Tonight On ‘Celebrity Big Brother’: HOH & Nominations

Celebrity Big Brother on CBS

Big Brother is back tonight on CBS with a one-hour episode at 8/7c featuring the latest events for the celebrity Houseguests including the Head of Household competition that lead to plenty of drama. I’ll let you guess who was the center of the situation, but the good news is that everyone is okay.

Friday’s live eviction sent Chuck Liddell out the door as the blindside victim and that gave us plenty of heated conversations on the Live Feeds after the show. Now it’s time for the HGs to battle it out for control of the next round of nominations.

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode? Jump ahead with our spoilers revealing who won HoH and who was nominated this round of Celebrity Big Brother. Remember the Feeds tend to stay well ahead of what’s happening in the broadcast episodes so check back for more updates and spoilers all week.

This will be a one-hour episode starting at 8/7c. We’ll be back here at 8PM ET so be sure to join us then for a live chat on this post with other Big Brother fans.

So far the season is off to a quick start with strategy and gaming out of the gate. These celeb Houseguests came to play and I like it! What’s your reaction to this special season?

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  1. If they do the gift bag again Oma could get to replace Ross. I don’t even know why they want to remove anyone. I understand if one of the two wins veto, but keep things the same. The noms are perfect, with the exception that I wish Brandi was up there as well. I hope Shannon wins veto.

  2. I’m not a Shannon fan like most seem to be. It’s obvious she has watched BB, but she obviously didn’t see the Apprentice or any of Morosea’s other ill-fated appearances, like the White House debacle. Anyone see the article about where she was in a room in the WH with a bunch of guests and took her shoes off and put her feet on the couch? I digress, as that is not the debacle I was speaking of. Back to BB. Shannon has made some mistakes, starting with telling Morosea about she and Marissa being friends outside the house. Of all people, why would Shannon tell her? To try to gain some favor? With Morosea? Girl!! I like Shannon, but I’m not cheering for her to win. But I haven’t decided who to root for. It usually takes me 2-3 weeks. I’ll decide by then. lolol

    • Watching Shannon tell Omar about Marissa and making an alliance with O. was such an impulsive move I thought as well. Actually, I was almost screaming at the TV; “NO NO NO!

      Shannon’s subsequent behavior made me think that S. might have imbibed in too much wine when she made the O. alliance, because she’s been pretty sensible since then.

      Like you, I have to wonder if Shannon watched the Apprentice, If not, she doesn’t know what she’s in for with O.

      • She’s well liked by the past winners during their interview, but critical on her game strategy. For one, she didn’t need to win the Veto.

      • Strategy wise, Shannon didn’t really need to win I agree but watching her so far in the comps has been great entertainment for the audience judging from the polls.

        Personally, I want Shannon to go all out , beast mode in these comps just like my all time fave Rachel. No guts, no glory!

      • Winning the veto does stop anyone else from using it, even if she didn’t . Ross says he is not going to do a backdoor, then he says he is so, what’s up with that ! This looks to be a lot of fun, do you think production is pushing Ross to keep Omarosa, after all she is ratings gold ! Don’t understand the hate for Mark and James, maybe the girls don’t like pretty boys ! Ron, going to use the name his mama gave him, is cray cray if anyone is but not a threat gamewise . All the other HouseGuest’s seem to actually be involved in discussions and strategies so yeah for that . One more thing, do you think Lady O is going to play the wounded bird ??? I am hurt and weak and not a threat now ! Heck if it works go for the easy way .

      • Shannon needs to lay low, she’s sticking out as a great competitor. I have no doubt they wanna keep Omarose there, if they can.(ka-ching) They probably gave her extra to come back, and They’re very creative. If Ross was asked in DR who’s the greatest threat in your game? His answer wouldn’t be Omarose, who couldn’t win sh*t. Simple as that. They always come out of DR a different person with a different strategy. lol WE get confused. She’s a terrible actress, not believable, but we’ll see. I’m enjoying the show, so far.

    • That was Kellyanne Conway who took her shoes off and hopped on the couch. I just want Ross to make it to the end and don’t care who is next to him besides Oma. The only way she’ll stay if that is what BB wants. Does anyone like her?

      • Thanks SJ. I’ll have to apologize to Morosea next time I see her. I have no idea how I could get those two confused. lol
        As to whether anyone likes her, there might be people who love her, like her mother, hopefully her husband, but I wonder if even they like her. IDK

      • Duh! I’m having “moments” today, it seems. lol
        No feeds here either. Maybe Julie likes her and will put her on AR. My bad….again. That takes work. I don’t think Morosea wants anything to do with physical labor. Maybe Les will make her head of human resources so she can hold everyone’s fate in her hands. Now that’s right up her alley.

  3. If Brandy only knew what she REALLY look like, she would stop with the facial surgeries. If she had any TRUE friends, they would tell her to stop.

    • Eh, not really. There’s a couple who make me laugh, but beyond that, I don’t really have a feel for who’s the best in this game yet.

  4. What’s a back door? Oh Metta!! Why do they put people in this game who have absolutely no idea what’s going on?

  5. I’ll give her this, Omarosa is giving us a LOT of BB Firsts in regards to interrupting typical BB Strategies.

  6. Try again
    Slammer ” Ron ,What makes you think you can be a Black Hero ”
    Ron ( I’m gonna git you sucka ) Artest ” I’ m an ex – Basketball player “

    • Everyone in the house already thinks James can win pretty much any comp. If I were James I’d be down playing myself in each comp and actually trying when necessary

  7. Haha James was a bit too dramatic in throwing that comp. He had to make it believable but I guess Ross believed the act

  8. It’s a lot quieter here on the chat this time than it is during the summer, or even during BBOTT. Guess it’s just us regular visitors to the BBN site, huh?

  9. How old is James?
    I know that Shannon dated Derek Hough when she was on Dancing with the stars and he is almost half her age.

    • The whole Asthma thing was fake. Oma was embarrassed since she thought she could easily beat Marissa. Oma had to quickly walk out and crawl under a rock.

      • A good nebulizer with bronchodilator for wheezing, every four hours and prn/when needed will do. That’s what they did in the hospital. She didn’t need hospitalization. I don’t buy it.

    • Yeah I’m calling fake asthma attack I have immediate family members who have asthma they carry inhalers. Not only that she didn’t seem out of breath whatsoever when she was knocking on doors calling for a medic. Don’t get me started on the fake cough just like she snuck in the house and went to bed pretending to sleep. She was totally playing for sympathy.

    • In this case I don’t think it fall apart because the all girl, but because alliance of 7 people in the first week never last.

  10. I don’t know about you, for those of you with the “CBS All Access”, tonight is the 15th and final episode of the 1st season of Star Trek:Discovery. I love that show.

    But right now, I will first watch the 4th episode of Counterpart on StarZ. Great show also.

  11. Love Ross. He made sure Omabit** didn’t get to him. He should have said to Keisha that it wasn’t personal but to Oma it is.
    Ross is like one of the girls, but he is still a boy and he messed up that girls alliance, but they were going to explode sooner or later.

    • She is such a gash! I wonder what she was refering to?
      Oh Yeah, they must all want her out cause she is black, right? It can’t have anything to do with her fake toxic personality.

      • ” You didn’t do what I told you to do, what is wrong with you ” is what O sounded like, pretty bossy, that will work with your posse But not new friends !

  12. Why is it that the Blackstonbig brother are the first to go.that shows you hollywoodpecker,is still here.

  13. Gotta say I’m not much of a Brandi Glanville fan having seen her on other things but shes not terrible on BB. Also kinda like that Metta doesn’t know about BB- a little refreshing lol

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