Diary Room: Judd Daugherty Wraps Up The Big Brother 16 Final Five

We ended last week with the Big Brother Rewind because the houseguests hit the irresistible gold button! This meant the week would rewind to last weeks HOH and Derrick still can’t compete. I didn’t know how I felt about this at first because I thought last week was sooo boring but now that I watched the Sunday night episode I am stoked about this twist.

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother
Judd Daugherty on Big Brother – Source: CBS

I know a lot of people aren’t Victoria fans but I just thought it was such a waste to evict her. I was hoping anyone but Frankie would win the HOH and I say this not to jump on the Frankie hater bandwagon but because I don’t want a repeat of the same awful week. Caleb won the HOH competition and then the scrambling began! I liked Caleb’s initial thoughts of putting Derrick up because he had never been nominated.

I always say that it is easier to play Big Brother from home than in the game so I’m sure they don’t realize Derrick has this game in the bag if he gets in final two. I have been wondering all season if Derrick is a great player or if he is just the best of the worse (strategically). But how Derrick has Cody and Victoria wrapped around his fingers is genius!

I think it is smart that Victoria is acting like she still hates Derrick but at the same time I wish a light bulb would scoop her up like the crow once did and she realizes that she could expose what her and Derrick have been up to and try to get him out! I think she’s way too loyal to Derrick to do that to him though I think it would be a great move that she could make and if she somehow gets to the final two she would have SOMETHING to give the jury a reason to consider throwing her a vote.

I also liked how when Derrick was talking to Cody and Caleb in the bathroom he explained to Caleb if he doesn’t put up Frankie that Frankie could/would screw them over and win the POV and use it on Crowtoria!! Very smart insight and delivery that Derrick gave Caleb but as a viewer that has played the game and as someone who doesn’t have a favorite player in the game I was hoping that Caleb might think hmmm… Maybe I should put you up after all! But that would be a very risky move for Caleb especially since he can’t compete for the next HOH.

When it’s down to final five I feel like most viewers are kind of like me and get a little bored with the people left in the house and start missing the jurors. personally all of my favorites (besides pre jurors) are in the Jury house such as Hayden,Donny, Zach, and Nicole.

It was hilarious to see the jurors trash the house and I have to admit I was jealous! I would have loved to trash the house after either of my evictions! I loved that the jury members got to compete in the luxury comp. I would be so mad if I were in the final five and had to watch them though because you do evict people for a reason. This season has pretty much been an open house though with people coming in and out each week.

As we saw each juror competed in a knockout competition where if you found one of the tokens you can knock out another player from winning the $5,000. The final five HG who are watching the comp from the HOH room also got to bet on a juror and if the juror they bet on wins they get 5k as well. If you thought the house couldn’t be trashed anymore than it already was you are wrong! These jurors were emptying trash bags, drawers, cabinets, bedding and everything!

Nicole was knocking people out left and right! But ultimately Hayden found the final puck and won some money for himself and Victoria. The funniest part of this to me was how mad Victoria was when she saw the mess they had to clean. It was way worse than the confetti and balloons we cleaned up last year!!

Ultimately Caleb nominated Frankie and Victoria for eviction. May not be the smartest move but he clearly feels that it is the smartest move for him and I think America had a sigh of relief when Frankie was nominated. At this point of the game it will never be as boring because these people have to go against each other finally!! Should be an interesting next couple of days!



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  1. This is coming from Judd who let Andy put the screws to him twice!

    In any case, I do agree with him about Caleb and Victoria. Victoria is not playing a game at all. She is being led around by the nose – by Derrick. What’s with that? Does she have any interest in winning?

    On the other hand, perhaps this will work out in her favor for the final 4 evictions. If she winds up on the block with Derrick perhaps she can save herself by throwing him under the bus. All she has to do is tell Caleb or Cody, whoever has the votes, that Derrick was playing them and has intended to take her to the final 2 all along. She can tell sthem Derrick is sure he has the votes in the jury house, including hers! She can even reveal the fake anger thing the week Frankie was HOH before the rewind.

    This may not work on Cody and Caleb because the two of them are more worried about twitter followers than winning $500,000.

    • Problem with that is Victoria has said several times that she would self evict so Derrick could stay in the game.

      • Of course she would say that to her sidekick, Robin to a false sense of security…. and, has worked so far, as he has protected her from his Alliance.

        It would be so cool, if she made that move if and when the opportunity presents itself .. :)

    • You are watching the show, right? She is pretty dang clueless. She would never in a million years come up with that idea. Remember she wants to be a unicorn.

    • She would never throw Derrick under the bus, for cripes sakes she was talking about self evicting to keep him in the game! and i have a feeling her final 2 or 3 speech would be just as bad as GM’s was last year.

    • She could say all those things and throw Derrick under the bus… but she’d be saying it to 2 guys who have been nothing but loyal to Derrick and haven’t been betrayed by him as of yet in their minds. They’d come to him and he’d put his spin on it and work his magic and that’s the end of that.

    • Agreed that maaaaybe Judd isn’t the best person to advocate on how contestants should make a wise choice… lol. Still like Judd, but he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  2. I have to correct you Judd…not all jury members trashed the house . Donny as usual didn’t participate. Last night’s showed Donny having a seat , then in the knockout competition , Donny instead of looking for knockout buttons ,he was looking for food…the HG’s food.
    I do not see how anyone could vote this guy AFP . He wouldn’t do a few of the TeamAmerica assignments unless they could benefit Donny (save Donny ) . Why not give the money to someone who had a good social game and competitions . As in Nicole !
    Just my opinion

    • Whoa… Nicole had a social game?!

      Nicole is the female version of Donny. Too nice to be mean. Too nice to lie.

      The difference between Donny and Nicole is that Donny had a great sense of humor and was as genuine as they come. Donny will win AFP and deservedly so.

    • Donny didn’t want to be disrespectful to the HGs by trashing the house. Pure class on his part. The other jury members went way too far.

    • If I was playing a game for $500K and was given a mission like the one they were given that he declined, I would have turned it down too. It’s easier if all three of the players could have voted, but with Frankie as the HOH, only Derrick and Donny could and it’s definitely not worth risking $500K for.

      Now, don’t mistake this as me saying Donny deserved to win – I think he’s very sweet and enjoyed his commentary, but his social game sucked!

    • Tonight, Frankie tells Derrick that their Team America mission is to save Frankie from eviction and remove him from the block. Derrick says to Frankie, I think America would rather see us put on a play. Halla (douchebag) Frankie…..priceless.

    • Uh, Donny was looking for a puck then they said he was out. When they called him again he said he was looking for food. As for Donny not doing the TA missions Frankie and Derek didn’t want to do some as well.

      • Donny had no business looking for food in the big brother house . He has food in the jury. He was smirking thinking he has this AFP and the 25,000 . Donny had every opportunity to play the social part .Besides ill remind you he has already won 15,000 on team America .it would have been more if the jackass hadn’t refused some of the missions

    • Derrick and Frankie wanted to use Donny in that team America assignment and he knows he would not have been able to act. He is not an actor, so it would have blown up the whole thing and everyone would know that it was Donny.
      I did see Donny playing, but when he was out he said he was looking for food. I agree with you and I think he wasn’t actually looking for the puck, but for food.

    • Donny did not participate in the missions that compromised his morals (something that some of them do not have). He did not want to do things that put false blame on others. NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!!! He deserves AFP. BTW… Does anyone know when the voting begins?????

      • Donny does NOT deserve AFP as his game sucked bad. No social game. No alliances. Nothing outstanding. He had a beard. Do you really think this is enough for AFP ?

      • I am “Gloria” and I am most assuredly not a troll. I have been a poster on BBN for a few years now. An alias I use at times is “flyonthewall”. Why would say that??

      • Absolutely Not ! Donny to me seemed like he knew America would vote AFP ! And I believe that’s the sole reason why he didn’t trash the house or search for pucks .

  3. Just wondering if Judd would do an All-star season? I heard they are planning one. Not that I want to see one particularly. I was excited for this season with all new players, just wish they had known enough to play the game. Would have loved to have seen Derrick play against some smart players.

    • Like they’d invite him back… Judd got evicted TWICE during literally the worst season of Big Brother…

    • (sigh)….and let me guess, the all-star season promises to be the biggest, boldest, best season of twists ever? This season could have been better if they would PLEASE just stay away from casting models, actors, and minor celebs and sports stars… please just go back to the basics Big Brother, you had a GREAT idea that has been spoiled far too many times by trying to make every season the ”best season ever” with new twists, game changing plots, and a bevy of eye-candy models… K.I.S.S. –> Keep It Simply Simple (yes I changed the original acronym wording to keep it polite)…

  4. I was kind of annoyed watching last night’s episode because on the live feeds it showed that Victoria was mad because one of the jury members broke her necklace as they messed up the house. Shows how much they cut and only strategically place certain clips.

      • Actually, production gave her a new one just like it or so she squealed when she ran up to hoh to show the guys. Replacement cost $35

      • Are you kidding? I thought it, at the very least, had to be something from Tiffany’s the way she carried on!

      • Let’s remember that it’s mommy’s credit card that probably takes the beating each time little miss ”carried away by a crow” feels like a shopping spree… Oh Victoria something tells me you will be embarrassed when your friends see you with average priced jewelry with you.

      • Starting to get the feeling that dear old mommy tells Victoria a lot of stories and somehow they get exaggerated and passed on to the next generation. “Yes my dear, this is an authentic 1874 pearl necklace that real clams made when nobody was looking – it’s been in our family for generations!”

      • “And they’re especially precious because they were, yes, my dear, they were made by clams. No ordinary pearls made by grit in an oyster’s shell, darling, our pearls were made by inserting caviar in clams. Now go hither, young Victoria, and show those peasants in the Big Brother house how it’s done. And guard thine virtue verily.”

      • Sadly the oyster thing is too close to being believable – I was aiming for another ”a crow picked me up” angle with a clam (not an oyster) making the pearls. These Rafaeli women have the most interesting stories (maybe I should’ve stuck with seahorses making the necklace?)

      • Victoria was very clear on the feeds that it was not an expensive necklace. She was upset because it was her favorite.

  5. best comment…”.Derrick is the best of the worst strategically”….Judd described Derrick perfectly…

    • Get out of here with that.

      You could say that about Dan Gheesling during season 14. Was he really that good, or did his competition suck? Jenn City was garbage, as was Joe. Shane and Frank had no brain. They could only win comps. Danielle was a slightly better version of Danielle. Ian did whatever Dan told him to do. And Brittney got played… AGAIN.

      Derrick is amazing. To make Final 4 without ever being nominated in a season where 4 people got nominated every week… simply incredible. If Derrick wins, he’ll be one of the top 3 players of all time with Dr. Will and Dan.

      • I think you gotta bring him back for an all stars and see how he does before putting him in the Will, Dan category…

      • Agreed, Derrick had no idea who he was coming into this house with, and given that most if not all of them were stupid enough to buy what he was selling them than good for him. It took Nicole leaving and coming back into the house again to realize what Derrick was doing and Frankie finally figured him out now with one week left to play…if you ask me Derrick played a phenomenal game….i don’t think he planned on playing it this way or that these people would be stupid enough to fall for it but that’s how it worked out….good for him! I think he was as surprised as we were to watch everything fall into place…..Derrick wins!!

  6. Watching the feedback of Derrick talking to the cameras at around 2:04 am..sounds to me like he is for sure taking Victoria to F2.

      • It would be interesting if she did… She isn’t deserving of the win, but it would teach Derrick and other players a valuable lesson.

      • That’s like “Jury Nullification” in our court system. Well, not exactly the same, but the Jury can nullify the law, throw all the evidence to correct injustice and wrong, and yes to teach them a lesson. In this case they will disregard Derricks accomplishment from the game and give it to Victoria to send a message.

      • Yup. This isn’t necessarily ”fair” to Derrick as he simply played the best game he could in these circumstances. However, to send an important reminder and lesson to all people (including us as fans), it would be good for the jury to give the money to Victoria. Simply being the best manipulator doesn’t entitle you to anything – it’s the jury who decides, not some fabled ”right way” of playing the game!

      • Producer..Deacon..now Attorney; the accomplishments just keep revealing themselves.Keep it up and your resume could be in the running to best Calebs. LOL

      • Whatta ya mean, Victoria is the best manipulator of them all … look at how she fooled them all to think that she was a weak and not so bright competitor? And, look at how she out-witted Frankie to believing that she had a fight with Derrick?
        She won when she had to win … Used her with and charm to avoid eviction at least 8x this season ….
        And, she even convinced a crow when she was a baby to release her, as it was carrying her away … Ha !!!
        Go Victoria Go !!! :)

  7. Don’t let lil ole Judd fool ya’ll. Me an him are frum the same neck o the woods. Heard dat is fairly common ta hear in these here parts. Vary rarely are words endin in g evar pernounced fully…somethin’, nothin’. Just joking with you, Judd. We Vols are good erns. The trashing was the most fun thing I have seen all year, but I do think they went a little too far with it!

  8. Entertaining to hear from Judd. Love his Derrick “best of the worst” remark.

    Watching Derrick this season has been like watching someone run a
    400 yard dash where none of the other competitors have legs. Up to this point, he has psychologically obliterated the other HG’s. Cody, a
    mewling little boy who can’t wipe his butt without prior approval,
    but who could have been so much better; Frankie, a great competitor
    who alienated everyone in the house with his incredible sense of
    self-importance, unwanted pawing and filthy mouth; Caleb, an ignorant,
    delusional, frightening-at-times celebrity/hero wannabe; and
    little Victoria, who barely seemed to know her left hand from her
    right most of the time and shouldn’t ever have been in the house in the first place. Derrick easily interpreted each one’s personality and exploited them shamelessly. If you think it’s OK to act like that to win money, that’s your right. Personally, I don’t like him. As to his physical game, I don’t buy that he threw a lot of comps. I think that was his area of weakness.
    Anyway, strange twists can still happen in this game, so we’ll see
    what happens from now on. Can’t wait for F2.

    • I disagree Derrick has played by far the best game. He has definitely thrown comps. 2 examples are: 1) he let Frankie win how after Frankie’s grandfather died. Even gave him the answer if you go back and look. 2) the one with the bomb where he showed the correct one and then deliberately cut the wrong one. So yes he’s thrown comps. He knows how to read people and use that skill to his advantage. What’s wrong with that? You use the skills you have to win. I see nothing wrong with that. Wouldn’t you your skills to your advantage either in life or to win a game?

      • I don’t like the idea of manipulating people, making fools of them and using them for personal gain, even if it is for $500,000+, and, no, I wouldn’t do that. It shows a lack of integrity. Of course, I grew up in England many years ago where if a kid did something bad in school, didn’t confess it to the headmaster, and innocent parties got in trouble for it, then the other students ‘sent him to Coventry’, i.e. ostracized him for lack of courage and character. Times have changed.

      • The game of BB is all about social manipulation. Too bad you haven’t really understood how the game is played. Making someone bend to your will is not an integrity issue. Nothing derrick is doing is a bad thing to run to the headmaster about.

      • It is an integrity issue. Yes, HG’s do try to pull the wool over other HG’s eyes, and we’ve seen that time after time. It can be brilliant and entertaining, but they usually have game other than their ability to lie. I’ve been watching BB since season one, I understand the game. But what Derrick has done in making fools of them all is a whole other ballgame. Just my opinion. We can agree to disagree. Probably a generational thing.

      • Again, I think the game is BEST when there is a blend of honourable and dishonourable people. Most people tend to fall in the middle of these two.

      • If BB was a game of integrity then nobody would be on it,it is a game of liars,and the best liar usually wins the game.

      • Hmmm… so you feel Donny is that way? Or that Jordan was the best liar of her season? I think the game is almost best when ”some” of the people actually believe what you say (that they need to be ruthless and deceptive) and others prove that you don’t need to be that way (by using integrity and honour). BOTH of these character types have proven to be effective in Big Brother and people have enjoyed the evil masterminds, as well as the virtuous heroes.

      • no ,i,m actually a huge fan of Donny,and he prolly did not lie enough,but i like him because of his honesty,which is most likely why he got voted out.He was honest to a fault

  9. so what time today r they evicting Frankie (I hope). I thot it would be done already and up for us to read. please BB get Frankie out. your ratings and reputation r killing u with him still there

    • He should be long gone by now, but feeds are probably not coming back on until after the show tomorrow night

      • they taped BBAD this morning before the vote. They were on indoor lockdown and had to pretend that it is night and dark out to ‘fool’ the BBAD audience . i remember last year the hg’s had a hard time pretending it was night and kept screwing up

  10. So the BB house will be super clean tonight since the biggest trash of the house will be gone tonight.

  11. Wondering if maybe the sister or mother have any cryptic tweets about Frankie’s eviction? Surely they would have been in the “select audience”….

  12. Hey, a little off subject here, but I’ve been reading a lot of posts wondering which HG’s should be brought back for upcoming seasons. Here’s a thought. Apparently, Adam from Season 9 is in prison. Who needs a BB house? The (big) house is already there, there are tons of inmates (oops, potential contestants) to choose from, tons and tons of different personality types, lots of Caleb-types, an occasional Frankie clone, horrible food, plenty of security (no one outside the house yelling at the HG’s), and lots of free time for Production to make up games. You could bus in a few female inmate/contestants and could call it Big Brother Behind Bars, or BBBB. Doesn’t that have a ring to it? Even better, if someone really pisses the HG’s off, they can be sent to Death Row. Anyone interested?

  13. wellll Frankie is ( if all went as planned) on his way to jury house….best thing to happen this week….

  14. No point in Victoria trying to get Derrick evicted. She can’t beat anyone at the end, knows nobody is taking her besides Derrick, and would rather Derrick get the money over everyone else since she is pretty much ineligible.

  15. BBAD (West Coast) is a complete waste of time tonight. Taping this morning and pretending it’s tonight is insulting to viewers. To add insult to injury, we still have to see Frankie. God, please let him be gone in real time. Hope he’s having a wonderful time in the jury house as I type.

    • Yep, the poor HG’s yesterday morning, had to wake up at 9am to shoot the BBAD episode … Ha !!!
      They weren’t kidding when it was reported that they don’t usually get up till like afternoon … Ha!!!
      BBAD is usually terminated on my Canadian telecast provides once they are down to the F3 … Now I know why .. :)

  16. It really would make my day if Victoria finally wins HOH and really messes up the Guys game, this game needs to be more intense it has been SO PREDICTABLE the WHOLE SEASON, someone goes up and NOBODY, I MEAN NOBODY MADE A “BIG MOVE” everyone TALKED ABOUT IT BUT NOBODY EVER FOLLOWED THROUGH. Everybody voted UNANIMOUSLY EVERY WEEK, IT GOT TO BE BORING TO ME SO I STOPPED WATCHING!!!

    • Don’t stop watching! You have to be able to post more funny stuff. Wish Victoria would win HOH too – that would stir things up beyond belief. She would put up Cody and Caleb, then if one of them won POV, Derrick would go up! She’d poop her panties if that happened.

    • If Vic wins anything she will do exactly as Derrick wants.. she is his puppet and he is USING the crap out of her.. she will be so hurt when she finally watches the episodes and hopefully live feed recordings to see what an asshole he is.. She is enamoured by him moreso than just a friend/brother type…she is a skank but I want her to win more than D-Bag.

  17. Caught the tail end of BBAD this morning … and, all they were doing was sleeping in bed .. and, the only time that Derrick and Frankie were chatting was when Victoria apparently got up to go to the washroom several times ….
    Anybody catch the book that Frankie was reading in bed? Was it the Bible, by chance? Or, the BB Rule Book, so he could how all the number of House Rules that he broke this season and got away with … Ha !!! And, the poor guy had to sleep in his own bed with the Commoners this week and no longer in the HOH Room …
    Caleb was just sleeping away in the HOH Room … and, Cody no where to be seen .. so, for viewers not reading the updates on this site, could possibly assume that Derrick caused Cody to self-nominate / evict himself yesterday … Ha !!!! :)

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