Big Brother 16: HGs Catch On To Donny’s Attempts To Flip The House

Donny Thompson is easily one of the most aware and observant Houseguests on Big Brother 16, but unfortunately that knowledge has been coupled with a stunted social game and lack of true alliances. With the writing clearly visible on the wall and those same walls closing in, Donny made a valiant effort to find an ally this week. Unfortunately, his options weren’t too receptive.

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16
Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

On Tuesday Donny caught up with Cody while everyone else was asleep. Flashback to around 10:20AM BBT 8/19 to watch their lengthy talk. I was highly doubtful of its potential, but what else has Donny got to lose? Donny did what he could to try and convince Cody that he was being used as a pawn in Derrick’s game and Derrick has F2 with everyone in there. Donny also points out that Frankie has Caleb under his control.

Cody leaves and whispers under his breath that Donny is wrong about everything. Actually, he was pretty darn spot on with most of it. Later that night Cody told Derrick that he needed to tell him about his talk with Donny. But then the weird thing was he never gave Derrick the details, he just let it go. Well, at least on Tuesday he did.

Wednesday afternoon around 12:20 PM BBT Donny sits with Christine and has a very similar talk with her. I have even less faith in the potential here. Donny gives her his reasoning on why she should team up with him rather than going out on the bottom of the totem pole.

Let’s be honest. Christine has no one here. She thinks she has Cody, but Cody is much tighter with Derrick. She thinks she has Frankie, but Frankie would definitely pick Caleb over her. Christine is the odd-HG out and she’s lining herself up to be Britney’d. She doesn’t see it though.

Not long after (2:35PM BBT) Christine runs to Cody, jumps in his bed with a big hug of course, and then tells him everything. It’s only at this point that Cody reveals he’s had the same talk with Donny. Derrick is sleeping in the bed next to them and around 3:10PM BBT they tell Derrick what’s been going on.

Alliance Meeting time! Jump to 3:32PM BBT as Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Frankie, and Christine gather in the HoH room to discuss. Cody spills all the beans but it’s interesting that he uses the cover story that Donny suggested in case anyone came out back on Tuesday: he just got up to brush his teeth.

Along the way Frankie mentions that he had a similar talk earlier on Wednesday as well. In that talk Donny told Frankie he hoped Frankie would get to the F2 so others would have a chance at America’s Favorite Player and the $25K prize with it.

The eventual decision is that they should not call out Donny on his efforts. That gives me a glimmer of hope that someone in the group thinks maybe there’s some remote chance they might need to make the leap, but I’d say that’s a very, very small hope.

In a fun wrap-up to the alliance’s get together Donny pops in on the group and they all scatter just as fast as they can like someone turned the lights on in the basement. It’s incredibly obvious as he walks in to the HoH room (wisely he didn’t wait to knock). “What in the world is going on?” says Donny as he arrives. Hah! He knows exactly what’s going on.

This really didn’t do anything to hurt Donny’s game. He’s the target and he knows it. Donny also knows he can’t likely get to F2 if it means having to win HoHs and PoVs back to back every week. It was a good thing to try and I certainly don’t fault him for it.

When tonight’s twist hits we’ll see who is coming back and they will have to team up with Donny. If one of those two can wrestle control from the larger alliance then we could get some fireworks this week. Fingers crossed for some fun on the Live Feeds this weekend!


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  1. Or was Donny looking for 2 who would help vote to keep Zach in? If he were able to accomplish that and then Hayden or Nicole came back, they’d be a team of 3……..I think his best bets would have been Caleb and Victoria….he could easily fool those two….Caleb is already on stealth spy missions…..and he could tell Vic that she really was America’s sweetheart up to the hat incident, and that a big apology to Zach would bring her back to sweetheart status…..

    • I disagree, if you remember, Caleb is actually the one who knocked some sense into Derrick and the rest of the detonators weeks back when they were going to vote out on of their own. When approached, he immediately shot down the idea because they should keep their numbers. Victoria is mindless, she has a crush on Derrick it seems… Cody and Christine would of been the best bet but sadly, Donny’s attempt failed.

      I am with you though, hoping something interesting will happen… like most of us! :(

      • Valid points, but Cody is up, so he has no vote and Christine won’t vote against Cody….I was just thinking he needed to sway 2 people just for the eviction vote, not keep them on his team…..but you are right….it’s not gonna happen any which way….but, maybe a twist of some sort….NO EVICTION(due to Christine’s bone game cheat and Frankie’s informing the re nominee?) AND a returning houseguest????!!!!!! One can only dream!

      • Yes, this week it would be impossible to sway the vote. Christine would never vote out Cody, they are simply too close and he’s one of her alliance members. The best bet to get her vote is put up Cody and Derrick after return of a HG aligns with Donny. They would then only need one vote to have a tie breaker and send home Derrick. Frankie, Caleb or Victoria… Horrible people to try and turn. As I said earlier in a post, I would definitely threaten Victoria to vote Donny’s way or else, be put on block. She is weak, guarantee her safety and hope she obeys.

      • Put up Derprick and Fakie. If one comes down put up their minion. Derprick = NoBallsCody Fakie = CrazedCaleb. And let the house know before the POV that if one comes off a minion goes up just don’t say who it will be. They’ll trip over themselves running away from Derprick and Fakie. Then sit back and watch the fun.

    • I’d say Donny was looking for both. If he could save Zach by flipping ppl, great, but his top priority is keeping his butt safe and he needs an ally to help make that happen.

      In his talk with Christine he did say that something might need to happen before Thurs which meant flipping the vote, but there is -10% chance that Christine would vote out Cody.

      • Donny knows the game….he is pretty sure someone is coming back this week (his new ally is Zack, but if Zack leaves only to come back, they are still only two)…he really needed just to flip the vote so they would be 3 strong….without a vote flip, it will still only be a team of 2…..we need a MAJOR twist tonight, or Donny is in bigger trouble than he has been.

      • Donny has been getting into their heads all week. CrazedCaleb is now crawling around trying to listen in on convos so you know he thinks somethings up. Of course according to hi–he’s “Not the brightest bulb in the electrical box”. VapidVic actually questioned Derprick on why he doesn’t hang out with her and is always with Cody now.

        Derprick and Fakie are getting paranoid. Even if Donny can’t stay past next week his little talks are having an affect on the whole house. ZachAttack is an In Your Face assault. DonnyAttack is to get into your head. Imagine how good his game would have been if anyone would have talked/listened to him these past months.

    • Not Caleb….gotta have a famous sister for that. As long as Frankie is in the house, I don’t think it will be possible for anyone to count on the BMC.

  2. I don’t really agree that Donny has been all that “observant and aware”. I mean he is now and he did an incredible job on the BOTB competition but I think it’s a little too little, little too late. Something tells me that if he had been as “observant and aware” on the 2nd week of the show as he is now, he wouldn’t be in his current predicament. Don’t get me wrong….Donny’s likeable but I just don’t see him as the awesome strategist/gamer that many people tend to project/wish on to him.

    • Donny hasn’t had the best strategy, but he has been very aware of the reality of the game and its alliances.

      All the way back to when he got in trouble early in the game after trying to rally HGs in the Hive he’s been correctly assessing who is with who and what’s going on. He doesn’t buy people’s bullshit the same as others.

      I don’t think Donny is a master strategist, nor did I claim that in the article. However, I do think he’s followed the golden rule in BB of “talk less, listen more.” He’s learned a lot by following that guide.

      That’s why I say he’s been one of the most observant and aware HGs this season.

      • I guess I agree with your assessment and he IS starting to grow on me. But I do think he started “playing” way too late in that so far he’s done little with all that information and those observations. And I find myself warring against the people who fervently believe that because Donny is the most likeable, he therefore deserves to win, when Derrick is by far playing the best game on all levels and yet seems to be universally vilified for it. People even seem to change their minds about guests based on how the guest TREATS Donny. To me that’s good old American mob mentality at its finest.

      • Oh and of course I’m not referring to you personally Matt, but I’ve sure you’ve seen some of the ridiculous and unfounded attributes that Donny is credited with in the live feed chat rooms. I once referred to him as a “hick” (hell, I’m from the south and am a hick myself) and you should have seen how crazy the room got. If those ppl had been physically near me, I think I would have been lynched.

      • Oh, say nothing but kind things about Donny otherwise you’re a person of bad character & judgment. ;) It’s ridiculous… & as you explained, he’s ‘likable’ but who cares?? When has it ever been acceptable that the most Likable HG should win BB?? His supporters, & there is no short supply, give the perception that this guy is Genius & should also be considered for Sainthood because he does nO wrong. ;) Again, I do like Donny… I reeaaally do, people! lol Still…

      • I am a big supporter of Donny (for AFP) and Derrick. I actually enjoy the way Derrick lets them think something is his idea. I truly wish the 2 of them had teamed up in the beginning. Derrick should win IF they get Frankie and Donny out. Otherwise it will be somebody who hasn’t played a good game.

      • No worries, I knew you meant in general and that’s certainly been going on with some folks.

        Some of the HGs have been brute forcing they’re way through with no direction while Donny has direction, but hasn’t known what to do with that info.

      • He has to have someone to share info with. He is smart enough to realize there is no one he can trust. So exactly what is he suppose to do with it?

      • I agree. Donny’s had no real strategic or social game. Besides his great diary room sessions and the fact that he’s won some comps (which he wouldn’t have been desperate to do if he’d had game), I don’t understand the fuss over this guy. I can’t believe how biased and unrealistic so many people on this blog are. The whole premise of this show is to watch the social experiment of putting a group of strangers in a house for 90 days without any outside contact. People are gonna lose their minds when that happens and do all sorts of things they wouldn’t normally do.

        Instead of understanding that, everyone is judging them and making it out like they are bad people. Get over it! They also act like the players know everything that’s going on in the game, only they don’t, cause they don’t get to see other people’s diary room sessions or every single conversation that goes on in the house, like we see on the feeds, so their decisions are not as informed as ours would be looking from the outside in.

        The fact that everyone is bad mouthing Derrick, who is hands down one of the single best players ever in BB history (I’ve been watching since Season 1) and praising one of the worst (Donny), is a sign to me that people really just don’t get the premise of this game at all! It’s not a likeability contest people – it’s a strategic one, and sometimes to win you have to do things that you wouldn’t do in real society.

      • In no universe has Donny played the worst game. I will give you Derrick has played the best game, but almost every other HG has played worse than Donny. Do you really think Cody and Victoria have played better?

      • If Derrick was playing against a house that could actually think for themselves he would have been out a while back

      • She’s right about everything except the part about Donny being the worst. Plus your also right that in no way on this earth that Cody or Victoria played a better game then Donny even if they were in the dark and had night-vision goggles they still wouldn’t have the foresight and strength that Donny has in this game.

      • So because we have a different opinion then yours we’re biased and unrealistic? Sounds like you’re the one doing the judging.

      • Do you call being on the block five times and getting off not playing the game. Do you call winning POV challenges not playing the game? Do you call still being there knowing that the WHOLE house has ganged up on you and have one everything possible to destroy your game – and you are still there not playing the game. What BB are you watching? Having a little mob of people that move around and play as one unit is playing the game? Having four brainless, non-competitive players that are useless and are doing nothing – that’s playing the game? Having a group of people throwing comps continuously is called “playing” the game. The premise of this game is to PLAY it not just go around with your head up each other’s ass.

      • Actually that IS the very premise of BB. Yes,it seems like everyone kisses everyone’s ass. But that is what they call,”A social game.” Sure,there are other things that make up a good social game. But,that is indeed one of them. so yea,throwing comps,working as a unit,and using those numbers in your favor the way they have been doing is playing the game(socially) more than anything else they could possibly be doing. It may not require much physical game,but that’s the idea. It happens every year,this exact way.

      • This is very informative. Thank you for explaining the ‘premise of the game”. I thought it was a likeability contest….thank you again.

      • I think being nominated 5 times and saving yourself and still remaining in the house when you’ve been a target since week one speaks for itself.

      • Yeah, it sounds like someone with a terrible social game. Don’t get me wrong. Donny is an AMAZING competitor.

      • I did have hope when Donny began talking to hayden and Nichol. The problem was, Donny knew then Derrick was running the show, but for some strange reason, Donny did not really correct Hayden and Nichol who really thought Frankie was. If they would have gone for Derrick then instead, things would have been different. Hayden and Nichol would not have teamed up with Derrick and Cody. Hayden knew after the fact. Not sure why Donny did not correct them.

      • Donny wasn’t sure he could trust them and he did put feelers out to them but they wouldn’t accept that Derprick was the mastermind. And KnowNothingNic always ended up spilling the beans when questioned by Derprick. Even apologized to Derprick for doubting him.

      • Your nic-names are ruining these boards. You’ve been trying them out all season and none of them have stuck. Who in the world, prey tell, is KnowNothingNic? Nicole? Does that really even apply?

      • If you don’t like the nicknames then don’t use them. I find it interesting that you think that these nicknames are ruining the boards. Other nicknames are used by other people. Can I assume you have no problem with them? I never speak about an HG’s looks, characteristics like a laugh, or not blowing their nose, etc. Yet those personal comments are made regularly by many others and yet you do not take issue with those comments. And yes for most of the game she was KnowNothingNic because no matter what Hayden or Donny told her or what she saw for herself she would ignore it.

    • I completely agree with this and it’s amazing that no one else talks about this just because they love the guy so much. I like Donny as much as the next person, but the fact is that he waited too long to try get people on his side. I think it’s funny that for all of the non social gaming Donny has done up until now no one likes to call him out for it and just wants to throw a pity party for him. While on the flip side everyone wants to hate on Derrick when he has been masterful at his social game play. Derrick not only makes moves without having to actually make moves, but he also works the people being evicted so that he will have their vote when they get to jury. The dude is killing it but everyone wants to hate because he knows Donny is his biggest threat and wants to get him out next.

      • Derrick has made alliances with Donny twice and then minutes later he would convince someone to put them on the block. Derrick has lied as much as Frankie has to Zach. In my perfect world, Donny and Derrick would be final 2 and I really don’t care which order. But I am not going to say Derrick has played a perfect social game because he did not play the game perfectly with Donny. He isolated him and kept the target on him. Everytime Donny would get an aliiance with someone then he would have them voted out: Jacosta, Hayden, Nicole, Zach. Donny is a great player because he is still there and still encouraging others every week while the heat is on him every minute of the game.

      • Exactly. Donny has been a target from day one. And he’s still there. He had alliances and like you said they would get voted out. He’s saved himself from being on the block 5 times. He can’t do anything when you have the entire house of meatheads against you. He also knows what’s going on and that’s why Derrick is so afraid of him. Besides he’s polite, nice and that’s why I think Donny deserves to be in the end.

      • Have you forgotten that this whole season if you were caught talking with Donny for even 5 minutes Derprick and Fakie would claim you were in an alliance with him? And now you had a target on your back. How can you get people on your side when everyone is afraid to talk with you? The only time people would talk with Donny was when they knew they were on their way out. Derprick and Fakie totally isolated him this whole season.

    • I remember Donny saying to Jacosta weeks ago “there goes the mastermind” as derrick walked by them. He knows and everybody in jury knows. Unlike BB15, I don’t think Judd came back with the knowledge of who truly has the power.

    • I think Donny is the most observant since day one, so I will disagree. I will agree however, that he is a little too late. That said, rallying this house to vote out the people he knows has been a bit impossible. So, he could of tried earlier on to oust some of the big 6 but would it really of mattered? I think him and most the houseguests, especially the girls not working together is really the big failure of the season — not Donny. He aligned themselves with the females but they were too gaga and trusting of the other boys.

      He has had a bad hand from the get go, unlike let’s say Christine? She just happens to be in the right room at the right time when alliances are formed.

    • I agree… not to mention the tons of useful information provided to him by Hayden, whilst still in the game. On those early mornings lounging in the backyard, Hayden would often give him the lowdown on who the ‘ringleader’ was, who was closest, other miscellaneous facts. I even recall Donnie thanking him & admitting that he would never know these things because he had no personal/working relationship w/the others. Now, this isn’t to say that Donnie doesn’t have some good observational & discernment skills but he has also been provided w/some hefty info that has helped his views/judgment.

    • Donny has been aware since day one. He observed instead of talking all the time. The only ones that paid attention to him were Hayden, Nicole, Brittany and Jocasta. And since all the meatheads controlled the HOH’s Donny never had a chance. He just needs to keep winning until the meatheads start turning on each other.

      • But that’s the problem. “He observed instead of talking.” That’s not a good social game and it makes you pretty hard to trust.

    • Besides Derrick, who do you think is the most observant in the group? Cody? OMG ! Caleb? Good Lord! Victoria? Christine? He’s not the most sociable person but if he was in a major alliance, his intuition would be an asset to that alliance.

    • lmao seriously??? What other HG is aware that they are being played by Derrick?? This is one more dim witted bunch of people if it . Zach knows it but hes leaving so he don’t count..

    • People don’t realize that you can love Donny as a character while still not being a fan of his gameplay. The fiction some of these commenters make up is hilarious.

  3. “In a fun wrap-up to the alliance’s get together Donny pops in on the
    group and they all scatter just as fast as they can like someone turned
    the lights on in the basement.” Like cockroaches! Zing!

  4. The returning HG might take a look around and decide it’s a better idea to help get Donny out instead of tilting at windmills.

    • That’s why zach coming back would be best for Donny as he will have the freshest reasons for sticking with Donny

    • That’s what I think will happen. Zach might now be the only guy who will think for himself and try to get the bomb squad (or whatever they’re called) out after they stuck a knife in his back. Imagine Jocasta ended up winning? Lol. At least she would 100% be on Donny’s side

    • I don’t think the two people who commented really read your comment correctly. The only way the returning HG will team up with Donny would be if that person and/or Donny wins HOH. Otherwise, you are correct, they would be best served to try and do what the house wants and get Donny out this week, and then hopefully win HOH next week. Overall, I think the returning HG has a very tough road ahead of them unless Donny or them wins HOH tonight.

      • Never a good idea to do “what the house wants” when you’re not the one running the house.

      • doing what the house wants is exactly why this season has been the most boring and predictable BB ever not 1 person besides Donny has had any balls to go against King Derrick

      • You people think every season is the most boring season ever. If you can honestly say this season was worse than last season then be my guest.

      • There not going to do what the house wants. That would be stupid since the house voted them out.

    • How is that a good idea? S/he will just end up being next week’s target if they got out Donny. S/he is already on the outs with the rest of the house so s/he will need any number available.

    • Why? If Hayden or Zach or even Nicole come back they’re going to team up with Donny and go after the other side. They would be stupid not to.

      • Who said these HG aren’t stupid? Unless Donny or the returning HG wins HOH, he has nothing to offer.

  5. Kinda pulling for Hayden or Zach. Both of those will team up with Donny and both them have a better chance at winning comps. I don’t see Nicole lasting too long if she were the one to come back.

    Let’s pretend Jacosta isn’t even in the mix to come back. That would just be terrible. XD

    • I would be a little concerned if Zach comes back in..he may run right back to Frankie..Frankie would get that mist out and spray Zach right in the face!

      • Yes. Remember when Nicole was up for eviction and she had persuaded Zach to help her.Then as easily as she changed his mind, he was yet again convinced to go along with the guys against her. That is what worries me about Zach and why I would rather see Hayden return.

      • This jury comp is not endurance, I don’t think. Didn’t look like it..looks like luck could be involved..I really hope Jocasta does not come back in..we have already had a boring season..her coming in would be terrible!!

  6. I think Donny is very bright… he’s known he’s surrounded by people who wouldn’t know loyalty of it slapped them in the face. He’s probably too big a heart for this game.

    • Is this a joke? Look, I love Donny, too, but to say that the Detonators alliance isn’t loyal is like admitting you have no idea what’s going on in the game. This alliance has absolutely steamrolled through the whole season, and if you think the fact that every single person who has gone home wasn’t a carefully executed plan executed by this alliance and was just a coincidence then you’re not paying attention.

      Is having a huge alliance very fun to watch? No. Would it be interesting if someone outside of the alliance won HoH and finally sent a detonator home from the outside of the alliance rather than the inside? Yes. But to deny the fact that these people are so stubbornly loyal would be a lie.

      Donny is a great Big Brother character on his own. We don’t need to create fake scenarios to say good things about Donny.

  7. Pretty much from the start of the season Donny had no chance to connect with most of the other house guests because of his age and maturity level…He has been observant and aware the whole game and when he has attempted to reveal the truth to individuals on the other side they just shut him down and became more paranoid about him…remember they thought he was a part of some secret military sect???…I think Donny has played the best game that he was able to play with the circumstances given…my hope is that either Zach or Nicole come back and team up with Donny and hopefully they can shake up that stupid alliance by sending home either Christine, Frankie or Cody.

    • Donny has tried earlier in the season. Week 3 I think. He was always careful not to mention names when talking. He actually talked to Christine the week before Hayden was evicted. But he was too careful. I wish he had NEVER talked to her. If he had tried Nicole and Hayden sooner they might could have gotten Victoria and Jocasta. They don’t win comps but they vote. Now it’s too late to get Victoria. She will never betray Derrick.

  8. I would love too see 2 HG go back in and really shake things up. Not going to happen but one can dream. Reality I want Donny OR returning HG to win HOH then watch the butt-kissing start. The little roaches will be running around everywhere.

  9. This season on BB has done nothing but break rules. I can hardly watch since CBS gives “Frances” all the airtime. Please let something big happen before its too late.

    • OMG TVGN is even worse than CBS. Frankie is such a showoff when TVGN comes on. I record it now and it takes about 45 min to watch 2 hrs. Fast-forward thru Frankie, commercials, Christine and Cody fooling around. Some mornings less than that.

      • Amen to that. The camera is even on Frankie at times when someone else is speaking and he will be just sitting there making those duck faces. I had to stop watching BBAD. Hard to go to sleep so disgusted and irritated.

      • I’m SO glad I didn’t pay for live feeds…BBAD is bad enough. Susie, Brenda and KSJB, I’m with you guys…I cannot watch that camera hog anymore. He is so obnoxious! Someone should make a audio tape of Cody sucking his snot, Frankie and Icktoria chomping their food, and Christine laughing and play it on a 24 hour loop in the have-not room.

      • Me too, Sharona since I can’t even stomach BBAD anymore. My esophagus just does not need the acid reflux it produces.

      • I can’t watch TVGN. I tried last nite but watching Frankie eat made me ill. Who is he? Does he know that America can’t stand him.

      • That’s why I LOVE my DVR. Fast forward and watch the parts I like. But it’s getting to be too much work. Hoping Donny wins HOH and he puts up Frankie so he goes home.

      • Not necessarily. The returning HG is usually safe. And if they or Donny can win the POV they will both be good for another week. And with this bunch a little paranoia goes a long way so they could still have a chance.

  10. Victoria and Cody are just wasting air. Frankie is a fool. Derrick is a smart player. Caleb is Frankie’s new love interest. Christine just sits there and looks ugly. Donny knows what needs to be done but just thinks about it instead of doing it. Love Zach.

    • Yes, Zach has put on quite a bit of weight in the house so Frankie has traded him in for a new squeeze.

      • Frankie said Zach has put on a lot of weight. Zach is out, Caleb is still in. Pay attention, Sparky..

      • Your “subtle” humor could come across as slightly offensive, though I’m sure you didn’t intend for it to be. Though he’s pretty annoying, there’s a lot more going on in Frankie’s head than just staring at pretty boys all summer.

  11. People are forgetting that when Nicole and Donny were Co-HOH’s Donny kept saying that before we make a decision lets run this by Hayden. Donny also told Nicole that he wanted to work with her when she put him on the block in her first HOH. I actually think Donny has had an alliance (or maybe just that they were working together on the downlow) with Hayden from way early in the game.
    I think Donny has played true to his game plan that he had coming in to the house…which was to lay low, scope things out until he could see who was in power and then make his moves when he had someone that he could trust.
    He has won 6 comps including HOH, BOTH, and multiple POV’s.
    Donny is very observant and figured the house dynamic out very quickly.
    Christine is what screwed up Donny/Nicole’s HOH plan by not using the POV.
    Lord, please don’t even get me started on Christine. lol
    Donny or the returnee needs to win HOH or at least a POV…and if it is POV for either himself or the returning jury member…I hope it is a Diamond POV so they will have the ability to change the nominees if they don’t get the HOH win! That would be classic!!!
    Nonetheless I am #TeamDonny all the way!

  12. I’m just hoping tonight, when it is about time to vote, they tell Frankie he broke the rules and enforce the renom rule. Forcing him to replace Zach with Victoria or Derrick… Yes, I can dream you guys.

    • The renom rule is a joke. If it exists at all it is to prevent somebody winning HOH and getting in someone’s face immediately on LIVE national TV and saying “You’re IT! I’m putting you on the block!” . CBS can’t make a week’s worth of shows on that. As it was, Zach practically had to pry it out of Caleb and then Frankie which gave CBS more drama than they could have hoped for, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.Then you would get people screaming that production is protecting Zach and working to keep him in the game at all costs, which makes people stop watching when it looks fixed..

      • I know, but has been enforced once before. I am just hoping we see something worth watching for the remainder of this season, cheers! :)

  13. Donny’s strategy was to keep his mouth shut, not talk game with anybody so it couldn’t be used against him, and that wound up making people suspicious of him, particularly if he was asked a question he would always be noncommittal, so I’m not surprised that people have been suspicious of him, and even more when all of a sudden he gets pally and starts offering advice to people he hasn’t been close to. He and Devin were the first alliance in the house, the Double D’s, and Devin merc’d Donny’s game by sowing suspicions among the other HG that Donny wasn’t who he said he was, and then he flipped 180 and in his house meeting told all the HG what a great guy Donny was. What were they all to think after that, coming from Devin, the crazy bully that everybody wanted out? Unless Donny or a returning HG can pull out an HOH tonight I would say his future is severely limited, and he knows it.

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