Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

It’s time for another Power of Veto ceremony in the Big Brother 14 game. This week’s Veto winner will have the choice whether or not to use the Veto and then, if it’s used, a renom must be announced.

We’ve been listening in on several conversations since late last night and the decision still seemed up in the air until very recently. Read on to find out what happened at today’s Veto meeting and what it means for the rest of the week.

Since Frank is both the HoH and Veto holder he has all the power this week. Leading up to today’s ceremony Frank had been heavily considering using Dan as a renom. Frank had actually been considering Dan as a nominee from the beginning of his HoH-week. After a few discussions with Boogie Frank decided it wasn’t the right time, but he was sure to tell Dan others wanted him nominated.

So at today’s Big Brother 14 Power of Veto ceremony Frank declined to use the Veto and kept his nominees intact. That means Wil and Joe are on the block and one of them will be going home on Thursday.

Shane spoke with Britney after the ceremony and said he had fully expected to be a renom. They both expressed gratitude that Frank stuck to his word even though they were all paranoid after just one week of their new “Silent Six” alliance.

Who will it be? Well Wil has been Frank’s top target since Friday, but then last night Frank talked with Boogie about keeping him as an attack dog on the other members of the Silent Six. All the same, I’m thinking it’ll be Wil who goes home next.

Do you think Frank made the right choice today? What would you have done?

Get ready for plenty of campaigning in the game. You can watch along on the in-house camera video streams by checking out the Big Brother Live Feed free trial. Try it out for free and then keep it for only fifty cents a day. That’s some cheap entertainment.



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    •  I hope it is Joe. But, Wil is acting so “silly”. I really don’t care about either one of them staying. It is kind of boring! 

  1. Still missing Janelle…hope Will goes…I’d take Joe’s yellin’ over Wil’s ‘and fer HHHWHAT?’….

  2. Frank is just so focused on getting Dan evicted, even at this early stage of the game. His head is just getting too big, I want him out more so now.

    • I hope the 4 Quack/Silent 6 people throw it to Ian or Ashley and get them to Nom Frank/Boogie. I am ready to see them go out of the house. It’s only just too bad that at least one will make jury now. Hope Frank goes next week and Boogie is first juror, he would hate that.

    •  Right, Frank is not a strong player! Frank is playing Boogie’s game. How dumb can Frank be? Frank is so dumb that he handing $500,000 to Boogie on a silver platter with a ” BIG WET BUT KISS” with lots of TONGUE!!!!!

      • I wonder if Frank wasn’t playing Boogie’s game….would he be here this week? Boogie is a huge assest to Frank.

    • Well somebody better think about Dan AND Boogie. They both have proved they can win.

  3. Destroying the alliance this early is suicide. It would have made Frank completely untrustworthy to the rest of the house. Tack that onto him being a fierce competitor and he would have ended up being public enemy #1 by trying to evict Dan. The entire house would have come gunning for Frank after that. He has had too many chances.

    • Yes, but then frank and mike can go up and hopefully one can go home, next go!!! Possibly both if it’s a double eviction!!!

      • And of course that is what Frank is thinking of “Lets put up Dan, because it’s what America wants, and have it fail, because it’s what America wants, and let me become PE#1, because it’s what America wants” :D

  4. Boogie & Frank should keep Wil around to do the dirty work for them. Question is this … Can Boogie work his magic & manipulate Wil or is Wil wise to Boogie’s ways ?

    • Wil cannot be trusted. If Frank was stupid enough to keep Wil in the house, if Wil wins HOH next week, he will put up both Frank and Boogie. He already failed when asked directly that question by Boogie and he cannot answer like Janelle when asked by Boogie if he will allow Joe to be backdoored! Evicting Wil now removes that possibility!

  5. I see reasons to send both home right now. and i see reasons to keep both. Wil is more likely to win something physical for a HOH and could be the one to send home someone out of the 6 like shane or dan. Joe would be grateful for staying and would be loyal to frank and boogie if they could say they made it happen and do the same. So right now it is more who do you feel is more a threat to your game to vote out. Wil is the over all bigger threat game wise. Joe is just the more annoying player. After the last few night Jen is suddenly showing she is more a physical person than people may have thought. She needs to be thought of as a threat sooner than later. She is a machine in these late night workouts they are doing. Talk about sand bagging. LOL. However I know many musicians and singer and many of them are in shape. They have to be to perform like they do. Maybe they can’t do certain things, but they do have endurance and people REALLY have been underestimating her. But for this week Wil is by far the bigger threat. But at same time he is the one who can be the one to wipe out the other threat in the alliance you want gone if your boogie and frank.

    • I agree. I have been blown away with the endurance she has shown during
      nighttime physical training sessions. She is just as good as any of
      the men. I have to wonder if she has been throwing comps. If she has,
      I think that may have been a mistake. She has waited almost too late
      to show her phsical competency. We will see.

  6. Anyone else think that ian suffers from aspergers?  he has every sign of it and it is kinda disturbing to watch on the feeds, poor lil fella

    •  just watched him pick his nose and eat it during his pizza dinner… over the top a weirdo

    • it’s possible he does…but why is that “disturbing to watch”? more power to him for putting himself out there with (possibly) having a disorder that strongly impairs him socially – that makes it even more exciting to watch!

      • FORGET IAN – Good, kind and smart kid – but picking his nose and eating it????!!!!!  That’s a done dealeo for those of us who saw it or have read this. LOVE Mike Boogie and his Wil replacement in Frank. Hey Fellas – Frank’s one of those guys all chicks are looking for….

  7. I think Frank has to stand on his own two feet and do what he wants to do. He’s mike’s puppet. When is this moron going to realize this! Boogie ( stupid nick name for a man of his age) is a user for sure. I cannot believe that they sent Janelle home because of him, idiots. I think it was a wrong move Frank, Time to grow a pair.

    • He got his name from house guests way back when he was caught eating his boogers…


    • Right,  Boogie  won half a mil already, and yet Frank is his puppet. WHY Frank doesent need him to get to final two and win what a hundred thou by handing the game to a boogieI wish the newbies would unite and take back thier game. Like last year they all fell over and let the vets run the game Dont let that happen again

  8. Send Ashley home for medical reasons( I”ll be nice) her back!  Bring Janelle back!  Look how many times production helped out Rachel and Jordan, PLEASE bring back Janelle

  9. Well the two snakes are loose in the house look out . Boogie need to go time to grow up

    • All of them are snakes but, Mike Boogie is the King Cobra so, they better watch out not to cross him!

      •  Exactly. I keep forgetting how honest, respectful, and cordial all the other houseguests are.

  10. ..nope..if Dan, Danielle, Britney or Shane win HOH this week, Frank or Boogie or maybe both are going least Frank kept his word this week, so much for the Silent Six actually working together until there are six..Frank should have listened to his gut and put up Dan, way too much input from Boogie, Britney wants Frank out so bad she can’t stand it..same for the rest. But, then if he did put Dan up, not sure if he would have the votes to go out.

    • Frank did the right thing. Anyone among Dan, Brittney, Shane and Danielle thinking of backdooring Frank or Boogie this coming week should think long and hard! They can evict only one. The next week if Boogie or Frank, whoever is still in the Big Brother House, if they win HOH—-watch for the payback as one of the four, Dan, Brittney, Shane or Danielle get evicted!
      Preferably, Dan, Brittney or Shane because they can win HOHs and POVs
      is evicted. Pretty simple. Put up two as nominees and if one gets off, put another one in! That will weaken the traitors enough to make them vulnerable as the other floaters join in the fray to take the strong players out of the game!

      • those 2 would be lost without each other and Frank may be good but he is Boogies puppet too.

      • Jeanne,

        It would be no brainer to go after your ex-alliance members if they betray you! Also, you know they will also go after you so, what good reason would there be to hold off on going after them instead?

    • I think the 2 of them need to go but it would be a miracle if they could just totally backdoor Boogie and screw him like he has done to everyone else. I cannot believe people are just this stupid to go along with him.

      • I think he means if Joe was as opinionated in the house as he is in the DR he might be more interesting, and thus more likeable. Nothing to do with the volume of his DR sessions.

  11. I hope Wil goes home. Super ungrateful for everything Janelle did for him. Cant wait to see all the houseguests regret their choices. Though Boogie is my most hated this season I hope he wins HoH and gets Britney or Dani out. Karma is a B**** especially when you play personally

    • I totally agree with you. The only thing if Wil stays maybe he can get out one of the six. Hopefully the big baby Boogie. And I’m hoping for a double eviction and Boogie goes followed by Britney. I don’t hate anyone in my life but I’m very close to hating Boogie. His remarks that he makes like he is just the coolest person and he’s just a 42yr old baby that needs to grow up. He’s also butt ugly!!!

  12. Frank ultimately made the right move at this point in the game considering putting up Dan or another “silent six” member would have made Frank a huge target for sure. But I do look for someone from the “silent six” to make a bold move on another member somewhere around week 7.

    Of course Frank and Boogie have one disadvantage right now, they aren’t in with Ian who is in the “pack five”. Ian could be the wild card if he wins HOH within the next week or two. I could see Ian putting up Mike Boogie and Frank and the rest of the alliance would just have to choose one. 

    • Oh yes, would love to see Ian win HOH.  The BB house version of “Ian and goliath”….slay the big bad boogie…

      • If he wins, actually allows himself to win, he’d have to make the play, show who he’s with…..

    • Totally agree.  Ian is indeed a wildcard.  Everyone thinks he’s a non-threat.   But he may end up being the biggest threat of all.    Unlike the others he’s hard to read.   And he has alliances throughout the house.    He’s could be like a ninja….sneak upon you and you’ll be out before you know what hit you.   I sincerely hope that Ian IS the one to make the bold move.   The hg need to realize that still waters run deep.

    • If Ian won HOH I could see Brit telling him he should take out Boogie. Make it sound like Ian would go down in BB history as the kid that evicted the BB All Stars winner.

      • You make it sound like taking out Mike Boogie first would be a bad thing? But actually Boogie is a threat and it would be one less former player in the game. Of course take out Frank and you take out a very strong player. If Ian won Hoh next week, that would really shake things up.

      • @ ThinkingBrian: Not at all. I want Boogie to go, I think he plays a dirty game, and have never been a fan of his. I’m just stating that I think people are smart enough in that house to play on Ian’s love of his reputation. They could convince him quite easily to get rid of Boogie just for the fact that after everything was over he could say he was the one who sent “the greatest player of all time” (Boogie’s words, not mine) out of the house.

    •  I agree that Frank ultimately made the right move, but I think if it came down to it, he would choose Frank and Boogie over the “Quack Pack”. Ian LOVES Frank. He’s made that very clear. He also looks up to Boogie majorly. It doesn’t hurt too that Boogie was his coach. I could be wrong, but I just think deep down Ian would roll with Boogie and Frank over anyone else.

      • I’ve gotten the feeling that Ian has felt “left” by Boogie and Frank. As soon as he lost the endurence HOH they kinda took a step back from him. Boogie and Frank are a duo, and I think Ian sees that. He’s smart enough to realize that even if he aligns with them he will be the third wheel.

    • If he yells when he speaks, what does he do when gets real mad? Must be great having him as a neighbour.

    • I am not so certain Ian suffers from asperger or autism so much as hyper-
      activity. He is socially backward in his development in the social arena,
      but that can come from high intelligence and imaturity. He is trying so
      very hard to be “one of the gang” that he often over does it. I believe he
      does need some medication to calm him down.

    • Some have suggested that Ian has autism.    But i would say a better explanation would be “savant syndrome”.   Symptoms of this would include having an excellent memory but not being able to put it to good use….such as his mastery of BB trivia but losing memory comps.   They usually have mastery of specific skills…such as math…which would explain his studying engineering.   But there is also a social deficiency displayed.  I’m not sure if autism and savant syndrome are linked in some way or separate issues.   I’m no doctor but i was curious as to his strange behavior.     This is the only explanation i could come up with.

      • Ian does not have Autism or Asbergers!! He is just very immature and awkward.  He is very intelligent.  Who the Hell started the rumors he had these diseases?  That is so cruel.

      • @Laura1995RN….I have read this rumor on MANY sites.   Sometimes posted by mothers that actually have autistic children.   I’m not saying they are right but Ian does have some little quirks that could possibly lead them to think that.  He definitely is intelligent AND awkward.   But some of his actions just can’t be explained by mere awkwardness.   Ian is actually my fav and i hope he wins. 

  13. Well, Frank once again showed he’s a man of his word and showed integrity. He’s not even close to half the scumbag that Britt, Dan, Shane and Danielle are.

    • Whatever they want to say about Frank, he was more true to his word than Dan, Shane, Brittney, Danielle and even Janelle who have moved to evict him time and time again! Now the onus is on the other members of the Silent Six. Hopefully, they keep their word next week and do not move to evict Frank or Boogie. Of course if they do, all bets are off and Frank or Boogie depending on who stays inside the Big Brother House will go after them the following week if they win HOH. Then, there will be hell to pay because being HOH guarantees one of Dan, Brittney, Shane or Danielle goes home that following week and nothing any of the 4 does can prevent that unless, they win HOH themselves that week!

      • Frank only kept his word to the silent 6 because Boogie told him to. Made him see it was too early for that and that it wouldn’t work. Frank would be a whole different person without Boogie’s guidence. It’s strange to say, but Boogie is keeping Frank honest.

      •  Yes, he was true to his word. I find it ironic if any of the other “Silent-Six” make the move to get out Frank or Boogie THAT would be good gameplay and not a dirty move etc…. Love the double standards on here.

    • comon.. Frank is as bad as any body. If Boogie wasn’t there to put sense into him that backdooring Dan was too early, he’d would have done it this week. Plus he told Shane he wouldn’t put him up remember? What did he do, put him up. So Shane just did the saaaame thing. No one is a saint. Everyone likes a houseguest, but please don’t be blinded by your romance.

      • I have to agree.   Frank is not walking around with a halo over his head.    None of them are.   If they were, they wouldn’t be in the BB house.

      • No romance, he’s been stand up the whole time if you can’t see that, then I really don’t know what to tell you, Frank and Boogie are two different people, you know that reight?

      • You are forgetting that Frank has been betrayed how many times by the
        alliances he was in? Like Shane for instance has targeted him how many times? Janelle targeted him multiple times as well as Brittney and Dan!
        If he went after Dan, you would understand why he did but, it was a dumb move and Mike Boogie has been telling him it is important to establish trust. It cuts both ways though. If the alliance betrays Mike Boogie and Frank, there will be hell to pay soon enough!

      •  LOL!!! If Boogie weren’t there, Frank would be home right now. Boogie is the one who made the Silent 6 deal after all.

        We could play what ifs all we want. At the end of his day, Frank kept his word.

    • That is right I want brittney and Danielle out.  Loosers and I can’t stand either of their voices.

  14. Its sad that Frank can’t make a move without Booger telling him what to do – and its revolting to watch them together in the DR. Frank acts like he’s Booger’s puppy. Pathetic…

  15. Danielle keeping up the school teacher lie. Says she buys school supplies for her students

  16. It would be great if Joe and his BIG MOUTH YELLING ALL THE TIME would go home.  Just my opinion.  Sorry about using all caps, but it’s what Joe would do.

  17. Frank is DUMB. Shane will win and will target Boogie or Frank.. for sure. With Danielle and Britney supporting them all the way.. it was best to use this HoH to get out Shane who is capable of winning power easily. Shane has shown himself to be completely shady and back stabbing.. did Frank totally forget Shane went after him a few weeks ago. And kept him on the block. 

    • Just like the Dan idea mentioned earlier and in other posts. If he would have put up any of the silent 6 he would need at least 4 votes to force a tie and evict the person he was back dooring. Brit Dan Danielle and Ian would all vote for Shane to stay (Quack Pack) So they would only need one more to keep Shane, and it wouldn’t be that hard for them to pull someone into an alliance with them, tell them they were all going to get Boogie and Frank, it was their plan to put out Janelle and they (Quack Pack) need someones help to take them down. Make the person (Jenn, Ashley, and whoever was taken off the block) feel like they were part of a team.

    •  Maybe Frank should try a big move. He better make sure he has the numbers, because if he’s unsuccessful, it will only expose his hidden agenda.

    • There will be time to take them out if Brittney, Shane and Danielle move to break the alliance. Whoever remains, either Frank or Boogie just needs to win HOH the following week and one of the three, Brittney, Shane or Danielle or even Dan depending who is part of the backdoor can be sent home 100% sure. No need to worry about the votes. Just put two up as nominees and if one gets off via veto then, put Dan or Danielle as replacement nominee and one of them goes home! Just win HOH and Veto and you make sure nobody from this bunch wins that $500,000. Go after all of them till they manage to evict you. If not, then, you can give them hell!

  18. I would like a double eviction and see mike and frank out! Matt is there any Robles with this?

  19. I really do hope that Joe is the one to go this weeK.. I CANT STAND HIM!  He offers nothing to the game.  His DR yelling is far from entertaining or cute.  His cooking habits are far from sanitary.  Joe must go!!!!!!

    • Maybe Joes intentions in the house are to cook really bad food to make the others sick so they are not able to perform their best during comps. That’s the only way I can see him getting much further by giving everyone food poisoning. 

  20. Personally I hope a HOH puts up Boogie real soon and he gets put out.  I’ve had enough of his bragging about how great he is.  He needs to be GONE!!!

    •  Only way I see Boogie getting evicted is on a double-eviction night. He wouldn’t have time to manipulate anyone LOL!!

      That’s just my opinion though.

  21. If there’s any person in the Silent 6 that is eager to break the alliance this early, It’s the loose cannon Frank. He didn’t change the nominations because of the advised from Mike and Ian. But I could see  him making the first move next week if he wins the HOH. Somebody just have to beat him to the punch.

    • Frank can’t play HOH next week, he is HOH this week and as outgoing HOH he will be unable to play in next weeks HOH.

    • Frank is not thinking clearly and yes, without Boogie would have blown his chances at that $500,000 already. There are 11 players left in the game and moving too early to peel off and destroy the Silent Six alliance will only result in all our war which they end up evicting each other! That happened last season and the newbies almost won it! Rachel won due to her social skills which enabled her to last till the very end!

  22. Boogie and Frank are te best players in this game. I can’t wait for both Joe and Wil to go. Shane is the one playing a bad game. Frank has been nothing but nice. Although I don’t like that he’s thinking of turning on Dan, he’s my favorite player. Id like to see Frank win, the others have already won. But I hope those 3 make it to the end.

    • Shane isnt playing a bad game in my opinion. He’s very capable of winning competitions, and even though his social game isnt as strong as others, if he ends up in the final two with lets say, Ian, Ashley, Dan, Boogie, Jenn, Britney, Danielle, Joe or even Wil, he might just win. However with Ian and Dan and maybe Boogie, it’ll be a very close vote. I agree that Frank is the best player as of now. If him and Shane were in the Final 2, he would win by a landslide.

      •  I think If it was Frank & Shane in final 2..Shane would be the chosen one to win it all..Those that will be in Jury house ,,wanted Frank out from start except fo boogie..

  23. I could see Brit winning this whole season. She is in the larger alliance 9and they usually make it to the end) She is not highest on the totem pole as far as physical strength. Therefore she won’t be tageted first. She not low enough to be thought of as expendable. She has the “coach” status, therefore people come to her for advice, and end up liking her (jury votes).

    To sum up. I think Brit is sitting in the right place to win the game.

    • She is probably thinking with Shane how they will backdoor Frank and Boogie next week. As far as strategy goes, she does not think but, talks
      and talks not realizing that she has already exposed her plans. More than likely, Brittney and Shane will betray Boogie and Frank. They are going to get rid of one at the most so, whoever remains will go after them the very next week! All Frank or Boogie needs is to win HOH to send one of the three, Dan, Brittney or Shane packing the following week. Not counting Danielle as the three are biggest threat in their alliance outside of Boogie and Frank. All out war will not help the alliance members and they could find themselves all evicted out of the house. Let us wait and see.

      • Yes, but, if Shane and Brit go up on the block together Shane will go home. Brit would stay in the house VS. almost anyone.

      • She could take herself. If Jordan (11) can win the final HOH, it’s possible for ANYONE to win the final HOH

      • @059469401079e15b4a59e85f1d1a2485:disqus I thought your first comment was pretty good (even though I don’t think she’ll make final 2) but I can’t agree at all with the second. People continuously discredit Jordan for a well-deserved final HoH win in season 11.

        I do however, believe Britney has a chance to win a final HoH competition if she’s in the final three. She’s shown she can more than handle endurance competitions, and that’s part 1. If she wins that, it’s a question-based game for part 3, and she could take it.

      •  @ MJ: Not trying to dis-credit Jordan, actually rooted for her for most of the season and usually give people flack for putting her down. But you have to admit, not the greatest at comps. I was more trying to make the point that the final 3 are not always powerhouse players and that the final HOH could easily be a tossup.

      • @059469401079e15b4a59e85f1d1a2485:disqus That I definitely agree with. Not often are the best competitors left in the end, by any means. Britney has a shot to win the final HoH if she’s final three, for sure.

  24. @Nick….Boogie has an agenda.   And it doesn’t involve evicting Dan this week.   He is not keeping Frank honest or guiding him out of the goodness of his heart.   Boogie wants things to go the way HE has planned them.   Not Frank.    Frank needs to make his own decisions….good or bad.   In essence he’s a stand in for Boogie.   You could replace Frank with any other hg and the result would be the same.   Boogie would use them to reach his ultimate goal.    And i really don’t believe that goal is to make someone else the BB winner.

    • I agree with you 100% and maybe I didn’t make myself clear. I am aware that Boogie is playing for himself, he has latched onto Frank and is using him as a human shild, if you will. And no I don’t believe that Boogie is keeping Frank honest to be nice, it is just a by-product of his agenda, but it is still happening. Boogie told Frank to stay true to the alliance, for whatever reason he has, but it was still Boogie keeping Frank honest.

      Honestly I don’t see Boogie wanting Dan with him in F2 because I don’t think he could win against him, and I’m sure he would have the same thoughts. It could have been as simple as numbers, Boogie could have realized they didn’t have the votes to send Dan, or Shane, or Brit, or Danielle, or whoever out so Boogie made sure it wouldn’t even be a possibilty. If Frank breaks the alliance Boogie will be all alone with Frank and he would be the larger target because he is a coach.

      As for Frank making his own decisions, that won’t happen unless Boogie is evicted before Frank, and he has to.

      • Agree…don’t think Boogie wants Dan in F2 with him.   Nor do i think he wants Frank there.    Not likely he would win against Dan and certainly not against a newbie playing the game from scratch.    For a newbie like Frank to outplay the coaches would say a lot.   I’m actually hoping that Boogie IS evicted before Frank.  Not because i dislike him but it might afford us the opportunity to see if Frank has the right stuff to become a BB legend.   He’s formidable when it comes to comps….HOH…Veto…..but does he have the capacity to strategize to the end.

    • Well said. We saw the same scenario play out last week when Boogie took over HOH and got what he wanted.

  25. I stopped liking ian when he told dani and brit that frank was thinking about backdooring dan smh

    • Did you miss the part where Dan, Shane, Brit, Ian, and Dani are in an alliance? Of course he was going to relay that information, they are all working together.

      • NO i didn’t miss it, i thought atleast he would be loyal to frank and keep it a secret now it may hurt him so relax

    • Ian should not be too trusting of Dan and the Quack Pack alliance as he is the last member of the 5 members and the new guy. He is expendable among the other 4. Better to strengthen your alliance with Boogie and Frank then, it will be a 3 person alliance which could go far in this game!

      • Ian is the odd man out either way, he just has to pick and hope. But I’m sure he feels kinda betrayed by Boogie and Frank. As soon as the coaches entered the game they kinda just left him hanging, unless they need him (vote) I’m sure they won’t worry about him anymore.

  26. As Frank I would have had the brains to realize I was nothing more than an extension of Mike. I would have vetoed Joe and put Mike up as a message to the house that his game is ON.

    • And you would have been evicted the very next week and looked pretty dumb too! Boogie has been protecting Frank if you have not noticed and Frank would have been evicted if not for Boogie! Frank might as well slit his own throat if he betrays Boogie!

      • I agree with you Richie at this point the only way for Frank to dump him off would be in the final 3 and take someone else to F2 if he won final HOH

  27. I think frank is using boogie as much as boogie is using frank.. but unfortunately for frank he’s going to be odd man out, because I really think Boog, Dan and Ian have a final 3 deal

  28. I don’t think the “silent six” should make a move on each other till the floaters are gone.  Jenn, Joe, Wil and Ashley need to hit the road.  Surely between the six of them they could manage HOH and stay in power thus remaining safe!

    • It will never happen though. To have an alliance, you have to have trust. And that group has very little trust.

  29. I had more hopes for Wil when he entered the house but he never really did anything.  Guess I can say the same for a lot of them.  Doesn’t really matter which one leaves it is a toss up.

    • Same here wasn’t sure how I felt about Wil. Don’t really care who goes but think Wil is more of a threat and can manipulate and play a good social game not so much physical. Really wish they would get out all of the floaters or people who do nothing and let the best battle it out till the end….

      •  Don’t care if they can float their way to finals, Newbies aren’t as dumb as the vets,who have been there and done that..Vets believe they are safe on easy street. And  don’t see  the Open Man Hole they are about to fall in..

  30. Frank i really respect your game right now, you show to your alliance that you really can be trust , and honesty. You really deserved it to win the big brother 14.

    • No he doesn’t deserve to win. Boogie has been playing Frank’s game for him. I don’t like Boogie but if it weren’t for his scheming, Frank would have been gone last week and he would have backdoored Dan this week which would have made him and Frank HUGE targets with Brit, Shane, Danielle and Ian, and those four are more likely to win HoH over Joe, Wil, Ashley and Jenn. I hope either Boogie or Frank go next week.

  31. anyone else having trouble with the sound on the feeds…I am getting alot of people talking over each other, things getting repeated two and three times, when I go to another camera, I can still hear from the one before..just wondering if the problem is with superpass or maybe my computer.

  32. so sick of the queer eye for the straight guy wanna be, fake hair extensions and liposuction scars, always whining, guy has to be evicted 8-0

  33. there goes aspergers boy again, swinging on the hammock, really something autistic about Ian, imagine if he were nominated i think he might implode and we’d get to see his eyes spin like a slot machine

  34. I think will should go because he has the ability to be more manipulative than joe. Also, has anyone noticed how smart brittany is? she’s been figuring out a lot of things most of the houseguests havent

  35. Very happy to lose either Joe or Wil, but if they’re smart, it’ll be Wil.

    Gotta love Joe’s lame lines, especially when they’re yelled at you in the DR. “REVENGE is a dish BEST SERVED COLD”…really? And getting really tired of hearing him say “If it’s within my power…”. 

    News flash, Mr. Cliché, nothing is within your power.

    •  I can’t see Joe winning comps and Wil is more manipulative. I would vote out Wil. However, I found it funny how he thought he was on top of his game in his proposal to Frank. It wasn’t anything Frank wasn’t considering anyway but don’t hurt your arm patting yourself on the back. You did give it a shot. A glass of wine does not make you a mastermind…

      • Yea seriously. And I agree, that’s what I meant in saying ‘if they’re smart, it’ll be Wil’. He needs to go, as he’s the most onto the alliance, and like you said Joe isn’t going to win anything to save his life. Wil hasn’t proven anything either, competition-wise, but he’s more likely than Joe to ever pull one off, and it could be trouble depending on the timing of said win.

    • LOL! I thought he was going to take a nap dring the Have/Have Not competition. Maybe he needs to start working out with Shane.

    • Why does he have to YELL when he talks? I wanted him to go home – until he showed that he does what he thinks is right rather than be a lemming who does what he’s told to do without thinking how evicting someone will hurt or help their game – like Wil, Ashley and Jenn.

  36. Enough of Frank and Boogie– Snore fest. When they start talking I switch to find something more interesting like Swamp People or Python Hunters. Chilltown these two aren’t. Come on BB stop trying to dredge up a super tired OLD idea. Please Please Please evict Boogie soon !!!!

  37. Watching BBAD and Danielle is talking to Dan saying all kinds of things about Shane and how sweet Shane was her to last night and if they were out of the house he would see her as his girlfriend.  Then today she said he was being all mean.  She also talked about that guy Tray and they lived together, etc.  Also talking about Britney and how Britney was saying all sorts of stuff and she (Danielle) just shuts her down.  Does anyone know if this is true or is she just telling lies to Dan?  I wonder if she will end up ruining things for Dan because of all the stuff she is telling him.  I can’t figure her out.  She also started this conversation with she was a bit jealous of Dan talking to Ian.  Anyone who can fill me in a bit?  Thanks.

    • Just had to add Dan just compared her to be portrayed as Danielle Donato and how Janelle was such a mean, lying girl to her and she had to get rid of her.  Now Dan saying she could be a Rachel type or even Janelle if she was not in the game previously.

    • I am starting to think Danielle is causing a bit of Drama w the jealousy issues and if she is telling Dan lies or the truth. I thought she was more like a Kara really sweet. Don’t get me wrong am not going to mean bash anyone of the HG’s but Danielle showed she can compete in comps but not so sure about her social game have a feeling she may be getting burned soon… And as for her and Shane, I don’t think he would be her boyfriend out of the house. He may have some feelings for the girl who knows but don’t think he’s that interested think he was way more into Kara(who wouldn’t be lol)

  38. I think Danielle still thinks Dan is her coach…poor girl is obvi. to trusting. He’ll use her as long as he needs to and then he will throw her out. I think she is jealous of Ian b/c Dan likes him so much. I also think Shane really likes her but she’s so dense and listens to everything Dan tells her about Shane never wanting her outside the bb house smdh

  39. frank is not as good as he thinks, his head is blowing up,”the comeback kid” More like Boogies puppet. But if it wasnt for Boogie frank would have gone home instead of janelle.

    • Exactly! I personally cannot stand Frank. He’s become very arrogant and so full of himself. I’m surprised he can get his head through the door.

  40. I would like to take this time and thank Big Brother for the most boring summer.  BBAD is also boring wish we all could bill CBS and Showtime for maybe th worst shows on the network. 

  41. I will always love BB but this season has been ok and don’t know why they had cast some of these people. I really liked Kara and even JoJo and wish they had a chance to stay and play longer…

  42. Did anyone notice how CBS wanted to keep frank in the game, so when the coaches entered the game there was no elimination.
    So coaches enter the game and therefor there will be no elimination, how on earth does this make sense?! 
    Typical lame CBS keeping in people who otherwise would have been gone..

    • How does it make sense to keep Ashley in the game when she cannot play in the comps???  Yeah agree on the non elimination of Frank (Shane’s HOH) cause the eviction should have happened and then the coaches brought back in…..That was a total slap in the face for Shane..And I don’t see that Frank is that great of a player..He is Boogie’s lapdog..that’s it…If CBS is looking to recreate Chilltown it ain’t gonna happen…If CBS is looking for another Jordon Lloyd they ain’t gonna find her with Ashley or Daniell..Wil might be a better choice on that one…(the hair)…This has been a very lame season of BB so far and if CBS and Grodner don’t come up with something new it may be the lowest rated BB ever…..

    • There were certainly plus and minuses to it. For one thing, if Frank was evicted, Shane could not have played for HOH the following week and there is a very good chance, he could also have been evicted with the coaches
      coming in! If that were the scenario, only the coaches would have benefitted because Frank and Shane would both be gone and the coaches have the floaters to toy with and evict one by one! Keeping Frank and Shane and Joe in the game made the most sense because you left the 2 strongest players among the newbies in the game instead, of taking them out and letting the coaches romp away with that $500,000. 

    •  Problem is, Mike, you have not demonstrated that there would have been an eviction had there been different players on the block. You’re simply assuming that the decision was made in order to protect Frank but you haven’t provided any evidence whatsoever to support this.

  43. i would have used the veto on wil and put up boogie! cuz hes a strong player and he needs to get out of this house. i also like wil

    • But Boogie has saved Frank’s butt more than once and Frank knows that. He will nominate Boogie at some time, if he gets to that point in the game where he no longer needs him. Frank’s best bet right now is to keep Wil and send Joe home because Joe WILL come after him and Boogie. Of course, Jow would have to win HoH and the chances of that happening are slim.

  44. Wil is good to keep for entertainment value, but if I had to sit next to one of them in the final two, I would def want Joe next to me he brings nothing to the game! I won’t be sad either way!!

  45. i’m confused why don’t they get rid of the people who arn’t playing like jenn or ashley there deadweight!

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