Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

It’s time for another Power of Veto ceremony in the Big Brother 14 game. This week’s Veto winner will have the choice whether or not to use the Veto and then, if it’s used, a renom must be announced.

We’ve been watching lots of drama in the house since the original nominees went up on the block on Friday night. Things haven’t slowed down since then either as the nominees have fought, argued, and worked to divide the HGs. Read on to find out what happened.

Frank was this week’s Veto winner which worked out nicely since he was on the block. His co-nominee was Boogie. Things didn’t go as well for him.

So at today’s Big Brother 14 Power of Veto ceremony Frank used the Veto to save himself. That meant Shane had to put some up in his place. Boogie & Frank were confident that it’d be Dan renom’d. Instead Shane did what we expected and renom’d Jenn. One of them will be going home on Thursday.

Right now there are some angry HGs wandering the halls. Jenn is furious, presumably since it turns out people were aware she was in the house this season. Boogie is just as angry and is calming himself in the back bedroom before he’s ready to be around the other side. Frank and Ashley are with Boogie and they’re confident they have 3 of the 4 votes they need for Thursday. They don’t realize Ian is not in their pocket.

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Jenn visited Shane upstairs in the HoH and passively threatened him several times. She then went downstairs to the kitchen and started talking smack to Dan. She sang to him one of her songs that she said he’d like, “you look so pretty, digging your own grave.” Wow, this version of Jenn could end up being a lot more fun than the Jenn from the first five weeks!

Do you think Shane made the right choice today? What would you have done?

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  1.  “Jenn is furious, presumably since it turns out people were aware she was in the house this season” LMAO she really redefines the term floater..

    • Boogie is furious, too. When he found out he was put up for eviction he went ballistic, cursing Shane, Dan and everyone else except Frank. He is really a revolting person with a nasty mouth, and the biggest sore loser in BB history

      •  I completely agree. Can’t stand Boogie’s whining. He plays everyone, but can’t take it when he’s played.  Also, he clearly is not the brains of any operation, just like Janelle said.  He can’t manouveur without Dr. Will to keep him in line.  I so hope he goes home.  I’m sick to death of his whining and his weird ass eyebrows.  A wee bit of botox there?

      •  Markko is right he was insulted when he wasn’t put up on the block. Boogie should be sorry what he wishes for. I don’t hate Boogie. I just think he is arrogant. More so than last 2 times. Maybe because he doesn’t have Will by his side and he has to prove himself this time that he can do it without Will. I guess he can’t.

    •  Well now she knows they know she is there!!!! She has been so quiet. so invisible this whole time. And to me she is a threat because of that. I would almost get rid of her and leave Boogie there. His days are numbered anyway. She will go back into her quiet little corner and everyone will forget about her and there she will be at the end.

    • With any luck Boogie is gone. But these morons are stupid enough that they may just buy that Jenn is a bigger threat than Boogie. Frank will win anyway.

      • Sounds like Jenn is gonna lose it before she goes home!
        Finally we get to see some personality from her rather than her stupid “doo-doo-doo” song!

  2. I actually hope that it’s Jenn going home on Thursday. Sure Boogie’s a bit of a douche, and he may or may not have been up to some shady behavior with Frank and the producers. But at least he’s entertaining and actually playing the game!

      • Production please find a way to keep ChillTown together. Hear my prayers Jehovah!

      • The fact that they stepped in and tried to convice Shane not to nominate Boogie and Frank is disgusting. Boogie and Frank notwithstanding Its enough to make one never watch the show again.

      • Gidget didn’t Jenn already sing a song about digging a grave & looking pretty?  Or is that the gross lady singing!

      • Yeah, Jenn, Ian, Shave, and Ashley have been providing real entertainment this year… NOT! 

        I understand why BB has coaches this year. If this new set of players is the best they can come up with the show is in real trouble.

    • Boogie’s a douche? Pretty sure you are confusing him with Shame, he’s the real douche.

    • hes not playing the game …  he is intertaining hisself by controlling  everyone he can….  He is sooo   aragaunt

    •  Thank you. I agree. She has done nothing. She says nothing. She has nothing to do with anyone. She does not deserve to be there There are floaters but really she is beyond floating.

    • I will believe it when I see it, I am sure production will come up with something to keep him in

      • I agree. Probably a Pandora’s box like they used to save Jordan n Rachel last season…loved it then…not so much now.

    • I hoping that Boogie leaves Thursday.  BB, please don’t change the show to allow Boogie to stay.  The ratings are not BB negative image.

  3. well, I dont think Jenn has anything to worry about! Boogie will be voted out… I think that Ian is a scum. I’d like to quack pack him upside the head. cant wait till julie tells boogie about Ian and the quack pack. He’s gonna flip. P.S its double eviction… I hope Ian goes home!

    • You’re just a angry Boogie fan i hate to give you the news but Boogie is gone and Ian made a good game move by rating him out :D

    • Why would you have a problem with Ian? Ian wants to win. If Mike Boogie is in the house, Ian has no chance of winning whatsoever.Nor does anyone else. He is apparently fully aware of this.

      • Madina you say Ian is a lying asshole what about frank and boogie saying they were going after shane and britney then denied it.They are the two BIGGEST LYERS IN THE HOUSE.They think they are so much better then everyone in there and their sh*t don’t stink.Well honey it stinks alot.

      • Frank & Boogie have told many lies & other things also-that is playing the game. Everyone of them lie & backstab. Wouldn’t be very good if every one was nice & sweet to each other & didn’t have alliances!

    • Sorry Higgyis but Ian’s actually really good — I mean, to take down a legendary like that without wining HOH or any sort of power isn’t easy. The fact that the Quack Pack has that level of trust in Ian is amazing. The truth is, Boogz underestimated Ian, and really, that was his downfall, not Frank’s, not Ashley’s, and sure not Ian’s.

      • I agree with everything you said.  Taking down Boogie is a feat in itself.  You go Ian.

      • The Booger rats on everyone but goes berserk when it happens to him. Tough s***, Boogyman.

      • No Caleb … Ian is in the Quack Pack… Brit sends him to the booger and frank to get info… the Quack Pack can’t have Ian just stop talking to frank and booger or he would have been out last week!

      •  Look at it this way though…Ian can either be fifth on the ladder among the “Quack Pack,” or third and have a way better chance with Boogie and Frank.  Dumb move on his part, the other four are just using him anyway and will turn on his ass the first chance they get.

      •  Not really. Because if the Quack Pack are the final 5. They would be smart enough to evict either Shane or Dan since they both of the strongest. Ian could be in the final 3 and could be in the final 2 and win it all. Ian has no chance with Froogie. He has a better chance with the Quack Pack in my opinion

  4. great job Shane!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats how you play BB. maybe with boogie gone everybody can get there game face on. bye-bye boogie….. BOOOOOOOOOOO. lol

    • Shane is playing horribly. I don’t know what you are sniffing and smoking or show you are watching.

      • He isn’t playing great. but he made a very smart move by nominating Boogie and Frank. They have to be broken up if anyone else, himself included,  is to have a shot  and Shane has to see that.

      • If Shane is playing so badly then why is your hero Boogie being shown the door?    You said Boogie plays a good game….but SHANE is the one staying.   If you can’t manage to keep from getting evicted then your game must not be as good as those still in the house.

      • Are you sure your watching BB? Shane made the best move yet. Boogie is playing a dumb game too for throwing the HoH comp for 10k. He would have won HoH. Now instead the asshole is getting evicted come Thursday. He has nobody to blame but his old self. Dont get mad because Boogie will get evicted.

      • Do you mean because of Brit is playing horribly as she has told Shane how and when to shi%%% she has had her nose in the HOH room at all times and then says i do not want to be involved, she knows who what and when at all times she’s not kidding no one with that crap

      • Shane made a smart move-that is not playing horribly. He has to get out Boogie & Frank.

      • Shame isn’t playing the game. He’s just there to look at himself in all the mirrors with his pretty-boy syndrome. He’s Bratney’s muse. That’s it. He sucks.

      • @f17312b53d5aef93148433df60bbac4e:disqus Really? Shane sucks? I dont see anyone else winning 3 PoVs in a row? Or 2 HoHs along with it. Lol, yup he sucks so much.

  5. Shane did the right thing. It’s impressive that he wasn’t manipulated by boogie to put Dan up. Now lets just hope CBS doesn’t pull some twist out of their ass to save boogie. And for the record, I like Boogie, but I don’t want see him saved through a pandora’s box twist. If he’s going to be safe, it has to be through him getting votes and playing the game.

    • I just found out that CBS is going to allow the fans bring a back an evicted houseguest next week. Boogie might as well leave his belongings because he is coming right back! Yes!! :) Dirty South fools representing.

    • If the network pulls a fast one and save boogie, I will not watch bb.  Shane maned up to evict him, cbs should let it play out.  No trickks to keep the old guy.  The only thing he did on his own was earn $$$$$$$$$$$. JDS

  6. I’m imagining what Jenn fighting for her BB life would be like.  I figure they’d have to bring back the fortune teller machine and do a seance. “I feel a presence in this room… Spirit of Jenn’s Game, if you are here with us tonight please make yourself known to us…”

  7. Even if Boogie doesn’t leave, at least they got rid of one of the biggest floaters of all time! 

    • Jen. Jen who? Oh the girl with the tats? I didn’t even realize she was a houseguest, thought she might be the cleaning lady or something. Yes, Jen day 46, welcome to the game……LOL

    • The only thing I don’t like about Frank is his language. He can’t complete a sentence without the “F” word in it. His Nana has to be mortified by this. Poor Nana:-(

      • Oh and Frank looks like the result of a relationship between Carrot Top and Ronald McDonald. – I’m just sayin – – –

      • Really? All of those bastards curse. Alot. Even Willy dropped the “n” bomb. People are just nitpicking at Frank for the most insignificant things. At least Frank is real and up-front unlike the rest of those crackers and misfits.

      • that Ian fellow curses like a sailor. u don’t believe me?? check those feeds and the After Dark footage on SHO.

      • you said it joan!!!!!!!   i could realy like frank, but that f**** word is in every sentence that comes out of his filthy mouth!!1!!!….they all curse, but he takes the prize…..even over boogie!!!!!!!!

      • Yes that is bad, but on B.B.A.D. Boogie and Frank were talking and Boogie has a MUCH bigger potty mouth . They both need to go home, BYE, BYE guys.

      • I’m looking forward to seeing Frank play the game without Boogie. I like Frank but Boogie…not so much. If Boogie leaves this week I will finally be able to root for Frank.

    • I disagree doesn’t Shane realize he is stupid and being played by Dan and Brit? Well I think I’m done glad I didn’t buy the feeds now. With Boogie gone there will be no excitment. I want to see the little snake Ian gone and out! You don’t stab people in the back who took care of you! I think he will go down as one of the worst players! Wake up and realize Ash does not LIKE YOU!!

      • How is he one of the worst players when he made one of the best moves??? They have a strong alliance D/D/B/S. So why would he put up someone from his alliance to go with Frank and Boogie that will just put him up next week if they win HOH. He just beat Frank and Boogie to the punch and they both are acting like the biggest cry babies. He got them big time. Great move Shane!!!

      • HHHAAAA Ian is brilliant. First of all both Ian and Jenn are disposable to Boogie. Boogie’s main focus is his husband Frank. How the hell did Boogie take care of Ian. Last tine I checked Ian was never a target in the house. This is a game for 500k you got to do whatever you got to do to win. This is not a game to win friends. Everyone needs to get over the fact that Boogie is getting the boot. If you want to see Boogie win go watch all stars

      • Why did BB ask  Mr. Boogie back as a guest then make him out to be a fool by a kid? Some thing is not right!
        BB has down graded him to a nothing on the show!
        I feel so bad for him..
        Every one is hateing him for trying to stay in the house what would you do, if it were you?
        I do agree with you Kathy, it will be a loss to BB house and ratings. 
        I do not want to watch Dani and Shane do back rubs in bed
        or watch Brit biteing her face or nails and run and hid all the time. 
        Brit if you can not take the heat stay out of the kitchen.
        I do not want to see Dan and Dani telling each other how great they! 
        And as for Ian he is a joke! 
        Couldn’t BB find any one better then Ian to put on the show? To have him [Ian] take out Boogie is an insult to the winners of BB! 
        At lest Janelle was taken out by Boogie not by Dani even if she thinks she did!
        Shane did not take out Boogie Ian did, with his big fat mouth!
        I hope as you said Kathy that Ian is voted out pronto, hopefully DE night!
        Ian, a snake is better then you and Ash will think of you that way too soon if not now!

      • Is Ashley “chronically” stoned? You just can’t act like that without chemical enhancement. I don’t know who’s more weird? Ian or Smashley.
        I can’t wait til Ian gets caught! It’s gonna be great!

      •  Everyone is being played by everyone else . . . that’s the game.  Shane is smart to sticking with his alliance until he absolutely can’t any longer.  Frank and Boogie would stab him in the back the first chance they got.  And with HOH pretty much going back and forth between Shane and Frank — Shane absolutely made the right move!

    • Shame is an idiot with pretty-boy syndrome. The only thing he has proven is that he can count all the way to 30 when he works out. 

  8. A game show in the sixties ($64K Question), got in a lot of trouble for supplying answers to contestants.  What is the difference with BB cheating, controlling and dictating the outcome?  Is BB a game show or just another comedy?

      • There were actually several shows like that back then. There was The $64,000 Question, Dotto, and Twenty-One, among others. Twenty-One is probably the most well-known today thanks to the movie Quiz Show.

        Anyway… since BB isn’t a “game show” in the traditional sense, it might not actually be bound by the federal laws against game show fixing.

    • It is not a game show it is entertanment show big diffence game shows have rules and BB dose not have to go by any rules like a game show dose, it has produers who can control the show at all times.

    • A game show is Price is Right or Let’s Make a Deal. You have to be dense not to see that Big Brother is not a game show! It is a make believe reality show created for entertainment purposes like a movie. When you watch a movie, none of it is real but, it is entertaining just as well. The same goes for Big Brother!

  9. Any way you guys think Dan and Danielle flip flop and vote out Jenn? I expect Boogie to work on Dan HARD these next few days. If they somehow find out it’ll be a double eviction on Thursday, maybe Dan will flip knowing that he’d have Boogie, Frank, Ashley, Danielle, and himself competing in Thursday’s HOH.

    It’ll be VERY tough for Dan to trust Frank, but if they can somehow work out a deal, the odds will be for him or his ‘alliance’ to win the HOH. Does he really think Brittney or Ian are going to win something? And, Dan is pretty upset with Ian for getting them into some unnecessary drama. Maybe he’s done covering for him.

    Obviously this is just wishful thinking because I want Boogie to stay, but maybe it’ll happen. Don’t underestimate Boogie’s social skills. 

    •  And I’ve never got the feeling that Dan wants Boogie out. I know he wants Frank gone, but not necessarily Boogie.

      • I still think boogie made a deal with dan pre show. It’s all just game play I mean lies. Dan stop yelling in the DR what a dork I think joe got that from you this isn’t a game it’s a scripted reality show thats a personality. Contest.

    • What if (and this may be afr-fetched) Dan flips & votes for Jenn’s eviction & denies it – claims it was Ian, exposes Ian as the rat and puts Ian in the spotlight?

      • Nope. Boogie has a way of manipulating people to get what he wants. Boogie stays & Dan stays. Deal with it.

    • Boogie I think is done. Frank should be thinking of winning the 2nd HOH because the Quack Pack will target him if he does not win the 2nd HOH! Winning the 2nd HOH will enable Frank to send home Dan, Shane or Brittney and that would be the right step to destroying the Quack Pack and
      its members!

  10. The only reason I want to see Boogie go on Thursday is to see his reaction to hearing Ian is the one dissing him!

  11. Boogie still has a couple of outs. He can play the you want a floater to win card or if he’s really smart, send Ashley to play with Ian’s head, or just let Jenn destroy herself and maybe give her a little nudge. But the odds are against him at this point

    • His only chance is the Pandora’s Box where the one who gets the most votes gets off the block. That has not happened before but, if production wanted a twist like that—–anything is possible!

    • There’s nothing between Ashley and Ian and they don’t care about leaving floaters in the house, you need to bring a floater to Final 2 because you have to make an argument against the person that will get you the jury votes. Floaters end up at the end for this reason, but they never win, because the jury is usually filled with competitive players.

  12. I don’t hate Frank but I hate that he let himself be a puppet. I’m proud of Shane, but, this is a double eviction week so you know what they say about payback AND karma! The power seems to shift from Frank to Shane, so guess who’s turn it is. And he is not a happy camper. So my guess is that either Dan or Shane follows Boogie out.

  13. The HG’s need to work on explaining their decisions. I’m listening to Shane explain to Jenn why she was nom’d and he keeps saying, “Well, I’ve heard this”, “I’ve heard that”, trying to place the blame on some nameless person. Why can’t he just say, “Boogie’s my target. When choosing who to replace Frank with on the block, I considered who would be most likely to vote for Boogie. It’s you and Ian. Between the two of you, no offense, Ian is considered more of a threat because he’s outperformed you in challenges and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of BB and I was worried Boogie could use that to convince people to keep him over Ian. So by putting you up on the block, I’ve taken away a potential keep Boogie vote while not giving the other HG’s a viable eviction alternative.” That answer would reassure Jenn she’s not the target and keep Ian’s part in the alliance secret by making him look like he was considered for nomination.

    • Shane’s got no balls and Britt tells him what to do. It was Britt that told him who to put Frank and Boogie up. It’s gonna be great when outlives his usefulness and it’s pretty close to that point now.

      • Shane is not smart at all.  He just nods his head in agreement with the majority but a lot of times, he doesn’t even understand what’s going on.  He doesn’t know BB history and is relying on Brittany, Ian and Dan to fill him in.  Hope he has to compete in a competition that requires thinking and not just physical.  Personally, I think Shane is in the closet and that’s why he’s so uncomfortable with Danielle.  And Danielle is so gaga over Dan, she’s not playing her game.  She’s playing Dan’s game.  I hope Frank and/or Boogie wins the whole enchilada!!!!!!!!!!

    • @pk I couldn’t agree more! I don’t understand why he couldn’t have a sit down discussion with Jenn and make her feel “in” on something….instead he feeds her obvious BS…they blindside her and don’t even tell her “don’t worry” and they expect her to not be mad? I mean she is being dumb by not hiding it…..but I really don’t understand why they couldn’t be up front with her about it….if not before the veto then after….why did Shane say to her “I’m not saying you are safe…you should get your votes?” what did that gain him??? hahaha

      • Shane did tell Jenn in the HOH room that she was only a pawn. And Jenn needs to get over it…what has she done???? I thought she was the cleaning lady!!

      • @13163330a3a167c0e02e7f848a45bd83:disqus Then why did he tell her that she needed to be sure to work to get her votes? I mean that isn’t exactly telling her to “not worry”….believe me I don’t think she should be as mad as she is acting….or at least she shouldn’t be acting the way she is….that is really dumb on her part….I just don’t see why Shane couldn’t have explained it in a more upfront way to her….then she probably would just have gone along for the ride thinking she was in on some big move to get Boogie….

  14. I wish Boogie would stay just to see what would happen if he or Frank wins this week’s HOH….I would give anything to see that!

  15. Production better not step in with another lame twist to keep the lame “Chilltown” safe. Boogie is not chilltown by himself or with frank so people who are calling frank and boogie chilltown needs some sort of braincheck or something. Dr. will is chilltown all by himself. Floaters need to stop getting mad when they are nominated like what did you do this entire game. JENN. and the scandal with the veto comp needs to be adressed because during the live feeds mike says to frank not to mention the other part of them cheating in the veto and production knows because when frank was talking about it the feeds went to the fish. so is that big brother rigging it once again. The Integrity of the Big Brother staff and production is decreasing.

    • I agree and am sick of everyone saying well Frank won the Veto “so what” does it matter…. Well exactly, he won becazuse he stacked the deck by picking players for the veto comp that were no real threat to win, that betters his chances of taking home the veto.

      • exactly it annoys me. I would actually be happy for frank if he was won fair and square. frank said he ashley was working together.

      • If Frank hadn’t cheated maybe Danielle, Dan or Brit would have been able to play and maybe they could have won the POV.

    • Please stop patronizing Chill Town 2.0 and Frankamania. You have to realize that this game is going blow if they both exit. Unless you like crossed eyed blonde bimbos, teens with gynecomastia, in the closet house flippers, and fake 2nd rate cooks.

  16. Get the feeds..Boogie is confronting Shane  in front of the entire house …They can all hear him…He’s doing the deed in the itchen…He just called Shane Dan’s Bitch….this gonna get good…

    •  Now, we’re talking… some life for the party at last.

      Hope Shane reminds Frank that he’s been Boogie’s b*tch…

      Get the coaches out… and let the real players Shane, Frank, and possibly Danielle duke it out.

  17. Looks like Boogie’s game is done. Maybe being nominated is exactly what Jenn needed. Light a fire under her and maybe she’ll start realizing she’s at risk. The only reason I’d keep Ashley is that her body is broken and she really can’t compete physically.

    • Smashleys body is broken? No more like her brain. She has no business in this game. If she’s not stoned she’s one of the dumbest women in BB history. Watching her throw or give away every comp is disgusting. She’s not entertaining just flat out annoying.

  18. I get the feeling production will put pandora’s box in play and even though they know its the only way boogie could possibly be safe someone will open the box and get $1 and Boogie gets back in the game.  If there weren’t so many HGs left halfway through the season I’d say they will let him play his way back into the house ala Brendon.

  19. Hopefully, if Frank wins HOH he puts up Dan and Britney – that will end the coaches and the game will be better.  If he wins HOH and POV he should leave tthe noms the same – if Dan or Brit wins POV then Frank should put up Joe if the votes are for the Dan or Brit to go – if not then he should put up Shane

    • If Frank wins HOH, he should put up Shane and Dan on the block with Brittney as replacement nominee. That way, he gets one of the three out of the Big Brother House. Preferably, Shane or Dan because they are good in HOH and Veto. Brittney not so much. Frank needs to make each eviction count as the Quack Pack will target him for sure. Go after them Frank and show them that they do not intimidate you by their sheer numbers! The can be broken up, one by one!

      • Frank isn’t scared of the stupid whack pack. Just wait & see what he does to by one.

  20. About those floaters… Boogie, Dan, Britney are the biggest floaters.  Well at least Boogie’s been winning money.

    But when you think about it… All of the above are like anchors around the necks of Frank, Shane, and Danielle who have at least been playing the game.

    Jenn is a forgetful choice.  Hopefully, the neanderthals will do the right thing and … flush Boogie !

    Just can’t believe the missed opportunities they people have had to get rid of the coaches.

  21. Bye bye Booger!!!  Hope never to see your ugly face again.  Maybe now Frank can play the game he came in the house to play.  I love Dan and Ian.  Hope they make it to the end.

  22. Jenn yelling and screaming isn’t going to do her any good. She has floated her way through this game and now that she has a taste of the block, she can’t take it. I’m just affraid that Jenn’s actions is going to led to her being evicted instead of the real threat Boogie. Right now I see a 5-2 vote to evict Boogie (Dan, Danielle, Britney, Ian and for some reason Joe) vs. Ashley and Frank. 

    • Jenn will be blessing us with the presence of her walking out the door.
      She’s gonna be a complete bitch these next few days & pay for it.

  23. You know, maybe Booger should have fought as hard for the HOH as he did for the 10 grand and he wouldn’t be in this spot right now. If I was Frank, Id be furious at Booger for not trying to win HOH since he was his ally in the game and could not compete this week for HOH himself. Just goes to show you that Boogers only really looking out for Booger and his bank account.

    • Just remember that he’s the only coach that didn’t hit the reset button. He didn’t want to be there so of course he’s gonna go for the cash.

  24. Goodbye are one unpleasant guy. What really got to me is the way you kissed Ashley playing spin the bottle…
    Yep some people have no brains in letting you dictate what should go down next in the BB house like Frank. Now just have to hope Danielle or Britney gets HOH.

    • What gets me is that it was ok by Boogie when they scumbagged Janelle right out the door, but oh man, its total bs that they turned around and did the same thing to him. Double Standard.

  25. Boogie can go! He’s so cocky and full of himself. Frank deserves to win. He’s already winning everything. It’s about time they add Jenn to the mix. She’s been floating way too long.

    • If will wasn’t playing for him in bb7 i bet boogie would have been gone during the first 3 weeks.

      • yo man thats a lie Boogz would have been runnin the house if the Coaches were runnin the house

      • @ Your Uncle Tom: Ian Alleyne was not talking about this season. He is refering to seven years ago when Boogie was on Big Brother All Stars (along with Janelle) and rode another houseguests coattales (Dr. Will) right to the money.

  26. Bahahahaha Big Brother is scared of W.W.F.’s Sid Vicious to actually evict Fank lmfao; lateeerrr Booooggz

  27. She needs to go!  She has not won anything..  Now she is all ” I’m so bad rahhhr!  Threatening people.. REALLY??  So she decides at the half way point to start playing.. LMAO!  She is the most annoying floater by far!

  28. Good play by Shane!!! I hope with Boogie gone maybe now Frank and Shane can play the game together and get rid of all the coaches and the floaters!! And see who is more well liked by the others at the end. I really do hope that nothing stops the eviction of him.  

  29. If Boogie goes, then we get to see Frank play the game on his own.  If Jenn leaves, the house is rid of the most useless HG and the rest of the contestants have signed Chilltown 2.0 a $500,000 check.  Either way, I’m satisfied.

    • I would call it chilltown 2.0 like the producers are making it. Dr. Will IS Chilltown.

  30. I hope boogie goes. What a jerk (well he’s always been a jerk). But his arrogance that his alliance should take care of him and going for the money showed just what a jerk he is. He deserves to go. Frank should vote him out too. His closest alliance when he was not eligible ti play for HOH and he could care less Send him packing. Biggest JERK ever

    • I agree. Franks best move right now would be to align with Shane and Dan and Britt and Dannieliar. Boogie doesn’t even need the cash and going for the 10grand just really showed his true colors, GREEN, like money not envy

      • Why would Frank align with Shane when Shane has stabbed him in the back numerous times each time he had an alliance with him? All Frank needs to do is win the 2nd HOH and send either, Dan, Shane or Brittney out the door right after Boogie! Then, fight hard for Veto and HOH and go after who is still in the Big Brother House. The Quack Pack will take out Frank given a chance and there is no reason to strike a deal now when the rats cannot be trusted! Go after them Frank and show them that even if they have the majority, they should not be so chummy!

      • I don’t think Frank can break into the self-proclaimed F4 – even if they tell him he’s good, why believe them?  They tell him that all the time and continue to target him.  Brit even said Frank will win if he isn’t stopped. Dan doesn’t want to go to F2 with Frank at all so he won’t be good with it.  Without Dan’s & Brit’s blessing, Frank can’t sit with the F4.  Weeks ago, if he & Shane had bro’d up, they’d be unstoppable.  Not too late now but Shane has to cut Brit’s apron strings.

  31. Joe needs to go home ya mean Dude can’t win a comp. Social game is not legit and he is straight up corny but son keeps avoiding the chopping block. He is the definition of the term floater son

  32. Jenn was the perfect choice.  Especially to get rid of Boogie. If she goes and Booger stays, then I will know for sure that CBS production is running the show and I will QUIT watching it forthright.  I really don’t like this pitiful season, or the players like Jenn, Joe, and yes even sacred Dan.  Two floaters and a has been narcissistic pretty boy.  The same people float, Jenn, Ashley, Ian, and Joe, the same people win the competitions, Shane and Frank.  I find it fascinating that Jenn has not even been noticeable this season, has maybe spoken one complete sentence all season, and yet, gets angry and verbal now that she is the “Pawn Replacement” for Frank.  She finally decides to “play” the game, so to speak, and she does it BADLY!  Should just keep her damn mouth shut, and she will be fine.  I’ve never seen such a “quiet lesbian.”  Maybe that’s the name of her metal band.  In looking at her, I can sure see why she’s a lesbian!  Not sure any man in his right mind would find her attractive.  All the one’s I’ve ever known are very verbal, and somewhat aggressive.  Doesn’t she realize she’s just a pawn. Does she even know what this game is about.  Has she ever watched a season I wonder?  Seems not.  But whatever.  Joe should have been evicted over Wil anyhow, I don’t understand this game anymore, other than Booger’s hateful influence and obnoxious narcissism is what got Wil packing.  I would like to see, Booger, Dan, and Joe go in that order next…and THEN Jenn too.  I don’t care who wins, but at this point, if it was due to game play, it should be Frank or Shane.  Thanks, that’s what I think about it all.

    • I am going to start rooting for Frank. Boy is on point like a sharpened pencil fresh out the box

    •  Since production is clearly running the show the way they want, they probably told Jenn to be as big a bitch as possible so people will want to vote you out instead of Boogie.  Worst season yet and the show has lost even more of it’s integrity.  Heres an idea, STOP bringing people back!!  Can’t find 15 people that you can’t completely manipulate??

  33. Now they are acting like bullies and they still think they have all the power talk about EGO’s ….

  34. I bet production offered Jenn 50k to try to dig her own grave and do whatever it takes to get herself voted off the show. And she accepted knowing that she has no chance in hell to ever get to the final 4.

  35. Janelle is right!  Boogie is a d-bag!!!  He’s acting like a big baby and so is Frank.  They cheated for the POV win, the take personal attacks on people (even the people they are trying to get votes from!!) and are now threatening people.  I hope they are both gone this week with the F.F. and the producers do not find a way to bring them back!!! 

    • You really can’t blame frank. They’ve lied to him since day 1. There’s only so much you can take. Shane just keeps lying to him and somehow everyone’s okay with that. But when Frank keeps his word, he’s a scumbag.When Shane gets booted within the next three weeks and he will, he’s gonna feel real dumb.

  36. It’s hilarious how everyone thinks Dan is the one why everyone nominated when he actually did absolutely nothing and was all Ian lol I can’t wait for Frank and Boogie to see the show after and how Ian was the is the one who got them out and not Dan.

    • If Chilltown is a fam then Frank must be the red headed stepchild they keep in the basement.

      • @Redneck Joe….you don’t know me so how do you know if i’m bi or not?   nice comeback…must of taken all day for you to think that one up.    Unless your sister..oops, i mean wife, helped you.

      • Ha ha. It took 2 minutes buddy. You got jokes cracker. Just as you told me that beastality and incest don’t mix from your own personal experience. I should report you. By the way, your mom’s vagina is hairy as Ian’s armpits.

    • There is only one chilltown and thats with dr.will and boogie.There is no nor will there ever be a chilltown2 If i were dr.will i would be upset for boogie starting a new chilltown.

  37. Does everyone watch the show…? It’s double elimination this week. Jenn and Boogie will both be going home. Unless, Pandora’s box comes into play… Which i’m sure BB, is gonna try and some how keep, Boogie.

    • Double EVICTION means one of the current nominees goes home and then they play and entire weeks worth of BB in one night to see who goes home next. Do you watch the show?

      • Boogie is going speak at my 88 Konkwista convention at the end of the season. Can’t wait! :) Go Frank.

    • There is NO double eviction this week? Where do these theories come from? Julie didn’t even mention the chance of one on Thursday, nor has their been any promotion for it.
      Unless Pandora’s Box comes into play, which can mean anything or nothing, some things can change, but unlikely.

      • It’s not a theory Julie said that on Thursday its a live double eviction.. so two are leaving. either boogie or Jen goes first then they will do immediate HOH, Veto and then eviction.

      • You need to turn up your volume because Julie did say there’s a double eviction Thursday.

      • OK, maybe I am wrong about a double eviction, but I do have BBAD and have watched every show. I guess I missed it…

    • Double eviction does not work that way. First eviction is taken of Shane’s HOH then, a 2nd HOH is run. The 2nd HOH will nominated two players for eviction. That is not Shane because he cannot compete for HOH! It may even be Frank which means Dan, Shane or Brittney will be evicted next! Just right after Boogie!

      • you are wrong they do a everything they would do in a week in one night they do hoh nominations pov then vote if none of the nom. win pov they dont have to run a ceramony for replacement just go directly to voting.

      • Sue…..What did I say wrong? I know it is happening all in one sitting. I was responding to Beanie who thinks both Boogie and Jenn being evicted all at once. That is not happening only Boogie or Jenn is evicted. Not both! There will be a 2nd HOH for the 2nd eviction depending on who wins HOH!

    • Right, maybe Ian should take a bow like Booger did last week.  Oh, that’s right….Ian isn’t an asshole.  HAHAHA  Booger to leave the house.

  38. the fact of the matter is that without boogie and frank (no matter how annoying and egotistical boogie is) BB would be boring. and that’s not entertainment. and that’s why the producers are trying to keep them in the game and playing up ashley and frank’s showmance.

  39. Why not put up Ashley? Boogie is the target and Ashley isn’ t bright enough to hold a grudge. Jenn, on the other hand, has a temper.

  40. Love what Jenn just said to Dan telling him first all the way to the end Dan and then he will love the lyrics to the song – you looks so pretty in sin city digging your grave.  Dan being so smug letting everyone else do his dirty work, but I think some are beginning to see him for what he is.  Jenn does.  I guess she feels played by him. 

    I think Shane made a mistake. 

  41. I have NO problem with Frank. I’m looking forward to see how well he plays without Boogie.
    Boogie is such a pathetic LOSER.
    What and why people think he’s so “cool” is a mystery to me. He’s 42 and tries to act like he 25. He’s finding that out in REAL life, and NOW people see right through him in this game.

    • classic son like dude has nerve to be spittin like that Joe is a snitch they get snitches

  42. Every1 needs to get on da Chill Town 2.0 express wit Frank da Hitman Hart son. Stop ridin da gay Shane train

  43. Ugh, I can’t help but feel sorry for Dan right now.  Boogie really needs to knock off the bullying.  Seriously, the guy is such a sore loser.

    But you know what’s the best part of this whole thing?  Production tried to persuade Shane not to put up Frank and Boogie, but Shane doing so has actually lead to the most action this summer?  Take THAT, production!

    • No kidding…if they only knew Ian was the one ratting them out. Boogie can dish it out but can’t take it.

    • Are you in the house, do you know that production is doing that? Production tipped Dan off the ENTIRE week while Frank was HOH that he was going to get backdoored, uh oh, suddenly production isnt helping Boogie/Frank anymore.

      • Jordon, I was commenting on earlier in the week, after the nominations, when Matt posted here on BBN and Morty’s people posted on his site that Shane and Danielle had a conversation that production was questioning his decision to nominate Mike and Frank WHILE he was putting the keys into their slots.

  44. There’s no way to keep Boogie from getting the heave-ho.  After he is evicted the only possible solution for production is to have America Vote “which houseguest do you want returning to the Big Brother House?”.   Bet on it!

  45. oh come on…boogie needs to get out….newbies need to get a clue and start getting the coaches out…frank & ian is playing the game…shane needs to start thinking for himself & stop doing whatever Brittney tells him to do…but shane is the only newbie that made the biggest move this season so far…wished frank had the balls to do it last week to get Dan out…come on newbies…hate to see a coach win.

  46. Boogie and Frank are total jokes….Frank needs to stand back and think about how he and Boogie ended up in their situations…..Boogie felt soooo confident and safe that he went for $10,000 instead of safety for him and Frank…Frank outta be slamming Boogie instead of Shane & Dan…..Frank is totally ignorant if he keeps hanging with Boogie the rest of the week…

    • I beg 2 differ son Shane is a Pinocchio ya mean that chick Brit got him all confused & blazed Ian is 2 tymin and baller blockin Frank is a stand up guy & CT2.0 is da truth like Paul Pierce google it son

    • Frank and Boogie have done nothing but been honest and straight forward this entire season, and people hate them for it? Im trying to figure this one out.

      They didnt put themselves in this situation. They held up their end of the alliance, and they got backstabbed…. again. By a bunch of players that cant do anything and who complain about all the floaters. Shane has Brit, Ian, Dan, and Danielle, all who cant win anything. Oh, sorry, Danielle was able to win an endurance competition that suited all the weakest physical players.

      Shane isnt even playing his own game. Its going to be an awful long month long time in jury to be thinking about he made the wrong game move that didnt benefit him.

      • Actually Dumielle was given that HOH comp by Bratney.
        So I guess the 4 can’t win anything.
        What a kick ass team.

      • What show are you watching? Frank wanted to backdoor Dan last week and all Frank and Boogie do is lie. They even talked about going after Shane and Britney next week. They are just pissed because Shane got them first. Oh and everyone else that gets put up on the block acts like a grown-up but Boogie acts like a 42yr old baby. He can dish it out but can’t take it. I can’t wait to see his smug face walk out the door.

      • Frank and Boogie HAVE NOT been honest and straight forward in the game. You may not have B.B.A.D., or you would see where they both are dishonest….I would say just as much as the rest of the H.G.

  47. Again Boogie fan here, but with all this “cheating” fishes on live feeds, I cant see how they can step in now, uless it is like someone commented here about “America Vote” and Boogies back. Just like last year, you really think they voted for Brenden to come back? They will also tell him about Ian and Ian is screwed….that kid still creeps me out. And all the BBAD people Ian does curse on there, but hes just trying to fit in its so akward…

  48. Curious and Shane has to go. He hates kittens and watches movies with Trannies and hamsters. Frankamania.

  49. I think Joe by far is one of the most worst players in big brother history. he is completely clueless because he truly thinks he is in an alliance with britney, dan, danielle, and shane and he think he truly has a shot to win any competiton. i cant wait for the day when they get his dumbass out of the house and he realizes that they were just straggling him along for his vote until they no longer needed. hes a hohdigging bitch that has no game and it should be him going home not Boogie

    • But if you were in the game wouldn’t you want to get rid of strong players that have a high potential of turning on you as opposed to someone that you can string along for their vote. Getting rid of Boogie is the right move and I’m happy Shane went against Production to do it. Boogie is the best manipulator in the game in my opinion. Plus he’s got one of the most physical players, Frank, in his back pocket. They have to be split up for anyone else to have a chance to win. If I was in that house I would have tried to split Boogie and Frank weeks ago. Janelle was not as big of a threat as these two. 

  50. Bottom line is boogie not going for HOH instead going for the cash is why he is leaving…boogie won’t go to jury there are 7 jury members… and 10 players left.. so 2 in the finals leaves 8 now…. Boogie gets evicted and he goes home all the rest will be on jury!

  51. Why is everyone calling Frank and Boogie Chilltown??? It is not Chilltown without the Mayor of Chilltown Dr. Will. Boogie and Frank are just Chilltown rejects.

  52. Looking at this move by Shane impartially, I’d say it is a very decent move.  Especially if he now tightens up with Frank and those two can roll on to the final 3 together.  Better yet, he should go to Frank and tell him that he fully expects for him to win HOH and nominate him (Shane) for eviction…if he (Shane) makes it through, then the both of them can start fresh, have each other’s backs and roll through the rest of the house.  All season has basically been the Shane v. Frank show, so NO ONE in the house would expect it till it was too late…including the brilliant Dan and/or Ian.  All they have to do is swallow a bit of pride by focusing on the prize, and keep their mouths shut to the rest of the house.

    • Frank would be the ultimate fool to trust Shane yet, again. Shane has struck how many alliances with Frank and betrayed him each time! The wise move for Frank is win that 2nd HOH and start going after Dan, Shane and Brittney. Nominate Shane and Dan and have Brittney as the replacement nominee. They will be going after Frank so, Frank should strive to win HOH and Veto each time! Each time Frank wins HOH in the Big Brother House nominate two more of Dan, Brittney or Shane whoever remains and add Ian to the pile as replacement nominee. Keep doing it until he destroys the last of the Quack Pack and strike up alliances with the newbie floaters, Ashley, Jenn and Joe. If Frank goes on and just do this things, he will control the Big Brother House and win it in the end! Even if they evict Frank before he gets rid of all the Quack Pack, it will be worth it as the rest of the newbies will go after the remnants of the Quack Pack soon enough!

  53. Wow H8S and Curious…you crackers are giving the white race a bad name. I guess you two hicks are used to double teaming men. You two can not take the heat that I deliever.

    • That’s irrelevant to this whole page so please take that comment somewhere else thank you!

      • @Mary Jane, I would like to remind you and the other users that there is a “Flag” feature in this forum that you can use to bring Redneck Joe Jr’s posts to the attention of the Moderator.  If we use it often enough, only when needed of course, I think he will either be banned or have to change his name again, Redneck Joe 3rd perhaps.  I already flagged his previous post for review.  Best wishes to you and the other decent members of this group.

    •  But your posting for everyone to see? And again, don’t tell me what and what not to do. Cause honestly I’m not going to listen to some “cracker.”

      • MJ you are a kike. Take that. I’m sick of the belittlement here. Someone tell me why Joe was not nominated again? Floater written all over him.

    •  Your probably nagging more than anyone on here. Commenting on everything involving something negative about Frank

      • You can not keep your mouth shut woman. Yes I’m going to protect Frank and Mike. You are just like everyone is going down and swallowing Rainbow Brite. Get a clue and open your eyes. I forgot. Shane and Whack Pack glued them for you. Stop saying crap and it won’t be an issue.

    • This is my last comment to you Redneck.   Then i’m getting back to what this board was meant for….allowing people to discuss BB without name calling.   I’m not going to get into a pissing contest because i would surely lose…’re about as pissy as they come.    The zoo called while you were looking for your sheet….. its family day and the monkeys are waiting for you.     Now back to the good people on this board that have an opinion that matters…..

      • I’m tired of bloggers such as you, Mary Jane, Curious and your wannabe quack pack whack followers. Go get laid and get a life. You ever hear of work? That helps too. You disagree with me in a disrespectful manner in regards to BB14 and you think I’m going to take it? Get a life and keep your zany comments to yourself. You fools are lucky that you are not here in Brandon, Mississippi.

    • Last time I’m commenting on this pointless post. The only person who has no life here is you by coming back and commenting on it and I knew you would post more humorous insults. Please have some class for Christ sake! Your making yourself sound like an ass. And a kike? Really? Don’t threaten me either. Over a BB post? Again get that life of yours back. Your coming close to being as much as a scumbag to Boogie. Keep it up! Sooo finish with this hillbilly, and if you come back and post worthless stuff, I won’t bother looking at it. Cheers! :*

      • Everyone just ignore him and maybe he will get bored and leave this site. No matter who makes a comment he has to come back with a nasty reply. He’s probably some 12yr old and if not he sure acts like one.

  54. The show is going to suck without boogie. the stupid quack pack will have no one to talk about or should I say have fear of. Ian is being played by Britney. She has the stupid pack around he finger

  55. This just in !!!   Pandora’s box was opened by Shane and he is now on the block with his replacement pick, Jenn…    another big brother major manipulation

  56. Jenn woke up! She is so clueless in this game she doesn’t even realize she is a pawn and is safe. This is the time she needs to shut up and disappear but hey her stupidity makes for great TV! Stil praying for the day Danielle goes up. My ears are bleeding from her annoying whispering. Arghhh

    • Ashley has an alliance with everyone. She’s so spaced out she doesn’t even know who has HOH!

  57. Shane should’ve put Ashley up against Boogie, so that Frank would have to choose between the two.

  58. Are you all new to bb? Production will be stepping in. Boogie will not be leaving. Do you not remember Rachel winning last year? Come on. They want a Dan boogie final 2. Good vs. Evil. I have watched every season. Production will get their way.

  59. OH MY GOD! shane just opened pandoras box and now boogie and frank are secured a final two spot!

      • ::Sighs heavily in annoyance:: If anyone was “secured a final two spot”, game over and no reason for the rest of the season until the final show.

  60. Boogie’s ego is getting in the way of his common sense. All he had to do was chill out for the rest of the day and let Jenn talk her crap and piss everybody off. She would’ve gotten herself kicked out of the game. I’m just laughin when they cut Ian and Shane loose. After Frank is gone, Shane is useless and Ian just been strung along for the ride.

  61. This article states that “ONE of them will be going home on Thursday”, however, I thought this week was a double eviction week?

    Can anyone kindly clarify please?


    • heres the scoop son after da eviction takes place they gon play a fastforward version of da game hoh veto veto cermony & eviction they will prob hav an edurance comp again

      • Oh, okay — very nice. Yes, I forget they’ve done that in previous seasons. 


    • After the first eviction on Thursday they will play another HOH, nomination and POV all on the same night then vote for a second eviction.

  62. I have been rooting for Frank and Boogie, however, I think Boogie is hurting Frank’s game.  Boogie has won once, he now needs to give Frank a chance.  If Shane were really thinking, he should team up with Frank and start kicking everyone else out.  These two guys are really the only 2 playing to win.

    • Frank should not trust Shane. That would be a huge mistake. Frank struck how many alliances with Shane and Shane betrayed him each time! Time for Frank to play for himself. He has to go after the Quack Pack because given a chance, they will evict him right after Boogie. Just try to win the 2nd HOH for starters and nominate Dan and Shane, put Brittney in reserve as replacement nominee. Play hard for each HOH and POV and align himself with Ashley, Jenn and Joe. They may be floaters but, those will count if Frank manages to knock say Dan and Shane out of the house and Frank can take control!

      • Joe an Ian hate each other. They see each other as threats because they both are huge liars and there can only be one in the house

      • Gene….That is even better. Frank can get Joe on his side for his vote. He can also go after Ian after he goes after Shane, Dan and Brittney. Just get rid of those 3 because they are good in HOHs and POVs. I also think Ashley would be in Frank’s side and Jenn who is pissed might go with Frank too! Frank needs to win that 2nd HOH to start going after the Quack Pack!

    • I’d rather see Jenn go home, personally — she’s so obsolete in this game I actually thought she may have been just a figment of my imagination until I saw her name as the replacement nominee.

      With that said, I like Boogie and Frank both, but, yes, Boogie has won before — so, between the two, I’d rather Boogie be the one to leave so Frank can prove his salt.

  63. Sign the check to Dan right now. He’s the only one not letting his emotions get in the way. He’s got Ian by the short and curlys because of the Ashley/Frank thing. Britt thinks she’s running things but she couldn’t be more off the mark.He’s already thought the game all the way to the end. Once Shane gets his backdoor, it’s a wrap.

  64. I love big brother but what happens to the players once they get into the house. They are playing for $500,000 dont believe the hype play to win win win

  65. Um… correct me if I’m wrong, but Julie never mentioned that there was going to be a flash forward coming.  Where is all this information coming from, Ian?  Because I know he’s been talking about it, but the HGs aren’t a very reliable source of information, considering production likes to just springs those kind of things on them.

    • Not a tethered-down theory, of course, but a ‘Fast Forward’ makes sense as Julie Chen did mention that this would be a double-eviction week.

  66. cant wait to see Ian squirm on the block on thirsday with a quick elimination, autism should make that swing do the huckle buck in hyper drive

  67. Today, Frank was reminding Ian that they absolutely have to pull off HOH this week. Ian listening to him with a poker face, It’s so laughable. It’s near eviction time, and they’re still absolutely CLUELESS. If they only knew, they would probably drown Ian in the pool before the ceremony. lol

  68. What if even just to keep bigger targets than himself in the house, Dan voted to keep Boogie in the house (maybe could even sway Ian or Danielle?).  Then during HOH, all 3 (Dan, Boogie, and Frank) along with Ashley (highly doubtful) could have a big chance of winning HOH.  The other side would only have Britney, Danielle, and Ian (and probably Joe since he seems to be following Shane now).  Usually the quick HOH’s are better suited for people that are a bit more athletic/faster, so Dan, Boogie, or Frank could win, and nominate the other side of the house.  This would be awesome, seeing as I love Dan as well as Boogie & Frank, but I really doubt it happening.  

    • The trouble with the ‘Fast Forward’s’ is that they hold the regular H.O.H. comp almost immediately after, in which the previous H.O.H. (in this case, Shane) will get to participate and have a chance of winning for the second week in a row (not including whomever wins the ‘Fast Forward’ one that is).

      • I don’t think so, the outgoing HOH doesn’t play in the next HOH competition even if its a double eviction week. The only way the outgoing HOH plays is in the final HOH comp of the season. Shane will only be able to compete in the POV on Thursday, not HOH comp.

  69. Any mention or show of ‘Pandora’s Box’ yet? Results? Just curious…thanks.

  70. I hope Boogie goes this week.  I can’t stand to hear him talk anymore.  I hope frank goes next.  He doesnt need to win his daddy is a wrestler.  I think shane is the first to make a huge move in the game and hope he goes all the way and wins. 

    • “SHANE is the first make a huge move in the game”???

      Boogie and Frank convincing everyone to get Janelle out of the house — and subsequently the attention off of THEM — must have been the result of my imagination running amok.

    • He doesn’t get along with his dad. you would know this if you watched the show. Anyways his dad use to be a wrestler and those guys waste most there money

    • His daddy’s a wrestler ?? So what, that doesnt mean daddy will support him the rest of Frank’s life ??

    • I would like to see someone new win.  I don’t think it was fair to let coaches/former winners to come back in the game.  I am rooting for Shane.  I am a Vermonter, and he comes from a town about 2 hours away from me. GO SHANE GO!!!

  71. Shane’s calling himself Capt America now. Keep getting cocky boy, it just makes your upcoming blindside all the more sweeter.

    •  12:43 Bog Bro Time…Frank referred to Shane as captain america when Boogie and Frank confronted him.

      • 3;25 BBtime and I quote”Boogie, you just got sent home by Capt. America” then Cap went on to say” Boogies going home unless they Chima me then I’ll walk out, no just kidding.”

    • lol…I think frank, boogie are more cocky then Shane,   Frank can’t do anything without boogie’s approval.  I think you will find that when boogie is gone, frank will deflate, and start kissing up to others to try and save his butt.    

  72. Here’s what always amazes me about this game.  Everyone is always so surprised that they get put up on the block. People have to go home and if they aren’t in the HOH’s inner circle they shouldn’t be surprised that they are a target. 

    Dear Jenn, welcome to the game you’ve finally made it with 4 weeks to go.

    • she wasn’t a threat to anyone until now.  lol    Since everyone is after boogie, she probably won’t go home this week.  She is being used as a pawn.  She isn’t a big threat right now, so she might make it fairly close to the end before they decide to put her up and evict her.  I agree with you on the players being shocked when they are put up.  What did they think was going to happen.  Someone has to go each week, or the game would never end.  lol

  73. Has Ian forgotten how Boogie and Frank took care of him, Don’t you all remember Boogie won 10k kept 6 for himself and gave Ian 3 and Jenn 1. He was thinking about giving it to Frank, yet Frank being the good hearted man told Boogie to give it to Ian and Jenn. Ian little skum turned on them to get into a group with girls. what a loser

    • Don’t worry, Ian’s gonna get a lesson with women when Dan rats out Ashley and Britt and Danielle cut him loose. I’m not saying all women are like them but a good chunck of them are. I’d say I’m gonna feel bad for him but then I would be a liar.

      • I want to be Ian’s girl. “Ian please go to the diary room….I’m there waiting for you” :-)

    • rofl…remember, this is just a game.  You, meaning anyone of us, would probably do the same thing.  compared to what they are playing for, 3000 is a drop in the bucket.  It is amazing what people will do for money.  It doesn’t surprise me what people will do.  The whole object to the game, like survivor is to win, however you can, which includes making/breaking alliances, lying, and make false promises, and back stabbing.  That is what the viewers feed off from.  It would be pretty boring if they all got along and stuck by their promises.  Think about it.

    • He is supposed to be a die hard BB Fan but, apparently, he did not see Shelley last season. That is what Ian is doing now in Big Brother. At some point, with all his lies, people will figure out his lies! Any fool can do what he is doing but, he will see how smart he really is! He is an arrogant punk who will get his, soon enough!

      • lol…this is why big brother is so popular.  It gets the fans all revved up.   

    • Ian,is a young kid still in school,and is very smart..Back down on Ian,first time BBG, Boogie is playing his 3rd,Dan his 2nd,Britt,her 2nd and all others are not students and have good paying jobs or own their business..So they all should have more knowledge of the game and as being liars,cheaters,and just plain bullies..Boogie tossed the comp,for monies as he chose the money this time instead of trying for HOH and save his & Franks a$$..If Frank had played & went for the $$,Boogie would have been really pissed..Oh well,guess it takes people like just like B & F to side in with them..Neither Frank or Boogie are good hearted..(my opinion)

  74. Send Boogie home!!!!!!!! Send Boogie home !!!!!!!!!! Send boogie home!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scumbag jerk needs ti go. Then frank. Liked him at first then let boogie take over his brain. Now can’t stand him. He’s a little mini boogie clone. Do send him next!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  75. How do you know it is double eviction?  And, can someone refresh my memory about how that is usually worked out because I can’t remember.  And, what is that machine with the balls in it and the question mark?  Sorry, if you already discussed this but I didn’t see it anywhere.  Thanks.

    • Double eviction starts off with a normal eveiction then the same night HOH POV and another eviction goes down. The box is Pandora’s box. Someones gets done up and everyone else gets screwed.

    •  they announced the double eviction last thursday. once boogie or jenn is votd out they will do a quickie HOH and then they will do a nom ceremony on the spot. then a quickie power of veto and veto ceremony and then eviction all in one night.

  76. Frank and Ashley trying to figure out how to get Jen to start an argument/yell at Joe in an effort to keep Boogie

  77. For all you boogie fans… type in Mike Malin and Mike Carri.. and see who this guy really is…my favorite is a story on the smoking gun…. He is not a nice guy..just saying

    •  honestly don’t care. he is a bad guy or a good guy,. he is a person on a tv show. he portrays himself ot be a bad guy on the show and admits he isn’t the best guy in real life most the time either. but they are parts of him that are good too. he shows that at times. I am sure sme the others have bad qualities too. Others are lying outright while trying to portray themslves as saints. atleast boogie isn’t trying to say he he is an angel while doing his deeds. 

      • bravo, agree strongly.  Everyone has something in their past.  some worse than others.

      • There’s a difference between not being a saint and having screwed his business partner where there is a law suit and possible criminal charges against him. He’s also been arrested a few times.

      • Lavendargirl:
        I just found this info regarding Boogie. A website says he had multiple sexual encounters with various older men in which he would live out fetish & role play fantasies in a father/son and uncle/nephew relationship. It’s alleged he called these guys Uncle Jerry & Dad.
        Not only that he embezzled money from the restaurant to pay these guys!
        I knew he was the one responsible for giving my TV STD’s.

    • From reading about him and his escapades, I think he is too full of himself, and thinks he is the best house guest they have.  not!!

      • lol  got to love big brother.  Vermont has had 2 people in survivor, and one in big brother.  Vermont is becoming popular in these games.  lol

    • EVEN If he is voted out, I still believe the show is scripted.  I think they are accepted in based on what they agree to do.

      • ITA.  This show is definitely steered AND scripted by Production, no doubt about it.  I’m afraid they will figure out a way to keep Booger (Pandora’s box maybe….that’s what saved Rachel AND Jordan last year).  It really pisses me off.

      • It use to be a fun show.  Now, like survivor, it has become boring and each season is redundant of the seasons before.  Tired of past winners coming in for second or third time to win, and because of popularity win against newer people.  I use to be an avid big brother/survivor fan, but lose more and more interest each season.  Oh well!!!  lol

      •  i don’t think scripted is the right word but i do agree it gets steered sometimes towards certain people. However My biggest problem has been over the last few years f everyone voting the WAY the head of household wants. People just need to vote their own game. I loved the season with Dick and Danielle where they could get people behind them even when both were up and get others out. Even with Britt and Dan’s season we saw secret alliances ruling the house. But lately it has just been whatever the HOH wants they get. How about voting for whats best for your game instead. Keeping Boogie and Frank in would be a better move for ashley and Joe. Even for Brittany. It keeps them off the block for the most part right away as everyone else goes after each other for the nxt few evictions. Even Ian it is smarter. But they don’t think they way right now. Boogie and Frank see that and will try to to sell it. Whether yo like and or not Boogie has the best selling point over Jenn why to keep him right now. Him in the house keeps the mid pack people safe for now. Odds are he, shane Dan and Frnk take each other out. Only 1 of them make it to the final four in my opinion .Personally I hope Frank just on fact two have won it before. Frank I just like because of his dad. And I feel he has been a little more up front in his game. If he has thought of doing something he has told them. Maybe not smart but he hasn’t hid it. If he promised to do something he has. Truly Frank has stuck to his word more than Shane while Shane has twice now went back on his to Frank. So you tell me who has played the more honest game? Yes Frank and Boogie have used some maneuvering but what they have used have been based off truth so far. Janelle was doing what they said. Dan had done what they said.  Joe acted the way he said. So what exactly have they done wrong there? Just pointing out the difference in the way they have played compared to the way others have. Yes they talked about taking Dan out last week but they didn’t. Yes they have talked about down the road making britt the first victim. but hey Dan was the one who said take shane and britt out first.again others words but it is coming back on frank and boogie as if they were the ones who put it on blast. they were willing to wait til it got to six. It is hard to believe boogie was willing to play the honest game here but he was. However back to question at hand. the games for hoh are sometimes laid out to give certain people advatages but even then others slide in and win. I think danielle won out of the blue her week. I think they thought britt or janelle would. I think this week they saw Dan or Boogie winning but neither went for HOH. So shane did. Mistake on their parts yes. But if they wanted Dan too they still got what they may have wanted tv wise or maybe more.

  78. I really hope Boogie leaves on Thursday and Frank follows right behind him! Team Dan!<3

  79. If Boogie gets voted there wpuld be no reason to watch him & Frank make all the excitement in thier not only that it,s double eviction week so oughta be interesting to say the least hopefully Boogie stays gets HOH & gets rid of shane or brittney then dan & danielle wouldn,t have anyone to do thier work for them !!!

    •  I say production has caused enough to happen that should’nt have..Frank Cheating that has not been cleared up,someone in Dr and Frank need to be excused from BB 14..

  80. Hell yes, he made the right choice. Froogie and nasty jenn or all bullies.
    Send them all packing.

    • Agreed.  There were SO many bullies on BBUK this year, it was just awful. Luckily the “Great British Public” votes to evict (or save) so Production doesn’t get the final say over the pond.  It’s what I love best about watching it.  In the end, the final three were the three the bullies were all trying to get out.  Worked out great.  You won’t see that happening here, for sure.

      • How do you know BBUK is being honest about the votes. They can do whatever they want, just like here.

  81. oops, sorry about caps a while back.  Didn’t realize till after I posted that they were on.

  82. think boogie deserves to go for not trying to get hoh and save himself… he has been lazy and rode on other peoples coat tails…i think he was TOO sure of being safe.. can not wait to see his face as he is told to go!!!

  83. boogie is the biggest suck!! but he’s the most entertaining of the bunch. jenn’s got no game anyways

    • If this game was actually about playing the BB game itself: which is a game of wits, lies, and deceit to false friendships and outlast everyone through HoH’s, PoV’s and alliances (as it should be played): well all should admit Frank definitely deserves to be there. As does “booger” unfortunately. If the gameN was played as it should be everyone should admit Jenn needs to go home at this point.

  84. Come on C.B.S . We all knew that Frank was going to win the P.O.V. NO ONE can be that lucky to avoid getting voted out as many times as Frank. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that you will have Pandora’s Box to save Boogie .I think you can do better than that.Why do you want Frank to win, is my question ?????  You always make sure that in one way or another he is saved.

    • I like the game,but cheating is no way,Productio has someone in there that knows Frank Held the choice chip in his hand and prented he drew it out..Come on!! Do what is right to us viewers..Admit you know what he did, own up to it and then send him out the door.. You sent Willy out,for less reason..House rules are for all who play the game.

  85. It’s really funny how Boogie throws the hoh in favor of the money….He cost himself and Frank their games…Stop Boohooing already

  86. If this game was actually about playing the BB game itself: which is a game of wits, lies, and deceit to false friendships and outlast everyone through HoH’s, PoV’s and alliances (as it should be played): well all should admit Frank definitely deserves to be there. As does “booger” unfortunately. If the game was played as it should be everyone should admit Jenn needs to go home at this point.

  87. if jenn would have been playing along this WHOLE time she would have realized she was a pawn for Shane..making threats to a proven HOH and POV stupid..but then again she must have just realized “why are all these people at my house??” lol…

    •  Jenn turned to be a real b!$&h…saying she wants to make Danielle cry more and they (DDSB) can shove their celebration cookies up their a$$.  By the way, who is this Jenn with two “n” ‘s ???

      • Jenn thought she was a Butterfly that could float without spreading her wings..Now realizing it’s time to spread her wings,thanks to the Quack pack…

      • Jenn just needs to be as crazy as Danielle and freak out on everyone. Let’s see what a bad girl she can really be!
        Wonder if she finally quit singing that damn “doo, doo, doo” song. Production kept telling her to stop singing & that’s the only way I knew she was in the house.

    • I’m so ready for Jenn to freak out and tare the house apart!
      Hope they get some beer tonight to make her rage even better!

  88. LOL Jenn thinks she has enough game to take out Dan, one of the all time greats! Bitch you have about as much game as Casper because i have never even seen you before!

  89. Go Shane!!! Glad you did’nt listen to those in production,great move putting up Snot & filthy mouth..

  90. Production script whatever you want, just make it crazy and fun so that I can enjoy my summer and have a nice transition into fall. Love this season of Big Brother

  91. I am so glad boogie and frank were put up together…. shane showed some game sense. If they don’t break the two of them up now there might not be another chance. I just hope this ? doesn’t mess up this game move. What would be even better is if this was a double elimination and BOTH of them went out at the same time

    • How was this a good move for Shanes game? Hes just alienated himself from Frank, and hes surrounded by people that cant win anything in a week that he cant compete. All it takes is for Frank to win the next HOH on Thursday and Shane will be walking out the door with Boogie. He did the dirty work for Dan and Brit. It was way too early for a move like this and it does nothing to help his game. He just became enemy number 1 to the only other person winning comps. Yeah, great game move.

  92. Danielle should have put up Frank and Mike Boogie two weeks ago instead of Wil or Janelle

  93. Plz Booger quit being a whinebag…u dished it to Janelle, so take it as it comes back on you.

  94. This game wouldve been a lot better had the silent 6 stuck together, mix of the best new hg’s and the vets. But with things going the way they are going now, theres going to be at least 2 people in the final 3 that have absolutely no right being there. And this is all because of Dan and Brit getting Shane to play their game instead of his own.

    D/D/S/B are ALREADY talking about how to cut Ian out of the alliance.
    Ian, the cute little nerdy accessory, gets played like a fiddle. What a shocker. He
    thinks hes so clever turning his back on Boogie and Frank, where he
    would be the #3 instead of the #5 that he is in the QP. Cant wait to see how Ian reacts when they turn their back on him and he has nobody because he’ll be exposed by his vote this week.

    • Yep, the boy chose the wrong side. Frank and Boogie had his back. But sign the check to Dan, it’s game over.

  95. WOW!  Boogie now saying he wants to tell Dan that he is going to go to Michigan and f**** his wife to make him lose his cool!  Boogie is proving to be a real tool with his back against the wall!!

    • Sadly, that is the extent of Boogie’s game; “The Intimidation Card”  He is overrated as a player.  Worse, he will stave off elimination on Thursday – somehow…

    • And this is the kind of person we should root for?   The only game Boogie will be playing come Thursday is tic tac toe on the flight back to where ever he came from.

    • Heehee, That’s just gonna get under Dans skin & make him want to see his wife and then throw off his game play. I totally see where Boogie’s coming from with that comment.

    • Boogie is the biggest cry baby. He’s nothing without his boyfriend Will. In season 2 he didn’t make it far and in all-stars he would not of even been asked back except for the fact that Dr. Will said he wouldn’t play without Boogie. And Dr. Will is the one that told him what to do for the entire game.

    • Boogie is such a loser and a D$*# head.!!!!!!! You don’t tell anyone that your going to f*^#* his wife !!!!! Well maybe Boogie does, I guess.There’s playing the game and there’s being a butt hole.

  96. So at this point is it still clear Boogie is going home – Also do not write off Ian – he was the spy that won for the Quack Pack – If he can work Shane on his side he and Ian can go to the end – the other newbies will work with Shane and Ian to get rid of Dan and Brit

      • Jillith, they’ve already started talking about dumping Ian. And Dan has made it very clear when he’s going.

      • Gene:
        They’ve been throwing Ian’s name around for a while. I’ve yet to see anything happen. IF Ian gets on the block he will find a way off BUT he will be the only  HG to fully appreciate the experience of sitting there. You gotta love the guy for being so much about the experience of the game.

      • Jillith, as soon as Boogie walks out that door, Ian is expendable. Boogie even told him Britt, Shane, Dan and Danielle are a soiled four, where do you think you stand? Frank and Boogie now know Ian duped them. Shane’s now open to working with Frank because he knows his Target just got way bigger and he did Dan’s dirty work, but he’s still too stupid to see Briit wrecked him.. Either way you slice it, Ian is the odd man out.

      • I agrree Gene.  Dan will end up ending Ian.  I do not want to see Dan getting anything.  He won already.  He is a user and so boring. 

      • Gene:
        I know where I stand. Team Ian all the way. Ian is a player unlike a lot of the HG. I see Ian, Frank, Boogie & Ashley in the final 5. I don’t know who the wild card for the 5th slot is as of tonight, but guarantee Shame is not in there. Frank & Boogie will use Ian for all they can & it will backfire on them leaving Ian ahead in the game.  Brit’s a bitch & everyone knows it & they know she can’t win. Bye bye Brit in the next 2 weeks. Shame will be out on the second eviction this Thursday, if not Dan. To me that one’s still up in the air, but I’m hoping Shame goes out.  Do you really think that Frank want’s to take Shame to the end? First off, who would want to be stuck with him alone in the house? Ew…and who wants to watch that?

    • If Ian makes it to the final two, he will win. Shane has figured this out, or
      so he says. He would like to go to the end with Dan. The jury won’t let
      Dan win it a second time. He has a final two with Danielle, but things change rather quickly from day to day.

  97. The house will never have a better chance to get Boogie out. They are fools if they don’t jump on the opportunity. It’s even best for Frank, and he wouldn’t even have to get his hands dirty. 

    •  Frank seems like a nice guy.  He needs to play his own game and get rid of Boogie who is a sore loser.  Frank would go further and maybe he wouldn’t go on the block.

  98. If the “quack pack” has half a brain between them they’ll have Ian voting out Jenn and not Boogie so they can keep their spy and it keeps Frank and Ashley completly in the dark. If Ian votes for Boogie his cover is blown and Frank puts him up next to Dan for sure.

  99. Attention everyone:
    Donations of eye-glasses are currently being accepted for Britney in the hope that she will stop squinting.
    Hopefully with these new glasses she will be able to open her eyes completely and see the big picture.

    • I bet it’s just an act.  Try to make sure Ian doesn’t get found out to be the mole.  Poor Ian, his use will be done and Dan could care less about him.  I personally do not like Dan.  Has everyone else take the heat for him.  I will say one thing Jenn sure figured Dan out.

      • @Jillith I would love to see Ian go back to Frank.  Especially if Boogie goes.  Ian will get further on that side.  Brit is using Ian and now Joe has jumped on the side to be yet another source of information to them.  Joe actually thinks he will be in F4 and each of them will want to go to the end with him and he is guaranteed $50,000.  If that happens I will shoot myself. lol  I would love to see Dan out in double eviction, but Shane is Frank’s target.

  100. Boogie needs to go!!!! Sore loser.  He already won $500,000 and $16,000 in this game.  Give someone else a chance.  Jenn is disgusting and walks around like she owns the place.  Ashley needs to go next.  She looks like she is high on drugs all of the time and can’t even play in competitions.  She doesn’t make sense when she talks.  What a bunch of losers. Vote out Boogie, Jenn and Ashley and get this game going!!!

    • Agree. agree. agree.

      Hope he (Ian) continues being so clever, and doesn’t get caught in the spider web of several of these team members who know he can win if he gets to the final two.  I adore him.

      I did not understand Brittany’s comment on BBAD about being able to tell from one’s fingerprint one’s ethnicity and blood (something).  What college did she go to?  I just never heard of this and in the (course’s) lab of course ” my (Brittany’s) circles on my fingers were complete”.  Weird.

      Then to Joe’s high blood pressure, the brilliant ones, Shane, Dan, Brittany and Danielle mention norepinephrine as a treatment, would that not raise blood pressure?? And the boys are so cruel they make fun of Joe possibly having a heart attack.  I found this a strange sequence.    

  101. Please, please, please can they get some beer & wine tonight?!
    I want to see some good fights! Come on production!

  102. While I do not particulary like Boogie he has some reason to be upset as he was played. But  he acted like a spoiled child about it when he has done the exact same thing. However, Jenn took things to a personal level and is despicable with her comments and talking bad about people to people outside the house via the live feed cameras. Then Ashley and Frank talking about convincing Joe to vote their way by telling him that Jenn is after him. So laughable- she could never win HOH so this is not a viable threat to him.

    • Nope. One of the current noms will go home (Jenn), then we get to see another HOH comp (Frank will win), Nom ceremony, veto comp, veto ceremony (Frank will win), & final the second eviction (Bye Bye Shame! Finally). All in one hour. 

  103. In the end Joe will laugh at how he got played by Britney,Dan et al.  If he took a second to realize why these guys are talkng to him… its just to keep him from nominating them next week in the case that he happens to win.  He has no chance to win beng apart of that alliance.  Does he think they just got together this week?  The object of the game is to have as many friends as possible.  When Joe realizes that Ian is the 5th he’ll realize his mistakes.  My guess is that Frank wins HoH this week and gets Shane/Dan.  Gets nominated and wins POV the next week and  then comes after Britney and Shane/Dan left overs the following week.

    • Oh right, I keep forgetting.  This is now “The Frank Show”.  LOLOL  Might as well be, he IS Production’s little darling after all.

    • I will laugh as he just told Shane that most likeley it will come down to himself, Shane, Brit and Danielle and then you have to pick who you want to be in the final with.  He thinks he will be picked since everyone will want to pick him to sit against and he will be guaranteed $50,000.  He really sees himself as having a great shot.  He said it will be the jury’s worst nightmare.  He also said no one will pick Dan as he is already a millionaire as he invested wisely and not just from this game.  Dan is just after the title.  These people are crazy. 

  104. Dan talks about throwing competitions, and he is a football coach?
    That ought to inspire his team.

    what a dork!

    • Whatever strategy Dan is working (in the house or on the field) he has a pretty good record.  He won his season and I think his HS team won their state last year.  Not really a Dan fan this year.. but he does seem to know how to strategize.

  105. Awesome seeing Jow join Team Boogie/Frank/Ashley and Ian

    Buh Bye Dan and Jenn on Thursday

    The Quack pack is DEAD

  106. Don’t people realize that after 14!!!! Seasons, that the one they want to go home is not the one want to see gone.  I want to see Boogie gone this week.  I can’t STAND HIM and Frank has got to go, as far as I’m concerned this season is for the producers by the producers and the rest of us are just watching and waiting to see who goes bye bye

    • AMEN.  What I’ve been saying ever since I’ve been watching (only a few seasons).  And isn’t it really getting soooo boring knowing that Frank will win literally every other HOH and POV…I mean really Production.  GET OVER IT.  This is not an entertaining show when it’s run by Production.  This season will likely be my last.  It’s ridiculous this year.

  107. I know , I’m in the minority…but the “Big Brother crew”-needs to figure out a “BB Twist,” to bring ” Boogie” , back into the BB House! Boogie & Frank are the ones that keep things intertaining & interesting .
    The quick pack are so boring & all they do is whine ….and no one else can talk game.
    The Big Brother Crew/House , needs -Boogie & Frank, keep everyone on toes& keep things intertaining!!!!!
    They need to stay in at least , until the final 4-5 & defiantly they need to make it & then boogie & frank need to go into jury house. It will be BORING without Boogie! Bring Boogie, back into that house! Keep Frank in.

  108. I can’t believe Jen would be so stupid that she can’t realize that people want to get Boogie out. Is this another production-influenced thing, or does she really think that people see her as a threat?

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