Big Brother 16: What’s Going On Inside During The Blackout?

The Big Brother 16 Feeds have been down since early Monday morning, but sight unseen we still have an idea of what’s been going on in there. My guess? It’s been very busy.

Caleb Reynolds & Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16
Caleb Reynolds & Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Based on past seasons it’s safe to say the HGs have had a lot on their plates as the F5 became the summer’s Final Four last night as Big Brother taped the events for Tuesday’s show. The two voting HGs went inside the DR and made the latest eviction official, but things didn’t stop there.

It’s safe to expect that Frankie was evicted yesterday evening during an episode recorded and prepared to be broadcast tonight starting at 8PM on CBS. Once his eviction interview with Julie was wrapped up the remaining HGs prepared for the next Head of Household competition.

Caleb as the outgoing HoH was ineligible to compete which means this round went to either Cody, Derrick, or Victoria. Last season this HoH comp was the “Before or After” challenge which really could go to any of them. Wouldn’t this be an amazing time for Victoria to pull off her first solo win of the season?

Tuesday’s show will likely stop right there with the new HoH being crowned, but those BB16 HGs, they kept right on working!

At some point either Monday night or early Tuesday morning the HGs held the next Nomination Ceremony. Only three options are available which gives Derrick a narrow chance to once again avoid the chopping block if he doesn’t win HoH for himself.

Once noms were set the next event was the Power of Veto competition and this was a big one. If the HoH wins it then he or she will decide who will stay off the block and cast the sole vote. If any of the other three HGs wins then he or she will be the only one voting and decide who to send to Jury.

Last year the Veto Ceremony was held live during the eviction show rather than being pre-recorded like the Veto comp portion before it. It seems reasonable to expect that again.

Wrap it all up: Tonight’s show will take us through Frankie’s eviction and the next HoH competition. Once Feeds return we’ll learn who was nominated and who won the critical Power of Veto comp. From there we’ll be setup for Wednesday’s show for the Veto Ceremony and live eviction to reveal the BB16 F3.

It’s going to be a VERY busy few days in the house once Feeds return so be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you catch all the latest spoilers and updates.


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  1. Uh, Hoh is not sole vote if they win veto. Say Derrick won Hoh, Nom’d Caleb and Vic, leaving Cody off block, Derrick wins veto, Cody is STILL sole vote.

    • Read it again. If the HoH wins the Veto then he/she will decide “who will stay off the block and cast the sole vote.” HoH would pick the HG to do the voting.

      Here’s the entire paragraph. Don’t miss the last sentence which you may have skipped the first time:

      “Once noms were set the next event was the Power of Veto competition and this was a big one. If the HoH wins it then he or she will decide who will stay off the block and cast the sole vote. If any of the other three HGs wins then he or she will be the only one voting and decide who to send to Jury.”

      • I’m sure I’ve had my moments of using sarcasm that others could presume as rude, but for the life of me, I felt the article was clearly written and have seen no evidence of rudeness in any form. Maybe you missed your caffeine this AM. Go drink up and try to start your day over. We all get a bad start every now and then.

      • Its not rude for him to say I didnt read it? When I did. Just because this guy doesnt know how to form a proper sentence does not make me wrong. The sentence does read like that. So everyone can jump off my case. A better reply from him would have been, I can see where you’d think that, let me clarify… Instead I get, Reread it.. Rereading it does not change what it says, It says If hoh wins pov they decide who stays off the block AND casts the sole vote to evict. Anyone who does not see what I seen, obviously forms their sentences like ole Matt, who is not in the right no matter how many times he tells me to reread it, it still says what it says.

      • Reread his comment! “WHO” casts. Your article does NOT say “Who stays off the block and “who” casts vote, It says “If the HoH wins it then he or she will decide who will stay off the block and cast the sole vote.” Its says the hoh decides who stays off block and cast vote. No “who”

      • No, that’s not correct. If the HoH decided on two different roles, who stays off the block and who casts a vote, then yes. That’s not the case though.

        The HoH will decide on one HG with two roles: staying off the block and casting a vote.

      • Well. This must be what happens when die hard BB fans get pitched deep down into the rabbit hole of a feedless Tuesday afternoon. Bearing in mind that it wasn’t me who was unceremoniously referred to as a “Rude Butt” and that I probably should make more of an effort at getting out more I’m finding it all pretty frikkin’ hilarious. Ah Matthew, with the season for all intents and purposes almost at a close this seems like an appropriate time to thank you for all the insights, humor and tight writing it’s been the pleasure of many of us to enjoy, rude butt and all, you’ll always be Aces to me.

      • You’re the one being rude, Razor, but you are correct. It is easy to make that mistake reading that one sentence, but if you continue reading it makes perfect sense.

        This is why they always yell about something being out of context. If you don’t read something in its entirety, you may not be getting the full/correct picture.

      • I did read the whole thing before I posted anything. The rest of the article, including the next sentence, as Matt referenced, has nothing to do with that one sentence not saying exactly what he intended. There is room for error in it and to say there is not (not you, him) is saying I am wrong, which Im not. I was certainly not expecting him to say Reread it, there is nothing wrong with it. So yes his reply to me seemed rude since it did not say he seen my point of view. At all.

      • In all honesty, I had to reread the sentence about 3 times to see your view. Maybe it’s because I know how the game is played so my mind automatically assumed what was going on, I’m not sure.

        Matt’s post wasn’t rude at all. It’s clear he thought maybe you misread it or something, which is why he told you to reread it.

        You’re all wrong! Now kiss and make up. :)

      • Funny. A comment from a guy who said he he would never read or comment on this site again?

        Or perhaps I did not understand what I was reading.

        Much like the chucklehead who misread Matt’s well written and easy to comprehend post?

      • To prove the point that your point was pointless? Listen…I think the short bus is honking. It’s time for your reading comprehension class.

      • He wasn’t being rude. He was correcting you because you misunderstood.

        You’re the one being rude by being this upset about it.

      • Yet he didnt say, I see where you’d think that, let me clarify. He implied there is nothing wrong with the way he said it and that I needed to read it again. Not rude at all…

      • When you started out your first comment with “Uh”… you became game for any sort of reply. It was you who was rude.

      • Let me just interject real quick. you angrily write you will “never comment on your site again, NOR READ IT!” after calling Matt’s wording “crap.”

        Pot, to kettle “you’re black.”

        PS. that was a really quick “ever again.” it took you what, half an hour?

      • Blah Blah, Importance? None. Big deal, I said I wouldn’t, Big deal, I did. Get over it. I am waiting for him to say something, not rude, to change my mind. If I could delete it I would have, I cant. Then everyone started sayin I was rude, I WILL COMMENT TO DEFEND myself.

      • no. “The Pot calling the kettle black” is a common turn of phrase for when a person displaying a particular trait (let’s say dishonesty) accuses another person of that same trait.

        Razorback used poor sentence structure in a post where he decried Matt for poor sentence structure. I shortened it to “Pot, to kettle: you’re black” but it has the same meaning as the more commonly used variant.

      • If anyone is being rude, it’s you Raz. Matt has kept us updated all season, worked hard to answer, sometimes dumb questions and he NEVER posted anything rude to anyone. Even those who were rude to him. I’m sure, while Matt wouldn’t want to lose a reader because of his percieved rudeness by someone, the rest of us will be grateful not to have to read such rude comments toward him. I think you’re just cheezed off because Skankie was evicted.

      • You expressed confusion which I offered help to clarify by providing details on what “you may have skipped.”

        I then included the full text as reference for you to re-read as it appears you stopped a sentence short and failed to take in the full discussion of the opposing Veto win scenarios.

        Had I wanted to be impolite I could have said something like calling you a “RUDE butt.”

      • Wow, I have said plenty that I did not miss anything in your article, I do not need to reread it, so please stop telling me to, and the fact that this is your reply proves my point farther. “As it appears you stopped reading” How do you still think that is a smart thing to say? I did not stop reading before that sentence so you saying that I did is condescending. I knew all the scenarios before reading the article. I do not have to reread the next sentence to make since of the first. Even though I did and it did not change how the sentence read ” If the HoH wins it then he or she will decide who will stay off the block and cast the sole vote.” It is not clear that you are still speaking of the “person off the block” as “sole vote”. So if you cant see what I see, we will never agree. I am not the only one who says it reads like this. Thank you. You reread it. And admit it is not clear. Stop condescendingly telling me I didnt read it, when I did, and it says what it says. Its not a big deal, and I apologize for calling you a rude butt, but I do know how to read and I know that sentence is not clear. As I said, I knew how it all could go, but I still read it the way I did, and others have too. Like Ive said too, I was surprised by your reply, I expected you to say, I can see where you’d think that, let me clarify, but instead I got the reply, Reread it, nothing wrong with it. When there is room for confusion in it. No big deal, Im over it.

      • Matt. This must be from your or some other staffers ex-wife. Or maybe even mine. Seems like they always insist on being right & always have to have the last word.

        Ladies before you flame me, just understand that is a common perception among men that this is just how it is in life between women & men. I do not mean it to be rude, just factual.

        Given that fact, I will always admit that I am wrong & let you have the last word. Primarily because it has saved me from yet another divorce, alimony payments & my sanity.

        Feminists need not comment. But I know you will anyway. It’s not in your nature to accept apologies or let ANYTHING go.

      • Yeah man, that’s cool, I just think you should look up what a feminist is because that word doesn’t mean ornery man-haters.

      • Phew!! That was a close one! Thank goodness you’ll always admit when you’re wrong and let me have the last word. Along with saving your sanity, alimony payments and another divorce, today it also saves you from being strangled with the discarded umbilical cord from my last baby’s birth. It allows me to go back to my original plans of settling the score with the MALE OB/GYNIE who cut an episiotomy the size of the San Andreas Fault on me for a five pound ten ounce baby just so he could get back to his golf game five minutes faster… and you wonder whatever on earth it could possibly be making us wimmen folk so dadgummed ornery…

      • Perhaps you should try to find the Isle of Lesbos. You’ll be much more comfortable there.

        Or maybe Syria, Iraq, Iran, Russia, China where wimmens are much more important to them than say Dogs?

        Turn off your bitch switch now.

      • Scotty, Scotty, Scotty… so hostile. Did I question the bent of your sexuality? Make a thinly veiled comparasin between you and a dog? Order you to turn your prick switch off? No, no and nope. I just picked up the gauntlet that you had thrown down, no more, no less.
        Okay, seriously now Scott, I meant you no harm. A bit of smart assery, oh yes, most definately but if my words contributed to making a crappy day even crappier then I sincerely apologize, it was never my intent. I won’t respond to any more vulgar or angry replies, neither one of us needs to get into a war of negative one upsmanship, I’ll just leave you with my hopes for happier more peaceful days ahead.

      • Look you were the one who brought up your Doctor & how he butchered you.

        Think of those countries & how most of those Women never even get to see an actual OBGYN much less be able to choose a competent one.

        You make is sound like all he wanted to do was slice you open & get off to golf. Much like Obama speaking of beheadings then doing the same.

        Very few Doctors slice/dice & dash. Most know they can be hit with monster lawsuits & provide excellent care. In 3rd World countries they don’t have that luxury.

        If you were butchered by a Doctor, you have the law on your side. Malpractice is your friend here in America.

        So use the law & not a blog post to vent your anger & get some results. That’s America. You don’t have to suffer in silence or by writing blog posts. Take actual action.

        America allows you choices. You did not choose wisely & thats on you. I chose poorly when I was young & I still pay for that & it’s on ME.

        My original post was basically a sarcastic joke. But you chose to take it to the Nth degree. Thats on YOU!

        Feel free to vent back. Because internet blog posts have such a lasting effect on everyone who reads them. (sarcasm intended here, just in case once again, you couldn’t grasp that)

      • So did I Terri. But knowing the game, I managed to decipher it. Lol. I love you Matt and am very grateful for your postings.

      • I just thought I’d take the opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work this season. This is my first year here. Based on my experience,I’ll be back.So I guess I’m taking the place of a certain poster.

      • Quite frankly, at the end of the day [superfluous Caleb reference], a good writer knows that clarity is equally the job of the writer and the audience. The sentence is ambiguously written.

      • Honestly, you’re right, and the writer of the article is dead wrong. My point (not made clearly enough!) was that his sentence was written ambiguously — if he cared enough to write it at all, you’d think he’d want maximum clarity.

      • I thought he was NEVER going comment on this or READ it ever again., I guess we saw where that one went

  2. I’d be interested to know if Frankie’s first night in the Jury house was spent in a bed all alone or if he tried and managed/failed to snuggle up to Zach.

    • i will say, all is forgiven and zac will be nice to frankie but, probably won’t snuggle i think most of that was game play, we will see. do u think caleb is the next to go?

    • I would love to see Frankie get the same reception that Christine got when entering the jury house. If everyone is mean to him, he will call them bitter, but if they just ignore him, that would really make him mad. And I hope that Zach stiff arms Frankie when he goes in for the hug, and says I was just flirting with you for the game and now that we aren’t playing anymore, don’t touch me.

      • There aren’t many people in the jury house who hate Frankie. I think Donny likes Frankie somewhat (knowing that Derrick was the force behind his nomination). Christine might not like him, but given the way she’s been received in the jury house might want a friend. Zach likes Frankie. And I don’t think Jocasta really hates Frankie either.

      • Frankie was quite mean to Nicole when she came back and before she left, he treated her pretty badly and didn’t seem to have any remorse for it. Since most of the jury loves Nicole, I’m sure she has shared her experience with them, and that might make them feel differently. And if Christine told them even a fraction of the things Frankie said about them behind their backs, I don’t think any of them would like him at all.

      • Christine was in on a lot of the mean talk, degrading comments and made quite a few unkind remarks herself. I don’t see her tattling on anybody….even Frankie…

      • I could see her doing it, if she thought that would make the jury want to talk to her instead of ignore her. And I would imagine that she would place all of the blame on Frankie and not share what she contributed to the bashing sessions.

  3. Just one opinion regarding who wins HOH and their ensuing noms:
    Caleb- noms Derrick and V
    Derrick- Caleb and V
    Cody- Caleb and V
    Victoria- Caleb and Cody
    I would love to hear other opinions.

      • Derrick is great at convincing others to do things the way he wants them done. But I’m just thinking that if Caleb had the chance for this HOH, he would put up Derrick with the excuse that Derrick has not been on the block yet.

      • I’m just putting up scenarios for the fun of it. I’m aware Caleb can’t play this comp. Just saying what ifs.

      • and Caleb won’t mind going to jury because he has the most popular player tied up! Poor Caleb, he’s about to have his heart broken!

    • The last time Cody and Derrick spoke on BBAD or wherever, they both agreed should one of them win the HOH, neither of them would nominate Caleb, for fear of him being paranoia … only a Victoria HOH win in that scenario would allow for a Caleb and whomever nomination .. and, if she/they are keeping with their fake fight, logically it would be Caleb and Derrick …

      • I wonder if Derrick had that talk with Cody in case Derrick wins HOH, then he can nominate Cody without getting anyone upset. If Cody wins HOH, I suspect Derrick will convince him its ok to put up Caleb instead.

  4. They don’t go directly to the jury house. They spend some time doing the exit interview and a sequestered in a hotel the first night then do the interview before they go to jury house.

      • If I worked for room service and he was uppity or rude, I’d bring him one of those little fancy covered plates and place the biggest bu-on I could find on it with a note saying,” Here’s your button, get the message?”

      • The house guest were talking about it one day. Big brother must have been asleep at the switch…one of them said you go from here to the hotel after elimination likecthey sequestered us before the start and you go to jury house after the debrief……then it went to fish.

  5. I think Derrick is going to steer himself clear of winning HOH here because he has it in good with both Cody and Victoria – both will target Caleb and the non-winner of the two as the backup plan if Caleb wins Veto.
    It’s all about the veto now

    • No way. If Derrick is not HOH and Caleb wins POV, Derrick has to go on the block and he has been afraid of that happening all season. He is certainly not going to take that chance now.

      Also, as HOH he gets no blood on his hands. The POV holder gets all the blood on his hands. This also something Derrick has been careful to avoid.

      Wouldn’t is be something if Victoria wins HOH and Caleb the POV? Finally something unexpected.

    • Derrick definitely wants to win this HOH. He wants to be safe, especially if Mr. Waffles wins POV.

      If he doesn’t win, he’ll try for veto, but derrick doesn’t want to directly evict anyone, he’d rather have someone else do it.

    • HOH would be best for Derrick’s game. He will be safe from the block for the week and he won’t have to decide who is going home. So he still can keep his record of not being nominated and not get any blood on his hands.

    • At this point, he needs HOH. He’s playing a great game, but now he’s at the point that he needs to win a comp or 2 so that he controls his own fate and can show the jury he came up big when it counts. I think the jurors clearly see the game that he’s played up to this point, but there’s no reason to throw an HOH now when you can control your own destiny.

  6. Maybe I missed something. Why are we assuming Frankie will be evicted? There is still the PoV correct? Why assume Frankie will not win, he has won many competitions in the past. Don’t get me wrong I hope he is gone, he is a vile human being but trying to figure this out.

  7. What do you think the HG’s backlash will be against Derrick when it comes out that he’s a cop and has been lying to everyone the whole show? For his sake I hope they don’t let that cat out of the bag until the votes are in.

    • I don’t know if there will be any backlash. I think they will understand that he used what he has learned on the police force to help him in the game. He treated everyone with respect and I don’t think any of them will hold it against him.

  8. Razor if you’re not ever posting on this site or ever reading it again, why are you sell commenting? Especially when you’re being rude as heck and embarrassing yourself.

    • I am not embarrassed by myself at all, I am embarrassed for all the people that do not see my point of view. Very sad. And you’re not rude? Ug people please, Look in the mirror, Are you embarrassed yet? I will be rude to anyone who’s rude to me first. Get a clue, stop thinking youre so better than me and can post rude comment to me without me commenting back. Silliness. I will continue to defend myself, so call me rude all you want.

    • You give him the ammo by giving him u time. Just ignore him and he’ll go away. Like a pesky gnat. This site is to chat about bb. Not attack each other.

  9. Does anyone else see Frankie walking into jury house and demanding the best/master bedroom? I only wonder because he stayed in HOH room almost every week, whether he was HOH or not. And since he related to a “mega, mega pop star”.

  10. Is it me or does the camera follow Skankie wherever he goes? During the taped episode last night, no matter what he did, drinking coffee, making faces, laying in the bed alone, laying one bed with Victoria in the other, even when he went to the bathroom…the cameras were following him. I know, the other houseguests were sleeping. But even when they were in the kitchen, the close ups on Skankie lasted several minutes then they’d show Derrick for 3 seconds…back to Skankie. A flash of Victoria….back to Skankie. Skankie walking, Skankie eating, Skankie mugging for the camera, Skankie putting on makeup, Skankie comforting Victoria, yadda, yadda, yadda. Quite a generous edit for that self-important slug. I hope they don’t now follow him everywhere in the jury house too. As an afterthough, I wonder how he’s gonna react when he decides to look at the posts on his various webpages, including this one. I’m sure his family is busy deleting all of the nasty comments so, he’s gonna be very diappointed when he sees how few comments he ends up with. No doubt he’ll question why he only got 200 or 600 or 2000 comments when the others got many thousands. Plus, if he checks the other hg’s pages, he’ll get a sense of what the viewers really think of him. Just a thought.

    • HATE much???… hope you don’t go through your whole life Hating like this.. stress kills you know.. and hating is stress..

      • Oh, come on. Frankie brings out those emotions in people. Don’t be judgmental and holier than though. It’s the diabolical game.

    • I don’t care for Frankie either, but he was about to be evicted. I’m sure that played into why he was featured so much.

    • oh and if he is eating please change cameras i have to change the channel when that is on bbad smacking his food drives me crazy lol

  11. Does Victoria own anything other than that stupid black velour suit and pink socks? I know she’s collected tons of clothes and begged dr every chance she gets.

  12. I don’t get all the fuss about the sentence in the article. Some might think it is ambiguous. So what? Some point out the occasional typos. So what? Some complained about Matt’s commentary, rather than straight reporting. So what? It’s a blog! It’s not the NY Times with a room full of editors. Even the NY Times writes things that hyper-critical English majors don’t like.

    At the end of the day (couldn’t resist), Matt provides us with a ton of informative and interesting articles. The articles give us insight and plenty of things to discuss. I think it’s one the best BB blogs out there. That’s my opinion and if you don’t like it, I don’t care!

  13. Derrick will throw this hoh so either Cody or Victoria will win so that he won’t be put up on the block. Then he will survive another week not going on block. He will compete and probably win the next hoh. This way he has gotten to the end with ever being nominated. He will unfortunately be legendary for this.

    • He won’t be the 1st to never be nominated, assuming he makes to the end that way. Drew in season 5 was the first to do that. Also, Ian came close. His first nomination was at F4.

    • His only way to ensure he doesn’t end up on the block is to win HOH. Even if he wins this one he can still compete in the next one. I don’t think he will leave it up to him winning veto, since Caleb will be competing in POV comp. I would expect Derrick to try and win this HOH, it gives him another win for his record, keeps him off the block and makes sure he doesn’t have to make the decision of who to vote out Wed. If he wins HOH, I expect that he will throw the POV comp, because he won’t need it.

    • Also note that Derrick has almost zero blood on his hands. He is not personally responsible for any evictions. Just the engineering of every prior eviction. Brilliant game play & he will be know as one of the greats.

      I fully expect to see him in the next allstars season.

      • Hi really hate the thought that Derrick will be known as a great.. He really is an asshole for being so cold and callous to people he got to trust him as a really close friend. He pulled people in so close to him as best buddies and it is all lies.. including Victoria too. How can he as a human do hungry ass.. he’s a cop..he has a steady job yet he is willing to hurt people to get..some hero..I hope Victoria wins it..

      • This isn’t real life, its a game. These people aren’t his life long friends, they are competitors in a game. This is a game about deception and manipulation, part of it from the houseguests, and part from the production. Derrick knows where his loyalty lies, and that is with his wife and child. And wanting to better the lives of your family in a game against other competitors doesn’t make you a bad person.

      • Nonetheless, he will be a great. Yes, he is cold, calculating & twists others to his will. But that’s what the greats do.

        He has even tried to lie to America about his game in DR sessions.

        No, we all know better, but he has played a nearly flawless game & has very little blood on his OWN hands.

        It sure would be a hoot if Victoria manages to pull off that miracle. But don’t hold your breath.

      • I don’t understand the hate for Derrick. Unlike Christine and Frankie, he almost never makes personal remarks about the other houseguests. He came to win and he’s playing a great game. Big Brother would be boring if all of the houseguests were afraid to get their hands dirty for the 500k. As for Victoria, I do feel badly for her because you know she’s going to feel very hurt by Derrick post-game, but she’s allowed herself to be manipulated by him all season. She’s barely even playing for herself at this point. She’s let herself become emotionally attached to Derrick, and that’s no one’s fault but her own.

      • So well put. I’ve hated Derrick’s strategy, but for some inexplicable reason most people seem to think that he’s OK. The ends justify the means to them. I still think that the way you play in the house is the way you think outside the house which, IMHO, makes him a jerk, especially considering he’s a cop. Sneaky, um, sometimes necessary in a cop, devious mind, not sure about that, willingness to lie constantly and manipulate facts, hmmm, it seems to come so easily to this guy. Wouldn’t want him testifying to “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” against me. I understand you have to be devious and sneaky in the house, but he’s fortunate he’s been playing with such self-absorbed, gullible and immature young men (and Victoria, ’nuff said). He’d have been figured out long ago if he were playing against a Dr. Will, a Mike Boogie, or any number of smarter players, and evicted about midway. He’s convinced all of these babies that he’s their friend, while ruthlessly making idiots of them and taking advantage of their youthful trust. OK, I know it’s the game, and he stands a good chance of winning, but this guy’s no hero. Just lucky and intelligent enough (highly intelligent, I’ll give him that) to capitalize on the horrible casting this season.

  14. OMG Gonna be a bitch here
    Get over the Matthew/Razorback thing …. its getting to be old news
    Let them work it out …SS but the post are getting to be repetitive …

  15. My kind of show. First get rid of the dumb cunts. Then get rid of the knuckle dragging niggers. Finally get rid of the little cocksuckin faggot. Best year ever!

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