Big Brother 14: Week 8 Popularity Poll

Big Brother 14 Houseguests

It’s time again to look at this season’s Big Brother 14 houseguests and see how the remaining players are doing in the viewers’ eyes through last week’s poll.

Skyrocketing to the top spot was Dan with 29% and considering his incredible “Big Brother Funeral” strategy it’s no real surprise at all. Dan has navigated himself to a strong position both in the house and in the viewers’ favor, but how long will it last?

Last week’s evictee, Britney Haynes, went out with an impressive 22% of the vote for the third straight week. Then you’ve got Frank who jumped up to tie Britney for second place.

Falling this week was Ian with 13% who lost ground with his outbursts and fights with Frank after a brief spike during his evict-Boogie week. Shane also took a big tumble this week losing ten points in the poll and settling with 6% down near Danielle, 3%, who has yet to double digits in any of our popularity polls this season.

Then you’ve got Joe and Jenn with 0% each which really means less than 1% as chances are they each got at least one vote out of thousands. Jenn has never managed to break the 1% threshold while Joe has stayed under that mark since week 3. Not even Jenn’s “big move” was enough to shift the needle the slightest amount.

You can check out the archive of past polls to see how everyone is doing over the season. I’ve also got a graph charting everyone’s rise and fall for Big Brother 14.

Vote below for your favorite Big Brother 14 HG this week and share your thoughts.

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Big Brother 14 Week 7 popularity poll


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      • @twitter-517228426:disqus I have no problem with lying, but when you bring half your family into it I lost respect for him. I was hoping for a F2 with Frank and of course not going to get that now, but Frank had no other choice as the end result would have been the same. He didn’t fool Brit she just couldn’t do anything about it and Dan wouldn’t talk to her about it. Look at the rest of this group he had to convince. Dani, Shane, Jenn, Joe and Ian. Not the sharpest players and Dani and Jenn quickly became part of it. If he had kept his deal with Frank because that was the only time he used half his family for a deal I believed him. If he had come up with this master plan and got away with it in All Stars I would think it would be a brilliant move. It just doesn’t have the same affect when he is playing with this crew. I know a lot of people think Ian is fantastic, but who is he getting out? Frank a new player. Ian would have made a better move by getting Dan out. I have never been a fan of returning players, but that seems like all we are getting from now on. Right now I see such a boring game with boring players once Frank is gone. I know you are a Dan fan, but I remember even you said you would like to see a F2 with him and Frank. Like I said lying is a big part of BB, but leave family members out of it. JMO

      • I still do Jacee2. I still want to see Frank and Dan in the F2. My comment is usually directed to people that is bothered by Dan’s action regarding all his promises, whether he used the Bible, his family, his ring his wife, etc. etc. I’m not bothered a bit of how he would accomplished his goal, whatever it takes. I can separate myself not to be a judge of their morality and to remember I’m watching Big Brother. If I have to be constantly flirting with, if this guy crossed the line or he didn’t crossed the line, I wouldn’t enjoy the show.

        btw, don’t lose hope, because final deals usually happens on the last hour. There’s still a lot of time.

      • Thanks Cyril – you mean I still have hope? lol They have seemed to clamp down on the talking compared to what they use to show us. I respect your honest answer and I try to separate as well. I guess I get so tired of hearing that Frank is a cheater and a bully that I am having a harder time this season. I promise I won’t lose hope until I see Frank walk out the door and sure hope it isn’t this Thursday. I think I would enjoy the two I consider the best to be F2 go up against each other. I know it would be far more exciting than any of the others. I think for different reasons the F3 and in no particular order should be Ian, Dan and Frank.

  1. Ian is my favorite! Love watching him on AD. He is so funny! And he really cares about people’s feelings.

      • I can’t stand Frank! Buy the way I don’t smoke anything. Why can’t everyone have their own opinion without getting rude remarks?? If you like Frank thats fine with me.

  2. okay anyone want to take bets on the dump truck that will be dropping another load of bullsh*t tonight? (aka danielle). her fake drunk last night was a all time low and the lollipop she molested was just downright nasty! why does jenn keep feeding into her and putting her on a pedistool just baffles me. i can’t wait for the day for someone to call her out on her duck face/stalking/whining/lard tub butt!

    • Do you listen to yourself? What a horrible thing to say about someone you don’t know. You’re a very ugly person.

    • I thought the same thing as i watched with disgust!!!! I can”t stand how she raises her eye brows and makes duck lips every time you see her on camara. Last nights drunk act was discusting. Also you know Shanes not all he seems cracked up to be , i think that pink tank he wears my 9 year old daughter owns the same one….. and he’s not the brightiest crayon in the box. Ian just plain freaks me out…. thought he was cool second week or so but after his bit the past couple weeks …. got to go. awesome play Dan!!! I think Frank would be in a better possition if Boogie wouldnt have been on his team from start….. Kinda like him!!!

  3. Danielle really blew it. She should have pretended to the whole house that the fight with Dan was real. That would have put Shane, Ian and Jenn in her pocket moving forward.

  4. on the live feeds last night she rub shanes chest (i guess her version of foreplay) then kissed his neck….i almost fell out, the dude didn’t even turn his head he ignored it. there’s a blow off and there is a BLOW OFF! (sorry bout the caps)

    • oh..u didn’t see when she turned her back to him and moved his hands so they would be laying on her boobs??? This took place very late nite (in bed) but SHANE IGNORED HER…He eventually got up to go outside with Joe…Does she not realize that the cameras work in the dark??? Does she not realize how pathetic and needy she is making herself appear?? She is a total loser…She should have hooked up with Boogie..

      • LOL…Shane goes outside to talk to JOE…instead of getting busy with what Danielle put in the palm of his hand???…..Hahahahaaaaa…… Upstaged by Joe…ROFL…..

  5. Frank deserves to win! He has played the game pretty much by himself…and has been on the block every week he hasn’t won HOH! ALSO, he has won POV’S to save himself!!! Dan’s a sore loser and hasn’t won ANYTHING but make people feel sorry for him! He does NOT deserve to WIN….but he MIGHT make it to final 2! Just Sayin……

    • And look where it got him. Big brother isn’t survivor. It’s not all about comps. Big brother is a game that leans on interaction and socialization, and so far, Dan has been the best.

  6. I think Ian has been holding back, he was put in situation but wasnt afraid to pull the trigger, Frank would of done the same thing, he and Boogey were goin to, Ian beat em to the punch, I miss Britt! Danielle, get a life, all you do is lay around trying to be sexy, go work out or something. Dan you are a force to be reconned with. At least Joe keeps his word and he has cooked for all, Frank, what makes you think you are so much better! You go aroumd farting constantly and you stink, and you are a bully. You may be able to win comps but you are a Bully! Dannielle try drinkin first before you fake bein drunk….disgusting

    • If u look up what bully means, Frank doesn’t even come close. When did u start watching BB anyway. Frank and Boogie had Ian’s back the WHOLE TIME. Unless ur also in the house, saying he stinks makes no sense. Stick 2 game play, not hygiene, comps will beat out hygiene any day

  7. Danielle lost all my respect last night, send her home. Shes on my last nerve besides, what has she really done. Britt, she never was your friend, shes a needy, unproductive person and since Britt left ole Danny is a different person, GO IAN

    • I’m not yet agreeing on the whole,,,go ian thing but totally in with Danielle leaving. I’m over her. Hanging on coat tails and begging for shane….seriously.

  8. I feel sorry for Joe, maybe he hasnt done much on comps but hes a good guy, Jen needs to go home, as well as Bully Frank, and HoeBo Southern Bell

    • I didnt like Joe at all in the beginning but other than Frank he is the only one I actually like in the house anymore. I think he’s kind of goofy, and loud and he sure tells some tall tales but I think he has a good heart. Too bad he hasnt realized how expendable he is to the “Quack Pack.” I dont find Frank to be a bully at all. He has been lied to from day one and has spent almost all of his time with the threat of eviction hanging over his head and he is still civil to that pack of backstabbers. In my opinion Ian has acted like more of a bully.

  9. It’s a shame Santa Jessy,took all their goodies..But what the hey,he just as well took them,Danielle would have hidden some of them and ate the rest..That so called nurse,will be 300 lbs by the time she is 30…If BB done away with the mirrors in the house,they would have to put her in a straight jacket..Dan told Jenn she should make out with Danielle to make Shane jealous…Dan no doubt has already dipped into her,when he was in HNR..His wife must be as blind as he is money hungry..

    • Now I am no Danielle fan but geeze……oh and I seriously dought that Dan wld mess with her at all…… He maybe a sneaky liar that swears on bible and his’ dead grandfather’s jewerly but he is NO idiot!

  10. Its not only a comp game, its also a social game, so ..baaajhaa , leaves Frank out, with him gone maybe BB will get on with it, oh yea HoeBoe too ..aka. Danielle

  11. All the people who like Dan are on the bandwagon. All he did was expose the Q.P. alliance. Any of them would have done the same with their back against the wall. And he’s a genius. Ok. the ‘Dan’s funeral’ part was just stupid, and accomplished nothing at all. Mike boogie did the same thing when he presented the plan to save Frank and backdoor Janelle. And she’s one of the best to ever play the game. So why isn’t He a genius. Everybody in the house is a douche bag except for Frank. And I’m sure production knows it.

    • Maybe they are here, but I have been checking elsewhere and there are a lot of people who can’t stand Dan after what he pulled. I was surprised as I have not seen as many of those types of comments here. Other than myself and a few others like yourself.. All I know is these people left in the game are clueless and there is zero excitement.. Frank isn’t even campaigning hard because Dan has him convinced he is safe. I keep hoping that one of them gets some smarts and no one does. Dan has this magic mist that Brit talked about and I don’t see anyone getting through it. For some reason they all think they are going to the end. I agree with you about Dan’s funeral being sttupid and no different than Boogie’s plan except for the way he staged it. Other sites have plenty of people who think Production had their part in the plan to begin with. All in the name of ratings. Look how the network is constantly talking about what Entertainment Weekly and the Post has said about Dan’s plan. On these different sites lots of comments from people who say if Frank goes Friday they are not even watching after that. I never wanted someone other than a new person to win. Of the new people Frank brought excitement because he is a beast in comps and has spent the season on the block unless he won HOH. Dan has had it easy because of the people that are here. He has played the game before, came in as a coach so had that extra advantage and for me this season is no different than last year when the Pandora’s Box saved Rachel. This season the Pandora’s Box brought nothing each time. If Dan was playing In All Stars and made this move against the best of the best I would think it was a great move. In this season what was so great that he fooled this group of players. Ian is supposed to be so smart and he goes with Dan? That alone tells me that he got duped. Dan’s big move came against Brit (never won), Jenn, Joe, Dani, Shane, Ian and Frank. Ian taking Frank out instead of Dan was the worst mistake he could ever have made. Wow, Ian you took out a newbie and are rolling with someone who won before. Dan wants Ian gone next. The network should have cut Dan a check to begin with. The feeds and BBAD are so boring and you normally don’t see that until the very end when 3 people are left. Two people are leaving this week. Most likely Frank and maybe Joe since both are on the block. If a fluke happens and Dan goes you have Shane, Dani and Jenn. I said awhile ago Dani and Jenn could be your F2. The least two popular people in the game. No matter which way it goes unless Frank stays I see a completely boring game left.

      • I totally agree with you. Watching Danielle’s behavior has turned me off from watching BB After Dark. Once Frank leaves the show Im done watching for the season.

  12. Ian should win becouse he is very smart and he knows the game to well.Dan on the other hand is a favorite but doesnt deserve to win a second time in the game.lets give a newbie a shot,plus Ian was the one that got boogie out so that is fabulous.

  13. Danielle needs to get over herself already becouse she is blind to think shane likes her,he does not like her and its getting annoying that she doesnt see it.

  14. My personal feeling after watching the shows and feeds this year is that Franks downfall was being aligned with an unpopular Mike Boogie. Frank is an outstanding player in my opinion and for several reasons. He is awesome with challenges, he is a good sport (when not being edged on by Boogie) when on the block and he really has worked the game both socially and physically. He is mature and charismatic. I hope Frank wins, although it isn’t very likely at this point. It must be killing the producers because he is the only one worth watching at this point and I’m sure they know it. With him gone this week.. all we will see is Dan plotting and executing his little mindless flock.. they should give him a burlap cloak and the holy grail and bask heavens light upon him. To put him in the same category with the Paul Newmans of the world is ludicrous.. please he ratted out Ian – his funeral was childish and difficult to watch. I have thought if I were on big brother who I would want to align with and no question hands down it would be Frank first. He has been public enemy number 1 since they all stormed the BB House in July. He has taken it all in good stride and come back hard to win when he has too. This is a winner..!!
    Boogie – show me the money man – Mike grow up!! – there you were inside with Frank while Ian was hanging onto the ship for you and the team.. no support or encouragement. He slept through the season and cashed in on as much as he could. Good riddance Mike.. please CBS – keep the likes of Boogies and Evels off the show… you are bringing yourself to the TLC level… and that is not good! Next thing you will have a Honey Boo Boo as a houseguest. (oh wait you already do and her name is Danielle) oops!
    Dan – I almost wish the coaches twist had not played out, simply because we saw a different Dan and Janelle this time around. Janelle to me was so plastic, and it was so apparent that she had no respect for her team or the rest of the group with the exception being her love/hate with Boogie, and being impressed by Dan’s big 7-0 win a few years back. I always had the feeling that she was ready to flick the ever chirpy Britany off her sleeve at any moment. Dan is puppeteering so successfully that he really didn’t need to pull out the bible and make a bold face lie to Frank.. totally unneccesary and I’m sure he will be able to spin that question by saying “god knows the truth”.. I’m not a religious person but abhor those who do things in the name of religion to benefit their gain.. Dan lost me on this one. Sorry Dan, you went too hard and I know this is a game but there are limits and you crossed a line. – your wife has done a tremendous job however pushing your book all over twitter so i’m sure you will come out fine.. you have made it clear that you are in to win and heaven hath no fury (or loyalty) for a coach on a cash mission.
    Ian – He is the epitomy of border line genious with little to no personal social ability to go along with it. One must consider his youth however and that he really did go toe to toe with Boogie is interesting if nothing else. I think if he went the end with Frank Ian would win, because of bitterness on the jury mixed with alot of jealousy.
    Brit – Bittersweet to see her go, not because I’m a fan, but because with her went alot of humour and game play. She is fun to watch, her downfall with me is her mean spiritedness. She can be a real viper – she lost my respect when she quivered huddled with Danielle and the other mealy mouths when Shane was getting ripped by Boogie and Frank.. she put away her big girl panties for that little rant, but made sure she had them on when it suited her game. She also was a poor coach and the way she handled JoJo and Willie was bad bad bad. By the way CBS what constitutes all star? And why was she back? Obviously it was her popularity with diary room antics, because she is a one trick pony as a gamer.
    Shane, Jenn – Not going to waste time on these two.. nothing to say except ZZZZZZZZZZZZ cruisin the waves.. Shane has done well with challenges but otherwise ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    Joe – Eagle eye Joe… please someone get him out!! The only thing I have enjoyed with Joe is watching him try to not fall down while trying to hula… Joe Joe Joe… please just go home! I think someone should right a rockin hillbilly swingin blue grass hit for Eagle Eye Joe… Please why don’t ya’ll go home..and take yall’s 1000% with yall guarantee with ya to the bank of biggest flipper in the house…
    Danielle – Wow… what can you say… I am a mature adult woman so all I think about is what if she were my daughter? She is obviously a very well pampered, high maintenance young woman… I feel sorry for her when she comes off the show because I am not confident that she will have the constitution about her to endure the humiliation of how fans of the show have ripped her to shreds… she is in for an awakening. Especially when Shane heads back to Vermont on his pink steer and never takes a second glance unless Kara M us standing directly behind a wide eyed mouth puckering pout of Danielles..
    Basically to sum up… Frank is toast on Thursday and Dan will continue to shape and peel at will… the big question once he gets to the end… who will vote for him?? The thing that infuriates me with this show is that for all the talk the big players do about getting the floaters out… they don’t do it.. they keep them to better their chances in the end…
    Looking forward to BB Canada… the French/ English ultra conservative country who always apologize to each other before they do a bad deed… hahaha.. I am Canadian so it should be good! Or really really boring… time will tell.

    • Thanks for the great comment. I didnt know there was going to be a BB Canada. Im a Canadian in the US. I wonder if I will be able to watch it here?

    • Thank you because I feel the same way about Frank as you do. I get so tired of the he is a cheater and bully comments as well as he has no social skills. I don’t see Frank crying and moping around the house. He always has a smile on his face and as far as I am concerned has the best social skills of any. Can you picture any other player be able to act like Frank if they had been on the block as many times he has this season? I don’t need to say anymore because you have already said it all and as far as I am concerned you said it perfectly.
      Good luck with BB Canada.

      • Frank is a tuff one, i do thik if he hadnt been with Boogie he probly be more likable, after all Boogie didnt even push the reset button, went after the cash, Frank didnt seem upset but he blew his stack when voted out. Ian has got to pull his head outta the sand

  15. The BBF that dislike Frank should put themselves in his
    shoes for just a moment. Now let’s see! Let’s assess the situation that Frank
    finds himself in, shall we? Your locked inside a house with a bunch of
    wishy-washy imprudent monkeys; your away from your family, friends and supporters;
    you have to endure the “will I go on the block again this week” anxieties –
    week after week; you must endure the unintelligent droning of the indecisive HG
    promising you this and that, swearing on their little Bibles, sacred medals and
    so on – week after week; you are put on the block every week unless you are fortunate
    enough to win HOH to guarantee you won’t go up on the block; but, if you are
    put up on the block you must win POV to get yourself back off the block because
    NO ONE has your back! Whew…what a mind-f**k that must be, right? Must I go
    on? Now tell me people, how would that make you feel? Wouldn’t you be a bit of
    a bully, from time to time, if you had to deal with all those oblivious HG? I just
    wonder how any of you would react if you had to endure such torment – week after
    week – since day one! Come on now people…let’s be honest! How many of the
    other HG has been on the block every week, unless they were HOH or won POV? You
    may not like Frank, but you could at least be honest and moral enough to
    realize that the guy is all alone and has singlehandedly saved his own a*s
    every frigging week since the season began. At the very least, give the guy a
    little regard for all his singlehanded efforts!

    • I applaud Franks efforts. He is probably doing much better than i could ever do. But one of the reasons i watch BB is to see how divisive the hg can get. And how they work their way through, or around, each obstacle in their path. Just like life, nothing is fair. It may not be politically correct to ostracize a hg but it happens in reality as well as “reality” shows. It’s how we handle it that shows our character. Yes, at times i would be willing to strike back at those not truthful with me. But in the end i would fight on with dignity…if nothing else but to prove that i’m down…but not out. I think Frank takes his bullying efforts to a degree that leave him looking less than honorable. He has a lot of guts, but he needs to channel all that dislike, fear…whatever it is that drives his anger….into a more approachable way of dealing with it.

  16. If Danielle is supposedly what a “Southern Belle” is, heaven help the South! They should have kept her there! Only in her mind, she’s a beauty queen, she’s quite ulgy in many ways, starting with her big wide mouth, HUGE butt, thunder thighs and mainly she is a FAKE! Maybe she is trying to get noticed so some Sugar Daddy will rescue her, she has NO morales!

  17. Poor Ian, hes done all the dirtt wor and nobody has his back, wow…none of these guys deserve it, has anyone been loyal?? Ian the only one

  18. Im really starting to feel.bad for Frank, he is gonna be so blindsided, if only he knew he could at least fight to stay

  19. House of Goodie Two Shoes, where in the heck is BB. Really gets me how ugly they are to Joe, I know he isnt the best player but he was right about Dans BS act of bein mad at Danny, give em a little credit, he has been right bout whats goin on with other players. I think hes got Dans number if he will play smart, maybe he needs to have a heart to heart with Ian..jus sayin

  20. Darn, I wanted to vote because it sure wouldn’t be for that back stabbing, hand on the bible lieing, swearing on parents & wife lieing jerk Dan. I can not stand him and hope the other players left in the house start talking to one another and expose Dan for the JERK he is. To Bbef totally agree with you on the Ian situtation. I wanted Frank to win. I think he played a really good game. His downfall was listening to dumbass Dan and believeing his BS. He should have went with his gut feelings and voted the jerk out.

  21. If anyone has hidden behind the villian it has been Danielle, girl you made your bed, 3 times Dan used you?? Once should of been enough, haha. Its a game, $500,000..helloooo. Shame on you!

  22. In the beg of BB, Danielle said she didnt like confrontation, that she would cry. Wow, what a change she has made cause she had no problem goin after poor Ian, she has been ugly ugly to him, yet still so sweet to Dan, she does know hes married right???

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