Big Brother 16: Counting The Votes In Week 12 [POLL]

A special eviction airs on Tuesday for us but the Big Brother 16 Houseguests will face the voting drill Monday night! Find out who has the votes to stay and who is heading out the door.

Caleb Reynolds is doing some counting
Caleb Reynolds is doing some counting – Source: CBS

There are just two votes awaiting the nominees in the next eviction which means a tie-breaker could come in to play which would put Caleb on the spot. But will it come to that? Let’s discuss what’s going to happen in case it’s not totally obvious already.

Caleb is the HoH. Frankie and Victoria are on the block. That leaves Cody and Derrick to cast the only two votes this round and they know exactly what they’re going to do. No tie-breaker required this week.

A tie-breaker was actually Caleb’s suggestion to the guys. Of course they immediately declined because who would trust Mr. Waffles for something this important? Exactly.

Instead Cody and Derrick will both be voting out Frankie during the special eviction which will take place Monday in the house after the Feeds go down. We just won’t get to see it until Tuesday night’s show.

Another unanimous vote will send Frankie out the door and off to join the Jury. There’s no mystery about that for us, but Frankie seems to still be holding out a little hope. He’s spoken to the cameras that he expects to be evicted but his conversations with HGs present a sense of hope.

The real mystery is when the guys will tell Frankie. Caleb wanted to tell him right away the other day. Nope. Then they said maybe when it was the night before. Maybe. On Sunday Derrick suggested they blindside him completely. Nah, probably not. I think when Derrick says that he just wants to push off the reveal long enough for him to be the one to do it privately. Jury management, people.

So say goodbye to Frankie Grande. He’s off to meet the Jury, the wonderful Jury of BB16.


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  1. it is too bad that America’s Favorites are on the Jury. Caleb is going to try to save Frankie. Hopefully, It will be too late because unless BB has told them what to expect and how to react, tomorrow’s apparent eviction should come as a surprise. (To Caleb) (On Wednesday).

  2. Matt! The line, “He’s off to meet the Jury, the wonderful Jury of BB16” was brilliant! I have a pair of ruby slippers with your name on them—in commemoration of this season. Thanks for all of your wonderful commentary. You’ve made me laugh out loud many, many times. My line to Frankie would be (and I’ve said this before pertaining to Christine, but in honor of your comment, here goes) : You have no more power here. Now, begone before someone drops a house on you!

    • Actually, this morning I sang “Ding Dong the witch is dead”. Was thinking of the freak show veto comp, that featured Frankie in it. Reminded me of a witch. Lol

    • I can’t wait to see the jury house reaction when old twinkle toes Frankie show’s up tonight. Looks like the final 4 will have gone away party after Frankie leaves LOL.

  3. LOL! Loved the “Wizard of Oz” quote, Matt!

    As far as the eviction today, chances are there are gonna be a few people claiming to know what happened during the eviction. We know its coming – it happens every year. My advice to anybody new to these is to take it all with a grain of salt. While some of the leaks may be true, others will be highly exaggerated or taken out of context. Be careful what you read is the point I’m making here.

  4. Dear Mr. Big Brother Network Dot Com,

    Could you please post another popularity poll? How about a poll of the final 5 guests. Not anyone in the Jury. Just Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Caleb and Victoria.

    It seems some people here are just as delusional as Caleb about who the majority likes and who the majority thinks played the best game.

    It would be interesting to see their reaction.

    Thank you for an awesome season of updates, Matt. I loved the updates from Adam and feedback from other past players. Nice addition.

  5. VERY disappointed that Frankie will not receive the audience reaction he so richly deserves. His delusion that he is popular will continue for another week.

    • What is going to be funny is when he realizes how loved Donny is, and he will really have a fit when he finds out Donny is going to be on the Young and Restless. How can he think anyone likes him when he acts so silly, and is constantly jumping on everyone and just making a complete a$$ of himself. He is 31 years old and acts like he is twelve, and frankly it is sickening. He is so fake and he’s really dirty minded and he needs to realize that there is a girl left in the house, and some things he just shouldn’t say in front of her. When they were talking about the potatoes being hard,,he took it to another level, but thankfully the other guys did not pursue the issue.
      The comments he made about Victoria also should have been addressed by Big Brother and they did nothing. I think that he is jealous of Victoria because he wants to be the only princess in the house. He and Caleb are so full of themselves, and they are in for a big shock when they realize that the rest of the country does not love them like they think. The sad thing about it is that at first we did love them, but then we really got to know them, and really don’t want either one of them to win.They really do think that if they don’t win the big bucks, that at least they will win the fans choice, and that is really funny. If Frankie were to win that, we will know that Big Brother fixed him for him to win.

      • Bama, do you really believe Caleb will every realize that he is not the fan favourite? That boy is so darn thick between the ears, he didn’t even understand an outright rejection to his face by his “love interest”.
        He’ll go on forever thinking he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, he’s way to stubborn to realize anything!

      • He’s scary. I’m trying really hard to be a nice person, but I can’t bless anything about him, not even his heart.

      • sorry but I can’t “bless HIs heart. I liked Caleb at first and tried to give him every benefit of the doubt. Yet, he has no trouble putting down Derrick, Stating as fact he would beat him and referring him to a guy Victoria. If Caleb counts comps win as the one and only thing that really matters to win this game then he even doesn’t deserve it, that would be Frankie. In a house with PPL you have never met for 3 months, trying to stay trying to not be on the block, yet to not only never be out up-especially this year with 4 each week going up, never having anyone mention your name and the block is the same sentence up until Donny did, to have had the key role in each and every one going home. Not one person in that house even thought or consider cross referencing their talks with Derrick. Its amazing. To keep your mouth shut as Derrick has and not want to scream to Caleb “hey dude I am a cop so stop the crap” being able to stuff his frustration and yet no one really hates him is way harder to accomplish than winning comps. Winning comps is geared toward a person who is smart under pressure, good memory ,but you have to be physical -some physical abilities you are just born with, and if you didn’t get lucky at birth you may not have physically-mentallynwhat it takes to win comps. Derrick’s know when to hold them and know when to fold them approach to comps takes a bit of guts, Be able to position yourself in a game socially that you don’t HAVE to win to stay and PLAY. You throw comp, so you don’t appear threatening yet you have a guy like Caleb dismissing you at any concern to his own game has gotta be hard. If Derrick would of won every comp he could of and would of, he wouldn’t of been in the game long enough to make jury. Had he acted like Zach he would never of been saved once let alone twice. Of course Zach is the first guy in BB history to be a mean arrogant gerk and be seen as a hero, and great guy and gamer, No, had Derrick outed his alliance as Zach did, bullied the girls ,to name a few of his horrific behavior Had Derrick or any other guy acted as Zach there would be no pass from America or the hgs, Donny eventually figured out Derrick, BUT never bothered to use that, Donny figured Derrick out just as Frankie because they were TA with HIM and of course when you listen to Derrick and his thoughts on game while planning TA missions, it doesn’t take much to realize this guys aint dumb.. So, having such important info and sitting on it made donny look dumb. Hey, if I had been Donny I would of had a true man to man and got my feet wet and talked Derrick into aligning with him, Donny from the get go judged the boys, made himself out to be better than them, went to bed at 10 pm knowing the game this year was played at night, as in most cases, Sitting in the back yard day in and day to with Pow, then Jocasta. Of course he had eyes and ice cream dates with Brit. Had he been smart while the boys are being boys in the HOH, he could of got his own alliance in the bottom half, Hayden, Nic,Joc, Brit, Amber,Pow as Devin had just gave donny all he needed to know a huge alliance was formed, we need to stick with each other, don’t vote their way, ANYTHING Donny!! You had your chance to game, didn’t do it,yet made Derrick out to be evil for playing a game that does involve lies and manipulation. I have pretty high moral standards in my own life, match up with Donny’s yet I dislike him. Why?? he was a arrogant and condescending as Frankie, Donny looked down on Derrick, for what ,,,playing the game. They sent home Brit, Donny, Jocasta if you think a lie in a game makes you a bad person. Donny came right out and said to Der and Frank “I did not come to play Americas game, I came to play Donny Thomspons game” why,,,too afraid to play out the mission, What did he think he agreed to when he said yes to TA, that he would get 5K and it would never involve any lying or decent to accomplish a mission. WOW, but then you tell America now that you need your neck saved, that Frankie and Derrick’s mission should be to save you, Donny you had been throwing Derrick under the bus for weeks by then, So you set them up to not get 5K, good Christian man Donny, the Bible talks about the evils of a jealous heart. I was impressed the night Caleb was bragging how he started a bar fight against a “Mulsium”land the cops that had to come to the bar fight-kinda what a cop does after all, Caleb took offense and told the cop he was going to bash his face in” guess thats one reason we have cops on guard these days Had Id been Derrick game or no game I would of set him straight right then Of course Caleb didn’t stop with the cop bashing, how Derrick sat and listened and kept his mouth shut I have no clueIt is because Derrick actually did come to PLAY A GAME, took it serious 24-7, never drank one drop of alcohol to put his game at risk, Yet, the viewers have bashed and bashed him, Gave his wife death threats, called him an abuser. Hey I came from that in real life, and believe me I can see an abuser an mile away and Derrick is not one of them. When your life is threatened and you have to shoot a man in the line of duty, and your partner-Best friend gets Killed that PTSD popped up in Derrick a few times, but over all he held his emotions in check, Hard to do, and did it he did and well, That is why he paces, and has lost wight. No he does not abuse his wife but the feedsters do. The harassed her on Twitter, she had to close her account , have bashed Derrick in every way thought out the game,
        He has chosen when to win comps, so therefore doesn’t have or need to win many yet, daily is put down by caleb for being a wimp at comps, all the while sitting there remained calm.
        So lets say Donny,NIC, Hayden, JOC were final 4 wow, the fun ppl in the jury LOL< they were fun alright, watching Hayden try and get a piece of NIC in bed and their nightly hammocks talks, Yep that would keep us on our toes watching the feeds, or the camera would be be on Donny and JOC, main topic of conversation would be her period of her bowel movement report-Too bad these guys had to play with Saint Donny since the viewer's made them out to be horrible, Derrick down right evil. Well. i guess to get a pass they would of had sit in the back yard, make alliances as BIG guys with ppl who couldn't win comps to as to not look like threats, The big guys always get knocked out in BB, Viewers forget Zach got weak and handed over his alliance on a silver plater to NIC, the very girl he tormented, Then you vote them out and the 1 luxury comp that awaits the final few this year got handed over to the jury, trashing their house,just as they have trashed them all in every other way right along with all the feedsters Of course CBS EDIT OUT THE PART WHEN HAYDEN WON HE FOUND OUT IT WAS FOR VIC TOO AND KICKED OVER A CHAIR IN ANGER putting a black X through her name just to hurt her.Get real ppl seriously, the fun ppl are in the jury house!! Too bad she weren't black or gay she would of got sympathy then. Yeah they were a blast watching them play the game, had me on the edge of mu seat. Amber left and Caleb at least had me laughing an played pretty good game, Chris leaves and we see guy I alway knew Cody could be, and he sure isn't boring. Derrick, finally let a bit of what he felt and was thinking out and I saw what I knew ,,,a guy that inside the house was the go to for problems just like his wife says he is on the outside, They get a knock on their door at home, its one of the boys having some kind of problem that work under Derrick and 4 hours later he is still there listening and supporting his men, why His wife waits for him. Just as he is with his men, he is ready and willing to do what he has to for his family,, take care of the, listen, have their backs, and yes when he gets stressed as the man in him to say when he is wrong. I know this to be true, and I won't bother to say why.# HOLLAderrick!

      • Let’s not forget it wasn’t just Frankie making the comments about Victoria. It was all of them, even Derrick.

      • Frankie seized on many comments and made them sexual. Sometimes, when the guys are lying down and Frankie leaps on them, you can almost see the frustration on his face that they don’t reciprocate. Feel sorry for the first gay partner Frankie has after all this. The poor guy had better start eating his Wheaties right now!

  6. Oh, am I glad to see Frankie go! Now, let’s hope BB listens to the fans and never ever brings in siblings of known people! Surely, they’ve learned their lesson!

    • And yet, we get about the same type of house guests for the 2nd season in a row. Sorority and jock types who just love to party. And we are surprised these guys have no game play? I think we need an All Stars. Bring back the best players like Dan Gheesling, Dr. Will, Ian, Rachel, Jordan, Danielle Donato, Janelle, Hayden, Mike Boogie. There may be others deserving and we will have a really good season! Survivor even had a fans vs favorite twist. Lots of possibilities and we have to settle for house guests who will not play?

      • I’m all for an all-star season, but it has to be people who have only been on once before. No 3 or 4 timers. And it can’t be all-stars vs. newbies. Nothing that has built-in alliances.

      • why bring back returning players when there are literally thousands of people who want to play this game ??? Returning players bring added baggage to the game that affects thier gameplay. A fresh start would always be better, fairer, more interesting that bringing back players that already have varying amounts of fans.

      • I would absolutely love a fan vs favourites but an entirely fresh cast with all average people who want to play BB, as in people who actually apply instead of these people who have no idea what BB is or how it’s played would probably be way better! Hopefully, they’ll do better next year.

      • It’s been 16 seasons, and they use 16 players, why not bring back all the winners from every season and see what happens. That would then truly be an all star lineup.
        Or how about bringing together all the real good players from past BB casts from US, UK, Can and Australia, that that would mix things up a little, all English speaking, but slightly different cultures and attitudes and mannerisms.
        Time to mix things up a little, instead of coming up with stupid twist that make it seem like production tries to slant the outcome of the game…

      • You would never get all the winners to play again, several have said they will never play again (Dr. Will, Dan) and Adam from season 9 is in prison…but for fun why not list who you would like to see for All Stars 2. Here’s my list:
        BB16: Donny, Nicole, Zack
        BB15: Judd, Elissa
        BB14: Ian
        BB13: Shelly
        BB12: Enzo, Brittany
        BB11: Jordan, Jeff
        BB10: Memphis
        BB9: Chelsia
        BB8: Jessica, Eric, Jameka

      • donny -no social game
        nicole – no strategy
        zack – wild card that cant keep a secret for two seconds
        Judd – flip flopper, no strategy.
        Elissa – no social game, poor at comps
        Ian – was in the right place at the righ time. etc etc… that list really really is poor. if that was the cast for a season i don’t think i’d watch.

      • I think rather than having the winners come back for another round, it should have all the people who got evicted first. The winners already won, give the people who got evicted first get a chance, I think it would be interesting to see. That, or bring in completely new people from all walks of life, no more of these boring seasons full of self absorbed people!

      • I agree completely. They should have a Big Brothers biggest losers season. Bring back players evicted BEFORE Jury house choices dated back to season 8.

      • sigh… can we not just drop all the ”gimmicks” to make each season the ”biggest, boldest, most twisted summer ever”? Why give previous winners (and now minor celebrities) even more fame and money? I admit I’m curious to see what would happen if such a gimmick was used, but I’d be even more interested if 16 “deserving” everyday people were chosen instead. Not models, not actors, not minor celebs or relatives of past guests… just everyday people.

      • And yet she’s a winner in one season while making it near the end in the other… Sounds like it worked for her, unless you feel your strategy guarantees an even better result? Now that would be impressive!

  7. And Derrick will console poor Frankie. Sorry, bro but, Cody and Caleb both wanted you out so bad. Even if I vote to evict Victoria, Caleb has the tie breaker and you will still be evicted. Ha ha ha! One more jury vote for sneaky Derrick. Gotcha, Frankie! These guys are really stupid not to figure out that Derrick has been playing them for fools all this time and the game is about over!

    • Yes, they are stupid. They are like sheep being led to the slaughter.

      I guess they deserve what they get but at the same time I can;t help but feel sorry for them. Caleb and Cody are lost in this game. All that honesty and loyalty is in the wrong place. Why would anyone spend 90+ days sequestered in a house with 16 other people unless they were willing to do what it takes to go to the end and win the grand prize?

      • Derrick came in ready, willing, and focused on the $500K. He was a superman and knew his strategy from day one. Some of the HG’s were clueless, some have never watched BB before, they just couldn’t compete physically or socially.
        Donny will be AFP, Derrick deserves to win considering he stayed focused on the prize and never wavered. Whether you like his game play or not, he was playing from the minute he walked in the door. #TeamDerrick

      • A lot of these house guests claim they are super fans and have watched most if not all of the past Big Brother seasons and yet, they are all afraid of making the big move when you need a big move to get further in the game and win it! Also, a number of them enjoy being put on the block when Dan Gheesling himself has shown that you should avoid being put on the block because even pawns have gone home in past seasons of Big Brother! For so called super fans, it seems more like they have not even seen one season of Big Brother at all!

      • To us, on the outside looking in, knowing more of the facts this behavior seems stupid but it really comes down to trusting others and being deceived. When you are very loyal you tend to trust others and if you are an honest person you expect that from others. Well I wanted to give Caleb and Cody the benefit of the doubt but they should have gotten a clue by now.

      • As you said Teresa (and as J-U-double D said), it’s far easier to be a good player when watching from our TV’s & computers. It’s much harder when you’re in the house 24/7 with real relationships and interactions happening all around you. I would like to think I could catch on to these sort of things also, but truth is, I can’t know without actually being there and would probably feel betrayed and fooled in the end.

  8. I want someone to tell me who in the heck is Derrick really taking to F2..Victoria or Cody? I have a feeling that unless Cody wins that last HOH, he could be going out at #3. His conversations with both of them are so believable, I can’t figure it out!

    • From seeing previous feeds, I think he will take Cody for fear that taking Victoria will look bad, to everyone.

      • That’s why I’m leaning towards him taking Cody. Victoria will vote for Derrick even if he takes Cody over her. Cody on the other hand will be extremely bitter and with him not having time to cool down won’t vote for Derrick.

      • I don’t think he cares. He wants to bring home that money for his family and I don’t blame him at this point. Don’t like him, but his game play has got him this far.

    • Derrick is taking Victoria unless Cody and Caleb wise up – if they can. There is no way Derrick is going to leave this to chance after all this time and planning. He knows he has not done well in comps and he knows Cody is well liked. He will take the easiest route to win and that is Victoria. Sorry Caleb and Cody. You two just don;t get it.

      • Derrick is not going to chance it. He has most of the jurors in his pocket. I am sure he can even tell Cody that he cannot take him to Final 2 because he played much better and will beat him and Cody will still believe it! Ha ha ha!

    • Well if Derrick, Cody and Victoria make it to final 3 (there’s still a chance Caleb wins the final veto), then I don’t think Derrick takes anyone to final jury. Rather, he will lose the final HOH and let one of them win and take him to F2. That way he has no blood on his hands, again. There’s no way Cody or Victoria would take each other, so it would be a safe and smart move on his part, and he knows he can beat either in the F2. Chances are Cody would win, since Victoria has proven incapable of winning anything this season unless someone else helps her do it.

      • I would prefer Caleb and Victoria. Cody should have known better than get that close to a married woman for all the world to see.
        And Derrick, one night when they were in bed, was telling Victoria that ‘oral’ sex was not considered sex, that for those who are virgins there are other ‘options’ rather than intercourse. What kind of dirty old man is he? Again Disgusting behavior.

      • What? Derrick told Victoria what? Another reason for me to think he’s a jacka**. What was her response? Wonder what his wife will make of that?

      • They had the camera on Derrick. She didn’t seem to answer per se, maybe she didn’t know what he was talking about?
        Re his wife, I do hope he wins and then when she gets divorced she will get 250 K…..but I figure Derrick will know what to say to smooth it over, he is a ‘cool operator’.

      • It will be a lot smarter of Cody if he takes Victoria over Derrick who will surely win. It will be the 1st intelligent thing Victoria does this whole season if she wins HOH and takes Cody instead. I doubt she will because she is way up Derrick’s ***.

      • Ugh, sounds awkward. But yes, who knows? Maybe Cody would indeed make a smart move at the end and take Victoria if he wins HoH which he might very well… He’s not the smartest cookie, but if you look at his eyes and his body language, he’s been studying the other players (namely Derrick) and emulating what they do. He might have learned too well from Derrick which would be ironic.

      • Thank you, thank you – I’ll be back for my 10 o’clock show with a very special guest, the ever talented Adam Jasinski winner of Big Brother’s 9th…what?…what do you mean he’s not available?!!

      • derrick is not stupid enough to put the final two in anyone elses hands. he has already said on many occasions that he would take the weaker player to final 2 to ensure a win. that’s victoria if she makes it that far.

    • When he goes to the DR he always says that he tells them both that he will take them, but he will stay with Cody. I think at the last minute if Victoria doe snot leave sooner he will change his mind. Victoria is a sure thing and Cody is somewhat of a sure thing because he won a few times.

  9. Amusing to see Caleb counting with his fingers, thinking he has F2 or AFP votes. And I think at least half of them will be quite surprised if Donny takes home AFP.. and surely he will.

    • If the vote isn’t fixed by the Ariane Grande contingent. Sad if it is, there’s no way Frankie should be allowed to boast that he was AFP.

  10. I think they know Frankie isn’t popular, so it’s not a live eviction because they don’t want the gay guy booed on live television like Cristine.

    • They do it every year at this stage of the game. Just so happens it is Frankie’s time to go which is really sad that he will not get a reaction from game fans instead of CBS employees and their guests

  11. Derrick is the only HG who has even thought about Jury management… Yet Caleb thinks he’d win 9-0 against him. Love it

    • ah yes, jury management. as everyone was trashing the players on the way out, derrick went to them and show compassion. this is why he will win 9-0

  12. I am so happy he will be gone out of the house the jury will not be happy about it they will have to see his face until the final who ever is in the final
    3 they will take Victoria because they know that Victoria can’t win nothing or
    maybe not she might surprise the two guy left standing.

      • Now now, I don’t like the guy’s character either, but I’m sure he loves his sister and wants to share in her success like any sibling would… She doesn’t seem to mind. Having said that, let’s all hope he is quickly forgotten after the show so that he can fade into the background of her career.

  13. Last night (1am ish) Derrick was talking to the feedsters saying he’s taking Cody. Until then I wasn’t sure if he’d take Vic or Cody. Of course this all depends if he has the choice but both of them will take him, so he’s won BB16

  14. The rewind period was to last for three n a half days .. not ‘start’ n three and a half days. The rewind Started when Caleb won HOH. It ended Monday afternoon. Then, time returns to normal and Cody n Victoria are on the block. It is Caleb’s HOH that is ‘wiped out’ Not Frankies’ … It was time rewind, not re do of events. Look for Cody to have been evicted. In the double eviction, Derrick or Caleb will be evicted.

  15. Let’s be Sure to all vote for Donny for Favorite Player! ..Let’s all vote for ONE person, if we split our vote … then Frankie could win.

  16. As a loyal BB watcher and feedster, I will stop watching if next season doesnt dramatically change. Thousands of BB fans apply to be on show. Choose from them and stop recruiting on basis of bikini bodies, celebrity connections or quirky backgrounds. I want to see the game played by true fans of all ages. CBS, pay attention to comments on feedster chats and twitter etc. Remember, even the appearance of interference and favoritism can be damaging to your reputation.

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