Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 5 Tuesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

If you haven’t been watching the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds and are relying on our highlights, you’re going to think I was sleeping on the job today, but I promise I wasn’t. What you’re about to read is what really happened on Tuesday. And that’s a bunch of nothing. I guess he were due for a break since it’s been non-stop madness since the season started.  Read on to find out what happened.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 14, 2012:

11:28 AM BBT — Wil and Jenn talking about is Ashley makes it to the final two she’ll win.

12:55 PM BBT — Frank says he plans to dog Janelle in his HoH blog.

1:07 PM BBT — Britney and Ashley say they are tired of HoH picture day. They want to throw the camera over the backyard wall.

1:34 PM BBT — Danielle still talking about Janelle, saying she tried to make her feel bad before she left the house.

1:57 PM BBTHoH camera time.

2:35 PM BBT — People are so bored that Boogie and Frank are talking about Pandora’s Box and wondering if there will be one this week.

3:04 PM BBT — More Pandora’s Box talk. These HGs are so bored.

3:28 PM BBT — Inside lockdown.

3:56 PM BBT — Britney and Shane try to kill a fly. Yes, folks, this is what’s going on today.

4:07 PM BBT — Dan and Frank talk about how to get rid of Shane and Britney eventually. They talk about doing it during a fast-forward week.

6:20 PM BBT — Joe tells Britney and Shane he will be targeting Ashley next week and would also put up Jenn.

6:54 PM BBT — Ashley and Wil talking votes. They think there’s a possibly of a tie and that Frank would send Joe home because he likes Wil.

8:14 PM BBT — Danielle tells Britney her feelings were hurt when Frank mentioned Julie not interviewing Danielle during her HoH, yet she asked him questions.

9:30 PM BBTDanielle and Wil talking at the hammock. She tells Wil she’s not sure who she is voting for. Then he agrees to track down her imaginary boyfriend for her if he gets voted out this week. Which was a mistake because now she’ll vote him out for sure so he can track down her ex or whatever he really is.

9:45 PM BBT — Joe says the DR warned him to not taste his food as he’s cooking since he’s a Have-Not.

10:00 PM BBTBritney and Ashley talking in HN room. Ashley says she’s voting for Wil to stay, but doesn’t plan on campaigning for him because she doesn’t want the target on her back.

10:45 PM BBT — Ashely and Frank go on a “date” in the HoH room. Ian is a little jealous.

12:15 AM BBTFrank and Ashley make out on the HoH couch.

So this is what happens when the nominations stay the same and the two people on the block really aren’t aggressive or strong players. Let’s hope things get crazy on Thursday. How about a Joe HoH just to give us a nice mind freak!

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  1. Ashley and Frank were making out in the HOH room later on into their date!!
    Starts around 12:17am BBT. 

  2. CBS dropped the ball with this cast.  Most of the newbies either don’t know how or are just plain bad at this game.  They don’t seem to care.  The “coaches” seem like they just want to get it over with.  Glad I didn’t pay for the feeds this season.

    • There are going to be weeks when everyone isn’t necessarily causing a lot of drama or that an alliance actually somewhat holds together. Sometimes it happens early in the game, or like Britney’s season the alliance kind of has control for the whole end of the game.

    •  Shane is the only newbie that is realy playing the game..Hope he wins the $500.000 And Britt win americas choice..Dan is lazy,lays around on couch,s, & disrespects by not removing his shoes before propping feet on the back of sofa..Guess BB don’t care? They should rename the house,to BBFWH…

  3. I only look at this site and watch or DVR BB after dark … And of course watch the shows .. Wow Ashley and Frank makin out would have really never have thought those 2…

    • I kinda do but Ian has been talking about liking Kristen from season 12, he hasn’t been talking “good” about Ashley.  Never thought Frank and Ashley though! I think Frank is getting bored and missing some female action. 

      • Yeah tell me about it. I think it all started with his “Kara” dream. You know the guys in the house are lonely when they start dreaming about the hottest girl this season!

        But don’t get me wrong here, I’m not the one ousting Frank. Quite frankly (no pun intended), I like him. I just felt like my heart dropped on the floor when I saw them making out!!

    • Yeah, i do feel bad for Ian.   I guess everyone gets their heart stepped on sooner or later but to have it done on national tv makes it worse.   I’m sure there are girls out there that go for his type.  We can only hope that once BB is over that they find him.  He can do better anyway than a fly-by-night girl like Ashley.

      • Ian was bothered, just tried to keep it low-key. The name of the game this year! People are too low-key, they’re putting themselves to sleep. The floater trend has gone too far! Back on track: I feel sad for Ashley, pretty clear everyone getting horny. Frank talking about different dream every night, Ashley wanting male contact. Feel like guys are kind of passing her around in very suttle way because know she’s willing.Or guess, she passing herself around. This is new BB “role”. Why pushing a showmance so hard BB, seems desperate move to make. Shane seems most sincere, unfamiliar with the “dirty play” of BB. And Boogie and Dan have already won and are such brilliant players, the playing field this year has not been level at all, for variety of reasons. Doesn’t seen fair for the type people chosen to play this year. BB setting up the winner!

  4. I’m a Frank fanboy but Big Brother will damage them both on the show by making Ian look like he shafted by the big cool jock who stole his crush. This could make for a really good story down the road when the nerd Ian outplays the jock out the door…don’t know who to pull for in this situation.

  5. So if by some miracle Joe survives eviction and actually wins HOH, he plans to target Ashley and Jenn. Really? He wants to target the two weakest players…that’s some awesome game strategy, and not at all a waste of an HOH win. By all means, let the stronger people stay but make sure you get rid of the injured girl, and the invisible girl. I really thought having vets back in the house was a dumb idea but thank God they’re back because these newbs are about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    • Or maybe he was just telling other people in the house what they wanted to hear as opposed to saying “oh by the way I’m going to target both of you”

  6. I really need a twist to come!!  Bring 2 players in and do a double eviction..something…ANYTHING!!  This is the WORST season I’ve watched…No One is doing anything!!  Even though he was wrong, at least Willie would have made the show more interesting!  It’s pretty sad!

    • There are only so many things you can do on the show. Frank was looking at putting up Dan but as Boogie said now is not the time. Stirring things up every week while good for the fans isn’t good for the players.

      • These houseguest dont know how to play their OWN game. Frank should have put up Dan, it is the best move. Had he put up Dan against like Wil or something Dan would probably get evicted. Frank should stop listening to Boogie and play his own game.

      • @ Joey_N: Do you know how this game works? Because Frank would need at least 4 votes to force a tie and evict Dan had he backdoored him. He didn’t have them. You can’t just put someone up and say they will go home, you have to make sure you have the numbers, and he didn’t. It would have only fractured the alliance and sent him packing, sooner as opposed to later.

    • Bring Janelle back via Pandora’s Box and perhaps make her HOH at the same time, that would shake up the house.

  7. Frank and Ashley making out, really?  I hope CBS airs what happened before this.  That way we can try to have some understanding of this!!  I do feel sorry for Ian over this.  I believe Ian has real feelings for Ashley, but is being a gentleman about how he is letting the world watch it play out on TV. 

  8. Danielle needs to grow up..that girl has the most hurt feelings of anyone I have ever seen…she is so desperate for attention, she makes little issues into very big issues and hopes people will feel sorry for her…so childish. 

    • And always talks about herself.. So much insecurities in that girl..She is really getting on my nerves, I wish they would get her crybaby ass out..

      • i agree!!!!!!  she is very insecure in her game…….doesnt she know that dan will turn on her too, to save himself?….It’s a game, not a sleepover!!!!!…I am thinking the shane thing is blowing over, and she is moving on to tell lies on brit and others………….i do not know what is truth or lies about danielle

      • I can’t stand her being instrumental in Janelle’s eviction all because Janelle hurt her feelings, it was absolutely not because Janelle was her biggest threat, Janelle had never indicated that.  Danielle needs some karma payback big time – evict her!

    •  I was flipping through the internet this morning reading some news articles and one of them brought to mind Danielle.   It was talking about Munchausen Syndrome.   Named for a german guy that made up stories about his experiences to get attention., no…. I’m not saying she has this……i’m sure she doesn’t.    But i had to smile thinking of Danielles stories.   Maybe they should update the name to Danielles Syndrome.    Dr Phill should make a BB housecall.

    • I don’t understand why Danielle doesn’t realize you have a very THICK skin in order to be on any reality television show.  Chances are, you’re going to come across some “mean” person who might hurt your little (insignificant) feelings.

  9. I think Ashley is smarter than she appears ….”maybe”…..if she gets close to Frank that could keep her around a while longer…..time will tell.

    • I think Frank had the “date” with Ashley to try to feel her out about who
      she would put up if she got HOH. He wants her on his side in case he
      is put up next time. I think both needed some male-female interaction
      and had no one else.
      She definitely told him she was putting Shane up. I think Shane and
      Brit are in real trouble if they don’t get HOH this coming week. I don’t
      understand why people are not more interested in getting Dan or Boogie
      out. They are the biggest threats in the game.
      When I heard about how Shane has college loans totally nearly 50
      thou and his fivecredit cards are maxed out because he used them to
      remodel his three houses for sale, and that he is paying his parents
      mortgage……I really hope he wins now or at least wins some money.
      Maybe he will get America’s choice player at the end, since I think it
      will be next to impossible for him to make it to the end. The target on
      his back is too large.

      • To Duggyd2001: I only know what he said last night and he seemed to
        be sincere. There were not enough people around for it to be a sympathy
        ploy and you never know when the cameras are on you or not. He seems
        to be playing a pretty honest game considering the rest of the house.
        If Brit hadn’t pushed him and prodded for information, he would not
        have gone there. Since Frank went directly to Boogie with his date info,
        I think the guess about him was correct. But I could be wrong about it.
        Just saying….

    • I would have loved to see Rachel and Janelle both come back and have an alliance…I think Rachel would have fared better without Brendon though, not that I really have anything against him.  People make fun, but they probably did have the most long lasting showmance when you consider the fact that they’re engaged to be married, are Jeff and Jordan even still together?

  10. Who is this Trey fellow Danielle say is her boyfriend back home? Why does
    she want Wil to look him up and tell him all the business with she and Shane
    is just for tv viewing? I must have missed something because I have never
    heard her mention a boyfriend back home except for her past “marriage/
    I know that being on slop tends to make females very emotional, but she
    is an emotional wreck. I don’t think I have ever seena season where the
    HGs have complained so much about being a HAVE-NOT.

    • Danielle is a ticking time bomb. I was actually rooting for her at the beginning, but she needs to get her emotions under control or she’s gonna go even before Joe or Jenn!!

    • All of this just shows you how emotionally unbalanced Danielle really is…she ought to be a high priority target for eviction after Frank, Boogie, and Dan are evicted.  I read about some of the live feeds in which she was crying about how mean Janelle had been to her, etc., well hello you little dimwit I guess you paid Janelle back BIG TIME and sealed your fate in the process (to lose the game).  Hopefully this “Trey” fellow will dump Danielle immediately, assuming he’s not just a  figment of her imagination.

  11. I don’t feel sorry for Ian he made more of a small kiss between him an Ashley! Nothing is greater than what one makes of it in ones own mind!!! I think we are finally seeing the true Ian. A little off………

    • Ian is coming across as a bit of a fool considering that he is supposedly the biggest fan of Big Brother, etc. Does he not realize that you can’t really trust any kind of “relationship” you have in the house, clearly Ashley wasn’t that much into him, she just thought he was cute and sweet maybe, but that was it! I don’t look for Ian to last long unless everyone wants to bring him along to sit next to them in the finals thinking that it’s unlikely he would be voted the winner.

  12. Frank, you better pray Ian doesn’t win HOH, he’s gonna put you up for kissing “his” girl. Daneille is just going down the rabbit hole, when she reveals her story, it’s gonna be a doozy. Joe still high on LSD I see. Who’s Jenn?

    • I know Ian is a bit immature, but if he won HOH and put Frank up, i think it would be because he perceives Frank as a threat….and i don’t mean in the romance department.   If he REALLY wanted revenge…he would put up Ashley.

  13. It would be to Frank’s own benefit to start playing his own game as an individual and not have Boogie have such an impact on his decisions.  I wonder why he didn’t wonder why Boogie was so adamant about not putting Dan on the block, he had wanted another coach, Janelle, evicted…perhaps Frank should have wondered if Boogie didn’t have some kind of final 2 deal with Dan or at least some other kind of secret alliance.  How about something really shocking, put Boogie up against someone like Jenn, few people would have reason to want to evict Jenn over Boogie.

  14. I really hope that Britney and Shane are smart and do not stick with Frank and Boogie for too long. If one of them wins HOH, I really hope they use the opportunity to backdoor one of them! I really would love to see Britney and Shane in the final two. It really worries me though that it may not happen because Dan, Boogie, and Frank seem to be keen on getting them out very shortly. I just hope Britney and Shane beat them to the punch. When Britney was evicted on her first season in the Big Brother house, it was the most difficult thing to watch because she knew there was absolutely no saving herself in the Big Brother house anymore once the Brigade was outed. I am really hoping that she can come back and make up for it by winning this season in the same way Rachel did last season. 

    • Britney would have been in a far stronger position had she been able to convince enough people to NOT have evicted Janelle, she should have tried making the case that Frank and Boogie were the biggest threat in the house since they had the strongest alliance.  Britney kind of made her own bed by going along with voting Janelle out, she was the main person who would have gone after Frank and Boogie.  Hopefully the others WILL smarten up and see what is apparent to us that Frank and Boogie need to be the first two targets for eviction, after that they can get rid of Dan who is being too two-faced.

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