convinced she is certifiable after these last two weeks of her non stop rambling and changing of targets every day. ‘every’ day.

  37. I was getting exhausted just from watching Vanessa stir the pot. They need to get her out ASAP cause she’s just too much at this point. Like, yes drama is important, but she’s just plain annoying at this point.

  38. Good for some drama but, I still believe the Sixth Sense Alliance plus the snitches are going to vote out Clay. It would be stupid not to. The same way they did not put on the block Austin and instead, backdoored Jason.
    Call it selfish self-interest. Why would they weaken the alliance when James, Jackie and Meg are still in the house? More so, James and Jackie who might win HOH. They certainly want Vanessa and Shelli plus the rest of the alliance plus the snitches all on their side against Jackie and Meg on the opposite side. Clay is expendable to the alliance at this point.

    • Van is doing a good job of blowing up what’s left of 6th Snake. So, it’s now more risky to vote out Shelli, because she and Van will be a formidable duo. Then again, James may want Clay out now, because he doesn’t want to be in the jury house with him.

      I’ve read everything and I honestly don’t know who is going to vote which way!! Can’t wait for tonight!

  39. I have a different take on this Clay thing. It reminds me of going out drinking with some friends and then watching a drunk friend get in his car to drive home. Good friends would take his keys away from him and give him a ride to make sure he does not harm himself or others.

    Right now, Clay is punchy from his relationship with Shelli and he looks like a fool for it. While she has him sitting tight and not campaigning for himself, she is happily letting Vanessa campaign for her. Clay is leaving on a very bad sounding note. The house should keep him for his own good. I think once Shelli is out he will go back to playing the game and he can redeem his reputation as a sap. In a couple of weeks everyone will forget how he behaved the same way we forgot about Caleb’s creepy behavior. Clay is just a 23 year old kid. The grownups need to protect him from his own childish behavior. Lord know Shelli is not concerned about Clay’s reputation outside the house.

    I know its just a game but as other players have found out, what you do in the house can change your life outside the house. Keep Clay and make him play the game. Don’t let him go out this way looking like a total fool.

  40. It really bugs me when big guys try to use their size to intimidate people. The part that makes it so funny is that James could probably snap Clay in two if he wanted.

    • I agree Jake. I feel like Clay is starting to show his true colors: he’s a bully and James showed him he’s not afraid of him.

      I can’t wait to see who goes home tonight I think Chelli got exactly what they deserved!

    • Right? James served in the army. He’s not scared of Clay and his sniveling little college boy ass who didn’t even get invited to the NFL combine. You aren’t that tough Clay!

      • Did you ever notice Clay jump up and down like a girl when he is excited about something happening in the house?

      • Not getting invited to the NFL combine is not something to ridicule someone for. He was good enough to play Division 1 football, which is impressive stuff. That doesn’t make him less of a person or an athlete. It just means he wasn’t in the top 2% or so of 128 Division 1 football teams with roughly 100 players on each team.

      • I don’t really care about Clay not making it to the NFL, my problem is that he appears to have this entitlement and this stupid tough guy attitude. If he doesn’t like what someone does, he threatens violence, it’s childish.

      • You implied Clay is not a respectable athlete despite being a D1 football player for 4 years, then you implied anyone that called BS on your claim must be related to Clay. Is this an accurate recap?

      • You clearly missed the entire point of the whole post that I was replying to…it wasn’t even an original post made by myself, and this is not even worth my time at this point. Lol enjoy your boy getting evicted tonight

    • Loved when James said about being a prison guard and having big guys yell at him all day long for 3 years! James calling Clay a coward today is just priceless! Go, James!!!

  41. I know we all like drama, but seriously – enough is enough. Let’s just skip right to the next HOH comp and get next week started all ready.

    Oh, and John told Steve that he wants Vanessa out.

    • I wan tot see if Steve relays that info back to Vanessa. Whether he does or not will be very telling. I have had a hard time reading Steve so this will help pin his allegiences down.

  42. Vanessa called Clay and John out on the feeds telling them that either they are related or they must be lovers because their closeness in the house is hard to explain.

    I don’t think Clay and John are related however I do think it’s really weird how much John seems to just idolize the heck out of Clay and does whatever he says. And has cried over him leaving multiple times (even when he wasn’t tipsy!) What’s up with him?!

    • It only works better if you have one of your alliance members in power or you’re in power. She has neither right now.

  43. Does anyone think CBS will have the audience clap for Shelli or Clay or will they just let the audience do whatever?

    • Doubt there will be boos as they never went to great lengths the way Christine did to deserve getting such a reception last season (or by extension Frankie not getting AFH).

    • They’ll get their just desserts since the house still doesn’t know what the final votes are…so they won’t have time to gather a “production” audience together?

    • They won’t have a CBS audience. That is only used in cases where CBS can look really bad (for example Audrey, a transgender woman being booed). In this case if Shelli or Clay get booed, which I hope happens, but is unlikely (it will probably be a weak cheer maybe a slight boo here or there), CBS doesn’t care as it doesn’t affect them.

  44. If Vanessa could see this I’d suggest to her to take a nap before it’s time to evict and the HoH comp starts! :-) She’s really not taken much time to get a good night’s rest due to all the voices speaking inside her head at one time.

  45. James and Clay started in on each other again and Clay threatened to hit him…then we got FISH! Shelli must not have been nearby to break it up.

  46. Cleg, May Megay.
    Clay needs to stay. I need to see what’s is really going on between those two since BB has been hiding their meetings.

  47. Production seems to protect Clay’s image, I think they are trying to promote him as a hero or all american stud or some lame crap like that, but he is a moron and an entitled idiot, I actually wouldn’t mind seeing James knock him out, since he is ex military and has said multiple times ‘bring it’. this is just getting out of hand, Vanessa should be ashamed and I hope they air some of this on the episodes next week, otherwise BB is always the hidden manipulator as well, don’t worry production, some of us have you figured out. not buying your bullshit and the power couple is finished tonight.

    • Given the edit Clay got last night, I doubt production would do anything to sugarcoat him to be some goody-two shoes.

  48. What’s the fight really about? It sounded like Van started it but it ended up with James and Clay squared off?

    • Ok I have watched the feeds. It ain’t pretty but it ain’t that big of a fight. Both Clay and James were at fault. James baited Clay by saying if Clay wanted to hit him.
      Not sure what’s got into Clay’s head tho by telling the lie about James.

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