Big Brother 16 Surprise Eviction Awaits Houseguests

The Final Five on Big Brother 16 expect the next eviction to arrive on Wednesday after a few more days of campaigning from the nominees and then waiting to tell their target the truth, but they’re about to get a big surprise today. The next Houseguest will be sent to Jury in just a few hours from now.

Will Frankie Grande see what's coming?
Will Frankie Grande see what’s coming? – Source: CBS

On Sunday Big Brother told the Houseguests to prepare for a special event on Monday morning. They would need to get to bed early and be ready to get up early as well. That’s all the information Big Brother gave them. Of course speculation ran wild.

Now I didn’t hear him say it, but I think it’s safe to say Caleb could be expecting the Miss America finalists to arrive, driving diesel trucks for them with the beds filled with cash, and throw them a huge party where he gets a duet with Frankie’s sister. Okay, that’s not happening, but Big Brother did tell the HGs to dress up in the morning which added fuel to the fire of expectations for a visitor on Monday.

Instead what will happen is the HGs will get up, get ready, and then Big Brother will lock them inside so Big Brother After Dark can record content. That is the special event BB was discussing. At this point Derrick, the only superfan familiar enough with past seasons to recognize this, should figure out what’s going on. I wonder if he’ll tell anyone or just pick up the pace on his plans.

This afternoon the Big Brother Feeds will cut and the HGs will be called to the living room for a surprise eviction. Yes, the eviction is happening today, Monday. No, there is not a show tonight.

With the Feeds down the HGs will cast their votes against either Frankie or Victoria. Frankie will be evicted and go outside to meet with Julie. The remaining HGs will then go outside for a new Head of Household competition.

This will all take place tonight without anyone but Big Brother watching and recording. The recorded content will then be aired during Tuesday’s “special eviction” episode which is not live.

Moving beyond Tuesday’s episode’s content the HGs will have nominations and the Power of Veto competition while the Feeds are in blackout. Once Tuesday’s episode airs on the west coast then the Feeds will return and we’ll find out who won the Power of Veto which is the correctly portion of the week. If Caleb doesn’t win that comp, then he’s going home F4.

Last night was Frankie’s final night in the Big Brother. He just doesn’t know it yet.


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    • There is an audience (a limited number of CBS employees supposedly) so Frankie may even get a somewhat favourable (mild clapping) response… sigh.

      • actually, I think it would be interesting if they told the employee audience to actually boo him, well, that is if they actually read the viewer feedback on the interwebs…

      • Not likely gonna happen, as Frankie may end up with the voting for AFP due to the efforts of his Sister and Mother, apparently ….

      • But his Mom knows all the top manager’s in the biz. I think it will be safe to say that Frankie’s hopes and dreams of becoming a super star has faded once he leaves the show.

      • His sister is just flavor of the month. She’s not an industry powerhouse. She’s being used by the powerhouses. Like all kiddy friendly acts. She’ll be spit out as soon as her earning potential is over.

        She’s on minute 10 out of her 15.

      • Let’s look at facts he is a jerk who has no respect for even that Charity he says he is playing for the way he presented his self on Television is embarrassing to his family the Charity because he named them and his friends. I am not Gay but I am sure many are shocked by his behavior towards women and his grabbing at the guys for his pleasure not respecting them at all. I know the only reason not one of these guys told him to not do that or knock his teeth out is because they can get evicted. Franky has no class and needs to watch the show and get a reality check.

      • It’s like Caleb said yesterday: he might win it because of Ariana, but remember that the average age of Ariana fans are like 12.

        Besides, even if he wins AFP, we’ll all know it wasn’t because of him.

      • Wonder how many of Ariana fans and acquaintances would actually lie and vote him as their favorite at the request of the Grande family? If they do this, it would show it is more important for them to “win”, than live in reality with morals and ethics. Sounds familiar, huh….

      • Ariana tried the other day to get her fans to Tweet #Save Frankie but #Anyone but Frankie beat it big time.

      • Hey, thanks, David. That’s great to hear. I don’t tweet and know nothing about it but I know it is popular so hopefully that is a good indication.

      • I don’t think he should of played because of his sister …It’s not right for the other players who need the money. I got on his youtube page and the looks of it he is doing good i don’t see where he needs the money….. I don’t get it how he got to play ..Sad that Donny got voted off he needs the money . I hope that Donny gets AFP he has my vote

      • I saw alot of Frankies online videos on UTube. There is one that shows him in his jammies, surrounded by gifts for Christmas. The scene is in a very opulant great room/living room with marble looking floors. Another one had him introducing a short hispanic woman in uniform and sweater as his housekeeper. I dont think Frankie is lacking for anything, except maybe a moral compass……

      • Yes, his house is huge and gorgeous and he has a live-in housekeeper. Definitely not living from paycheck to paycheck.

      • If you were watching the show he said that he takes care of his disable brother.. So i do see why you would say ridiculous..

      • i believe te rules clearly state that you must be at least 18 to vote,and can only vote 10 times per method of voting.

      • No way is Frankie going to win AFP, if he for some reason does, then we know that the fix is in, no matter the current polls, I firmly believe that AFP is going to Donnie, it has to, as he was clearly everyone’s favourite, even though, or espessially because the odds were stacked against him from the get go, if for no other reason then his age and his appearance. Yet he hung in there and was the first one to peg Derricks game.
        Just his poise, his compassion and his general demeanor under all that pressure alone should win him AFP, not to mention that he pulled out wins in pov comps.

    • He’ll get plenty of prolonged booing in the jury house as well as in real life once he gets out of there. He’d probably be best off actually building schools in Africa once the game is over.

      • Considering his program is about bringing Broadway to Africa, I would bet he gets plenty of boos there too. In his journal he brags about the luxurious, 5-star hotel, and beautiful boys in Johanasburg, where he stays while he is there. This is definately not the picture I got of Frankie in some African villaige pouring his blood, sweat and tears into building a school. With refugee camps, Ebola, AIDS, violence, and starvation being very major issues in that part of the world, I have a hard time imagining African citizens excited about lining up to see a production of CATS….

      • Sounds like it would be expensive to keep Frankie comfortable in Africa. Perhaps when his behavior gets out of control in the States, they ship him off to another “charity mission” overseas where he can indulge his tastes away from his sister’s career?

      • “Here’s a pencil”. Original posting from fan of BBAD. This had me rolling over in laughter. How true!

  1. Why can’t we hear Frankie get booe? Afraid it will hurt his career? His career is already hurt and he did it himself. He is a worthless piece of human taking of space on earth that thinks he is the best thing that ever happen to BB.think again Grandea or what ever your name is

    • I up voted this and stand by my up vote. However, I really think his days of fame are over. Unless he can get gigs as a evil villian then maybe he might have a chance, maybe 2% but still a chance.

      • If his so called career is over, it him that did that, not Big Brother, I’m sure BB did not ask him to act like a complete jerk, to lie with almost every word that comes out of his mouth, nor do. Believe that BB asked him to show his true colours and act like a complete and total idiot every time he thinks the cameras are pointed his way….
        He will get what is due to him……..

      • You people are ridiculous. Mad at a Big Brother contestant for lying? What show do you think you’re watching. I didn’t want Frankie to win either, but he was a very smart game player and a competition beast. And I hate to break it to you, I’m sure he’ll do just fine outside of the house.

      • It’s not the lying or backstabbing, because that’s been done by a lot of BB HGs over the years. It’s the pawing and horrible things he’s done and said that haven’t been shown on prime time.

      • yes like telling the guys to double team her while she is drunk,and take both of her virginities, how vile can anybody be,that pink haired pos deserves every bit of hate he gets.

      • Not if his behavior was anything like we saw on BB. Lying is certainly part of the game. I dont recall him lying any more than anyone else. What I do remember is his constant references to graphic butt sex, him throwing himself on everyone in the house, his groping all over drunken, male HGs and his huge sense of entitlement….all the while, bragging and bragging and more bragging. He tried coming off as some BB expert or expert at any topic discussed. Nobody wants that for entertainment. I know I dont, anyway.

    • His reception should be a fair representation of how America perceives him, but it looks like he will get the usual treatment for Frankie J Grande, special.

      • I’d love to see it, too! But, having the eviction taped for the 5th place HG has become the norm for BB. Matt was kind enough to look up whether or not there would be zero audience or CBS employees. He found a link that should that last season’s 5th place taped eviction was CBS employees in the audience.

      • I learn something new about BB all the time. I had not even noticed that this taped eviction was a standard thing, once they reach 5th place. Forgettable, I suppose, which is exactly like the revolting Frankie should be when this is mercifly over. I guess this eviction does not look so much like s poo ecial treatment now. Thanks, Red! Guess I will do my booing right here at home…..

    • Agreed whole heartedly! While I do not share the consiracy theorist’s opinions that production has everything rigged, I do believe the casting has been poor at best. As a result, I think they have put up alot of smoke and mirrors to disquise the horrible casting job. Sending Frankie out the door to a put-together, taped audience of CBS employees definately comes off looking like special treatment.

  2. You are so hysterical…..Miss America finalists driving diesel trucks! It’s bogus we don’t get to see Frankie go away ‘live’. Wonder if that would have happened no matter WHO was going. I can see if they thought it would be Victoria and it would be boring….but seriously….we want to see Frankie get his.

    • Yes, it would have happened for the 5th place HG no matter who it was. It’s been this way on past seasons.

  3. I can understand the boo (s) for Christine……but is a game. And it is their real personality sometimes. I don’t think CBS liked the booing and they know that Frankie will get a lot more…..but I am thinking something else….wondering if he has rec’d threats something is definitely up. For some reason they KNOW for a fact he is going. And are shielding him.

    • I wondered with all the outrage of NFL players treatment of women who now are paying the price for their behavior is CBS condoning Frankie’s blatant sexual misconduct. I have seen any CBS show that has has that behavior shown. Come on CBS where is your outrage of his conduct in your own studio. And Julie Chen going overboard on his charm on the Talk. She needs to be removed fron Big Brother replaced by Jeff or Dan.

  4. Matt – I don’t have Twitter but I have a question for Frankie. A lot of discussion on type of schools he is building. Please ask is it dance school r regular school.

    • I second that Matt as I’m sure many people here would as well. Please ask that there are many people who would like that cleared up as well maybe ask if he still plans to make any donations to his charity either way with his TA winnings seen as how he stated he was playing for charity.

  5. I wonder if we will know who wins HOH tonight on BBAD are is that gonna be recorded too…What a messed up season..This is why I didn’t get live feeds this year last year they were down more than up..and pretty sure next year we will find something else to watch..Last year was horrible this year bad…This is suppose to be a social game were we can see the true reactions for the HG All this pre recorded crap and everything being so edited is for the birds…I said last year I was done…and I gave BB one more chance this year..but we are so done…..This show should be called the nobodies who want to be a star…Im so done…..BB you should have stayed with the basics…seasons 1-14 was good seasons…

      • Yes,but not the with bbad they have never just not showed it and it has not ever been recorded…but it just another one of cbs stuff…screw the viewers…. now that’s happends every season..

      • They definitely recorded this same BBAD last year. they had to pretend that it was dark outside just like this year. Today hg’s got tie dye kits for the recording, and i remember last year they got some kind of crafting, i do believe it was stuff to paint

      • Yes it was dye kits I watched that on the live feeds..I had both last year live feeds and bbad..I don’t remember them them recording bbad but than again I watched the live feeds unless they were down…Oh well that’s fine…Thanks for jogging the memory..

      • I wish I could say I was as sure as you, GMaG, but as of now, I’m not saying either way. I have been a fan since season 1. I missed last season due to family illnesses, and it didn’t kill me. A lot of posters say it was worse than this year, so I decided not to waste my time to watch videos of it. I just don’t know if I can say definitely, that I would put this kind of time into BB again and chance being so disappointed and feeling as upset or disgusted as I have been about it this year. When the disgust is more than the entertainment, it is a waste of my time and I am not as young as I use to be.

      • You’re a stronger woman than I am, KSJB, but I hope you come back. You’ve added so much with your interesting posts and your great sense of humour.

      • Thanks for your compliments, GMaG. The first post that I put on this site was the first post that I had ever made in my life. I’m basically an infant in the world of technology but I so enjoy the interaction and laughter. The decision has nothing to do with strength. My grandchildren are getting older and there are times that I could have been having fun with them but instead I was being disgusted by Frankie Grande. I just can’t find any justification for that. It was so disgusting that I would be ashamed for them to know that I watched it. If BB goes back to being something that would be entertaining and I wouldn’t be ashamed to watch with my 15 yr old granddaughter next yr., then we’ll see.

      • I’m new to this too, and, boy, it’s been entertaining. The cobwebs in my house have their own cobwebs, but I’ve enjoyed everyone so much, you especially, so don’t give up on us. Hope next year is more along the lines of the original BB so you can watch with your granddaughter. :)

      • That would be great, wouldn’t it? Let’s hope BB is listening.Thanks again.You’re one of my favorite to read. I miss a lot of threads because of time, but the ones I do get to read , I always read your posts.

      • I did complain last year a lot put I believe this year put the cherry on the top of the cake….I have been pitifully addicted too…since season 1…..but when I found out no bbad it made me bad…. :(

  6. Last year CBS had several recorded shows because of the HG. Some were actually booed by employees so hoping Franke gets some boos.

  7. I think that CBS is pretty much aware of how America feels about this season. Their ratings are in the toilet….maybe they should have thought about that before they decided to stick their noses in everything that has gone on in the house and rigged so many things to go the way they wanted them to go instead of letting things run their natural course…they may have sunk their own ship.

    • Actually, their ratings aren’t in the toilet. It’s down from last year, but that’s just because all the racism gave them a ratings spike. No such thing as bad publicity…

      We can whine about how garbage this season has been — and it IS garbage — but numbers don’t lie. In fact, the numbers this year are higher than those for BB14, and that season had a far better cast. BB14 had between 5.6-6.3 in the ratings. BB16 is somewhere between 6.2 and 6.8.

      There’s no reason for Grodner to listen to any of us.

  8. How many TV’s/Computer Screens will be broken if when the live feeds return, Frankie is still in the house?…….

  9. What a let down,would pay $5,000 myself to be audience member just to see this modern day “Frankenstein” rein of terror on BB come crashing down and for 5,000 he could expect a cascade of boos from me to rain down upon his shallow pink lying head.

  10. I’ve made my feelings about Frankie pretty clear. I cannot stand him. He seems to have no empathy; no respect for others; seems to never truly be sorry when he ‘apologizes’; he’s a narcissist to the nth degree; I could go on and on, ad nauseum. However, as much as I hate to admit this (and, please God, let me be wrong), I don’t think he’s going to get the cold shoulder we’re all begging for. The folks who haven’t watched the live feeds or BBAD will only see the charming, charismatic fun guy we all saw at the beginning of the season. I hope I’m wrong. But people like him seem to always—like a cat—land on their feet. He’ll go back to his sociopathic, narcissistic bubble once the show is over. Therein lies the problem with his personality disorder: he’ll never understand that people couldn’t stand watching him. He’ll accuse everyone of being homophobic or use some other excuse, brush it off and go on. The only hope I have of Frankie getting any negative feedback (and his just desserts) is from Victoria’s family, who I hope sue the shorts off of him. Nevertheless, I am ecstatic that he’ll be leaving! Buh-bye Frankie! You shouldn’t have pushed that buh-on!

  11. Frankie is one of those people who,when given an inch, takes a mile. His very first inappropriate comments and “touching” in the house were fairly mild compared to how he is now. Since no one complained, he took that as a signal to let it all out and show himself as the disgusting, sexually
    predatory narcissist he really is. That, and the buh-on, led to his
    demise. He should have been reined in early, either by the HG’s or
    Production. If he had been, he could have very easily have made F2
    and won the whole game..

  12. Why all the animosity towards Frankie? Okay, he is a ham, an egotist and a name dropper. So what? I get the booing for Christine but what has Frankie really done that’s so bad? I don’t really care for him but I don;t see why he should be booed – unless you are willing to boo the entire house for such poor game play and for such a boring season.

    • He is a vile disgusting human being. You must only watch the tv episodes where cbs gives him a good edit hiding all the vile things he has said and done

    • Apparently you dont watch Big Brother After Dark on TVGN? It comes on after 10pm. That’s when you get the full “flavor” of Frankie Grande. Speaking for myself, it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.

    • If you don’t have the live feeds, you are not getting the true Frankie J. are only getting what CBS puts in their edit. When Frankie first came into the BB house, I kinda liked him, he was funny and a little wacky..I didn’t even know who his sister was, so that wasn’t an issue with me. I enjoyed listening to him put on his English accents with Hayden and Cody, he really wasn’t too bad. However, on Saturday, August 30th at between 2:20-2:24 pm, my view of Frankie J. Grande totally changed. I am not going to go into the vile and disgusting thing that he did, alot of people on here know exactly what I am talking about..I don’t know if you are aware of the incident on that day when HG’s were talking about Victoria and her being a virgin..what Frankie did on that day was one of the most disgusting things I have ever literally made me sick..I sat at my computer with my mouth wide open in sheer, that is why alot of us have animosity toward Frankie J. Grande.

    • 1 thing he has done that pissed off everybody is telling the guys to double team a drunk Victoria and thakr both her virginities in one nite,Cody was so pissed that he told him to leave the hoh room.

      • Ignore Gellie. He’s that little dog pecker gnat. Loves attention especially if he thinks he is annoying. Hi, Gellie. Go back to your pecker.

      • I wasnt annoyed, dear….more like bemused! I do so wish we could watch the look on Frankies face as his “adoring throng” lifted the roof off the place with the boos and hisses. I can see Julie Chen now….

        “Ok everyone! Easy now! Quiet now! Um, we are running short on time so please, everyone, take your seats!” “WHAP!” as a giant wet whitefish, meant for Frankie, slaps off her designer skirt set and lands at her matching high heels in a slimey puddle! Julie’s stlish couffe and perfect makeup remain solidly untouched. Ever the professional, she turns to usher a tomatoe covered Frankie to his seat. Frankie, however, is bawling like a newborn calf and has wet his bright pink skinny jeans! Julie watches, dumbfounded, while several men in white scrubs escort Frankie offstage to a waiting ride that will immediately rush him to a 5-star psychiatric unit. As they help him away, he babbles a single word over and over….”bu-hon. bu-hon bu-hon”

        Who needs live TV for Frankie’s eviction? My imagination will serve me well!

      • I think there are a few of us who could give them some fabulous ideas; for sure a whole lot better than this season.

      • I didn’t think you were. I was really sending a message to all the ladies that considered being offended by Gellie, cause he just keeps coming back if he’s given attention. Thanks to you JeanJ, I will now have a colorful, fun vision in my head and everytime he says bu-hon, I’ll think of your post. I’ve got my ice cream ready for the celebration.

      • Oh it did not! You know you love the attention, Gellie. I kinda think you are funny sometimes. Just don’t be cruel. OK? LOL

      • Jeez KSJB I think being called a gnat and a dog pecker is malicious. I don’t know what “go back to your pecker” means, but I’m guessing it’s supposed to be an insult, so therefore I’m offended.

      • I’m offended that you think I’m offended. What do you think I am, some kind of baby? Wow KSJB, when will it stop?

  13. You know, i am really hoping that production gets it right next year…The past 2 seasons have just been for the birds.. Actually, i don’t remember ever being as bored as i have been this year… awful!

  14. I can’t help but feel Frankie is being protected and that his sister and family and management team have a heavy hand in protecting Frankie from being ‘boo’d’ by a live audience and embarrassed. I know BB has to stay on a schedule and say this is the ony way it could be done with Frankies eviction…BUT I don’t remember a Season in the past 15 years that a HG was taped being evicted outside in the back yard with only the BB crew present. (* Please correct me if I’m wrong) Seriously though I don’t think this has ever happened before and since it’s happening this season with a house guest so offensive to America who’s being evicted..namely Frankie…I’m so suspicious of preferential treament for Frankie because his sister Ariana is a Pop Star who’s Recording label and management is afilitated to CBS. Since when does a HG (again namely Frankie) ask for his mother and a manager to be present in the event he is evicted? Since when has Julie Chen posed with and twittered with a HGs famous sister whose brother is still playing the game and is truly dis-liked? Doesn’t that smack of support for that particular player and his family? I haven’t seen her do that with any other of the evicted HG’s (past or present) and now the current Jury Members. I’m confused by her because I saw her on David Letterman discussing how she got to be host for BB and when David asked about her personal interactions with HG’s she said “NO I’m very strict and by the book and don’t get involved” Huh? So why did she meet with Ariana Grande with her undercover on the lot during production of BB while her brother Frankie was still a contender in the game? Julie herself said that on another talk show and went on to say how sweet and nice Ariana was…hmmm…damage control? Why was Frankie ever considered for this game when first of all he has a health issue that prevented him from eating Slop? A very necessary part of the game for 15 years I believe..but he can’t eat it?? Although realistically consider he would have existed on rice and water if chosen for Survivor which he originally fought hard to be on! And why has it seemed from week one that Frankie was auditioning in every episode and progressed to the point where it really looked like this was Frankies own Sitcom? It also seemed very ‘over the top’ to me that each live show Frankie would be so excited and complimentary to Julie Chen and sending her hand hearts. Now it explains it all…. This was meant to be the Frankie Grande show and not Big Brother this year and America recognizes that. The spoiled cherry on this Sundae is Frankie gets special Celebrity treatment…his own private meeting with Julie Chen in the BB back yard. No live audience and mommy and manager waiting to whisk him off in a limo to Jury House. Siggghhh this is a sad sad day for me for all of us in America who truly believed in Big Brother and CBS fair play. My last hope is that he does not win AFP because his family is so vocally ferocious twittering their fans and celebrity friends to vote for Frankie. I don’t object to his family and friends or the other Jurors family and friends wanting to vote for them and be supportive but not everyone has the fan base and clout that Frankies sister has and that type of voting .will overwhelm and out number the REAL AMERICAS FAVORITE CHOICE.NAMELY DONNY being awarded AFP! That’s cheating in my book. And wouldn’t Frankies family and Frankie himself want to TRULY WIN the coveted title by not stuffing the crooked ballot box? This is about ‘fair honest play’ my friends. And you and they are all doing Frankie a big dis-service. It’s a matter of pride and truth and self respect …it’s better to be the true winner of AFP..then an orchestrated one by begging for votes from people who do not even watch Big Brother. I want to interject here that I am NOT a Frankie hater.. I’m just an offended one by rude and ugly comments he made in the BB house about others inside and outside Big Brother that had nothing to do with ‘game play’. Well Finale night can be a disaster for Frankie and his family…can’t stop the audience and millions of viewers and loyal Big Brother fans who will be watching from booing him or giving him the ‘silent treatment’ in boycott and protest. We all know who the real winner IS. DONNY.and America will be sure along with myself to let CBS and Big Brother along with The Frankie family know it.” Right does over come Might” and Money talks… and people are not going to be quick to buy CD’s concert tickets and merchandise or readily accept someone who is dishonest… Just food for thought! To sum this whole thing up I’m venting and voicing my deepest concerns here in this forum because I want to state sincerely I’m a huge Big Brother Fan and have never missed an episode etc in now this 16th Season and I honestly never ever suspected or believed any foul play or Production intervention… or rumors of worse I’ve heard through out the years. Until this one. I’m ‘old school’ Seeing is Believing and I saw way too many things this year that make me come out of my river of denial and face the facts. And those facts are un-deniable this year even to a die hard loyal fan like me who loves Big Brother with a passion. But now that passion and loyalty is naive and gullible heart has been emptied and in its place is the same feeling I had when I found out there was No Santa Claus at 8 years old. So dramatic??..well maybe it is.but it’s honest. I love the American Ideal of Great Competition…of honest Competitors competing bringing the best of who and what they are to the table… of rooting for the ‘under dog’ and being impressed by the strength of the mighty and the empathy of those who lack the physical but excel in the mental, emotional and spiritual. This is the AMERICAN WAY.. and I feel like America got kicked in the ‘dream’ that honesty and fair play outweigh the need to get viewers so falsely stirred up and fooled that we collectively have become the “true. players being PLAYED by CBS. You showed your hand this year you backed the wrong player Big Brother. And all dominoes fall no matter how well placed !

    • Ok, so I didn’t read your whole rant, but wanted to jump in on the taped eviction question. Traditionally at this point in the game their is a taped eviction, followed by a fast forward. That is what is happening this week. Eviction today followed by a fast forward of an HOH, nomination and veto competition before Wednesday’s live eviction. There will be a studio audience, but it is usually CBS employees at this point in order to keep the events secret until the show is aired. The live feeds go down and they tape 2-3 hours of HGs activities to air on BBAD before they find out about the eviction. Last year, reports are that, due to the hatred of many of the HGs, many of the evictions were taped before CBS employee audiences. So, there is no grand scheme to protect Frankie. We will, however get to see the surprise on his face if the guys were not able to give him a heads up. He also would not be permitted contact with his mother or anyone else as he will need to go straight to sequester. He and the next HG eliminated will go to jury for their traditional round table discussion of who should win.

    • you are right, they backed the wrong player this year, thinking that all would love the pink haired ‘media mogul’. Then came Zach and Donny and no one cared that he had a mega, mega pop star for a sister. CBS definitely screwed up with that one

    • you are right, they backed the wrong player this year, thinking that all would love the pink haired ‘media mogul’. Then came Zach and Donny and no one cared that he had a mega, mega pop star for a sister. CBS definitely screwed up with that one

    • Wow!! What a great post, well worth the read. There’s not one, single point you brought up that I disagree with. Thanks for sharing.

    • All the reality shows we watch are fixed in someway or another and this is by far the worst that I have seen. I don’t understand why they don’t let people play and be as real as they can be without manipulating what they say or do. They should just edit out things that are not meant for network TV and let the viewers decide if they like the show or not. It is all about money and I remember BB not doing so good in the ratings when it first came out, but I still watched it and enjoyed it. Frankie is gone and I really don’t care what happens to his career from today on. I wonder how many of us will actually stop watching because of what happened this season. I know that I can say that I will not watch anymore until I see the previews next summer for season 17. I will watch and continue to do so, I’ll just decide not to get too emotionally involved with a specific contestant since this is not changing my life in anyway, it is just a TV show and I was moderately entertained this season. I can’t hate CBS for this because my two favorite reality shows Survivor and The Amazing Race are on this network. I was more annoyed with Amanda, and Boogey than I was with Frankie and I didn’t stop watching.

  15. It’s not preferential treatment for Frankie, y’all. It’s just bad timing. Fifth place evictions are always pre-taped with crew audiences. If Caleb had the balls to backdoor Frankie two weeks ago and evict him on DE night, you bet Frankie would have gotten the same trashing that Christine did.

  16. I love the last line. Last night was Frankie’s last in the BB house… he just doesn’t know it yet!!!

  17. No way we see Frankie get booed. He is being groomed for a show of his own. Can’t have their next Ryan Seacrest get bad press

    • Oh sweet Mary, Mother of God! What producer, in his/her right mind would be looking for the next Ryan Seacrest and think Frankie Grande?? Really? JeanJeannie shaking it off…

  18. I was looking forwards to hearing all the boo’s just like Christine got, why don’t they let him be like anyone else, just not fair. He deserves to be booed right out the door.. just not right that he gets out of there without us having a chance to hear the boo’s.. he will never win AFP.. Donny is way ahead. and hope to see Derrick win it all, Victory hasn’t done anything but ride on coat tails.. another Rachel. Will be glad when I can watch a good show, survivors and amazing race.

    • Because they’re squeezing multiple competitions in one week. By Wednesday, we will go from 5 housemates to just three. A prerecorded eviction episode is a necessary evil as there is just not enough time.

      Just think about it. instead of cold hard boo’s, Frankie will be greeted with nothing but sheer silence except for Orwell the owl and his cricket friends. I just sure hope there really is no audience at all.

  19. I have been a fan since the very beginning and loved every season, love catching up on whats happening from a live feeder, last year was a total train wreck and this year I think out all the house guests Frankie is by far the WORST! I sometimes feel like I am living this show with the contestants and when Donny l left I cried like a baby so I am hoping America is voting for him to get the America;s choice, he deserves it, so conclusion bye bye Frankie you are a disgrace to everyone not just Gays :(

  20. I like frankie he played the game and he played it well. Unlike Victoria who should have gone out the doors a long time ago.

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