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Talk about a case of the Mondays. I think the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds had a nice case. The day couldn’t have been more boring. The nominations remained the same. Joe and Wil aren’t working very hard to stay and these house guests talk so much about production and sing that we’ve all got our own names for the Big Brother fish this season. Read on to find out what happened.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 13, 2012:

10:00 AM BBT – Frank and Boogie talking about Frank’s talk with Ian last night about blindsiding Dan. Boogie isn’t super happy with Frank. He thinks Ian would tell Britney. And he did.

10:16 AM BBT — Boogie is working to convince Frank to not put Dan on the block. <<PHOTO>>

 1o:50 AM BBT — Shane tells Dan that Wil threw him under the bus last night, trying to convince him to put blindside Dan.

11:19 AM BBT — Feeds cut for POV ceremony.

12:05 PM BBT — Feeds return. Nominations remain the same. Joe or Wil is toast this week.

12:17 PM BBT — Britney and Danielle say they have to tell Dan that Ian told them Frank was considering blindsiding Dan.

12:30 PM BBT — Britney and Ian talking about how close that was to Dan being put up and Britney thinks Dan needs to know.

12:33 PM BBT — Britney tells Dan about what almost happened and he says he’s aware. There’s some cryptic exchanges going on after, like Dan isn’t really throwing competitions … If you can figure out more, please let us know.

1:14 PM BBT — Ian is filling Dan in on all the details of his conversation with Frank last night about blindsiding Dan. Ian is really getting into the gameplay now.

1:40 PM BBT — Joe and Frank talking. Frank says people are saying they feel like the can trust Joe now that Janelle is gone. Frank makes Joe feel like Wil is probably the one going home.

4:13 PM BBT — Frank and Dan talking about how Dan could have been blindsided. Dan thanks him for not doing so. They discuss trust and talk about going as far as they can along with Danielle and Boogie. Britney and Shane are not a part of that scenario.

7:22 PM BBT — Britney and Ian talking about getting out floaters next instead of big targets.

1o:31 PM BBT — Joe is working Britney and Danielle for a vote in the backyard. Not because of Joe’s campaigning, but they agree that Wil has to go. Joe leaves and Ian and Frank stop by.

10:44 PM BBTBoogie has gotten some ear drops. He’s been battling an ear infection all day. Yes, this is how exciting the day has been.

11:04 PM BBT — Danielle trying to spread more crazy lies to Dan. Since Janelle has gone, Danielle is now imagining things Britney says.

It sounds like Wil’s fate has been sealed, but a lot can happen in a couple of days. Joe has been known to say and do the wrong things, so can Wil turn things around? Probably not. He hasn’t done anything else this season. But someone might be able to turn them around for him.

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