Celebrity Big Brother Episode 8 Recap: Omarosa Rises To Power

Everyone has been wondering what would happen if Omarosa took charge of the Celebrity Big Brother house and we now get to see it play out as she became the new Head of Household and set her sights on her targets and starting building her little army to potentially help get her through the next few rounds of gameplay.

The episode picks up at the start of the Head of Household competition, but as usual during these endurance comp recaps, we Back up a bit first. We see Brandi telling Ari she voted for Mark to go home. Ari wonders if that’s a reason to no longer trust her. This will come into play later.

Back to the HOH competition, we’ve got the celebrities already struggling. Let’s keep in mind they’re literally sitting down on the wall competition. Metta is down first after 32 minutes. He’s just too big to sit in that position for any longer. Ross follows at 39 minutes. Ari tells Ross and Metta that Brandi was the hinky vote.

Mark drops at 1:04, meaning he, Ross and Metta will be on slop. Marissa drops soon after after 1:06, leaving James, Brandi and Omarosa on the wall.

Brandi drops at 1:28. So it’s down to Omarosa and James. And the deal talk starts. Omarosa gives James “the word of god” that she won’t nominate or backdoor him. James drops at 1:30. Omarosa is the new HOH, making her (maybe) the first person to ever win a Head of Household competition by sitting the longest.

Omarosa tells us she needs to focus on breaking up the pairs in the house. Everyone else is trying to figure out who voted for Shannon to stay, and those who know are trying to figure out why.

Brandi finally decides to explain herself and her vote for Mark to go home. She tells the others that she just didn’t want Shannon to get evicted unanimously and she didn’t think it was that big a deal. But the others tell her that wasn’t a good idea and they’re shocked by her vote.

Ross, Marissa and Ari think Brandi voted for Shannon to stay to try to earn her jury vote. So they’re discussing cutting ties with her when Brandi comes in. They explain to Brandi that her voting that way makes it look like they hate Shannon and she doesn’t. Brandi apologizes again but leaves the room upset. They realize that them ganging up on Brandi is stupid because she could easily team up with Omarosa. So they go to smooth things over.

Omarosa also soon learns that Brandi was the hinky vote, so she says she has to figure out a way to spin that to her advantage.

The HGs get called to the living room for an announcement. Omarosa tells them that America is voting to twist up the next power of veto. They don’t get the details but they’re told to be ready for anything to happen. Omarosa starts sweating over the twist and Ross hopes it could be something to save him.

Omarosa asks Mark if she keeps him off the block will he keep her off the block next time. They make a deal and shake on it. Now she has to enlist Metta and James. Metta agrees to support Omarosa in getting Ross out this week.

So then she heads to James. So they start discussing how to work together moving forward beyond their deal this week. Omarosa pitches a final four deal with the two of them, Mark and Metta. James knows he doesn’t have many options, so he’s on board.

I keep beginning every paragraph with Omarosa, but this is pretty much the Omarosa show now, so that’s how it is. This time she’s going to Brandi and Marissa to feel them out a bit. And they are fast to throw Brandi under the bus, and Omarosa decides that’s pretty shady of them, so she wouldn’t mind putting any of them up with Ross.

In the end, Omarosa goes for Ross and Brandi at the nomination ceremony, because putting Brandi up would leave her with the least amount of blood on her hands.


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  1. I think Morosea is a really good person and it’s all an act. But someone as lumpy as Rev. Morosea shouldn’t wear a dress like that. Maybe her spanx were dirty.

  2. Sounds like Mouthrissa is keeping production on their toes trying to keep her from giving out info they don’t want out. She’s probably working viewers for votes against Metta talking about him wanting to leave again last night but prod. wouldn’t let him. Jokers says they keep flashing away to different cameras but each time they go back she gets in another comment. Mouth is just a charmer. I bet her husband can’t wait for her to get home. lol

  3. it really seems like the veto twist is meant to keep the foursome in another week. I mean those twists really would have helped Shannon last week then when I finally think that backstabbing, caddy, totally made it personal foursome will be broken up big brother throws this twist in! Come on now I’m feeling like it’s rigged

    • Wich foursome? Theirs so many different that with what you say, I’m not sure who you think it’s going to protect….

      Like I said before, when Shannon goes it is because production is not interfering (she is the top 1 on every pools). But Omarosa hoh means it rigged. And now the pov means It’s rigged for any of the foursome, so for literally everyone.

      I’m confuse!!!!

      Who rigges it for what purpose???

      • There’s only 1 foursome running the house it’s pretty obvious it’s marissa Ross Brandi and ari I’m talking about, and I’m half being sarcastic when I say it’s rigged I don’t think Omarosa winning was rigged at all but I do find it annoying that a veto twist comes in right as the rest of the house is finally starting to realize the real threat was never Shannon but the four people running the last couple weeks

  4. “Omarosa is the new HOH, making her (maybe) the first person to ever win a Head of Household competition by sitting the longest.”

    Pretty sure BB11’s Jeff and Russell still hold the record for that (unless I’m remembering correctly and they weren’t sitting during that endurance comp, just squatting).

  5. So Omarosa has one physical win for HOH–one where she sat like a business person in a WH meeting, in her seat longer than anyone else, and another HOH win for a memory game, a prerequisite job requirement necessary to respond with verbal political maneuvering and diversion, which is right up her political alley.
    No wonder they wanted her lying a$$ out of the WH!!! And she’s a natural for BB!!!
    This keeps her telling Trump bashing stories and scheming right into the final episode to sell her upcoming book. Wow, so credible!
    Ratings and political bias–of course, why not, CBS?

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