Big Brother 16: Final Four Looks Ahead To Final Three Scenarios

Tonight we will officially meet the Final Four on Big Brother 16 and with the first eviction plans set for the Hitmen there’s little doubt on who will make the cut. But what about beyond that? Which of the F4 will still be around come Thursday morning? It could all depend on the Power of Veto.

Caleb Reynolds may go nuts at Final Four
Caleb Reynolds may go nuts at Final Four – Source: CBS

The choice was simple for the Hitmen and by the time you read this Frankie Grande will have already been sent out the front door. I have no doubt, but we’ll see it confirmed tonight. As for who moves on, the odds look rough for one of the F4.

Caleb, Cody, Derrick, and Victoria will make up the Big Brother Final Four this season and the one who wins the Veto will, along with the next HoH, be guaranteed a seat at the F3. Not only will the next Veto winner be assured to move on, but he or she just might get to pick who goes along with them. Let’s run down the list of possible Veto & eviction scenarios

Caleb – He might not realize it, but this PoV is the only way Caleb stays in the game. If he wins the Veto he’ll also be the only HG voting since he can not be the HoH again. As long as Victoria didn’t win HoH then I think he’d send her home. Should Vic pull off a shocking HoH win then say goodbye to Cody in this scenario as Caleb believes his best odds are against Derrick.

Cody – If Cody wins the Veto then Caleb is gone. Even if Cody wins both HoH and Veto then he’ll position things so Caleb is on the block and Derrick will vote him out.

Derrick – Same as above. Should Derrick snag the Veto then Caleb is done and gone. If Derrick isn’t HoH then he’ll be the sole voter, otherwise I’d expect him to have Cody, not Victoria, do the evicting.

Victoria – Hey, it could happen. Technically. If Victoria pulls off the Veto win… take a guess. Caleb will head to Jury. She’ll follow Derrick’s lead. Even though she might not like Cody, we could hear Derrick tell her they have an easier time beating Cody in the F3 HoH comps than Caleb, or something like that.

Caleb is in a bad spot and he doesn’t seem to sense it. Sending Frankie home made his odds even worse and he just might see the effects of that. He hasn’t won a Veto yet, but neither has Derrick. Okay, well Caleb did win a Veto competition, he just didn’t win the PoV with it. His chances are strong, but there’s no room for error here.

Remember, the Veto competition will have already taken place by the time the Feeds return on Tuesday night, but the Veto Ceremony will likely be part of Wednesday night’s show. As soon as we have the comp results though I think that’ll be enough to confidently predict the F3.

What do you think might happen with the Final Four when it comes time for the F3 eviction?

Update: Per a good comment in the discussion below I went back to see what the recent F4 Veto comps entailed. The last three have required a strong knowledge of dates & events through the season. Past two alone had the connecting web style with HGs as the answers. Here is last season’s F4 Veto comp.


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  1. Caleb has to win this veto. But for some odd reason I think production sees Derrick as the golden boy so I am sure the comp will be a mental challenge to make sure he gets his way. Derrick is no doubt a good player but to be honest this BB season has had comps are not for strong physical players. So I believe only a miracle can save Caleb. He is playing against production and against Cody/Vic/Derrick. Another predictable week, I am not shocked what so ever.

  2. This has nothing to do with it really, but is Cody the only HG left that hasn’t won any money or prizes in comps?

  3. After watching BBAD from Sunday night I realized why I don’t think Derrick is a great BB player. He – and Cody – are both hiding from their actions. When Derrick was HOH and blamed his nominations on “it was a house decision”, he lost me. I’m not sure why anyone would believe that pitch but it just showed me that Derrick is afraid to be known for his moves. Dan G. was in your face when he backed stabbed you. Then he was good enough to get away with it! Derrick has played a similar game to Andy from last year. He goes along with everyone, pretends to be everyone’s buddy and uses others to do what he doesn’t have the courage to do. HE also whines his way out of going up on the block – just like Andy did.

    The best players make big moves and stand behind them. Then they finagle their way out of the aftermath. When Derrick and Cody were laying in bed trying to come up with excuses for putting Caleb up and working themselves up into a justification of their treachery, they made me a little sick. It’s a game! Just evict him and tell the truth! You don’t want him around for the final 3 because you know you can’t beat him in the physical comps. That’s a good enough reason to evict him, isn’t it?

    I think Cody is going to win the last HOH and it will be interesting to see if he takes Derrick or the easy route, Victoria.

    • That is so well said I wish you had put my name by yours as this is the way I feel also. If you get on BB play the game . And Derrick has played with the weak ones at the end.

      • Although you (both) make very interesting points. I have to disagree
        with your take on Derrick’s game being cowardice. His ability to
        manipulate people to do his dirty work is tremendous. If he can get over
        on the rest of the house guests by telling them its a house decision
        and keep his hands blood free – even more impressive.

    • I think Derrick is a great BB player.
      What are the goals of BB?
      A: Not get evicted.
      B: Have the jury vote for you to win.

      By “hiding from [his] actions”, he has managed to keep everyone liking him, and keeping off the block for the entire season (A). Also, from what I’ve seen of the jury, they understood what Derrick is doing, and they don’t seem that angry; which could lead to a decisive victory (B)

      Derrick may not have “made big moves and stand behind them.” But, he doesn’t have to. He’s a master manipulator. Why go out of the way for ‘style points’ when he has people under his quiet control?

    • Prince just be honest with yourself and with us BB fans here, your just upset that Frankie is evicted and your taking it out on Derrick for taking him out when you wanted it the other way around. What’s even more comical is my profile pic is of Dave Chappelle’s hilarious skit on “Prince” that’s pure jokes which is what I find your comment to be trying to discredit Derrick’s game play in the house. For you to compare Derrick’s game play to that of “Andy” shows me you don’t know enough about the game itself to make such an absurd comparison. Next time you make a comment come back with concrete facts cause this comment alone should give you insight on how much of a discredit you’ve done to yourself by making such a comparison. If your upset about Frankie leaving just say that but don’t go throwing a hissy fit and try and trash a great game player like Derrick cause your favorite player (Frankie) is on his way to the Jury house where I’ll tell you now he has no friends.

      • Got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning did we? He didn’t say anything in his comment about Frankie. He just gave his opinion on how he thinks Derrick is playing the game. Didn’t sound like a hissy fit to me. In fact you sound like the one throwing the hissy fit. And that is JMO.

      • Lavendargirl he compared Derricks game play to Andy, now while I always enjoy and respect your comments which always are more logical and sane then that of Prince, I don’t respect his logic or really lack there of on his comparison of both players. While it is his opinion, to me it is flawed one to say the least. Only reason I came hard on Prince is his blind support of Frankie and how he stands by his actions and when I read his myopic view of Derrick’s game play it triggered my response to remind him to take a step back and reevaluate his statement on a topic he clearly knew nothing of Derrick and his game play to even make such a comparison of him to Andy.

      • Well I guess I haven’t seen his posts about Frankie. I just thought you seemed so upset over his opinion of Derrick. And back at ya…I enjoy reading your posts also. :-)

      • No Caps were fired, to me that sounds like an indoor voice and if I “Busted a Cap”, I think Matt would of called it in and I would of been in Blog Jail.

    • You just described why he’s a good player. He covers his tracks, he gets others to do his dirty work, he fakes kindness when he needs to, he makes calculated decisions, he avoids the block…
      He’s managing the jury while he backstabs people. How can you possibly think that is poor gameplay…

      • Jumping to conclusions aren’t you? I am not a fan of Frankie and will be happy to see him go. But my post was not about Frankie it was about Derrick and my point was not that Derrick is not playing a good game – he is clearly playing the best game – or the only game – in the house. My point was the truly great BB players make bold moves and then find a way out of the backlash. Derrick is simply working with a bad group of people who don’t seem to know how to play the game or haven;t watch previous seasons.

        If Derrick was playing on BB 15, Helen would try to buddy up to him and Amanda would have sniffed him out and targeted him for eviction early on. Of course we’ll never know.

    • TOTALLY DISAGREE!! Frankie has played the same DIRTY game that S-Andy did! Frankie is the DEVIL, so ad he’s gone!!!

  4. It would be so awesome to see Derricks face when he gets sent packing!!! Then they would have a good BB ending!! Derrick needs to go!! Amen!!!

      • Andy this Troll can’t even come up with some type of justification on why the best player this season needs to go and then claims in her/his little world that would be a good BB ending after clearly on National TV Dan Gheesling one of the best BB players stated that if Derrick did not win this season it would be huge disappointment and as a BB fan all the way from season 1, I have to agree with him 100%. “Derrick must lose”, you should come from behind that terrible excuse for a user name and justify why you think Derrick should lose this game and who you think played a better game then him this season? I’d like to see you come up with an answer to those questions if you can to help clarify the logic behind your post.

      • Well my answer is if he takes Victoria then I hope she wins. He’s so sure he has this in the bag. What a look if Victoria beat him. Priceless!

      • As a BBfan from season 1 like yourself, I agree with everything you said. However, I hate the comparison of Dan the ass. Dan psychologically tortured Danielle when most of the time it wasn’t necessary. He did it because he got a sick kick out of it. He already had her loyalty. I also remember his first season when “Mr. Religious” swore on his wife and his church, that (can’t remember his name) was safe. Derrick has Victoria the same way, but he was kind and caring when she was having a meltdown. He treated her like a little sister and was protective. He won just enough competitions to make him valuable, but not more to make him a target. He kept his mouth shut when people confided in him and kept his loyalty to the main group while still having a strong alliance with Cody. Hands down a perfect game. HOLLA!!

  5. Derrick is BoRinGGG … playing for his family, who cares. Everyone needs money Can’t stand him beating that drum. Hate him, tired of looking up his nose. Anyone but him as far as I am concerned.
    Paul w/ Team Nicole !

  6. Caleb hold your head up high. You may have been eliminated but you played the game with integrity standing byyour house mates. I have no respect for Derrick or Cody taking a week link to the last round. I hope Victoria wins and changes the entire game plan. Derrick may be a good player but deceiving the entire house of his profession shows weakness. If you that greedy, especially being in law enforcement to lie to everybody. I have no respect. Karma is a bitch at will bite you in the ass eventually. Caleb, sometimes the good guy finishes last, but I prefer your game plan much better that the greedy and cold play of Derrick and Cody. Let them have the money. If they had any confidence in their game, they would have taking you to the end and let the best man win. Instead they chose someone who never won any challenge. Its a shame. I am rally discussed to the point where I don’t want to watch the show next year. Nasty, just nasty.

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