Big Brother 17: Clay Throws Away His Game For Shelli, But Will It Work?

Since Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole’s showmance fell on hard times on Big Brother we’ve seen repeated attempts by Clay to lie down his BB17 life for her and throw away his opportunity at $500K.

Clay Honeycutt on Big Brother 17
Clay Honeycutt on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

It’s happened before where one HG falls for another and then gives up his or her game for the other and it’s often quite a disappointing move, especially when it’s not a strategic decision. This time around it’s no different. Now after some back and forth Clay renewed his efforts overnight to campaign for votes against him.

Over the weekend when the Veto comp was lost to James we saw Clay going around the house asking HGs to vote him out. He left John in tears with the request and moved Meg with the same emotion though she refused to comply. Of course they had also been drinking copious amounts of wine, so that might have helped bring the tears along.

A few days later and Clay seemed to have changed his mind. Or at least he wasn’t trying to so hard to give up this once in a lifetime opportunity. Talking with HGs Clay had been assured that Shelli was the one going so he seemed to accept it and not pressure anyone either way. That made things look like there might be room to keep him. Well hang on again.

Flashback to 1:58AM BBT 8/6 as Clay talks with Liz to make sure she’s willing to vote to evict him. He asks for her to make sure Austin will do the same. After he leaves Liz is crying to Austin about Clay’s decision. She can’t believe he’d do something like that for her. Yeah, I can’t either. What a doofus.

Austin and the twins take this request and consider it in a private talk. Flashback to 2:25AM BBT as they huddle in the HN room to discuss. Julia really wants to keep Shelli while Liz and Austin are much less committal. It’s been interesting to watch as Julia and Liz have been repeatedly on opposite sides of a decision. I know I certainly expected more uniform choices so this has been interesting.

Finally they agree that if Clay is giving up on the game then it’d be risky to keep him and have an angry player in the house. They think Shelli is less likely to throw the upcoming HoH comp which makes her more valuable. Liz says Shelli is a better short term option, but more dangerous long term choice for them. All the same they agree to evict Clay.

Now working on Steve, we see Clay again push to be sent home. Flashback to 2:41AM BBT for roughly a twenty minute talk. Clay says this has been Shelli’s dream so he wants her to stay over him. Grrr.

Big Brother casting has continued to defend their use of recruits on the show and while generally recruits can still be entertaining it’s crap like this that’s upsetting. Clay doesn’t care about being there or playing and winning the game. He had never heard about Big Brother before the casting director personally recruited him at a Lakers game, per his own retells. Clay thought she meant the charity organization “Big Brothers Big Sisters” when first asked. His lack of interest or commitment is apparent. What an absolute waste of space in that house with that attitude.


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    • Who lives in a bag lol.

      I actually rewound that segment multiple times because I couldnt stop laughing!

  1. That’s what I predicted on another thread before this one!!! I hope Steve goes through with what he said to the cams!

    • Totally agree with you on this one. It is time for Steve to show that he is nobody’s doormat. Why be scared of Vanessa. She’s been telling anyone who would listen to do what is best for their game. Well tonight is the opportunity for the HG to stand for their own game and not Shelli, Clay, or Vanessa game.

  2. While I don’t know, I think he votes Clay out just because he knows his real ally’s next target is Becky, which he also wants and its not terribly hard to determine that Shelli would be all for that one whereas Clay has some JohnnyMac loyalty and with that comes Becky. But, I guess I wouldn’t be terribly surprised to find him being a hinky vote, but I think the Austwins will vote Clay out and for some reason John is too, so that is five.

    • I have been really confused lately, what is the hatred between steve and becky all about?

      • Honestly, I think he started out just being annoyed by her, once she starts to talk (and its all pretty much about her fairly boring job she loves) she doesn’t stop and she is a one upper. Then, just judging by some of the comments he has made about recruits versus applicants lately, that added to it. Then, on top of that, Steve had always been assuring Vanessa he could get JMac to work with them and then Becky started being JMac’s go to person. Its just all of that and she pretty much just has kept with calling him a creeper (when most other people have dropped it) but in a way that actually makes him sound creepy. Like Vanessa will tell him to go, but its similar to how you tell your little brother to go, so its clear you are just being annoyed it has nothing to do with him.

      • Seriously, how could anyone else Top her story about stopping a train with her face ??
        It is Steve’s recent DR session when he was attempting to be Dr Evel in his Sinister attack on Becky … he was trying to be funny, but, just came across as creepy …
        And, did not also indicated he would like to have a showmance with Julia .. but, would prefer to have it in the Jury House ??
        Think that he does a lot of staring at the girls .. maybe it’s the camera angle of him being spaced out, but .. hard to say ??

  3. Matthew, I strongly disagree with your critique of Clay as, “worthless in the house.” And it being shameful for what he’s doing. First, he clearly has wanted to be there. There’s so much evidence to that over the past 6 weeks, I don’t know what to say if you dont believe it. He was playing such a good game with Shelli that up until last week, they were DOMINATING this game. If he didn’t want to be there, he wouldnt have put in so much effort. Secondly, he only considered the option of telling people to evict him when it became clear it was him or Shelli. He didnt seek this option out, it was an absolute last resort.

    My point is, Clay was unarguably one of the better cast members in terms of actual BB gameplay this year. That in itself should defend how he was brought onto the show. And just because he has made the conscious decision to put Shelli first here for a couple reasons, doesnt negate that. He cares enough about her that hes willing to give up the rest of this opportunity to let her have the best chance at winning her dream. And who knows, maybe this relationship will continue outside the house, I know my aunt and uncle who are still married got engaged after 2 months.

      • The hurricane of course! If I were playing for her team I would go gaga for her.
        Altho the forever runner-up is kinda a catch as well for those oh so sensitive guys … if she doesn’t act desperate!

      • Hey hey you don’t need to hold back with us… tell us how you feel. ;) ….but seriously, I tend to see Big Brother getting exactly what they deserve – a rich kid who’s got a reasonably successful home life, financial life, athletic career, modelling career…and all he really needed was more of a spotlight on him to further his image. He’s got that now and can move onto whatever opportunities are next given to him. We freely give the rich, attractive, & famous more opportunities than we do anyone else so we can’t really complain when they take those opportunities and say ”Meh, thanks I guess.”

      • Matt, You know at the end of each season, for the last two years, I’ve been posting, addressed to Production, “No Recruits”. Because it’s been proven time and time again, they’re bad investment as a cast member of BB. They act entitled, among other things….they’re just not good players.

      • Well you definitely know I’m on your side with that! I felt the whole nature of this show changed once they started casting models & actors instead of hard working people who needed the money and had a reason to compete.

      • I feel like I am watching some MTV real world episode. Where is the age variance? I don’t mean a token old man but this used to have such a wide range of people, now you have to look good in a bathing suit. Didn’t meg say that they were asking her to wear a crop top?

    • I do agree that Clay has been playing a good game until now, but he is still an idiot for giving up the chance to win for a much older woman he just met.
      Clay is very immature and probably has never been so close to a woman before and fell in love. Shelli will break his heart, especially once she sees what Meg and him were secretly doing.
      Shelli has been dominating the game and Clay most of the time agrees with her. Vanessa also manipulates their game.

      • Does his idiot status change dependent upon the women’s age of for which he is giving up his game? Brendon giving up his game for Rachel ended up nicely.
        I doubt clay hasn’t been close to being in love before. I am sure he has dated many ladies in his time and yet out of all those ladies, Shelli and him seem to have some special connection. (It may be just the extreme environment that they are stuck in.) A strong comparison can be made with Jeff and Jordan, yet they seem to be doing fine. They will make that decision once the game is over.

      • Brendon and Rachel were a couple outside of BB when he gave up his game for her. She went on to win that year.

      • Jeff threw HOH to Jordan, which could have easily compromised his game, yet has paid greater dividends that was greater than the prize money.

      • I don’t recall Jeff or Brendan giving up on the game for either of their girls.
        I do think that in this case the age difference may be a problem in the long run and I thought he really liked her until I saw him and Meg doing whatever it was.

    • Clay literally won one comp… he happened to be in an alliance with shelli and Vanessa who had dominated the hoh’s. So let’s not act like clay was pulling the strings. He wad enjoying the ride.

    • He’s only played a good game cause who was aligned with. He didn’t make one decision all he did was follow everything Shelli told him to do!! He’s a quitter, although I can’t stand Shelli either, so I really don’t care which one leaves tonight, adios….and that they won’t be in the jury house together makes it even better LOL

    • Historically, he would be the one that you want to bring to the F2/F3, as the Jury would unlikely give him the votes for the $500,000 .. though, unless, he is using reverse psychology ??
      Also, he would be an easy target for nominations moving forward, to be at least a pawn … Though, if that happens, and he does stay .. he may use this as a kickstart to playing and winning for his Girl ?? Better chance with her with $500,000 in his pocket than nothing at all? Well, except his Vacation for 2 …
      And, how many opportunities will you have to take out Shelli, especially before Jury ??
      Would love to see a battle go from Game Play / Trust between Clay and James moving to one of jealousy if Meg and Clay hook up .. :)

    • You can’t be and good if you’re telling people to vote you out. That negates everything you’ve done thus far. Plus, he’s not that great a player. He’s never won an HOH, or the BOB that James was throwing.

      • Yah, but for a supposed “Jock”, look who he was against in that POV?
        He has got his @$$ kicked in the rest of the comps this season ….
        He was playing a great social game, hiding behind the safety net of Shelli and Vanessa while they were the HOH .. and, had a solid alliance (number wise) ta boot …

      • True. I heard from Texas A&M fans that he wasn’t that great a football player either! :-)

      • Now now Joni … one people’s opinion might differ to others. Never take one’s or a selected few’s opinions and make a generalization of it.

      • Only takes one who actually saw him play there! hahaha I’m just helping their story out by sharing it! hahaha It’s the BB way! :-)

    • I don’t think he’s a good player….he can’t make any decision on his own. He just “yeses” Shelli to death. All he cares about is being with Shelli!

    • If you call good gameplay doing everything that your mama tells you to and hanging on to her shirt so you can stay in the game then I agree with you he is the very best player

    • If you call riding Shelli’s coattail as “playing a good game”, then you and I have very different definitions of what good game play is. He won 1 veto and other than that he has been horrible at comps. His social game wasn’t much better. While he did garner a couple of budding friendships on his own, his temper kept getting out. Shelli has kept her little boy in line.

      He was put on the show for one reason… to look good on TV. Period. End of Story.

    • I respectfully have to disagree with the notion that clay is a good game player. A good game player would win competitions, he won just one veto comp. He mostly parrots or agrees with what he is told by vanessa and shelli and really hasn’t presented himself individually except to call James a pos and show contempt at the very idea that some little man thinks he has the right to come between him and his summer fling. He hooked up with a good game player as shelli wins comps and spends countless time manipulating aND strategizing. If clay weren’t with shelli he would be with another girl on the show laying around and doing/thinking whatever that girl thought. That is just my opinion.

  4. I blame big brother more than I blame clay. It’s not like clay was desperately trying to get on the show for years then once he did he ends up campaigning against himself… I think he’s ignorant and doesn’t understand the magnitude of basically quitting for the sake of a girl he literally just met.

    As long as big brother continues to cast young, good looking people who MIGHT be entertaining but don’t know how to play big brother, this is what you’re going to get. Production would rather have an entertaining houseguest than someone who actually understands the game. Even though Caleb from last season had some great moments, he legitimately didn’t know how a double eviction worked. I remember he had to ask Derrick what is was all about…

    This season has been solid so far, but BB had increasingly become a glorified Real World. But it is what it is and I’ll continue to watch. If I ever got on the show and someone ASKED me to evict them, I’m doing it 100% no questions asked.

    • Do you not think that all the hoopla and anger about Clay’s being a recruit also works for the Producers? Diehard fans can’t post enough about how much they dislike him for “wasting an opportunity.”

      Look at this thread.

      It’s full of people complaining left and right about Clay when Shelli (in my opinion) is the true demon of this game. His casting worked. People are talking about him.

      They (CBS/BB Prods.) got a showmance out of it and a good-looking idiot they make fun of on screen for his inability to speak logical sentences. If the HGs keep him and get rid of Shelli the whole house deserves what they get.

      Regardless of us having the benefit of seeing things from the outside, she’s strong with comps and seems fragile with her emotions. – I started out a non-fan of recruited guests but this Season without Clay and Blehcky would be a lot worse. They’re providing rich targets for fans to complain about.

  5. Like I said before, and say again, Clay is so ungrateful for his opportunity and I can’t wait till his ass is out of that house.

    • I agree. I’ve applied to on Big Brother 3 times, and would love that opportunity Clay is throwing away. Disgraceful.

    • Big Brother is a show not only about people fighting for money, but also about showmance, bromance, whatevermance. If all people are just plotting and plotting without any kind of hanky panky then it’s going to be very dry. That’s why they really encourage showmance by having pretty girls and horny guys on it.

      • That’s not why I’m saying Clay is ungrateful. Having a showmance is perfectly fine. I mean, you can’t just expect people to all be in a house and not have people be attracted to each other. The reason Clay is ungrateful to me personally is because numerous people have applied for this show to play the game, and even those who haven’t are looking to at least jump-start some type of career from this, but instead of fighting to stay, and use his opportunity as far as he can, he’s giving it up for a woman he may, or may not have a future with. That’s why he’s ungrateful.

      • Ok I think I am sounding like a broken record now coz I keep on saying this on threads … but here we go:
        Clay mentioned in one of the interviews before entering the BB house that he preferred to be loved by America but losing the game instead of winning the game but hated by America.
        So it came to no surprise to me that he chose to save Shelli. First because Shelli is a better player than him and has a bigger chance to win. If Shelli wins and they stay a couple, he would somehow share the money with Shelli, right?
        Second, this is his knight in shining armor moment or to be precise, his America’s sweetheart moment, sacrificing himself for the loved one.
        He has a career in modelling before, who knows with an America’s sweetheart tag he could go further in the show business, like the next Bachelor or participating in Dancing with the Stars, or as a regular in a sitcom playing a dumb jock, who knows?

      • They sign a contract that prohibits them from sharing the money with other HGs. Evel Dick paid for Daniellie’s college and even that was called into question. Although I think they let it go, because a lot of parents pay for their kid’s college.

      • Btw why Ireland? They must be exhausted after the Bachelorette wrecked havoc there. No luck of the Irish, huh?

      • Yes, because it’s a trip for 2 people. He can not just give it to her, though. They can’t share any $$$.

      • But as a couple … surely Shelli can buy things for Clay? It’s her money anyway. It’s a bit grey area there.

      • So Shelli can’t even pay for the dinner? I can’t hardly believe it. It must be some ways around it.

      • I doubt dinner would count. I don’t think she can buy him anything expensive, like plane tickets to come visit her.

      • She can just “accidentally” drop some cash on the floor for Clay to pick up then Clay can use it later.

      • I imagine there are some strict legal lines they can’t cross… my curiosity is how far they’re willing to trace the money. I mean could I pay somebody, to pay somebody, to pay somebody, to pay somebody to give you a special Christmas bonus at work? Surely there are ways if one is willing to invest the time and the money into doing it…

      • I’ve often wondered to what degree that is enforced… I mean, could I pay somebody to give you money? Or could I ”accidentally” lose a certain amount of money in a bad investment that somehow finds its way into your portfolio?

      • I think they’re pretty thorough. And it may not be forever. They’re under a CBS contract for quite a while after the show. It’s something like 2-3 years. I remember Wil Heuser saying last year on a podcast that he couldn’t wait until the contract was over, but I forget if he said he had another year or another 6 months.

      • Well I agree if it’s on a time limit of 2-3 years to prevent people from conspiring together to win as one. That makes sense.

      • Oh I have no doubt the CBS lawyers are thorough to the n’th degree of the law… I’m just curious how far/long they go into enforcement before they simply stop caring…

      • If they aren’t thorough and it happens, it’s bound to leak out. Social Media gets hold of it and CBS is in trouble. That’s why there was such an uproar when Evel Dick paid for Danielle’s college a few years ago.

      • If they have thrown Vanessa under the bus got evicted and saved themselves, Maybe America would have loved them more

  6. As much as I despise Shelli, Clay needs to go ASAP. There are lots of guys who would’ve loved to have Clay’s spot on Big Brother, and would be fighting tooth and nail to win votes and stay in the. But Clay instead is now giving up. He is disgraceful, and doesn’t deserve to win.

    With that being said. I would still like to see Shelli out, bc I despise her.

    • How do you “despise” a person you know nothing about outside of this silly show?

      • I know I dislike Judas the moment I laid my eyes on him.
        Dunno, just personal feeling, can’t help it.

      • I’m not thrilled watching Austin’s strange approach to a personal relationship but maybe this is just how he looks when trying to develop a relationship under a microscope. I would probably look pretty strange too.

      • It is just a show and a game, at that. Who knows what they are really like. Who knows how they would have played had they not had the power in the house for the first several weeks? I just give people the benefit of the doubt before I decide to “despise” them.

  7. This while “for a woman he met 6 weeks ago” line is bs. My mother and stepfather met and were married in six weeks and been married 25 years this past June. So time they known each other don’t mean a thing. I just don’t like it cause he had been playing the better game until this week. Less emotional and keeping her on tract with focusing on the right targets for his game in da and Audrey. Then making sure when others were in power staying neutral enough to not look guilty as she did. That exactly why the other side want her out and not him. He can win the game. Now when the game gets to the physical side and he can win those. However for Vanessa game I see why Shelli is better option. But clay giving up is stupid however how many times have we seen that work for someone to stay. Not that clay using it but it has worked in past.

    • I agree that the amount of time people know each other is not always a good indicator as to the outcome of the relationship. HOWEVER, here we are talking about six weeks in isolation inside the BB house. That is a huge difference.

    • He’s throwing away this chance for someone he just met and will be able to see again in six weeks. Neither of them are dying. Basing his game choice on emotions rather than strategy is the issue.

      • Exactly. These houseguests lose all perspective. Shelli crying is the DR saying she can’t imagine not seeing him till the end if the show is ridiculous. It’s nor like he’s dying. You’ll see him in a few weeks. Chill. You came on big brother to play a game, not to fall in love. Playing the game needs to take precedence.

      • If Shelli wins it and they stay a couple after BB then he probably will have a hand inside the dough jar as well, since not only him but many acknowledge that Shelli is a better player than him. So it’s kinda a bet. Like any bet, there’s 50/50 chance of winning and losing.
        Besides back to what he said in one of the interviews before entering the BB house in which he preferred to be loved by America but losing the game, it came to no surprise to me that he chose to save Shelli. This is his America’s sweetheart moment. Time to shine and flash that sauce and sauce smile, good ol Clay.

    • I don’t think it’s just the amount of time they’ve known each other that’s in question, but that he’d give up 500k after only knowing her that amount of time. My parents met on a blind date and were engaged 2 mos later and married 50 years before my mother passed.

      • I think it’s funny when people say “my parents have been married for X amount of years.” Bc my parents have been married for 35 years, and have hated each other’s guts for the past 29 of them.

      • But I refrained from saying how many years my parents were happy of those 50! My husband and I’ve been married 31 yrs and 21 of them have been happy! hahaha

      • Didn’t some house guests meet on the show and later they got married?
        Shelli and Clay could probably last. Well, I honestly don’t think they will but the thought that counts, right? :)

  8. If any of these HG’s had a lick of sense or courage, they’d vote Shelly out! She poses more of a threat than any of them, except Vanessa, who along with Shelly, will wipe them all up…or out!

    • It really doesn’t matter at this point. All the good deserving people (except James) are gone.

      • Ya, Poor Jace getting blindsided in week 1 kinda s*cked the life out of BB for me .. Ha !!! :) :P

      • Who are the good deserving people? Jace, Jeff or Audrey?
        And Day is deserving because she’s fighting for her 7 month old daughter?
        And oh mylanta Jason is also deserving because he’s watching the show from his momma’s basement?

      • You’ve stated that you’ve applied to be on the show 3 times so it sounds like you’re coming from an emotional place rather than a game play one. Jace doesn’t count. He was a speed bump. Day had an emotional mouth waaaay too early in the game. Jason did almost NOTHING as a “Superfan” except sit back and make snide remarks until the very last minute when he decided to try and save himself. I don’t like Shelli at all and Vanessa also bugs me but both of those players seem to be “Playing” about 10x better than Day and Jason.

      • I don’t think every HG needs to be a super fan, but rather someone who has applied & wants to be there. These “easy come, easy go” recruits leave much to be desired.

      • I understand. They need to do better vetting. But Clay’s incited a lot of fan reaction. This season would be boring as hell without the whole Clelli thing.

      • That’s why it’s important to not play so hard right out of the gate. You put a target on yourself when that occurs.

    • I doubt that…they need others to do their dirty work when they don’t win the comps necessary! hahaha

    • I think it is hurtful and offensive. The exploitation of stereotypical jock stupidity or brain damage due to concussion is shocking for what is supposed to be a socially forward thinking program.

      • Sort of like the name you post under? Don’t believe it, I’ll bet your last real sarcastic remark was with PP, right?

      • I don’t know exactly what your issue is but if PP is Planned Parenthood, I can’t image any reason for sarcasm in that situation. You assume a lot.

      • Wow, I don’t see it that way. I think it’s funny and I definitely don’t think Clay is dumb. He’s cute tho in the picture above. Adorable. (Please don’t tell anyone about this).

  9. Btw … has Vampire Dentist confirmed that he would vote against Shelli instead? Coz last time I checked he would keep his words to Clay by voting him out.

    • He was on the fence about that too at the time he promised that. I think Becky is convincing him now to keep Clay over Shelli.

      • Yeah I knew both of them were discussing it but did he actually say that he would vote against Shelli or he still just contemplates about it?

      • Didn’t say he was completely convinced…just that Becky is convincing him to. LOLOL

    • They are all starting to sound like Politicians, just telling each HG what they want to hear, to avoid any arguments, meanwhile contemplating actually what they are planning to do, when it counts ….
      Vanessa has taught her Young Padawans well .. :)

  10. Pop Quiz … who would have a longer-term relation with Clay?
    Shelli or
    Based on last night’s episode between the flirting of Clay and Meg, it appeared to be more natural between the two, as compared to that between Clay and Shelli … if that makes any sense ??

      • All jokes aside, I think Meg before Shelli. Just because of their ages. 10 years is a big jump at that stage of life. And Meg just seems a lot more relaxed and easy going.

      • Absolutely .. the way that Shelli treats Clay sometimes, more of a motherly figure with .. “Stop it”, “Don’t ..” etc….
        And, what happened when Clay got smacked on by Shelli when in the HOH room when she did not have make up on, and he was asking her questions or whatever and she did not want to be seen on camera with her face all naked-up??

    • Yes it does. Clay and Shelli’s relationship is strange. Shelli acts like a 14 year old with her very first boyfriend. She does this baby talk thing which I find to be annoying and rather embarrassing for a 33 year old grown woman.

    • I tend to agree – unless clay pulls a last minute and asks him to stay. Then Jmac’s stated reason is gone, so is there an underlying reason to keep Shelli or would he flip??

      • If clay asks John to vote to keep him I think he would, I feel like John has more of a connection with clay over Shelli.

  11. It would be smart to evict Shelli but more fun to watch James get mad when Shelli stays.

  12. I hope they get rid of Shelli tonight. Vanessa and Shelli together are both short-term and long-term trouble if both should somehow survive the coming double eviction.

  13. Isn’t it ironic, in a way that, Shelli and Clay spent the better part of the last 4 weeks protecting, The Twins, Austin and Vanessa, in particularly in supporting Vanessa’s emotional roller coaster of backdooring Austin or Not … In hopes of keeping the numbers strong for the Twins to enter the game … and, yet they end up being the one’s at risk this week, as no one in their Alliance was able to step up and win the HOH / POV that really counted ??

  14. I’m glad Steve has awakened. I’ve been disappointed in his play so far.
    But if he’s mad at Clay, he may vote Clay out instead of Shelli.
    I HOPE he is going to support James and vote out Shelli.
    Hey, he can blame Austin.
    Would be awesome if Austin had the same idea (blame Steve).
    Ha! Good times!
    Suddenly, V will have to play her cards closer to the vest.
    There’s a mouse in the house!

    • I hope you are right. They only need one vote for Shelli to go.

      This season is shaping up to be like last season when everyone played for Derrick to win instead of for themselves. Austin is more worried about Vanessa than himself and the twins. He doesn;t realize if he goes along with Vanessa, HE and the twins become the targets. If he does what he said, He stays out of the line of fire for another week.

      The twins are mesmerized by Vanessa right now but in time they will find out the truth too.

      If Shelli leaves, the long term prospects for the twins and Austin increase substantially. They will have no real threat for a while and Vanessa will never be able to pick them off without getting herself evicted.

      • You said it perfectly. I love reading your insights!
        Turn the tables. V will be ingratiated to you, Austwins.
        What’s she going to do to you WITHOUT Shelli?
        Be more concerned with what she will do to you WITH Shelli.

  15. I can summarize this entire Clay-Shelli showmance in a paragraph.

    Both of them had a chance to save themselves by giving up Vanessa to James. All that complaining about not being in jury together is really their own fault. What it boils down to is this, Shelli could have saved Clay by giving up Vanessa to Steve when he said, just give me another person to put on the block. When Shelli refused, she chose Vanessa over Clay.

    That nonsense about not playing the game that way was ridiculous. They played the game that was right up until they were on the block together.

    If Clay goes home tonight, there is no one to blame but Shelli. She seems fine with Clay going home while she continues to play the game with Vanessa. What a back stabbing, two-faced, manipulating, lying piece of trash.

  16. According to the article, clay didn’t know about big brother and is a recruit. Clay should go. Plus it will upset meg. :)

      • Probably Vampire Dentist. He hasn’t run away with Becky yet, so is still claimable.

      • “Vampire Dentist”…that’s great! I don’t get what the deal is with the popularity of that guy! I’m missing something, because that guy makes me crazy.

      • Out of those 3 choices, my guess is that Vanessa will go after Steve. She seems to be running the house. Can’t wait to see who next HOH will be. Hopefully not Meg. Ugh..

  17. I have a suggestion for BB to protect the integrity of the show. Start penalizing HGs for repeated offenses like not wearing microphones. We fans pay for the feeds so when HGs don’t put on their mics or don’t turn on the lights when they are supposed to be on the are avoiding giving the fans what we paid for. Clay get called for not having his mic repeatedly and it has to be deliberate. Perhaps he is hiding his true colors to America? And Shelli and Clay constantly turning the lights off when they are supposed to be on is also deliberate.

    For penalties BB can use either veto comps or HOH comps. If they violate the rules 5 times, eliminate the offender from the next veto comp. If they do it again, then eliminate them from the next HOH comp. No one can think he is bigger than the game and that is the way Clay is acting.

    • Julie Chen gave out a penalty already in BB17 for I think eating when a have not (to Audrey when she was holed up under her gray blanket) and it was a penalty VOTE FOR EVICTION and that person was evicted, although not by that one vote. So, perhaps there is a purposeful effort on the part of Clay to get himself voted out with penalty votes? Although someone must have clued him in as he is not that smart.

  18. I don’t give a crap if they get married…..Play the game.That’s what you were hired to do.

  19. Outside of acting like a spoiled brat who didn’t get his way for the first time in his life after he and Shelli got put on the block he hasn’t done anything in the game.

    As others have already posted he has rode the coattails of Shelli & Vanessa the entire time.

  20. So the casting director casted clay at a Laker game?? Not fair to the thousands of people that actually auditioned. Now I believe some of this is scripted. He didnt even know what big brother was.

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