Big Brother 14: Frank And Ashley Date Night Heats Up

Frank and Ashley kiss - Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 has danced around some wishful thinking showmances with Ian & Ashley’s date then the Shane & Danielle nomance, but nothing had really taken off. That may be changing as of late last night when Frank and Ashley came together for a little date night of their own that ended with lots of kisses, laughs, and smiles.

Earlier in the day Ashley proposed an ice cream date to Frank who happily accepted her self-invitation to come up to his HoH room and dine on his reward items. Of course there was a little tension in the house for Ian as he saw some competition from his fellow houseguest for Ashley’s attention, but she shoos that idea away.

The Ashley and Frank date night gets started around 10:40PM BBT so you can watch it all play out on the Live Feed Flashback feature. They talk about various aspects of their lives before things evolve in to a little game talk. Ashley tells Frank she expects Wil to go home and seems sad about it, but doesn’t fault Frank for the situation.

At 12:15AM BBT Frank jumps right to it and asks if she wants to go over to the couch and make out. Ashley agrees and then suddenly realizes he isn’t joking but happily goes along with it. He pulls her down on the couch and goes in for the kill.

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After a few minutes of kissing they stop and laugh how easy it is to forget about the cameras. They lay on the couch and after a few minutes they start to kiss some more. After another break Frank talks about how nice it is to have physical contact again. Ashley tells Frank this [kissing him] is what she wanted.

Jump to 12:30AM BBT to find the couple going at it again. Frank cranks it up a notch when he goes for the butt grab without complaint from Ashley.

When things settle down they decide to not tell anyone about their make out sessions. After Frank and Ashley head back downstairs they relay only things like finding dead fish in the tank. Of course Frank is up this morning retelling his date (and the kisses) to Boogie. Boogie is excited for the potential of controlling a possible Ashley-HoH.

Considering the attraction between Frank and Ashley seems genuine I think there could be some potential here for a little romance this season. What do you think of this budding Big Brother relationship? Romance, showmance, or another nomance?

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  1. The BBAD showed some of this date night from Ashley getting ready in the bathroom and Ian complaining and even rolling on the floor a bit (Ian needed to make real moves and actually date her, otherwise step aside and let Ashley be happy with someone who is interested in actual dates) to the actual date upstairs. Personally it was just kind of funny to watch, but I wish I could have changed to downstairs and see what was going on.

    It was something different and it wasn’t game play sort of speak.

  2. Hey BB don’t hold back on the Booze things are fun and interesting when they are drinking geese I mean whats the big deal..  

  3. LOL!!! I love how Boogie’s first thought is how they can now control Ashley. Gotta love it. Always thinking about game play.

    • I am glad ashley dumped Ian he sucks anyways you snoze you lose Ian you dumy go Ashley and frank frank is good for Ashley I think

    • Yes I was likeing the under dog gets the lady.Would have been nice to see.I think ian is great.He is a truely sweet nerdy guy but ladys one day that little nerd will make lots of money on his own.

  4. watching bbad and whats up with the Danielle/Brit friendship. Seems must have been a fallout since they have not been shown together and Danielle giving her the stinkeye from across the room sev times…. Anyone know?

    • In short..Daniell has been talking about Britney behind her back…Some of what she says is totally not true…..So she is distancing herself from Britney and hoping that Britney does not find out,……hmmm hmmmm ur lies can come back to bite u…

    • it may have a lot to do with the fact Danielle doesn’t stop whining about shane. When she realizes people are over hearing that she turns to whining about trey! If you ever had a friend who complained about the same thing over and over you kind of distance yourself from that. Danielle may just complain her way out of the house. But only after Joe jerked off his way out of the house ;)

  5. finally a shomance that is interesting,,,frank is a doll and ashley is the sweetest girl in that house,,,danille is paranoid and brittany is a sneak,,she is always stirring things up but acts so innocent

  6. Anyone notice how Danielle always wants to make sure she has a story greater than anyone elses? like she said 7 times, “as long as my butt looked good” in regards to the 1st HOH costumes. And repeating her list of jobs louder and louder over ian and britts conversation…

    • I thought she was nice at first…then true colors started showing…she is sooooooooooo desperate for attention it is disturbing…and if I see her kick or do her lame ass cheerleading crap one more freaking time, then take a look at the door in hopes that Shane is watching….I am going to THROW UP!!!!!  Did anyone see BBAD last night and her wanting Will to get in touch with a guy she supposedly has feelings for?  News flash Danielle…if you have feelings for someone outside the house…you DO NOT talk about how hot a guy inside the house is and you certainly DO NOT negotiate a kiss from him everytime you do something in the game.  Ugh!  So Sick of her!

      • I agree Kat…she’s also very jealous if someone gets more attention than her. She didn’t like Janelle because of some comments Janelle made about Ashley and Shane and now she wants Ashley gone because she thinks Ashley is trying to flirt with Shane. She acts like she’s 14yrs old and in high school. Hope she goes on the block next. Would love to see how she acts then.

      • I liked her for about 5 mins and she got whinny and when Dan was giving her different ideas all she cared about was who was going to keep her safe! and the hoh she one is because Britt gave it to her! then she told Dan “i told you i was gonna win”. She makes me sick and I hope she goes home soon! i think the zing bot really got her good and i love the fact that Shane does not want a shomance! way to go Shane! And crying to Wil that she love Trey! I hope he turns her down too! I really cant stand Danielle and the sooner she goes home the better!

      • Let’s just face it, Danielle has a big head!  I don’t only mean figuratively, but literally too.  And they thought my head was big.

    • She just kept saying it and no one responed!!!!  oh the other one was when she was telling everyone she has worked since she was 15 — no one was paying attention again so she had to repeat it over and over — and still not one word back to her about it. 

      • also did you see last night when she was talking to Wil..or was it Ian maybe..when suddenly she was quizzing for HOH prep majority rules and every question she asked was a comparison to herself “who looks hotter in a bikini me or Janelle” “who do houseguests think is smarter me or britney?” etc etc

    • She claims that she is a nurse. Just imagine being her patient!
      If you were the patient telling her that your leg is hurting she would have to one-up you and say “mine does too, because I just cut it off” as she takes a knife to it! She is one crazy chick in the house.

    • I agree but I think it has a lot to do with her immaturity. I think her parents sheltered her from the world and now she wants to go crazy. Only thing is she is driving everyone crazy. I love the Joe stories. His is always 1upiing everyone elses. They are hilarious. Danielle’s are boring and hold no relevance to the convo.

  7. Who cares about ian ash doesn’t like him like thar but lol go frank and ash even though i don’t like her

  8. For some reason this romance makes me super uncomfortable.  I cringe when I see them kissing.  How weird is that? I’m not sure as a viewer my reaction should be “ewww”.  

      • Don’t think its scripted. Think its just part of their game play. Boogie showmanced his way to a win once b4. This could be an attempt by Frank to put Ashley in his pocket.Or maybe Ashley is trying to align with the power players. Either way, its strategic.

  9. omg if Danielle finds out she’s probably going to snap. How can someone else achieve romance before her in the house? 

    • Well his pants were undone at one point! I replayed it a couple of times and they were buttoned when they first made out. When BB live feeds cut out for a bit they came back on and his pants were unbuttoned and the zipper was partially down.

      • LMFAO I should mention I only replayed it to see if he unbuttoned them before they went to the couch!

  10. showmance = boring

    and those involved are normally nausiating … gag … jeff/jordan, brendan/rachel… makes my skin crawl… those creeps were so blatant …

  11. Poor Ian Frank got the girl. Now i really want to Ian win HOH to see if Ashley will get with him too hahaha slut!!!!

  12. Shocked that this happened! I never thought those two would be the ones to make out in the HOH room. When I think about it, I can see how there may be a connection. They’re both chill. 

    As far as the game goes, I don’t think Ashley is much use to Frank and Boogie but she can be a number during an eviction. Wouldn’t it be great if hooking up with Frank was a plan to get her further? I wish

  13. Ashley’s doing great this season… A little Ian date and peck… a short make out session with Boogie… now on to bigger and better things with Bozo… errr Frank I mean.

    • As long as she stays in her own room and he keeps it in his pants… maybe she can keep a little bit of her self respect.

      • in the spin-the-bottle game in the KT….they had a very long tongue kiss in front of everyone including Ian, lol….☺….

      • She kissed him when they played spin the bottle that night when Janelle was still there using a wine bottle.

    •  Wait, she made out with Boogie? If this is true than that is truly despicable on both their parts. Isn’t he married with a child? Ugh, I thought he couldn’t go any lower guess I was wrong.

      If I’m wrong and he isn’t married, well then I’m sorry. But, I don’t think I am. I mean come on he has the nerve to put Janelle down for leaving her baby and coming on the show, all the while he’s done the same thing and now, he’s making out with girls. What a troll of a man.

      • I heard on one of the feeds that Boogie and his baby momma don’t even live together…he sounds like a wonderful guy…not

      • he isnt married, he does have a child with a friend of his.. they share custody, both wanted a child but not a relationship

      •  I think Boogie is bisexual,Frank is his sweetie in the BB house..Ashley is being set up for info,..Frank wants a little strange,but Boogie is in control of do and dont’s,,,Boogie, is only a sperm donor,not a Dad..Takes a real man to be a Dad…

  14.  Smart game play by both of them. Frank for getting another vote & Ashley for the chance to last in the house a little longer than I thought. Or maybe it’s simply a showmance!

      • Ian already stabbed Frank in the back by telling Dan that Frank considered backdooring him. No use stopping now. Frank knows about the betrayal thanks to Dan throwing Ian under the bus!

  15. dont know why its so disgusting to see kissing,,id rather see that than brittany sitting for hours picking at her face,,,danielle popping pimples in the mirror,,janelles clown clothes,,,ian acting like a 12 year old,,wil over doing the gay thing

  16. finally a little something happening.Sooo boring. I think Booger is controlling this romance so he can get her in their corner.What is the deal with Joe saying if he wins hoh he would nominate Jenn and Ash?I thought he told Janelle he would get revenge for her going.Joe is a wuss and waste of time,wish the powers that be could have Will stay he is more interesting.Maybe they will work their magic.

    • Wil was too dumb to even save his sorry ass! He managed to save Joe who
      was slated for eviction and put his neck on the chopping block with no effort at all!

      • Last night I saw Wil tell Danielle and Jen (maybe more people that I missed) that when he leaves the house he will find some of their friends and give them messages from the girls. What kind of game play is this? That’s a sure fire way to get your butt evicted just so those girls can get messages back home to their friends. Not a smart move on his part.

  17. Wil should take lessons and get in on that LOL Of course if Boogie thought it was a good idea I’m sure BB (Boogies Bitch) would do it…sad really…just give Boogie the check already and save us the misery…ready for BB15!

  18. Ian is swinging like a banshee on the hammock, really is suffering bad from autistic aspergers, when he is put on the block he will have the ultimate BB meltdown, crying in a fetal position

  19. I think everybody has been dissing Ashley from the beginning and saying she is a ditz. What if she is really a mastermind and she is just playing everybody. Think about it she isn’t a target for anybody and now starting to be the smallest target on the biggest alliance…shes either a genius or very lucky/dumb.

    • I wondered the same thing…but I think if that were the case she would be saying stuff in the DR about it, right?

    • She is a genius just wait and see :o) she did mention she was going to play dumb and she’s doing a great job at it. Go girl! Lol

  20. Danielle is going to flip out when she finds out that her ‘showmance’ is actually considered a ‘nomance’ by the viewers.  She really has a way of twisting and manipulating things IN HER MIND that the rest of us can plainly see are not true.  As for Frank and Ashley?   They are just goofing around.   She isn’t smart enough to actually play him.  But, he could play her.  And it sounds like that is what Boogie is thinking of.

    • agree about danielle,,shes a fake,,read on ,I HATE BIG BROTHER.COM,,comments from her ex bff

      • Read the story. If it’s true,then that girl is severly cracked.  But in the bright side , if she’s that crazy then you know she would rock your world something fierce

    • yes, agreed… whats up with her and Britt, on BBAD, she was just glaring at her and they never spoke, as they usually do?

    • Watch out for Ian!  He may go Danielle on them and target them for eviction.  Lil guy might win HoH.

  21. WTF is happening this season! Everyone is crazy half crazy. Well, Danielle is maybe like 7/8 crazy

  22. Just when i start to give Boogie credit for good gameplay….he ups the “ICK” factor.   I feel like a peeper in the boys locker room listening to a guy tell his best bud how he got to second base with a girl the night before.   And he had told her he wouldn’t.   Not classy.   And Boogies determination to use the situation to his advantage makes me wonder if he views ALL relationships as potential money makers.   This guy is worse than a used car salesman.   On second thought…i would trust a used car salesman MORE.

    • There is nothing good about Boogers. This 42 year old guy who dresses like a weird teen is total sleaze.

    • Does anyone know if Boogie adopted his baby or if some chick really humped him and had his baby? I just can’t imagine any girl that would willingly do that.

      • I have no idea.   But if i were guessing, i’d say it was an artificially inseminated blow up doll.

  23. Would Big Brother have allowed Ian to be a cast of the show if he has a severe case of autistic aspergers or some other condition?

    Also, I’m curious on whether Ashely/Franks intentions on that date were genuine or manipulative. My feeling is that it’s a mixed bag of both.

  24. Wow guys, i went to the story everyone is chatting about Danielles ex bff on that other bb website, it is a must read and really bringd a little clarity into light on what ive thought all along, she is flat Banana’s!!!

    I really do not understand the lying about all the medical conditions but think it may just be for the attention. Not very amusing to me as a lot of people suffer from these illness’ and her making a mockery of it is flat mean….

  25. You guys are wrong for saying Ashley is using Frank for the power. She isn’t you guys are stupid Ash isn’t like that at all. I love Ian but Team Frank(:

  26. I wish everyone would leave Ian alone their is nothing wrong him , he’s only 21 his Mom said he has never really had a girl friend , he is a virgin, he is just basically a nerd I don’t think he has had much group interaction in his life and he’s learning how to socialize he’s a good decent kid…..and he’s doing a good job and he truly appreciates being on BB. 

      • I agree Bobbywc58.  He is so happy to just be there and experience BB and all it offers.  His knowledge of the game is incredible..  I was amazed as were Brit and Dan when he remembered in order who they personally voted for during each eviction on both of their seasons. 

    • Well said….I agree, I was a little worried in the first few days but he has come out of his shell and is one of the players I enjoy the most this season….

  27. JMO but posted this on the thread late last night as it was unfolding.  I don’t understand why she ended up kissing Frank after her and Brit were talking about how bad he smelled.  I think she realized that she was all alone since Wil was obviously going and how was she going to get any place with just Jenn.  I think she set out to go after someone with more power.  Brit even asked her if she would make out with him and she said no.  Like she wouldn’t consider it although she was missing some male connection.  I think she was flirting away on purpose and who knows maybe they turned out to have some connection.  Don’t know why he told Boogie.  I think she may have been urged by Production to start something as they are desperate for a showmance.

    Meanwhile Danielle was acting super weird.  Jealous of just about everybody and Shane or Dan not paying attention to her like she wanted.  Even when Ian was in the hammock and they were discussing possible comps for HOH he said it could just be lucky guess type questions like what America thought.  She then asked if it was between her and Janelle in a bikini and Ian said Janelle.  Then her and Ashley and Ian said Ashley.  Last question I think made her go over the top was who would be viewed smarter her or Brit and Ian paused and then said even though he knew she was smart America would guess Brit. 

  28. Regarding Boogie did anyone catch when Boogie, Ian and I believe Dan was there as well discussing Kara?  They all missed her and said how hot she was.  Boogie gave a very clear picture of what he would have done to Kara if she remained in the house and after that said she would be great arm candy.  Just a bit creepy to me.

    Also seems like most of these newbies did not try out for this season, but were picked.  One of them was picked simply by a FB comment.  Possibly Ian tried out and Frank.   Several of them have never watched prior to what they may have seen while waiting to enter the game.   

      • Thanks flyonthewall.  Sorry for the mistake. lol  It was Boogie giving the description of the conversation I was referring to.  Is that what you remember?  I didn’t remember Frank and Shane being there so I guess my memory is getting bad. lol

    • I did hear some of the comments about Kara. IMO, Kara has WAY more class than any of those guys and they wouldn’t stand a chance with her!

      •  Shane wants a chance with Kara too… i bet after the show he tries… and good luck to him… hes hot he has a good chance….Lol…

    • He said his “showmance” would have went to a 7. He would have done the “over the shirt boob touching” Lol who are we kidding if anyone even the girls stood a chance they all would have stepped up their “Showmance” to be with Kara. She looked hot on TV but she must have been even hotter in person for them to still be talking about her. Good job heff/BB for selecting a real hottie!

    • I noticed that too Jacee2. I’m mixed with how I feel about it..I completely understand production and casting needing to fill certain roles, but seriously HOW many people audition? They can’t find a substitute from the pack that really want it? However, I also think it’s fun & interesting to throw people in there like Shane and Jenn who really knew nothing about BB before hand and see how they handle it. Interesting for sure…

  29. It’s funny the little things you forget when you’ve been watching BB for 14 seasons.   But Boogie actually proposed to another hg (Krista) on the season 2 finale.   She accepted but broke it off a few months later.    Poor girl doesn’t know how close she came to the guillotine.  Or maybe she does which is why she broke it off.  

  30. Good for Ashley! If I were Ashley I would have moved on too! She is on point when she said Ian wasn’t really upset. Is it just me or is Ian getting too full of himself. I am not sure he realizes that the Big Brother game doesn’t revolve around him. I think he was upset because he not only was going to lose his “airtime” on BBAD but I think he was upset because he thought he could control her vote. His arrogance is something else. After Ashley went on the date he still thinks she will stick with him over Frank. I don’t care how bad Frank’s B.O. is I would still date him over Ian. Personality goes a long way. I first thought Ian was adorable but now I think he is just one of those nerdy guys who can’t make a true friendship because he thinks he is smarter then everyone. He thinks being smart means you are better then everyone. I have just grown to dislike him so much. When he was discussing the votes for eviction line up he thought big brother only picked him last to mess with his head, really Ian really?!? Also when he was talking about a Big Brother good vs evil he really thinks he would be selected to be on the evil side. First off Ian you have done NOTHING for this game to even be brought back but if you were it would be brains vs brawn. Also he keeps thinking he will win an HOH competition. His order for competitors is 1- Frank 2- Shane and 3- Himself.  When actually he is in the same boat as Jenn/Joe. His off handed remarks about Ashley and Brittney are ridiculous. And finally the last point is him talking down to Frank asking him what he has won in the game. Really Ian does 2 HOH comps and 1 veto comp not count? I guess not. I guess the $3000 Boogie won and gave to you and the dog suit counts for winning comps. For a smart guy he isn’t all that bright. Winning the dog suit doesn’t count when Frank won the spiritard idiot! I am starting to become disappointed with this season. Ian is annoying me. Danielle needs to give up the whole Shane/Trey situation neither are going to happen! Joe and his jerking off and BS stories ewww! Let’s just get rid of all the newbies and the coaches will put on a good show! Oh and keep Frank he is funny as hell!

  31. lol Boogie is seeing this as a game strategy, that’s why he’s my favorite, he always has his head in the game. I hope Frank hooks up with Ashley, they can use her for a vote. Ashley seems stoned 24/7 so I don’t think she’ll figure it out. 

  32. I don’t understand how Ashley can get into the positions she did on the couch if her back hurt so bad. Or is it because she don’t want to play in the comps. ? It seems like the times I see her on B. B.A.D., she can do what she does when she wants with no pain..and time for comps…she’s laid up.What is it with her anyway ?

    • Not sure if you missed it and if you did I can completely agree with why you say this. She is actually feeling better. She said her back feels 100% better. I thought she was lying at first but then hearing her describe the pain I think it was a nerve. Although it would have been another advantage for her to continue the back pain. Think about it she is flying straight to final 3 cuz of her silly/ditzy personality. She has made it clear she doesn’t want to have an alliance with the real competitors. If she played up the back pain she wouldn’t be a target when it came to the comps which makes you want to sit beside her for final 2. This season is a toss up I almost think the final 4 will be strong competitors so maybe Ashley doesn’t have the best strategy after all.

      • Thanks, I guess I did miss some of that part of her back pain..I did hear where the doctor gave her a shot in her back.  Lets hope that she’ll be able to do the next comp. if her name is drawn from the bag.

    • Ashley is pretending to be in a lot of pain to get sympathy votes. People don’t see her as a threat so she will continue to smile her way out the door …eventually lol

      • She is not one of my favorite players. I hope that your right. I want someone to win that has been playing a strong game ( PLEASE, not Boogie )

  33. I feel that Frank is playing Ashley, in case she gets H.O.H. Guess that’s the way the game is played. Pretty smart of Frank. Now he needs to get rid of Boogie. He doesn’t need him, he’s doing fine with out him.

  34. frank blew it by not b dooming dan……this will haunt him……..bye bye frank next week.thank god,what a dick!

  35. If Boogie is still coaching Frank then this is not a surprise. Boogie showmanced his way to a win before !

  36. after watchin ,,big brother after dark,,,,last night i can understand why ian is treated like a fool,,,he laid there and let brittany put hair remover on his armpits and remove the hair,,now thats disgusting,,,she was just using him,,askin him questions the whole time,,shes playin all innocent but shes as bad or worse than boogie,,who i feel isnt as bad as people say

    • he can put his shoes under my bed anytime,,,,dont know why everyone is so against him,,hes not doin anything that the others arent doin,,so he is loyal to boogie,,,at least hes loyal,,cant say the same for wil,,who turned on janelle,,,,and danielle is loyal to dan,,as shane is to brit,,so why all the bashing of frank,,,

  37. I hope what happens is that Ashley is just using frank to back door him. frank isnt doing what he wants to do, he’s doing whatever Boogie tells him to do, is he boogie’s puppet.

  38. Frank really needs to dump boogie and keep ian. ian is faithful probly the only one of the lot.Love Brit to…my finale four picks are Ian,Brit,Frank,Shane or Ian,Brit,Shan and daniell……I am ready for others to get hoh and pov. The same folks in power all the time make it hard to shake things up.

    • Frank refers to Julie Chan as Jules or Jewels.  What do you think Frank would call Ashley if he wanted to be creative and think of a nickname?

  39. Ashley is a whore. U slut. Mess w Ian’s head and stab him in the back with that LOSER frank. Are you kidding me?

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