Big Brother 12 Scandal: Enzo Eating Food As Have-Not?

Okay, maybe it’s not a scandal, but it’s at least scandalous-y. As part of Enzo’s punishment for losing the Have-Nots Competition this week on Big Brother 12 he was placed on a Slop-only diet plus broccoli and bean dip. If the word “only” confuses you then you’re not alone, because apparently Enzo has no idea what it means when he’s told he can “only” eat those three things.

Flashback to Tuesday (8/24) 1:14AM BBT on Cam 3 (Cam 4 is a zoom-in, but obscures when he leans forward) and you’ll find Enzo sitting by Lane in the backyard corner dressed up as a penguin. Suddenly Enzo says, “we should have a food fight.” A moment later he repeats himself even louder, “we should have a food fight!” Enzo then sits forward, digs into his costume, and comes out with food and quickly shovels it in to his mouth with two scoops to the face before laying back down like nothing happened. Well, besides all the chomp-chomp-chomping.

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It seems as though Enzo broke the Have-Not rule by consuming food most likely not on his “only” list. I say most likely because he acted as though he knew what he was doing was forbidden as he had been hiding the food and made the bites swiftly while pushed back in a corner. Considering what he’s allowed to eat it’s safe to say he didn’t have a handful of slop or bean dip hidden in his penguin suit. It could have been a pocketful of broccoli, sure, but come on, it sounds crunchy!

Okay, so what’s the big deal, right? It’s a big deal because the other HGs have managed to maintain the Have-Not restricted lifestyle despite obviously wanting to have some real food. Secondly, Enzo already had a reprieve of his punishment during the Hawaiian feast as part of Britney’s Pandora’s Box ordeal. He had a slop break, something past Have-Not HGs didn’t get, and he still couldn’t manage to man up and hold out the rest of the week.

Big Brother’s course of action is clear. There’s a precedent for this situation. In Big Brother 8 Jen decided she had enough of being a Have-Not when she grabbed an apple and dug in. BB pulled her in to the Diary Room, explained she would be punished, and subsequently gave Jen a Penalty Vote.

A Penalty Vote is like a ghost vote. Instead of there being just 4 votes this week there’d be a total of 5 as Enzo would start eviction night with a vote against him.

Despite Enzo’s headstart toward eviction Matt would be likely unable to overcome the deficit and get 2 more votes against Enzo. Big Brother has nothing to lose by this Penalty Vote and it should be applied for the sake of the game.

Do it, Big Brother.

Update: I didn’t mention it in the article, but as noted in the comments, yes, Enzo has also been skirting his penguin suit obligation. He’s allowed to get out of the suit to get in the pool so he’s taken off the suit, pretended like he’s getting in the pool, and then not gone in for awhile. This guy is a real “meow meow” when it comes to rules.

Update 2: More info. Enzo has been eating other food and has received multiple warnings from BB, but no punishment. Last season Kevin received an extra full day of Have-Not for eating 1 grape. Jeff received the same punishment for a sip of Gatorade. All that and yet nothing for Enzo? Hmm…

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    • He was also feasting on Brit’s HOH food the other night on the live feeds. I was like WTF??!! I am glad I am not the only one who has noticed it – wish I remembered what day it was.

  1. Slop, broccoli and bean dip if the perfect recipe for nothing but grenades, and sounded like Enzo was dropping plenty of grenades as it was on a normal diet.

  2. It really erks me that this clown will remain in the house while a good player like Matty will be leaving. He doesnt do shirt just talk talk and dig himself.

      • Totally agree with you. This season is going to get really boring if 3 meatheads are left in the final.

    • Agreed 100% This clown is not liked by the general public in a 9 out of 10 vote…breaks the rules…. numberous times and no punishment? BB this may be the last season for this show…. if I was the other houseguests and nothing was to come of his blatant disreguard for the rules then I would grab a bag of chips, sit down right next to him and have at it…. C’mon BB the viewers are getting tired of this crap.

      • Just punish Enzo and be done with it…what’s the big deal? My gosh, he has NO CLOTHES (donated them)he is always talking about his daughter, who he hasn’t seen in almost 2 months. Give a guy a break. At least he played to win the veto….I think he’s funny. It doesn’t matter if Brendon is in the final 2 or not, he will not win…..

  3. How about they just kick the bum out already?

    In all seriousness, do the 1 vote against him. I think Matt could probably convince Lane and maybe Brendon (did I just say convince Brendon?) to vote out Enzo. If he told Lane to vote out Enzo and make a final four deal while also telling Brendon about the brigade and blaming Rachel’s eviction on Hayden and Enzo, he could have a chance to stay.

    Expect the unexpected.

    • Enzo thinks he owns that house and that rules do not apply to him. Rules are set in place for everyone and if he feels entitled to disregard them I think he should face the consequences not only for himself as an eye opener but also to set an example for future episodes. That all house guests are to adhere to the guidelines and rules!

      I think it speaks volumes of his character! He’s pompous and narcissistic. He probably marches around in real life feeling the same entitlement.

      • I agree 100% Lori. Face the consequences for your actions in the house.

        MANY people would kill to be in the position he is, if he doesn’t want to be there send him packing or punish him.

    • I’m with ya’…Kick the bum out ! There is part II of the Double Eviction….. America is noticing…..

    • please BB kick him out i expect this of you and you should do it get with the game come on

    • I honestly don’t think Lane will change his vote, Hayden either, they are close to Enzo..Me, personally, can’t stand Matt, the lie about his wife, is just awful. Yeah right, “self proclaimed” genius, not so much!!

  4. Enzo should be penzlized for not wearing the entire penquin costume. Last year Bananna Man wore the entire costume all of the time. Enzo never wears the penquin head and at times has taken the entire costume off. BB should nail his cry baby butt.

    • Yup. Definitley a ghost vote is in order. Hopefully two for three violations? Or at least one and a warning.

    • i’m not defending the guy but i don’t think the penguin suit is the same as the banana suit… i think he has the option to wear it… since BB took all his clothes. So it’s either that or just his underwear!

    • That would be according as to “how many times” he has broke the rules..If he was given warnings but continued to eat and not wear the suit as instructed..Then he may be in some trouble..just have to keep watching..

    • I don’t really understand the game they were playing but Enzo “donated” his clothes to charity in order to get a prize (I think)..BB did not take them..

    • I agree. The banana suit had a top, so does the penguin suit. on the live feeds yesterday, they told him he HAD to put he feet on. If you notice, he also spends a lot of time in the hot tub (so much for cold showers)_ and sleeping (so much for the costume).

      Remember weeks prior he used to tell everyone else who was on the block or a have not “it is what it is, you do whatcha gotta do brotha” b.s. what a looser kick him out!

  5. It could be an unintended oversight by BB, like failing to notice a HG making a long note out of pretzels :)

    • LOL. Hopefully not. This is a perfect opportunity for Matt to stay!!

      I have some hope guys. !!!

      • yes get rid of the slob that cant win anything but every time he says he going too yuck i cant stand him anymore

    • Oh I never thought that was an oversight by production with the pretzels. They might have even told Rachel to do it. Cameras were zoomed in on it, so they knew it was there.

      I believe Pretzelgate was allowed to happen to force the DPOV in to play. Otherwise that would have been another Fail for BB12.

      • Definitley didn’t think of that Matt.

        I doubt BB will let this slip though like Pretzelgate. or the show will definitley get some criticism.

      • I agree a hundred per cent
        Hey just a tought maybe is doing all of this (because production has a hand in it) so he’ll be disqualified and Matt gets to stay That would be some drama
        Can u immagine???

      • Now I am wondering if it was productions idea to leave a message in pretzels. Maybe Rachel didn’t even think of it on her own.

      • Racheal always stated she has been a BB fan and to have known a lot of rules
        So I think the only way she could have left that message is because they told her to

      • when rachel came out of the diary room for the last time before she left the house, she told kathy that “they” (production) TOLD HER to leave brendon a message. she said they told her it was up to her to figure out how to do. rachel told kathy she had to use stuff that was in the hoh room. they both went upstairs and kathy was in the hoh WITH rachel when she decided on the pretzels. kathy went outside to smoke while rachel wrote the message. when she went back in, rachel showed her what she had done and gave kathy the key to the hoh to give to brendon – (rachel didn’t know that brendon would be returning through pandora’s box)

        don’t you guys remember this? i do.

    • Matt explained that in the DR production and him spoke at legnth about the pretzel message. They agreed to leave it, because he wanted to use the DPOV and wanted the extra shock value. Otherwise, without the DPOV, action would have been taken. It was a decision between Matt and production. If you rewind to after the eviction, he and ragean talking in the pink room (just forgot the samw lol) Matt explained it quick, before they bubbled him out! :)

  6. of course BB will give Enzo the penalty vote! that helps Matt and we know BB favors Matt! Enough! GO home already Matt you lying, backstabbing troll!

    • It likely won’t help Matt as I explained above. Matt is already set to be evicted 3-1. Another vote against Enzo would only make that 3-2 which is still a losing score for Matt.

      • You never know with this show though. Matt could blame Hayden and Enzo/expose brigade for pushing him to get rid of Rachel (partly true) and make a final four deal with Lane and Brittney. Lane and Brittney would be better because Lane would vote Enzo and Brittney evict Enzo.

        The houseguests could also not want to align themselves with a loose cannon like Enzo. Something about those damn suits make people go crazy.

      • The reward for HOH comps is power of HOH. He didn’t need to complete additional tasks for the DPOV. Basically, it’s two weeks of safety and getting a hand in the nominations, for doing what many other have done.

        The fact that BB didn’t inform us before is telling into the ‘coincidence’ that Matt got it.

      • They never tell us what’s in Pandora’s Box until the HoH goes up there and reads the card and sees what could be in store. This ‘coincidence’ just seems like another “We hate Matt” conclusion.

      • I don’t even hate Matt. I disrespect him as a person, but I’ve wanted him to be final three, because he actually plays the game.

        I’m just saying that BB shouldn’t be making such an important power something they have full control over. Had Matt not won HOH, we might’ve gotten something else. I just don’t trust that they gave it to the guy who everyone was getting ready to kick out.

        Especially after things like the pretzel message, I don’t trust BB.

  7. Happy Feet needs to get his walking shoes on and head out the door.

    At first I thought he was kinda humorous, but now he’s useless and unfunny. Get out, Joizy!

    • Same here. He also has NO game…. he skirted nomination for weeks then when finally put up he cried and whined like Ragan…. If I was from Jersey I’d be cringing everytime he opens his mouth….

      • Believe me, those of us from Jersey are sick of being represented by losers like Enzo and Snooki.

  8. Wow hayden,lane, enzo,ragony have done nothing. Matt should be leaving next. matt needs to be with his sick wife. she really is sick to be with that jerk. Brenden big brother 12 champion. Who else.

    • Enzo has broken the rules three times deliberately.

      1. Having a slop break during Hawaiian feast. Granted “reprieve”

      2. Failing to wear the penguin suit like he should be. He would say he is going to get into the pool but take it off and walk around the house.

      3. Has been eating food other than what was provided for him to eat. He’s done it multiple times and the crew has gave him multiple warnings.

      I’m thinking more and more Enzo will walk out the door due to either having two votes that are mandatory punishment or being evicted by the crew if he keeps up this behavior.

      • I think we need to have some consistency, but that seems to be against the grain of the show. That being said, Enzo obviously has flaunted the rules time and again. Whether that comes back to haunt him remains to be seen.

      • Would not hurt my feeling’s if Enzo goes first..then matt right behind him..enzo think’s he’s a Godfather and they need to kiss his AZZ..what a jerk..he’s worthless never won a comp..and to lazy to try..i hope he eat’s bean dip for the rest of the show for his punishment..LOL

      • and another thing…enzo was totally guessing the answers at the HOH competition…and Julie Chen had to sternly tell him several times she needed an answer and then he STILL took his time…I really hope BB calls him out on the food violation so maybe he will understand he is not king of the house…and the HG’s send him out the door!

    • Why? This is a game…a game he floated thru on the tails of others…a game that requires SOME forsight and planning… something Enzo is not capable of! Why? You’re kidding….

  9. Enzo gets on my nerves more and more. Why is he being dumb? If you want to get kicked for being a moron, please do so after matt is gone…geez.

  10. Bozo is now proving that he is as bad as a sport as I thought he would be from the start. He is an egotistical narcissist who thinks that rules don’t apply to him. I think he should be removed from the show just like Shema was last season.

  11. I am tired of Matt..and Enzo they need to both go this week..Lane is sooooolazy..and Hayden well he’s just kind of cute but not a good player..I hope it come’s down to Britt and Brendon as final 2..for once I’d like to see someone win who played the game..and not drifted on a wing ..

  12. Um, somebody please clarify.

    (I don’t have a TV, and I haven’t seen the show since Episode Two.)

    If it’s Enzo vs. Matt, why is The Dumb Jock’s picture up there in the header?

    I was really kind of excited to see “Mr. I Love Smart Girls As Long As They Have Fake Boobs” up against it.

    • they just don’t change it on here until the ceremony airs so it doesn’t spoil it for people who don’t want the spoilers, but do want to vote on polls

  13. BB should give Enzo a break and let these minor infractions go without penalty. His presence in the house has contributed more to the ratings than less appealing houseguests like Matt, Brittany & Ragan.

    • rules are rules and he has made two game violations so he needs to get the penalty votes.

    • No matter whom, rules are rules.

      Matt is my favorite player, but if he did this I wouldn’t argue against evicting him from the house.

      They’ve evicted Shema for throwing her mic in the water and interrupting cameras

    • I think it’s funny that you think that, given he hasn’t done a single thing except ride coat tails and bitch when something doesn’t go his way. I doubt very many people actually like Enzo. I did at first, but I think his popularity has gone down a lot since the beginning. There were 12 other people in the house, I doubt 1 person is the cause of BB’s ratings.

    • More for ratings? He personally is to blame for the public NOT watching so yeah is did have an impact on the ratings,,,, a negative one! Why does the rest of the house have to adhere to rules and not him? I don’t care if he is mildly retarded… rules are rules.

    • I’m not sure what makes you think that deadbeat pulls in ratings. Out of the approx. 10,000 votes on this site, 300 chose Enzo as a personal favourite.

  14. Enzo may get evicted for rule violations and Matt get voted out on the same day.
    Julie said there would be a double eviction this week and Enzo + Matt = 2.

    • That’s not how double eviction works.

      after eviction, a new hoh comp then right afterwards noms and eviction the same day.

      • but if enzo goes for rules violations there would be no reason for a double eviction, but the question is would they have brit name another HG for eviction or just go right into the next HOH comp and everything else planed.

      • i don’t see that happening. if he goes its because he gets voted out. I think they will just give him a penalty vote. But hey, if both went home that’s even better. Enzo has worn his welcome out anyway.

      • Expect the unexpected; The HG’s have no clue that this is double eviction week. They do know that it will happen sometime though.

      • Brittney wouldn’t get to nominate another houseguest because Enzo counted as the evicted player. She put him up, so it counts.

        There would still be a double eviction Enzo would go home and there would be another HOH, nominations, Veto, and elimination on Thursday. Than it would be down to final 5, than they play another HOH competition.

    • If ENZO goes in with 2 automatic votes and Regan against him,,that is 3..Matt gets Brendon Lane & Hayden..results n a tie vote..But what if Enzo is given a penalty vote for the “#” of times he has broke the rules..Lotta ways his rule breaking could be considered by BB..Not sure how this scenerio would play out if BB decided to push it..

      • Wishful thinking fo all those Matt backers. Time for “the rat” to go. Let it go. Now that’s fair and square. Or would this be his dpov this time around. If so BB is soooooooooooooo over.

  15. Enzo doesn’t like to follow BB rules as a Have Not! I know BB could give enzo one vote against him like they did to past contestants who Violated the Have Not rule, but also not wearing the Penguin Suit when he should be and being warned by BB so many times Enzo should get two Votes against him Thursaday night by BB to scare the crap out of him.

    • I was thinking the same thing…I had heard the other HG’s talking about him eating food he was not supposed to but was not aware of P. Suit that would be 2 penalty votes if BB is gonna be fair about…(I’m assuming..)

      • If they DID give Enzo the TWO penalty votes he deserves, how could we stop a bunch of crybabies out there from claiming the game is FIXED… Am so tired of reading that over and over… Since there is a precedent for breaking the rules and penalty votes, I would think production is clearly justified in imposing the penalties… (They certainly do have plenty of recorded “evidence” since they’ve got a gazillion cameras and mikes that pick up whispered conversations, not to mention tapes of the meow meow chew-slurp-chew-smack-chewing…)

  16. Finally I agree partially with you people.

    You actually hate Enzo more than Matt, I never would’ve guessed up until now. For days it’s just been “go home matt what a liar your a terrible person” but now the true Enzo is coming to light. Yes.

    • I’m on your side sometimes. I’m a Britney fan and you’re a Matt fan. Both of which are dirty players.

      Birds of a feather, flock together.

  17. Doesn’t anyone remember….this week is supposed to be a double eviction week! Maybe we’ll all be made happy and BOTH Enzo and Matt will go. That would be awesome.

      • To be fair BB staff shoud evict Enzo from the show for violating the shows Rules sending him home and not to the jury house. They all sign a contract before getting on the show and Enzo is not only ignoring the BB staff repeted warnings, Enzo it basicly telling BB go screw! What are you going to do to me? I’m Meow Meow. Well I say it’s time to send Chilly Willy home wearing his Penguin suit.

  18. he has done it like 3 times before. dont how production doesnt catch him. he even told how he did it, and everyone in the house knows he does it.

    thats cacca yoo

  19. i would not mind being a have not this week. i love brocoli. i would eat that and the shake all day.

    and idk why productions doesnt make him wear the head part of the penguin suit. like when he is inside and not eating he should have to wear it hahaha. how awesome would that be hahaha.

    he should get 2 penalty noms for braking 2 rules.

    get meow meow out, keep matt. matt who i feel so bad for deserves to be in this effin game although he might come after brit. hmmm nvm the two penalty noms lol one will be fine with me

  20. Toss him out. They threw out the black girl(sorry don’t remember name) for not wearing her microphone and had many warnings. I think he wants to go home. Not getting the phone call I think sent him over the edge. Maybe there won’t be a double eviction this week.

  21. They need Enzo in the game so no one will vote for him in the JH – everyone knows Enzo is the one you want to go to the final 2 with.

    Lane will not jump ship against Brit – besides this is his one chance to get rid of Matt- Ragan is next, and then Brendon or Brit, if Lane wins HOH – Lane is looking for himself and Enzo as the final 2

    Enzo is the one player in the final 2 who guarantees a win for the other player

    • But Lane and Brittney may not even make it to the final four if they keep Enzo. They are almost guaranteed a spot in the final four with Matt and Ragan instead of Hayden and Enzo. They can’t win competitions, Ragan and Matt can.

      They’d arguably be better off (Brittney and Lane) evicting Enzo this week if there is a penalty vote. Sure, Hayden and Brendon will come after them but it’s 4 vs 2 at this point.

      If they team up with Hayden and Enzo it’s basically 3 vs 2, let’s face it Enzo can’t win at anything. He could win in a hand in your pants competition or maybe an eating competition. That’s about it. If Brittney and Lane want to go to the end together, they don’t care who the JH will or not vote for. They can get rid of the player that will further there game.

  22. Nobody is putting their foot down on anything this season… if I were Matt or anyone against Enzo I’d voluntarily go to the DR and rag to production about that. Enzo should go home this week over Matt because Matt has played the game (the lie aside, since I’m sure someone would post that at some point, at this point… i don’t think anyone cares anymore)

    • They still care, trust me. I’ve spent alot of posts on here saying “it’s just a game people, he’s not as bad as Johnny Fairplay”.

      This whole situation makes me think many people will turn against Enzo. Nobody wants to be on the side of a loose cannon like himself.

      • True, they may see him as a liability and a sinking ship. Either that or they’ll get tired of him being the way he is and just want him out.

      • I agree, Matt is a tool but deserves to stay over Enzo. 1. cause he has been playing the game. and 2. Cause he was a have not too and never ate a thing he wasn’t supposed to. Please BB get it together!!

      • Ragen would be especially pissed because he put up with Have-Not status for so long, only to have that poor sport eat whatever he can stuff in his mouth. Hope that somewhat decent food is worth leaving 500k bucks Meow Meow. This week was even one of the easiest Have-nots too. Slop isn’t even that bad in my opinion.

  23. Enzo should get 1 vote against him for everytime he ate something. they know the rules before they come in If bb doesn’t do anything i truelly believe the ratings will go down the rest of the games and possibly next year.I would say this even if it happened to other house guest.they are adults follow the rules.

    • BB Needs to Boot Enzo out of the house for all his rule breaking, Not only has he snuck real food when he’s a Have Not, He hasn’t worn his mic out by the pool. I have heard BB say Enzo please put your mic on and Enzo yells NO! Then enzo doesn’t wear the Penguine suit when he should. If BB doesn’t toss enzo’s sorry butt it’s a slap in the face to past BB contestents production have tossed and Future BB contestents who BB Production will enforce the rules with. The rules are for everyone who play BB but Meow Meow thinks he is above the rules!

  24. another reason why BB is losing ratings and starting to get too “scripted”. If BB does not admonish Enzo then all credibility is gone from this so called “reality” game.

    • It will hurt the show if he goes unpunished. But in the end, brendon and hayden knows that Enzo is the one player who cannot win – he is the one you want.

      Look if Lane is smart he cuts in with Brendon now to win and get rid of Hayden and Enzo later – the next goal is Ragan

      Then if Lane wins HOH he will get rid of Enzo and Brendon or Enzo and hayden – If I were Lane I may not want Brit in the final 2 – Enzo is so much more a guarantee.

      If I were Lane I would cut a deal with hayden or Brendon to allow them to win HOH if they send Brit packing so he does not have to take the heat

  25. I have so loved this week, as I have not had to listen to Enzo eat at all!
    He sounds like a low class Hog on my uncles farm. I am realy surprised the other guys stick by him. And such a cry baby. Oh Oh how about scratching privates and then rubbing his hace with the same hand. Ugh BB we don’t like this clown he has to go.

    • I agree Enzo is play a real bad game – but who other than Enzo in the final two is a guaranteed win for the other player?

      • @bobby…very true. BUT, Enzo and the other HG’s are counting on Rachel & Brendon 2votes to go to Enzo if he is in the final 2.

        Players Do Need to take a hated player to the end to ensure a win.

        I would hate to see another BB ending were the person who did nothing other then cook & Clean walked away with the 500,000. June did (not sure how to spell her name)

  26. oh quit being the right police,everyone on slop eats.
    if matt can lie about wifes cancer and not get kicked off i say let people on slop eat food.
    if matt doesnt leave this week i will puck

    • Please tell us who else ate something other than what they were supposed to this season, then maybe the Right Police will chill and have a donut. ;)

    • Lying is part of the game. Eating food when you’re not supposed to is not part of the game.

      If you were playing poker, would you admonish someone for lying about the cards they had? No. If you were playing poker and someone was sneaking chips into their pile, would you admonish them then? Absolutely.

      Use your head.

  27. From what I could see on the flashback cam, I don’t think he hid food in his penguin suit. Looks like he may have grabbed a couple of those peanuts off the ground that Britney was throwing. Either way, he is a schemer and is always looking to get out of both following the Have-Not rules and playing the game like a real competitor.

    • Either way, he deserves to be punished.

      Kevin got punished for one grape. Jen got punished for biting into an apple (basically less than what Enzo has done all week) and she got a vote against her.

      I know i’ll personally complain if Enzo does not get punished or gets 1 extra day or another week of slop. That means nothin to him, he’ll keep doing it.

  28. And the crowd said…there would be no drama after Rachel left…..Breadon plays reather well w/0 Rachel

  29. so, i just did a trial for the live feeds today and i am quite disappointed! how boring!

    • You have full access to every moment in the entire past 3 seasons and you’re bored? Things might be slow for a bit but it’s the conversations that are interesting to hear and know what’s going to happen. Then there are the moments like Rachel walking in the front door that blow things apart and make the live feeds completely worth it!

      • i am playing with it! i have to find the good stuff on the flashback and its not easy! thanks for the help Matt!

      • Matt Are you with the BB Production? If Yes Tell them for us Enzo needs to go. It’s Not fair he gets away with this crap. And I don’t mean slap Enzo on the wrist either. If a past conrestant could be tossed off the show for not wearing a mic and another punshed for eating one grape then Enzo Has to leave the BB house and be sent home, not to the jury house and any money enzo had comming to him as a jury member be forfit. Bounce this clown!

  30. everyone is studing. Hayden & brenduh outside, troll and Ragina inside. I can’t stand looking and listening to regina. he’s lying there, his short shorts even shorter as he is lying on hi sback, rubbing the back of his upper thigh as he talks to the troll. ewwwww! enough. no onther options to watch right now. except flashback.

  31. Brendon has played hard, won camps, and from my understanding even took slop for the next 3 weeks to win the Veto. He took Chum baths every hours for 24 hours. Shaved his head ( don’t know if it’s just once or all season it has to remain shaved). He was handcuffed to Bratney for 24 hours..And so on

    Hayden took 5k & the Vacation (he admitted it to Lane & Enzo)

    Lane took a phone call

    Not sure about the other punishments. But I DO KNOW this: Brendon is paying, working hard, and doing what he needs to to stay in the game.

    Enzo should at least be worried about Thursday Night. I would HATE to see Matt stay, I want him out so bad for his lies about his wife (considering people do have this dreadful disease)…and the other 101 lies he has told and been a part of.

    BB should call Enzo into the DR and let him know what is going to happen if he continues to not play right. Than if Enzo leaves, he did it to himself….lets see how bad he wants to stay in the house.

    No matter who you want to win Brendon has been playing Hard ( and better since rachel left)…This guy shows what a REAL player will do to stay alive. (until he is around rachel, then he looses his manhood)

    • Or around any woman for that matter ;).

      They’ve already warned Enzo apparently, so if he screws up again he’s probably out IMO.

    • Let me ask you this: had you heard of the disease before Matt mentioned it? Don’t you think that him mentioning this disease on national television, and have it brought up numerous times, is a good thing for awareness for the disease? Also, he pledged to make a charitable donation to victims of the disease if he won.

      People complain a lot about the lie, but they don’t actually evaluate the morality of it. Unlike 99% of the other lies told in Big Brother, this has some potentially positive consequences for the real world.

      Look at it this way. Many companies make donations or support causes because it is good for their image. People are more likely to support a company if they know that it is doing something positive. That’s why companies advertise how much they give. Are the companies using these diseases and causes to further their own interests? Yes. Do positive things still come it? Absolutely.

      Don’t be so simplistic.

      • Let me ask you this: would you feel the same way if he had children and used his children in the same manner?

  32. regina keeps telling everyone the same joke which wasn’t funny the first time he said it. he is unwatchable and sooooo frigging annoying!

  33. The f**k does that guy got on the producers of BB that they don’t want to punish him?

    It’s kinda insane… BTW, do the producers know that WE KNOW they’re not doing anything against Bozo?!

  34. I’d like Enzo gone just so I did not have to listen to that ridiculously loud chomping while he eats … extremely irritating.

    • If Enzo is eating broccoli now then maybe whatever he ate last night was the peanuts Bratney threw…we all know Enzo’s eating is very obnoxious, and loud. But crunchy to me sounds like he collected peanuts…but, I could be wrong….if I was him and going to cheat on the food I would make it worth the ‘ghost vote’. Like a Sub, Meat, Anything other then peanuts,crunch n munch etc

  35. Whoever called Enzo a
    low class pig….please apologize to all the pigs….Enzo looks 50 acts 15, and needs a hair transplant. He is a lazy azz, and I can’t imagine what his wife looks like. Poor thing

  36. Lets hope for breaking the rules, Enzo goes out and Matt is safe… until the second eviction, everyone is fair game. :)

  37. Agreed. It’s not like enzo just broke the rules once, and he’s been warned, i personally think he needs to get the boot. Rules are there for a reason and if BB doesn’t do anything ratings go down i’m pretty sure. I’m pretty sure both him and Matt will be going.

    • I haven’t seen it I don’t have live feeds I do watch bbad. Are you sure he wasn’t smelling his balls? He seems to do that a lot! He is really started to gross me out. The other day they had it right on him with him playing/scratching himself!

      • Melissa, you are so right! I’m tired of seeing Enzo rummage around in his pants. He knows the camera is on him and doesn’t care.

    • Enzo has blatantly defied the rules of the game of Big Brother on more than one occasion with no regard to diminishing the integrity of the game.If his violations go unaddressed by Big Brother, (along with all the other ‘obvious’ production manipulation of the game this season such as pretzel notes), I feel many dedicated fans will lose interest in the show. I personally won’t continue to committ as many hours of my summers to a game that ignores rules for certian people, especially such an all-around loser as this clown!

      • jesse you are rude…. instead of picking on people who are doing exactly what a forum is meant for why don’t you “grow up some more”… if you don’t like comments come up with something witty or maybe something that has a point. Something I would care to read. Speaking of rules Matt i vote you delete his comment I find it rude and offensive.

      • Wow I didn’t know there were highly sensitive people here. My apologies…this is how I talk in real life. In any sense Enzo’s not winning this game anyway so there is no point in crying over something that no one can even prove at this moment.

  38. Are there any posts on cbs bb site about this yet? Put the heat to cbs for letting this goof slide!!!

    • they may not be able to proove what he was eating yet so they may wait until they can to punish him. he is now out of the dr and hasn’t said anything about it.

  39. Perhaps this is how BB will take care of the double eviction – no one yet knows how they plan to execute this, isn’t that right?

    As a Brendon fan, pulling for him to get past every obstacle, I would sincerely appreciate this.

    I know, I’m a dreamer.

    • When a player is ejected, Big Brother takes one of two courses:

      1) If the ejected player was currently nominated, the planned eviction is canceled. The reign of the current HoH comes to an end. Ex. Chima, S11

      2) If the ejected player was not currently on the block, then the next eviction continues as planned. Big Brother then selects a later week and cancels that eviction. Ex. Justin, S2

      In this case, the first eviction on Thursday will be canceled. If Enzo is ejected, then Thursday will essentially be an all-in-one day, starting with an HoH, going through the nomination, veto, and eviction process, and finishing with another HoH.

      • Unlikely. If he does receive a penalty vote, will the house be informed? If Enzo can keep it a secret then it will be a non-factor. If people learn about it, they might take the opportunity to evict him.

      • Definitely not evict-worthy, but I’m hoping if all of us on the innerwebz apply enough pressure we’ll see BB react and actually do something to Enzo.

        This won’t save Matt’s tale, but it’ll keep rules enforced like it should.

      • Maybe not evict worthy (what that black chick from last season did definitley was, Enzo is closely approaching that though IMO) but he has to get punished for this.

        There are plenty of people, like I said, that would kill to be in his position even if we had to eat the food we hate the most.

        Isn’t slop just a porridge mix? Sort of like an oatmeal? It shouldn’t be that bad for him to throw a hissy fit.

      • Enzo is far from what Chima did. She refused to wear her mic, essentially telling Big Brother that she wasn’t going to be part of the show. Her actions were completely unacceptable. Enzo is cheating, but he’s not causing serious disruption. He should be punished, but not ejected. I mean, compare his actions to Justin, the fist ejected houseguest.

      • Compare him to Justin, the one who held a knife to somebody’s throat? Are you saying like “that was something to be ejected for along with Chima” or Enzo is along that lines?

        If the latter that is stupid.

      • IT WOULD BE BROUGHT UP BEFORE THE EVICTION VOTE..I think it was Jen that got the penalty vote (BB 8??)and it was announced at that time..

  40. How about yesterday when he said” Now their gonna have S–T stains on their penguine suit Yo” He makes me sick. And did anybody think that maybe he is on there to win the money so his wife won’t split on him?

  41. Anybody know the official BB CBS twitter feed if they have one?

    My twitter is all messed up at the moment. I’ll message them and see what we can get out of this.

  42. Enzo is a wanna-be that never was, isn’t now and is never gonna-be. Even people from “Jersey” are probably embarassed. Totally Useless Whiner !!

    • that’s less Enzo’s fault than it is Big Brother’s. They invited him this season BECAUSE of the trendiness of Jersey stereotypes thanks to the like of the Real Housewives and Jersey Shore. He never would have made it on, otherwise because there isn’t a single other thing this guys has going for him – committed relationship, no showmance. UGLY face…who cares about ugly guys??? ;)

      • Hey now… I’m kinda decent looking :( thanks for ruining my chances to get on the show lol

      • all of them a bunch of posers embarrasing NJ! All the Jersey shore kids but one are not even from NJ. and notice i say NEW JERSEY, not Jersey or Joizy. We are a different breed here by the beach. Notice I say beach and not shore! I would not live anywhere else in NJ but the beach! Where Enzo comes from is more NY than NJ. he is from Bayonne which is right across the bridge from NY. They speak with the NY accent in Hudson County( that’s where Bayonne is located) i hope I have cleared up some misconceptions about us! we are all pretty nice people in NJ. its a shame we’ve got some bad stero types out there like Housewives, sapranos, and Jersey Shore.

    • Yes, we are incredibly embarrassed that anyone hailing from New Jersey should speak and act as Enzo….but, then again, we do have the Real Housewives of NJ as well as the Jersey Shore. Lucky us!!

      • First of all I am from hudson county and I resent everything you are all saying. Sorry if we speak like we are from NY we don’t choose to it just happens and I have been told many times that I have an awesome accent the only reason it sounds so weird to you is bc no one has jersey accents on any other tv show based outside NJ. Enzo is actually a really nice guy that comes from a really good family. Enzo may not win at all and may complain but he has managed to make alliances to keep himself in the game and isn’t that a part of the game he has the mental aspect of the game in the palm of his hand. He has managed to have everyone keep him their and he hasn’t won anything he is actually playing smarter than anyone and even if they give him a ghost vote he still won’t go home

  43. are there bugs in that house or something? why do all the guys have their hands in their pants all the time!

      • What’s wrong with putting your hands in your pants? And what does that have to do with family pride?

        My dad does it. I do it. My son will probably do it.

      • I’ll be honest, I think I would be a little more wary of my actions if I were on camera all the time with people watching. But that didn’t stop Lane from choking the chicken in the shower.

    • Exactly…It even looked like Lane was checking out for the camera, just in case. He’ll probably turn bright red when he hears or sees about it. Ughh Makes a parent proud.

    • I agree it is gross it shows no manners and if I was there wife I be pissed somone needs to tell them how bad it looks

  44. Just so everybody knows, the black chick’s name is Chima. Now that everyone knows maybe we can try calling her by name, just my thoughts.

    • I’m surprised how people have such poor memory of Big Brother history. I mean, for the seasons that I enjoyed, I remember pretty much everything. If anything, houseguest names should be easy to remember, especially ejected ones.

      • frank: I think you meant to reply on the post above this one, but I’m not surprised that you mixed it up, because you apparently can’t read. My dad does it, I do it, my uncles do it, my cousins do it. Really has nothing to do with pride.

  45. If they evict Enzo because of this it’d be pretty pathetic and it’d actually look like they are rigging it for Matt (Still, that DPOV wasnt fair since Rachel didnt have the chance to compete for it). I hope they just give him a penalty vote because if Enzo goes out because of this, well.. that’d be pretty stupid.

    • What??? Rachel was up for eviction when Matt got the DV .. It was not a competiton veto..It was an offering of Pandora’s Box..Matt was HOH so it was offered to him..No HG played for it..

    • Julie touted a “secret power” before the HoH competition even began. If someone else had won it, would you still be beating this “it’s rigged” drum?

      • i think people think its rigged because that HOH was rigged for smaller people. none of the big guys would be able to win that comp. BB should take that into consideration for the future. make all the comps equal for everyone to have a shot. like the HOH Brendan got. Surely one of the girls would never had been able to pull that one off with all that cable. they need to make sure all comps are even.

      • It’s funny you mention Brendon winning the “only fair competition”.

        The fact is, it’s an endurance competition. The smaller guys/girls are going to do better. Physical competitions the stronger guys/girls do better.

        According to you it should just be mental competitions or something.

      • no i said it should be equal for all to compete. i did not say they should all be mental comps. the comps should not be geared towards the strongest, fastest, tallest, smallest, etc. no one should be given an advantage in any of the physical comps so they all have a shot to win. and that is my opinion and i think i am allowed to have one and discuss it without getting attacked.

      • i would like to see an even playing field as well, oogiet.

        but the problem with fairness is that CBS is more concerned with keeping the “star hgs” in this game for ratings purposes than they are about being “fair”.
        there’s been sooooo much production manipulation this season… it’s very, very sad.

      • oogiet: Having an opinion does not protect you from criticism. If you say something that is factually untrue, then you should be prepared to be attacked for it. You claim that Brendon won a “fair” HoH; tell me, what three players were (by far) ahead of the pack?

        Competitions require different skills. The primary skill needed for both of the competitions Matt won was balance, which Brendon apparently does not have, hence his nonsensical complaining about shoe size. Brendon’s competition required both strength and quick problem solving skills (quickly deciding how to untie the knot, how to loop under the ropes). Britney’s win required good memory skills, as do most “mental” competitions. Other “mental” competitions require good logical skills, like the ones where house guests have to make guesses as to what former house guests would do or say in certain situations.

        The only “fair” competitions are the ones like this past veto comp, where house guests buzz in to accept punishments or rewards. No skill involved, just a quick hand and a willingness to accept some rather brutal results.

        There is no “rigging”. Just different competitions with different skill requirements. This is how it has always been.

      • MattB..

        i’m not so sure about that. matt & ragan were both saying in the last veto comp they started hitting their buzzer BEFORE the question was even finished and were still unable to “buzz in” before brendon.
        sounds fishy to me.

    • I don’t think Enzo should be evicted but I think a penalty vote for eating and also a penalty vote for not wearing the suit as instructed. He knows the rules and should get at least a penalty vote for eating.

      • i agre with you he should be evicted. he has been warned and this is a repeat i have faithfully watched all for years and its not fair for him to break rules when he feels like it

      • @ patrick, No the quizzes are totally fair. if you have studied, you have a great shot. if you are stupid and don’t study, then you won’t win. physical comps are geared toward the strongest, tallest or smallest etc. its harder for bigger people to balance on a smaller item than smaller people. its all common sense if you think about it. easier for a 135 lb person to hang on to a small ledge than a 200 lb person. think about it. you can be the best athlete in the world but not be able to perform on a balance beam like a 85 lb little girl. i think its gravity that screws them up! it has more to work with on larger people!

  46. they will add a day of slop,just as they did to others,and will do it when his week is dont have a breakdown.
    matt hopefully will be voted out then next enzo,unless ragan asks to go with boyfriend.

    • He’s broken three rules. I doubt they will give him just a day of slop.

      I’m sure everyone but here including the writer of the article thinks the minimum should be a vote against Enzo and maybe an extra week of slop.

      The maximum is either 2 ghost votes or getting evicted if he keeps up the behavior.

  47. I hope Enzo does not get a penalty nom, well he’s already on the block so I guess that means they may send him home! How many times has he been warned, I dont’ have the feeds, anyone know? Yikes! That would suck b/c I really wanted Raggity or Brit the twit to go home in da 2nd eviction! (sigh)

  48. Hey! So the double eviction is this Thursday?
    How will that work no voting both Matt and Enzo leave..sorry if this is a dumb question

  49. They can not and will not evict Enzo for eating restricted food. He would have to first be notified by production and warned, however; if after a warning he continued to disregard/disobey the warning then BB could invoke punishment as per terms of their contract. This may indeed vary from years past. The network does not unilaterally alter terms according to their like/dislike of a certain house guest.
    Can’t wait to see midget troll leave, along with princess Ragan!

    • He’s already been warned and continues to do it. If he breaks any more rules as far as I consider he’s gone from the game.

      • he also breaking penquin suit rule taking off all time and getting in hot tub no one else ever got to do that they just sit by water and keep suit on

  50. Enzo is the most rude and crude person. He just made this comment on the live feeds: Britney, Brendon and Enzo are trash talking about Kathy in the jury house, they were talking about the handlers, when Enzo’s big trashy mouth says: “She has probably f***** two or three of the handlers by now.” This guy is breaking rules by eating, why were other past BB HG’s penalized and he is not? He is so disgusting. Hate him. I really think he believes that when he gets out he is going to be some sort of major star. Can’t stand him, so arrogant and cocky. I have had enough of him.

      • Not only is he a pig – he couldn’t win he way out of a paper bag if his life depended on it. I pity his poor wife having to live with that idiot. Anyone hear his comment about ‘knocking her up’ before the end of the year earlier on the live feed?

  51. BIG BROTHER — It’s important that your are fair and consistent concerning violations. We are watching… and it makes a difference to us.

  52. Enzo is in big trouble now. Just hope he will not go crazy and cause problem inside the Big Brother house. Just think that half of you all want Enzo to stay and Matt go. Big Brother will not accept Enzo not follow the rule of the house. I hope that the houseguest will see that Enzo should be voted out.

  53. What has Matt and Regan been told about Brittney’s decision to put up Matt..Their conversations lead me to believe that they believe she was souly responsible..with no outside that correct?? And if so who told them that??

  54. I’m really hoping for Matt to somehow avoid being evicted this week and take it to the finals.

    Let’s go Matty!

  55. I’m surprised Enzo had time to eat – it must be wearing him out saying “I’m tired, yo” every 5 minutes. Tired of what? Being a loser perhaps and a chauvinist – remember Showtime, Enzo – you let a 4 word description of a woman hg skip out of your mouth and who you really are became quite clear. ABE – Anyone But Enzo.


    dont do that!!! she is talking about giving HOH’s to hayden and lane.

    dont do it!! if either of them win u will go home. and they suck!!!

    c’mon brit be smarter that. u have seen all 11 seasons, u know better. hell i have been watching for 5, and i know better

    • Marcus….Don’t you believe Brit should have by now suspected the brigade alliance..and if so, why not expose least to Matt, Ragan, & Brendon..It’s just not making sense..and Britney’s smarter than least I thought so..

    • How can you tell if what she is saying is the truth, or if she is lying to them to get more info out of them. She’s good at that..she gets ppl talking and then just sits back and listens.

  57. Just lost trying to catch up, as I have missed it and won’t subscribe due to $$$ issues, Is there a double eviction Thursday? How does that work? Like I keep saying Brendon needs to turn in his tiara for big boy pants, It’s a win/lose situation for him as if he does win the $$$ Rachel (or as I like to call her the drag queen) will be doing all she can to get 1/2. Britney is the only female left she plays and yes she is caddy she is female lol but use your femininity to your advantage , Regan from one gay male to another you are a disgrace, you whine more than my 5 year old niece. Matt- Karma will kick you in the head for lying about your wife, Lane although you are great eye candy, you must be a redneck if you have muscles and don’t put them to use what the hell are they for then..Enzo the Disney channel called and wants you to take over for Mickey Mouse, Meow Meow says the Penguin, Hayden your hair products are seeping into your brain.

    • LOL is there a double eviction? How does that work?
      Why isn’t Enzo sent a packing??
      look @ Chima…rules What rules Enzo is the meow meow of his own world

      • yeah, double eviction thurs. matt and enzo are currently on the block, one will get voted out. Then they will have a quick HOH and 2 more people will be put up. HG’s will have to vote on the spot. all in one night.

  58. unless u know for a damn fact u have a partner who will have ur back 100% u NEVER, NUNCA throw or give away comps.

    ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS FINAL 7 and ur working with ppl who u havent been working with since day 1.

    britney only if u had monet that is the only time.

    this is BB 101.

  59. and nothing will happen to enzo. unless he eats it in front of every one. matt is on the block not brendon.

    but enzo prolly wont get even a warning

  60. I think we all need to turn off our live feeds and tv and come back next season for better houseguests.

    • I like Matt, Ragan, and Lane. That is about it.

      Brittney: doesn’t even know she’s being used
      Hayden: typical jock, least he’s honest
      Enzo: Backstabber, Self-proclaimed douchebag
      Brendon: Thinks he’s supreme, not in love
      Rachel: Pompous, over-confident, annoying
      Monet: Did you actually have a gameplan?
      Andrew: Did himself in, he’s a doctor neway
      Kathy: All you did was make Laundry?
      Annie: Barely knew you, you were annoying tho

      Matt: Smartest competitor hands down. The lie he made up, i’m okay if your against it. It is just a game though. If Matt does get out of this nobody can say he doesn’t deserve the 500 grand, he is surely the target for everyone in the house except for Ragan.

      Ragan: Loyal, realizes the good and bad in the house. Seems like the only one who is not bias. I think he understands that Matt was just playing the game and he had to try and shove Ragan under the bus to save himself. He’ll still vote against Enzo, that’s loyalty.

      Lane: Pissed he went back on Matt, can be over-confident, but is still entertaining. I would be happy if he won if he didn’t backstab Matt, now if he wins i’ll just be like “meh”.

  61. Examples of BB Cheating:
    sneaking a piece of food or drink
    a pretzel message
    lying about a family member being sick as a precursor to the beginning of the game…
    Enzo should be ashamed there is over 1 million in Pakistan that would kill to be on slop for one week, however did his cheat affect anyone else like the pretzel message or even worse the premeditation of the Ratt. BB should lay down a rule that his type of manipulation should not be allowed for the initial amount of houseguests it affected was clearly everyone. Lying is part of the game and if that’s how you want to play then go for it, but you should not be able to do it to devastate an entire houseful of people to your advantage to start the game. Enzo’s cheat was a spec of sand compared to the Ratt’s!!!

    • I don’t believe pretzel messages are specifically a cheatable offense covered in the handy dandy rule book.


    • Get over it Broham, lying is not against the rules. In fact, lying is encouraged in this game. You can’t confuse moral VALUES with written. I wouldn’t lie about health or death of a family member because I just can’t. But you cannot judge Matt by your Moral Compass.

      Personally, I am far more insulted by Rachels words and actions, but again, she has played by the rules(I don’t think the pretzel incident is against the rules.) Rachel as well as all the houseguests are aware of what they signed up for and therefore must be able to live with the consequences of their actions.

  62. Truly this is the saddest cast ever, BORING, MY Niece’s life is more entertaining as well as mine, I recently had my first mantrum lol
    Just lost trying to catch up, as I have missed it and won’t subscribe due to $$$ issues, Is there a double eviction Thursday? How does that work? Like I keep saying Brendon needs to turn in his tiara for big boy pants, It’s a win/lose situation for him as if he does win the $$$ Rachel (or as I like to call her the drag queen) will be doing all she can to get 1/2. Britney is the only female left she plays and yes she is caddy she is female lol but use your femininity to your advantage , Regan from one gay male to another you are a disgrace, you whine more than my 5 year old niece. Matt- Karma will kick you in the head for lying about your wife, Lane although you are great eye candy, you must be a redneck if you have muscles and don’t put them to use what the hell are they for then..Enzo the Disney channel called and wants you to take over for Mickey Mouse, Meow Meow says the Penguin, Hayden your hair products are seeping into your brain.

    • I totally agree, I used to watch religiously now I watch once in a while and come to the boards to catch up but really all they need is for someone to come back from the dead and find out that 2 of them are lost siblings. Did the writers of BB change or fall asleep @ the job…Seriously Defiantly the worst BB in history. I think your comment about a drag queen is funny she is from Vegas after all LOL good times, more drama on here that on the show!!

  63. Um Peanutgate? – Enzo snuck a couple of peanuts into his beak… Will AGP call him on it and give him a penalty vote? Will that be enough to save Matt? – WHattttttt? That BETTA not happen I will be so heck vex if what Enzo did SAVES Matt!!!!! Noooooo!

      • I totally agree, I used to watch religiously now I watch once in a while and come to the boards to catch up but really all they need is for someone to come back from the dead and find out that 2 of them are lost siblings. Did the writers of BB change or fall asleep @ the job…Seriously Defiantly the worst BB in history. good times, more drama on here that on the show!!

    • Hey,Hi, Jadelle!! I don’t think mattie can be saved at all even from enzo’s rule breaking crap!

  64. I think that enzo will be gone this week he is not following the rules two many has been broken by him after warnings

  65. is there really alot of ‘feeds cut off’ during the day? seems like when I read re-caps there us some type of camera off situation.

    and what events, like all the comps are not on live feeds?

    • the comps are off feeds as well as the live shows and the HOH that follows. Otherwise we have bubbles off and on throughout the day. Like when someone is getting in trouble for something, if they talk about production, diary room etc.. It is not a lot, but does get annoying. Sometimes they forget to hit mute when they go to bubbles and you can hear production talking to the houseguests. Ohh they also bubble out the morning wake up music / alarms. :)

  66. Here is what BB should do.

    1. unless BB can prove what is was that Enzo eat, Then they shouldn’t give him a veto penalty.

    2. What they should do is, take hayden and brendon off the have nots.

    3. Put the porta poty back in the Have not room and that is were Enzo has to stay until thursday

    4. After the vote, If Enzo is still there, He becomes a Have Not for an-other week, With the understanding, that if he breaks one more rule, He’s gone!!

    5. To give Enzo a veto penalty, would do no-thing and would be useless at this point.

    @ Matt BBN, What do you think? That would hurt Enzo more, right now

  67. Dear BB This is by far the worst show ever!
    If you pick people from these threads i think they would do a better job, as this is more entertaining than actually watching the show.

  68. Who was it that cheated before? Didn’t they cram a piece of pizza in their mouth or something like that earlier in the game?

    • That was Enzo too. He took a piece of pizza right away from Britney when he was a Have-Not. Again, he had no punishment for that. He really really needs a penalty vote this week for everything he’s done.

  69. Why are you people paying good money to subscribe to these feeds This is by far the worst BB ever
    Save your money and time. I really don’t care who wins anymore. For Brendon it’s a win/lose situation as Rachel will do all she can to get 1/2, and she deserves nothing.

    • I agree if Brandon wins Rachel will get her claws in him for some of the $$ But whatever this season is sad. I give up watching!

      • Matt (BB) can you please clarify…I believe that a winning houseguest (500K) can not share with another player even if they have been in a showmance…is this not correct.

      • they can “buy gifts” for other hgs with the money, but can’t give them cash.

        jordan bought jeff NFL season tickets.

      • well, rachel was trying to buy matt with her $5000 she won, so they must be able to do something.. I mean once the californi tax, then 40% is taken out via gift tax by the IRS, there will only be about $120k tops left! They all will be taxed their daily rate while in the house and in the jury house. So I hope they all have stable jobs after this, this is not a retire rich show.. Well unless Rachel finds an old man like Anna Nicole Smith did!

    • If Brendan wins she’ll take him to Vegas. I see a quickie wedding at the Elvis Chapel. She gets half and then it’s “adios muchacha’.

  70. All Rules are out obviously, Expect the unexpected, should be changed to please try to stay awake for the most boring BB ever. It’s a free for all and obviously the Producers think it will keep people watching…Snorefest

  71. Someone said Enzo was in the DR earlier, but hadn’t returned yet— how about now–any sightings?

  72. What if Enzo was put on the block for both evictions? You never know, production could have something up their sleeves!

  73. i’m reading that hayden broke a vase?

    he said the DR told him if he breaks anything else (he broke the pool sticks last weeek), he will be ejected from the game.

    anybody know what happened with the vase?

    • if you can get a date / time I will archive the live feeds to see what it is all about. :)

      • i haven’t been home to keep up with things, so i’m not sure jen. my best guess is sometime in the last 24 hrs.

        don’t go to a lot of trouble, but if you find it, i’d love to know what happened! poor hayden :( lol

        thanks for the offer to help :)


    77 bids so far – price is at $1,225.00

    7 day auction w/ 4 days 15 hrs. remaining.

  75. Scene: Enzo thinking to himself about being on slop and broccoli and bean dip as a have-not, wearing his penguin suit…

    Enzo: “Yo, dey made MeowMeow a have-not,
    In Jersey, we ain’t eatin’ no slop–
    Broccoli and bean dip,
    Lemme give dem a tip,
    Grenades gonna never stop!

    It sucks wearin’ dis penguin suit,
    In a hurry, if I gotta poop,
    Gotta get dis thing off–
    Makes it hard to jack off,
    Meow Meow needs room to shoot.

    Production gonna penalize me?
    Dat’s allright, just wait and see…
    Countin’ on da Brigade,
    Enzo’s got it made,
    Got the votes to set Matty free.”

  76. If you were to ask me, Enzo would be crying FOUL if Matt, Brit or Rag were NOT following the rules. If he caught them eating off the menu, not following the rules etc… he would be punching the DR door down to rat them out..

    • Jennifer, yep, yup! enzo would be stomping his feet like a teenage girl!! He probably thinks he’s going to get away with it! From what I’ve read, he just might!! A little slap on the hands and puss-puss will walk away!

      • very annoying! you know, Hayden is asking if he can have a bath right now.. Funny how he asks, yet Enzo has been hot tubbin all week! See, someone is looking out to make sure he (hayden) does not violate the rules)

  77. did I miss something? I thought Enzo and Brendan were on the block this week? why are people on here saying it’s Enzo and Matt?

    • You missed a whole lot.

      Brendon won Veto and took himself of the block and Matt was named the replacement

      • J-C, how long have ya been gone?? I don’t think they have aired it yet! So, unless you have the live feeds? I wonder if it was on there??

  78. what the hell is wrong with Ragan he’s so FOUL!

    Ragan: I wanna be inappropriate zing bot… Hey, Hayden. How many 12 year old girls do you make blow you? Hey Matt, how many comatose patients in hospice have you fingered? Zing.

    • Jadelle, did he really say this?? He is somewhat of a “loser” did he really say this crap?? Whew, somethin’ stinks!!

      • according to the feeds info from bbdish he did and enzo was talkin’ smack about kathy sleepin’ with the production guys at the jury house..say what?

      • Chris, Q was posting earlier,Trish is on here some where, haven’t heard from Rico! Anyone? You found Jadelle!! @ Jadelle, I was not doubting you at all!! Just can not believe ragyna would actually say that crap!! Enzo, yes! I can not stand either of them, anyway!!

  79. MATT IS diabolical IDIOT..WHY is he campaigning against his so called friend Ragan…does he not realize that he is up against Enzo and not is bashing Ragan good for his game…once again IDIOT…I hope he goes home this week..!!

    • Mattie is somewhat delusional, tee-hee, he actually thinks he’s not going anywhere!! Yep,yup, he is an idiot!! It stems from having his hand down his shorts,waaayyy tooo much!!

    • Matt is a diabolical idiot unless he has another pact with others to get Enzo out on the sly. If it happens like you said, then Matt is a diabolical idiot! Either way, I think Matt blew his best chance to make a big move, & I hope if he goes he throws lots of grenades in his wake.

  80. All of you with live feeds, Brit is in the tub having a bath.. her and Layne just caused a flirt along in the kitchen.. it was sooo cute. I love them. I still think they are engaged!!! It is moments like those that they just had in the house that make me think that way! They were ALL over eachother – he said she was in’heat! LOL!

    • I agree. They have to be engaged or something close for her to let Lane talk that sexual as he did today earlier. Or she is crushing on him and him her. Can’t figure those two out but her “nick” can’t be too happy. I know I wouldn’t be.

      Matt needs to go already. Him trying to still campaigning to stay in the house is smart but dumb. Now instead of making fun of Brendon they are making fun of Matt. And Ragan moaning about not having anyone if Matt leaves? WTF? Well so what. Brendon has been on his own and he is doing better for it Ragan so STFU and stop acting like a baby!

      • I can’t believe there are still people out there who think that Lane has Brit’s back… I can’t think a couple is cute when one is so obviously leading the other on… We already saw Kristen catch on too late… Brit, wake up and smell the coffee!

        Matt, do you really think you can oust the H-E-L alliance as part of your final speech prior to eviction and survive? Really? What are you waiting for?

    • We have been wondering if they r secreat couple I hope they r. there so cute togather lane is a sweet heart

  81. think it was a mistake for hay to tell ANYone what he won in that comp! not SMART a’tall!

    • If Enzo gets a clue that he’s going anywhere near the jury house he will definitely make sure that info gets out there!

      • Yah I am, wazzup CTG! how ya doin’?
        Had to watch some DVR shows lol. I’m hoping Hayden wins HOH, he seems to know his stuff!

      • Yup! But Enzo told him not to let anyone else know… Not sure if Lane got it too, ’cause he came into the CR at about that time… Anyway, there’s one thing to be said for DUH BOORGADE: They sure can keep a secret… One of those Bozos is probably going to take home $500K…

        Someone needs to write a book called “Strategy for Dummies” and make it required reading for Brit, Bren, and Ragan …and Matt too! (Just a tip…)

      • Yea Sister J!!
        Have it as required reading for all future House Guests!! “Big Brother Dummies 101!”
        You are right, one of these clowns will walk away with the money!!
        It won’t be from strategy, it will be pure dum-ass luck!!

      • Hayden told BOTH Enzo & Lane in the fish room on BBAD he won the trip and the 5k…Lane & Enzo said they didn’t care and for Hayden not to tell anyone because he could be targeted just for that.

      • After the comp, Enzo and Hayd were sulking in the fish room, Enzo yapping about prize$ & Penguin suit, Hayd chewing his lip, Lane walks in, and then Hayd spills his guts, but only after Lane was there! Makes me think that Hayd & Lamo are the 2 you have to watch out for.

      • I would smile from ear to ear if on Thursday, Julie showed the hg’s a clip from the competetion of Hayden claiming his prizes. I would pay $ to see Britney’s reaction.

      • Stacy, you & me both – priceless. “Her Army”, she being the “Damsel in Distress”, needing to be saved from the Big Bad Brendon. How about those “Daisy Dukes” she’s been sporting, & her flirty dresses and low cut tops. She’s acting like she’s queen of the castle and Hayden and Lane are her lackeys. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black (re: Rachel)!

  82. @tishe – thanks, I have live feed but just started today. I guess I will see the POV that Brendan wins tomorrow. Watching the live feed kind of screws up the continuity of the show as aired on TV.

    • Aww, J-C, you got the live feed??!! Congrats!! I have read good and bad about the feeds! I tape the t.v. show(Iwork when it’s on) the rest of my BB fix comes from the fine folk of these sites!!

      • I tape it as well and I will probably stop watching the live feed (only have it for three days anyways).

      • Well J-C
        Glue your behind to the feeds for the next 3 days and help the others keep us, the have-nots informed!! Thank you for your help!! Seriously!!

    • I will, tishe – you can get the feed for free for three days as well. Superpass is offering a free trial. Cancel it after three days though cuz they will charge your ccard. Take care.

    • JC – I get Showtime and read this site for info, but I watch CBS Sun Wed & Thurs for what they do & don’t choose to show on TV. It makes an interesting contrast as to how they portray 1 HG against another, and then how you see them, remembering yourself that the HGs are supposedly being filmed 24/7 (they know it & play to it). I come to this site to get insight on snarks & sneaks (I love that word!), watch BBAD, & then see what CBS chooses to show America (or rather what they choose NOT to show)! Then try to figure out strategy as if I was one of the players and not pick a favorite, just who plays best!

  83. BBAD Ragina just told Hayden that Brandon is his #1 target and hayden agrees. Both agree that if Brandon goes to the final two he will win. Well said boys now make it happen!!! lmfao lol lol

    • The same thing has happened today as yesterday on BBAD: serious game talk going on and then the camera just switches to stupid stuff (like Brendon talking to Matt about craps right now). I wanna hear Hayden and Ragan right now!

      • Now it’s on Lane & Britney playing pool … I wonder how many total hours of time I’ve wasted watching these guys play pool since they moved in over 50 days ago!

      • Brit: “I suck at this game” (talking about pool)

        That about sums it up. The rest of the house has all but packed her bags!

      • Boy Ragina didn’t stick around to long to chat with Hayden , he must still be verklempt with him lol lol

    • At first I liked Enzo but now that he is on the block he is bitching like a little girl even though he has yet to win anything or even come close to winning, he is coasting thru and having everyone else do all the work and he is sneaking food and barely wearing is penguin outfit and crying about it the whole time while bitching about everyone else. At least Matt is a player, even when Enzo is studying he knows nothing and answers right after someone else like he was gonna say that too.

      • Haven’t you noticed, they all act this way when they are on the block! Only R&B got criticized for acting this way when they were on the block! Brit was the worst (maybe Rachels’s instincts were right) Ragan acted this way when Matt went on the block; I do feel sorry for Ragan when he finds out how much and how long Matt lied to him (and continues to do so). Don’t get me started on Brit (what’s a virus that begins with B?) and Lane, the heroic hunk from Texas who slays animals with his flashlight and beats up the boyfriends of the girls he wants – So Cave Man, Every Woman’s Fantasy, like Brit’s mom said. I don’t know about any others, but I find his attitude & demeanor (when the camera is not him) around others kinda creepy. He seems to have an instinct when the cam is on him to display the “I’m just a good ole boy from Texas” routine. I just want to see good strategy and scrambling to win. I don’t want to see ppl attacking each other about their toes, their hair, their nose picking, etc. Like Ragan & Rachel (said) – Floaters, get your life vests!

  84. @bbfan – maybe your friend, Enzo is a nice guy in the real world but in the BBHouse, he’s not. He appears lazy in competition relying on others to win for him and he cheats. Nobody likes a cheater. Meowmeow should be a man and suck it up and not eat what he’s not suppose to. Other HGs can follow the rules – so should he and BB should do something about it. Are you reading this BB? Do something!

    • Hopefully the producers will get a clue from reading(?)
      the posters here, play repay, bust the penguin. A clown suit would have been more approciate.Hopefully, he will be evicted in the double evit Thurs., and have too walk out in the penguin suit. Past noms usually had to.

      • Kristen had to leave in the hippietard.. So let’s see Happy Feet dance out of the house.. :)

  85. Enzo was seen putting, Taboo food in his mouth
    Everyong wanted him out of the house
    At the POV comp. You became a Have Not
    You get broccoli, Bean dip and BB slop

    Enzo, oh Enzo, it’s for only a week
    The rules are the rules, So dont be a sneak
    BB saw you, But it was just a glance
    Seem you had more, than your hand in your pants

    In seven days, you would have been on your way
    Now that you have been seen, you might have to pay
    So just keep your hand in your pants, Play it cool
    Don’t be stupid, Dont be a fool

    Enzo oh Enzo, Just play it smart
    Listen to BB, And take it to heart
    Next time you break the rules, there will be no doubt
    BB will have no choice, But to throw you out

  86. and make him put the hood of the costume up. you made kristen keep the wig on. didn’t even let Kristen slide the wig back to ich her head for a minute but enzo gets to not put the penguim head on at all, sneak food, take the penguin off to go into the pool…whats up!

    • Yep, yup Christine! Are we smelling a double-standard here?? BB, you folks should probably give us a clue on “what’s up with that?”

    • @tishe if Bozo said that about going after Hayden, I missed it. I know in watching what I did Bozo told him not to worry about it…Then Bozo said the ‘brigade’ were the only ones who won prizes and he laughed. This game changes minute to minute.

  87. I forget what season it was but a female in the house won the 500k, she didn’t win comps until the final 3. When the jury asked her questions as to why they should vote for her…her reply was…I kept out of drama, laid low, did the cooking & cleaning and caring for others…Of course the female sitting next to her was one of the MOST hated players that season.

    Matts behavior this week is very different from last week, lol. Last week he just laid back with a smirk on his face knowing he had the DPOV and was safe.

    I think it would be great to see Brendon win. he has fought all the way (NOW) the other ‘brigade’ members haven’t really done anything. I have REAL issues with Matt not only for how he plays, throws his ‘cuddle bug’ under the bus, but Mainly because of what he said about his wife being sick.

    There are REAL people suffering and dieing. That shows me the most about who Matt really is!! I have seen too many people lose their battles to diseases. I would be afraid to say anything like that. Well my mind couldn’t even think of such a thing. Karma is Terrible.

    I know it’s a game, but think of those dieing people….UGH, it’s a very sore topic for me

    • No worries Breezin, Karma is a good thing!! Mattie will get his! It will hit him in his one testicle!!

      • actually it was Jordan, she rode Jeff’s coattails and then like you said won some comps near the end.

        she made the right decision taking Natalie to the F2 and it was her age-lie that sunk her (made the mistake telling Jesse it was a lie) and being a devious bitch didn’t help either. LOL!

      • The season I am talking about was years ago..June was a short dark haired little asian girl, and I believe she was sitting next to the hated black woman…or maybe I have 2 seasons mixed. But I do remember Jeff & Jordan

        Does anyone remember Marcellis (spelled wrong) he was on the block with his HG friend Amy and he won POV and instead of taking himself off he took her off? And he was voted out?

        The ONLY season I didn’t see was season 1

      • the one-legged guy won… nice guy… deserved to win?… he had one leg, for real, he wasn’t lying. he hopped around the house.

        i swear you not. it sounds made up, doesn’t it?

      • everyone hated Nat and rightfully so! she also cheated and got away with it! she had a cheat sheet of events and pulled it out in front of the cameras and…..nothing done! not even acknowledged!

      • Marcellus had decided not to use the veto at all. Leaving it up to the HGs to decide. So it wasnt that he used it on Amy, he chose not to use it on her or himself.

  88. Anyone else think they should do another episode of “Just The Tip” … ask Enzo about the food, talk about Ragina and Ratts bromance and confront Lane about the shower incident, ask Bratney about the hour long interview with herself in the tub , ask Brandon about the boogers he picked and flicked on Rachel’s pillow. And announce we know that Bratney has not slept with anyone in the house because she doesn;t appear to have crabs yet!!! lol lol lmfao

    • Oh wow, did you catch the last one, rather pathetic don’t you think, w/out their backups (who they got rid of), it was not funny & rather sad. That said, they still continue to gang-smack Brendon behind and barely in front of his face; I hope Brendon is taking it all in and then Wham – Righteous Retribution!

      • Yeah, when Reagan whines about how hard he has fought to stay, I think about Brendon. He has REALLY fought and done whatever it takes.

  89. Cripes, Enzo, what can I say? What a looser…on camera fondling him self (saying something like I just scored twice) His “WIFEY” must be so proud of him!
    Yea, sure…tell me what a stud Layne is and how he will be known in his home town as someone jerking himself off in the shower. (on U-Yube) I HAVE A QUESTION…I forgot where or when we learned about Mattie’s “wife lie” and from whom? Please help me out.

      • I think it was day one, & Andrew said in DR he had never heard of it and didn’t believe it, when they were all just feeling each other out, & that’s the first thing out of Matt’s mouth.

      • @dimo Matt told Andrew in the kitchen about this ‘illness’ of his wifes…from there he told everyone. Matt did the telling. Matt needs to go visit people with this disease and visit family members who have lost loved ones to it. It isn’t a very peaceful way to die…UGH, Matt needs to goooooooo

    • Matt told us, he said that he had seen a special on TV about, That was in week one, when he was tell andrew about andrew didn’t believe him

    • hey i heard on the feeds he was talkin’ smack about his ex? i mean what is HE thinkin’? clearly being on da block has gone str8 to his um HEAD!

  90. BBAD , Interesting , Hayden and Bratney just said Lane does not need to win for the money , that his family is loaded and that he was doing this more for the experience. Well that equals two less jury votes for Lane. Looking good for Brandon.

  91. Good night posters!! Have a beautimous day!!
    @ Breezin, I could be wrong about bozo going after hayden, I thought I read it in a post.. ah well, and don’t worry mattie will get exactly what he deserves, one does not mess Karma. Even in a game-show!!

  92. The BROGADE are working their SH*T tonight. Each one is working on other house guest! Enzo on Brenden,Hayden on Ragan, and LAME on Britney! I hope they are wise to what the BROGADE is doing ! I think Ragan is some what suspicious of those 3 DO-NOTHINGS. Hope Matt exposes them before he leaves :)

    • you’re right CA he IS suspicious and has only shared this with MATT of ALL peoples! Wait til Raggity finds out now only was he right but that Matt’s wife is NOT sick! :S pure jokes, course i cant’ his butt so i hope he’s get deluded til he’s evicted!

      • Last nite, after Ragan told Matt he was out to get the 3 guys, Matt went straight to them & told them everthing Ragan said. I just don’t get it; it seemed like a good time to out the 3 to Ragan. Ragan said he would keep Brendon over those 3 everytime cause he wants “the ones who deserve to be here” vs “the floaters.”

  93. B*TCH WITCHNEY talkin to Hayden,Brenden & Enzo and telling them things she is gonna do when she gets home. One of them is going to her brother Dillion’s school to pick him up and she will say to all those kids who run up to see her( because of being on TV BB) to get away from them cause you kids never bothered with my brother before!She giggles, Oh that is real funny,NOT:( DUH! STUCK-UP B*TCH, she thinks she is so famous LMAO Some HG maybe showin their TRUE COLORS?

    • Did you catch that bit about Bren telling them a ‘birdie’ in badminton is called a shuttlecock; he leaves, and she starts in on him – “He just wanted to use the work ‘cock’; Hayd, Enzo & Lane all agree with her. BTW, Brendon is right! She’s like a virus, infecting everybody around her; she winds them up and then lets them go. What a truly self-centered girl-child – see, she’s infected me!

      • One last comment about Brit & I’m done. Do you remember the beginning? Making fun of Rachel started with Brit. She egged Rachel on to drink & to ‘get wild’, & then ripped her up & down behind her back to anybody who would listen. Openly made fun of Rachel (still think Rachel didn’t get it or chose to ignore it), and Brendon was tarred with the same brush! Brit has been the meanest, Matt the most devious, but in the end their best bet is their nemesis – Brendon.

  94. Britt da twit w/da wit and the HOH Kit!
    She’s a winner! ;) (sarcastic emoticon insert here)

  95. GEEEES…As a parent, would you want to pay for your kid’s tuition to enroll in a class taught by Regan….BE AWARE!! What the hell is this all about? CRIPES…him getting tenure? Thank gosh Calif. is lacking money and this won’t happen.

    • geees Dianne, just because Ragan is gay doesn’t mean he is a pedophile. Most pedophiles are not gay. You should be more worried about your kid’s straight male teachers. Ya, you should be aware!!! And also get a clue and educate yourself.

      • I wouldn’t want to see him teaching even if he was straight. He clearly lacks morals and good character, which should be qualities for any teacher to bring to a classroom. I would home school before my child would ever have a teacher like that. Can you imagine your child having Ragan as a role model?

      • Geees J-c Do you see anywhere in Dianes comments that she thought Regan was a pedophile. Regan is a foul mouthed person who calls people names.

      • @Karen – they are all foul mouthed people who call people names in that house. If I knew any of them personally, I would be ashamed to admit it (I mean look a what Lane did in the shower for all to see). Dianne’s implication is very clear. If you can’t read between the lines…..not my fault. Why don’t you ask Dianne what she meant? I don’t particularly care for Ragan myself (he has not been a very good representative of gay people on the show) but I don’t like seeing anyone falsely accused of anything so heinous as, well, you know.

  96. Ok, here is something for thought, L/H did mention to split the votes this time which would leave Brit for the deciding fate, but wait Enzo got caught eating food and BB places a penalty vote against him that is revealed after the casting is done, that sends Enzo to JH and Mattie stays.

    I think that would be awesome twist of events for Thurs, by BB doing it, it gives Mattie a 50/50 chance of staying and if the penalty vote was dished in a prior season, then it should be done now.

    Now thats a BB grenade

    • Enzo could say he was just eating pickles (they are allowed), and if it’s a Claussen, they crunch! (Insert Ad Here). If he did eat anything else, then they need to call him out on it on the spot and lay the cards on the table so everyone can draw their own conclusions, not BB’s!

      • its not up to the other HG to lay it all out, its BB,s and it is a violation of the rules, there has to be some kind of punishment or why have rules, sorry but i think there is enough cameras in there to discover what he ate and it has happened more than once

      • I’m sorry, but when I said they need to lay it out..I mean Production, not the HG’s. If you break a rule, then BB needs to call you out on the spot and let the HGs know, and then the HGs can decide on their own what they think about it. If I was a HG, I would tell the offender (Enzo), “Go ahead, eat it” and let him take the consequences. Isn’t that the point of this show. They need a motto like Surivivor Outwit, Outplay, Outlast!

  97. I want it to be Matt and Brenden that make it to the end…No one else has fought hard enough for it like them.

  98. Still no word on Enzo?

    To all you Matt haters btw, he already said:

    “If lies and sympathy get me the half million, I swear I’ll make a sizeable donation to the foundation for this disease just for letting me use it and exploit it a little bit.”

    He knows that it may not be morally correct but he is willing to give some of the money to the foundation. Out of 500 grand? Probably like 10,000 or higher.

    If anything the assocation should say “well, it’s not right how he used it but it is getting attention as a disease now. He said he’ll donate money for research too” so why are you people still freaking out?

    May have been not morally correct but it’s a game of morally incorrect people at times. Does anyone not remember Evil Dick? Russell? Really?

    • Also, I wonder how many people are now aware of this disease that were not before! Publicity!

      • Get off your Natt horse already. He’s gone and no matter how many situations you make up in your head, buh bye Matty!

    • Evel Dick’s behavior was totally different. he didn’t make up a fatal illness for sympathy.

      Evel Dick was the same from the day he entered until the final 3. Dick would bust on the other HG’s trying to get in their heads. First round of the final HoH Evel busted on the other guys ex GF as the cold water and that thing went around to jump over…oh Danelle broke the bunny. I actually thought Evel Dick was amusing, he was an easy read….his daughter on the other hand was a different story…remember they hadn’t spoke in years. SO taking her to the end was great. And the Jury who he ragged on voted for him over his daughter. SO that tells ya something too…

      I watched the reality award shows and Evel Dick won for Best Villain …So others decided who should win that also

      Matt lies so much who knows if he would really donate anything…treatments are VERY costly and 10k may seem like a lot to you and me not for those suffering and those with no insurance.

      • she was the evil one, how could someone so pretty & sweet looking be so manipulative… ooops, think i answered my own question.

        if that house would have been her, Evel and a bunch of young dudes, she’d have won in a heart beat.

      • Really? 10,000 is alot for a charity that hasn’t gotten alot of recognition. He’d probably donate like 50 grand though.

        Dick harassed everybody in the house. He made fun of their appearences, their religions, their alliances, he was in no way “morally correct”.

        The fact you can say “well dick was just playing the game” but to Matt “yeah, he lied about his wife and plays a dirty game” astonishes me. It absolutely makes no sense.

      • Matt is going home because he is a strong player and not because of his lies. He just happened to get caught where he could not play to make himself safe..period!

      • Matt’s not going to the j-house because he’s a strong player, he’s going b/c he made a DUMB move, how’s that being smart/strong?

        the numbers are against him now but a strong player would have evicted Enzo or at least a bro instead of Kathy.

        that was a decent player making a weak move… so bye-bye Matty. wonder if he’ll reveal his wife-lie in the j-house?

  99. If BB doesn’t give punishment for rules violated then noone will follow them. They are like children. You can’t be blind to some people and punish others for the same thing. I wasn’t aware that have-nots can use the hot tub. I thought they had to take cold showers and a hot tub would be a bit of a luxury for a have-not. I think Enzo and Hayden are on their way out. Hayden has anger issues and Enzo thinks he is above everyone else. I’m surprised that the other hg’s aren’t complaining about Enzo breaking the rules. If they can’t make him obey the rules he should be thrown out on his royal you know what. This season is stupid. I don’t care if anyone wins. They should just cancel this season and promise us an all-star show in the winter.

    • why should the other hg’s enforce the rules? that could hurt them in the game. it’s called Big Brother, let them do their job.

      Did anyone hear CBS’s announcement? The current BB Season has been canceled as of today, the reason given was “Mary doesn’t care who wins”.

      Sorry Mary couldn’t resist. LOL!!!

  100. the only fair way to deal with enzo is to allow the first eviction ceremony to go as it should.if enzo gets voted out then bb needs to do nothing.if matt gets the boot then enzo should be given the boot as part of the second eviction.if bb intervenes during the first eviction then it would look as though bb was throwing the game to matt.

    • I disagree! THIS is when Enzo decided to break the rules, not after the eviction. Whatever punishment he gets, which he better get something, whether it’s an extra vote or whatever. He deserves it. If BB waits they would be catering to Enzo.

    • no, it looks more like manipulating the game, he needs to be penalized post haste, he made his bed now he can sleep in it… the slacker.

      and if it causes him to be evicted so be it… Matt deserves to go too but at the hands of his own stupid play.

  101. I wonder……Will there be a BB 13?

    With the number 13 to carry such a stigma I wonder what twist there may be.

    The twins playing was pretty cool, they reached their half way point and both got to play. It was crazy watching them in the DR changing clothes and trying to catch the other up on who all said what and she was to react etc…

    I remember when Have Nots ate nothing but PB&J…

    • that was cool wasn’t it, i forgot about that, i kept thinking i don’t remember twins playing AT THE SAME TIME. ba…zingo, trading places brought it back… thanx Breezin.

      damn PB&J, you’re talking the old days.

  102. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this the second time Enzo broke the HN rules? I thought he already had a penatly vote against him for grabbing a piece of pizza and shoving it in his mouth while a HN. He should have 2 votes going into Thursday. I don’t think BB will do anything, this is the season that may end my interest in the show.

    • I don’t remember the pizza incident because I don’t have live feeds but he’s already broken three rules besides that:

      1. Eating during the Hawaiian feast, granted “reprieve” as said in the post

      2. Eating peanuts/food (let’s face it it’s not broccoli or pickles) while Have Not

      3. Going to go beside the pool, take the penguin costume off and act like he is going to get in than walks around without it.

      • Enzo took a slice of pizza out of brits hand on a thursday night after the hoh comp. BB needs to take action now or this game will be a laughing stock to America.

      • When Enzo plays pool, he tends to break the rules, too. Double hitting, moving the other player’s balls out of the way, etc. Guess he moves his own balls around so much, he gets confused!

  103. So apparently Hayden’s on probation in the BB house too. He broke a vase, just heard about it.

    What is wrong with some of these people?! Matt’s the only one playing the game, the others are either goofing around or breaking rules.

  104. How do they announce that someone has penalty votes? Is it a surprise that they spring on the HG’s at the Eviction Ceremony?

  105. They should call Enzo into the diary room and have a large mental tub and a bag of cement in it. With a sign, cheaters will pay the price

  106. Enzo is a creep. What a cheater! And even Still I think Brattney is still worse than him! That’s saying something about the mean girl!

  107. This sucks!

    I want Matt to stay!

    BB better punish Enzo for being a turd, that’s all I can say. If they don’t, then no one should follow have-not rules anymore.

  108. I can’t believe Enzo was totally guessing at the last HoH comp. Did everyone notice how long he took to answer as though he was clueless? That was his best effort at a comp yet.

  109. If anything is done though I and a lot of other people will be thinking production paid Enzo to do this so they could keep Matt in the game. Enzo knows he’s not going to win the game, at least get some money. To me this season has looked more like a script than a reality game.

  110. Enzo has broken so many rules in BB house that I lost count. BB seems to be afraid to speak against Enzo and to punish him. He has never been my favorite player because he intimidates the HGs and complains about the least little thing. Plus, he has the worst manners–chows like a cow, eats with a knife, and talks with food in his mouth. His mother should be so proud. LOL. God, he’s gross and nasty!! He’s one of the weakest players this season and he should have been evicted before now.
    I’m a Brittney fan and hope she’ll win.

    • How do any of you know if Enzo is on probation or not? HE was in the DR today and said something about them warning him. We don’t know what was said as BB has not said anything and you cannot speak about your DR sessions. Maybe he has been warned, or not. Maybe Julie will tell us tomorrow! there have been other instances of cheating in the house in past seasons with and without reprecussions. BBMatt, anything to add?

  111. does anyone know what whiny regan’s tattoo on his arm says? it doesn’t look like its in english

  112. Lane and Enzo are both about as dumb as a box of rocks and should have been voted off weeks ago. I am tired of seeing Enzo get away with breaking rules.

  113. Matt has to go. He is about as good a Diabolical Super Genius as my bedroom door is and if he was given the official title of GENIUS by Mensa, then he cheated on their exam. He is a Johnny Fairplay wannabe from Survivor. Remember him? He lied about his grandma dying so he could advance in the game. Matt is a copy of others in the sense that he copies others ideas. He has none of his own. And, If I were a HOH, no matter what everyone else was telling me to do, I would make MY OWN decisions. After all it’s Head of Household not HEADS of Household.

  114. try to remember there will be a DOUBLE EVICTION. hopefully matt and enzo[bb decision]keep trying and winning Brendon

  115. Why are they all asleep in the HOH room?
    Is there someone missing in there?
    Doesn’t appear that all the HG are in there.

  116. BIG BROTHER 12 IS A SCAM. IT DOESN’T PUNISH ENZO for eating or physically assaulting RAGAN! SUCH BS. CBS TAKE NOTE you only undermine yourself by allowing this dishonesty. THIS SHOW SUCKS. ENZO ASS is breaking rules and you do not address them! We will never watch this sham of a manipulated show again!!! BIG BROTHER SUCKS!

  117. EnZo should be disqualified, The jerk floats his way through the entire competition doing nothing but smelling like a skank and farting the whole time. Eating like a pig and breaking BB rules with no consequences. The producers at CBS for this show are such BullShi* artists. This show is not worth watching anymore. These idiots like Enzo,Hayden and Lane float through the whole show while someone like Brenden earns his place to be there and he gets evicted. Whatever!

  118. EnZo should lose his POWER of VETO! Or it should be done over .Let Hayden walk out. He a little Bitc* anyway


  119. I am very surprised that the others in the house haven’t told Enzo to shut is freakin’ big yankee mouth when he eats food. Big Brother After Dark… why don’t you tell him to SHUT IT???

  120. I definately agree that Enzo should have lost the POV because of his conduct while trying to win it. I just could not believe my eyes when he pushed Regan to win. I waited to hear a reprimand from BB but only heard complete silence. The game was so unfair. Since Enzo never won a d—- thing since he entered BB house, he was so desperate to win that he acted like an animal to win. What a loser! He has not bully the houseguests the entire seaon the BB production team as well. Shame on all of you for allowing this ill-mannered, self-absorbed person to continue on BB. Shame, Shame, Shame!

  121. Wow, I am so glad, I am not the only one Yo, that thinks Yo, that Enzo Yo, is a looser Yo Yo Yo. In the house thay think we all love him out here. Hope I’m right and he does not get the 25 g’s for americas vote.

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