Tonight on Big Brother the big showmance of the season will be torn apart and sent their separate ways. Sorry, Austin, I didn’t mean you two. No, it’s the end of the road for Shelli and Clay as one will be evicted and the other left behind for the summer.

Update: CBS has just confirmed that tonight’s HoH competition will be an endurance! And yes we will be able to watch it on the Feeds. Sign up now for Live Feeds and be ready to watch!

Big Brother 17 - Live Eviction tonight

Big Brother 17 – Live Eviction tonight – Source: CBS

You’d almost forget a half million dollars were at stake here during tonight’s events, but plenty of other Houseguests haven’t forgotten and they’re ready to pick up the slack and win.

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We’ve been following the votes as they’ve flowed through the house and this one has been very interesting. When noms first arrived it looked like a lock for Clay to go home helped in part by him asking people to vote him out! Then on Wednesday we saw Austin pushing to keep Clay over worries that Shelli would drag his name again and use him as a scapegoat.

Tonight we’ll find out for sure which way this one will go but it could be close as votes continued to shift throughout the night and HGs tried to hide their plans.

Big Brother 17 airs tonight on CBS at 9/8c and we’ll be here live recapping the show as it happens. Can the underdogs overcome their numbers disadvantage in the next HoH competition or will the surviving Sixth Sense HGs take charge again tonight? Should be a good show so be sure to join us for it.


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