Big Brother 15 - America's Vote

It’s time to America to vote for their favorite Big Brother 15 Houseguest!

You can pick from any of the season’s sixteen Houseguests and cast your ten votes in any way you want. Split them up or give them all to one player. It’s your choice. But you better do it soon because voting ends next Tuesday (9/18) at 11:59PM PT. You can vote online at or pay a dollar a pop and vote by text. Yeah, I’m voting online.

I’d predict the top contenders for this prize will be Elissa and Judd. Judd has had his unfortunate moments, but my votes are all going to him for America’s Favorite HG. Judd was highly entertaining on the Feeds and he is a huge Big Brother fan. He didn’t sleep the season away and actually played the game even when he wasn’t making the best moves. So yes, I’m officially endorsing Judd for the $25K prize.

Eye of the Grizzly

Be sure to cast your vote in our unofficial poll below and tell us who you want to see win the prize money and why you think he or she was your favorite on Big Brother 15.

BB15 America's Favorite HG


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