Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 6 Monday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

After several days of slow Big Brother 14 Live Feeds, they’re back with a vengeance. Today Shane had to put up a replacement nominee and that person is not very happy. Boogie and Frank continue to campaign and fight for Boogie to stay in the house. Dan and Shane are now their main targets, so there were a lot of discussions and some voices raised throughout the day. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 20, 2012:

9:58 AM BBT — Joe telling Boogie Shane won’t say what he’s going to do at the Veto ceremony.

10:25 AM BBT — Boogie in HoH throwing Dan under the bus one more time before the Veto ceremony. He’s telling Shane that Dan is playing him. He really wants Shane to put Dan up.

11:00 AM  BBT  — Frank giving it one last shot with Shane before the Veto ceremony. He is called to DR for the Veto ceremony. Feeds cut.

11:52 AM BBT — Feeds return and we learn Jenn is on the block now. She’s confused and angry.

11:56 AM BBT — Britney tells Jenn she is sorry that she’s on the block. She wants her to know it wasn’t her idea.

11:58 AM BBT — Jenn is blaming Dan. Much like Boogie and Frank.

12:01 PM BBTJenn goes to talk to Shane. She lets him know she’s not happy. Welcome to the game, Jenn.

12:23 PM BBT — Ashley and Danielle talking about how bad they feel for Jenn. Ashley says they won’t be voting Jenn out. Duh. That’s the plan.

12:30 PM BBTBoogie and Frank start calling out Shane in the kitchen. Things get slightly heated. Boogie is being more snarky, while Frank is being more aggressive. Shane holds his own.

12:54 PM BBT — Boogie and Frank sit next to Dan in the living room. Dan is reading the Bible and Boogie is trying to get Dan going. Boogie says he knows he is a good guy in the real world. Frank disagrees. He doesn’t like Dan at all.

 1:08 PM BBTJenn has joined the intimidation attempt against Dan. Now they’re all talking about Dan like he’s not there. Dan doesn’t take their bait. Joe has joined in and tells Boogie and Frank he doesn’t agree with their bullying. They say it isn’t bullying.

1:39 PM BBT — Dan and Danielle are in the arcade room. Danielle is crying, making all the drama all about her. She said that Boogie and Frank made her feel bad saying that Dan is going to backstab her and that he picked Kara over her. Danielle is really out of control. She has issues. And yes, it may just be from being in the house, but whatever.

1:46 PM BBT — Britney talking to Boogie and Frank. She tells them she made sure Shane did not tell her what he was going to do because she didn’t want to get the blame like she did when he first nominated them. Right now Britney is off their radar.

2:30 PM BBTBritney and Danielle in the HoH bathroom. Britney finally letting Danielle know that she’s being a little ridiculous. So amazing someone finally told her not everything is about her. Might just be my favorite highlight of the day.

4:09 PM BBT — Dan, Shane, Danielle and Joe say a double eviction with Frank heading out behind Boogie would be ideal.

4:36 PM BBT — Jenn lobbying to get votes. She clearly has no idea what’s going on. Isn’t it obvious that this is all a way to get Boogie out?

4:58 PM BBT — Frank and Dan are talking. Frank says he has to get Dan and Shane out to have a shot. Kind of a weird conversation.

5:21 PM BBT — Britney talking to Ian, telling him she’s seen a different, and mean, side of him today. He says he’s playing it up for effect.

6:15 PM BBT — Danielle finds out that Jenn is mad at her and so an entire evening of “OMG Jenn hates me” ensues. Danielle has a brand new focus to keep her mind appeased.

6:27 PM BBT — The Quack Pack is worried about where Ian’s head is. He said earlier he’d evict Joe next instead of Frank, so they’re worried about that.

7:03 PM BBT — Jenn heard that Danielle was crying. She said she wants to make Danielle cry more.

7:18 PM BBT — Frank and Shane talking in the arcade room. More of the same. Shane acting wishy-washy and Frank saying Shane is the #1 target now instead of Dan.

8:18 PM BBT — Boogie and Frank realize they’re not going to get Britney’s votes. Boogie changes the topic to Ian and he’s upset that he’s so friendly with Dan.

8:42 PM BBT — Boogie and Frank giving Ian a hard time about hanging out with Shane. Ian said he’s not going to stop hanging out with anyone. Frank and Boogie are being kind of jerk-y to Ian, expecting him to only talk to them.

9:24 PM BBT — Shane is talking to Danielle and Dan about Britney hanging out with Ashley and talking to Jenn. He hopes she’s not going to throw the next HoH because she feels safe on all sides of the house. Britney is really just outside being social but they’re all being paranoid.

9:30 PM BBT — Joe heads to the Diary Room after complaining of rapid heart, sweats and headache. He’s worried his blood pressure is up.

10:04 PM BBT — Joe comes out and says his BP is up. They gave him a pill.

10:52 PM BBT — Frank starts working on Joe again, trying to get Joe to come work with them.

11:15 PM BBT — After a talk with Boogie, Ashley decides she’s going to vote for Boogie to stay. She asks Ian if he wants Boogie in. He says yes despite his Quack Pack alliance.

3:00 AM BBT — Boogie and Frank talk game with Joe. They’re working hard to convince him to become the 4th vote to keep Boogie. Froogie are sure they have Ian and Ashley’s votes as well. Joe is noncommittal, but says he’s interested and will talk with Ashley.

It’s nice to finally see Jenn in the game. It is, however, annoying that she doesn’t quite get what’s going on. It’s pretty clear that she’s a pawn to get Boogie out. So I’m not sure why she’s so shocked to be on the block. In other seasons, she would have been put out of that game just for being the massive floater she’s been so far.

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