Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 8 Monday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

While most of us were doing our Labor Day thing, it was business as usual for the Big Brother 14 houseguests on the Live Feeds. They did get to display an American flag and some of them did seem to take the day off from playing the game. So of course that lead to some slow moments on the Live Feeds. But there were moments of activity here and there.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, September 3, 2012:

9:51 AM BBT — Dan and Shane still in bed. Dan talking about what to do with the Veto at the ceremony later in the day.

10:03 AM BBT — Frank talking to the cameras about what Dan’s going to do with the veto today. He believes when Jenn comes off and Joe goes up, Joe will be going to jury. But he’s still nervous.

10:15 AM BBT — Joe talking to Ian about how he mistook Dan for Shane last night and started talking about Dan to Shane.

10:50 BBTLive Feeds cut to trivia for Veto Ceremony.

11:34 AM BBT — Feeds return and the HGs are reacting to Monday’s Veto Ceremony. Jenn is down and Joe is up. Shane and Frank talking and Shane telling Frank they’d work on Danielle’s vote. Meanwhile Jenn  thanks Dan for repaying the favor.

11:42 AM BBT — Shane tells Danielle that he told Frank he had his vote and that he’d get Danielle’s vote for him just so he wouldn’t bother them about it all week.

11:52 AM BBT — Joe working Danielle for her vote. She let’s him know there’s nothing that Frank could say or do to make her vote for him to stay.

12:50 PM BBT — Shane asks Danielle if it’s a better idea to make the vote a tie so Ian can get all of the blame for evicting Frank. Danielle says no that she really wants Frank out.

12:56 PM BBT — Danielle finally tells Shane she’s not a teacher but a nurse. At this point I don’t know which of her stories are true, so take this information as you please.

1:29 PM BBT — Danielle keeps asking Shane if he’s mad at her for lying about her job. The usual from Danielle.

1:30 PM BBT — Dan brings out a flag for Labor Day.

2:35 PM BBT — Frank tells Jenn that the votes might be unanimous for him to stay this week.

2:47 PM BBT — Frank goes from hopeful to cocky saying the others are going to vote to keep someone who has won five competitions over someone who has one nothing. He thinks it’s funny and is basically calling the HGs stupid for keeping him. He might be in for a surprise.

4:19 PM BBT — Ian is annoyed with Jenn acting like she’s a good player for winning that veto comp by default. Talks about wanting her out soon.

4:32 PM BBT — Ian and Joe say they think Jenn is the only person Dan could beat in the final two because no one would want to vote for her.

4:50 PM BBT — Danielle says she wants her final four to not include Ian.

6:32 PM BBT — Danielle is being all needy and annoying to Dan about how he treats her.

6:45 PM BBT — Danielle tells Dan she’s really mad at him for all the joking he does to her. Same old same old.

7:30 PM BBTJoe talking to himself about how he’s going to work hard to stick around this week. He plans to get up early and stay up late. He gives Janelle a shout out.

8:54 PM BBTIan is in the hammock alone, which is basically where he’s been all day.

9:08 PM BBT — Danielle is back to talking about how mean Dan is to her with his jabs. She said it hurts her feelings when he says America hates her for getting Janelle out.

9:20 PM BBT — Talk is now on Danielle and Shane’s nomance. Shane now acting like Danielle has been the one holding out. Such a weird relationship those two have.

9:42 PM BBT — HGs taking shots of beer.

 11:19 PM BBT — Danielle acting drunker than she could possibly be. So the rest of the night is all about her.

It seems like the plan to evict Frank remains, but like most other evictions this season, he thinks he’s probably got the votes to stay. If Frank does go, it’ll be interesting to see how the game shifts and what kind of drama that shift will result in. Let’s hope it’s good so we can get more juicy Live Feeds action.

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    • Once, Frank gets evicted, Ian will get evicted next
      and it will only be Shane, Danielle, Joe and Jenn
      against Dan. Dan should be the hands on favorite
      to win because Dan or Danielle can win HOH and
      put up Shane and Joe and evict Shane!

    • How does Dan win? He will lose Frank and Ashley’s vote for sure. He knows Joe will not vote for him. If he does not take Jenn to the end she will not vote for him and he loses. Once Shane gets to the jury house and finds out from Frank that Dan and Danielle played him, Dan will not have Shane’s vote and the same for Ian if he ends up in jury. The only way Dan can win is to have Jenn win HoH and we know that Jenn will not go against Dani so that means Joe versus Ian and Ian probably stays. If Dan is up against any QPer in the final two he loses. His best bet is to find a way to take Frank to the end because no one will vote Frank to win.

      • Is this the first season youve watched? BB players arent like survivor players. They understand that its a game, and dont hold grudges. Frank and Ashley who claim to love this game will vote for Dan because he played the best.

      • You ll be surprised by how ppl votes you always think there gonna vote a certain way but it always ends up changing. Like Jesse voting for Jordan over Natalie season 11 or bb12 when Rachel and Brendon said they vote forest competitor and they vote for Lane over Hayden.

      • No Frank would win because of all the comps he has won. His best bet of winning is to take Jenn or Joe to the final 2

      • I have a feeling that there will be a twist on Thursday and Frank will be saved. Just a feeling. That would be great for the show it will be exciting again and would love to see the faces of the quacks if that ever happens. Let us hope so.

      • Doubt a twist in which he’s able to stay. There is going to be a double eviction on Thursday so if anything I could see them making it so that 3 ppl go instead of just 2.

      • If they do something that saves Frank in any way other than the houseguests saving him, you will have a fan/viewer meltdown. You already have enough people calling it rigged for Frank this season, why add more fuel to the fire? He has had his chances to stay in, still has tonight and tomorrow to convince people to keep him, if he is bright enough to realize he is the one on the short end right now.

      • Once the evicted hg’s have time to cool down in jury house, they usually vote for best gameplay. Dan in F2 is a shoo in!

      • There is NO way that if Dan makes it to the end that the jury would hold it against him for the “funeral”. It was BRILLANT! Anyone that truely follows BB, the jury members will recongize what an AWESOME play that was. Dan was literally DEAD in the water. He not only did this ‘mock funeral’ he then went up to Frank that HATED him and has for weeks and changed his mind not only about not hateing any longer but convinced him to go to Jenn and to get her to pull him OFF OF THE BLOCK! This is going to be FRANK’s DEMISE!!! He will hate HIMSELF for allowing Dan to get into his HEAD!!!

  1. Hmmm…Joe vs. Frank, this looks familiar. Hopefully there’s another twist that will save Frank from this eviction.

    • Ok, I hope you are right. But you do know we will take a beating for this. It seems that know one is allowed to like Frank on this site. And if you do you hear about it.

      • Oh, believe me, Shar, I know & I’ve heard about it…it’s abusive & offensive, but I just wanted to give you (& others in the minority) a BIG thumbs up for continuing to post on a site where you’re not only unwanted, but persecuted, desecrated & roughed up by the other blood suckers on this site who only want you to see what they see (sounds like another, different party we are dealing with here in US, at the moment). But, I digress, GO Shar, I’m with you!

  2. I had to turn the feeds off. I could not stand to hear Danielle fake being drunk any longer. Its quite sickening how she needs to have everyones attentions. Also how she sits infront of ever Mirror or glass window in the house to stare and make weird disturbing faces at herself. Her and Ian both need alot of serious Mental Therapy!

  3. Shane & Joe were talking really late and Shane told Joe that at some point he would have to cut Daniell. I do believe that Shane has more knowledge of the game than he admits to having…He was explainging to Joe how the final 4/3/2 HOH Aand VETO’S play out. hmmm sneaky uh???

  4. Dan has the social game that the others terribly lack. which makes him the biggest threat in this game, Frank is a solid competitor but lacks the social game. winning competitions can only take you so far, before you place a target on yourself. everyone knows they don’t stand a chance if Frank stays. once he is evicted this week, this game shifts greatly in favor for Dan. meanwhile Shane doesn’t have the mental capacity to pose an immediate threat. unless Dan gets the entire house against him, this is his game to win or lose.

      • At this point in the game, talking isn’t exactly set in stone. sooner or later it will be every HG for themselves. which is the best part. Thursday will make for some revelations that will set the direction for the rest of the season, Jenn is actually the wildcard for Dan, meanwhile Shane and Joe got nothing unless they have Danielle, otherwise as long as Dani and Dan have an alliance, I don’t see things changing for Dan, once Frank goes home. unless its a Joe/Shane/Danielle alliance, Dan isn’t in too much trouble.

      • Well, all Shane has to do is touch Danielle in the way that she wants to be touched and the Dan/Danielle alliance will be history.

      • I have to disagree. While Danielle likes Shane a lot, she is also a gamer. She and Dan have had plenty of intimate conversations in which Dan has been coaching her on playing the mind game. He has really been working on Danielle and teaching her a thing or two about how to play this game. For example, last night she was acting drunk, she has everyone believing that she doesn’t like Dan…she’s a good gamer. Also, Shane told Dan in a private conversation that he would date Danielle outside of the house and that the main reason he isn’t giving into temptation is because he came to play a game and he doesn’t want to get caught up.

      • Danielle is only the gamer that Dan allows her to be. If it were not for Dan, I seriously doubt if Danielle would still be there. Do you seriously think that Shane is going to tell any of the hgs, especially Dan, the truth about how he truly feels about Danielle? Shane is an idiot, but I’m sure he is smart enough to know that what comes out of your mouth will be told to others. Shane, also, said that his reason for not wanting to get into a relationship with Danielle is, he is in no position to do so financially…..since when is that a good excuse. Do you know how many broke men have tried to date me……please.

      • Disagree, if she’d take out Dan she could. They are the two biggest egos left once Frank goes.

      • Do not be so quick to write off Dan. Dan is working the showmance thing between Danielle and Shane and just remember
        the saying: “Hell hath no fury than a
        woman scorned.” That is all it takes to
        get Danielle to evict Shane and bring
        Dan closer to that $500,000 check!

      • I have not written Dan off. I know that Dan is working the showmance thing to expose Shane. However, if Shane does what Danielle wants him to do (touch her, caress her, hell maybe even more), I think Dan’s alliance with Dani might be in jeopardy. Most times, when it comes to love, the heart trumps the head.

      • My impression is prob production asked Dan to use his influence to start another storyline because it has been pretty boring since Britt left. It has just seemed too awkward, phony and staged. Why does Dan keep pushing the subject, manipulating Danielle, Shane? So they can go to the end and provide interesting footage.

      • Yeah, but Shane would agree with any plan offered by anyone. He just nods and says “yeah, yeah, yeah” as the other person talks to him.

        Ian: “We’ve got to evict you, Shane.” Shane: “Yeah, yeah, you’re right. I’m on board.”

        It’s totally possible that Shane will go after Dan soon, but I’ve just been disregarding any conversation he has anymore since he does a lot of lying.

      • I think a light went on in Shane’s head when he saw the target that Frank aquired by winning so many competitions and he just decided to hide behind Britney and Dan. When he found out about Frank wanting to get Ian he truly saw the benefit of the floating game. I think Shane will start to ramp up his play again this Thursday. You don’t want to have to sit out the HoH competition when there are only 4.

      • @Max: exactly. Shane did not truly understand the game when he came into it and has really come a long way. But, he still does not understand all the complexities of this game. He’s still a novice at it. Although has been adapting along the way, it would take a decade to reach the level Dan has acquired.

      • My money is on Dan because all his
        moves has been calculated to bring
        him closer to that $500,000. The rest
        of the house guests pretty much go
        along with Dan so, they are just about
        to write him that $500,000 check in a
        couple of weeks although, they think
        they still have a shot at that $500,000!

      • Honestly, the whole group seems so in awe of Dan’s game brilliance that they just follow along! They just want to be part of Dan’s team, no matter how detrimental to their own game. Although he’s used a twisty path along the way, I feel Dan’s game has been too easy with these HG’s

      • Also, Shane likes to tell people what they want to hear, but I honestly don’t see him working with Joe. He’s had conversations with Ian, Danielle and Dan – all separately in which he agreed that Joe was the next person that needed to go. Before he had the talk with Joe he has a somewhat heated talk with Dan about how much of a floater Joe is and that he needed to be next out the door. So you have to take what Shane says with a grain of salt.

      • It is going to be Ian next because he cannot play
        for HOH. They will put him on the block and if
        he does not win POV then, he is gone right after
        Frank! Ian is more dangerous for the simple
        reason he is crazy in the head that is! Shane
        can be easily manipulated as Brittney and Dan
        has already done on him a number of times!

      • Ian is the only real mental competitor for Dan. Ian has been spot on thru out the entire game, quirks aside.

      • Manipulation and deception are not natural skills, they are honed by practicing in real life. I would not befriend anyone like that.

    • It is more of Dan’s talent in manipulating people and
      having them see your way as being advantageous to
      them. Not very many players on Big Brother have that
      skill. Boogie did but, got evicted due to his greed! The
      other one that comes to mind is the great Dr. Will. He
      lied to people’s faces, told them he was lying and still
      they voted for him to win that $500,000! It is not a
      surprise that my favorite players on Big Brother are:
      Dr. Will, Mike Boogie and Dan. All are capable of the
      big game changing moves in the Big Brother House
      and the rest just do not measure up!

    • I think it is likely Frank leaves tomorrow, and honestly, unless he wins HOH/Veto, I think Dan might get blind-sided in the double eviction. I think a lot of the remaining players understand that the two most dangerous players in the house are Frank and Dan, and getting rid of both of them ASAP is paramount. We’ll see how it goes though.

  5. Shane knows exactly what he is doing. Of course, he is only interested in having a relationship with Danielle when it is beneficial to him. When Danielle won the veto and Shane jumped on top of her and kissed her, that was to further his game. Danielle hasn’t won hoh since and Shane hasn’t really wanted to kiss her since then either. Shane is smart enough to keep Danielle dangling by a string. Shane knows he needs Danielle on his side to keep in the game. Danielle’s an idiot, so keep dangling sweet.

  6. Danielle is so annoying, unbelievable! I used to like her, but she is just too much.. If those people are really smart, they will evict Dan next week.. I don’t think that even Dan backstabs everyone, the jury won’t let him win, because if he is in F2, of course he SHOULD win. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    • Dan will win because the other house guests do not
      have a clue! It is not Dan’s fault if they are not using
      their brain cells to think what is best for their own game play as there is a $500,000 prize or has everyone
      except Dan forgotten about that?

  7. Seems like it would be in the best interest of Ian and Dan to keep Frank… Frank will continue to be THE target.

    • frank is way to dangerous to keep around, look at how many comps he has won, Joe sucks and never wins anything, Frank Shane and Ian are prob the best, Frank wins alot, Shane is good at the physical and endur comps, Ian is the smartest and always wins the endurance comps, get rid of those 3 and anyone could win

      • Shane hasn’t been that good at endurance comps like Danielle and Ian have nor good at mental comps or the social aspect either…only physical! Hope physical will be enough for him to make it to F2…but I seriously doubt it!

  8. up close, danielle fools me, makes me think shes normal and funny and cool to be around. But when i start taking her actions in a whole, i realize just how delusional and stalker-ish she really is. I sincerely hope she doesnt get on the internet when she gets out of the house and finds out what ppl are saying about her.

    • You know she will. She is obsessed with herself. I get the feeling she thinks America loves her. She’s in for a real surprise when she gets out…

      • I hope she reads this: Danielle you are in need of a lot of therapy. Mentally you are 10 years old. You insulted every kindergarten teacher in the country and you make nurses look foolish. Get help ASAP. I don’t hate you, but I think you are very disturbed and delusional.

      • They do. She is America’s sweetheart!!! She is vain but in a certain we all are. If we don’t love ourselves how can we expect others too?

      • Wow. You may actually be just as delusional as Danielle. Have you seen the popularity polls? Do you know that there are twitter accounts dedicated to hating her? Maybe you mean she is Kathy’s sweetheart because you’re the first person I’ve heard of that likes her. Good luck with that :)

      • Thanks for the suggestion but Danielle is the nutcase in the house so she’s the one I’m going to trash. :)

  9. Honestly, I knew Danielle was mindless from day one, when she said the first girl who got evicted looked like she might cause drama. She had nothing to base a comment like that on. The first girl who got evicted appeared to be a very nice woman, from what I could tell. Danielle should have simply said, she should go, because I want to stay.

  10. okay.. well apparently Dan is forcing a showmance between stalker girl and Shane…so i beliee Dan has a plan…Dan always has a plan.. i bet its not a good plan for Dani and Shane .. i hope Dan takes Jenn or joe to finals because they are truely floaterss never did anything in the house. so i know Dan will win 500k again.. If he takes Danielle he may or may not win…i dont think he will risk that…hes too smart..

    • I think Dan is simply trying to expose Shane and the fact that Shane does not really want to have a relationship with Danielle. Dan knows that the Shane/Danielle thing is dangerous. Dan is just doing what Dan does best……play mind games.

    • My guess is Dan is using the showmance to get him to the end. If Frank gets evicted and Ian gets evicted right after him, it will be Dan, Danielle, Shane, Joe and Jenn left in the Big Brother House. Dan just needs to get rid of Shane to make it to the end! If Danielle wins HOH, Dan hopes to use the showmance against Shane to get him evicted! Then, it will be Joe. If Dan succeeds, he will take Danielle and possibly Jenn to the final 3 and then, Jenn to Final 2 to guarantee that he wins that $500,000. Dan is the only one playing the game. The others simply do not have a clue!

  11. I like Frank great player but won’t be sad to see him go if he does? You never know what can happen in this game I change my opinion all the time now ugh

    • Frank has played a good game when it comes to the challenges but that is it. When he called Jenn dirty brown water trash he lost any chance of my rooting for him. The remark was ignorant and showed a side of him that repulsed me. I can’t believe people root for someone as biased and uses racial slurs when angry.

  12. Frank needs to go, then Dan next week.. Jen is just a JOKE!!!! She only won because Frank got disqualified please her big move in the game is a bunch of B.S.Take Joe to final 3 he wont pass any endurance so no worries about him making it to final 2.. Ian will do good with the questions since he’s a walking big brother replay.. That guy remembers EVERYTHING!!!! Dani is just stupid if Dan hurts her feelings so much why not cut his throut instead of sticking by his side!!! I think Shane has done good he’s had his hands bloody a few times. I was kinda hoping for a shane/frank at the end but then again Frank gets on my last nerve..

    • Dan the liar, ( burn in hell ) didn’t swear on the bible this time so its probably not true anyway… Dan you make me an atheist (which is good).

  13. Just a thought, I can see Dan voting to keep Joe this week making it a 2-2 tie and forcing Ian to vote to evict Frank. This could be a good move for Dan. If he did this, Jenn would think that he is still in an alliance with her and Joe would be thankful for his vote. This would possibly keep both of them from nominating Dan for eviction in the unlikely event that either of them win HOH. As for the Quack Pack, Dan could explain his decision to vote to keep Joe as a means to keep Frank’s vote on the jury. Most likely the Quack Pack would believe him and believe he is still part of their alliance. The one person that would be upset would be Ian (because he had to do the dirty work of evicting Frank), and he can’t compete in the HOH. This would leave Dan believing that he completely safe from being nominated this week.

    • Ian has stated that he would like for it to be a tie so that he can evict Frank himself, but he also said he didn’t want to take a chance of it backfiring. So who knows, this house chance with the wind, Ian may end up telling them to make it a tie so that he can evict Frank, which would help Dan in more ways than one. He would solidify Frank’s jury vote and Jenn’s trust and jury vote.

  14. Is there any miracle that could save Frank? I am unsure why Danielle hates Frank so much and wants him out. What did he ever do to her except not flirt with her. Danielle is really a jealous vixen. I wish Ian would convince everyone to vote out Jenn because Frank can’t play HoH next. I think on a low level Ian would like to keep Frank but Dan keeps pushing him to get out Frank. Well, once Frank is out who does Dan think will be the target? They will start turning on Dan. Frank needs to get his head out of the clouds and realize he is the target and expose Dan’s little alliance with him and Jenn and Danielle! Danielle and Dan are liars far more than Frank. I will hape to see Frank go.

  15. Until now Jenn has held the crown as most annoying houseguest. However Danielle has wrested that from her. Her mirror gazing, but mostly displaying her boobs to Joe then inquiring if he thought they were big. Later in convo with Jenn accused him of being “a dirty old man”. There is a name for women like her, starts with a “c”.

  16. Can we not see anthing else but Danielle EATING…..and then whining …please I would rather watch everyone else sleep than her chowing down on everything in sight

  17. I agree with some of these people Shane is just doing that too further his game. I think once Frank is gone and possibly one of the floaters for the D.E. He’s NEXT! His best move would to be form a secret alliance with Frank and try to keep him less target on his back and he’ll know he is safe.

  18. The show is getting boring, alot of the social gamers are gone, Danielle,s only interest is Shane, Joe just want to cook, Jenn dont seem to mind as being a pawn, Ian is crazy as hell, Frank is going home this week, and good ole danny boy is waiting for the heavenly angels to spray mist on him, WHAT A EXCITING BIG BROTHER, THIS SEASON yawning, allready.

  19. Danielle is one sick person, her so called 4 parents must be so ashamed of her behavior, hopefully, they can see this girl needs some mental therapy ASAP.
    She is quite pitful with her EGO, she does resemble Sarah Palin, only in the respect they both LOVE the cameras on them. Danielle is such a PHONY, truly sad for any parent to claim her as their child! She does love her MEN and their attention, what a slut!

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