Tonight On Big Brother 17: Live Eviction & HoH Competition – Update: CBS Confirms Endurance Comp

Tonight on Big Brother the big showmance of the season will be torn apart and sent their separate ways. Sorry, Austin, I didn’t mean you two. No, it’s the end of the road for Shelli and Clay as one will be evicted and the other left behind for the summer.

Update: CBS has just confirmed that tonight’s HoH competition will be an endurance! And yes we will be able to watch it on the Feeds. Sign up now for Live Feeds and be ready to watch!

Big Brother 17 - Live Eviction tonight
Big Brother 17 – Live Eviction tonight – Source: CBS

You’d almost forget a half million dollars were at stake here during tonight’s events, but plenty of other Houseguests haven’t forgotten and they’re ready to pick up the slack and win.

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We’ve been following the votes as they’ve flowed through the house and this one has been very interesting. When noms first arrived it looked like a lock for Clay to go home helped in part by him asking people to vote him out! Then on Wednesday we saw Austin pushing to keep Clay over worries that Shelli would drag his name again and use him as a scapegoat.

Tonight we’ll find out for sure which way this one will go but it could be close as votes continued to shift throughout the night and HGs tried to hide their plans.

Big Brother 17 airs tonight on CBS at 9/8c and we’ll be here live recapping the show as it happens. Can the underdogs overcome their numbers disadvantage in the next HoH competition or will the surviving Sixth Sense HGs take charge again tonight? Should be a good show so be sure to join us for it.


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  1. Shelli without Clay in the house? OMG..Are we gonna see shades of Gina Marie and Nick? …please..

      • I think that was a temporary moment of insanity on Meg’s part! hahaha

      • minus 50 shades of Clay bwahahaha
        But her heart is still chained to him.
        I don’t think I can possibly take her devoting everything to him (whom she has known for so very little time) for the rest of the game. If she should stay, I like Cyril’s idea of a GM meltdown. Hey, all of youse cockaroaches who evicted my man – I mean, boy toy – I’ll have my revenge!
        Since Clay doesn’t wear a hat, wonder what she’ll wear on her head to remind her of him???

    • Cyril, no more “mommy” jokes after tonight…. Better get it out of your system today. Lol. After tonight’s eviction, “mommy go”

      • He’ll soon be able to say, “the apron strings have been cut for Honeycutt!”

      • Big brother anymore is getting boring thanks to James for making the biggest move in Big brother so far I hate the twin thing no more battle of the block should always be one hoh

      • Joni, I’m in Harrisburg, PA! You had to go within a mile of my house to get from York to Hershey. My son works in Hershey. Let me know when you’ve seen this, so I can delete it.

      • CRAP…So sorry I missed this. I don’t have a laptop so wasn’t able to check for this message! Poopie!

      • There ya go! I go to a very old article when I want to tell someone something that I don’t want everyone else to see. Then I delete it. Shoot me an email then we can connect. :)

      • Or give a player the power to have five votes but if they were to play it be out of at least six comps

      • The only person playing the game is James too much fake crying on this show come on John grow a pear win hoh

  2. Clay without Shelli ~ ahhh, a breath of fresh air. Prepare yourself Meg, the stud is on his way!

  3. Shelli without Clay is going to be very determined,and she’ll dedicated everything to him like Rachel did Brendan. I’m gonna talk to them for Clay…I’ll be nice for Clay…I’ll sleep for Clay. When in reality,Clay is gonna be back home with college friends and new
    Perspective ladies. Also biding his time til Shelli sees Clay/Meg. If he’s smart he’ll get his damage control together,Shelli has a successfully career,a guy like Clay can use a woman in his life to take if him til he get his own income and leaves her :-)

    • Actually, without Clay in the game, Shelli will be more focused so, bad for the other side but, good for the Sixth Sense alliance. Which is the reason Vanessa is rallying her alliance plus the snitches to all vote out Clay. I believe Clay would be evicted tonight.

      • Absolutely, with a duo of Vanessa and Shelli and controlling their Minions … the other side is toast, if they do not win HOH …

      • Also, the fact that both Shelli and Vanessa are willing to and able to flip on their Minions, at will .. Look at how many times in the past week or two have they thrown their own under the bus, in attempt to save themselves …

      • And the rest of the alliance, Austin, Liz and Julia know that all they need to do is stick together and they can wipe out James, Jackie, Meg and the snitches, Steve, Becky and John. There is no incentive to break apart the alliance which has been so successful so far.

      • I read that too. But it was after they decided they were voting out Clay this week, which was after they decided they were voting out Shelli, which is after Vanessa told them to vote out Clay. So only 3 or 4 more flip flops before they decide tonight.

      • Richie how do you know that clay is getting evicted tonight I read a hour ago that austin and the twins were evciting shelli unless I am missing something I don’t have live feeds

      • Call it self-serving interest. Everyone in the Sixth Sense alliance know that all they need is to keep the alliance strong by keeping Shelli and Vanessa and they can easily get to 5 house guests left which is the alliance. Evicting Shelli is removing a very good competitor on their side which favors James, Jackie and Meg although, those 3 still have not figured out Vanessa has lied to their faces multiple times. Nothing is guaranteed but, I believe self-serving interest will prevail in the end. Take note, that in both Big Brother and Survivor, there are numerous talks of making big moves which never materialize. I think the producers encourage the house guests to talk about it even if they do not really have plans on executing it just to create drama. It is a show after all. Call it scripted which it is to some extent.

      • I tend to agree with you about what production may tell them to keep things interesting. The way some of these house guests have gone back and forth makes me think that way. Leaves all of us confused, interested and tuning in!!!

      • If we all knew for sure that Clay would be evicted, a lot of viewers will be turned off and not watch Big Brother. The producers have to draw this drama and keep it going. Much like in WWE wrestling, they make it seem you do not know who will win in the end but, before, the match started, they have it scripted who will win or lose.

  4. I really really, really, really want to see Shelli go. Especially after she cried last night and pointed her fist toward God (Ala Scarlett O’Hara) and said, “WHY? If I could have only made it one more week, I could have made it to jury! Oh WHHHY??!!!”

  5. My gut feeling tells me that Clay is gonna be safe but my gut feeling links to what I want so it’s usually wrong haha.

    • No! You must have faith that Clay will stay. Shelli must go home this week. She must be separated from Clay and that snake in the grass, Vanessa. Think positively, Luki3n!

    • Hopefully is Shelli and Clay won’t be playing a good game any longer once she is gone. I want Meg and Clay to have something that will wake up Shelli once she starts watching the show.

  6. So far, before they all went to bed, the votes to evict Shelli is 5 (Shelli doesn’t know Steve will vote her out since she’s the one who wanted Steve out over Austin over Jason, even though he told Shelli that he thinks James lied to him) and votes to evict Clay is 4. Or if Van evicts Shelli it will be 6-3.

  7. The way Clay was hugging Meg and rubbing her up and down is a sign of things to come if he stays. If Clay was really in love w/Shell I he wouldn’t do that. A small hug is one thing, but they way they we’re holding on to each other spoke volumes.

  8. It is possible that Shelli and Jason will be secluded somewhere to compete for coming back in the house. Has anyone heard of Jason being out and about the streets after he was evicted? I haven’t.

  9. I really want to see Shelli go- she and Clay are so arrogant and immature-neither should win. Should be an interesting night- any word on a double evict.?

  10. Hey guys, let’s all wish Shelli stays. Because our wishes never come true this season, except for Audrey, and that took weeks!

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