Big Brother 16 – Week 9 Nomination Anticipation

Few surprises await this week’s Big Brother 16 spoilers when the nominations are revealed later today on the Live Feed. A new HoH was crowned overnight and the targets are clear.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16
Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The return of a popular, but ultimately doomed, Houseguest could be short-lived as the tightly knit guys alliance immediately went in to lockdown mode with promises to out anyone who dared speak to the outsider. Nicole’s second trip to the Big Brother house might not last too long.

Now that the new HoH has been crowned and Cody revealed as the winner, having beat Donny out by a half-second, according to Derrick, there is no doubt that Donny and Nicole will be the targets for nomination.

Cody has spent the past several days promising to “go off” on Donny as he has often threatened to do to most of the season’s cast. While he promised to do it if he won HoH there was no such talk in sight. Instead Cody has now promised to trash Donny in his “epic” nomination speech. Thankfully I doubt that will happen as Cody has followed through on few, if any, of his promises in the house.

Nicole is the collateral damage to the targeting of Donny. She’ll be safe unless Donny wins the Veto, and we do know how he likes to do that. Either way, she’ll be going up on the block with him.

Cody spoke with Frankie, Christine, and Victoria last night at 2:20AM BBT 8/22 to confirm his talk with Nicole and what he would say to Donny. There’s little to discuss, as Cody pointed out.

Interestingly we also heard frequently this week that if there was no more Battle of the Block then Donny would not go up on the block so they could hope for improved odds to keep him out of the Veto comp and Backdoor him from the game. I’m not sure what happened to that plan as it did make sense, but that’s no longer their approach.

As for when the nominations will occur, I do not know. All season we had an early Nomination Ceremony to make time for the BotB that afternoon, but this week is different. There’s no more BotB so they have all day for noms prep. In past seasons we’d often get the noms revealed well in to the night which is a shame considering it’s obvious what’s going to happen and it’s nice to get the confirmation and discussion rolling on those.

I will continue to monitor the Feeds for any changes in their plans, but for now you can anticipate Donny & Nicole as the noms today with the target on Donny.

What do you think of Cody’s plan? Is it the right move or should he be considering a flip on his allies?


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  1. If (Derrick) Cody doesn’t use this HOH to get Frankie out, it will be another failed HOH, same as last week when Frankie wasn’t smart enough to see the advantage in trying to evict Derrick.

  2. I think everyone is anticipating the obvious. Nicole vs. Donny on the block. Hopefully one of them will win veto.

  3. These nitwits don’t seem to remember this really is an individual game. Only one person wins the big bucks. They are like cattle being led to slaughter!! Go Donny!!

  4. The only way Cody the Puppet makes a move other than trying to get out Donny or Nicole is if his puppet master Derrick tells him to.
    Nobody in that group is smart enough to realize that Derrick’s plan is to take Victoria to the final 2.

  5. The only move for Donny at this point is to expose Team America. I do not think even Derrick can fend off that backlash. Donny can do it according to the rules and should at this point. Frankie and Derrick do not really want to work with him anyways.

    • I think that would work well! Since Frankie went in so hard on Zach when everyone thought he was the saboteur it will just show the rest of the HG’s how callous Frankie is. He knew all along Zach didn’t do anything (it was TA) … Frankie was relentless and him and Z were supposed to be friends.

      • Agreed! It would hurt Derrick a lot too because everyone trusts him unconditionally. This is the only move to split the house now, let’s hope Donny does it or production points him in the right direction. This week I could see this getting Frankie sent home and long term it could cost Derrick the $500,000.

      • Exactly! All these HG’s need is just a LITTLE bit of doubt and they shoot off like rockets. If they knew Derrick was lying/manipulating b/c he was part of TA then they would take that and run with it…thinking what else has he been doing behind the scenes… we shall see!! :)

    • Very interesting concept, but I’m just not sure who it would end up hurting the most..Derrick, Frankie, or Donny himself. I know he may not have much to lose, but at this point, I think he needs to wait until after nominations because you know Cody will not nominate Derrick anyway and Donny may need to keep that one in his pocket until he is desperate. Then play that card and let the chips fall where they may.

      • I agree it could backfire on Donny, and I also agree that Cody will not nominate Derrick. This will hurt Derrick long term not this week. However, Frankie could become this week’s target. The house turned on him once before.

      • I love the idea and would hope if enacted, Donny would suffer the least. It would be interesting to see it play out. Hopefully, you are right about Frankie becoming the target. He causes me to have to repent for my thoughts daily. LOL

      • I really think Frankie could be in some trouble if this happened. That rap at the veto ceremony last week tipped me over the edge LOL!

      • Tom, you are more patient than me. I’ve been over the edge with him, but I’m trying to keep my wits about me and not plunge to the bottom. I can still see a little light and people who think like you help.

      • I have disliked him the whole time, but thought he was playing a solid game. However, mocking people on a back door (Jesse – “Move your feat, you got a new seat”) is horrible game play. I respect good players even if I do not like them, but now his game play is getting bad too.

      • Donny needs to go “scorched earth” on the house – He has nothing to lose at this point and everything to gain – Worst case the other house guests resent him for being part of Team America (nothing changes) – Best cast the house turns on Derrick and Frankie

      • I see the benefits, but can also see the downfall.At this point, anything that would cause a little uproar among the HGs would be a plus, especially if Donny was the beneficiary.

      • Yes but Donny could also tell them of the at assignment he refused to play…..that might carry some weight.

      • According to Matthew Boyer, on the next link, the rules indicate that Donny can’t reveal anyones involvement but his own, if I am understanding him correctly. Maybe more clarification is needed, but that would be a bummer.

      • I love how the RULES apply to Donny but to no one else for anything else they did wrong. This only proves production is in charge.

      • But it would be the same for the others – if Derrick or Frankie want to reveal TA, they can’t out their other alliance members, just themselves.

      • Yes, of course, goes without saying. Matthew was just talking about Donny because the same idea was brought up in that link,also.

      • Did you check out “Big Brother 16: Donny Thompson and Nicole Franzel are Doomed”? That’s where he has the post.

    • I can’t see how it could hurt, anyway; he’s already pegged to go out the door, might as well drag some people through the mud with you.

    • That would be a great strategy for what could be his final week. Now if Donny is truly the gamemaster that everyone thinks he is then he will do exactly that and I for one will be very impressed with him (and I’ve been a Donny doubter up to now…not a hater though).

    • YAAASSS! Donny needs to expose Derrick and Frankie for the lying manipulative creeps they are – Everyone might feel a little differently about them if they knew they were pocketing $15-20K in addition to the weekly stipend

    • Great idea! I think his best shot at this working is when he is safe. I’m assuming that if he does it now, Cody will still put up Donny & Nicole and it gives Derrick/Frankie a week to spray that mist that they love so much. However, if he & Nicole are on the block AND he wins Veto, then spill the beans before the renom. Hopefully this will entice Cody to put up Frankie and gives Derrick/Frankie much less time to weasel their way out of trouble. This is assuming that anyone, other than Nicole, believes him.

    • Yeah I agree. Donny is so afraid of making a move…..why? Cause if you get caught, they might try to get you out??? Spend this week playing on all their paranoia….tell the damn truth about everything you know!!

  6. I am confused by one thing you said in your report. Earlier this morning, I read that Derrick lay down the law that no one was to talk to Nicole alone. In your post above you mentioned Cody confirming with Frankie, Christine and Victoria that he spoke with Nicole.
    Did Cody go against Derrick’s order (can’t imagine that would happen) can you provide a bit more insight to this?

  7. Do people not think about end game at all? How is Cody supposed to beat Derrick, or Frankie if he makes it to the final two with them? His best bet to go to the end is Christine/Victoria but he would cut them before his “bros.” I understand loyalty, but there’s also loyalty to a fault in this game. There’s no point in staying so gung ho to a rather large alliance this late in the game. Set your sights on Frankie and actually make a move that the jury will respect. Otherwise you’re just waiting for someone to do it to you first.

    • I think they all think that they have to get all their enemies out, and then they can focus on their allies.

      Without realizing that they kind of need those enemies if they want to have any hopes of getting out the right allies at the right time.

      • Agreed. Alliances are useful up to a point, but now we’re reaching the time in the game when you need to start thinking about yourself. Cody’s “enemies” are Donny and Nicole only for the reason that they are not in the 5 person Detonators alliance (Cody,Derrick,Frankie,Caleb,Christine). That to me is not a good enough reason to go after them. Everyone should be viewed as a “threat” to his game at this point, because really he stands very little chance at winning in my opinion unless he’s up against Victoria or Christine. Might as well try and earn some game points with a big move. Who’s to say Frankie or Caleb won’t do it to him next week? Throw a life preserver to Donny and Nicole and tell them “let’s get out a big fish this week”. Massive jury points earned with Jocasta, Hayden, and eventually Donny and Nicole if they all end up back there.

      • Their real enemies are the ones that are guaranteed to get the $500k if you take them to final 2 or final 3

      • It’s beyond frustrating that almost none of the HGs are really talking that through, especially when, if they succeed in their plan to evict Donny and Nicole, they have only 2 weeks to figure out how to get out the other threats.

  8. Donny needs to tell Cody to put him on the block, in the hopes that Cody decides not to for fear of Donny winning the veto. This is the only way Donny and Nicole have a shot at both staying. If Donny gets picked to play, wins, and saves Nicole. I know that it’s not guaranteed that Donny would be able to compete in the Veto comp, or win, but it’s a needed risk to take in order to last longer than two more weeks max. Especially since Cody already thought about doing this anyhow.

    • But if Donny doesn’t go on the block then wins veto and saves nicole could Cody not turn around and put Donny up as a replacement nominee. I don’t mean to sound ignorant or stupid but this is the first full season of BB that I have watched. So this part of how the veto works is unclear to me.

      • If you win veto, you can’t be put on the block whether you use it or not. Doesn’t sound ignorant in the least. I’ve been watching for years and can’t keep it all straight. I missed last year due to my parents both being ill, and this year I don’t know half of what people are talking about.

      • I’m not the right person to answer most questions. There are some real BB know-it-alls on here. But I wouldn’t have responded if I wasn’t almost certain about that. And you are welcome.

  9. Most twisted summer, huh? Still waiting. I thought we would get a twice every 2 weeks or something. I really like Donny and Nicole. The others are boring to watch. Derrick is controlling them all and they don’t even realize. This is the point in the game you make big moves. You can’t allow some people to float on by. I think Caleb will make it to F3 quite easily. They won’t be able to get him out when they want to and Victoria could very well put on a last minute sprint near the end.

    • The only new twist this summer has been the double HOH/BotB. I’m pretty sure that past seasons have been way more twisted than this boring season. Maybe the biggest twist is that there aren’t many twists.

      Someone said earlier that BB Canada does it better. Well, they definitely have BB USA beat on the number and quality of twists!

    • Dual HOH, Battle of the block, Team America, Just sent a jury member back in…
      What do you want? A twist that evicts the detonators?

  10. How dare Derrick lay down a law that nobody should talk to Nicole and if they do, they are going up? OMG! These dumb houseguests may as well hand over the platter with half a million dollars in it while bowing down to him. They are allowing Derrick to be some kind of King and he is clearly using it to his advantage. It’s not that Derrick is a smart player, it’s that these houseguests are ill-advised of how the game is played.

    • what a scumbag dominating the house like that… It’s almost like he’s outsmarted everyone in there and is playing to win 500k! What a butthole!!!!!

      • No. I think Derrick is playing a really good game. I don’t think he’s “disgusting” for being in a great position to win.
        Strange right? Especially on this site…

      • No. I think Derrick is playing a really good game. I don’t think he’s “disgusting” for being in a great position to win.
        Strange right? Especially on this site…

      • I just think when deception, lying and back-stabbing comes so easy to an individual it defines this person’s personality. Most people would have to struggle to be that deceptive and deceitful.

      • Well he his an undercover cop so deception lying and back stabbing are part of his personality. He practices it every day in his real life. Along with pushing people around and bullying them to get what he wants. That would be an interrogation skill. Those qualities may have their place both in real life and the game but IMO I think Derrick is pushing it to far

      • Well you’re wrong, sorry to say. Look at the other great manipulators in the game (Will, Dan, Jun, Boogie), they’re all good people.

    • He won’t allow anyone to go behind closed doors and talk with Nicole or Donny..WTH? I am quickly getting to the point where I really dislike these people.

      • Yes to your question. I have live feeds and I heard him say it. Derrick is becoming like this terrorist demanding that his minions do as they are told or they will be on the block.

  11. Cody should get rid of Caleb, Frankie or Christine. Start helping your game by getting rid of people who you know are not taking you to final. If Cody was smart he would get rid of one of them before Nicole or Donny because those to are more reliable then the other three.

  12. Did anyone hear Christine tell Cody on BB After Dark that I love you lots. I am sure her husband loved that. It just shows how DUMB Cody is to think that Donnie is a bigger threat than Frankie. DUH I hope Donny wins the VETO and Cody has to put up one of his alliance members. Can’t put up Christine, have to save the fool to the end so they can win.

  13. I recorded the BBAD last night just watching it now and Frankie talking to nicole bragging about his sister yet again. Makes me want to be sick. Then made rofl when he compared his sister to Madonna really Frankie. Your sister is not even in the same hemisphere as Madonna. I am so tired of listening to Frankie brag about his sister and him being a “social media mogul” or should I put it like other people did last night on here social media seagull

  14. Knowing this group of sheep, when it comes down to the evictions once Nicole and Donnie are gone, they will put M & M’s in a bag and choose a color to determine who is evicted from here on out.

  15. I don’t even bother to watch anymore, most predictable season ever. One dominant person telling all the lemmings what to do. And they do it! Most predictable season ever. Derrick deserves to win, but I wish there had been at least one person with the balls to give him a bit of a challenge.
    Can’t stand Frankie, Christine, Cody. BTW, look up beast mode cowboy in the urban dictionary, good for a laugh

  16. I would love it if they try to backdoor Donny. There are only 8 people left so he’d have a good chance to get picked for POV. Then if he won he’d take Nicole off and both of them safe with one of the alliance going out the door. Cody is stupid but I really think he will put both of them up.

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