Diary Room: Adam Poch Looks Ahead To Week 9 On Big Brother 16

Zach Attack is gone, but he definitely left his mark on the Big Brother house. He may have ripped a few lines off from Dr. Will, had a few memorable breakdowns & speeches, but “at the end of the day” he is the exact type of player fans love to watch. He still may get a payday of $25,000 as America’s favorite juror – BUT FIRST he had a chance to come back into the game with a challenge against the first 3 evicted jurors.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

The competition between Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole & Zach was a great one. Talk about riveting TV? How many of you were cracking up watching Jocasta start freaking out when she was in the lead? In the end Nicole was the winner and came back into the house. This had a lot of potential to shake up the house. I think Hayden would have been able to have more of an impact – but Nicole had 3 HoH wins so far, so she could come in and win the next HoH and really shaken things up…


Like so much of this season, the potential for good drama has taken a back seat to safe gameplay – and with Cody winning the HoH – chances are the Detonators (minus one plus one) will stay the course & get rid of Donny or Nicole.

There is always hope that a 2nd Veto (ala Season 14), or a Pandora’s box, or a Team America task can help there be drama this week. Derrick will no doubt pull Cody’s strings, by planting his seeds so that Cody thinks he is making his own decision. Since he already has Victoria in his front pocket – and Cody kinda has Christine, there is no need for them to bring Nicole or Donny on their side.

I would love to see Cody target Caleb & Frankie – but he seems deadset on getting Donny out after Donny tried to keep Zach last week. Unfortunatley Cody saw it as trying to get rid of him, but it was not personal, Donny just knew he had a better chance of getting further with Zach in the house. I always say, it’s a Reality show, but when you play – its all about perception.

The bloodbath is still coming when they will all have to cut each other’s throats. We just have to wait another week or 2. But right now it’s 3 (Frankie, Caleb Christine) vs 3 (Derrick, Cody, Victoria) vs 2 (Donny & Nicole). Cody is in a perfect spot to make the first strike – it would make sense for his group to team up with Donny & Nicole to give him a little more safety next week when he cannot be HoH. He had the chance to make a big move week 4 when he almost got Caleb out. He didn’t do it then, he probably won’t do it now.

I do hope that we finally have a fun & sloppy Have/Have Not Challenge. Maybe one of the goofy ones – where they have to earn food for each day or something. It’s pretty sad if that is the thing I am looking forward to the most this week – but… that’s how it goes. I hope I am wrong!

Lastly this week – on a personal note, I was very happy to see Julie Chen partake in the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. My father passed away from it in 2003, and I have done fundraisers & volunteered at ALS walks int he NYC area for years. All of the awareness has been amazing, and the money raised is even better! I had already done the challenge – and I am asking if you can watch & like my video on Youtube. Thank you to Matt & BigBrotherNetwork.com for making a donation!!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your dad, Adam. I’m glad ALS is benefiting from all this awareness and a tip of the hat to the lovely Julie Chen for saying, “Challenge accepted!” in full hair & makeup, lovely dress & heels. What a trouper!

  2. This is a strange commentary on what Cody should do. Sounds more like what YOU would like Cody to do.

    Nicole has said a few times now that her two targets are Cody and Derrick. Donny is gunning for Derrick as well, Cody’s strongest ally. Knowing this, why on earth wouldn’t he target these two? Frankie is a definite threat, however we know Caleb is fiercely loyal and there are other easier targets still remaining in the house by next week that a Caleb HOH would go after. Christine “loves” Cody, so that leaves the obvious eviction choice of Nicole/Donny with possible renom of Frankie (or Victoria).

    Nominate Frankie and Caleb? That’s just silly talk. Donny fans are disappointed, but anyone watching the show knows this is CODY’S best move… And ensures a direct threat against him is out.

    • I have to disagree. Even with Donny or Nicole saying they want Cody out, there are bigger threats like Derrick and Frankie for them to direct their attention to. Codyis making the move that is best for Derricks game. Cody continues to remain clueless to the numbers game that remains in the house. After Donny and Nicole regretfully leave, they can’t all be final two/three. If anyone but Derrick wants a shot @ the finals, they should join Donny n Nicole to get the others out. I.e. Derrick/Cody using them to help get out Caleb or Frankie or even Christine.

    • Cody is playing Derricks game and not playing to win. Once Donny and Nicole are gone what then? Then it’s too late to make a big move. And Cody does not know that Nicole is after him. He thinks she will target Frankie and Christine. Even more reason to keep her.

      • why even worry who nicole is targeting, she is a lame duck player who has less that a snowballs chance in hell of going any further than back to the jury house.

    • I have to agree. Donny and Nicole are the obvious choice for noms. To think otherwise, you must not be paying attention to what going on in the house…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …. so glad to see donny go this week, he’s been the odd man out all summer.

  3. It’s fairly simple, Cody hasn’t made a decision on his own from day one and why should he start now. The only decision that he will make is what Derrick tells him to make. Unless he makes a bold move, he’s just along for the ride until he’s talking to JC.

  4. Grasping at a really long straw here. What if Cody is a silent mastermind? (After all, he proudly told Donny last night that he is a college graduate). Maybe he has remained quiet and Derrick’s sidekick because he has figured Derrick out. Maybe he has cuddled with Christine because he knows flattering a girl will earn him her loyalty. Maybe he is thinking about Donny’s chat with him. Maybe he has made Donny and Nicole the Have Nots to throw Derrick off. Maybe he is gonna surprise us all with his nominations. Wait, that’s a lot of maybes, and this is Cody, okay, carry on…

  5. I liked those comps too where they had to work together and earn food. This season it is just lets make have nots of the people we dislike, which is quite boring and predictable.It is not even mentioned in the tv broadcasts.I haven’t seen any votes for America to give them extra stuff either.

  6. Why wouldn’t Cody bring Donny and Nicole in with him and Derrick for now? They also have Victoria..so they would have the numbers.

    • maybe because they are in an alliance already and donny and nicole aren’t in it ? maybe cody and derrick actually are playing with some integrity and won’t stab their own teammates in the back.

  7. Fakie is still there b/c he has so many follows which = more viewers for CBS. As if they would have called him out on this renom rule. The rest don’t stand a chance. Fakie=ratings. So sad that he uses his sister to gain popularity b/c he is a big nobody. Nicole or Donny will leave the house and if it’s Nic what a waste of jury return. This expect the unexpected bs is just that bs and the shows writers need to step up their game and think outside the box. BORING!! Fakie is using the charity thing, the guy is a you tube personality, who is unemployed, relying on his sister for $$$$. No big moves.. Donny is awesome, It must be so hard for him to be in a house to babysit the youngsters. Derick has this I think. It’s the cop in him. Calab has stalker tendencies that I think should be addressed outside the BB house, Victoria, I am not quite sure why she is there but she annoys me like Rachel Riley’s laugh. Jocasta what a waste Jesus never helped you. I think Nick and Hayden are cute together and this whole Zankie thing needs to be put on the back burner. I don’t think Frankie is true to anyone, he is as phoney as it gets. Pandora’s box should come in now with the noms being safe and have Cody locked in a room with Rachel’s laugh soundtrack playing continuosly.

    I meant Frankie but you get it. I actually enjoyed Zach. At least he was entertaining, the rest are all robots. The biggest floater is still floating (Victoria) There should have been a rule, that whoever came back from Jury could not be nominated this time, a safe pass. Then a free for all next nomination ceremony. The producers need to come up with better stuff.1

    This whatever it is between Cody and Christine is getting to me..my gag reflexes….She may be headed for a divorce come the end of the show. Why is she still there?? I just don’t get this show anymore. I really don’t know why I am still watching it.

  8. I want caleb to win hoh and get pandora box to see what he will do with it will he put frankie on block

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