Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 9 Thursday Night Highlights


Zach is gone and Nicole is back in the house. Unfortunately, however, things will not be getting shaken up this week beyond that because the HOH was played and you’re going to see more of the same. So we definitely have some mild Live Feed action going on now that Zach is gone and the Detonators are still in power.  Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 21, 2014:

7:26 PM BBT – Feeds come back after the live show ends. Nicole is settling back into the house. She’s asking about what went down while she was gone. HGs telling her about Zingbot and Kathy Griffin.

7:32 PM BBT – Derrick tells Frankie and Cody that Nicole is in a better mental state than they are and that they owe her nothing. They basically agree not to strike any kind of deals or even entertain the idea. Derrick says she has to go up. Derrick says he wanted Zach to come back in.

7:44 PM BBT – Donny is filling Nicole in on all the stuff she really needs to know about what has happened in the game. Elsewhere, the HGs are worried Donny is doing just that. They’re clearly just going to target Nicole and Donny this week. Nicole says she will only go after Cody and Derrick. Donny is happy Nicole is back int he house because he’s been so lonely.

8:00 PM BBT – Derrick and the others agree they want Donny to go before Nicole.

8:18 PM BBT – Frankie makes fish. What else is new. They’re never out of fish because that’s all Frankie eats.

8:49 PM BBT – Feeds are down. HOH comp under way.

10:10 PM BBT – Feeds back. Cody won HOH. Sounds like he just barely beat Donny. Nicole was first out.

10:15 PM BBT – Donny and Nicole feeling defeated. Donny says the two of them can’t beat six people and that they’d have to take turns winning comps for that to even happen.

10:25 PM BBT – Cody is going to nominate Donny and Nicole. Cody says he’ll tell Donny that he’s the target.

10:30 PM BBT – Frankie thinks it’s ridiculous that Donny thinks he has any fans.

11:25 PM BBT – Nicole admits that she and Hayden grew closer in the jury house and that they’re kind of a thing now and have discussed seeing each other after the show.

12:02 AM BBT – Time for Cody’s HOH room reveal. Cody reads his letter to the HGs. It’s from his mom.

12:30 AM BBT – No action going on in the house. Everyone is already aware of what’s going to happen this week (and no Zach in the house), so nothing is happening.

1:30 AM BBT – Derrick and Nicole discussing last year’s returning Juror, Judd. Derrick suggests Judd got safety. He did not.

1:35 AM BBT – Nicole says production wouldn’t tell them how much time is left in the game. Earlier Derrick mentioned they signed contracts that could keep them for 100 days.

1:50 AM BBT – Cody and Nicole discuss upcoming noms. She’s making her plea and says she’d never put him up. Cody lets her know that Donny is the target.

2:20 AM BBT – Cody tells Frankie he doesn’t want to share his HoH room with him tonight. (Gasp!)

2:45 AM BBT – Christine is upset that Julie Chen called her out for throwing the Battle of the Block. Christine was not please.

3:30 AM BBT – Bomb Squad (or Detonators minus Zach plus Caleb) are again discussing Donny and how he can’t be just a groundskeeper.

4:30 AM BBT – Cody and Caleb talking about fans back home and wondering what viewers think. Cody says he doesn’t have a character like Zach Attack or Beast Mode, he’s “just Cody.”

So to no one’s surprise, Donny and Nicole will be targeted this week and one of them will almost definitely go to jury.

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  1. Just think donny could’ve won and it’d be derrick and cody up that would’ve made this phenomenal

    • That would’ve been great. I can’t believe Cody won. Christine’s husband is right to worry about Cody. Now that Zach is gone, Christine is the best looking guy left in the house.

      • Its not Cody that the husband needs to worry about. Christine is the one that’s married. She needs to back off of the feely touchy moments with Cody.

      • Exactly! When this is over Cody is going home to his family. Christine is going home to her husband. He definitely will not have the same Christine back or she will be surprised to go home to a different husband. I wonder if he is going to be a the finale? An interview with him would be great.

      • lol dude you have jokes, I like that one ha, reminds me of a real live action figure of “Gretchen” from the cartoon Recess lol

    • Hope Christine isn’t stupid enough to spend ‘alone time’ with Cody in the HOH room…especially at night!! I would never disrespect my husband the way she has – and on national tv to boot!!

      • I could care less at this point. Its the game I am concerned about…..Christine actions are between her and her husband..

      • Christine has already disrespected her husband, but even worse, she has no self-respect. What ruined any chance she had at trying to rectify the situation was when she went in the DR and said, “To my husband, I love you. I swear i’m not doing anything stupid. I’m just trying to win us $500,000.00.” Oh, I’m sure Tim saw that and then everything was OK. What else would his wife do for money?

      • Oh, I know! Plus how she kisses her ring as soon as she goes into the DR to cast her eviction vote. There is no way she can’t really think she has done nothing wrong. Her husband, if he’s not watching himself, others are probably watching the feeds 24/7 & reporting back to him her behavior. Playful banter, flirting, joking etc… you would probably be able to ‘get away with’ … but the level of touching, the hair rubbings, etc… is over the line!

      • Yep!!!! I guess kissing her ring must be a sign to her husband. I’m sorry, but kissing that ring wouldn’t mean crap to me with the way she’s acting. If anything, it would only be a slap in the face. And her “I really don’t want my Pastor to see that” comment said everything about her. Why even bother going to church if you’re going to act like that? It’s not even just because she’s married, it’s also the way she lies, gossips, and justifies her actions all for her love of money. Does she really think playing the game this way will be an accepted excuse to the people she is terrified of seeing her behave like this? A game that she has no chance of winning?

      • I agree w/ everything you said. She is proving that her overall character is just not decent. I don’t care for her attitude either. I don’t know how old she is… but my guess is old enough to know better! Also, yes, at this point she has to know the odds of her winning aren’t in her favor… so why keep digging the hole?!

  2. This would be a good week for Derrick to use his HOH excuse me Codys HOH to get Frankie out…They discussed evicting Frankie earlier this week..

    • Nope. Donny and Nicole. I knew it would be Donny and Nicole as soon as Cody won (or anyone besides Nicole or Donny). Maybe they will backdoor Donny to make sure of it, but this is the most boring outcome that could have happened last night.

      • I honestly think that they’ll put Frankie on hold for next week if they still have power. They’ll get out Donny this week so Nicole doesn’t have any bright ideas on conspiring against them.

        At this point, Derrick and Cody might understand that Nicole is on her own and has nobody. Wouldn’t be surprised if they try to scoop her up and utilize her to their advantage in order to get out Frankie next, which she would most likely be on board for doing. Also, doubt it’d take much convincing to Christine and Victoria to get him out considering Christine is spineless and Victoria is brainless. Lastly, you try to talk to Caleb, if he doesn’t bite, he’s next.

        This way you take out a power player and perhaps set up your next target and possibly make a friend in the process.

      • Truth is that Cody has not gotten over Donny since the first week. He has had a hardon for that guy ever sense he was put up on the block the first week. Maybe now he can release himself and start thinking about his game (or lack of one) after Donny is gone this week. He will soon follow because he won’t have a target after Donny is gone because Derrick won’t let him have another one.

      • I think you’re right, Christine, Victoria or Caleb might go up as a pawn against Nicole, with the intent on someone OTHER than Nicole or Donny getting the PoV and then backdooring Donny since he has done so well getting the PoV to save himself when put on the block. A more brilliant and less predictable plan would be to put up Frankie as a “pawn” with the intention of voting out Frankie, Donny would be easy to get out later since the Detonators would still have the numbers even after voting out one of their own.

    • Nah..Derrick will have Caleb backdoor Frankie. That seems to be Derrick’s thing. He gets ppl to backdoor their best friend/ally. If things go wrong, we will see Christine backdoored this week.
      At least I can hope the pattern continues.

      • Its disrespectful if I said “Frankie loves or would love to get backdoored by any guy in the house” . His constant nasty foul mouth remarks about having oral or anal sex with another male HG is sickening. His constant rubbing on or humping the men in the house is sickening. We get he is “GAY” . He needs to know that is not why we don’t like him. Its his disrespect and mistreatment of any HG that does not do his bidding is the reason he is actually hated. And please Mr. Wagner from here on out ignor my post and I mean “YOU”.

      • I do think if this were a straight male in the house humping and harassing women in the house the way Frankie does, there would be producer intervention. Just my opinion.

      • You are so right. For some reason he doesn’t have to obey the rules either. He needs a penalty nomn. That would sir things up. He talks down to people all the time and thinks he knows everything.

      • I agree Julie. Frankie has set back the gay movement by his flaming behavior on TV. I tape the show so I can scan past him. This is not they type of gay I want around me.

  3. So, that turned out to be a complete waste of time. This season, besides a brief crazy Devin and Zach antics, has been dull and predictable. Frankie is so annoying that I can’t stand to watch this star-struck “mogul” (puke) anymore. Derrick’s smug attitude is wearing thin, too. Good strategist — boring as hell dude. Frankie will be surprised how down-to-earth Donny is the nation’s most popular houseguest. That’ll be priceless.

    • Production wasted their time, the hg’s (b squad) did not. You don’t find it entertaining because you are cheering for the losing side of the house. Blame production for the boring house, the cast needed some women who actually wanted to “showmance” for real.

  4. Frankie and Christine will certainly be surprised when they find out how popular Donny is. They can be working against him, but I don’t see why they have to be so mean about it…

    • I personally think it’s ridiculous that Frankie believes he has any fans after this. And this is coming from a huge Ariana Grande fan.

    • I think it’s jealousy. Donny is a good, honest and sincere person. He’s played with integrity and he’s still there. That’s something nobody else in that house has done, because they don’t have those qualities. Donny probably won’t win this game, but I think that will be just fine with him. He would have to betray himself to do that and even though everyone else in that house wouldn’t have a problem doing something like that, he would. Just makes me love him more!!!!!! BTW, I loved his goodbye speech to Zach!!!

    • I love how they are all threatened by him and do not believe that he can be that smart and a grounds keeper. Guys, it is just that you are all THAT STUPID an clueless.

    • But its way too late now. Nicole was just dumb for trying to work with Derrick and Donny has known but waited too long to speak up to any of the other house guests.

      If they got Derrick out this week instead of Zach the dynamic in the house would be completely different. It would be like restarting the game.

      Having said that, I think Derrick is by far the best BB player and at this point he deserves to win. My only gripe with him is how he is dragging one of the worst BB players ever along in the game. Its almost like its disrespectful to the game to allow Victoria to last this long or longer.

  5. The is the second season in a row when they are still with voting with the house crap, this late in the game. When do they start playing their own game?

    • This has been the most boring season I can remember…we have known every single week who is going home…that is no fun for a viewer. Production needs to do something. Do something for us the way you do stuff for that media mogul you have in the house.

      • You knew Frankie was going to turn on his best ally in Zach and send him home last Thursday???
        Wow man, I could have sworn the target was Donny… Dang this season sure is predictable!!

      • Love it. Be careful though. I got hounded for asking why everyone was reading a spoiler site if it was sooooo predictable.

      • You’ll get roasted if you disagree with the herd here. Just grab your pitchfork and torch and talk about how much you hate Frankie.

      • I don’t hate any of them although I think they are NOT playing a part, this is how they actually are. Former HG have said you can keep up an act for only so long before the real you comes out. Even Frankie who I strongly dislike is worse now than when the show started.

      • Agree. I haven’t disliked a houseguest this much since Chima. & part of it prob is that I’m such a huge fan of Zach… I haven’t liked anyone as much as I like Zach since Dan in season 10 (& 14 of course but I already liked him from before.)

        The other part is his entitlement issues. I can’t stand ppl like that in my real life and I think it’s one of the worst qualities anyone can have. Plus he’s annoying. These are all qualities that I know this guy has outside of the house.

      • I agree completely, jessalli; I could copy your entire post and use it word for word as my own. I didn’t like Frankie from the jump… from the first second I was forced to look up who the hell his sister was…. and it gets worse and worse. I turned BBAD off last night after he said that only Madonna and his sister had complete control over every aspect of their careers. I don’t know who decides that people like this make good TV… I for one, cannot stand to see it.

      • That’s right! In the beginning he was pretending to be a watered down version of his apparent real self. Acting extremely over the top for the cameras etc… Now that time has gone by, we are all seeing his true colors!! He is still acting for the cameras…he’s just not AS exaggerated. What we have been seeing is definitely the ‘real’ Frankie. Conniving, malicious, gross…disturbing. (and i’m not referencing his sexuality at all – so no one jump on me!)

    • When it wont hurt them. Have you seen past seasons? When you vote against the house, you become the new target. Sure, it sucks as a viewer, but it’s far from stupid on their part.

      Except for Christine. She’s stupid. She knows she’s on the bottom of the totem pole, she’s had other people come up to her. She could’ve been set SO EASILY, but I don’t care. I dislike her anyways. Kinda glad she’s stupid.

      • Yes, but at this point they are suppose to start playing for themselves, making moves for their game, not the house. There is only one winner of $500,000. They are all playing Derrick’s game, no one is making a move. Doubt Derrick is going to split the money with the members of the Detonators. Doubt Frankie is going to give more than 10% to charity.

        At this point I don’t even know what kind of game Christine is making. If she is waiting to make a big move, it will soon be her move out of the house when they put her up.

      • I don’t think she has a plan but to continue to follow the guys and play with Cody. Wonder if Cody let Christine stay in HOH room last night as he would not let Frank stay.

      • Well, Frankie took out his best friend. Is that a big move? He could’ve taken out Victoria.

        Cody is HoH. He can take out Nicole or Donny and not worry about his team coming after him (because let’s face it, if the alliance turns on each other, Cody is too well liked to be the target.)

        Or he can go after lets say Frankie and Caleb. Then he will have Nicole, Donny, Christine, and whoever stays between Frankie and Caleb going after him.

        Now tell me how that benefits HIS game. Like I said, it sucks for the viewers, I agree, because it’s predictable and boring. But they’re not there to entertain us. They’re there to do whatever they need to do to help themselves get to the $500,000. Making big moves isn’t going to help them win it if it ultimately puts a huge target on their back and gets them kicked out of the game before then.

      • I agree with almost everything but I do think Cody will be a target once the alliance turns, because he is so well liked. If you know the jury likes someone more than you, do you really want to take them to the final 2?

      • Taking out Victoria would have crippled Derrick, I do agree that the others would/may have targeted him after that. As a media mogul, Caleb would have stuck with Frankie, Zach would have aligned with him a little longer, and then he could have secretly worked with Donny (possibly). Then there would have been Christine, Cody and Derrick. Then there is the returning HG, Nicole…. Problem is, they are playing to give Derrick the money. They are not using their heads.

      • Did getting Zach out benefit Frankie’s game? That was a guaranteed person to take him to final 2. Plus he made a great shield. Frankie is an idiot. Cody needs to get rid of Victoria this week or Frankie. It’s obvious that it will soon be Cody/Derrick vs Frankie/Caleb. Victoria and Christine are just there for votes. He needs to get rid of Frankie while he has the votes. Or Victoria considering Derrick will ditch him for her in the F2. She will end up in the F2. No one wants to “waste” their HOH on her.

        You need big moves to prove that you did something. Otherwise, you’re sitting in F2 and your name is Victoria. Any of these guys will need an edge over the other. I guess I can see where Frankie would think that was a big move considering how much they all wanted Zach out. I personally think it was stupid.

      • But you have to remember, Frankie was just EVERYONE’S target 2 weeks ago. Sure, Zach was his best friend, but Frankie was probably thinking it would be better for his game if he didn’t piss off the entire house since they were just trying to backdoor him, hoping it would make them happy.

  6. Cody, I am sure we can come up with a name for you. Wait, I am sure Christine’s husband has a few not so nice names for you.

  7. Really Cody and Caleb? You wonder what the viewers are thinking about you? Here, let me help…
    Cody, you are the licker of Derrick’s left nut. And Caleb, you are the licker of Derrick’s right nut. You’re welcome.

  8. Guys there is still hope that Donny or Nicole win BOB. There is still hope there is a Pandora’s Box, there is still hope there is an extra power of veto like Ian got. There is all sorts of hope. None of it might happen but hopefully Donny/Nicole both get saved this week.

    On the bright side Derrick seems to be unraveling.

    • I love your optimism! Did they do Pandora’s box last year? I don’t think they did. Bring it back!! Or have America vote to give Donny the Coup D’etat.

    • There is still hope. If they leave Donny off the block in hopes to backdoor him then he could win Veto, use it on Nicole and they both are safe.

      • They wouldn’t do that, they may be boring, but they know how the game is played. You put up Donny and Nicole and one of them is guaranteed to go home. Any deviation from that involves risk, and their plans have blown up too many times this year because of BoB and veto winners. Cody will put up Donny and Nicole.

  9. You guys we as team America need to not vote on missions to make a stand. Derrick and Frankie want Donny out, that’s a slap to team America. Why we give them any more cash?

    • If Donny leaves, will it just be Derrick and Frankie doing TA? I am not voting anymore. I thought it was stupid anyway.

      • Me too. & I love how the watch ends and then Victoria is destroying the pink hat. Wasn’t that the point of the neighborhood watch? The whole thing made me sick. & then Frankie using it as fuel to Zach’s fire. That’s all he’s done all season. I wish Donny would out TA

    • Maybe the TA mission will be to save a TA member from the block. They can save Donny and Cody can then put up Frankie… How ironic it would be.

    • They should have made one of the rules of Team America, “once one of you is voted out, the challenges stop”. That would make the Team a little more committed to each other.

  10. Am I the only person that finds this infuriating? “10:30 PM BBT – Frankie thinks it’s ridiculous that Donny thinks he has any fans.” I can’t wait until he, Derrick, and Christine find out that how many fans Donny really has. Obviously Frankie thinks way too highly of himself.

    • I can’t wait to see his face when they announce AFP. I just wish I could see it when he reads what ppl really think of him. He should film his reaction to fan sites and put it on his youtube chanel. I’d subscribe to that.

      • Don’t get too excited, Frankie will probably win AFP. His sister had a bunch of mindless tweens that will click a link on her twitter and vote for her brother to win. Considering she has more than 3 times the viewing audience of BB following her on social media, it might be hard to beat Frankie in any vote from the “viewers”.

      • We should send everyone in our address book a link and ask them to help us get the money for Donny as he needs it for eye surgery.

      • I will be pissed. It’s obvious that BB fans don’t like him. That’s why it was unfair for him to be there to begin with. I don’t want to see a wealthy person win.

      • I don’t think it’s really ‘fair’ for him to be there either, considering he is the one who told everyone how many ‘followers’ he has. It’s like instant votes! I don’t care how much $ he has or doesn’t have. He def. has an unfair advantage. That’s probably 1/3 of the reason he mention’s his sister so much – so he’ll get HER fans to vote for him too. He think’s he’s America’s Sweetheart. Can’t stand his pompous a**. Someone else wrote in here he is like 31 acting as if he were 21 and I laughed, and completely agree!!

      • Way I hear it “little sister” is not happy with the way Frankie is presenting himself on BB . He sure is an embarrassment for her and her family.

      • I wonder if she feels that way or if her management team feels that way. I don’t think it would stop her from tweeting a link to vote for him.

      • If Frank should win we can let him know his sister won for him and we that watched voted for Donny .

      • And judging by his attitude about himself, he will just think we are “haters” and are jealous because of his fame. That’s generally what someone with such an inflated sense of ego would do.

    • It really just shows how delusional he is. He should know that fans voted for him, Donny, and Derrick to be on TA, so that should tell him that all 3 of them are the most popular in the house right now with the fans. He obviously doesn’t realize that the only reason he’s on the team is because of his sister’s fans, and that Derrick and Donny actually have BB fans that really like them or their game.

  11. I liked Cody when he first came into the house. The more he has hung around Christine, the more I have grown to dislike him. Her nastiness has rubbed off on him…no pun intended!!

  12. This is just my 3rd season of BB. It is boring! It is the worst season. Even last year was better. Derrick tells them what to do. It is not BB16, it is the Derrick show.

    If Cody was smart, which he is not. He make a big move!

      • Right, the most boring and predictable. Although not the worst. Last year takes the cake with all the disgusting HGs. The group this year is catching up to them with the exception of Donny and Nicole.

      • Even last year had some excitement. I mean does any HG have a mind for themselves. All they do is what Derrick wants and says. I have stop watching!

      • Even last year knucklehead Gina Marie made some moves on her own. I can’t believe that these houseguests are going to continue to do whatever they are told without questioning who is telling them to do it. Lets just hope this week Derrick decides its time to move against Frankie.

      • Derrick has played such a good game for himself so far, he has passed over from good gamer to boring gamer. At least Dan had to mix it up once in a while. I did read that Donny told Nicole if he goes to jury he will tell everyone not to vote for Derrick because he hasn’t won very much and at least Frankie has won 4 HOH’s.

      • Derrick hasn’t really made any big moves. He couldn’t even Christine to throw the BoB. The thing is on BB the jury talks.

      • I think that is the biggest flaw in his game. He does everything so behind the scenes, but at some point he is going to have to convince the jury, including at least 5 alliance members, that he was pulling the strings. That will be difficult because egos like Caleb and Frankie won’t see it that way, especially since most votes are unanimous and involved all alliance members working together.

      • Nah it won’t be difficult, Look at how Hayden saw the picture of Derrick, he said it live in the jury house that Derrick is a master manipulator. Once he stands to talk to the jury he will convince them that every move he made was his own masqueraded as theirs and will just bring up an example of one to help them see the difference. It’s like seeing a magic trick, your at first mesmerized but then you ask to see it again and you show it again and they believe it.

      • I still don’t think Derrick will make it to the finals. His game has been so good, eventually someone will notice and take him out, I’m guessing around final 5 or 4.

      • See Derrick is going to have a hard time with the jury. These HG have to realize they still have convince a jury!

      • I think if he reveals in his final speech that he was an undercover cop it might make sense to them how he really orchestrated every eviction behind the scenes. Everybody thinks he will have a hard time because Dan lost lost to Ian for that reason. I don’t think that jury would have been bitter if he wasn’t swearing on the Bible, his grandpa, and anything else sacred to him. I don’t think any of them could sink that low. Derrick’s game hasn’t been that dirty, and he’s actually been nice to them on their way to jury. So, in the end they will see it as game play and not take it personal.

      • I think if he reveals in his final speech that he was an undercover cop it might make sense to them how he really orchestrated every eviction behind the scenes. Everybody thinks he will have a hard time because Dan lost lost to Ian for that reason. I don’t think that jury would have been bitter if he wasn’t swearing on the Bible, his grandpa, and anything else sacred to him. I don’t think any of them could sink that low. Derrick’s game hasn’t been that dirty, and he’s actually been nice to them on their way to jury. So, in the end they will see it as game play and not take it personal.

  13. “Frankie thinks it’s ridiculous that Donny thinks he has any fans” – Frankie is such a disgusting human being

    • You said it! The way Frankie treated Zach speaks volumes. Nice to his face, being malicious toward him when others are around, talking crap about him behind his back, then nice to his face again…then being nice again in his ‘final message’. If anyone out there still likes Frankie – I hope they can open their eyes and see him for who he really is. Disgusting.

    • It is disgusting to think that Frankie ever had fans. Even more disgusting if he has any after the game.

    • Frankie is a 31 year old man trying to pretend hes 21. Hes a braggart Hes 2 faced Hes not cute Hes not sexy Hes not even that talented….. He is so self absorbed which makes him a complete jerk (best term to use in my post or get it deleted)

      • This is a shout out to Andy from last year- You make gay look good -Frank is the most awful ” thing” that has ever been on BB.

  14. Last nite was the 2nd time that Derrick was made aware of Donny being a favored HG outside the house. Nicole told him that in her interviews she was asked about Donny several times and he was really popular. Derrick was mulling the info over and I just wonder how he plans to use it..

  15. Cody is going to do whatever Derrick tells him to do, since he doesn’t have the mind to do anything on his own. Still can’t believe he won HoH. Donny and Nicole pretty much know they’ll be the ones going on the block per Derrick’s plan, but will vote out Donny if Donny doesn’t win Veto.

  16. “Don’t think I’m not going to nominate Frankie if I win HOH. I’m going to nominate him.” – Cody last week. Shocker! Cody won’t do what he says he’s going to do.

    • He’s a ‘wuss’. No backbone. He will do whatever Derrick says. These people don’t even want to try to think for themselves.

  17. Derrick’s sidekick stayed in the room wondering what his family thinks of him. Wondering if he should start playing HIS game because his last HOH was a waste. He needed clarity and didn’t need Frankie to cloud his judgement. And sharing a private room with a married woman is going waaay beyond… He may (MAY) be taking what Donny said to heart now. There is no way Cody will win against Derrick.

    Let’s give Cody a glimmer of hope. After-all, he realize that he doesn’t have a superhero name.

  18. These HG’s are so blind! The fact that Derrick is already dictating that ‘no one is allowed to speak to Nicole…especially behind closed doors…’ ah, hello?! Do these people not see they are being manipulated. Big bad Derrick is scared that if people speak to Nicole that she will expose him. There is NO way Derrick can control (for the longevity) Nicole or Donny exposing him. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would matter anyway! Everyone will STILL vote how Derrick wants. They can’t ‘win’.

    • Derrick has already done such a good job of making everyone think that Nicole and Donny are lying about everything, I don’t know if anyone would believe them at all.

      • I agree! BUT…if Donny/Nicole band together and give out the ‘right’ information then they may have a chance. They would have to expose Derrick for everything…and the fact that he (Derrick) has a F2 with like 4 of the HG’s. 5 people aren’t making it to final 2! Plus..if Donny/Nicole would open everyone’s eyes and MAKE them realize … gee, who hasn’t been up for nomination? The fact that Derrick has not even once been mentioned to go on the block SHOULD be a red flag to these people. Maybe they will realize the manipulation and that Derrick is a threat. Further, they could say that the jury members would def. vote for Derrick to win overall b/c Derrick will say “I played the best game”… it’s like handing him the 500k. These people need to open their mouths and be smart about it!

      • If I were Derrick and manipulating everyone in the house, I would just convince them that Donny and Nicole are desperate and desperate people do desperate things. I still think the only way to convince the others of Derrick’s double dealing is to get a couple of them in a room without Derrick there and get them to compare notes. But if Derrick is there he will shut it down quick.

      • That would be a great strategy. Like you said, if D found out people were behind closed doors w/ Donny/Nicole he would def. shut it down! I just hope the other HG’s are willing to at least hear Donny/Nicole out.

      • They would never believe them. Derrick has them so misted that they can’t see it. Once again, this is really Derrick’s HOH..not Cody’s..Cody is alot of action. He has become a major disappointment with me.

  19. Cody has wanted to target Frankie for a while. Lets see if he can actually follow through with that. The only problem for Donny is, he started campaigning for Zach to stay and evicting Cody. So Cody knows Donny is targeting him as well. What will Derrick decide to do with Cody’s HOH nominations.

      • He might, but I don’t think we would see that until after veto is won and depending on who won it. If Nic or Don win veto that would be the perfect excuse to nominate and blindside Frankie.
        Note: Can we start using the term blindside when referring to Frankie instead of backdoor, it just seems a less graphic.

      • I just read it. People are entitled to their own opinions is how I feel ;) Maybe CBS wanted someone ‘eccentric’ like that on the show for diversity. Frankie DOES say a LOT of graphic sexual things on live feeds/after dark. It’s completely not necessary. He has a very dirty mouth (and i’m not talking about general swear words!) CBS only broadcasts a tiny bit of it. Showing Frankie slap Caleb’s butt. Frankie mentioning having s*x with Caleb when he got his hair cut etc… Frankie doesn’t have to cram it down everyone’s throats is my opinion.

  20. So, this open door policy that they have now…once Donny and Nicole leave, are they going to have permission from Kings Derrick and Frankie to close the BH room door then? Never seen a cast that runs their mouths like these do.

      • That is what makes the game fun..players going behind a closed door to talk strategy. How can these HG’s be that stupid to not realize that they have been controlled by Derrick and Frankie the entire’s really pathetic. The only one who knew was Donny..and look where that got him.

    • I thought that Brit and Ragan were pretty bad when they did their “Rachel hate show at 12 am” Britt and Ragan were horrible.

  21. I think the big problem is most of these HG have never watched BB. So they are just following what Derrick says. He probably told them, stick with me and we will get to the end all together. They probably don’t even realize that the last night there are only 2 people left. They are clueless

    • I know Victoria has no clue or either she needs an award for the role she has played. If hers is an act give her the Oscar cause she has out done Frank.

      • Agreed, if this is an act and she really has even half a brain, then standing ovation and slow clap for her.

      • Watching Vic play last weeks POV, I don’t see her acting. I just kept saying what a waste of a body with Zach sitting on sidelines. Vic thinks that having the POV handed to her in week 3 was hard work.

  22. This is kind of ‘off topic’ but was everyone else loving the self love Victoria was displaying while she was casting her vote. She was staring into that mirror hardcore. I look forward to it every Thursday. This self appointed ‘princess’ looks like Shrek. What kind of mirrors do they have in that room?!

      • you’re right… she is female! I remembered b/c they broadcast (i swear on purpose) a long shot of her with WHITE heels and a black floor length dress. stay classy victoria.

      • First of all, I have seen what and who you comment about. Second, you shouldn’t be so worried about what one person has to say. Third, I am entitled to my own opinions – as is everyone else, including yourself. These HG put themselves in the public eye – leaving them open to criticism etc… I have not nice things to say about Victoria b/c she has proven to be an unkind person. Further, don’t put words in my mouth. I never stated I “hated” anyone. It’s a game – I watch it for entertainment and come on the blogs to read commentary. You don’t need to read my posts or respond. You singled me out b/c I posted something in response to YOUR post on the page about Nomination Anticipation.

      • Did you? Was it about how disgusting someone is? Or was it calling someone fake? Honestly don’t know what you said.
        And I’m not singling you out. You are one of many on this site that only bash the houseguests, as if they did something to you. Lots of unwarranted hate in the comment sections…

      • I respect your opinions and you can say whatever you want to say about the HG’s…but so can others. I don’t only bash the HG – I comment on strategy as well. It’s an entertainment show, they open themselves up to ridicule and criticism. I am not going to go back and forth with anyone though about how or what I choose to comment on. I am going to stick to the game/houseguests, thanks.

  23. ha ha ha ha, i love it when a production twist is rendered useless. HG’s rule this year ! Down with interference !

  24. I know it’s a game but there is a difference in playing the game and being out right mean and nasty. This group appears to be the worse group, they actually made my decision to cancel my recording schedule for big brother. The recorded show I fast forwarded when any of those were talking. Sad season.

  25. I started watching the live feed. I turned it off.Same old Same old. Sure with Donny could have pulled it off.

  26. The difference between this being an absolutely exciting week and a kind of boring week was a few seconds. Had Donny won HOH, right now we would be watching everyone scramble, but instead we will watch Derrick reel everyone in and control Cody’s HOH. Oh well, a change would have been nice.

    • I would like all the cameras on him when he finds out. They stay on him anyway. His face when Donny wins AFP would be priceless. LOL

  27. I can’t wait for that douchebag Frankie to get out and see popularity polls for this season. His cocky, ridiculous head will explode to find out that he was at the bottom for the entire season! I just hope Ariana stays out of it and doesn’t call on her fans to vote or Donny won’t have a prayer of winning AFP! I will be voting for him for sure! I hate everyone else left besides him and Nicole.

      • Anyone that watches or reads reaps of the feeds knows that those people are horrible and Derrick is the absolute worst. Preening in the DR while acting like Hitler with the house. I thought this group was better than last year but they aren’t. I’m done when Donny is because the rest are just mean, hateful, ugly people who don’t deserve to win $500,000 for their behavior. I’d be embarrassed if I was closely related to any of them.

      • While these may not be the nicest people they are waaaay better than last year in attitude towards each other. Last year they were the most hateful spiteful people since evil Dick. I would love another all-star and see Derrick compete against real BB players. These people don’t have a clue and the ones that do waited too long to get together to stop him. Bunch of idiots playing.

      • Wow. You’re a hateful person.
        Comparing someone to Hitler? Calling someone a douchebag?
        Newsflash: you’ve never met these people.

      • Guess what? They went on tv and I watch so I can say whatever the hell I want to about them based on their actions in the house. Yes if you watch the feeds, Derrick is acting like Hitler forbidding anyone from talking to Nicole or Donny behind a closed door or they’ll be a target. He’s drunk on power (just like Hitler) and is losing it. If you don’t like what I have to say, move on.

      • Yea well I’m just saying based on your posts, you’re a hateful person, and probably a bummer to be around.
        But keep watching the feeds 24/7, I mean, you might miss out on not enjoying it…

      • You also seem to forget this is a “TV show” first and a “game” second. BB producers ask them questions in DR to get the reactions you so despise. They also try to create comps to have the person they want to win actually win. They plant things in peoples minds in the DR or call them down for stuff they have done.

      • I’m talking about how he acts outside the DR because he is the biggest, craziest douchebag in the house right now but goes into the DR and lies and preens like people aren’t seeing the rest. I don’t buy into the edited CBS version which is why I love the internet.

      • I do think CBS has given him a good edit. They didn’t show how he really treated Zach when they were outside and Zach was campaigning to Caleb. They seem to keep most of the horrible things he says off tv.

  28. If Frankie hasn’t stooped to a new low then check this out, last night 3am in the HOH room obviously the topic of Donny came up and I was shocked to hear this coming from this egomaniac,

    ‘Frankie starts counting the bird houses. They talk about how Donny’s brother has an IQ of 142. He is a genius. Derrick says Donny also said he took the test too but didn’t say his score. Caleb says he said that his brother who has no arms took apart a computer and put it back together. He is literally a genius. (((Frankie says he is apparently magic too))). Derrick says if Donny wins the veto I am literally going to bow down to him. Cody says f**k that noise. I hate you! Christine says I hate your guts so much! Derrick says in the diary room I was blowing you over you winning the HOH. Frankie says yeah I was blowing the camera. Derrick tells Cody in his nomination speech he should say “I know you didn’t like the skittles thing last week, so I thought I would switch it up… your M&M got pulled! Take a seat.” Cody asks is that an a$$hole move? Frankie says we are a$$holes! That’s who we are! Derrick says I don’t hate Donny, I actually like him. Christine asks you like him?! I hate him!! Cody says he called me stupid today and I graduated from one of the top business schools in the country. I am literally pissed about that.’

    Does this guy have any humanity in his body to discredit someone’s family member and referring to them as non existent or as he calls it “Magic”??? This should be posted up everywhere and the exact clip of this whole conversation highlighted on the part where he thinks a disabled loved one is “Magic”. This guy makes me sick literally and this is an all time new low. Evil Dick on his late night show labelled Frankie as there is now BB HGs that holds a candle to this guy as being the worst BB player in the history of the game and if Evil Dick is saying that and this was 3 nights ago, I’d love to hear what he has to say about him now if he gets a chance to hear this as well.

    • IMO (we all have one) Donny stands for what Frankie hates about the average male. He has a regular job, he’s smart and he’s comfortable in his life which is something Frankie will never be. Donny will be quite happy going back to his regular life and Frankie will never be happy.

      • True words more brighter then the sun and your absolutely right. He will never be happy and I hope he gets a rude awakening when he gets out from all the family members he’s verbally abused without them there to defend themselves.

      • That’s is going to be quite interesting when they get out into the real world and the reception they are going to get. Donny will return to his loving family and a job he loves. Christine to a disgruntled husband and the church she is worried about. How unhappy can you be to “hate” everything and everyone (other than Cody). She will be shocked how many people loves Donny and can’t stand her. Frankie, this media mogul may get the biggest shock. He is so vile and disgusting. He is going to be hurt to see that he is not liked as he thinks he is, can’t hide behind your sister’s fame forever. Should have stayed on YouTube. He is going “hate” Donny even more when he finds out Donny is who is and still loved by many.

      • GeorgiaSmilez you just put a huge smile on my face, your words really cheered me up and make me hope in anticipation for finale night and their exit interviews. This will be more gratifying then when Julie Chen interviewed Aaryn when she was evicted and caught her reaction. Expect for jaws to drop and tears to flood the room and with that mirage-like apologies for us watching but personally I won’t buy it, I’d like to see them show up on the Afterbuzz and see them answer questions from people online there and the hosts and then take a crack at Evil Dick’s show and see if they can take the heat.

      • Frankie is so egotistical… I really believe he will just think people who are ‘against’ him are just haters. I think he will only pay attention to the positive press/followers. I bet his show or youtube or whatever he thinks he’s famous for will get a LOT of new followers… and I’m not talking fans!!

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