Why Big Brother 15 Schedule Changes Will Greatly Improve This Season

Big Brother 15 host Julie Chen

CBS has announced the Big Brother 15 premiere will arrive two weeks earlier than normal this summer. That’s a huge change for the series, but the less examined part of that announcement was a switch in which nights the episodes would air. This shift in nights, while seemingly minor, should greatly improve this season of Big Brother and here’s why.

Long ago we would watch Julie Chen and the Houseguests on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays which gave the perfect rhythm with typically one night on and one night off for a chance to discuss. The last few seasons we’ve instead been watching Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This approach allowed little time for viewers to digest Wednesday night’s broadcast Veto events ahead of Thursday’s eviction. But if you think all these delays and subsequent rushes were bad for the Big Brother CBS viewers, well, they were even worse for the Live Feeds and especially the HGs.

Following each new HoH competition on Thursday night the HGs were hustled through nomination plans on Friday and a ceremony that night. The Veto competition was held on Saturday and the Veto ceremony on Monday. That left nothing to be done on most of Monday and all of Tuesday and Wednesday other than sit around, be bored, and await the inevitable eviction. Big Brother 15 is about to fix all of that.

CBS says BB15 episodes will buck the recent seasons’ schedule and instead air on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Moving the weekday broadcasts up a night means the HGs will have more time before a Friday nomination and less time after a Monday PoV ceremony if production keeps the in-house events on the same old schedule. Houseguests will get an extra day to fight, struggle, and be good hamsters filled with paranoia. Just the way we like them!

Clarification: I’m talking real-time events going on in the house and not time differences between episode broadcasts. Events in the house happen days before CBS airs them.

While the broadcast viewers might not notice as significant a change in the house dynamics, it should be a dramatic improvement for fans watching the Live Feeds which is of course where the real game exists and the die hard fans never miss.

What do you think about the Big Brother 15 schedule and its impact on the game?

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  1. If its Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, that would mean Wednesday evictions…. So wouldn’t be exactly the same spacing between the Veto Ceremony and the eviction,
    just moved up a day?

    • No. If production keeps Veto Ceremony on Mondays and evictions are on Wednesday instead of Thursday then that’s one less day of “Dead Man Walking” around the house.

      I’m talking actual, real world (“live”) time differences, not clock time between episodes airing. Events in the house take place days before they’re broadcast.

      • I understand you’re talking about real world time. I’m just saying that if they moved the shows up a day, they would also probably move nominations up to Thursday and the veto comp up to Friday and such.

      • That’s certainly possible, and a caveat I noted in the article, but the potential for things to improve is there if they keep the in-house events on the same schedule. It’s not a requirement for them to move everything in production up as well.

  2. I see your point but I still prefer the old format of Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the sake of spacing it out. It makes for a long wait until the Sunday episode!

  3. I think CBS will just shift the entire production calandar slightly, but not drastically
    Have/Have Not comp: Thursday
    Noms: Friday
    PoV comp: Saturday
    PoV Ceremony: Sunday
    That way, CBS producers still get 48ish hours to make their Tuesday episode =]

  4. I agree all new people. No more returning players. They had their time.
    I do perfer the old format of Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I stopped watching when we had returning player and a change in format.

  5. I like it..I never liked the way HOH was held on Thursday night, and then Head of Household had to rush to make nominations on Friday..didn’t leave enough time to thoroughly think it through. I think this will be much better for the HG’s.

  6. No old players.get some real nice people on there.lets get back to when it first came on.loved then but still don’t miss it.

  7. I guess they think they are pleasing the fans with this new schedule. I doubt it would stop anyone from watching just because the air dates have changed. I can live with the new schedule. No big deal. What i’m REALLY waiting for is a new (brand spanking NEW!) cast. No prior show rejects….no previous winners….no one that treats the show as a casting call. Diversify!…race, color, creed…and even age.

  8. Guess I won’t be watching this season.. my Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are taken with other shows that I will NOT give up!! SURVIVOR rules Wednesdays… The Good Wife I won’t miss for anything is on Sundays and Tuesdays! I actually have no room for BB this year :)

  9. The original schedule of Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday gave us enough time to digest what was going on. Now you are rushing us with Sunday, Tuesday , Wednesday. There is too much time between Wednesday and Sunday. Don’t think this will go over well with the veiwers. If you were going to say we were going back to the original schedule I would have been elated. But this does not make it any better than it was it makes it worse. Hope the house guests are happy since its changed for their behalf.

  10. it doesnt matter what days its on…BB is my life during the summer but ur right…for us Live Feeders we will have more exciting times now….Loving the 2 extra weeks this year…☺….

  11. I love the ideal the lest time they have to think and plan the quicker attitudes will change and keep the audience attention and the game changes if you had two days to think try thinking in a day and lets see how many bad decisions can be made or good decisions and no time to take it back and can be costly to your game . like it

    • That’s a thought right there, they could increase the amount of contestants and jump between homes for extra drama, 12 per house then at some point mid season have them meet for the first time, kinda like hitting a reset button and also eliminating the chance of an early alliance stronghold where by week 3/4 you already knew who most likely going to win. At least last season because of the reset it changed everything, I mean check it, Frank got an extra 2 weeks and could have won if he’d of stuck with his gut and went after Dan, but instead it caused a false alliance and Dan went on the unchristianly path to lie his way all the way to tbe end. Which is what gave last season a nice edge because of how odds changed on a dime. Brit and Ian seemed like they could have sealed it up but we know the “poor me, I’ve already won a half mil” story there by Dan, which however much hated was a needed snap moment for tbe show.

    • EThe brilliance that could bring out would be great…but cbs probably doesn’t want to spend extra $$$

      And you know someone in one of the houses would figure it out somehow …

      I always feel like they should randomly throw in a contestant from big brother Australia or something …have 2 shows in 2 countries running at the same time and voted out pf one House gets you evicted to the other country. Lol. Logistics nightmare probably but still…

      Or 2nd house that is like castaway island on survivor. But kept completely secret from everyone but the cast away houseguests.

  12. Yeah this is cool , give the HOH an extra day to pick for eviction and gives the evictees 1 day to kiss butt. it will be great for us long term live feeders. plus a rest between HOH and POV. I also agree that all new people , know past HG, start this season totally new all the way through, no one will have a head start advantage. Maybe

  13. its bb i hope its new people..but something tells me we will get a third straight year of returning hg’s snooze

  14. My fingers are crossed this new season format does help out the show’s ratings! I frankly would love one or a few of the comps HOH or POV to be WipeOut inspired. That for sure would invite more viewers & I can foresee a huge spike in social media buzz!

  15. There’s too much time between Wednesday and Sunday. I really dislike this. I don’t want to wait four days for the best episode of the week.

  16. you need to change it up a little. Todays date I think America should have a 1 vote on eviction night. Punish all the house guests when guests are breaking the rules. (slop, cold showers ect…) Give secret missions to get parties, prizes ect…) BTW.. Still want a new house!!!

  17. I consider my self a die hard fan but can’t watch live feeds …I probably wouldn’t if I could :D . I gather a lot of what cbs doesn’t show over the social media…that works for me

  18. I want it to be an All star season but it won’t be I know someone who has been cast for this season

  19. Plz Jeff,jordon vs Chilltown vs krazer,Ian vs chicken George , evil mike vs Dan,jessie and past that who cares it would be awesome!!!

  20. The return of previous House guests should be limited to All Star &/or Reunion shows. Every House guest should have an equal initial experience in the Big Brother House … just like in the beginning seasons!

  21. I can not wait for the new season! I fell in love last yr when i first started watching now i been anticipating the new BB as soon as the season went off, But i feel if the show aired Sunday, Wednesday& Friday it would be better! Only so we can watch the PoV, Elimination& HoH all on different days! But this schedule seems to be a good set-up. Only thing for this scheduling i feel that a couple important partsbwill all be showb on one episode instead of different days! IF IT WAS PLAUSIBLE I WOULD LOVE TO WATCH IT 4 DAYS A WEEK! EVEN if i had to watch it on demand!

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