Big Brother 12: Week 7 Popularity Poll

The Big Brother 12 HGs often wonder what America (and the rest of you out there!) thinks of them, but we don’t have to wonder any longer with our handy-dandy Big Brother popularity poll that’ll show us just where they stand.

Go ahead and pick your favorite Big Brother Houseguest for this week in the poll below. I’ll run this each week and we can keep track as HGs’ stock rises and falls. You can also check out where all the HGs ended up last week in the poll. Last week Brendon knocked Britney from the top rank while Kathy brought up the rear. Now that Kathy is gone, who will feed the fish and take last place??

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Share your thoughts and tell us why you voted the way you did.



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  1. Ragan had my vote this week, he was just comical and entertaining. He made me laugh. He’s a loner and won’t last long in the game but thought he deserved a vote this week.

      • I know, he was funny, like the old Regan! I think he was trying to make up for all the real crying he did this week. Showtime just inudated us with it. It was depressing.

  2. I don’t get it, I can’t help but see how dumb Brendon has been, the mistakes he has made and who can forget, Brechel? Regan is the best player left and frankly, the most honest while finding that blend of playing the game.

    • We can forget. This is a game Mike. It changes day by day. They get nuttier from confinement and the liers until they lose it. Then the fun begins. Go to on demand and watch the first few weeks again. See who was honest and who wasn’t.

    • Mike, I like Ragan also, however, his crying and seclusion are doing him in. I don’t think he is mentally or physically strong enough to win anymore competitions. I was cheering for Ragan since day one, but somewhere in the middle, he lost it.

      Not a fan of Brenda, but he is playing a better game without Boobzilla around.

  3. I voted for lane. I think he’s Sooo funny! I used to like ragen but he gets on my nerves and gives gay guys a bad name!

  4. I dont know how you gyus voted ragan this week he has been to annoying with his have/have not comp crying away! that made me want him gone!

    • I had to mute the TV every time his group got up. I mean if you’re gonna act like it tastes bad…at least do it before you taste it not blubber before….lol.

      • Ragan making faces & bad acting worked, didn’t it! On the last drink (Ragan’s ?), the other team couldn’t tell it was Ragan who got the bad shot.

      • Well the real reason why they won was bc the haydens team was total idiots and kept choosing the same person (Matt) they should have known to change it up and most of the times, the same person wouldn’t get the same bad shot so it was bad decisions on them and not how talented of an actor Ragan was. He was totally annoying in the comp and I couldn’t stand looking at him, and hearing his voice. He looked so stupid!

      • Actually it seems like Enzo was making most of the decisions and that goes to prove that Enzo can’t win anything. It sucks that they had to be on his team.

  5. voted for brendon… he’s very strong and competitive player, but hayden’s got my vote for hotty lol

  6. Matt is no better than Johnny Fairplay, former contestant on Survivor. If I remember correctly Johnny had told everyone his grandmother had just died, trying to get the sympathy vote, Matt is doing the same thing by saying his wife his suffering from a rare disease.

    Ragan, in my opinion, is simply a cry baby. If Brenden would learn to stand on his own 2 feet and let Rachael go, he might be better liked and go further in the game. I know it’s a game, but I believe when you give your word, you stand by it. Brittney gave her word to Brenden, and she went against it.

    Both Enso and Hayden are ok guys, but are really flying under the radar. Lane is now coming out a bit more, is a like able guy.

    • You said in your comments “I believe when you give your word, you stand by it” Brendon gave his word to Rachel and he is standing by it. I give him a lot of credit, and it has made him a much better player. Hope he wins.

      • Tuck – I think its a huge difference in the lie. Ever think theres a family out there that has a child or loved one with melorheostosis? How would you feel if you were the parent of a child and you see Matt making light of such a cruel disease. Matt did bring attention to it. Now, he needs to back it up and donate to the cause.

      • I so agree with both of u. there are so many sick children and people with cancer what kind a human being says something like matt did? It’s just as u say Johnny Fairplay is now the most hated guy in reality t.v. and matt just held his hand in the game of bb. There are so many other reasons he could have said he needed the money, my question is does he really need it ?

      • He has said he will make a donation, if he wins. I have said it here before… I have a disease that is killing me. I am a young mom, my kds have to watch me suffer daily… and I am not offended by what Matt is doing.. It is a GAME! I wonder if other lies will be exposed when this GAME is over..

    • Matt is worse than Fairplay. I read an article that stated the differences. The first one is that Fairplay had the charisma to pull this off, while Matt just look meek doing his lie. The second thing is that Matt said he NEEDED THE MONEY to pay for her treatment, effectively makin everybody else’s needs look selfish. Fairplay’s was made for sympathy, Matt’s would get him jury votes.

      • jennifer, I am so sorry for your illness that u suffer with. So many people in this world have lost a love one from a disease of bone cancer including me. Almost everyone in my husbands, family including my father and my brother have died of bone disease (cancer). therefore for matt to use that for an excuse it makes me feel so bad inside . I hope he donates all the money to any cause where people are suffering with any kind of disease, or he will be Johnny fairplay in my eyes for life. I wonder has he every seen a baby or child fight for their life and a mother or father watch that child die in their arms shame on him. I hope he is out the door

      • But on Survivor you have a jury vote as well and that would get him some votes as well would it not? I personally think Fairplay’s was worse…thats just my opinion. I don’t agree with either.

      • Honestly guys, lying is lying no matter what. Lying about death and disease may be morally less acceptable, but THIS IS A GAME and it is not forbidden. Just accept it and move on. And Johnny “Fairplay” did not have charisma at all. Matt is far more intelligent and personable than Johnny could ever hope to be.

  7. Ragan and Matt. Duh? They are funny cute and wonderful!! Britney and Hayden messed up big time this week. Enzo?.. Oh GAWD Enzo. Even with a silly costume on he continues to be the most annoying slob of a dark cloud that does nothing but spew lame words & say “yo” a lot. Most self-entitled idiot in the house besides Brendork of course.

    • I can’t see how you think Brendon acts entitle? I know Brendon was more focused on his relationship with Rachel when she was in the house but he is really fighting hard. He is playing the game and fighting to win. The house was once completely against him so he had those odds to deal with. When Rachel left there was not one person who wanted Brendon to stay. Brendon has no only had to endure the stress of the comps but the stress of living in a house where you are hated by everyone. Now, things are turning around. I don’t see Brendon being mean to anyone. He kept his word to Brittany and she didn’t keep her word to him. He then had to fight the odds to win POV, which he did when the other HGs didn’t even try that hard. Brendon is a real competitor and true to his word. I am all for Brendon. I hope Matt gets the boot and his snuggle bunny goes next or two-faced Brittany.

    • Brenda acts entitled because he thinks he is superior to and above everyone else because he is going to get a PhD. Big deals, Ragan already has that. Brenda thinks he is going to do surgery because he has a PhD in physics? Really, NO WAY.

  8. Brendon has really made a comeback, and he will not allow them to see that they made him mad. He just sets in his mind what he needs to do next and does it. AMAZING TURN AROUND. Just for the heck of it, I want to add that I liked Rachel for the same reasons. She was a fighter and should still be there.

    • I agree…Big comeback from Brendon. Now that Rachel is gone he is focused and playing the game. The verbal comments/abuse he gets from his HG makes me sick, they should all be ashamed of themselves.

      Brendon all the way…he definetly deserves to win withour a doubt!!!

    • I totally agree about Rachael she was a strong competitor and I do wish that now Brandon would move on and play the game. He has done what he promised now he needs to man up and play for himself in a smarter way

    • I loved watching Rachel, too. She got too emotional at times, but who can help it? They kept her and Brendon on the defense since the first episode.

  9. I think Brendon is the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen. Rachel’s gone. Get over it.
    Enzo is horrible. Doesn’t even come close to winning anything. Ever. Hayden could, but won’t.
    Lane doesn’t win stuff either, but he’s so funny we can overlook that. Lol.
    Sure, Matt’s strategy is kinda shitty, but if that’s his game plan, then go for it. It’s not like he’s constantly grabbing at it, it’s just there for when he needs it, and this week he just might. Matt and Lane are my faves. I hope either win, or Brit. And that Enzo goes home.

    • I’d say the probably did because Brendan said “I know im going to win the veto competition” numerous times, but how?

    • Give me a break. They did not! We don’t need fans like you if you accuse BB of being rigged. Bren watched and learned. Watch comp again. He started rolling that rope up real tight every time. All the lanes had the same pattern of rope in each.

      • He’s talking about the veto competition that should be airing tomorrow. I’ll save judgement for then, though.

      • Yeah my bad. (choking on the words Dylan, and pssst are you following me?)
        It was the veto. Sorry Ahunt. Do you think they rigged the HOH too? Say yes so I don’t look stupid. “smile”

        But you said you are no longer a fan so I guess you are not reading this. “Drat”

      • Nope, I just go down the comments and respond when I feel I should. I don’t usually pay attention to the person I’m speaking to until I read my comment back.

    • They did rig it….all because they knew you weren’t a Brendan fan so they wanted to make all the Brendan fans mad by rigging it. Why do you think they do these popularity polls? To rig it to make everyone mad and not watch….duh

      And if anyone took that seriously….well learn the word sarcasm and get back to me…lol

      • Hey stryker, all week long Matt has been crying that his botton didn’t work, He believes that brendons to stupid to bet him, because he’s so smart, People say that he’s a member of MENSA, this I don’t believe, MENSA is the top 10% of all the IQ’s in the world, Saying that he should have had no problem when he was talking to Andrew about it, but he did, and until Matt got his wifes letter, Andrew didn’t believe him,

    • Did they rig all the veto comps Bren has won? I mean really. He has a habit of winning the veto. And when he thinks positive like he did in the HOH and the veto he seems to get results. I think the reason he lost the ones he did was because of how much Rach had them practice and he started really caring more for her and the future, not the BB game. To much pressure on his manhood. Now she is gone he is almost back to normal.

      • LOL he’s almost back to normal… I hope he wins but really the producers can do whatever they want if you think about it. Do you think the diamond POV would have been in the pandora’s box if it Matt wasn’t HOH that week and it was, let’s say Kathy? I don’t think so… Do you think that they would have had someone come back into the house if it wasn’t Rachel who was evicted that week? I don’t think so… If it was Kathy there would have been none of that I’m sure… I think they helped Brendon stay in the game and they helped Matt stay in the game to some extent… for ratings. That’s their #1 concern.

    • Because he wins nothing. Rachel is right about one thing. The ones that fight belong in the game, not the floaters. But she was wrong about who the floaters were. Hayden is pretty, but I’ve seen no game from him for someone that works out as much as he does. Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Kathy were all floating and first to drop from comps.

    • I get the feeling that if he had no brigade, he would do better. All he does is lay around and expect the three winners (M/B/B) to play hard. He’s pathetic and would likely be the first person to truly not deserve the money, along with Lane and Enzo.

  10. I chose Ragan as my favorite player this week because he is the only one that is catching on to the 3 guys that are trying to run the house. I really have grown to dislike Lane, Hayden and Enzo,
    they r just too concerned with themselves and how famous they think they will be, what they dont know is that the way they are acting is really making them look awful to the viewing fans..uck just cant stand them anymore…

    • Me, too! Hayden is the “little spy who could” He goes all over the house, snooping out what he might be missing – it’s too funny to watch. Ragan’s talk last nite with Matt made me realize he actually knows what’s going on in the House, as opposed to Gullible Brendon, and he if he could get thru to Bren, they would make a good alliance! That’s why I gave Ragan my vote.

    • I can definitely agree and the brigade. The most annoying thing is Enzo saying “she better not nominate me” and whining all the time, when he’s an embarrassing and pathetic mess. I don’t target fans often, but this poll tells me that 3% of voters must be related to Enzo or crazy.

      I didn’t watch recently, so could somebody tell me how Ragan caught on? Last time I saw, he thought the house was in pairs.

      I gave my vote to Britney, who was truly in a lose/lose this week. Her only hope is that Matt reveals the Brigade, which puts a target on them.

      • Ragen started questioning it when Matt was up and the guys said (in front of him) that they would split their votes. He then thought back at how the 4 of them are / were always together etc.. He screwed up by going to Matt with the info and Matt lied away saying no, since day 1 the 4 of them have been friends.. blah blah blah.. But it was last week that he fingured it out.

  11. I picked Brendon – because of all the house guests in the house at the moment.
    He seems to be changing his ways – unlike Britney, Ragan, Matt, Heydon, Enzo & Lane!
    I find Ragan & Britney are the most ignorant of the houseguests in the house – they deserve too leave the house! Matt & Enzo – if I have too watch them grab or scratch their private areas, one more time – I’m going to send them a basket of something to take the itch away – go get checked! Heydon is conspiring with anyone and everyone in the house – pick an alliance and stay with them! Lane – he seems genuine, but I think he would stab you in the back, it’s the quiet one you have to watch out for – be careful houseguests! All the best to Brendon – I hope he wins it!!

  12. Hayden is definetly not a hotty, gosh he is ugly close up, Lane says some very disgusting things about women, if they r the final 2 I will consider this a wasted season. Enzo Lnae and Hayden do not have enough balls if they have to make everyone else fight to do their dirty work, wont get very far in life if you let everyone else fight your battles…

    • You speak the truth Diane. Hayden and Enzo used Matt for their dirty work and they are throwing him away like a used towel.

      How much does anyone want to bet the next HOH if it’s not Hayden, Enzo, or Ragan will be used by the two to do their dirty work and than discarded next week? I’d say it’s pretty likely.

      • Your right, I read on the live feed that the Brigade uses Britney, and she puts Matt up on the block for elimination. And if Matt does go home, I’d say Brittney’s going to be gone next week too. Matt and Brittney got played.

      • I actually feel sorry for Ragan, Britney and Brendon though. They were played by brigade members- people they thought were their friends!

  13. Not sure if some of u have the live feeds but Lane and Hayden have been in an alliance to go to the final 2 they want Matt then Ragan, Britney, Brendon, and Enzo to go. They are playing everyone and are not winning anything except for prizes, that no one knows about Hayden didnt even try for the POV he went 4 all the prizes he got $5000 plus a trip.. what a loser in the game

    • “What Lane & Hayden want” is the key phrase – what they get, I hope, is a great big shot of reality in their big butts – you have to win comps to really control the game, or in Lane’s case, he has to dominate the 1 woman in the house. I really want Ragan & Brendon to sit down & really talk cause it’s the best way for them to get further in the game – sorry, Brit, but you can’t be trusted in an alliance!

      • Yes if Bren just trusted Regan they would go to the end but Regan loves Matt and has trashed Rach so bad with personal, hurtful comments he showed us his true spirit. Or maybe just hanging with Britney and living in BB brought it out in him, and he will regret it. I don’t believe I heard Rachel say anything personal about him that was mean. I do believe if he gave his word he would keep it. I believe the same of Bren.

      • Rachel has mimicked his voice and shown prejudice for his sexuality, just to name two examples.

      • That being said, it was still ugly of Ragan. Especially when you see how pre-meditated it was.

      • Dylan – I guess you never saw the “Just the Tip” show that Brit & Ragan put on with Hayden as moderator and Kathy’s Korner. It made me cringe to hear what they all said about R&B. They put on their last one just a few days ago, and it wasn’t pretty, and no one was laughing. Sad, really.

      • She mimiced him because he is being so mean. They were friends she thought, well no he just always hung in her HOH room. What I don’t get is why didn’t Rachel make any deal with him? Why didn’t he make a deal with her? How come only the Brigade had a deal? This season … just …floaty.

  14. In spite of the fact that he knows he’s generally disliked by the other HGs, Brendon has stayed strong, kept his head up, is playing to win, and I think he just might walk away with the prize. However, I voted for Lane as my favorite HG because I just love him.

    • I’m just here to set it straight. He hasn’t kept his head up- he tried going out. He also hasn’t played to win (saying that he’s playing to get B/R/M out, he “doesn’t even care about the money.”)

      • @dylan, I don’t know how to tell this, but that’s the best way to play, If all you think about is the money, then you do stupid stuff, like Matt, (which is going thursday) No brendon is keeping his eye on the ball, And think about this, May britney, and brendon are useing, enzo, lane, hayden to do thier duty work, They had 24hrs together. Matt wont be around to play the next HOH, just could be brendon that wins, I mean he’s up against the ber-egg minus one and ragan.

      • I see what you mean, and unless this is a trivia coming up, he probably will win.

        My comment was more in response to “Brendon is…playing to win,” because his choice was emotionally fueled. I do see what you’re saying though, and at this point it looks dreary for me and other Britney fans. :/

  15. I picked Bren because he won that HOH. Just can’t believe he trusted Brit whom I have gained respect for. I just hated her and Monet and Regan and all the catty, mean comments. So 11 year old girl crap.

  16. Better get used to liking Hayden America, he’s probably going to take it all this season.

    You voted 39% for Brendon because for some reason you people think that’s true love and you like his “muscles”. I thank you for voting 3% Enzo though, he truly does deserve it.

    • You obviously haven’t watched past seasons. The reason Brendon is gaining support is because he has been a target since day one. Like it or not people tend to cheer for an underdog.
      Why do you think Janelle was so popular? Its because she was being targeted and fought back.
      Its that simple

      • Goat,

        I’ve been watching Big Brother for I don’t know how long and I know the show pretty well. The fact is, people actually believe this crap about Brendon.

        He’s not in love, he’s not superman, and he didn’t single handedly take out Matt (trust me he’ll say it come Thursday).

        The reason Janelle was liked so much is because of one, her looks, and two her outgoing personality that many people were attracted to. Janelle was entertaining, Rachel was just a dick to everybody. There is a difference

      • Goat,
        Exactl! I have watched this show ALL 12 seasons, and Janelle is my favorite female HG, her and Danielle still hold the record for VETO wins.
        No one liked Janelle, she fought and the girl was tough.
        But thanks to the shallow minded I guess if your a guy and liked her it was because she was blond and pretty. And if youre a girl a liked her well you must be gay. PITIFUL.
        I really do NOT think there in one fan/poster on this sight that is here MERELY because they want to see hot people play the game. People remember there taste and opinions vary and most base their choices off who they think is the better player, regardless of what other people think.

      • See you still don’t get it. “Rachel was a dick to everybody.” Whats this got to do with Brendon’s vote? Again his numbers are gaining without Rachael. The reason is crystal clear – America likes an underdog.

      • Brad, Janelle was “liked” because of her chest, as is Rachel. Both of them are over botoxed Vegas call girls.

    • Excuse me we vote for Bren because he is a fighter. He also is trustworthy. The house is full of snakes it is an interesting year. And the guys doing the work outs are Hayden and Lane. About Enzo it’s the Penguin suit. “Smirk” When they see him this week Jersey Boys Pop will soar. Like Banana Suit man.

    • I would say you’re wrong on both opinions.

      The Brendon lovers are mostly people who ignore the bad in Brendan. Just as BBN Matt has said in his posts- Brendon wasn’t so good either. His fans are increasingly annoying, and always bring up the ‘fighting for himself’ point, which he did to himself. He hasn’t made any big strategy either. A good amount probably do love him for his muscles and “true love.”

      As for Enzo truly deserving it, you are probably trying to stir up the craziness this site already produces. I’d like to hear two reasons for Enzo winning. I actually want to see this, because as far as I’m concerned he’s meek, weak, slimy, dirty and disrespectful- not even for the sake of the game, just for the sake of whining and looking good. I’m guessing a good amount agrees with me, because Enzo was once a frontrunner in these polls.

      • Enzo was my fav in the begining but he only wins with his mouth. He is kinda gross with the farting and constantly touch his penis. YUK

      • Brendon did win more competitions than anybody other than Britany. He has been a target since day one. I’m not saying he’s perfect but he’s doing pretty good. Matt played a good game, but he’s done… he won’t win the money..someone else has to and he won’t win america’s vote due to the stupid lie he told…he put himself into that situation. It comes down to who people are rooting for that’s what’s fun about watching !

      • Exactly, it comes down to who America wants to win sadly.

        I have no doubt the producers hope that whoever America wants to win goes the farthest in the game, obviously. The viewers at this point somehow want Brendon, so there is no doubt they’ll be more competitions catered to Brendon to get him as far as possible.

        Not saying they rig the show, but they definitley have and do influence it. Example Kathy, although she probably didn’t deserve to be there in the first place.

      • ◦Dylan (Canada) says:
        August 24, 2010 at 12:47 pm
        I would say you’re wrong on both opinions.

        I say, “Hmmmmmmmmm? I’ve read alot of your post Dylan and you always seem to disagree with the writers which is okay. But…I find when you do it it is kind of zealouly mean spirited. Almost antagonizing. Is it cold in Canada? “smile”

        “You also seem to change your opinion from post to post so you can disagree. Hmmmmmmmmmm?”

        ◦Dylan (Canada) says:
        August 24, 2010 at 12:47 pm
        As for Enzo truly deserving it, you are probably trying to stir up the craziness this site already produces.

        I say, “Hmmmmmmm seems to me that your words are stirring things up. You see Dylan, Brad D. was saying Enzo deserved the 3% vote not winning. You know the poll? “Duh”
        I don’t even think you read his comment before you attacked him Dylan.”

        Walking away thinking…”The day is getting better sunnier. It’s so warm here in America. smirk”

      • You know what the gross is about? It’s the slop. When the house guest are on slop they are dirty, they have no hot water. They sleep in hard beds so they are cranky. It’s cold in there. It makes them fart. It affects are opinions of them. Look how Hayden was without his haircare. “smile”

      • @Maureen

        In regards to disagreement with others, it’s because the only things worth commenting on are when I want to get a point across to someone else. I just don’t see the need to say “so true, that will happen. GO BRITNEY!!” unless someone makes a truly great post. The antagonizing nature is probably just from the past few weeks of posting on here; it tends to wear you down with all the drama and such here.

        I do apologize for my reply to Brad D, though. I had read it wrong, thanks for pointing that out. ;)

  17. Matt’s my fave house guest because overall he played the smartest and best game out of all the other house guests. He knows how to play people, and get them on his side. Matt only made one mistake in his whole time in the BB house and that was throwing Ragan under the bus. But knowing Matt he will probably find a way out of that, and even if he does get eliminated he’ll go out with a bang.

    • Matt lied about his wife. Kathy never told anyone but Regan that she had Cancer. That made Matty look so bad. I don’t know what he was thinking. Something lacking in his moral code.

      • I’m not sure if Kathy only told him. Ragan mentioned how bad he felt making a weekend at Bernie’s reference about Kathy, a cancer survivor to Britney/Matt.

        Also, I mostly don’t mind his lie, but it still gets me a bit. Chantel, he’s made too many mistakes. He didn’t put up B/R at first, he got Kathy out (instead of Enzo/Hayden), he went after Ragan and he didn’t fight for the veto or HOH this week- the week he goes out.

      • @brad D. You have been saying that BB has rigged the comps. for brendon, I didn’t read anything about comp’s being rigged when Matt won, Now because mat is crying my botton didn’t, OMG BB rigging comp’s for brendon, Also I have read all your post some are very good, But your out look on how people think and way do what they is way off base, Some times there is no hidden truth about way people do thing, I can’t tell you this, all the HG’s will have to face One finale judge, the worse judge of them, and that time will be when they set and watch BB, with friends or by themself, They will judge themselfs. And the one thing they will keep saying over and over is, I can’t believe I acted like that, Yes you are the worse and hardest judge of yourself.

  18. I disagree Chantel, Matts biggest mistake was trusting the Brigade, as soon as they said they were going to vote him out last week he should have put one of them up on the block instead of Kathy,he knew they were working somewhat with Brendon so that gives u 4 guys against him yet he voted out Kathy instead, he should have gotten Enzo out at that time

  19. She has played hard in the game and she has held her own with that house full of guys. She doesn’t expect any special treatment. She has cried, but I personally have not seen her bullying anyone or being loud, vulgar, or fighting with anyone but Rachel. I think she should win.

    • No because she talks behind people backs with vicious comments. She is a mean girl. Wake up! And if she played hard she wouldn’t of thrown her 2 HOH”s with Matt & Regan. Rachel never would of dropped like Brit did. She didn’t want to be the one to put Rach up. So she is kind of a coward to a tough womens face. Classic mean girl.

  20. this is how how see the voting for this week
    Brendon – Votes Matt out
    Lane – Votes Matt out
    Hayden – Votes Matt out
    Ragan – Votes Enzo out


    whatya think?

  21. l voted for brendon becaused he finally settled down and started playing the game. he knows he fighting this game alone and he is fighting hard. bold move to hand cuff his self to the HOH to limited her to all the others advice.

      • what brendon didn’t say to brit carried a lot of weight . he was a gentlemen the whole time. i think she saw a different side od brendon when they were handed cuffed together. i think it soften her opinion about him we will see if matt out the brigade before eviction.

      • It did seem that they were better at getting along then I expected. With both of them venting about the other privately, I was expecting Britney to complain about Brendon and Brendon to make it hard for her. I think that it would have really helped their games if it happened earlier.

  22. Brendon is my favorite houseguest because I love the underdog. When Ragan & Matt & Britney were together insulting and badmouthing people they lost my votes as fave. As for the lameass brigade wow! Hayden, Enzo and Lane three worthless men if I ever saw them. Using ppl to do their dirty work and not winning a competition. Though I guess they don’t have to cause the puppets in the house are dancing whenever they pull the strings. I hope Brendon wins HOH and nominates Lane & Britney for eviction. That would be sweet. Matt should out the Brigade before his departure on Thursday. That would be even better!

    • Sweet – then Brit or Ragan win POV and put up Hayden. And good riddance to the BroGade.

  23. my order based on how I think things should go – now this is a guess, because I have no idea of HOH and POV so here goes
    Brendon – he can’t win every week

    • There is no way in hell I’m going to watch E/H/L outlast the everyone of the other HGs. I at least want Brendon, Britney or Matt to be in the final three. Too bad they’re all focused on getting each other.

      • I agree Dylan, if they were truly smart they would let bygones be bygones and take the house down. Each of them knows that there is something fishy with the Brigade boys but they can’t trust each other for stupid personal reason; ex: “he called me a dummy”, “he said i was short”, “he called me a brat”….lol. get over it! join forces and get rid of the talkers who do no work.

  24. I voted for Brendan he’s had to fight so hard in this game more then anyone. He has taken a lot of abuse from the other bbhg, and he is the one winning the most compt. I hope he teams up with matt, ragan, brittney this week and shocks the shit out of the rest of the hg. And I cant stand matt, ragan and brit. But it would make for an awesome show this thursday when they send enzo to the jh. Expect the unexpected, brendan may shock us all, if he thinks with his head and not his heart. One more thing, Matt needs to loose the attitude that he has the game in the bag or he will be out the door thurs.

  25. He is playing the game, some are not and I am tried of Reagan running his mouth at him and Rachel. Rachel annoyed me as well but Reagan is a Raging Maniac. I am so tired of his rants and remarks and crying……………

    • but it is so funny!!!! to see someone who can’t act like that and then take Rachels head off and tell her the only thing not fake about here are the pimples on her chin…. LOL now that is funny

      • But why did he say it? Just because she came in and said I’m back bitches? That comment was harmless and funny. I guess Rach stole his spotlight and wore the outfits he wished he had brought from home.

      • It actually came when the cookies came up. I think both of them are stupid, but you seem very prejudice making that comment.

      • Excuse me Dylan speaking from the heart and all emotional here…
        but I am no hater as you so meanly suggest. That hurts me. If you knew me you would never say that to me. I’m a sweetheart.

        NOW my brain kicks in…

        Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just trying to be funny and then you politically correct people get offended. I apologize if I wounded you or anyone else. Forgive my off humor.

        Walking away…my perfect day all in tatters now. “sniff”

  26. Brendon has to fight each week to stay in the competition. No one likes him and can’t figure out why. Him and Rachel made it interesting. Hayden is boring and if I were students of Ragans, I would be appalled at the way he is acting. No way for a teacher to act. Matt continue lie about his wife is terrible and Britney is just plain mean to people.

    • I like Brendon for that too, but he is only one person and he can’t win everyweek, so they will get him out.. Hatden is boring, but lying low – great move…. Nothing to say about ENZO OR LANE? thats why they make it tot he finals

    • You nailed all that Karen, if you look at it collectively Brandon is the obvious person to give the loot to, hands down!!!

      • what is going to be funny is when they evict MATT and as he walks out, Brendon says, “see you later you little idiot”

  27. On the feeds.. holy crap… Brenden is talking smart, sort of for once! He is thinking that he would lose in the final 3 with Enzo and hayden. He knows he and Brit are the strongest players and shoud keep her around. :)He and Brit would be smart to pair up. You would think that they would have thought of that during their lock up together.

    • Hey just said he has to break up te 3 guys. He said he thinks he would win over her in the final 2. He does not dislike her as much as he did before, they had a long talk lastnight.. He is not my favorite, but he is finally thinking… He wants Brit to put up Hayden and Layne, and have them backdoor eachother. He wants to take Brit, Enzo and himself to the final 3. He knows he would lose against Enzo, and win against Brit.

  28. I voted for matt because he is the only one playing the game all the other HGs are sitting ducks, Brendans and Rachell are no Jeff and Jordon, i dont know why he loves her, but he better get his head in the game

    • Matt’s playing both sides and that like Ronnie has showed BB will be the death of a master-mind.

  29. I feel that Bendon is a lot smarter than the other hg’s give him credit for. He has shown America that he can pull off most of the things that he says he can. I just feel the rest of the house is jealous of him.

  30. I voted for Brendon. He seems like a really nice guy and yes he is a bit socially awkward at times maybe but under the circumstances he’s just trying to fit in and be decent, unlike the others. I always like the underdog and the way that the other HG’s have treated him is really sad. They all make fun of him and nobody deserves that. I guess they’ll get a taste of their own medicine when they read the comments on the internet about each and every one of them. They think they are so much better than Brendon… please… I hope Brendon gets America’s vote to win some money he deserves it. He and Rachel were super annoying but hey, once they get out of the house (and we don’t have to watch it) if they’re happy more power to them…now that she’s gone I really like him.

      • He gets mine too. The house picking on them each week made Rach annoying. It was just like when they all ganged up on Jeff each week. Survival kicks in and who knows what we would do?

      • I think it’s normal that they pick on each other or make fun of each other to some extent. I’m sure that they can’t stand each other being stuck in that house so long but I think they are going overboard…Especially when you watch the live feeds you see a bit more of that towards Brendon and it’s always Enzo and Britany who start it and the others follow…Hayden seems uncomfortable at times but still joins in. I just feel bad for the guy. That’s part of it, but I think Brendon is playing an ok game as well especially the last few weeks, which I think are the important ones once half the house is gone. Matt has played a good game but looks like he’s out of options. Brendon still has won more competitions that he did and if it wasn’t for that diamond veto that the producers gave him when he won HOH he would be gone. The fact that he’s trying too hard to be like one of the popular past BB players annoys me. I do think that the show is rigged to some extent and they will do everything they can to help Brendon (or whoever is popular) get further in the game.

        I like Lane as well and I think that Hayden is a good and decent person just don’t think they have done much in the game.

  31. how do all of u like brendon? it has to be his looks. it has to be because i have been on this site like everyday during the season for 3 years and the majority of u dont respect gameplay hardly at all. its why jeff n jordan were stars last year.

    i mean i think brendon has played a good game, but also a shetty game. he shot himself in the foot week 2/3 and i will give him credit has lasted by busting his ass.

    even after this whole week hayden, enzo, and matt was saying the comp was rigged which is not surprise. BB is gunna have to stop doing that as it was evident last year.

    but nah i think the reason why brendon has like 30%, lane has 20%, is because no homo are good looking guys and come across very likable on tv.

    ragan, matt, and somewhat hayden have played a good game and they have like 7%.

    but at the same time brit has 16% but im thinking it because she made fun of rachel and nobody likes rachel.

    • Do you even watch BB? Gameplay? Bren is clearly the winner. And with Rachel it was a lock. It’s about winning when you have to! What sucks is…When Bren does win his ex will try to take him off Rach…watch. After the mean comments that she made. I can’t believe BB ran them. I guess they didn’t want us to like Bren. It affected the way I thought about him and then I said screw that! You liked his gameplay before her and her mother’s comments. It was just mean when you don’t get a rebuttle from Bren.

    • I am so amused at all the comments that if you vote for a guy and you are female its based on looks only, if we said we didnt like a girl (for example Rachel) its because we are jealous. But I havent seen to many comments then if a guy votes for one of the girls its only based on looks, or if they dont like a guy is because they are envious or something. Double standards flipped thats funny.
      I cant speak for all the women on the board but I will tell you not one of the boys in the house this season are that attractive. Enzo is a pig, Lane is as well they have NO RESPECT for women just from how they talk those guys are a dime a dozen, NO THANKS. Ragan doesnt like women and isnt cute anyways, Matt (rolling my eyes) good thing he found a woman who would have him, Hayden is in love with Hayden, and wouldnt have a clue if some one slapped him in the head with it.
      I voted for Brenden because he is fighting to stay in this game, no one liked him, because of Rachel and his own behaviour as well. But he has been a target of everyone, the entire house has wanted him out everyweek and some how some way he managed to stay. THATS why he has 39% of the votes.

      • Ditto. It’s not Bren’s looks – it’s his trying! If they have all lied this season about something, I hope Bren’s lie is that he ‘played dumb’ and that he lied about his age. It would account for his awkwardness. I think he will be a very handsome MAN in about 10 years.

      • 100% true. I think he is nice looking but thats not why I vote for him. I think Lane is a nice looking man also but i don’t want him to win. they (mostly men) should really do away with that theory.

      • u are wrong. tanks for playing.

        if brendon is the only “winner” then why is rachel out and he is next? why then does ragan, brit, and matt win when they have to?

        clearly the majority of brendon’s fans dont watch the show or see brendon for what he really is. they are drawn to the love affiar between the too.

        its why matt has 8% of the vote despite being the best game player before 2 days ago.

        if brendon looked like matt and still had the same showmance and everything he would not have 20% of the vote. im not saying thats where ALL his votes come from but to make it seem like it doesnt count for anything makes u lack any credibility.

        its the same thing with lane. he is shown bench pressing and now he has 20% of the votes? um what? he hasnt done anything in the game much less the BRIGADE

        and again why did jeff and jordan become so popular? both of their gameplay sucked so bad. it was the showmance and the fact that they are two good looking ppl.

        brendon is fighting, nobody can deny that but so was matt and look how many votes he got? he was even thinking about turning on the BRIGADE which a large portion of ppl dont like because they dont anything and he has again like 8%.

        the numbers are very telling.

        go figure when rachel is out the house, brit who was only liked because she made fun of her and nobody liked rachel goes down

        go figure ragan who was the favorite get painted in a negative light against rachel and now has 6%.

        dont let brenond’s charm, and good heart blind u from his inability to play the social aspect of BB.

        and it doesnt even really matter because he will be out the house thursday unless production wants him for ratings

      • why does everyone keep saying that Brendon is only around because of production? We could say the same with Matt getting the DPOV or being allowed a letter from outside source to backup his lie. I don’t understand.

        i really don’t think people care about their looks. i think they like his game play. Why is that so hard to believe? Why is it ok for people to overlook Matt’s lie but not ok for people to like Brendon despite his flaws. None of these people are perfect, we’re just picking who we feel has been the most competitive, trustworthy, and halfway decent in the game. I can personally say that its not his looks or charm that make me like him. I think he is genuine in his actions. I think most of the other hgs are cordial (barely) when it fits them. which is fine but i personally don’t think being two-faced has to be your only option. Look where it has landed Matt.

  32. I’m not a Brendon fan. I definitely wasn’t supporting Rachel in anything she did, but Brendon has managed to save himself this time, so good for him. If thinking that he is avenging his “girl” is getting him through competitions and evictions, then more power to him. We’ve seen worse reasons for being in the house.

    Imagine playing this game, and some combination of Hayden, Enzo, Lane makes it to the final 2. How would you choose who wins? None have played better than the others, none have won any competitions, you couldn’t even vote against one of them out of spite. It would come down to which one you liked more. With no one to really root for it would make the ending a little lame for those of us watching. I’m hoping one of them goes to the jury house in the second part of the double eviction. Make the odds a little more even in the house.

    Remember last year? There was 1 Brain, 1 Popular, 1 Offbeat, and 1 Athlete left in the final 4. And any of them could have won. I liked that season and roster of players better.

  33. Marcus , I do think that Brandon has been playing the game very well. Several weeks ago r+b offered a deal to Ratt and he said no thanks. Ratt put Red on the block and she went packin. Before that he was trying to help Rachel with her game, as well as his own. He has put up with a tremendous amount of sideways B.S. from Ragan,Bratney, and Ratt. I watch BBAD and it is amazing the amount of badmouthing and persecution all of the HG’s have talked about Brandon and Rachel and she’s been gone for two weeks. He has been the most resilient player I have watched on BB. He may not be very street smart but he is trying to play with integrity and if he lies or hurt someone he always apologizes. He’s not perfect but if you were stranded in your car and needed help, he would be the first one out of that whole bunch that would help and wouldn’t ask for anything in return!!

    • I agree with you, a little. I watch the live feeds as well as bbad. A lot of people seem to forget (I am not sure if you have been watching since day 1) Brenchel were just as nasty. The thing with bbad and the shows on CBS, is that they do not show everything. With the feeds, you see and hear it all. The week Rachel left, Brenden went off big time on Brit, up in her face etc.. Why has everyone forgotton how nasty Brenden was when Rachel was there? He still talks smack, just not as much, he leaves that to Enzo.

      • But if you watch like I do then you know thats was the plan. He wanted them to hate him ala Evil Dick trying to save his daughter.

      • Oh I saw it and like I said , he apologized, plus that was part of his game playing, he wanted himself to go to the JH and Rachael to stay. I’m not saying he’s a saint and Rachel definitely is not, but I don’t think they have even come close to the amount of ill persecution that the rest of the HG’s have to them.

    • Broham is as wise as me. “smirk” It’s the moral code, and empathy we see behind all the Smiling Faces or lack there of.
      “Word for word just gold Broham. 5”

  34. Brendon has a touch of class and he does show loyalty to Rachael; It doesn’t take much to out perform most of the other slugs that he is habitating with this season. If Matt is a mensa, then I must be an astronaut instead of chopper pilot. His ego is his biggest obstacle. Everyone else is a wanna be, if there is no effort required.

  35. I just wanted to say that I believe that Brandon is the best player so far and that I hope he makes it thru to the end. I have been watching the live feeds and can’t believe how nasty, Britney, Regan, Matt are. They are so two faced and rude. Not one of them has said 1 nice thing about anyone. Sorry that’s wrong Britney said that Brandon was a gentleman to her while doing the chum baths (while they were handcuffed) and the snotty Regan had to make that sound like a bad quality. I just hope they look at them selves when they leave and notice they are not the nicest of ppl. I also like Lane but he hasn’t done anything in the whole time hes been there.

    Hayden and Enzo do not deserve to be there, Lane is part of that too.

    I also just wanted to say if I have to pick 2 to make it to the end… I guess Brandon 1st and foremost, if i have to pick I guess Brit………. ?? not sure lol

    • what you said is so true. Something else that should be said is Enzo is the worst of worst hes shows the Jersy Boy as bad. Did anyone notice that Enzo cheats and eats food and BB does nothing I wish there was a way to get BB to pentalize him.

  36. I have a vote for ya all.

    Who thinks Bren’s EX GF will want him back if he wins BB?.
    YES NO

    Who thinks Rach will strangle the chick with her hair extensions if she tries?
    YES NO

    Who think Rach will pull all the chicks hair out as she yells don’t try and steal my man biotch!!!
    YES NO

    Who thinks Bren will dump Rach for his EX if she wanted him back?
    YES NO

    Who thinks Bren and Rach will fly to Vegas immediately and get married, money or no money?
    YES NO

  37. I don’t see how outing the brigade is going to help matt.

    brendon has it in for this guy, no matter what he wants matt out..there is not changing his mind…

    once the brigade is out, that just makes hayden and lane more aimed at getting matt out…

    that is brendon, hayden and lane to vote out matt…and ragan to vote out enzo. britney would only vote if tie breaker…

    it will not help matt to out the brigade…it will not help matt to out hayden for winning the prizes…

    lane and hayden still want him out…brendon would have to be the swing vote, and again, he wants him out under any circumstances…

    matty is gone

    • The Brigade must be outed. It will make for great drama! Bren will flip when he finds out. They went off 4ways and locked that house down. It must be discovered before the end. But do not worry…
      Remember when Dr. Will got caught? Remember how sad he was and how he lied again and regained their trust? He would go in DR and laugh his butt off. Even he couldn’t believe they would trust him again. So don’t worry…

  38. Im for team Brendan to
    Is playing right now like the teacher on season 10
    Now that Racheal is gone he s not taking things said to him personally (except when is in the DR)
    He has to team up with Regan and Matt Reagan said he would always keep his word and Britt (she worries me her and Lane I dont know something fishy there)Maybe if Regan wins hoh he will put Hayden and Lane up then Brandon wins HOH and puts Enzo and Lane up with Lane leaving final 4 Brand britt regan and penguin boy

  39. I think it is amusing that Bozo is only at 3%. He is so full of himself! He needs to try out for Jersey Shore.

    I think that Brenda will continue to win, and if so, he will deserve to win in the final two. Personally, I don’t care for him, but he is more tolerable and playing a better game now that Boobzilla is gone.

    I would like to see Britney win, but I think she made a huge error in nominating Matt. She should have put up Hayden.

    Just my opinion.

    • I agree.. wasn’t a big fan at first…but if Brendon continues to win he deserves the final two. I don’t get how people say he hasn’t played a good game he won a bunch of competitions and everybody wants him out and he’s still there…that’s what the game is about. Nobody in the house is that great of a “player” to begin with, let’s be honest.

      Enzo seems to think he is better than everybody and he deserves to be there… he makes fun of everyone behind their back. He can be funny at times but I think he’ll see how much fun that is when he reads all the internet comments about him (and so will Britney) people can be NASTY on these sites.

      I do like Britney also except for the mean girl quality of hers…behind people’s back.. and if she was smart she would stick with that deal Brendon suggested because they will throw her under the bus. Her and Brendon and Regan could do some damage depending who wins the competitions, but Brit and Regan want Brendon out so they will nominate him and get kicked off by the brigade in the end.

      • Yes, I do not understand the fascination with Lane. He is BORING! He is certainly not playing a mental or physical game. He could play physical, but not so much mental. He is a very narrowed minded Texas boy.

      • Brendon Brendon Brendon…I dunno. I was all for him winning at first, but after watching BG After dark, his personality went downhill for me. I think it’s great that he’s managed to make it this far, he works his butt off under pressure, it’s just too bad he didn’t do that when Rachael was winning competitions. In my opinion though, Rachael was really dramatic, but I honestly don’t think she realized it. Brendon spends a lot of his time having annoying conversations and trying too hard to fit into convos others have, and it sucks that he’s so naive in trusting the people who were always against him. on the odd chance he pulls off the votes to win this thing, he’ll deserve it, but I wont be cheering about it.

        As for Lane, AH what’s wrong with everyone! He’s hilarious:D I didn’t even know he had a personality until watching After Dark, because he always fades in the background in the edited versions. He is one of those overly sarcastic jokers, and a blunt flirter which is just my kind of humor! The fact that he spends most of his nights yelling like a 12 year old boy at his mom at the pre-programmed voice telling him to go to the diary room has me in stitches!! He seems to not talk about people behind their back as much as well, which I think will be a benefit to him if he makes it to the final 2.

        I’m interested in seeing how all the gossip and backstabbing to get ahead will change the results of the winners.

  40. After all the backstabbing, and who has had to fight for being in the house from week number 1, Brandon deserves to be in the Final 2. I wish that Britney would quit playing the game by emotions, and would team up with Brandon, and i would like for Brendon, Brittney, and Ragan to be the final 3! Im sick of the brigade!!

  41. Big Brother is a game and so far, like them or not, the only HGs playing are Brendon, Matt and Brittany. The rest are just whining, crying and coasting through on the efforts of the dominant players. Much of the brigade reminds me of a kindergarten tough guys click!!

      • Rachel was an attention whore among other things. To want to “get rid of all the floaters” was the lamest sht I’ve ever heard. And her delusional ideas of what it meant to be a floater were just based off of personal insecurity. She was loud, crass, obnoxious and stupid. Luck has a lot to do w.big brother & gameplay does involve character & social skills. She lacked in both but she happened to be lucky at times.

  42. well i miss Matt cause he is playing the but he needed to communicat more with his bragade thats his down fall. Ragon is is playing the game but needs to shut his Big mouth. Brendon should have played harder when Rachal was in the game but he ROCKS now!!!

  43. One thing all players do not play POV so does everyone have equal chance In the house? I like to see Britney ,Regan, Lane (Brandon)

  44. I think the Brigade has to go. They are getting far in the game only because they have numbers, not because they are good game players or good at competions. None of them can win a competition to save their life or their game. When one of them gets on the block and can’t get themselves off, the other members vote for them to stay and voila, a free pass.

  45. I voted for Lane this week, for his diary room commentary alone. Hilarious. Voted for Enzo last week, but sick of his whining now that he’s nominated. I’m thinking Lane (or Hayden) has the best chance of winning the whole thing.

    • Matt was the bro-gade. When he volunteered to be put up, Enzo Hayden and Lane were all “Wow that’s loyalty to the brigaid” “Matts steppin up to keep the BG safe till final 4” and then they inflated with ego only because of the times Matt pulled through for them. I hope not 1 of thos asswipes gets to the final 2. Such idiots. Matt was done wrong.

      • so true, Enzo was funny at first, but his whining episodes have been annoying me to the point of muting the tv til him and Hayden are off the scene. If he had taken it better he could have made a hilarious penguin.

  46. You can call him Phoenix or Lazarus but Brendon has been written off for dead at least 3 times in this game. If he makes it to the final, write this man a check for $500,000.

  47. Not surprised by the poll results. Brendon has upped his game since Rachel left. Still think Britney has some game in her though. I sure Enzo goes on double eviction night!!!

  48. All my favorites have left the house. I din’t like Rachel because all she did was agitate people with her silly crush. I voted for Britney because she was the only lady left in the house. She needs to be strong and play the game logically and not be swayed. If she goes my next favorite is Ragan.

    • I am voting for Brandon ..He cleans,cooks,worksout.has offered to teach the other housemates who cannot swim lessons,made the bed for Cathy when she was in the have not .He is considerate to other house hguests has only gone off when he has been provoked he is a man of many hats i am hoping he wins,,,I cant stand Regan for even a minute he is a whinny crybaby and a sneaky backstabber who complains all the time …Love Enzo he makes the show funny !! Get rid of Brittney and Ragan !!

      • Anybody but Brit and Ragan they are mean. I bet they won’t think they are when they read all this. just look at the episodes when Rachel was in the house. If you can’t see it then you have a problem. I realize Rachel is different and not ready to settle down but she was not a liar and backstabber. Love Brendon he seems like a great boyfriend/husband. I would know because I have one like him for almost 24 years of marriage. Enzo on you tube as the cat of meow meow. He looks like my cat but with sunglasses on. really cute the brigade.

    • Would you give Rachel the title of “lady”? Aside from her “lady of the evening” profession.

  49. Brendon has played a good game and has always kept to his word. As for the others they have been mean and unable to make things happen way they won’t them to be.

  50. Rigged Game is anyone really watching the game? The guys say they throw the comps.

    BB if you at all have anyone viewing these comments please listen to us.

    Get jock itch spray for the guys and please start making statements to Matt. BB should announce Matt can you please take your hand out of your pants your stuff is dirty

    • Its the have not factor. They have no hot water to wash their stanky …..

      About Matt and his hand…he thinks he is Al Bundy.

  51. Does anyone know of Matt was telling the truth last night when he told Regan he was almost in last season?

    • I think i remember seeing something about him being in last season but he didnt want to reschedule his wedding so he skipped it

  52. here is a testament to brendon’s “Great gameplay” i hated jeff and jordan, and jordan was stupid in the BB house, im sure she is smart outside…. maybe.

    even SHE said when jeff was out “even though jeff went home, now i gotta play my game and do whats best for ME, and play MY game”

    rachel got out 2 weeks ago and brendon is STILL playing honestly for what rachel would want.

    he talks about floaters and getting them out yet he did what rachel wanted and tried to get out matt.

    and now he will get out ragan or brit (try to) when he has aligned himself with floaters. hypocrite anyone?

    there is only 4 ppl who have played this game. matt, britney, brendon, ragan.

    there is only 2 1/2 ppl who have played the 3 sides of the game (gameplay, floating when need to, and socially) very good.

    ragan (the half)

    enzo, hayden, lane are all floaters. period.

    all they do is talk about how tough their alliance is then throw comps and talk shet about another player.

  53. u could do this project every year.

    i mean like the popularity thing. u could have 2 good looking ppl on this show, and they can have a showmance. if they last week 5-6 they will always be the most popular ppl in the house no matter their gameplay.

    its why jeff got the 3rd place money yet he was the 3rd person in jury.

    u could have a showmance where all they do is bad mouth ppl, and play NO GAME. but if they are two good looking ppl, they will be the most liked.

      • fans vote for 3rd place. think 3rd place gets like 25,000.

        so natalie came in second last year to jordan. jordan won 500,000, natalie won 50,000, and jeff got voted via the fans to get 25,000

      • Am i the only one picturing him standing infront of a washing machine yelling at it to work adn wondering why its not doing anything?

  54. Brendon deserves the money more than anyone else in the house. His only downfall is falling in love with that loud mouth redhead!

    • I totally agree with you yofobe, Brendons only mistake was big mouth Rachel, after she left he has played a good game! I hope Brendon wins!

  55. Flash!!!!

    The recortd deal for the BB12 Songs, Has just been made, The following song will be on the CD:

    1. I out smarted my self. (Matt)

    2. Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo (Ragan)

    3. I don’t care what they about my babe> (Brendon)

    4. The penguin poka or It’s just a suite (Enzo)

    5. Just talking trash (Britney)

    6. It’s the bro’s before the Ho’s (Lane)

    7. I just wanted the prizes or I didn’t even try (Hayden

    8. I hate ya, but lets work together (Brendon & Britney

    9. With a hand in my pants (The Ber-egg)

    10. Bye Bye Matty goodbye (The BB house)

    To get this CD just send in 1000 box tops from BB Slop-O-Meal to: NO-where, USA- PO Box ?, 000000, By noon yesterday

    • Brendon is a jackass. The winner should be based on not only skill but on their social game as well. There is no question thta Brendon is socially retarded and full of himself. The worst spotsman ever. Throwing the bowling ball like a 5 year old, playing for his “love’ (barf) Rachel whom he’s know for how long?.. and also his willingness to quit and get evicted justy to be “Americas Hero” when we all know he will never be anything even close to Jeff. The comps he lost were rigged for short people or women or gay people. He said horrible homophobic nonsense when he didn’t get his way or was angry. He claimed everyone of the HG were fake & that he’s so above it yet once his whore left he was up all of their asses. Matt should be winning this game if anything or Ragan. The camera men should win over Brendon. They had to endure the most vile exposure to BrenRoach activity & therfore deserve the $ for what it took. Fk Brendon. ×LMRB

  56. My new final 2-

    Brittany-don’t really like her personality or the fact that she has done some unnecessary backstabbing but i think she would fight to the end like Brendon, she doesn’t care about getting her hands dirty so i admire that about her.

    Brendon has overall good game in spite of his alliance with Rach, who i didn’t really mind. He has grown and i think he is learning from his mistakes. He is also a fighter.

    I can’t even think of a reason why I want any of the other players to win. Not one. Hayden, Enzo, Lane, and Ragan can all leave ASAP. I think Enzo and Lane can be sometimes but thats just not enough to impress me of why they should win 500k.

  57. If they were smart they would take brendon to finale 2 cuz only person to vote for him would be rachel!

    • Enzo wouldn’t get the votes. They know he is slacker. Which is why i don’t understand why they haven’t outed him yet….

      • You just said Enzo wouldn’t get the votes, but than you say you don’t understand why he’s still in the game? Doesn’t make sense.

      • Because he is a slacker. He can’t fight with you because he sucks at comps. I would rather have someone in the final 2 who i know could actually help me get there and still have a bigger chance at winning over someone who can’t win anything, leaving all the work to me. Personally, i don’t think Enzo would win in final 2 against Brendon so maybe that’s why he might try to carry him to the end.

    • No, it just seemed like you contradicted yourself.

      If they were really smart the houseguests would take Kathy and Enzo as far as possible, not have this mentality of voting out the weaker players first (yet they go back on that with nominating Matt instead of Hayden).

      • No, maybe what i said is what i meant. Maybe you interpreted wrong and that’s all I will say about it.

      • Dude, you’ve just answered your question: “If they were really smart…”

        THEY’RE NOT. That’s a well known about this season’s HGs!

  58. In defense of Hayden
    1. People say Brendon has fought harder, which is true, but Brendon has fought hard because he had to, Hayden has played a good enough game that he hasn’t had to fight and trust me Brendon would love to trade places with Hayden.
    2. Hayden handled Matt great, told Matt that he was voting against Matt because there was no way he could beat Matt, while Enzo totally pissed Matt off and made himself Matt’s target, while Hayden walked away clean.
    3. Hayden has stayed out of the drama, hasn’t gotten into a fight with anyone, you can call it floating but I think it is good game play, no one in the house dislikes Hayden.
    4. Even when nominated, he hasn’t lashed out at the person nominating him, he has kept calm and even, not upsetting anyone.
    5. When Matt started to drift from the brigade it was Hayden that noticed it, Lane and Enzo were clueless.
    6. And I have to hand it to the entire brigade, no one figured out the alliance, no one in the alliance talked about it to anyone outside. Hayden even kept it from his showmance, Kristen.
    7. Putting yourself in a position, as Hayden has done, where you aren’t a target and have to play hard it the best game play.

    • Valid points but I think that him being so likable might make him a target because people might feel they won’t win against in the final 2. He better watch his back with people like Enzo because I know Enzo would turn on him because he seems to get jealous easily, very paranoid. And he has the gift of the gab so he can plant a seed in someone’s head easily, which is how he has been successful in throwing Matt under the bus. Not that Matt wouldn’t have been a obvious target sooner or later.

  59. As of right now, Total Votes: 7,664 is this poll posted somewhere else too, or are there than many lukers in here?

  60. One decides to loot
    Give another the suit
    But before you have a big cahoot
    And put the other houseguest on mute
    Just remember commentators
    The one in the suit always gets the boot

  61. The reason I picked Brendon is that he is a fighter and I think he is good. I am from Canada who loves to watch the show

  62. i hate brendon and everything but if im on the jury, and brendon is there, i would vote for him

    if brendon makes it to final 2, he deserves to win because everyone was against him.

    but we wont have to worry bout that :)

  63. Still rooting for Brendon! Maybe now the focus will be off of him for a bit. I doubt it. but it could be possible. :) I feel bad for the guy – and I love how they are all still talking about Rachel all the time. What do they say – when they stop talking about you is when you have to worry. LOL!

  64. THIS season of BIG BROTHER should be sub titled>>>

    can’t take the credit somebody else came up with it

  65. Would luv to see Matt saved…he’s told SO many lies it makes it interesting for the viewers! Wife, his birthday, alliances, etc…

  66. I voted for Enzo, just for how he was scratching his nuts in a penguin suit while gawking at Britney sunday night on BBAD

  67. Brendan, because he competes hard every time there is a competition and demonstrates his passion when he loses. He has been fighting to stay in the house since day 1, and has been mentioned for nomination every week that he or Rachel were not HOH.

  68. wow..Enzo and Hayden hanging on to Brittney ..Making sure Matt don’t get to her to tell her about the hope Matt comes out with it and soon..please..Matt just do it..!!!!

  69. I’m pretty sure that Lane was f’ing hilarious this week – I don’t know if they just focused more on him than usual but some of the things he was saying, especially on Sunday, were cracking me up!

  70. I think Brendon should win. His Only fault was in
    falling in Love.There is love at first sight. He’s fighting and been fighting from the beginning. Matt is suppose to be a geniues and all
    he came up was he’s wife is dying. Our these people not thinking he would want to spend time with his wife. Britney is a backstabbing bitch. And everyone else is hanging onto who could take them to the final 4. Ragan crush on matt is to much. Please Stop crying.

  71. Seriously, for everyone saying brendon should win for having to constantly fight to stay, that was partially his fault. He put that target on his back, he choose to make a dumb gameplay move and have an open showmance with another hosueguest from the beginning, no kidding there gonna target you, people freak out when they see aliances at the verry beginning of the game. People complain about floaters doing nothing, but for the most part they haven’t had to do anything. why put a target on your back if you dont have too? With rachel gone, matt probobly gone this eviction and it looks pretty likely that britney will be following him on teh double eviction all those “lazy boring floaters” outlasted the strong players.

  72. The fact of the matter is that Brendon is the only person that has played the game with any degree of integrity. Moreover, he is a BEAST in competitions. He is also the only one left who seems “Human” to me. He’s demonstrated that in his love and commitment to Rachel and his ability to honor his promises to others. That’s the sort of person America should relate to. As for the others, well, Britney, is as Liz says above – a backstabbing bitch. As for the rest, Regan is a drama queen, Matt is Most DEF untrustworthy, and the rest are just plain ol Meh… Anyways, that’s all i have… OUT…

  73. Britt has a nice rack. That picture was pretty bad, but, I still wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

  74. Ragan was so irritating in the Have Not comp. I couldn’t stand looking at his fugly face acting as if he was crying. UGH!!!!! So irrahz!!!! I am so not voting for him.
    My vote is for Brenden since I was for him since day one. Although his face wasn’t so appealing either in this comp. Lol

    • Yeah totally freakish! She looked like something out of some prom night psycho movie and she being the psycho slasher! Lol

  75. Yeah Brendon, you have fought since day one. Fight on I hope you win, you have surely gave us great tv. BG sux that can’t win anything. Get them losers out. Brendon should team up with Brit. Hell ya.

  76. What Evaz!!! He’s so annoying. I can’t stand his voice, the way he looks, and his whining!! He’s been floating most of the game w/ the exception of winning ONE POV! Really??? R U serious??
    You can go ahead and get to know him after BB!!! I’m sure he’ll need a shoulder to cry on bc he ain’t gonna win the game. Sorry!

  77. I voted for Brendon because he is the only one really trying to win. Everyone else either wants the prizes or thinks the “Brigade” is going to take care of everything. Regan is just a crybaby and Enzo is a slug, neither of them worth the time or effort to write about.

  78. Very hard not to give props to Brendon this week.

    Dude took himself off the block, showed his strongest social game this scene, and, if (well, WHEN) Matt leaves the house of Thursday, will automatically be the strongest player left… PLUS HE’S NOT CRYING ANYMORE!

    He still have a long way to go, but he’s definitely starting to gain my respect back… like he gives a f**k! :)

  79. Get Smart Brittney, Your playing Stupid, stupid.. Get Rid of Enzo, he can’t win nothing and he’s all mouth, And Lane doesn’t give a flip about you. He’s more devious than all of them. I know Nick’s screaming this at you… If Britttany and Brendon had a lick of sense they would team up… Help them out Big Brother..

  80. You know, I have to admit to Big Brother the reason I don’t get into the Live Feeds… I have never seen a bunch of Men cry, whin, and complain so much. How do their families put up with them??? Theirs no show business or Game playing going on except for Brendon.. He;s the only one playing hard. Big Brother, you should teach them a lesson.. Have a contest or game or etc. happen and the ones always throwing the contest, so someone else can do their dirty work for them. Make something happen to where they will be Very Sorry they didn’t try to win..Livein’ up the house Big Brother. I’v even stopped watching Showtime, after hours. Show them how it’s done Big Brother!! Please, Please, Please,,,,,,

  81. I am sorry Brandon is so far ahead in the voting!!!!! I guess I am way off as I like Lane even though he is a little low key. At least he is not disgusting like Enzo. I am hopin double & Enzo goes with Matt.

  82. Hey! So the double eviction is this Thursday?
    How will that work with Matt and Enzo both on the block? sorry if this is a dumb question

  83. i picked brendon b/c i like how is working hard in this game to win for his girl and taken up for her he is a good guy i love reachel

    • i think the same i also picked BRANDON but he need to play for himself now, not for REACHEL

    • I have been following BB here in the UK and it’s much more interesting than our version …. I love an underdog and I choose Brendon as fav 4 this week…

  84. Brendon and Rachel deserve to win. They were and are the ones playing. Mat and Brit are liars. The rest have been riding on the coat tails of Matt, Rachel and Brendon. Matt and EEnzo both need to leave this week. This has been my least favorite cast. They are lazy and yawnnnnnnnnnn

    • @ Brenda, I don’t think rakel deserves to win anything,except maybe a free shrink!! Oh, she isn’t in the game any longer!

    • I’m sorry that you’ve been watching a show that is built off values you despise. The best way to win is lying and backstabbing. It may not be the best for jh votes, but most jurors base it on gameplay.

      I’m also sorry that you think Rachel deserved to win.

  85. Britney has tried to play the game – as well as Brendon, Ragan, Hayden and Matt! Like all of them. Sure they have all flip flopped, lied, and did some underhanded things, but apparently it’s acceptable with the producers of BB!

  86. Not that Hayden is my favorite but I am surprised to see him so low in the popularity ratings. Has he done something I don’t know about to deserve this?


      He took the 5000$ and Hawaiian Trip, but wont admit to it.

      • Charanne, A small percentage of America voted for the ragyna, BB handed him the $20. I do agree with ya tho, he did not do a sqattin’ thing!!

  87. My vote is for BRENDEN! He has made the game exciting again. Those other BAFOONS AKA BROGADE aren’t worth the space they take up in the BB house. Production needs to choose people who will compete in the comps and if they throw them, 1st,2nd,3rd, automaticly are on slop!! That way HG will try hard to win COMPS ! I want to WISH BRENDEN the BEST in the up coming COMPS and hope he kicks A*SS! :)

      • yeah a hot mess that lies thru his teeth, and backstabs his on allainces.he got the money and a trip he don’t deserve. he don’t deserve to the big money.

  88. Hayden had a Showmance & a BROGADmance,won a trip, $5,000.00,HOH by DEFAULT and his name in the POOL Fruit Bowl. He should be the next target to be ousted. He is not popular because he is so laid back & BORING! Even when he was kissing Kristen in bed,He was BORING! I think he was just using her & was trying to act like Will & Boogie. He is a snake!

  89. I’d love to see a vote on who people LEAST want to win….

    My vote goes to Brendon, because he has overcome such odds to still be in the house… Go underdog! (But please smarten’ up… These guys have been playing you for-what-seems-like-ever!)

    • Sister J
      Every one plays that poor boy!! He may just pull it off! Then,rakel will whip him out of,at least, half his winnings!! I had never thought of it, but then I read it on one of the posts!! I had forgotten about the end result here!!

  90. This has been the worst season of Big Brother by far. Contestants are BORING, make ridiculous decisions and the fact that the “brigade” is still intact at this point in the game just proves my point. So disappointed.

    • The reason why the brigade is still intact is because they are no threat. The only brigade member to win a competition is matt who they all want out. I dont like enzo and hayden because they sit back and do nothing but think they control the house

  91. I think it would be interesting to see Matt,Brit and Brandon in the final 3. Matt drives me ape s#it crazy,but he at least thinks game and doesn’t just talk one. Brit really works hard to win,and Brendon,just to keep him away from Rachael long enough to grow a “pair”.

    • sassy
      mattie drives you ape s### crazy cuz he is ape s### crazy!!
      Britches, the only thing she works hard at is,being all the guys puppet!!
      Brenda “had a pair” then he met the rakel!!

      • Britches? You know dumb yo ass sound? Her other than Matt deserves that damn money and ain’t no one can say that she doesn’t..

  92. Ugh. Winner of the Most Annoying Couple award? Brendon and Rachel! Hooray! Wooooooo! Despite Rachel saying it over and over, she did not fight every day to be there. She won HOH twice, and then bullied everyone. Yes, Brittany and Matt are liars, but the fact is they are playing the game. Big Brother is not about telling the truth. People have forgotten that and that’s why the past few seasons have fallen flat.

  93. I hope Brendon wins HOH. Matt will be evicted but who the other person will be is a mystery. I always liked Brendon but, I felt he was too pressed for Rachel. Big Brother is harder than it looks on TV it easy for us to talk about them but we are not playing the game, it would be harder than we think Brendon didnt know Witchney was not going to keep her word or her would have put her on the block and byebye.Matt told brit to put up Ragan. enough of the loser Brigade

  94. Hayden seems to be thoughtfully playing the game. Not to take anything away from Brendon who is really putting up with a lot and playing great, there is just something about the quiet thoughtful Hayden. Britney has to go along with crybaby Ragan soon. It worries me that Ragan will win HOH for all the stuyding he has done. Ragan is awful! Why do the hg’s think they will be famous when they leave the house. OK they’ll do some interviews and get 15 minutes of ‘fame’ but really-they thing they can make a movie, get hosting jobs, etc. People asking for autographs…silly guys!

  95. Saw a note saying this was the worse season ever. I disagree. For once BB cast some smart, athletic hgs. This is so different from Evil Dick. Great cast, great show. Thanks for casting some decent people for a change.

  96. if ragan wins the hoh he will put up brendon not because of the way brendon plays the game, but because of rachel and that’s not good game play. the brigade will take him out along with britney they need brendon if they are going to even get close to he final 3

    • Don’t think he will. Told Matt he wants to go after Lane, Hayden & Enzo, that he knows there is something going on between the guys. He was real pissy with Lane last night, making veiled comments; Lane breaking up convo; Enzo joins in; convo stops! Hayden is PARANOID – scurrying from HG to HG, to find out what he might be missing! That’s what I find fun about this show.

  97. I don’t know about the rest of you all but What is up with Enzo getting away with eating food and getting away with it and also getting away with not wearing his outfit. Come on this is so wrong I hate watching brendon cleaning up after the jerks. I know in last seasons when they cheat they got in trouble. But this year come on is Enzo that popular that bb will just look the other way. The other HG have even mentioned Enzo getting away with it. Jokers have given times and cameras to watch it. I just really upsets me to watch Brendon go though all of this and the other HG just going nothing. Its at a point that I have had to just turn off feeds and watch TV because it just gets me so upset its hard watching so much mean stuff

  98. Brendon is the only hg worth watching. He truly is playing the game, and I really hope he wins. Britney is a loser along with Ragan and Matt. Ragan is a drama QUEEN, however he thinks he is sooo great…I fast forward whenever he is on. Matt is the worse however. Go Brendon, you are the only saving grace for BB this season.

  99. Brendon is the only HG playing the game, Matt the
    lying Rat needs to go home, and his girlfriend
    Ragan needs to go with him……..
    GO BRENDON GO!!!!!!!!!

    • LMAOO omg “his girlfriend” ur comment made me lol :P I agree! Brendon is the only one in the game who has not back-stabbed/ lied to anyone. He’s a good sport and a genuine nice guy.

  100. In addition to having kept all the promises he’s made during the season, Bren has had to fight relentlessly evert week to stay in the house and shies in competitions when it’s most important. Moreover, I’m so thankful he’s not a whiner unlike the other HGs. Ragina claims to be so mature, but I’m so sick of his crying and whining. As a fellow Homo, I usually support gay reality show contestants, but Ragan works my nerves to no end. Grow up.

  101. Im sorry but I believe lane & hayden are playing the best game! both matt & brittny are both snakes in the grass and brendon is to soft! 2 bad rachel is not there she is the one who deserves 2 win she played the best game!

    • um in cas eyou havent noticed you are supposed to lie and backstab. You claim brit and matt are snakes in the grass? Lane and hayden tried to get their alliance member out. Lane claims he is only loyal to the brigade but he betrayed the only member who actually can win competitions. Hayden accepted the two prizes because he wanted them and then he agreed that it was awful to accept the gift. If anything Lane and Hayden are worse then matt because he kept his deals week three by not nominating brenchel

  102. I love the way Ragan stood up to evil Rachel. Rachel and Brendon called themselves playing the came but Rachel was just a big bully and ousted people that could have potentially had her back. She also made up things to start fights.Iam glad she is gone. Brendon is whipped. Plus you are supposed to take out strong players not leave them in to the end.

  103. I’m not a fan of Brendon, but I agree he’s worked very hard to be there, however he IS a whiner, every time he loses something he’s off by himself moping. I also think that the rest of the HG’s are a bit naive in thinking that their so called “friends” will vote for them after they see everything that they have said and done to get them evicted. They are always using “going along with what the house wants” as an excuse for voting them off, nobody ever owns up to it until that person is out. So I think that if Brendon does manage to get to final 2, he will win it, simply because he was upfront about what he was going to do and he stuck by his word unlike any of the other HG’s. All of them are pretty stupid in making fun of the people in the Jury house. If anything, it would be wise to talk about how great they were and maybe snag a vote for it.

  104. i picked brenden my man. I think that brenden is the best player this week, he kepts himself off the block when he needs it but now he is a better player because rachel isn’t around. Maybe one the boys will team up with him to get farther in the game.

  105. I like Enzo and Lane the best. Matt is the biggest liar in the game. The girls were all catty bitches this year. Hayden needs to grow a pair. Ragan needs to stand up straight and stop all that crying (grow a pair). Brendon needs to get over Rachel and find a girl worth having. So glad Kathy is gone, if I have to hear (ya known what I mean) one more time, I would have stopped watching. Do any of these people know how to talk without using the word (like) or (you know what I mean)?

    • Enzo cant do anything if i have to hear, “grenade” from him because he thinks he is so good at the game I will go crazy. Lane needs to actually win something and not just talk about stupid things he says or about the brigade

  106. we feel all along Brendon and Rachel played the game for themself as one and with honor and very hard. that is what the game stands for and they make us proud to watch the show Matt is very dishonorable both to his wife and the show and even his wife was ashamed of his actations. Brittney lied to Brendon to keep her safe and to me that was a big no no you don’t do that and win!! Regan would be our next great Winner. there are 80 of us in on this we all feel the same.

    • I agree with you Kim, Regan may have had his whiny moments but he does admit that he is while he’s doing it at least:D I’d like to see him win and then throw the saboteur thing in their faces too!

      But wont the jury find out that he was? that would probably count against him…they may figure he can walk away with a nice chunk of cash….but still, he’s one of the more entertaining people in the house anyway.

      I’m sure I’ll get some backlash for saying that, but oh well:P

  107. I dislike how everyone is picking on Rachel. Everyone in the house threw her under the bus and took all their anger/ blamed her for everything. Naturally, she got defensive and isolated from the other guests. I mean, if everyone is talking PERSONAL shit about you, wouldn’t you be upset. Regan is a HYPOCRITE. he’s calling Rachel soulless and a bully when him and britney are CONSTANTLY talking personal crap about Rachel.

  108. Has anyone guess who the best of friends are yet? I know its not Matt and Reagan its to obveious!! I think with very good reason that its Rachel and Reagan they have been friends for a good amount of time and no fight like the one they had on the show will harm their friendship after all its a game and it would not seem they were to anyone.

  109. I couldnt decide between brittney and brendon. Brittney yes, lied to Brendon (wow someone lied in big brother? Shocker) but besides that she has been able to win competitions but not pose a threat to the houseguests. Brendon is the underdog. He may comeback and win everything. He needs to get rid of Hayden Enzo and lane because the jury will vote for them to win

  110. I just can’t believe Ragan continues to put down Rachel. He must have been put down his whole life for acting the way he does. At my childhood schools they would have made you want to commit suicide if you acted like that. Doesn’t he have any compassion for somebody that acts different than the rest. Also please get a good shrink Ragan you need a new one if you go to one now.

  111. Brittany is calling the kettle black with Rachel. Brittany is the meanest person ever on BB and a real vilan. Why is she criticizing one of her boob job buddies? You are not perfect looking either like you think you are. Your dentist could probably fix your teeth.

  112. Ragan this week. He’s tried to stay confident even though his best bud threw him under the bus!

  113. I am sick of hearing Enzo smacking! That’s all that’s on the live feeds. Matt was by far the best player. He was loyal to the Brigade.

  114. Can’t stand Brendan. If he got the “peoples choice,” it would be like handing Rachel $25K, and he was ready to let her stay, he didn’t care about winning. So no to Brendan.

  115. I dont understand why people hate Matt. It was really only him and Brendon who made this show worht watching. The rest were just floaters. Lane is doing what Matt should have done. Betray the Brigade and join your side alliance. In this case Lane joining Brittney unlike throwing her under the buss for the Brigade (Like Matt did) Oh well…. going for Ragan now because hes the underdog right here.

  116. Not the final 3 I thought, but it shows that if you stick to your word, you can go far in the game. The “Brograde” showed it can be done!

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