Tonight On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’: HOH & Nominations

Celebrity Big Brother on CBS

Big Brother is back tonight on CBS with a one-hour episode at 8/7c featuring the latest events for the celebrity Houseguests including the Head of Household Endurance competition and ending with the nominations ceremony to set us up for Monday’s live eviction show.

Friday’s live eviction sent Shannon Elizabeth out the door and now we’ve got eight Houseguests a week left to go in the season. Yes, the Celebrity season finale is next Sunday, February 25th so be sure to get ready for that action. Check this week’s Big Brother schedule so you don’t miss anything.

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode? Jump ahead with our spoilers revealing who won HoH and who was nominated this round of Celebrity Big Brother. Remember the Feeds tend to stay well ahead of what’s happening in the broadcast episodes so check back for more updates and spoilers all week.

This will be a one-hour episode starting at 8/7c. We’ll be back here at 8PM ET so be sure to join us then for a live chat on this post with other Big Brother fans.

The season is short, but the strategy and gaming is strong with this one. These celeb Houseguests came to play and I like it! What’s your reaction to this special season?

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  1. Who do think is going home tomorrow night.
    I think it could be Brandy!
    All depends on who wins Veto and who gets renominated, tomorrow night.

      • No matter what the HOH is safe tonight, surprise ! Omarosa gets to play some more, think O wants Marissa and or Ross out next . They are really giving a bad edit for Marissa, guess she was in Hairspray, people are complaining that she is singing, for myself I would rather hear singing than complaining . Singing in the kitchen just seems more natural than moping around , heck way back when they used to let the convicts sing on the chain gang . BB is like a Russian archipelago .

      • I heard they are not allowed to sing or quote movies in the house, to protect the network against copyright infringement.

      • Hell, then I’ll just play my own sh*t , or how about Chopin, or jam in a key, saying you can’t sing is a form of torture prohibited by, ( you know ) sounds like BS to me but then again, so do most things .

    • As long as it’s someone from the Evil 5. Not only did Ross throw Shannon under the bus, but Marissa drove the bus with Brandi, Ari, giving her directions on how hard to hit her. And then Omarossa threw Marissa’s ass to the floor of the bus so that she could take over and back the bus over Shannon’s mangled body.

      Any of those 5 could go and would not be missed!

  2. I agree. These people came to play. It’s been very entertaining except for the fact Shannon went home. I was cheering for her to win. Hoping Ross goes and this POV doesn’t screw it up. Hope everyone voted for the spotlight POV because then Omarosa will still keep control.

    • Oh, I want the POV to make her sweat and feel like she has lost control. I hope she loses it. It would almost be worth Rose staying just to see Morosea lose her shite and the game.

  3. To the BB Powers That Be this needs to happen:

    Have Omarosa tell everyone, “If I am lying may I be struck down by lightning.”

    Then have her go to the BY alone. While everyone else is sitting around. BB needs to manufacture a loud clap of thunder followed by a bright light from the BY.

    Have the HGs rush to the BY only to find Omarosa’s shoes smoking.

    I haven’t thought the rest through. I just like that scenario.

  4. So Osa has no idea that most of the girls are out to get her…She did aligned with the guys now, so what made her do that? I have ‘feeds, but I’m not watching all the time.

  5. Based on what I’ve read on Twitter, it sounds like these HGs were in luck having Ross in the house. Maybe he should leave a cookbook behind for future Have Nots?

  6. Omarosa, you call yourself a fan? SERIOUSLY?!?! The house doesn’t have to vote as a unit!

    And – wow – I can’t believe I just defended Brandi.

      • ..and she didn’t hide it. She told them. I didn’t think it was a big deal. Then they all back-pedal because they need her as a #

  7. I will say this – I’m kinda surprised about the angle they took during the political segment tonight.

    And… back to Big Brother, where the show is airing events in the WRONG ORDER!

  8. I thought I would like Marissa and thus root for her, but like..she’s so annoying! Like, I can’t even…

  9. Marissa: “I’ve been very loyal.”

    Weren’t you with Shannon day one and then threw her under the bus the first chance you got?

    • To be fair, my mom has asthma, and I’ve heard her wheezing like that. However, I wouldn’t put it past Omarosa to totally fake it.

    • Guess again, it really seems like the veto twist is meant to keep the foursome in another week. I mean those twists really would have helped Shannon last week then when I finally think that nasty backstabbing caddy, totally made it personal foursome will be broken up big brother throws this twist in! Come on now I’m feeling like it’s rigged

  10. Okay, off to watch the Tom Cruise Mummy film (which I’m sure I’m gonna hate, but my friends wanna see it, so I’m sucking it up). See everyone tomorrow night for the live Veto and eviction!

    • I was gonna watch that too I know it got bad ratings but I still love that stuff and nick from new girls in it and I love him!

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