Watch Big Brother 12, Snag Free MP3s, Prepare For Thursday

We’re down to the final stretch in Big Brother 12. There are just 7 HGs left and that’s about to drop to just 5 HGs come Thursday night. The house is heating up and the drama continues to build. If you still haven’t joined the rest of us on the Big Brother Feed then here’s how to get the most out of the rest of the season:

How to watch Big Brother 12 on the cheap:

  1. Grab the Big Brother monthly pass for $14.99.
  2. Download $10 of free mp3s from Real’s music store (US users only).
  3. So for effectively $5 ($15 – $10 freebies) you can watch the rest of the season including the remaining endurance comps and all the season’s highlights using Flashback.
  4. Point and laugh at Enzo’s ridiculous penguin costume* (*optional).

Thursday night’s Double Eviction event will be insane and the HGs will be going nuts. They’re suspecting it may happen, but Big Brother never lets them know until it starts. The Live Feeds will let you witness firsthand how all of this will play out and impact the game without CBS editing what they let you see.

Not only that but you’ll be able to watch the remaining endurance comps live as they happen. Remember Evel Dick’s 8-hour endurance stand-off with Zach? That’s the stuff legendary Big Brother moments are made of and you can only watch it on the uncensored house cams using your Big Brother Feed subscription.

Sign-Up now. You won’t be disappointed. Real offers a Free Trial to prove it.


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    • Considering Enzo is only ranking at 3% on the popularity poll he seems to only be good for laughs these days. (That’ll probably earn me “the face”!)

      • LOL Matt glad you set me straight there I was under the impressiong laughing at Enzo was a requirement. The boards have been SLAMMED lately kind of funny since all we see is us griping about how boring its been this year. KUDOS to you and AR again for all the work yall do here..

        Poor Matty (NOT) the deminse of the self proclaimed diabolical genious

      • As always, Matt(BBN), thanks for the incredible effort you (and others) put forth in providing the best BB site out there!

        As for Enzo and his lack of effort/performance in this game… he may want to remember a saying a good friend once told me:

        “Some never fail because they never try
        Jealous are they, of those who can fly”

    • YO~HAYDEN…That Justin Bieber kid still wants his hair back!…LOL
      Matt makes me sick,Hayden is pretty much worthless, Britney makes me wanna dye my hair brown(lol), Brendan apparently found his cajones after Rachel left, if Enzo actually has a real job i would be shocked,and Lane is the redneck version of Jesse.
      If I was on the jury, I’d vote to give the money to charity!!!

  1. yo matt bbn! great job with this site!

    would you calrify this, I can’t quite understand. thanks!

    ”using Flashback for effectively $5 after your freebies.”

    • It doesn’t make any sense if you only use the last part of the sentence.

      $15/mo feeds – $10/mo free mp3s = $5/mo to watch the rest of the season and use Flashback to see everything you’ve missed so far.

      I’ll try and reword that line. Thanks.

  2. What matt needs to do is out the Brigade to the house as a whole (house meeting anyone?) and point out the numbers for both scenarios.

    1) Matt leaves
    – 3 man alliance (Lane/Hayden/Enzo)
    – 3 solo acts (Ragan/Brit/Brenden)
    – Targets on Britney and Brenden?

    2) Enzo leaves
    – Fractures the Brigade leaving obvious
    – 2 man alliances (matt/Ragan and Lane/Brit)
    – 2 solo acts (Hayden and Brenden)
    – Obvious targets on Matt, Britt and Brenden

    Option 1 only benfits the Brigade.
    Option 2 is better for everbody except for Enzo.

    Matt needs to wake up and out the brigade.

      • God I want him to stay! Everyone keeps talking about what a slime ball he is and I just don’t get it, IT’S BB folks. Of course he is in it for himself! Do you think if Hayden and Lane are F2 they are going to split the money?! Hell nah!

    • dozenz-
      Good break down.
      Seems 1 is the most feesible For the fact that as it stands right now they have all turned on Matt.
      In 2 I am not sure Ragan will pair up with Matt and we have already seem Matt is in it for himself so he could even flip and Pair up with Brenden just to take the rest out he is a wild card in my opinion at the moment(shrug)
      I agree he does need to out the brigade, im just not sure how much impact or effect its going to have now if any.

  3. Brendon WILL NOT keep Matt under any circumstances…

    Matt is a sleeze and needs to leave the rest of the yahoos to play it out…

    brendon/britney F2!!

  4. People are making such a big deal about the way Matt’s playing the game. Yes, he lied about his wife’s illness, and that is perfectly OKAY, because it’s a freaking game and people need to do whatever to win the big prize. He’s the only one who has been playing the game without starting freaking trouble and not being a floater or talking crap like the rest of the houseguests! Well, lately he’s being throwing Enzo and Ragan under the bus, but Enzo def deserves it and Ragan, not like he’s actually gonna win the whole thing, plus he already has the 20K and he’s pretty annoying. I def want Matt to stay. He def needs to out the brigrade or else, he’s gone! In the end, I’ll be okay as long as Matt, Brendon, or Britney (in that order) win! =] Britney is also annoying sometimes, but she’s being fighting hard to stay in the game!

  5. If Matt is voted out this Thursday, my season of Big Brother is over with. Just because Matt has lied about his wife illness is no reason why he should be put on the block with Enzo, he has never did anything in the game to stay over Matt. The houseguest know nothing at all about Matt lie, so that show us all that they really don’t care about Matt at all. Britney put up Matt because she knew if she did’nt this time, that Brendon would put her on the block if he won HOH Thursday night on Big Brother show. Now Matt will get voted out because of her, when it should have been Enzo voted out. This is the worst season of Big Brother history, and i have nothing more to say anymore this season if Matt leave the house Thursday.

    • No no necessarily
      He has to think logically and approach with Regan Brendon and reason with him Brandon is not stupid and he could apolagize for that remark he made about Brend being a big dummy. oust the brigades and make a deal with him
      I know Brendon wanted Matt out on account of Racheal (altough I thin production prodded her on that they let her leave a message against BB rules so Matt could use the DPOV and ratings would go up)
      If Brandon wants to farther him self in the game and Matt could keep his word to him (unlike Britt did) then he might have a chance to stay and (I dont even like Matt)
      but I defenetly feel Brendan should be in final 2 and I think Matt in some sort of way as to admire the way Brandon all alone has fought

      • Even if Brendon and Ragan voted for Matt to stay, Hayden and Lane would vote for Enzo to stay unless Britney could persuade Lane to vote for Matt to stay. Doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen but it’s BB…you never know.

      • If the votes are even it’s up to the HOH to break it and decides who goes home Regan can play the friendship angle and give his word and keep it that if he wins (Matt Brandon Ragan ves Lane and heyden for HOH)they wont put her up It could work if for once they played straight and kept their word

  6. Brendon and Lane the final and Brendon wins!!!!!!! And marries Rachal and has ten kids all boys and they all join the BBrother house like Kate pluse eight LOL!

  7. enzo’s such a drain to watch,since week 1 all he talks about is how bored he is. GO HOME BAYONE!!!! He is the male kathy,always talking about how HG’s who actually have won and played the game suck. Threatening to punch out ragan? What a tool,worse than brendan for sure!

  8. I don’t think there is anything Matt can do to stay. Noone trusts him. So I think we should just accept that Matt is gone this week. Brendon wants Britney for final 2, so if Brendon wins HOH Thursday I think Regan is gone. I can’t believe it’s almost over and I have noone that I want to win. I finally got my sister interested in it this year. I keep telling her this year is boring and not usually like this. I hope she watches next year. Don’t think she will. I have never seen an all-star and I would love to see one. I hope they do that.

    • Season 7 All Stars was the best season ever!! i wish they would come out with all the seasons on dvd especially 7…. but they only have a couple

      • I think she will watch it next year. This is the first year i’ve watched, and because i’ve got nothing to compare it too i think it’s been pretty good! I will definitely watch next year!

  9. What I truly find incredible is the fact that the popularity poll swung so wildly with regard to Brendan. He was not all that popular at the start and now he overwhelmly a fan favorite. This is purely conjecture on my part and is in no way scientific, but I can’t but wonder if he is so popular now because Rachel has been evicted and many female voters out there changed their minds about him as a result. Just wondering…

    • That is possible. Also possible is that many see Brendon and Rachel as one, therefore some of those who can no longer vote for Rachel have shifted their votes to Brendon.

      • In addition… the longer he goes in this game, the more admiration he will get from people who become impressed that he’s survived this long even though he has been a target since the first week.

    • Brendan is nice now that Rachel has left the building.
      Couldn’t stand him before, and now he is my second fave. Lane is the first fave.

      • Brendon is popular because he is playing the way BB should be played. The whole thing with Rachel was annoying and distracting, but he’s always been a strong player, just didn’t make smart choices. Now he’s the least annoying one to watch in the house, other than Hayden. I think people are so disgusted by most of the others’ behaviors, that he is the most popular by default!

  10. The last time I got big brother live feed, they continued to charge me after big brother had gone off the air. I paid for 2 extra months and then had to go to the bank to stop the service. I would love to join for the rest of the season, but they don’t tell you how to stop it when it done.

    • yes they do…u just have to read the contract papers..I stopped it last year 10 days before the show was over..

      • actually it is kinda late in the show to get it now…but to each his own..If u get it early on there some good things on the feeds u can’t get on TV..but this year the feeds have been off more than they have been this year was a waste of money for the most part..

      • I didn’t want it early on, because of all the sex. Now that that has stopped, I thought it might be nice.

  11. Everyone was blogging about how they would stop watching if Rachel was evicted…. Now the same is being said about Matt’s potential exit from the game. I, however, will continue to watch…. Why?… Human Nature WILL prevail… Face it… Everyone but your own mother and father would probably turn on a dime for half a million dollars!!! I am counting on a lot more drama still to come in the BB house!!!

    • I will keep watching well cause.. Hello My name is Kristy281 and I am a Big Brother addict. LMAO Yes I will stand and admit it. Of course I never said I’d quit watching either cause I knew I would stuck like glue just like every season. HAHA

  12. didn’t know Matt was nom after Brendan won pov. I hate to say this but I am now rooting for Brendan, he is my fav at the moment. I so wish Enzo would leave. Funny how he was overshadowed by Rachel, the guy is actually likeable and cute, didn’t notice this when Rachel was in the house, so funny. Brit can go too. I hate the fact everyone feels I have to vote with the house, redic. Matt deserves to leave if he has not yet exposed the dumb brigade, what a joke, with king cat, enzo, meow meow, so lame

  13. THIS season of BIG BROTHER should be sub titled>>>

  14. Ragan tells Matt that the Enzo, Hayden and Lane want him out. Tells him he has no chance Thursday. Even tells him he needs to do something drastic (try to break up an alliance).
    What does Matt do? Runs to Lane to tell him…..ohhh Matt, you have so much wool over your eyes.

    • there is always the costume curse just like on survivor who ever won the car never got to win whit BB every HG that worn the costume got evicted
      How long is he going to last dressed like that??

    • BB gave them a badminton set. Hayden broke a vase and if he breaks anything else he is going to get evicted.

  15. Lane is a cool dude,but hes so obsessed with how big hes gonna be in ft worth after show. Wow!!! ALL HES DONE IS PLAY POOL,LIFT WEIGHTS AND WRESTLE BRIT!!! Lane cant compete in the BB game itself,he sucks actually.So does larry and curly(enzo,hayden)

  16. Brendon is the most honest of all the house guests and he is being stabbed in the back by everyone. Britney just tags along with who ever is in charge. I hate Regen and his vicious mouth. He did not need to criticize Rachel like he did. He is a nasty, skinny, little nothing

  17. Hey! So the double eviction is this Thursday?
    How will that work no voting both Matt and Enzo leave..sorry if this is a dumb question.

    • Just as lost as you are trying to catch up, as I have missed it and won’t subscribe due to $$$ issues, Like i keep saying Brendon needs to turn in his tiara for big boy pants, It’s a win/lose situation for him as if he does win the $$$ Rachel (or as I like to call her the drag queen) will be doing all she can to get 1/2. Britney is the only female left she plays and yes she is caddy she is female lol, Regan from one gay male to another you are a disgrace, you whine more than my 5 year old niece. Matt- Karma will kick you in the head for lying about your wife, Lane although you are great eye candy, you must be a redneck if you have muscles and don’t put them to use what the hell are they for then..Enzo the disney channel called and wants you to take over for Mickey Mouse, Meow Meow says the Penguin, Hayden your hair products are seeping into your brain.

      • I don’t know why anyone would pay money to watch the live feeds this season…By Far the worst BB in history, Save your money!!

  18. Can’t wait to see the backside of Matt leaving the house. Good riddance.
    Why is everyone picking on Enzo – he’s a hoot!
    Good luck Brendan against Ragan (the crybaby) and “mean’ girl Britney.

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